more patterns and shapes to monkey around with in june 2015

a sly-enough mention to jello biafra of dead kennedy's fame this morning in the la times 'baffert' with four to now dead? 'one extra - you' i kill them myself and play the role too 'there was another one - my mother' - she is 'eternal-did-did' by the dump (ba-da-dump) on the boardwalk~ think about all the world's ills mine and distributed outward like my good - it's not like i don't fear it all happens to me too some little dog just bit my ankle a little one with another one i had to disinfect...blends me right in to fool 'is that all' the cost and inconvenience to my lifestyle 'free to have you over sometime' and insult your intelligence...that dog won't hurt anymore than you do locked inside that body for an extra week or so no tricks richard...wait and feel along with...people get through this whole life with no bumble bee stings on the foot starts with a healing a damned itchy scab maybe that's just last time and in slaps...and you took all my stuff sitting around on your fuckin' ass waiting for checks like some black nigger...can't say i think about it much...

two (2) francine bottles of homemade soda later the ginger ale one capful of syrup simply fascinating (a barhand mixes 7-up with cola, ginger is lemon-tree root and the pussywilla of spring-time fame) and i made vanilla syrup with karo too for comparison - get the syrups at bevco or whatever the thing nearly exploded with a loose bottle last time...boom!

in our discussion of heat and light (one and the same but with heat lateral and light pressuring from the center axis to an open side only, make sure the water pan has an indented 'x' on the bottom heading upwards or is convex - things in water and light pressure is black the color as opaque facing you
forces imbalances toward center...heat coming and coming and as light plasma made further as designate
ice? wavering upside down deflects heat 'ordinates' back in - pan down heat ordinates or anomalies out

- keep the world top and bottom the top is daylight only turning like the clock against the sun's meat or beam of light burning stuff off the land (light stings white spray when the sun is turned on removing junk on the way space dust is this we lift out - but minutes to sting its way here at best a tornado winding to the top and for reuse in a hole in the back i made for heat alone to shove down in a winding chamber see jupiter that is the sun live at treatise) - the bottom turns left but at diodes or sides because it's just there welcoming as 'eioris' or same side down the corona protected by light and places out of the way floating is achieved with vestige (what's left - a single unbreakable line) or taking from the bottom to make a top sighing with light very death star looking all pipes kinda snatched off...keep in mind

tuesday 06/02 voting day here: went to vote today at west hollywood elementary on harratt (a dunce's cap at parties, blacks and a full jail) for the mayor's council seat and a free half-dozen of doughnuts later 'tasty' or winchell's - some guy stopped me on the street hancock (hand-cock - get it cynthia?) that's done...more: tasty doughnuts is on santa monica opposite of the torn-down doughnut plaza becoming walgreens in so many moods-moons or years in the making a favorite of hustlers them...missed the vote last time and was po'd...see it now done to me...we are incumbents only unless sturg'd with complaint...i hate the thoughts of others unsolicited or unkempt (without barriers, learned)...hadda bargain their kreme doughnut into my pot and for comparison purposes...'blecch' a no-go see krispy kreme...'the apple tart was good?' no...the granule sugar was good enough so far...meanwhile heilman in absentia wins this handily i voted for the doughnut man as he asked and some cute kid with soccer-type scabs on his hands right outside (hey 19) 'did you see a water fountain?' his was beside a sink inside - very helpful indeed...those inside ignored my quest i tried to bulletin the whole playground there as too precious a site during it hard times...this is where an angel flew with me as i walked down the fence on harratt a little plane with rivets clear...

from a dream while meeting with bruce jenner and others as marketing-selling teas last evening 06/01 i was at the table to his right he left command and as i almost said 'you're not going to do this to me [are you?]' felt like i knew him was 'me': 'a miscarriage and three (3) traumas' later (as head or dick wounds knife in skull?) - revenge, understanding is that any showing is joyce dewitt with ears cloved - why me? we like having her around, j. lopez...hi...'is a black mini-dress painted on' - dM to undo: clip black suture in your ass - cuts the crap...

putting together a new four-drawer today some yesterday 06/01 see ebay - threw the same away days ago for bent sides and a single hostility...need the drawer space no bags helping the fiend here dump me out some to seem new...while u wait and i take your things...

the finished and assembled product - not for the faint of heart
rest easy then

from the 'did you know? probably not' file: apple tv the black unit was made to be in the car - now see can wi-fi or string along via hardwire ethernet connection something something...

