there's the parietal lobe
the temporal lobe
the occipital lobe
the 'globe'
maxillo-facial scrub creams
and diapers for the inner thighs
and for crab meat
the crablouse...
a titleist -
the sizemore...

You'll Enjoy Us Further In April 2012 - Where It All Goes

The Box In Hellraiser Is No Gift 04/01/12 1927
I've been tried for my baconfat over the official name of "Hellraiser" box - mind over calls it a "panaline" but I prefer a "paladin" a shiny plaque type. It is literally quadra-lang or the romper room murderer of 'dead' souls (no working yet). When it's returned me in the folded arms of an unnamed statue, it is long and diamond-like. Made of dark and light panels highly decorated much like a circus box but more witchy or lotus-like or encephalopod (bug-like), we call it "leviathan" quadra-lang or the moon then "ex libris" (say 'elevan' descriptive, 'Elohim', or 'Abraham'). What is the world's name? "Morgana" is one used of by God, who is the "Organa", but is minor and descriptive of earth and sky, respectively. Another is Uliteri someone says? "Ursiris". The sun again is "Capern" (Capricorn One).

and i quote: coupons, lists, calculators...pencil, pen
mine: straws, gelson's

palm sunday at st. victor's 04/01, with just one better...

we owed them a better shot at fame...not a smart entry at mass, i heard (herald) the opening invocation from behind
'and became man'...he 'suffered'
that's right...'now is the devil'
that gourmet turkey of mine was good to me starting on friday, you know

a perfect circus box 'for a dog', they 'hosed it out'
is now perfect to me...on hancock

Well, Hello Honaugh 03/31/12 1648
First foray into laptop nirvana - video calls on gotta have a camera.

great new candles at target $14.99
very long in the wax, however (the short fat one $12.99 or so)

how the bricks form at that flower shop - a surprise no one sees (i thought a wood-burning pizza oven...)

more of our favorite flowers - some say is just a carrot unwrapped, bees galore must be a rabbit

a white house of flowers, another white elephant of bees

pavilions yesterday 03/30 lottery and all - our unlucky of numbers (02, 13, 15, 26, 39 + 10), (06, 14, 22, 33, 36 + 06) both quick picks

deep inside pavilions but behind the eight ball - their whole excess of front is farmers down
be wary of pictures - there are alot of people around and it appears just so

new: pavilions will buy gift cards? i don't leave a penny on 'em...

a solution for tall paneling or one sheet on-top of another
i had paneling in my bedroom always

From Hair To Eternity 03/31/12 0859
I call that pink slime 'butternels' as is fat from lambskins - gross. Use breadcrumbs to ferret out that fatty, waterish taste. Lemons. Is called for in higher grades of ground meat - 80/20 sez no more.

Fun pop-ish shop on Beverly Boulevard east of La Cienega: Tweak...Old Navy was flush with stuff today $10 polos with 8's on them...I got numbers 19 and 21 (green 8 + candy stripe) I wanted number 18 (burgundy red 8) real bad...that and a turquoise tee I dreamed of earlier in the day (where am I ? all faded and pretty with you in me it said)...the blue short-sleeve button-down like the parking attendants at The Standard on Sunset had no dream though I bought that too...

My dad sez he saw Boy George in Atlantic City recently (Harrah's marina with boats in the background) and he was father loved it 'cause his wife was so pleased...November 10 or so 2011...

the church inside all shrouded - it's better in-person women kneeling on the hard floor in off places doing a benediction of sorts

a little design, a little depth - yucca

"Like midgets living under a bridge - you just can't see enough." - dM correcting the old adage (or add-on after saying) 'like a broken record' (s/b 'like a boat on a wrecker')

"What are you waiting for ol' Bird Of Prey - a strip of bacon in the nest?" - dM 'ooh, that smarts'

"I need to see flight..." a friend of dM's who says 'there is only fright'

"One day chicken, next day feathers." - Pop artist Sade a lyric from "It's Never As Good As The First Time" and as lovers rock

a great video for mgmt 'kids' - 'take only what you need from it'?
i'd leave it off if it's too great a burden
almost like playing smoke alarms - a baroque

it's an elmo easter

We here correct Easter Sunday's date to April 8 - thanks alot!

