comfort food
comfort zone
come right in for it, i'll be here
come again
say what?
what did you say?
say that again
c'mon just say it

office depot and office max are still regarded highly like amazon
if no one has it they will
and that's just the on-demand market
no one survives in a heavy market disappointing people
i'd like to know more but i don't
coordinating with others must be key
we'll talk later
after i have mine
can't keep giving gifts from nothing you have~
be back soon
> > > > > > > > three (3) reams of office depot office max paper - economically boxed - just $14.99!

new page for june 2020 and onward soon enough....

alert: target has brand-new ipads for $249.99 thru father's day

yes, yes pet shop boys this early video still says 'still cute' and is from pet shop boys 'actually' of all things their original vhs comp for the second album 1987
every pleasure tainted ? with no harsh review
not just yet.

despite not wanting one ever, target (it's no joke) reintroduces the gas-burning char-broil grill for $100 more this time and i still remember fondly as not having since
featuring a side burner this time, you get all put together and hooked up right and you'll never be sorry we used it each night on our balcony
you get the recommended gas ball for blue flame ($40 down/$20 replacement with ball usually anawalt or whatever bluerhino, amerigas) and a little gas gauge by the same company (time's up plus safe lighting) and you'll be on your way to pure enjoyment
the char broil pressure gauge not only informs for $15 or so, but lets you use the grill dials only for surety when lighting a big plus - propane? yuck.
sure, things are bad right now - could be worse

thursday, june 11, drawing to a close me gasping for air again? what now

liked this song by ladytron 'destroy everything you touch' i thought japanese spitting at american women (not blacks not just yet)
here's the video rice bag after all and it's worthwhile
stay tuned....

'now close your eye...' stay safe or else

world's finest chocolate - we're big believers in you and them!

world's finest chocolate ! promises us 50% off just this evening may 27 - for sales and stuff - usually about $800 cost per $2,000 in sales mite - these candies sell anywhere!

our father 'who oughta be' in heaven?

happy memorial day weekend ! this on saturday, may 23 !

our current health-minded [while you're there] taxways [nobody pays, we do] environment suggests the work of telecaster michael moore whose next visual project [um 'portrayal'] needs to be 'bigger than what i've done - [that's] alot of work.'

trump says 'going golfing relieves my stress factor - you don't make much without me.'

'i didn't win - i'm still here [reading books trying to know why i was there as president]...that's obama who adds 'i don't spy on people, my mother does.'

the rides i was stationed on-operated at six flags great adventure (nyc and philly's six flags - seasons employed there 1979-1982) with big thanks to great adventure history.com and six flags magic mountain in valencia, ca:

s" s" s" s" s" s"

as on their keys: flying wave, buccaneer, round up, carousel, monster ii (uniquely couples with carousel), log flume...featuring outdoor posts with chair to sit by: lift 1, spillway, chute, lift 2

advance yourself and play along - you see the need
every ride has a big red emergency button to push to bring the ride down - only one has a 'spiel' or pa address overhead telling you to 'secure your sunglasses' etc - buccaneer
it was pretty new at the time (tilt-a-whirl?) but does not compare to huss' 'pirate' version - simply vicious with a flat bottom not curved

the ride itself - see how it unfolds...the control booth is a flip-top wooden box on the side near the pump house (for air propulsion) never within the booth never down on the cement
inside a huge green hydraulic extender with motor offset for tilt near the top
price $520k

presenting poem annabel lee:

it was many and many a year ago,
in a kingdom by the sea,
that a maiden there lived whom you may know
by the name of annabel lee;
and this maiden she lived with no other thought
than to love and be loved by me.

i was a child and she was a child,
in this kingdom by the sea;
but we loved with a love that was more than love-
i and my annabel lee;
with a love that the winged seraphs of heaven
coveted her and me.

and this was the reason that, long ago,
in this kingdom by the sea,
a wind blew out of a cloud, chilling
my beautiful annabel lee;
so that her highborn kinsman came
and bore her away from me,
to shut her up in a sepulchre
in this kingdom by the sea.

the angels, not half so happy in heaven,
went envying her and me-
yes! - that was the reason (as all men know,
in this kingdom by the sea)
that the wind came out of the cloud by night,
chilling and killing my annabel lee.

but our love it was stronger by far than the love
of those who were older than we-
of many far wiser than we-
and neither the angels in heaven above,
nor the demons down under the sea,
can ever dissever my soul from the soul
of the beautiful annabel lee.

for the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
of the beautiful annabel lee;
and the stars never rise but i feel the bright eyes
of the beautiful annabel lee;
and so, all the night-tide, i lie down by the side
of my darling - my darling- my life and my bride,
in the sepulchre there by the sea,
in her tomb by the sounding sea.

edgar allan poe

pay attention - new bottle design for wet light formula
cvs stocks it - have that

from the 'let the market come to you' file: apple's finest watch series 3 example is now $179.99 at target
market come crashing down - way too cheap to touch that gps model tells you where you are in the world - as fine as google maps the very finest?
and to think i was all stoked buying a fiskars hand rake today!

fiskars handrake at target i got mine for general clean up $19.99
fiskars, however, is like forever, for all days should you get to keep anything (minnesota makes 'em - as if someone took them away for missed payments? i don't want this, ever, but okay)
ropeless branch cutter?