was thinking about berkeley, ca (source: fleetwood mac's zellerbach and 'songbird' auditorium) last night salt water taffy is its connote um, merced (is shrink wrap plus good name 'merced' mercer who to thank me back?) did you know that's jail - can't get in? small time crooks with falsified sat scores 'that's her' won't be cut in...late in dirty deeds? p/f david koresh's annual beefeater um, pascal-toting 'prom' went sour i la every announce greeted with quasis it took me forever to get 'h-8' the new 'g-7' pomeroy (nobody cares) or whatever...hocked (you sold it and still use - a car), slamping (making argument when there's nothing to say), polynudes (many as one some black too - earrings)...allucz (you thought it a luxury under cover - think it we see you metal made mat)...

housequake vent du vent: prompted by the egg-spinach combination of two (2) unopened 'diet' ginger ale sallups found amid pruins, i went along with this guise and got the $100 fact-day 'soda stream' machine from ebay a white one as opposed to black shipped for free whatsmore and never-to-tell with three led light levels 'source' about $26-27 with no gas bulb among agents the any for prompting bubbles the gastrocycline (has vomit) amoeba-infested water (a natural beauty on tape though nothing lit, to record-album slags is like having none - what is this? the record store) is always yours however very serious in hardware, actually is priced to punk you at $30 (60 liters is alot to use skimping on the caffeine 'ooh, burn' each serving pearled to no further issue 'some') the first time (static the price at target says $14 or so after that at the red courtney cox desk think barbeque gas - it's like that $40 to $20 unless you to be fool) but when you put all together - and it isn't much to say - the bubbles are made in three simple steps ('i don't drink soda much?' to my mother citing my sister's blases as baseless to having it fit in the back under bra blubs) and then you add syrup nervously in about three (3) minutes for no feature no whirly gig at all no rhumba the bubbles are fast made and it serves you well to think of the machine again 'before' and 'after eight'...someone said 'is for business' and that's a charm bracelet with someone else's kids i got cream flavored syrup and still i offer karo syrup as clear competitor with vanilla extract added four (4) teaspoons about...add to the uncola of pancake syrup fame, grenadine nature's own cherry...i don't think of crystal light much or purple kool-aid as clear choices it's like sipping iced tea when you expect a bubbly soda and out the window it goes (like any meal is a deportment, and an outright defaming once only thought possible like an even blacker ass under clothes you get nothing right, ever) don't need this but i need to feature - i think okay saving money overall ('going broke saving money') keeping options around, back to eveready-type batteries...not quite the revered wine of basement fame xxx 'ace' - 'did she piss in this too?' yeah in '78 when donna summer came out...heaven knows you

how to use? three pumps of the box forward (the three led lights countdown) downward and it's done each blasts air kinda
no electricity despite led's, the soda bottle (not seen but replaced, purchased easily enough) tilts in for placement, then push in to lock for process
it says jolly ranchers despite no syrup in the machine - three (3) to a carbonated bottle, oils

meanwhile, i love that girl (julia duffy we're guessing who am i? - yes, pam...pat hardly any makeup but fun sickly kinda follow the lead) but i just couldn't take that movie 'grey' from the helicopter part onward and asked for more time - so threatening to my own interests in time like someone has aids but won't say - 'who the hell is this?' try and understand for me why is this? the whole rich thing is pure bullshit anyway - i myself look for a dog pen on the side of the house...a threatening presence...

bit pieces i got overhead:
1) they are brother and sister - some parental separation he is 'a ghost' as penance
2) is a corporate front, kinda - wealth meets it's wealth ac per se
3) she is in-fact richer than him somehow - real
4) film is old take a tip was made to pieces - fourteen years easy

>> the copter veering left off the highway for seattle and i'm outta there...

i made ambrosia or five-cup salad on monday:
1 cup sour cream
1 cup mandarin oranges
1 cup mini marshmallows
1 cup shredded coconut
1 cup walnut pieces

susp alert: 7-eleven now has new moonshine-type jars in regis plastic for the road - these new jars, suitable for reloads, are hourglass shaped and tall if you can imagine that (okay a full karaffe then) and retail for $2.99 the each or the very same price....first slurpee or soda fill with color lid is free~

rented 'fifty shades of grey' on itunes sd $4.99 or so - halfway done is alright the girl is good lots of undercurrents...

pavilions has these icee brand ice slushies found warm in the juice section $0.99 you chill 'em to be slush when
tellarude, tell a friend

this doughnut style is 'sanskrit' or walking along as a flame perhaps - tibetian - the french call this 'allemonde' - wrong wrong wrong 'all the while' like america? i speak 'anglais' with french pulled in...america is 'of the stars' amorosa to ponderosa or owned kinda africa, america - europa clouds and air:

free doughnut day june 5 at krispy kreme home of the real kreme doughnut with chocolate icing on-top too...
be forewarned and forearmed: a custard inside is boston kreme

happy mammorial day - marsupials have 'em too - turn right in the sac
four score (that's a total of five stricken from the record, fool) and seven years ago, or k-12, k-9, k-y keep yours...bloody well next month: vaginal awarenesses that exceed our tolerance 'no egg dishes inspired by baghdad cafe' no carrying to the you hafta? well then.
got a new flag kit earlier in the week from cvs $12.99 nicely priced with pole and all (but is white...width times height? no?)

