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you didn't win this, nigger~
see you soon

and i quote 'he's a mean man' - dM that don't mean anything there's still work to be done

lunch coordinate: pavilions has corn dogs in the freezer section for $0.99 each -
feature less - makes up for the whiff of pure shit i noticed eating fifty-cent burritos
one bad experience doesn't make it an act - i should be doubled over in a day or two then
along with some great-looking frozen indo-chi 'tandoor' then, a plastic can of welch's 'white' grape juice with raspberry is on sale i tried a couple of cans at $1.49 right now
not quite the same but not different either - another good sale up-front has sixteen (16) duracells 'aa' for $13 and change - a battery is easily $1 each and we hate rechargeable right now? kinda
these are things i needed to run back to today~
coke bottles 6 or 8 two-for-one right now (that is, buy two, get two)

these new posh highbacks from target suit me up...$84 each
i put 'em together easy enough (tip: the four long screws for the rear legs only)
thought they were velvet though~

thru itunes, apple tv supersonic: true to form, there's now an 'orange' collection of 'icarly' no season mentioned along with episode 2 of season 6 i'm playing now 'i go one direction'...the cast say they wanted to meet pet shop boys (o-d are a protege of theirs somewhat i look for naked stuff here neil's son - the one who scans walls down - has held up for bits) and they turned up one day and however less than handy i'd say 'just eyes and mouth'...

'remember every sunkist orange had a yellowed thumb and nail in it' - dM

more of dreams - last night 04/20, night before: i was being shown a second kinda see-through vinyl penis on the body as if it were outlined in cut-out stencil and then right on the skin - sure - right under the navel pointing up is another one a definite new one 'to feature' somehow...just me? 'everyone' it says and with makeshift urethra (heat nook)...'they hook up'~ tip: i took tylenol last night, though, it might have mattered...hot liquid brings it out...and if missing....

picking up the mast...helter skelter (health in itself)...

back to 20th century fox's 'sunset strip' at netflix - they get a b+ for this a strangely-affecting kinda 'saturday night live'-type film what ends at canter's on fairfax with a polite guitar jam or duo plus richard's in there as the disheveled man with dark hair (see hbo's 'entourage' that's him and has filmed on the street in front of me, on melrose one day), it made me feel bad alot about saying you'll be there and leaving a rent overnight in your unlikely-to-be-rented hearse and rock-type people and their pipe dreams up in smoke or paid for by them fully to no one who cares - still alot of loathing (i watched alot of faces in there for untolds) but deep quality here and there the young girl who designs-sews like pat benatar needs to know she does no wrong ever, pat that is (including tour dates at zoos upcoming - i'd be there if i weren't singing)...i'm pat now...p.s. i've never been in the whisky - a personal dream of mine to headline and it's right up the street - but note the stairs down to the stage with no drumkits brought ever...real-life tip: you don't open for yourself there - no talking, ever.

'icarly' regained: we're gonna interview the cast even the brother when they get ready and i don't like that gibby at all...take a tip...the producer's son or something moneyspend...'dan' says 'i'll block it' - it'll be there long before you eat - dM

fact: each member of 'icarly' all six got $430k (nabisco) in cash and prizes to do the show...fact...six (6) of them...plus one sum the dog what got killed during programming 'somehow hung itself' (it was killed)

undersold - when someone offers the same service or value for less than you do, you are 'undersold'...like being 'underhanded' nobody takes from you

at pavilions, pretty red vine-ish look for outdoors
'we don't know what it is' a 'perennial'

new: this is 'claveris' looks like a burnin' bush

another newcomer is 'pevalia' $20

a spring fold of pussy willows are in - lemons actually 'awfly sour' this year
i think $40 a bunch - 'like the willow (i can bend' - stevie nicks...but can you pay?)

kissin' cousins: a new lobster shanty is in the works on santa monica near the starbucks emporium

we went out to dinner at k24 on saturday, april 18 'round 9pm - last booth in the back (ignore the light we don't go anywhere festive 'til the sun is down)
i enjoyed myself (he had a reuben with fries and a martini - ice, no ice, olives, no olives - i had an applewood bacon cheeseburger with fries and coke - straw, no straw, refill, no refill...all-told about $43...note: a day of the dead is when i come out you trying to count hot assholes...)

