you might see this flag around town as shown occasionally
the world turned turned upside-down each star placed diametrically or within reach
the capital corona virus versus sea foam and a shot of potemkin (a fool without skills yearning to be - a leg afore)
from under a boat it's no wicked garden
'no big bearer of ground fruit' they'd quite possibly say

office depot and office max keep on offering sales and service
you can buy with confidence from our imaginary storefront here 'slops & stains' no matter what i do to help you off later on!
free shipping? you better be sure to ask about that~ they network like crazy 'better to ship' when you do, i do something too
new sale item or 'da tease' best of the whippet as seen shopping: last time was 'just basics' paper $29.99 limit 5 boxes! 10-ream case or box this delivered often
never one to steal, you pay less and quickly at that - keeps the kelp down, the fish bloody near
the last great deal was a dvd writer (brand no bother black box) for $24.99 - the current climate delivers it for $47.99 stay posted (use banner) or look around for other buys when can
latest and greatest is now a three-ream carton of paper? and why not?

and i quote 'the hardest part is getting to know women and children - they are the smartest and wiliest people about not needing anything.' - trump...find out more like this in official webmonth may 2020 at dougmoon.com while i reconcile to my own thoughts ? a puff of air released from hand upward represents my being with you then and now no news unheralded...people and i always agree there's nothing special about being who i am plus i've seen your remits for bi-polar nuts like two bucks $2 each...more than you had...same bitches try and pay me back when a new man's around 'i can wait, thanks pu' i hate not having a place to be....i hate the feeling i'm a good samaritan-type...i hate shopping in-front of others like i'm nuts...i hate being the one others can't wait to see leave? being the exception? knowing your pain? people getting hurt around me them and you? the world bigger than us a single organism of sorts....

related: 'the sweetest pie - the one you don't hafta share.' - dM swedish pie? yuck.

me on mother's day waiting near marc jacobs boutique to get into the farmer's market
i like to think i predicted dark disney long before time (the hat) but it's been here a long time - unimaginable though

journal height weight for mother's day sunday, may 10: 6.25' 180.6 this am...desired range 175-185...latest at-home blood pressure 118/87...i reject anything i don't like (mostly what's not readily available on a mobile phone - ours)

zipcar gave me a driving credit of $10 for the first half of this month - the rental is usually $10 an hour all-told

s" s"
to keep you informed - the shelf now placed
to fully utilize the orange box of sticks - the obelisk, the lemonade stand - the puppet theater is truly gifted all $20 at target.
i still think a cheap 'gift basket' look or for a grave for flowers the sticks are $50 good luck
incidentally, 'simply lemonade' - the plain jane - has been ruling me lately
about $3 a chilled karaffe
antsy pants at ebay
antsy pants the home site (i myself like immediate gratification, however)

from ebay - you are king with this one...like the remco tru-smoke bulldozer from the 70's no one knows you

contrary to popular belief, i'm not selling my things...better to clip them up, better to buy and clip them up
to inform and for perspective

i sent terry my ex-roommate this picture today via e-mail - our old building 930 palm but in the rear on hancock being renovated a bit (i live, somewhat unmercifully, atop this hill on left)
he's all 'your old stoop' for sitting outside at night alot
more importantly, this orange behemoth ('takes both of us to see' - god) is blocking the usual parking master at night - a dog shearing operation of some sort
but back to, these stairs are metal lined on the bottom - always nice to see and know - but is also the setting for my solo alanis morissette encounter one night
she was going up the stairs right by me in full makee and i'm all 'hey - you're alanis - right? hi - i'm doug [like everyone knows me anyway - just don't ask]'
she's all 'no, then again, no.' as coming back down a bit
that single entry goes - sans any a photograph - in my little featurette 'you don't live, i do.'
then ensuing arguments about who she is?
not here.
p.s. the boys not mentioned are another story...they were seen to be in my bedroom, at least

covid-19 update monday may 4 friend of a friend hot water is off 'til noon (never to worry someone top-tech is working on our water heater right now 1917): i got some wicked note - ostensibly from my bank (note: our richard would fake me, as usual writes with left hand best described as a maccabee coming down a branch attacks on-sight) - regarding a $1,100.15 (versus estimate of $1,200) check deposit nothing to spend yet...dated april 30 and placed in a side account...savings deposit says no attribute toward bounce fees, i guess...more later

topically, lausd (los angeles unified school district) scheduled a clear reopening for august 18 - two interchangeable dimensions i'd add are 'the dark' and 'the unknown' - which do you prefer? you can know the dark, i say (the blind pushing a cart down a hall that excludes other-else)...the last one is 'imminent' drops on you from overhead?

key: this month's page questions the female name 'april' - what are the chances you're not fat and surly? upwards of 36% i'm told...(just a little joke for a bad mood)

s" s"
across the street i saw the word 'free' in a sign in the doorway so i ventured towards - free lube? no - 'delivery'
oh, brother! [can you spare a dime?] as insulted they asked (from the great depression)
i believe this was a doctor's office way back when...like a whore helps overcome difficulties with women somehow (a professional regis supports her very family with this talk after clearing her throat?)
avocation and source: claire on abc's 'modern family'...i thought 'real estate' fer sure - papershy? go with me

while the decision to sell personal lubricants hangs out in the open (ky keep yours, ick poo), netflix has produced a little film for 'circus [of] books' so you can see the ebb and flow of this late-night institution...looks like they are on the last peg leg of their voyage so i dunno how lustrous an hour and twenty-six minutes is gonna be...more: this wasn't bad at all you seem to know the principals somewhat and is like mr. rogers in cash court...not bad thanks...david geffen started these off with $40k they said and that is what chi chi larue got it for? more to know...who is your best friend? any and all the porno for those who stand by while you seem to enjoy...i still live with fat ugly junk in my head have another, bitch...p.s. the name 'larue' is factually for 'rues the day'