another shot in the arm 'the business of emoji (featuring white sea)' emollients, being smooth by avco's big data
there's to be no self-help by sounding it out

lyrics no crap:

oh i been watching you
i'm gonna get you high
the things i do to you
they're gonna make you cry

doesn't matter if you like it or not
doesn't matter if you don't wanna play my game
should of never ever ever forgot
you signed up
you gotta participate

doesn't matter if you need it or not
doesn't matter to me 'cause you're all the same
should of never ever ever forgot
you signed up
now there's no escape

feel good
make you feel good
i'm looking for emotion
so i know just what to show you
i can see you
see your answers
this business of emotion
yeah i know just what to show you, baby

there's no consequence
gonna rob you blind
feed my experiments
gonna bleed you dry

doesn't matter if you like it or not
doesn't matter if you don't wanna play my game
should of never ever ever forgot
you signed up
you gotta participate

doesn't matter if you need it or not
doesn't matter to me 'cause you're all the same
should of never ever ever forgot
you signed up
now there's no escape

feel good
make you feel good
i'm looking for emotion
so i know just what to show you
i can see you
see your answers
this business of emotion
yeah i know just what to show you, baby

heart and soul
bought and sold
it's good as gold
this business of emotion

heart and soul
bought and sold
it's good as gold
this business of emotion

doesn't matter if you like it or not
doesn't matter if you don't wanna play my game
should of never ever ever forgot
you signed up
you gotta participate

doesn't matter if you need it or not
doesn't matter to me 'cause you're all the same
should of never ever ever forgot
you signed up
now there's no escape

feel good
make you feel good
this business of emotion
yeah i know just what to show you, baby

feel good
make you feel good
i'm looking for emotion
so i know just what to show you
i can see you
see your answers
this business of emotion
yeah i know just what to show you, baby

doesn't matter if you like it or not
doesn't matter if you don't wanna play my game
yeah i know just what to show you, baby

doesn't matter if you need it or not
doesn't matter to me 'cause you're all the same
yeah i know just what to show you, baby

this jail shit is a hell in the making...emoticons japanese style? himoshira
big data makes reference to upstart ideas on the behalf of jailbirds - they'll not be ignored then peters down and out when fear subsides
blacks bump your head to say i don't care gets hurt too easily another pitb (positive intransic type being, pissboy)
i say pull their hair out a dulcimer before someone gets hurt, works for fraud ankh (my funny uncle? studio guest - who is more pathetic as rot-in-grave)

to fit: a jepeter? 'round and 'round in a cup? sure, in the mouth? maybe 'crant' is the third lifeform you shed to the afterlife now (now i know), a 'solenoid' to lift up, 'jepeter' to fly sure that's cute a motor whipping around as syncopy or imbalance with washer-tyoe on end to say, and then 'crant' to effect a popping your experience to not...afterlife a ghost maybe what you would feel in bed like i did...

'everyone - we've gotten back together...' is it time to measure your life quotient? let's see i'm fifty years old, never married? probably annuled at sight, somewhat m/f for a lack of astute as printed on checks a truly wed with two incomes buckets and buckets of target each weekend and i worried about 'her' being labled a prostitute on the day we wed and why am i here to listen in? so someone nicer can fuck her while i grasp for any a solve? erase only as god and his will (help me no more, stake my claim) and note i go out for the daily catch just for 'her' and her and always i'm the ringleader so to speak and adult with themes mature 'someone stays and someone goes' you're staying unless you can't get 'em up to speed and with me only every night come right home don't stop anywhere i'm you can scrub for details while you wait? romance 1600 don't leave alot of time you keep your clothes on - a good day by any measure let me shop by browsing for needs...let's check that account to be sure...not bad 'magic jack' number renewed now thirty some dollars after a $450 tooth repair and that's with insurance three doctors worth ok ! why bother me about me? i just filed down a tooth on the bottom stuck up too far that's getting things done insurance types think it's okay for you hand-in-hand we go down the list moles up and around your neck like a 'shit necklace' while i use colgate optiwhite now for the cleaning paste good enough they hadda sell that now an electric toothbrush for a crack in the floor i don't i don't believe in roto motors on a tooth-gum look at me...shitty tusks in the back see flash cameras ? are pretty much cracked out to no bother get yours pulled now that's stinky (one teacher 'what's that smell?' the apple i brought you) 'made room for the wisdom teeth' my braces each wrap-around shattered no so true yet...i feel good...meanwhile, never a wisp but anywhere in my head about itunes and bmg paying for the turds i schlept over voice shows featuring stevie nicks with shawl and teeth missing on the sides - i don't want that old house in pennsauken the one i grew up in even with new paper on the walls...people in new jersey don't want brand new howsers after a while they say you can keep a horse kids as neighbors we had 'em in society hill people from college we want to be far from that inner city attraction what only it was still great how we get in (you hafta to agree to have a couple of 'em around or in, kinda)...great...the horse dead in the street around halloween near their garbage great great should i have fed them that apple? add fear if death to your quandry i don't choose that why tell...tell me again how you found me there so pretty to me no me but you...

