now it's european union - all good to me
haiti what challenges you to go up inside this graveyard of sorts while we pardon ourselves
all real to me - remember that
i hafta trust things workout or thank you again for being laughably crude
the stars are out tonight

no cabs plus no uber? who pays for that you're so cold hiking it to the bus bound for your part of the woods, grandma


it's the music that made us:

'we are sick
fucked up and complicated
we are chaos
we can't be cured'

we aren't single to fucked up and complicated
we are chaos
we can't be cured

to think of you never

what the hell - you're so good to us marilyn manson thank you!
this very last day of july 2020
why mention it here?

i want something like this i think...been thinking alot
very smart

i love the mistakens in this littlle film about a little boy and his gay boy father in the freewheeling ranchero desert where he has a show - 'ideal home' great supposed to be liz taylor's upbringing again on the roku channel
stars gerard depardieu after a heart problem i hear....paul rudd! directed by my friend scott (burt reynolds) p.s. faggots i think brokeback is really not about gay at all - look at how they fuck...i'd say a tough woman carrying the man load for someone slight...gay? give it a break there are real reasons not to the sheep? for shame

as we approacheth the eucemenium or month with no holidays (as apposed to the month with no singers the hyperion or august month) we note best buy is featuring the wi-fi ipad 32gb (in space gray no less) for $329.00 - it's usual price is $355 all told with taxes...no giveaway...7th generation mind you....

my meds from last week's hospital discharge finally rolled in the door today with the doctor's voice july 22 - so let's get a move on with that - in they go furosimide or whatever and then just before closing i got refused at the back door at chin-chin sunset plaza all dark encounter (for chicken fried rice and mongolian beef what i swear is just pork with crunchy white noodles oh well i can't believe how i suffer the children! 10:00 p.m. or so should've stayed home no cab would come but i pretty much live there oh well...another day looms!

quite nearly the witching hour three a.m. i like living here on the hill sunset near tower records face the facts: del monte fruit cups drop the ball with us again for having stems sizeable stems within - what are you nuts? only trader joe's spinach and mushroom (french) quiche had more - gross - i gag and go back never but i will one day...if heating in the microwave for $1.89 you remove forcibly from pie tin and heat for three (3) minutes and thirty (30) seconds on high....see? perfect!

people are all 'how best to think of target - a big darling in the retail business had they not been peerless? target to me is a glorified sam goody record store same merchandising look brown prices - they love records still - but add in food and wine etc...toys and everything else fun...so from 1983 humble, texas say no 'h' outside of houston or then kingwood comes this place near their dmv the rest you go figure sear's mcdonald's - minnesota - whatever! you say their name 'tar-jay' like 'piaget' the watch brand for 'take yours and go'...their credit financing was the failed 'dayton's' (one floor a famed eatery) or whatever for minnesota and that is not favored they were good too...pharmacy within a macy's, kinda, dayton's...cold cold cold. up and comer hardware? menard's.

timely tip of the hat to harry potter merchandising for always sending nice things our way!

let's review carolco's 'basic instinct' from 1992 - still a fine watch from behind that seems a bit expensive
here, the ingrid cesares character of miami florida fame comes to roost....
i loved getting to versace and and his sister confidant donatella a bit better on netflix one day too - find it
who the hell is that, anyway?
excellent stuff - it is rumoured a fbi and basement bomb-squiring madonna is the lynch pin here nonethetheless
'this is america - we'll kill you'
p.s. paramount says you haven't seen the last of catherine tramell yet....rick rubin?

'i play along because these are the reins i was given.' - dM

euro boutique kartell now features astonishing backyard lanterns in resin and plastic for $325 - many styles and a beacon to us all?

despite everything, this is your summer night city, abba - get busy soon july 15, 2020...just the weather? no. maybe not.

both tunes that closed out the two (2) record set - adds 'the day before you came' - thrilled me some
abba, atlantic (that is, general electric), mid-eighties
this is 'summer night city'

circa 1985

wednesday july 15 0255: i couldn't get get a cab - any cab - back from target labrea (see yellow cab for no. 2 metro and a few calls later) and hadda travel by bag (four of them sans what i went for - 'wet ones' pull cloths for my clogging toilet at home i while wait for lye by online arrangement) and that stunk? any reason 2130-2330 and it was real cold too lifting to and around the minimal bus that was provided past lacienega (no waiting for the 105 holloway my usual door to door this time - norm's!)...stopped into aids-calico ramada west hollywood lobby on the way home to call a cab what now says is 'no weighing station for some kind of bag gatherer' and i think wow! maybe one day some fine soul will fill my prescription for furosimide (lasix - heart/kidney failures etc.) before i keel over of it and you? free shower out back by hose with spermicidal smoker cloths the walk here a bit shallow still...imagine your very reasons for being harsh and archipelago last night who cares (neil-lucifer you like me still, no?)....my natural dad and who is this now? - neil's sass-attack mom aka christina applegate - behind this one? not angels per se but real emotional counterweights, real beggars - know thy territory, your teeth...your fat ass in another single of buckle...grow up we're here.