Eye candy at The Berry...

a bit sad that one sunset boulevard exhibit came and went - we hope for better only
right next to the old nicky blair's restaurant...

just back from mcdonald's and radio shack: another how-to by toni and company along a fence on sunset 03/29 - william s. hart park
namesake roddy mcdowell - the real cp-30 to me - i see is still around these weekdays - karen grassle too
r2-d2 is billy barty to me, only - 'kenny'
you hadda be a twentieth-century fox star...metromedia at lengths, really, she says princess leia (via nathan greiss)
stopped in to house of blues to see if they're gonna host a weho business community night this year - ?
the last one i attended was in april two (2) years ago...last year saw nothing sent

The video brought me of cat Vito Vincent at the Grove...

a bruce weber-like beauty stab from 'life' magazine

Netflix now paid in: "Nirvana - Teen Spirit Interviews", "Clerks"..."Practical Magic" was real good...still watching some..."Monkey Shines"!

Spago, from the archives lost:

Renew to Martha Stewart "Everyday Food" once and again...we have the "Cooking" channel too. Feed a fat stomach. Got me a $20 frozen turkey at Ralphs yesterday to gourmet in a plastic bag near or on the weekend...fourteen (14) pounds Jennie O...from Rock and Roll Ralph's on Sunset and finally they have Butterballs as too "Private Selection" but are very expensive plan on upwards of $45 ...they cook two (2) every day at UCLA Faculty Center for carving at lunch...'you gotta baste though' they say...a twelve pack of Pepsi is $1.99 at Ralph's this week when you buy five (5) so $0.60 redemption for the each box and then soda tax.

Making guac from powders (and too with a smidge of lemon juice)? If forced to buy a pack of 'spicy' (people eat less) just use a little less. People hate spicy, but I learned to trip like I do...a little of less mint is it too. "I can't believe it's not butter." Well it ain't. That stuff is like diet soda and Surla (Splenda) - when you're snorting that stuff, you know it's time to take your ass to the store.

To Be The Fairest Of All 03/28/12 0948
We gave the guys in the hall $20 just to scan around our table with that steam pressure hot carpet cleaner and it wasn't much better...the barbeque and grease is this. To be fair...get new stuff all is wool anyway. I tried some "Easy-Off" oven cleaner too...nope.

preview william orbit's '[if] i'm a sinner'
inspired by the beatles 'tomorrow never knows' on the 'revolver' lp

another toybox: dig your own grave even at night
rents at ahern - the manufacturer is kubota - someone says $14k - now that is bullshit
dig a pool and get out meat undisturbed? sure -

"Remember 'fraud' over costs - always an outcome different from what you expected." - dM

Been tied to jury duty in Burbank on April 9 - West Olive near Warner Bros and NBC - see ya there. The Savior does jury duty...

Our church had purple shrouds on every statue last night...around 10 p.m. I stopped in...ecumenics? Even the cross on the altar shrouded...I've never seen that ever...two (2) altar boys switching on and the back room or sacristy...

Madonna's record as posted? PU! That is pure French junk - good luck with that. All processor crap of pre-owned songs.

"This is in Google eternity [as on the Internet]." Yeah, but someone has to think of it first. (Christie Brinkley cried on tv - that ain't her.)

"Still blame Year 2000 for letting pay off the hook - don't mention the small of names. People say they'll let go if no one shows up or the other threat and now paying went free. I don't know what you were expecting, but nobody had Year 2000 to live through." - dM who says 'be smart' you had all that under your belt already now they're laying around with cocktails - honor me

A 'goth' is a 'gothic', 'authentic' or 'antique' person. A self-made in the graveyard...

a pool worth seeing - i like its shape, style
'i feel cold'