shit. i'm sure of it.

mom luved all her trader joe's stuff (parmesan crisps, sundried tomatoes, oval tortilla chips, kettle korn, etc.) without any the basket...that's good to pured of joy...

it's simple, stupid - big data 'dangerous' plus plus serving
is chrissie hynde somehow 'after the mall' wish i had it better will you call
fuckin' good shit...goes with 'take' type marketing and mgmt's (might they be giants) stuff

what i liked alot the phrasing:

you understand they got a plan for us
i bet you didn't know that i was dangerous
it must be fate i found a place for us
bet you didn't know someone could love you this much

simpsons clown laugh #2: 'heh' - do it fast 'heh' near someone's face (think 'hept' like nazi's haupt, hauptman - has everyone approved this thought?)...there's fully-accredited (they 'honor' or 'ignore' each other) schools for this

why don't you shut up trying to discern what of interest like me - don't cry now: you can buy cokes online if you wanna roundabout with somebody you think you like and while i hear about fuckers starving right next door rather than be with me, a coke with my name on it $5 make me a warm it for later, somebody better...p.s. just got one with 'love' on it that's cheap and i define as 'willing to stick around' i don't love you yes ya'ams...lovecraft is more mine...'michael' on another from 7-eleven i get all excited...

'be silent!' - the priest-jesuit in 'the exorcist' found 'reproductively' dead on the floor (eyes poked out - for seeing heaven 'it was...beautiful') while she snickers 'he's still dead to me'...think it's right for me the cross...factoid: if anything is true, it all is that priest is copier rob from snl...judge dredd

glenn 'jack' parsons ? (>*<) is the guy who sings old-time style on tv commercials don't ask again 'looking like a million dollar trooper, trying hard to look like gary cooper - pooper dooper' - someone cares is like silent actor halliday (with black rim glasses) to me...onward the little guy for circuses is also another named 'ronson'...'like a flame' he says - personally i make him protoplasmic to scare people at night (like your abortions still crying, all your farts ever made in a wreath around your head you know them for sure i'd say they remind you) his moustache moves out radially stopping and starting like lightform...coins of thought spinning...he also laughs like a robot or civil war deserters laughing inanely while indians scalp them...rape their family...look at what they had for lunch with sticks and their innards pulled out...all good fun...

food chain: what to scare indians? wolves, only.

i just 'rechecked' this ad system for direct deposits that never come - not ever
all of that work and with suggested extras things i wouldn't bother with and nothing for years and years
i hear the word 'criminal' and ladies from superior court in the background issuing more days for theirselves
and i believe it? it's not about me my part is done~
i got some dumb bitch valuing me every day like i'm married
why you have a job - why don't you get off your fat fuckin' ass and hunt some animal cross county - eat fish
this is why - you're gonna get rich bitch with my leathers
fuckin' niggers in a pipe dream
jail me, faggot

more shit you won't say, and i won't see for you to initiate your conversation as coward or too nice 'in pure fucks i'm more than you will ever be or admit - it's over, fool - no changes, is now someone else a potential as unseen': someone 'brusque' cites this java-type crap on the page title for green dot bah-da fizz dump 'your love is cheap' as no motive majored, i've got material good somethang endangered and that ain't 'god's love' calling you back: see it, hear

"x h1 class - tit-brdcm x" javel in burritz neverthespent, i know i'm special in some primordial sense (sheets first) because whole cities of people - not to mention people i see out and about - come into my room at whim to spend time loving the spanish parts of the blume day - this ain't you, if only 'bad' porno and a big fattish mouth brings this to an udder halt i can't do my part with you portraying lames in the trash i find something to like, you need to get what's showing in the head a hopin' ass opened up like ali baba no grapes, i need to have outrageous good in the flank - in top-down languages, all obligation to both be boat - an abomination - 'this here should have never been' with nothing oracle divided up for you too like there's nothing but a mention for me 'when you're dead' and sous naked pulling plows out in the field when it rains ...floyd: the sweetest pie is not shared...a spice is life, and not too fresh...urbanity...having choices made to you by book and eggshell is the cause...