the third floor food court at beverly center is this now - and that's all
the name 'gevylo' (indigo) in spain means 'hyperbole' or exaggerated a person

this is the theater view third floor - i'm still waiting for a bridge to the hotel across the street like i'm waiting for the mcdonald's at santa monica and labrea to get their liquor license 'a cream cheese'
like i'm waiting for subdued a county hospital at the summit that is sunset and lacienega (the scaffolds up just hitting the light now - the basement parts left behind)

h&m men's section at beverly center third floor is great - nice stuff the hats here are like $12.95 but represent the store not (they opened in 1991 nothing special to me that's for sure)

city target beverly connection has these lights in the $1 section - $3 actually white roth, clear mylar bulbs, and rag or ivy roth - weddings and all

ordered up that mini mp3 player from ebay (silver again) and the corresponding memory card all for less than $7 shipped...mp3 player...memory card...ahem

falafel king: when terry took his trip in march i got a falafel wrap each side cut in-half from trader joe's the night before he left (or so, and by check)...as strict vegetarian (no red meats ever, basically 1981-1993) i ate alot of falafels (basically, a grassy or alfalfa sprout-type flattened meatball on a skewer and is crusty - fried some, should be tasty) in the late 80's at westwood's 'falafel king' mid-village area beachcomber type place with fragrant side salad - this one wasn't good though really dry with caesar type sauce in a cup-lid...thought you should know...meanwhile, my two favorite salads there are spicy thai noodle and bbq chicken vinaigrette with corn...i love those...i'll make a cabbage and chicken bbq-tartar-type wrap soon...god rest westwood's 'ranch burger' they made anything turkey burger nice with fries too....

survey from yahoo! enterprises:
q: what would you do with an extra eleven (11) minutes in your life?
a: make sure it was credited on the end...goes with the extra two (2) days or so from not smoking~

a: why postpone the inevitable? the joy you'd miss...

' i'd rather die than satisfy their curiosity
i'm kind of shy and dry and verging on ugly
they wonder what that i have got that they have not
they'll never understand that none of that matters '
- pet shop boys

april, 'greatest number of deaths' month: does this time in the life suck the boot or what? april is and was pure fuckin' (latin) stink~

kurt cobain et al has been around too, dream-wise

7 eleven's moonshine jar still $0.99 a refill for slurpees...thanks
just 'found' two (2) soda stream refills for sugar-free ginger ale - will investigate at ebay
on tv: 'icarly' season 6: episode 1
a 'party bush' is pot? 'seems so'

wonder no more: junior senior 'move your feet'
tastes like carl douglas 'kung fu fighting' - cute video

another dream from last night 04/19/15 (is it newfound cleanliness or the metamucil?) pop group 'erasure' (once borne of alison moyet and yaz - 'yes' i replied we've met and her horse too) was in a bit of a pickle not so much synthmeister vince clarke but vocalist andy bell - he or the other threw a drink in someone's face and had to make it up to them or 'someone' by presenting naked or giving away individual christmas lights (bulbs) from a personal-style tree - say they paid for everyhow at itunes are expecting much in six-weeks time the crowd unassuming (without expectation) took all?

erasure 'blue savannah' the last one in a box of girl scout cookies - savannah's - get it?
you like do-si-do's?

hi marc ondy~

at&t u-verse lets you see the original air dates on tv shows by hitting the info bar - cool - gets it over with~ and you wonder why no one gets paid ever!

watched the sixth season first episode of 'icarly' - - super weird but okay all's well that ends well~

carly and spencer are asked to move resulting from not paying rent or something and the whole episode is reminiscing about the place - strange, funny - most vignettes here seem new and is the way a new season starts without knowing much? the black guy is now a genie replete with sound effects and his name a clever reference to carly's real-life beau 'tebow' or whatever...'we can't pay for either' she adds....more: west hollywood council member abbe land is the teacher in this episode - worth mentioning - her name implies she wants people to leave at night an abilene...