Star Tours At Disneyland (and Disney World) Less Captain Eo 03/27/12 1209
Someone said "What is [the much-heralded] Star Tours at Disney?" Star Tours is like entering a broadway theater - a long list of doors twisting open and you go in by row to take your seat. As all lines at Disney move fast but not as alot to see you in while waiting, you get right started. The doors close and there are two (2) robots C3-P0 (see three actions for one talk - a human) and R2-D2 (right to do without you - no talk) of "Star Wars" fame (two old friends - nice to see 'em) navigating a ride either in-person or on the screen it won't be that clear as the whole theater seems to move on platform. You exit the theater as launch for intergalactic space on Han Solo's own fighter and the first exit is a drop straight down almost. The rest is in and out of phase languages and troubles in and around the "Death Star", but is fun and you move with the film quite alot. No heartaches need attend. There is black rubber bar all around the audience to suggest movement and it does go pretty fast. The river Styx is the Danube? Well, there it is - down through Germany in Africa and France "The Seine" to Gibraltar and then Mount Kilimanjaro...a silver coin in the mouth is play then there.

Living Is Learning 03/27/12 1133
"Save and continue [save and defend]" saves changes and yet keeps it all in front of me too - now I see at Yahoo edits the file manager. On the phone LG900, you press the lock symbol for more than a bit and the keyboard now locks. It asks you then to unlock on left and right both afterward no password no special key just press one. So now that I might see...Reynolds Wrap the expensive non-stick stuff doesn't want you to use the shiny prettier side on the meat and fluff - how strange to the flame. One such says just crinkle up the regular stuff before using "nothing sticks to that." Meanwhile, Apple teased me today in OSX Snow Leopard "Accounts" setting on the "system preferences" panel asking me to make a "Mobile Me" sign-in name under my sublet account...they outta cash it seems. "Mobile Me" (to be rescued by iCloud while one functions in a blankenship - or blank check of having paid already with no cares - without the other until 07/12 a rip-off of quiet and easy takes) would be used on Apple TV to get on the internet - they don't have that in there yet a moot (moving) point. We can't get the new OSX Lion on this machine without tinkering with its propers or Intel box...they want two (2) gigs (wheels spinning and rotating and handing it all off if megs are muscle or kegs of lift out) in RAM (electrically maintained memory or lightbulbs - the screen only).

We Bought A Mega Millions Ticket Yesterday 03/27/12 1122
If you can choose numbers one through fifty-six (1-56) for five (5) places for a number in the CA Lottery, you have a chance of one (1) in five hundred fifty million seven hundred thirty-one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six (550,731,776) chances to win or fifty-six (56) to the fifth (5) power (56^5). Trust that. Our numbers yesterday - and not a one came in - were 01, 02, 07, 12, 36...mega 13? Remember, my father says buy a $30 stack of scratchers (no gain or play - just scratch) for one (1) week each a month and win $600 a month. Is that right? P.S. The extra or bonus number 'mega' lets you win at five (5) more chances - as opposed to one (1) of so many - for a reduced pot only. So, six (6) in 550,731,776 as the extra number is already built in to the tables somewhere. A raffle at best - it could win, but I hate being involved with choices and declare of me. Some say you could win at all by not playing. I think only I could win in a rudeness of truth, only. How it happens to be. Plus, I spread a general unhappiness in quiet calm dollars. The big ones as decisions push me around. More: With bonus number 1-46 only you reduce to 1 chance in 344,768,800...ten less digits one more try against as brand new volume or game...for half the pot, probably.

Rule of thumb: You don't go excluding one (1) ball...duplicate or not, it's still there and if all sort numerically anyway. To rule you out individually...

Thinking cap: You can reduce the tables to "56 x 55 x 54 x 53 x 52" for each ball taken (458,377,920) if you think the delta or difference in range (one continuous area of a table) and sum (total of range or table) is worth 92,353,856 chances not bothered with. It's true, but not necessarily immediate and informing (or understandable). Factorial (e.g. "6!" or then 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1) is for possible sequences of cards already lain upon a table, a logarithm or 2^8 is for all possible combinations of singing voices or discreets or combinations of numbers possible. You rule out color matches in cards after the fact for cards on the table if so spoken. You rule out after-the-fact anomaly or spoken to the side. Problem people. Is this hard to understand? Yeah, 'cause you can't master people easily enough with more bother to them. Better said is our car stereo security code example - five (5) places for a digit entered, six digits (1-6) and this method is king - 6^5 or 7,776. Remember, you're trying to buy the game ahead of time - this is reduction analysis for chances to win. You hafta name your balls ahead of time so all fit and not much else is going to help.