what? 'jami gertz' can't use her name either - someone owns it? fine, fine. daisy or whatever you fashion in the head (how would you say it - is a dyke?) is easy to understand but apparently lumped out on people one're poor? jessica savitch on coke? remember she died unmericfully in a cesspool outside of polymount 'chez odette' with a faggot screaming and you die like that too...hard people drowned to a lament know their own demise, faggots are thinking of a third person (you are the second person easily enough) and cry getting run over by a fruit cart...others take no hints and eat their fruit daily with no offer or offend by soap...and daisy fuentes all the tough questions 'why in truth do you get cozy with out-and-out niggers over women?' why barbara hershey on the ceiling if an ass is harder to key code and get off i like v-8 to be thorough...the name sounds right only i hope it's right a nomen lures you out not me they could die waiting for me to live...pregnancy asks for someone new only splitting your sides to both see. 'be real' gone from here. we don't fuck or prove your mother wrong either she can breathe underwater and so if did she drown without heat the 'resident' heat you release talking remembering that fall from the second floor replayed over and over? drunks hurt in upwards reflect but fuck alot too - successfully i might add both surmise there's more to can greet people like jennifer garner 'wen' i get paid for writing out an old ragtime or whatever bath bar of the day i use to reseek my youth but me and mine no one but me reduced to live out one bad interview that places you forever with whatever that is evolving a greet with the eye lacened underneath i can burst into tears and film it she's not real? more of you wiping down but gracefully after a mouthful of shit subsides me...see hers first or pantomime to yourself another capezio clown underwater crying unheeded through a sly glass layer (if fur and hair subside to hair, fur, and gums lagging around pulling in your belly button) people wonder if you're black with make up in your mouth too...carnation powder breakfast? phew! could be a cigarette still burning trying to get rice and winter wisps to the heart of are this.

a: i don't use it, wouldn't know, or be mentioned casually. i spend my time fitting in 'hector-her-her''re mad, certainly ott...a snake crawled outta my ass seeming desperate to escape and hopin' to be a late night snack 'and why not - none see it's me?' catch 'em in the dumpster 'round the mid-level bathboy (beltway) throwing away a coffee club haagen dazs family garbage size can before anyone misses a scoop - that's still real...i smooth the top like grandmother fucker apparently new to you yet...scare you? worth avoiding they haven't a clue you need therapy and pin holes in black paper scrines to get softer sides to sears...just bought this new sexless blanche you have this still...

some like it not: mgmt 'kids' aka 'richard's story' his father the wolf 'peter wolf'
tip: a gold lame (see his handlers from aidan-eden) can insult others when you run away in it with knees knocking
see the movie 'the lord of illusions'

about a full half of this glamourous honda model that lengthens and shoves it wheels down - bits new

an inset cloud above your rural setting 'vermont wooden covered bridge with turntable outlet and some old woman screaming'
no hands need fashion your selfie at home while others wait for them to leave
about $8 at pavilions...'i don't need anything that bad'
ok, i don't reach much for this stuff i guess

a bit judy garland, a bit champs elysee
a bit tuilerie (say 'twee-lah-ree') gardens - that's french you know (tivoli lights, gardens is that 'italian')
twee, lah-ree...mez-ah-mee
says-zahn (cezanne) stays on there, gang-gwynne (ganguin)
mole-yair (moliere)....victor french (witches honor)
that old victrola, rca victor
vic damone, il fait chaud 'a facial'
by pusk (stinkbug, potato beetle) mouthful steamer with hotblast of citi-fresh
'i would just pinch you' public toilet wand the 'wc fields' edition 'is that for me too?' - mae west
not just yet

05/14 last night's dream (and i'm never me in them): me and this other guy someone closer to her physically were serenading beyonce-denise with earth wind and fire's 'after the love is gone' she was seated at a long beige-ish table in full accord possibly with some girl i way in front of them the table, mostly...i was hitting my mark as singer maurice white but was strepped somewhat on ends out...a bit...i was i believe i was black-ish (with richard?) but she knew me as white...she hated singers trying with her there some connote...we had to think it over afterward as to why and why not...

the last box of ten (10) kraft mac and cheese consumed today 05/14 since last august, about one box a month is good, with one extra...bumble bee the crackers and chicken salad box was not bad - nice flavor but pull skin top on can? no stink (um, standing water), but a little can flavour...

parkway: ahh's at sunset and san vicente on the sunset strip has all manner of halloween, valentines, and easter candy on sale at 75% off - example conversation hearts regularly $0.59 are now $0.15...nice ones too...big hearts russell stover....

daisy fuentes late of 'modern family' gets her hollywood walk of fame star!

i got a 20 oz. bottle of coke from target the other day with my name 'doug' on it - it was warm...see my coke rewards

lindsey buckingham 'trouble' one the finest fleetwood mac songs ever made
who are you?