the la marathon was today 04/19...

on-sale still today 04/19 at cvs are peanut m&m's
pays for some of the cash advancing to us plus $5 from the beauty club helped

that $0 down at target wound up being $95 in pocket layers $20 + $40 + $35 - we checked with 'at&t next' primarily a no-go
quincy, stop playin' - we wanna pay $25 a month flat

...so we plugged in the wi-fi extender to note another wi-fi account spelled just as our own but now appended with '_EXT' and we choose that to use for now...no problems yet...no added distance for talk though...i think it's faster, too

i love broccoli, but hey -
looks like the people from birdseye (english types, no florets ever) got together with trader joe's about $2.79

more of our 'apple watch' pics start at $349 - some were $12,000 go figure

pavlions 'just for u' has kleenex brand 160 count 2-ply facial box just $0.99 some with creme...cvs peanut m&m's just $1.05 or so big easter bags...

at netflix family-fact 'curse of the puppet master' is back with 'six-shooter' a new puppet 'danders' i don't remember him being introduced here but ok!...all takes place in oregon heights...then, all the 'leprechaun' films are there and 'natural born killers' etc. good choices this month...

this last dream 04/17 had me working at a rite-aid styled kinko's (blue lines) place putting badges-bars on people's uniforms...the manager didn't mind porno stuff on phones-ipods but suggested being back in the bathroom area where she continued playing them in-sight...weird...the uniform bars have lots of thread in back and just stick on there...main color seen was light green...

hillary came through last night 04/15 before i slept with a three-year term for a cooking and cleaning place in detroit called 'chanels'...chanels balks at cabs to and from work making her late or go elsewhere and time cards being docked - in-short she wants to work when she shows up and that means making french fries and some else the cash piles up and then they figure it all out...people come in from the snow and are much welcomed...

this gnome - adopted from the badlands - guards our terrace, and behind the lunchbox, fireplace
bed bath & beyond has 'em i just saw them there a few
his life scooter at google

the wi-fi range extender delivered today 04/16 - is no thrill yet...

cvs will make good on the offer at the register if should fail~
got that optic white toothpaste by colgate, too
mention us

'a new hope'? get real - 'thrust of the martians'? 'star wars' is digitally packed all the movies for sale as bundle on itunes $89.99 for all 'hd' or otherwise not...i'd leave the 'star wars' film alone one or many, but one...

the approach to the apple watch display last night 04/15/15 at closing - apple store in beverly center
'is an ipad on wheels...' - dM

just as i thought - a minimalist center table of sought

a bit out of focus: overheard a sales guy is all '$699' a block here and a block there like you went crazy
the watches start at $349-$399 but to ask apple store is to pay and be with them
see no browser still on apple tv...being right is expensive
p.s. that's the african-angolan moon - there are four (4) of them with white as ocean-water mostly in bask (backward) reflect or 'order' then ('relief' is backwards and seen height)

mark your calendars - another 2-for-1 sale at krispy kreme april 28

got two extra mocha brown pillow cases too $5 same system~

semi-alert: i bought a queen sheet set at ross with four (4) pillowcases included this past weekend - all red with satin-folded sear - and when i got home i noticed 'microfiber' as too prominent and i thought someone pulled the happy thread on me (although my mother has used them satins on her bed - no problem and the 'jeep' surgical pull-ups were ok i reasoned on)...oh, touches of pink wash later but no less satisfying a cotton should reveal...was way too sheer looking at first...note that a good buy still...

