for having thought of it, you can leave here for may 2015 'outpaced in the sun' - you to keep thinking...

follow your mother home with a comb on the internet - need their approval but...glympse - glympse allows you track cars on the internet overhead minute by minute - you see 'em stop and start at lights along roads and you can go outside just before they arrive...the kind of syncing i like...

aneurism - and your point is? 'a birth control offers no feeling for the offend' but i don't think much, as much i know of it...

dik (did i know file?) - dicks with a small hole on-top are brand new we never had that what suggest a baby or angel or sumpin' - almost hostile, jews introduce the radichoil of knowing never too much foreskin-speak leaves most wundrin' the clean bulb made of every two deliver to no taste for any suck to seem we think in a morgue to wait with the and if...the first weiner i seen was in a 1978 huster a balding circling-overhead burt reynold-type less the female 'john wayne big leggy' with dark hair and shit bag to piss in dick van dyke revealed sade...some say the movie-style comparison is the threat (national lampoon says start small someone's lover...but that was for suckin' you don't want a used tub, do ya?) and i wobble off is too many queasy asian delights for a diner that can't offer coffee kinda dump, but we've said too much to a lady already...i've had to ask too many unfamiliars to like too many things...i think i'm getting poffled with money-cum-hand interests this month...'when i don't have, i don't want that'...not yet - sinead mandinka is the stuff i made up to cope but you believed it back to health amen crackerjack...

made my myself a salvadorean madre portraying the pope or greasy balline praying to no doubt about his mother the tears...the tears can't keep being heard of me send...gloryhole...take a day

ubr: the hot salami issues paychecks? ('sometimes they can't pay' - this is why no friends ever with no paychecks - is no job either) pay to: 'more park sausages ma' by spice bank in jakarta mine feed all 'one big boat' and you're the masthead 'i cannot help jew(s) to be a great man are your legs and ass hairy (and you kiss a mouthful of yours clipped out like teeth of the hydra? not qualified? why the offer ends when) do you seem to be mine in time? yesterday's pick-it four advancing my causes 'as no one should see that' and 'annie had a home at the y - her go-gurt moved' can i get 'things' that don't suggest other 'things' sacrificed on the behalf of an unseemly but bothersome broughts mother? she's popping up on alot over the chastway of dicks i ordered your old mother looks like an ersatz renee richards no teflon dupont crypto but we'd have that thumb on dick - she insists it was just me half-sister or sumpin')....two cheats cunning a home of government cheese ain't oily it's jesus' 'right to money' work-shaw 'acrylics are better - if housepoor includes it a glass dryer')...o cheap give me cash at the criminy of crunk a booger chained to a flat finger cyanamid or peullo-pront a can but shouldn't forgive me a sin...a kind of person mentioned then made to an edit was said to be 'goult' shy of this 'kind' of exposure anyway 'hang her picture again' reflacs 'no water fountain is a toilet saving paper with latch ons around' even as i you to grieve then act sorry 'you never told me' should i ask again a bore me fadge retonte...

where it begins - they don't need no peskerdoos for england...we cut them off after the 'don't ask what they were told to do again if now asks for you to do, ask is an egg's worth of id is theirs to separate both eggs and feet? colours a born-at-home at home while it a cause both worth paring down...

x-pert: today is double doughnut (though, not ) day at krispy kreme - get it bitched at first? yeah, but you fuck in a jail and it's lunchtime at the kindness kept to consent mart 'who will care? shalom (latest is like 'sell them' in store) - isn't there a better way to say i think mine sucks? the clock go 'round 'zero equals negative x' a place you can't take you to after the bill is presented...those who pay are what people like and aren't suspicious of math tricks 'now i know' is more conversation (no stance - a mariah in the wind) while two monopoly pieces aren't a surefire win they're not good either no wuck-out-of-tenge or styling tag bluh bluh? two fakes don't make a fur anything nice to wear but you get that naturally speaking defending the press as what makes a deli ham into seedy nut such throcking me...face the facts - there are few nukes in a carport but hardly ruins your look away once thremed...a ulea dot on the lid rest above is best oft as both indignant...scoff and sloche to fern...

ryan-o-sphere 'zipcar' barfed at me taking one of their shitbags out last night and that made me meat...don't wanna talk to the roll at home, don't need the franks from office effects 'three to five days as charged and then charge again to scrape the side where i shop known values psst. right here fool to fool'...better not be lending a car from someone's work-wage asshole that program was me and mine and now you tightening the hole around your cot...leave it to beaver no more doughnuts at that price per jail pound see ya soon enough water equals socks that don't squeeze the bottle...are you done figuring out nothing new? i don't ask you for anything as avoided the discussion i'm here with you talking terms what a fool...i don't want a car...fix me up i'm principal to no one see what you get...where's my pay for linking friends to bad asian deals? eat me everything...

while you was sitting on your ass i was shaving it down~
when i got this it was lil' kim - 'awoo' - eat up sukiyaki all keyed for two days then see art is this, not knowing your legrand of sesmers where do you come from? here
this shit is what i pay for at home '[i'm] no negotia', one night [only] gold shop...the rest is on order pending second rate down feeder adjustments on the crave a leg 'unless it's elexis' mattress and wheel - pay it to play for the bother 'sumo' it down 'to me'
you enter to be with me in a one-legged panty hose hanging from the ceiling - i am you at rest and at wake - no touching what's still got to be true 'til its grown

i feel like heart in china threatens you, i don't need to be gassed up - you go there because i said move this movie cunt to the furthest point away, nothing for that btw...shock glock is in the gladstones eat at hell now you learn

as circling around in a gassy tent
'take this new
number one i see
no vow
no one to know'

just junk...little sticks to tape and test

cocteau twins 'spooning good singing gum'
whatever you say i do this anyway~

for b-sides (um, 'besides', right-lane uplane...usually we're straight ahead, b/w black-white, casablanca, can't see past ya) the past haunts you at

diy: national administrative assistants day is-was wednesday april 22 - did you forget me? no worries we'll get together next year...after christmas is paid off...