'best dark tunnel entrance in a mountain that isn't really there but a mountain' award: again 2015 goes to griffith park coming down to be with the greek theater along lines - makes more mishaps? only if you don't believe in me....malibu canyon is good too...on las virgenes...up from pepperdine...p.s. griffith is bolted after dark at the greek entrance just past by...

pseudo-hit 'mash' filmed just beyond its gates - mailbu state park
we think it was there for real too ('up north bits' says hoolihan) - a surrogate place nobody knew

crash test dummies? 'cheap kills' and the difference between being here and catching up with yourself is don't need a reason to die...

'no one leaves the scene in a cadillac' - dM they don't even know they hit something~

'if i had a nippon [as early japanese make] for every wrecker' - see and say, 'the one who got away'

i am the way...'i'm in the way' - jesus


thought: angels among us? see once again a height-of-prime sting (of 'the police' on a&m) as angel with karen ann quinlan-type in 'brimstone and treacle' it's that good from the 80's 'when money was real' - dM and no denholm elliot died as pressed for merchant ivory's 'maurice' not this one truly a levine (a 'why it won't matter' just yet as eye opener or 'what about me' a princeton university humanities lick...they are microsoft too - get that - harvard 'hardware' and mit) - see that richard plays rupert graves (as opposed to rupert everett in 'room with a view' fuck you imdb) crawling in the window at the end mercying (overhead says 'rapturing') him maurice after the fall from grace...a great door prize to me then

while supplies last - 'brimstone & treacle'

m. lady levine ours own in the business says 'is enjoying perks now - no favors'

tip: lose contact lens on the floor or bed maybe? use a flashlight sideways beam you'll see it if there at day a $150 exam and fit at lens crafters (quote then) for optimix (um, optix) lenses - no popping out ever, more contrast?

thank you for all magic jack~ can we get these screens smaller with annual renewals always? too big...the previous edition had a perfect size
that number is the office and after-hours emergency number a little error in judgment...

thought i'd remind you these chairs from target <$90 the each went along beautifully with our dining table (think office - of us - only)
i took a brown metal folding chair back it was $10 or so we'll just rip that up a intermediate choice but not a good stand-on ever - wore my tight-fitting nike running shorts for the ladies (who lunch) they hate it and for the feel stopping by the 'police extra-mural' field to see friendlies on the way back
a place outta time the new basketball courts behind citibank - 'don't get in trouble' so many hags to fill
i don't wanna 'kill the goose before it lays the golden egg' and you in jail
remind: tightly-packed chicken and you know the ones are actually a goose - that's why snake-like necks i don't like 'em they have a problem cooking well and that's why
only termites and their eating habits make more piss-water in you - caffeine as broth rising in you to the tits during afternoon hours - not easily rid of
bedbugs? similar - cover your mattress with zipper bags (bed bath & beyond have 'em cheaply enough - slip on boxspring with care only and win) they like in and out privileges too much...spraying alone ain't enough what is that?

berlin 'sex' for the road - the original geffen soundbox
see that 'take my breath away' is the original giorgio too...

with all i have to do this week, mother's day is still waiting to be (my mother says all's still well for-by the 23rd her date but you needed the time, apparently...)
we have rules about engagement cross hairs in the mail, with-plus tracking numbers am i liberace or the kid he tortures to life? 'that's my son~'
back to, she noted the kettle corn in pink-striped bag from trader joe's as one good thought cvs has nice-enough $1 bags for home too - other than that tj's is firmly gift basket material

the new mp3 player from china is smaller a bit but the memory card (on-top in middle) inserts beautifully with a gentle click to hold in - see it here
the card not clicked in gently or yet - will be as virtually unseen
as for color my choice is simply what i had prior that died in the head after recharging and so many years on the hook...the colors all so beautiful and me not in the mood to choose eternally or just that well
caption extended: you're thinking the hand 'crustacean' and that's everything the crustaceaous (um, 'cretaceous') period (sharks, water hot as volcanic) is for no sense where you come in-from is almost pre-cambrian (canned-brain) flame flickering but no source to see...just had crab cakes from trader joe's two to a frozen pack - not bad at all needs to stay together better 'we like 'em frozen' i thawed some we recommend egg with bread crumbs to ever? nyc's tavern on the green a delicacy then...most paid ever for a meal out too $80 a piece including apps-tips ($480 for six and full service captains and all...xmas)

also got me chinese mp3 player today 05/11 from ebay packed beautifully with glyphs (merely 'thank you' slurred in green ink) and they were right no resident memory - none - but the memory card just as cheaply acquired is twice or two-times the good lain with it's phone-size mini card alternate people reject compression languages on phones however - it's cute cute cute (the player controls my apple mac mini without proper hookups or power is deficient...why not?)...any performance issues we'll see later - from china or taiwan i guess we may have overburdened the thought but nice for the car and note a screen is nice but hardly necessary - post-modern? still nice but needs edits too much for qualms....
the motorola phone inactive now with number is just $20 for three months with double minutes (tracfone) but i hafta ask to turn it back on with the $20 in-hand...i'm still thinking it over motorola is worthwhile but the focus is voice the rest bothersome, some...