this is from the los angeles times a few days ago - the legendary jack kerouac
his father, really, as i'm told

no, no need: got this great banana king letterset from target $0.88 or, silver, and black

iCarly Back From The Vat 03/26/12 XXXX
I think the name Spencer (my hero now I dress like him too shirt-over-shirt) comes from Spencer Gifts whose name reportedly means "spends more" not Lady Died's family: Spencer has been making me shrewd lately almost shutting things off - we left the teacher episode today when he wouldn't answer to her demands for a time of day (he joyed noyeaux everyone on the way in - she was fun and mean and well done my guess is it's Ellen she's been on "I Married Raymond" too as the brother's girlfriend)...the last touchy subject was him not sculpting an art box on-time but playing a video game night-and-day instead a la the Internet. Do you know people really live this stuff? Thanks again....the girl champ of the video game was hilarious too on entry and although Casey (the doorman played by Matt Damon's playwright nemesis [that episode where they bombed him was funny - all adults shadowing and taking off on each other]) played the girl teacher moaning on her desk at first over a "1984" the year I turned twenty was the year I first had consensual relations too. Now a man (rave song? "Julia"). P.S. See if Olivia Newton-John is Dixie Carter too...

Saw The Ol' Rug Doctor Today Prognosis Is Fairly Good 03/26/12 XXXX
Used the Rug Doctor today (total cost $50 for shampoo and machine rental) and it did an okay job. Still, high traffic areas don't budge well. This is a steamer comparable to the Regina Steemer (now Oreck) I had from Target - same affair a butane freshener (you pull backwards) really, and probably needs a few days to say it well. A high-powered professional box cleaner used by building help seemed to hatch flea eggs in here (it's in the water from else) and was slightly more expensive $80 with hafta move all the furniture and take it seriously though the results were flawless and colleague in nature (a witchcraft like fixing a pipe under some sort of secret agreement, kinda). So. Had some strawberry shortcake with whipped cream today and sang Elton John's "Dirty Little Girl" with Madonna still on the hook for tomorrow - "no feeds yet, Troublemaker..."

Welcome back Internet Explorer and their new commercial and song...Alex Clare "Too Close" - Hugh Padgham (George Harrison) produced it. Robin Guthrie masked in and Sylvester (Ru Paul) sings...ho hum.

See's Candies (pulling clasped hands from over eyes as softly...)

trousdale estates - it's raining at the time, no?

another great guitar at hornburg jaguar on sunset at doheny

misty mountain hop on sunset today 03/25

just now at dusk on the santa monica scene...

ThAnk it rAin!

Live Ladybugs And Praying Mantis Bulbs Here In Town 03/25/12 1623
I haven't read the paper yet, but note that Anawalt on Robertson features an ice cream cup of live ladybugs ($6.99) and another of praying 'mantid' (mantis) cocoons ($8.99) - exactly two await in a similar cup. Both, are fun.

Madonna and Company 03/25/12 1338
Yes, Virginia it's raining today...03/25...I love Target's careful admission over Madonna's new record on Tuesday "the release date may change" as it's going to be blocked in court she says. "It's not my record yet" she says - "pay quietly or receive sums." So there, and be off. "Add a header..."

one of two honeys on a patio in the rear of our exit - always friendly
we know you think this is ours - you are fat, jealous

'this is our cat to feed' and still you would get fed some

coupla settees at los angeles sporting club on santa monica boulevard
wrote parke & ronen again over their refusal to send me jeans...