pat benatar on 'arsenio' who is reputedly the white guy playing guitar in 'sunset strip' - why?
this is curve-ish i like it and we have (steve) monti doing drum samples 'bridges' on my facebook page 'doug moon' often enough his last sample makes me think it's just me again - great

ta-duh - my bread as cooled (later: 'is blessed' - dM one cup of banana mash only - couple of bubs tried to escape my machining of them)
burnt a bit? i layered the top like homepride with a strip of bread batter and ground nuts nothing whole but bits of
our oven needs fifty extra degrees programmed to test at temp an alarm at reached, but in no way would this be left for fifteen more minutes (one hour to one hour ten minutes it says after toothpick-wood skewer test i said 'no')
trader joe's has banned all walnuts as having been laced with almonds somehow
get 'er done, doug
and get rid of that holiday wrap
tip: our place is simply enchanting at night - see it come
'no light, no sight' - no matter what your heat goggles say
you can know the dark~

our conversation~
from me (he, bothersome with constant messaging and calls i call it 'too happy')
sorry 'bout that fool, but the
bread is looking good...used
martha stewart and you know
that meant one-half cup sour

notice where 'qwerty' keyboard comes from the first few letters on keyboard from left - a junk
better off dead: the 'sym' key ('just press it') allows you to place punctuation with stops along the keypad e.g., a '5' is for an exclamation mark '!' (um, 'reverse talange') on the first template or page present of them - useful

but before the fall: used martha stewart's banana bread recipe today all very careful i nearly bought a bunch of rot from trader joe's yesterday...has her obligatory half-cup of sour cream too...

see-feel: angel hair pasta is still raving good - make sure you know that the world's finest-tasting spaghetti is it - i brought myself unwittingly to a second helping the other night among general was that good and remember the only neuroprotein is simply an egg a blast of steam down the line deep inside you...

got my 2-for-2 raging good coke deal ($5 friday? no way) at pavilions along with staples for chicken curry later - thirty-two (32) 12 oz bottles $11.98 + $1.60 crv / 32 = $0.42 a bottle...12 ounces is a can of soda, by the way bottled, chilled...more from leroux: rose's grenadine for doctoring up to a cherry coke (or as when you've had too many) is $2.99 at pavilions, and fifty cents less at that...

04/23 thanks cbs for the great air carrier view riding down the suez canal...always thought it was dirty with shark teeth like cat claws and their muck...certify video tape? use two of them angle-to-angle or reverse one with the above

breathe easy: the guy who broke into sandra bullock's home while she was there (reportedly hiding in a closet and calling police 'i couldn't pee' thinking of a slipper at-hand you kept the glass one, i suppose - because 'the dishwasher was full' and had rags in it?) 'she's old...and mighty mean'...meanwhile, my roommate bought another tub of cascade pellets with blue liquis inside without being tricked by me...note that and also he ate my politically rejected ham voluntarily or by choice (um, under his own volition, without being asked)...back to, cascade (um, 'cascafe') has 'dawn' grease fighting now not electrasol rinse aid (finish-finnish) the darling of all ge dishwasher models in the 70's and at issue...altogether was the end of the mucous heydays and cups for sputum under the bed....

at a max payout of $75,000: radio shack (the lord-god of diy electronics) closed their sunset and lacienega store for undermats or being helpful they say 'we're not going out of business we're owned well' (by me)....there's no rule unbroken to us these days...nearby, the labrea and santa monica store remains open...lord-god or lowered god 'i just do it'...not without its worries or human camouflage for being mean - what works more? lord-god bufu le must wear rings...more: 'moon unit' zappa a casual drop-by here offers 'but-from' (a latin) as her way saying it...mine is firmly 'butt-fucker' a queer....from her massa hit 'valley girl' in the 80's a value as good as tracy nelson did it...'square pegs'....tracy says lord-god means 'nobody knows me'...

hillary clinton's campaign 'count me in' - you in.

off or observant note at kitchen24: high, vaulted ceilings way above the damask of the kitchen and dining room...

light sets are for weddings as small electrical in center pot - to take home

panda express is shrunk up at century city (westfield - home of the crummiest macy's and gap ever) mall but is still there i sampled their new ribs after lathing in the gap not one baseball cap in the fuckin' place and they are quality goods when they have 'em...fatburger is claiming the late-night amc theater crowd it for panda, look for similar asian fare in stores the frozen section...and see reasonable prices...

cold as tits? cold as tips? 'cold as tips' - a smack in the face for not leaving anything~
and watch that 'cold' word is interchangeable with 'culled' leaving nothing they thought you'd enjoy a crumb

i love the genie lift...

key in the ignition? 'takes alot more than that'

doug moon's 'how it's unmade' along the way
i'm not paying you for that~
fiberglass on a roll made a great undercover for cemented and painted walks and stairs what get too hot in the sun

they have gnomes (and snow white some, her dwarves) at cvs now $14.99 though mine had his 'soul' or sign taken 'welcome' to not (factoid: knott's berry is president nixon - know that 'elderberries')
the webhand for gnomes is
p.s. the pointy hat, much like duct tape, is one piece or cuniform

please, that's dead