how does it work? once the memory card is inserted and the battery charged (a red light blinks on it during and so), you simply plug unto a usb port on your computer with cord provided (button earphones too) and wait for its disk logo to appear on screen...when that happens, click on it the logo it opens up into a window and you just drag mp3's onto the window that's all...disconnect and push play what is also pause...the unit comes wrapped new in a clear little box that says simply 'mp3' on it like an apple-type player...see ebay for 'mp3 player clip'...the links change with volumes and sizes

jury duty today 05/11 (our lady of lord day in hanoi and france, one and then them) was unfamiliar downtown but a long-lost memory as i was here a few times 'the big house' who makes more misery than this? it's all somehow mine but duly distributed to the glands what do not sense with the usual gameplaying but see (do not touch, do not feel beforehand as swift the response suspects it) one long dong of a day and i couldn't find the new 'cathedral' poland's answer to the warsaw pact on the 101 like god was really in there and couldn't bear it the eyes everywhere seeming to you get on the autobahn bottom at toulouse-latrec in france - if a seatbelt in a mercedes severs your torso getting to heart-attack country like a nervous little bird waiting and but for the dinner bell 'aves' (ayds?) while cats scoop your brains out with paw down and the neck crying perhaps locked in in a sewer cage...those are felines, fool...not the same food bowl...the birds were cute today outside humble while i ate pop tarts quickly brought (cherry to raspberry, only) ...'he and i, breath to breath' - cocteau twins 'seekers'...'you are a woman just as you are a man' - a failure of sorts and for leaving us? 'i'll let the mirror polish itself and save my tears for someone else'...'so send lucifer' (as first-born a supposed mia) to help me see the little things with-without your help? 'nothing more attractive than need' - dM

that's that...if you work you'll get cheated by the 'just today' note 'did you know you can donate your little fee for fee' or fi-fi but you shut up as the case load piles up right behind my firm resolve (promise-vow) to 'do better than you' and i think i'm gonna devolve unnaturally and get slapped for something i did or didn't do just apartment was like chinatown gassed after a nuclear holocaust 'i feel bad about it too' but both on the wrong end if guilt is your only guive i don't see you...i hafta reassure people i really love it here...i really do...sorry. you can live anywhere and be happy's the others perhaps a bad mix...could be worse...

hp's 'quick web' resident below boot (no start-up) eases the talk around demands - fairly smart thank you '2010? my ass...'

something new to me too - 'hp quick web' - if hp laptops are your bag (we are hp pavilion g7 laptop stargazing with windows 7...the named operating system, its named afford) you'll like this boot-simple panel of performance gauges and a straight-ahead one-line url or formula bar for entering url's with fewer or simple networking it out, resource it up (it won't be windows - only to stare at the glut) and appreciate the simple approach - you can desult to full-on windows or shut down at that interval...useful...when you choose not to see 'your shit, ever' and you see it anyway 'i'm mad mad mad - like a woman' the globe longitude or 'world wide web' symbol on the function key line above numbers...revelation...hp site...where it"s all going - programming fucks are like 'your provo doesn't pull up me fake grass' that's meaty - new stuff is check your dog's turds in the proxy server - you never offer to help i never offer to pay you or sense danger and run - one nut in the road means you'll be wintering soon symboling each like marlee matlin for another nut thinking i drop it for 'us' only...your hear me on your skin layered with electrodes and that's just for an auditory queue the patch helps you to quit portraying me when the phone rings...

i took this picture while baking last week or so - i may have had to dispute charges against my own loaf
'why don't you just mix one up instead from a mix?' you'll see there's no sour cream (no 'lite' sour cream specifically?), or small pans what gift all back to the baker

the magnavox vcr dvd model i use today - no dvd recording should be implied these are everywhere about $40 like-new - get your own remote add if (got my cleaner tape too - infinitely useful the number stated 100, 200 the number of dry tape cleans only search on 'vhs head cleaner' only - and at banner above)...pull out the red plastic before viewing it's safety kooked or sumpin' i spliced it in...anyway

from the 'how 'bout paying your fuckin' bills department' - we're not weak, fool:

this newly renovated dump 'decron' that's real cites rent from july 1 as follows:
$2,135 no lease
$1,985 signed 12-month lease
$2,085 six to nine month lease

$1,620 signed right now
you're not getting it no matter what

the world journeys now through its weather we arrive at theses places daily in time like boxes we don't take atmospheres along - think of a place you enter and leave each day by clock any differential the tilt of day making some rises and sets pretty harsh at-length - the day on top of the world one side only with one sunbeam down and against any roll of the clock, the clock what turns with seasons spin day and night at meridian little handles-loops on axis to no vent...dark is the world beneath an ocean of plasma washing of itself (as changes on the moon - not as seen so) no one sees past its daimler all rays past, and they pass us fast...