tip: i feel psychically rob lowe's been around - in my dreams too much one night past no vow

mystery solved: 'swedish fish' the easter edition actually has 'eggs' within plus smaller red fish - see 'em on sale these days and purchase with pride
swedish fish - a favorite candy among the given to reminisce - is not traditional licorice per se but ground up and dried maraschino cherries and that alerts with red dye #2?
the teeth do hate it as contacts with alot of 'ash' they speak - don't eat alot of it or else then
strawberry twizzlers are my peak of perfection as cherry-colored treat - skip the flavor binge strawberry is best and i prefer cherry always as non-alcoholic kinda

fry's has the ipad mini on sale - one colour only 'space gray' - you may wanna check it out $219 the rest is wi-fi (apple says mini 3 ? starts at $399)
i was supposed to be delivered a wi-fi extender by netgear today by them $35 last week but neil is there somehow
borrow my money a fool
i hope to beam from the roof or parcel
fry's here is near the burbank airport on hollywood way jutting out from warner bros. studio lot on west olive
we'll let you know how it works and when

'caveat emptor' (supposedly 'let the buyer beware' in latin) means 'keep yourself [alone]' and that may leads to 'fermez labouche' what is not 'close your mouth' but 'firm your face' in french or then 'shut up' (richard tells me to say 'be quiet')...so what.

please note 'ch131.com' is now 'chan131.so' - i don't get that '.so' bit as not rational...'and so?'...why don't you put your name there? 'so' is 'studio office' i'm told...no play no pay...(this stuff is advert junk - now removed from links)

80's injection: taco 'puttin' on the ritz'
where fashion sits~
'sooper dooper'
compare: murray head 'one night in bangkok'
kinda like abba's 'lay all your love on me-gimme! gimme! gimme!' and madonna's 'hung up'

hold the rubbermaid: pavilions has my favorite ice trays by 'good cook' right now two (2) for $3.14 and with club card
sure - in green and topaz blue...others? i snatched up some for us right away although i just bought white rubbermaid same store with an extra to boot
hermetically designed (no air within), they release the ice and stand up to cold well enough - otherwise, rubbermaid though i look for these often at cvs, etc.
a big box of them rests around the discounted easter candy section at my store in west hollywood (and note multi-colored nightlights somewhere near that ~$6.99)
good cook on the web (ice cube trays, white)

facebook taps in crossways to say rod jorenby's birthday tomorrow 04/16, so there~

tax filing day is today 04/15...hate that

i tell ghosts 'it's gotta hurt' you are 'beyond harm' only it's not just a matter of words missing to no sense, a polarity then coming and going

now get out - [insert loudmouth faggots to appreciate loaves of metal-file bread in your food and balls]

dinner out for two~

horror of horrors: was watching this little docu-film about a jewish-looking man dark-bearded entertaining himself among the staples and customs of the african plains - nairobi one surmises unwittingly - he the bearded man was shirtless but with a waist wrap on indicating 'united gharb' (one native offers 'we let them play') and was being teased by a couple of tea-black ranchers with horned oxen or wildebeasts moving about the dustbin of it...they tackled each other one after another both black on the white man both laughing ('engendering trust') and i'm thinking nervously 'where does this end - with dinner out?' one of the ranchers (nice enough always - note that - but somewhat misshapen to our modernes of culture) states 'they don't need to be here' one also may notes 'but we're here anyway'...you don't say...they shepherd oxen which are destructive to test or haute (high-minded) weather...search the sky to view...

full-size preview of the cockettes only all in 1971 note the black with lsd as sly stallone of the family stone (reading 'redding')

pretenders (a birthday today 04/12 - hers) 'private life' first lp
she's all 'two more days' - no class
let light be your guide~

one good churn deserves its butter: pretenders 'tradition of love' from 'pretenders get close' 1986
play nothing new~
'novo hosanna'

this segment of national geographic in ramadan heights - my favorite to date - isn't always there to see
me grob(et) set yeti mor ('you don't know anything, i do' in swahil)
turn the sound off like i do for propers - means nothing

ata (after that, another) cute pothead-type 'it's still good not to, no? that's italian not probish', reportedly had no invite to her own 'party on tape' tried 'killing' herself but before the scenery curtain parted - was told it was 'blue' it wasn't sky actually...see for yourself only, agin, in march 2015 a retro of dimes collected after sensing none 'ever'...visa la vis...waiting while waiting, waiting still...why wait, why weigh it...