love connection's new offerings on santa monica boulevard - very patriotic, and no you

these mannequins are movie studio filming props one assumes and are very neglected for being all business, no shime - at 'out of the closet' on santa monica or thereabouts

the skindress is covered in spanish tandems or s's from hearses - for light shining outward they say
mirrors are still light medium (as opposed to media) unless beveled and look cheap with lens being always - no force but is dulling from

this dark figure lives well somehow keith haring - the pentagrams use is not apparent (new vision: the moving block of tv screens at palladium nyc were done by him, the shape focuses light so well on-screen)
'how mail comes through many boxes' - how lips move over many glasses

these postcards look mailed to self sometime in 1969 - each the same handwriting on the same day and is postmarked
'to show you people get everything they send out' it says
'life was about getting yours too - some people need more' and appreciate it (grow with it) too - dM
more war related fears? i signed up - have it a new hernia over

these are hibiscus it says or then to be carnations

i never cared until now - these are fresher?
the glass is always greener on the other side...

this lazy susan screw-it-in-yourself turntable - still a thrill - is at tashman hardware on santa monica
someone said you mount a dog or cat door on it as so to turn sideways - ?
i was thinking about a big plywood lazy susan i stained myself and why? because no one can say not to and stay
'money lifts the spirit up and away' - dM

this art nouveau or industrial building was supposed to be something of an aids kitchen, but i see a great art of it only
people say the wallpapers on the mta bus have the aids virus depicted on it, but it isn't the pink dots (leukocytes or white platelet cells within it bleeding to me), it's the dark ones surrounding them - myracytes or merely seen as heat some

how far is too far? i always wonder about me, and draw the line sometimes

my offering to 'terrywood' is above and below - first seen at paris house on santa monica
can you dance at them if your breath stinks or they have b.o.? they have a yard within brick fencing to help fight 'onsetters'

i liked this metal-topped cement garden fence nearby on santa monica - some say electrocutes people
i was thinking of a 'minimalist' approach only and so yes that would help -
like a broomstick in the spokes of a moving bicycle, you could do no better to think

plastic lickers show how one dimensional sight (like a picture on a wall anywhere but with you) makes you think too much or provides a grandeur for another knowing more than you

finally getting inside the place, but not so close yet - a real privilege to see

getting up the stairs - more than you know to see is here
i'd hate people just having this and so to be rent

metal and paint - you are fat, jealous

what you'd miss being in a food of rage

draws me in - does not sophisticate at you, but tries to do it to me
how it is i do and see...i just have it, i don't care why it's childllike the request not to know much but enjoy...much like the electronics i use
marcia brady said it better? marcia brady embarrasses people who are like you, not me - she is a relief, still, but it's not having to be right either
she has money, kinda

'that dick makes me wanna suck' - dM
mostly talking is never doing much - 'you wanna record?' one fat criminal justice flop asks of another before eating the food they stole at home

despite what your mother says, this is about plywood and christmas lights (fest) and pleasing better people only
'better' means in my own time i thought it up myself, and said so maybe
no bitching at, ever - who cares of your sought?

Time-Warner's Wi-Fi On The Go 03/24/12 1302
Went through Time-Warner Cable's Wi-Fi free internet on-the-go service with cable modem service established - the new modem gives you an e-mail you hafta use and then sublet also to others example is "" and establishing a password is as requested and numeric and but is available to change immediately. The service awaits us elsewhere as seen already online, and all that remains is to test now, and no, it won't be the sign on password at home. Stay light. P.S. Try the coffee shop it's there and will let you rent time on-the-spot with a credit card no fortune necessary. Cheap too - $2.95 an hour or so plus many steps up...Update: The coffee shop connect works great - I'm at Holloway and Sunset "Dialog"...but leaving soon.

only the axis changes somehow it is said swinging down through the bottom and pit...
i in my head at first made three months of autumn, six months of wet and chill reversing itself, and summer rising - all on the same curve and repeating to them
still working on it here
p.s. the axis is straight up at bottom center and reverses during the swing...points to the north at start i'm told

cvs's chair loft on santa monica boulevard free of newspaper and ad - like an old apartment i'd leave it plain with possibilities...sadly, today's matt lauer salary was here

my $69 vest at armani exchange and yet....

the butter cake shop next to chin-chin closed - another cake shop is due in its place
life was short for you? not really - and who's counting?