post sunday night stresses in review: here we were simply invaded by a ghostly peacekeeping force (all in trees - hush tones, heaven again) i sat and watched through my windows in the rear but to say it was all new is not clear - someone did something they shouldn't have done i won't say alaskan pipeline breached something something...we are proud of our forces but i don't sit here thinking we are together just yet...food quailty is wavering like the nuts in my snickers bar were made of water (and tears) and that may be sampling (our ability to reduce to a thought that what quells hunger) horseshit...back to work...keep toughing it out me too...a fat winds up to hold a water, cold or electricity miscast is a prevalence of water and air a serpentine independent thing that will stack to a fuel or force within...play well be respectful 'no fuel burns twice' okay...no fuel leaves harm either...smoke or grass so what? keep heat out always - our regard for garbage is here...we won't allow heat we boil water only. more later. 'there is no heat?' pressure would build mine in days while you surmise yourself? an elegance ensues...we challenge a belief system? i know you're there plus that. here i quote puppetmaster toulon to puppet ringmaster (red velvet in tails and hat) moulon 'don't take your clothes off - i'm still here.' stay lean of it.

a triumph now everything i do is right! peering through this panoply of imaginary smells (would they be real if you were in charge? well then see the point...sunday, july 12 started with me working very hard all manner of gain laundry nearby and piles of new my own dookie from some shift of priorities - that's cheap enough right? right - after all mom didn't shit her bed uncontrollably on the way out gain is notably green and waxy plus tops in the aggrero looks department waxy and sure of itself see target...maybe that's you too...$45 paycheck finnagler 'lend up' is stilll here courting irrascible people like me too so let's have my last full-size loan due on july 16 bless you to no fung...new term 'bucket to bucket'...flange to flange....

be back soon - i put this shit on paper for two (2) weeks unemployment - may be a no-go - banks (the context of having some savored) over people always thank you - possible adage 'there are no friends in banking.' an old sour ham 'nation of layabouts me crying alot it isn't you yet - overwhelmed with good (says god 'nobody cries')....
> > > > > > > > three (3) reams of office depot office max paper - economically boxed - just $14.99!
i can't always shop but you can!
great american past time unless your thing is playing it out
what hurts the most? a life of social distinction having to do

13, 13, 13, 13...you're not unlucky knowing me...new movie unfurling with 'fatima'...um, panama impanema you to goob...the big stick? a bigger one than that....

happy fourth of july...lie low, stay safe! i just exited exited the hospital in tandem with an umbilical (navel), guavel hernia or some sort of investigation-borne malady (because you looked) so life's looking up! in and out. tested for that new virus now what? a clean slate? if you made the grade....there is no safe to harbor to be with you.

i named my new fish 'blue' - not after the latest jurassic park cultivations, but after the song the main characters party to in 'basic instinct'
he is brilliant and so are they mudd club and all, san francisco
latour is very influential musically and to this day, you know - the air-free soundtrack is here too somewhere
jerry goldsmith 'theme from basic instinct' almost airless perfection!

sing it like this 'doodly doodly doodly'- makes me happy! this is wednesday july 1

something from me
what? i liked it alot and with few things that please me these days....
a hard to pinpoint alchemy resists me

don't tell people we hate them - we are never to agree, really, stay stupid, free, and stop talking - we are not nice ever because nothing gets slapped more than those that speak highly of others ('um, no')

if you know me - and why is that? - you know that every now and again i indulge in your sainthood of selling on ebay evil (ubridled) people sell - trust that
few bites on the random line once again - thank the brand name 'project 61' no one will understand or return for a rice belly - but you know i won't let you resort to violence at home just yet
i went to hang these mothers in reconsideration ('i kinda like 'em anyway like i made 'em meself) and an offer rolls in for half push no more - shipping usually pays my fee and there we went tough as titty but as your friend in the business
four panels hope you like 'em - people like to order, rip 'em up and tell me about it?
i never take anything back to the store - too jerky for me but you hate that somehow - no pride speaks
you'd be surprised as usual a counterpoint?

when i buy junk stuff and get it home where it badgers me, the fun sets in...what doesn't get shattered on a wall nearby ('what do you think, ol' trembly heart?') you can assume came off the junkboat and was not paid for as such...if you can't handle the wait for ten cents you should know how crap appeals to me rule of a little present for the self always - never to tell how far others may go to make a fine point - why do you think they're mad? serious-type penny auntie from abroad? it could be anything, but i bought the shit ever fanciful and never to betray the sacred trust you instill in me tee hee now what? as dangerous a hurl and noted by cow i hafta clean the shit up...no true reveal: sewing needle(s) in the carpet you'll see it...sometimes you laugh first...i don't power up laughing at you yet....

the greatest hurt is being left aside with something stupid i bought...stepping stones along the way...i hate junk

don't repeat too much stuff here - we really are special and i hate you getting it wrong - we can bend? you have my tears...i don't suffer much but boy this jerk needs the schooling....

these ideals are mine and you know that ain't a big deal - being worthy of people is do your best

review previous page for may 2020 and backwards you go....

madonna gets on board briefly for 'turn up the radio'
still we wait for?

still no compensation since 2003 - 2005-2008 was itunes and no else helped that's not nice
i need money! apple itunes, bmg music service, columbia house
is this what you want for others, an embarrassment of sorts?