this month: 'wine in the world' there's just too much of valley, gallavanting

naturally enough, 'people want someone to say when they've taken too much for theirselves, when to stop.' - dM

what i listen to often enough: gary numan 'a shadow falls on me' again

stop, consider:

'when end | end.' - favorite lyric right now by gary numan

'when we're living | when we're livin' - my own version - 'right here, right now' when we're thinking of it, when we couldn't be bothered at all having made our way

a dream away: the last dream i had involved john travolta in word and deed and another actor i'd say (the name is probably michael kyle in 'terminator' maybe not) these two both men at age graduated from an outdoorsy type setting into a theater or meeting room somewhat like michael jackson auditorium the lighted wall of doors would be west but in france ? or northern california this about giving all to women and other seedy junklings who are exceedingly asking of it (um, no fences - is not mine they are dangerous to adult made choices and no help)...anyway, during some present - and this originated as john travolta showing people around in a toolshed or woodshop a visit gone askew by him not looking quite right without makeup - the two men (with michael barely seen by me in the mind's eye) start taking off their clothes while facing each other midway in the room and on right me way in the front or easterly then as some youngster...the eye noted a dark haired but hairy travolta an 'angolan' we'd say on left and michael's (on right) dick as being sheathed like a banana it was a curved one he prettier overall his color was a darker tannish type but glistening with skin he had alot of appeal there are many people here in this dream most around like a dirty old man and the whole thing was people pursuing him john too much at home - turd-feelers each little experience opening to more ask of it...p.s. they made me ejaculate too as a kid the heaves out mucho waking up but no real satisfactions either...that's that - he gives too much a known scientologist or seeker of help with this stuff and by the way i call jerry moss of a&m john travolta he is english kinda a bit ghoulish-looking with deep-set blue eyes a business person, older italian - that means not polish or hairy in youth then...the corner of his eye when smiling confirmed his identity while stripping down all smiles...he lives here with us i think to say, i say hi to him often not a living person, really...checking in...says nothing much...

frances langford rolls it out here

'pardon me boys, is that the chattanooga choo-choo?' that video with frank sinatra subordinated cracks me the fuck up! see it yourself all in the eyes...meanwhile, that pointy grill in the front of a locomotive is more than people think...the 'cowsill' for brushing cows off the track ? it makes a whole meal apparently - i discussed how hot steam comes in from that 'v' or from the bottom the large of round tank for roasting woods and or for coal...the steam goes up them pipes and gets concentrated in the top of the 'v' as turned to each side to drive wheels flowing to and against any force ultimately to drive a crossways vent or golden piano roll with fins and that is what vents as steam at some point...but note that piano roll drives a wheel at each sides (many of them rolls? not mine)...any wheel attach or designated is at furthest point from front and they say to handle dithers and what may come of it...more later but to explode at front...or cow then...true? the wheel attach ay length goes in a box midway but purports drive...opens the steam vent...

pushing you back to page two in april, leave from there to see and perhaps mesmer to page one you'll be sure of that and thank you negroes for obscuring page titles with your asian junk - like blank tape, we're what make it special to the hand that matter how much vapor you give up, i still have my own head to saw off and perhaps protest you in the afterlife of being said - have it your way late at night at burger king, where i'd feel better no matter what you think...

p.s. just a ordered a vhs tape from sears (< $10) to clean my vcr (maxell - the best dry head cleaner but two to choose from - dry head is law, islam - the new player with 's' cable and cd $40 at ebay way back fend) despite the fact that staples and the like do not stock them at all i live...i get tired of retailers telling me what to think 'no inverted nipples''s have radio complit that shuts off-turns on parts and they fan out like a deck of cards in my head collapsing into truncated thought you'd hafta script the bitches and see tape doesn't know i hate people and their concerns making their way to me the consumer dollar ultraspent and you working to rats-ass a little home for yourself away from the farm but in my shits - may god help you once he awakens a phantom all black smoke and rags on the rubber floor under my piped down and out think tanks by samsonite in 1950's...that's where i gas myself down for the next sweep together the part i can't find yet it's no rubiks cube, neither you'd just throw that away...or computer index any possible side for directions that ultimately solve each day outward...'the end'...ever notice how prominent people keep luggage around it looks like furniture you ship all at once - no broyhill but inlaid woods like the hellraiser box (maps, folded burned papers of use)? you'd see that...put a drink on top they'll be in the yard all day...

'sword and the sorcerer' from the director of 'salem's lot'
'that's right i just did salem's lot and i had to do this'
made for tv? not so - made with tv hands