you might see this flag around town as shown occasionally
the world turned turned upside-down each star placed diametrically or within reach
the capital corona virus versus sea foam and a shot of potemkin (a fool without skills yearning to be - a leg afore)
from under a boat it's no wicked garden
'no big bearer of ground fruit' they'd quite possibly say


office depot and office max keep on offering sales and service
you can buy with confidence from our imaginary storefront here 'slops & stains' no matter what i do to help you off later on!
free shipping? you better be sure to ask about that~ they network like crazy 'better to ship' when you do, i do something too
new sale item or 'da tease' best of the whippet as seen shopping: last time was 'just basics' paper $29.99 limit 5 boxes! 10-ream case or box this delivered often
never one to steal, you pay less and quickly at that - keeps the kelp down, the fish bloody near
the last great deal was a dvd writer (brand no bother black box) for $24.99 - the current climate delivers it for $47.99 stay posted (use banner) or look around for other buys when can
i saved that one for myself? i did

if you've got the time, i'll mark you as 'just behind' no soon legal will you wait in the halls of april 2020 - don't dawdle me it says

'the world makes women' - who ordered that? well, when i get around to thinking you let me be
this hairless man charmed me thoroughly 'frankly, he made up another lie and he made it up quick meow purr' and so went the thought of you knowing anything
if this isn't me, it's because it isn't
nice - like you and me
p.s. alot visitors in the head recently 'burn it up, again'
'burn it up again'
why would you worry? nothing no note nada
you know, you've taken alot here and we like you for it - plus, two standardizations or symbols do nothing to advance your cause 'so what'
i've used alot of everything sent with care but paraphrasing made me king...ignorance is my game if i'm not mistaken do i therefore know? ask me not if shall.
and thou hast shall and not.

this stuff tumblr.com get it right - who knows why

succinctly updated contact information for april 2020 onward:

home address: 1027 hancock avenue #5, west hollywood, ca 90069
business mailing address: 7111 santa monica boulevard suite b, #106, west hollywood, ca 90046-3458: -
ups store at at the dylan any forwarded mail goes here, dougmoon.com mail - renewed as of 04/20

home phone: (424) 279-9582
mobile number: (772) 342-0638

email: noomguod@hotmail.com

emergency number - father: (609) 882-6630 mobile (609) 532-5682

thank you ! for reminding me of yesterday's 'good friday' observance as the firm culmination of lent is on sunday! today april 11 is sister leslie's birthday as born on easter sunday. advent? christmas coming into view....

visit dougmoon's facebook page to get the full scope of awareness only we provide? yup. remember the '92' means nothing you can simply change it under facebook preferences - you know that now.

while we wait to administer a new page ? for april, here's our 2020 easter egg for printing out for the kids etc.
chosen for its appeal as basic fare, we serve it up with full confidence in its ability to charm (harm, as mildly each) the masses
remember, striped eggs belong to the hereafter - peter cottontail and all
from the 'if it was here it probably wouldn't matter much' file: my mom and i used to marvel over and love russell stover nougat eggs like a three musketeers inside but large in size...all things palmer? see dollar tree (on vine here, just south of sunset), 99 only store on labrea is chock-full, too we love palmer
we affirm the claim with with 'yapple dapple dapple?' - you got me my favorite kind-flavour?
p.s. i get batteries at 99 only - trust that - no more now

on this, the third evening of passover (three candles to be lit from left) we honor (ignore the obvious undoings of - at least halfway) tiffany haddish and her latest effort to fit in
when i first gazed upon this, i thought it looked just like a wicked witch cast it out the candles and all - homemade?
our belt-level quarantine now extended fruitfully though may 15
a bit lonely as but some of us are right on the economic edge - nwo (no way out)
sas (land and sea as 'sea across sea', scandinavian airlines...great)

together we salute the #1 unplugged recording made in the center of nyc's madison square garden under cloak (ghosts matter 'we want him outta here - keeps spitting - four weeks')
'the only thing i ever saw there was ringling bros. barnum and bailey circus elephants and all - 5 years old by train with uncle paul' plus plus 'we're philly people for live shows' - dM

from nirvana's live in new york-unplugged set 'oh, me'
new to me kinda - and i have all their shit trust that - this one flows gently and is welcome for a highly personal vocal among others
p.s. little frances bean heretofore mia? see him-her here at jimi somewhere youtube.com

was gonna feature tiffany haddish (probably not real or at least demures - her dream date oprah 'auntie o' while gardening begged off too) being taught yodeling on her show 'kids say the darnedest (sic) things' but her mode of questioning is too attack for my head...a theme lately? with me it is see 'two popes' and all...what is that?

movies online for free right now! amc has us on hold for the duration of the covid-19 virus affair and will resume all account later:
--------------------------------------------------------------------thx tidying up a bit!
'little women' right from its joyous start at putlocker!
'the kitchen' starring melissa mccarthy and tiffany haddish? small time crooks gone mother in nyc
'parasite' this film as 'best picture' in 2019 is not subtitled here - does it matter? watch and see
'the favourite' should have been last year's best film and it was i'd say

to keep in the public consciousness or available to me when comes ('choice keeps yours out front' - dM waiting for the day) lumisource medusa lamp at target i'd like mine right now? as nice as the latest coke glasses at mcdonald's no improvement seen to be...hardwood floors? we use no carpets for filth mongering....

