the ten commandments are still a good guide if not too far from theft and the 'hood (my tip to blacks in the ear doing the dirty deed: 'remember the hood! remember the hood!')
raping folks on the embarcadero? the upper part as unused one asks?
new jersey is not the 'hood yet just full of 'hoods'
neighborhoods that is
if you're dumb that may strike you
you can be too well said you know
the truth is no more to be sought
you've eaten enough
the truth is, i liked it enough
just in case you can't say
again, it was good
that's blacks at six flags
i love you

a careful this one, we wanted to share cocteau twins the heaven or las vegas tour in sight and sound
don't judge the staging - i was there not once but twice it was awesome!
i keep my memories to challenge and disturb those who came to be it late or whenever

new page for may 2019 very soon! ok - have that now for on-demand at may 13 a week later than having just paid our certain but nominal of fee (and with no proud as starting point - but cherish the past with!)

most stinky follow up album from the old noggin'? duran duran's 'white lines' record post their wedding album...for having mentioned or drummed up the theme itself...in its place to this day is arcadia's 'goodbye is forever' record election day whatever...for chow...'lay lady lay' never cites the original but ok for me....

notice no songs this month via youtube? don't mention it there's nothing to know as yet plus i don't work for you? never to say.

from a plant or tree's perspective with 'the wind and the rain' [our way of describing the necessaries of the sun and water] at the helm: 'i love people [as yet another version of the wind] they ruin everything....' hrrrmph!

'i think you're a jerk' and so what ! here's another thriller coming from universal starring octavia spencer
like other family mayhems, this one strokes me awful purty like
she keeps playing around with the kids at school and as it turns out her 'homeless era' basement pad is the finest place to kick back with the white folk
this is gonna win win win while elton john seems chancey as yet a risk - the glasses and costumes are strictly no yodel
'nothing to crap yourself in' (we didn't mean that)

april 25 pennies from heaven a penny toward your thoughts pay as you go penny auntie and here's something just for you: just had my front security door repaired today so let's move on - i paid some at home depot but the install was particularly involved you to stay aware: kids at the michael jackson auditorium on a street off of sunset boulevard in hollywood central voted to keep his name above the door that's nice...said he went to school there ? and it was government run wherever it was and that's nice - one would think you wouldn't have the time to learn much above the basics and he counters it all off...good...what do i know now? what - did you get a new lamp there at the auditorium? maybe too much thought for the deed...mj is connected as child to 'us' the burned jungle one with mask so keep that it in mind...in some format...editing is key....

ever wary of self-promotion or 'a bigger cat to skin', we allude to no public failures
not ever our girl, we revisit this apple-divined japanese hux to state appositive your role
better is reached not by no talk but no personal choices affecting others too butch as 'no gift' to me
the lens sees not the film so stop turning the frame around horizontally - be clear of it
as making things the english way, we deny nudity a chance to speak for you a cold snap then yuck!
commies know god, they don't reject religion
get the best for yourself - some dumb boy voted that down?
no lowest form of life, you list then 'shouldn't see'...

memory lane: here's hoping to be a great glory sometime later than having said you
cleared from tumblr for one assumes no recent effort having made
burt reynolds was in our betty crocker cookbook for years as having done cosmo to shock and relief 'no biggie'
i used him - so did hustler the one true authority on weiners and as all you get in terms of dicks and hair gone wild (my find)
god says 'so you don't hafta ask' - now you know
i.o.u. o.u.i. the french asian maid says 'ours alone international' to be sold with others doing time at mr. milk our local pizza joint
thanks you all 'marshall mathers' it ain't sexual (a complaint from a bitch hi mom we split the road)

the pizza burden survives my immediate rejection for being flaw or then error now have one is the message - had a whole one recently with pepperoni from big mama's (and domino's but on a friday? it matters to me still i hate being hard to know or the subject of a counter culture lecture: hates women is the children's park he now avoids scupulously a 'mexican' mcdonald's selling a wet stool not deadly crepe 'loofahs' of peerless diarreah) avoiding flavor questions it was good another meat laden from trader joe's two thumbs down that's for you who made it try then try it again: happy easter if now rising from what's left about a striped egg theatens me past the sell date 'i bought eight only plus i made one i hated with salted butter'...below is the 'shmuck' i clipped from facebook right away the expression is captured well 'who me?' for your product of never knowing much i have my own brand 'what should i do - be you?' you could try and stop saying 'fuck' (the german 'thank [you]') too much a lazy head one assumes loosely from being tired god forbid ! a good day for having worked for real or being certified sick what a relief!