behind chin-chin at sunset plaza is this new view - this is the retail with fat brown pipe going through it to billboard and then the tiffany theater, i think maybe to not

revise that art house on sunset plaza to be more as forward
the screen dropped is actually a box that you go up into and inside is a huge celestial doughnut of light - mirrors and such all pictures of you 'round the head
someone says 'illegal'

an art head just like chast?
another room with black velvet drape across the door has a pipe-type organ in it, a metal bed, and a four-part celestial-type screen
you can sit and play the organ a bit - the top keyboard is treble, the bottom a rhythm and fugue machine, and the foot pedals are fugue or air some
you don't need alot of talent, but still some fail...

a marked man on two boats splitting?
the gallery - a recording studio in the works - is worth a visit

not so worthy but posed as fact?
get upstairs - they are masks over green bulbs and very good-looking
don't let anything tell you who you are - very portrayal still and the truth is you need to love everything done of you and piss paintings
i need art and 'art is larger than life, fewer details' - dM

The Burden On State Paychecks Is Real But Not To Them 03/25/12 1152
Yesterday we received a bill for Tax Year 2010 against 'head of household' (I don't get work my way with you in more need first, and I don't get to be paid what I'm vastly owed, but I work for you or less somehow - you can't even give me head) to be coupled with the check they coughed up last weekend amending what they took by Federal both pieces of paper with my name on it (that doesn't get you anything either ? I don't think of you as living at all anyway even though you drive your fat fucking pimply native ass around in a smoke joint). So, in effect, the state keeps pairing our current claims with owing for a previous tax year and still we've paid them nothing more really and have spent some, but last year's claim against taxes was a misapplied and you sort this all out yourself alone and again alone. One such pig at the fatboy kiddierama thinks he's gonna get a piece of this my pie no matter what - a commie. Not with my values afoot - 0 - for - 0 - ...and the danger is still real. Whatever you do, don't let me see it. Eat me, nigger.

The New Apple iPad Is Bouncy 05/23/12 1749
Just auditioned the new iPad at Apple Beverly Center (what - for $499?) and it made me (my website) look like a million bucks online. Regrettably, the unit is bouncy and the keyboard issued my pecks without error - a delight overall. Free of unresponsive behavior is mine (one half me, one half you then). So seek. P.S. You can get both the laptop and these for having waited it out - the laptop is ridiculous looking as walking atop a hill to coffee shops - a fool does this so far and the wi-fi a head of fuck still (but works flawlessly in the home center). More later from Time-Warner Cable.

Review for pay the Eyeclops mini projector and new active lens...I love mine still and remember, the more expensive adult units don't take batteries at all...mine does and hooks up easily enough to the Polaroid Pixie too...

I got another box of Bold detergent from Gelson's - this one was $8.59 and I hadda run to CVS to get a bottle of Xtra laundry detergent (30 loads) to bring the price down. Xtra and in flavors is $1.77 through Saturday...

Kitchen Versus Dining Room 03/23/12 1032
The swing through time starts in about five (5) minutes...takes six hours then nothing new. Rain. We're having our kitchen painted today by complaint - new oven next month they say. I like electric alot (the nations #1 choice times over it seems), but wonder about health and ill effects...mind says none worry yet. When you reach over a coil I feel heat - is it new? Will my teeth fry out using this superior heater ? door cracked and baking at but less than 250 degrees and with no air apparent? Not yet it says - costly though. Back to, my mother never let us in the living or dining room (we broke stuff too often...once), but no see-through slipcovers unless be it lampshade. Like the plastic shrinks on combed metals "That comes right off, you know." I have a blue dot over a chrome-metal bulb on the back of my phone that is plague (may too be co-incidental) coupled with sd chips writing too tightly and being submerged in talk and other crap (stores hating it's use issuing their own radio dominiques) that tends to fail me. Mind over says 'give it a try' and as none know yet and I hate being the fool for it perfecting stance and pushing buttons and having it fail to me at-once. My mother says she used to have family members laid out in her house in Middlesex and while they slept...and that huge antenna (get that and with wood planks? to improve signals) on Sunset has been taken down, Terry said. I got that to straighten itself out too (I do this often to buildings in delap and such other - all to be positive effect and realistic). "I hate that noise you entered - too much talk now." Why? People fight the source too much and I don't ask - our phones need the help.