s" s"
very glamorous and personal entry (think nighttime) for the pleasure chest and parking

note: our most regular and satisfying stop-and-shop is pleasure chest a sex-type emporium on 7733 santa monica boulevard (why does '7969' ring out in red neon? my first club i guess 'pickles'? 'peanuts' a drag strip...safer) in west hollywood - there you can sample lubricants of all types and i get my brand 'wet light' in ample supply (100 grams? or teaspoons - a little pee makes it yours) for about $10 - take a tip...as for shows, we wanna be entertained and that's more than just relaying the facts - tell a story and embellish at will don't be dumb though it's that easy...('everything you don't want, every time you don't want it' - a girl seen while lying in wait? count 'em out until you may leave - six more males any-type for this....)

pray nothing passive aggressive or help may come - no thanks, papi

one of best used and most beloved store apps: cvs from its lowly start as a self-contained mall pharmacy probably sear's - make sure you see and use - like a german-type oktoberfest ride at a six flags 'have a heart'...nevermind target....

tuesday, april 28th co-vid update: we venture out some but daily and wearing our mask if others do as such and the traffic is slim i don't go far - nothing from the government yet just a dumb no sending address envelope misdelivered by freaks who assist people with food and cash once you claim - you get nothing much anyway i've been there way back when i took nothing anyway this was god-knows-what and when - a junk announcing triumphantly $36 or so in cash and 'food' - this crisis while ordered should avoid making any stupid statements to others while you wait to know better...target asks via their phone number-as-entered link who to give money to? a food bank is good....

spreads of disease? a bit artful said unusually - modern cyst laughs that off tee hee hee these are like black smoke in monte carlo a breast of fresh air
that little kid that sings this is better? the mother scares me trying to get in on it - hope he gets those teeth fixed its in there
p.s. the 2008 reference in song should be looking back to year 2000 the hump you get over - 2008 this came out i guess - you're still late and consider yourself lucky
the apparent diseases they make are bacterial ? but well done in art sense matey! all are one! who agreed to this shit? everyone who hates us - a big gun? for this?
a check for $5 next to my grave gets me up - stop pouting.

succinctly updated contact information for april 2020 onward:

home address: 1027 hancock avenue #5, west hollywood, ca 90069
business mailing address: 7111 santa monica boulevard suite b, #106, west hollywood, ca 90046-3458: -
ups store at at the dylan any forwarded mail goes here, dougmoon.com mail - renewed as of 04/20

home phone: (424) 279-9582
mobile number: (772) 342-0638

email: noomguod@hotmail.com (you think blecch - what's with that name? i had 'dougmoon@hotmail.com' but it sounds like you work there so i just say it backwards - that's me always acquiescing but after fact - always true?)

emergency number - father: (609) 882-6630 mobile (609) 532-5682

we'll be back - checking to see if anyone is doing something about the pie in the sky 'chanapple' eye poc! icho 7 bmeow

visit dougmoon's facebook page to get the full scope of awareness only we provide? yup. remember the '92' means nothing you can simply change it under facebook preferences - you know that now.

another rage to riches to story: cocteau twins sing this song with me all the time i love it while living here: 'for phoebe still a baby' arted up on 'modern rock live' a radio show (the fades suggest recorded from the radio itself)
i play this alot - trust that - love signing to it like i'm her but male teaching them?

like those laughs? thought we'd buttress the case for knowing better...the one missing is robin the guitarist
'don't do it' - dM

more cocteaus: fruitopia commercial spanish type...my attempt at decipher ' lock the door | it's so refreshing | you're simply stupid | if so refreshes me | lock the door '

s" s"
just never you mind the man behind the curtain - that's who gave you head the last time you paid for anything but me
i'd hafta fuckin' barf after seeing that
photo date: 04/23/20

horse-oriented website with little treats and what not - only a fool has a horse in the backyard dead - is that you too? http://www.horse.com

fry me a liver~

may we present our inspiration for the link below? sisters of mercy 'this corrosion' hot metal and methedrine (meth itself? a hypoallergenic drug used so you don't get burned in a manufacturing process as sensed)
i call it a hootenanny - the actual story is some guy who got married and the bride disappeared right then - 'and so what?'
we dive deeper: a french revolution of sorts the place destroyed (turned upside-down) and a person of god comes along and asks 'you like this?'
'it's mine too.'

pu wok stinks? diamonds from into coal, russian ruby to velamint or gel...fresh give me the ring kiss my soul give me something that i'd miss a hand to (((hold))) oh no you don't! itty bitty april 2020 won't change mind but it'll be hard on the wrist to wriggle and dismiss cameos 'starlight, seems right' old wine bottle 'goresh' meets age map on the beach - nighttime rondolet w/ garlic be chuffed as it was i'd be pleased brin a sanorama...so souvlaki you ate something trout skin dot.calm

bank vault mcdonald's with mask on: 'i'll have the fish filet'...smelly ol' wheelchair in the wings '[as wronged in place] another diet cola' and you better believe it was drive-through rounding peg 'i can't see if there's any ice' i thought cash table outside in mcdonaldland pay grimace [x]

still no compensation since 2003 - 2005-2008 was itunes and no else helped that's not nice
i need money! apple itunes, bmg music service, columbia house
is this what you want for others, an embarrassment of sorts?