april 6 no new page yet just alot of upset from the covid virus etc: my dad called today to check on me as we are each really alone in this situation 'you can go shop' yeah that's about it i worry about those with no money a bit i'm nearly that but not quite yet...i need mustard and hamburger rolls today...i erased the hard drive on my lenovo ideapad 120S-11IAP for what i call under utilization of memory and now i'm involved with their restorative crap...for days now...other than that nothing new, no place to go...doing laundry....

new bakery items at pavilions: i get rewards for shopping for things i usually get (a nice deal for a neighbor somehow while you try lift it out of here) and the latest one is for bakery goods a sandwich roll or whatever or as much as nice danish sometimes...the doughnut topped the two rolls of paper towels i just wrangled for free a real coup ! if you think about it but the doughnut stained me it was really nice so think it over that's the thought i guess trying and buying real good stuff and finally...you can cherish a new item like i do~ now monopoly you keep that... favorite rewards: $1 off your grocery bill, an avocado, a potato - see-feel

was trying to get some more tidbits on the latest virus and plague but you gotta be careful not to identify hate bags too well they would've got it to you by now just shaking with anger a fish and few lepers from piscataway that's all but seriously lets let people do their thing they found it after all wrapped in black rabbit mink the only luxure i don't need to know do i? everlasting dry ayds always you don't say cough misting my father's dreams of a financial demise coined by the savings plan he dreams up with other suspicions...my 401 (k) more than you grow pots of gold by cunning mexicans upstream baby carrots...everything is real enough what if i got it? that's no cure...spreading like wildfire...nothing like it a dirty ol' cruise the suez valdez scares only our freshest foul...anyway thank you trump and gov newsom! i'm here still...wondering.

my hospital gave me pink cream i discovered for helping my swollen legs i hate that babydoll look - fast acting and a bit nice for just a hospital use
i dropped in last night to see if there's any more lying around - a no go there some woman at a desk but you knew that already - ray charles 'cafeteria open?' to cover the lame
blind as a bat he eats there every night over that cream i'll bet
i got it coming from ebay anyway it's that good to me

another timely tip: the hospital i use to tame my medical conditions most often (cedars) gave me a few hand creams in tubes to use liberally and one stands out above the others enough to mention here - get this - 'sween 24 once a day moisturing body cream' a pink tube in 2oz, 9oz and even more opulent at-home helpings to tame dry skin, redness etc. this shit is amazing for swollen or dry itchy legs even if you don't know the exact cause (and just why not?) and thank god for that! a bit elegant and quite expensive in light pink with no sidewalk sampler to be found, you can get the stuff at ebay and cvs too if ordering online and as i was just planning to drop into the ol' medical plaza to see if i could scoop some up, this newfound availability does the trick...stuff acts fast too...you to now suffer the children, not me...p.s. lubriderm used to be my girl, but one bad experience makes me fear all others and shut down believe it or not the whole simplification (or non-violent approach to a split index life) thing takes mountains of resolve to overcome but i gotta specialize in every fucking thing these days and with disagreement around every tempule i lather it on...testosterone arises when pleasing the mother...chest hair too...don't help any process - test for saleworthiness...i buy at-once if they sell too cheap....

cocteau twins again lament the roads around us that make coming and going so unhappy for them - who am i to say?
'road, river, and rail' does it.

an early talent mart featuring our ellen and others renewed as yet - great stuff that little song neil's all 'who cares' never mix talents (the vocal sounds like pat benatar - nice)
hadda figure out who's groovin' like that out front - ellen again - possibly toni but no - and before irony set in this was still developing among other gifts hardly abusing to them her true gift
hello all - no
(film clip from 1997 i'm told when the internet starting making its way into your home - no one sees it yet, apple - 1989 crowned them and their shops king with 'newton' the pen pad i was there in westwood near ucla....ellen was on abc too with her sitcom see the quality no the same animal 'i blame the makeup' - dM for nbc)

just riding out the corona virus stuff on march 22 (adds march 25, plus fright and uncertainty to some extent) - no last gasp for any carnival atmosphere seem just yet...let it roll, nigger!

no, we don't just copy month to month - we throw stuff away too

we're on the verge of being paid some real chimp, so let's await more news on that...the uncola? great!

the last rainy day bus ride down wilshire boulevard and out to get doughnuts (quite nearly at the shore and at my dead mother's urging about $13 a dozen plus fares - lots of yellow and green work clothes in this krispy kreme emporium near a vons too :) revealed lots of tall buildings not suited to any gatherings or climbing walls while i consider it all...in-between lies jewish temples and the voices i talk to en route cite 'temple' as being the greatest gift for wasting a modicum of at least fifteen minutes socializing with others present ? i was intrigued as having offered catholic death rites to myself so many times nobody does it better...so, another thought aside....