when printing out, landscape, fit to page
i've been accused of being cheap
nothing cheaper than taking a stand
have something risked

cocteau twins influence us greatly with another live track a la mark clifford 'aloysius' (say 'allo-wishus' like aikea-guinea is said 'patagonia' i made it meself)
live from the ministry of sound, 1996
the studio track is on the 'treasure' lp (1985)

' so send us another | send us a jubilee | yeah ' (a jubilee is when two blacks join light of hand to ridicule each other for being black - cherry preserves in cupcake paper in the left hand 'life is good' it says as they go 'round in the kitchen laughing at each other~)
' she should have | she signed a book to know what tunes to call | however '

someone you hate touching me?

get to know cocteau's guitarist robin guthrie a bit - here he is on mtv's '120 minutes'
good timing after 'four-calendar cafe' the lp in 1993 was released though we argue what that title means....

however it hurts, stimulus check #1 came into view 05/20 exactly by filing online at freefile - we get to connect with so many worthwhile entities now and again one is the feds at irs the other are people who loan cash short-term lend-up....so far so good? so far....

watch tom hanks in 'a beautiful day in the neighborhood' with me - fred rogers and all...i'm watching
also see 'harriet' another shortly lived i missed at the theater when it was due - harriet tubman underground reading railroad and all

height weight for ongoing sense - they make it hard to input even so i just write in a book - even that has its problems some shit i can't even decipher...what? it's 6.25 182.2 this sunday 05/17...mail order jeans ring in at 34x32 still w/h trust that

'oh, no tenor - don't do it...don't do it.' - dM back to you, tenor

zipcar gave me a driving credit of $10 for the first half of this month - the rental is usually $10 an hour all-told today's charge $1.65 but i didn't go to ucla to get it i cancelled down in haste still it's in there...if you keep the charge we'll be happier...see you next time...both $9 and $7 a month with full collision waiver gas and insurance an hour with a sparkling honda around $10 plus some you may have to walk bus it to a parking location no bother...pick up and return to same....

i'll put more stuff here - we're getting to may late, but i am getting around to alot of things i've neglected

when can i put my american flag up? may 19 it says....gotta keep things special...remember represents an amoroso like texas coming up into...starfield at night avenue of the americas avenue of the stars 'of the stars' being key seven days dawning with red sun...like china?

i swore i grew an avocado tree from a pit with toothpicks once - you never got to know the fruit's flesh ever just the seed
now they're are three?
forty-four (44) stars or four (4) times eleven (11)
six (6) first, then five (5) is eleven
for fifty (50) in-total, cap with six (6) more
the end

succinctly updated contact information for may 2020 onward - things are still crazy this may 16 where's my kolchak money - like everyone else, you'll satisfy and pipe right down to be old, prohibitively abandoned or used with an asian box of road salt in your mouth:

home address: 1027 hancock avenue #5, west hollywood, ca 90069
business mailing address: 7111 santa monica boulevard suite b, #106, west hollywood, ca 90046-3458:
ups store at at the dylan any forwarded mail goes here, dougmoon.com mail - renewed as of 04/20

home phone: (424) 279-9582
mobile number: (772) 342-0638 yup

email: noomguod@hotmail.com (you think blecch - what's with that name? i had 'dougmoon@hotmail.com' but it sounds like you work there so i just say it backwards - that's me always acquiescing but after fact - always true?)

emergency number - father: (609) 882-6630 mobile (609) 532-5682 i can't call why don't you give it a try? some bitch with an old hand-me-down is all 'who is this?' victor french why oui oui?

visit dougmoon's facebook page some thoughts so creepy and cheap i hafta tell someone there 'you don't know why - i remember for you' and let it sink in for hassling me '92' means nothing you can simply change it under facebook preferences - you can know that now.

you like stuff? shit's not real, you are though. this month we'll take some thoughts from you - right from you we''ll decide.

i hafta watch the dirty-type talk at social media sites so let's review any hatebag stuff with last month april 2020 i like a good chuckle and you should know that someone is always gonna get hurt here...hurt made me right but we can't all be with you at night probing your mind...you're sad enough.

if we all lived in ronald mcdonaldland who would you be? stevie nicks? hamburglar and grimace (six arms, six cups) is mine...choices to follow [x] one of them garbage cans eating balled up crap you used to throw out the car window keeping things clean
[ ] captain crook with filet-o-fish
[ ] officer big mac walking the beat...beat mccheese
[ ] apple pie tree ? cherry bottom
[ ] hoodoo 'huh huh huhl' at prices...lidsville
[ ] the professor bores me - needs more research
[ ] those living in the hamburger patch

s" s"

what rhymes with 'dirty suez'? um, magic marker. the below is no temp agency paying weekly - consider the source and no one wanted it? you to ignore the coordinating happy mask and seek each company at the root for lab results - i couldn't imagine meeting the public at conventions and likewise but i laugh at politeness stooges...rude and you talk about harsh tones winning...who are you fighting a fat club at a supermarket? fat baby huey told me to go to hell 'cause his mother will love him more with rice and milk...you need her the fattest ass wobbling down aisle ten.

still no compensation since 2003 - 2005-2008 was itunes and no else helped that's not nice
i need money! apple itunes, bmg music service, columbia house
is this what you want for others, an embarrassment of sorts?