god only knows what i'd be without you
no one to see p.s. pepperoni is 'cow balls' if not sperm itself where's my rubber

instead of persuing the real world spoils of burdensome work and a woman's voice as shrill, i've been thinking about the pure joy of eighty percent (80%) rain as marked for me alone in my particular area...had to settle for a graphic-type pizza with just eight (8) slices as usual and somehow just leaving off the twenty percent (20%) or two (2) slices missing as afforded 'no rain' at all or the minutes each hour that don't deliver as spanning the whole day or one pie (as 100%)...as left dry, where to now? we're gonna suggest just slicing each piece in half just for starters...don't do anything just yet...more to count your disappointment: take a half slice and eat it after each quarter of the day elapses for a continued no show - one or the other.

note earth day is april 22 and before you simply google it that's one day after easter on monday - count me in jimmy dean a real egg? more yolk? just pass on a mere cup of food? ok - thought it was about saving the planet (long after you're gone? you'll turnip gotti my witness)...i'm gonna think about it then it's hard to give your gift...the gift of no more talk...my sister on her birthday restates it as january 12 not april 11 - should you know more just yet? why is that left to sit with january 12 martin luther king day...one for another still...see facebook yourself for a host of impropers...but at a safe distance from harm or being seen and said a question to me yet....

the girl below don't miss the point - that shovel at night hits the top of her white box she held inside all the while alone and cold left to see who it is in some way...somehow...the cat? spinal meningitis the sister's disease (diabetes untreated, a cat bite?) and the ram jumps in front of anyone trying leave it's there fast and scares you enough but appearing at-once - you mark a tree to remind you not to try it scares one person left alone too much 'with fright' not a big one feeling something, memory.

the mother in pet sematary (roseanne? the elegance!) doesn't like the surprise she found at home - her daughter back from the grave
the daughter is a great little actress ! but the mother performs well enough to enable this particular version - see it come
brutal stuff but i liked it alot (like i 'liked' dr. dale midkiff? yup - the mother is like my wife here see that too no need for intros)

soon more than enough....'the first thing you get rid of, the first thing you bring back?' blacks, again. you don't know how they help spirit. i won't know and blab.

i'm not hurt - still working on being happy enough you know the type a lookie loo but not real needy in the bag department your breath stinks and what about your mind?

mood maker: this month we celebrate the half-answer teachers in any the classroom firmly eschew...you're explaining something in your particular way of speaking with too much enthusiasm and someone just like you inside can't get the facts right by recall...go back over it but realize there's nothing there anyway except people who never stop challenging you with questions - you know the answer and lie alot? i don't have the time plus we hate too many yucks...what are your problems? don't make me ask again.

people in general are really good about taking up loose ends provided (to science of making happy an aftermath) and making them go (as in go forward) - i'm not real big on privation or caring for me personally within bounds or how would you know? i died inside and so what. no matter how much you hope to be small in it i live to see personal borders move outward. so small.

movies we've seen this month (the choices be it few so far):
pet sematary (a clever retelling of the stephen king classic - it's extra gory and if you know the storyline you're just waiting for horror after horror then it changes some to give you a break - good enough)
hellboy (despite the creepy misuse of a london ticket booth 'i'll need to see id', i kinda enjoyed this film about a tight knot around a medieval english witch's throat and king arthur who sampled her pieces - is hot to trot with a sword, no repeat)
us (universal gave this the full dub treatment but i'm still considering whether anyone like me needs to see this film at all - people climbing trees around your property - more from me later)

read from bottom up (this message for me) - there is no march 2019 jailbirds stick to one page you know how that helps...

recaps: nothing here in terms of income yet since 2003
that's for you and me - maybe you didn't get so far
as long as people get to have their say (as in where to buy and for whom?)
they'll be paid over you
still thankful for the chance to do