to read up on west hollywood's post-hanta is their contravirus guide - see the difference a disneyland of gay makes? they are nuts about you too click here, fool

at netflix only is octavia 'ma' spencer back in some new flique 'self made' we'll watch soon...i'm movie'd out plus the note i can't go anyway resounds in me...is that how you got best picture last year, ginghou (person of hate)? this film is already #1 with at-home viewers...more: is mean about personal woes will keep this one going not bad! still a bit coy (coin - um, nothing more than what's seen) about hair treatments what are you doing? maybe stupid...more yet: this rotten little film is another netflix series in disguise i hate that but it ended too soon too quickly this self made crap among negroes god knows when this transpired about then...like cosby's 'different world' ostensibly for insider and starshine lisa bonet 'i know what it means to be black' ('a human mind left amongst pure shaft up and down a small study about why you might do better by not trying?') her quote to me you go with the natural star eventually known to be whitley there's one in here too bits fragrant and no telling what you're rubbing your head with bacon fat or ammonia from a chicken's ass but with supreme attention to your scalp by another so stilled...these blacks are angry and proves there's no showing you unless you're buying! you need to read on...bring your lips i need 'em.

to get off my mac mini's crowded desktop: my bedroom window's view at night just above hanging sanskrit tarp when all must be asleep or at least wildly attentive
this view and obscured smoking palace might be everywhere but i love the vegetation and inhabitants for being so crazy - never fear me
after all, never do you need anything that bad - we'll walk and shiver together later on on an as per needed basis? not really~
sometimes, i threaten trees looming out front - 'you won't be there that long' ;)
other trees used to make 'hellraiser' (#1 movie) arts in a fuckin' snap - these try and sell me their own cultural wares, their own woven designs - where's the gift?
just kidding i guess...p.s. they say the imogen boorman character (a savant) is their queen too - love that!!!

has to be pictured right plus just watch the movies
thank you for sharing with me if it leaves me to surmise a bit 'a place for you and me yet'
i don't know how magic gardens make this for me but it's fast, detail oriented, and completely satisfying as panels raise up in the sunshine - real, amazing shit
the panels in the sun are for me as a gift not a warning...i don't think others see 'em who knows
any clipping of the plants reduces obviously ('we can move nearby') and never do i hafta art or think it out
it loves me until it doesn't anymore....

the cable company 'rectum' has their own channel of news excellence i keep on cheaply to make company for me 'round the clock 'spectrum 1' or whatever...btw, a 'speculum' - almost made exclusively for faggots and their greased-up humours - allows you look up someone's permissive asshole with a simple metal salad tong in reverse and a maybe a small circus flashlight to see what you've been missing? nope.

but back to, our everlasting host at spectrum 1 is alex (our name for richard a german-type sourbell - richer than you plus at least one fool to link up to) alex-alexander-alexandria the joke from hanna barbera's 'josie and the pussycats' less any tape is always there and is like family (the cat is 'alexander' by the way i love that thought query for fun - 'alexandria' the hero type) - too much like family i'd say in retrospect or harsh review - i'd accuse her of being johann my mother's mother aka 'kravitz' for lower teeth clips on the side there are plenty of them here and there with the same longings for a talk show (speak easy) while they sniff at you and reproof your lifestyle...so what i know the truth bit of a fan i am but at socially distant lengths...no, you don't come here...p.s. they are all mean in my hidden talks (latest shit bag is gwyneth paltrow fuckin' pig) plus the thought of having anything like that around a net worth i'd say...it's no hell but is hardly astute...angels get to follow you around you know everywhere you go they are employed softly for which...join up with 'the magic'....

be gentle when you ask others not to 'you shouldn't say that stuff to me' - they might try and kill you anyway however inhuman

check out world's finest chocolate and their new wafer bar for selling or eating up yourself while u wait
i myself was so landlocked i was gonna sell soda cans and candy at the chinese theater and bus stops but i came to sense? not really - you didn't get one from me plastic cooler?
that theater one really took off...ask neil he validates my efforts in the head but is far nicer to folks (we wanna be free as having done our part plus the subway upcoming)
street sales are lightly permitted plus that place is so good to visitors and vendors alike - great sightseeing and stuff every day we speak of it, really
world's finest the link

regretably, we're more than halfway through march here though the 2020 thing still excites me loins as lines drawn...enter the unforeseen or roughly unwanted, prior period or vast remains as still to be paid, or miscellaneous various hoping you'll stop by as it seems....

the link to go back to february 2020 as having communicated but with scribbles in the brain...

letters to santa i wrote 'not much is valuable or even slightly new' at the end of 2008...franks, cum again mama is this fangoria of fresh black bites in the dark you? i can't feel anything....

still no compensation since 2003 - 2005-2008 was itunes and no else helped that's not nice
i need money! apple itunes, bmg music service, columbia house
is this what you want for others, an embarrassment of sorts?