we mentioned apollo 14 - and why not a honor the shout out

went to linoleum city way down on santa monica past sear's (at western) yesterday to get a new piece of carpet for the bathroom $40 4'x8' (is larger than life)
our requirement was 4'x5' we really got a 5.5' x 12' piece for that money
it was exciting to see the red sear's sign again, but we didn't have time to stop in
linoleum city excites with color and ideas and their prices are pretty good - don't expect anything in terms of carpet squares, however (carpet city?)
linoleum city used to be in the parking lot of sears, but built a new facility blocks east past normandie on left
a good view of the planetarium in griffith park (famous) is up kenmore avenue - i think of a blonde cement washer tub being the building itself and there you have a memory made - terry says 'can see more' than you (was this real or just in my head?)
i think of the hole in the flat chrome pull button being a key to the universe after pay after that (is very visual however)

awaiting my install...the other blue is good but comes from the garbage was temporary
the other works you (in the sense of trying to live as well) and throws things away alot with no guest - make them pay for the thrill of not having a say

i took our barbeque tank back to anawalt on roberston for exchange (<$20 as exchanged, about $46 new or 'extra')
unable to decide whether or not we got our money's worth as it just doesn't work anymore after a while, one should note a new tank is far heavier
i use a simple luggage cart with rubberine straps and metal hooks to transport - one lame spark and poof!
they have this mitsubishi forklift i fancied - the color and shape i guess
my mind (someone in my head i talked to about liking it and at sight) says is $8,000 new

wanted to show you that horse topiary on beverly coming along - no fool does this
how it might be

a gift from the at&t phone camera...titanic in 3-d now at the westwood village cinema
the shop at right was built to be an 'op' (ocean pacific beach wear) boutique - that folded shortly enough but stands still in testament to...i loved 'op' myself and while growing up
most famous were their thickly-corded cordouroy shorts with small embroider of the 'op' logo on the right leg facing (your left leg then)
i had some on while at disney world in 1985

wassermans from inside doris stein eye institute at ucla-universal, mca university

pretenders 'my city was gone' the b/w of the 'back on the chain gang' ep and then its long-awaited follow-up

pretenders 'my city was gone' from the 'learning to crawl' lp (1984)

i went back to ohio
but my city was gone
there was no train station
there was no downtown
some time had disappeared
all my favorite places
my city had been
pulled down
reduced to parking
a.o. [akron, ohio]
way to go

i went back to ohio
but my family was gone
i stood on the back porch
there was nobody home
i was stunned and amazed
my childhood memories
some squall passed
like the wind through the trees
way to go

i went back to ohio
but my pretty countryside
had been paved down the middle
by a government that had no pride
the farms of ohio
had been replaced by shopping malls
and music filled the air
from seneca to cuyahoga falls [waterbound apples and unused glut, akron is cuyahoga]
said a.o.
way to go


As I Watched And Looked Catholic 03/22/12 0850
Don't make me another unwelcome: Yesterday I listened to a speaker at lunch and talked to him off to the side in the head with each point so fascinating. He says he's been wrestling with addictions for quite some time, but went frankly a long time into the abyss of no-standards of talk no having to say (a speaking is ever to be the unkind). He said he woke up on the beach one day in Key West and that was that. Turns out a black man died with this too - there was car accident where one turned left as the other did (I've had straightaways through lights while another turned left - but never this - I pull out one of these childish letters often and to 'masturbate' to in nirvana (as an 'urbana', an 'urbane' we know many such...Cobain, sure), although I can't say I was that interested at the time and with having so many choices afoot) and the car(s) surprisingly - and if you follow my meet here - wound up upside-down on the road he says. This black man underneath (sums of me the father who died earlier, and in-fact) he said was waving a hand (the left one is my scan) that caught on fire and was being a bit silly about it and then promptly died sucking all in underneath no word. The speaker's mother said 'you were just there - it wasn't you' though citing much angers afoot on both sides looking for claerings and the whole 'why couldn't't've been me' type thing, but that's heavy shit, no?

another wrongful alias this morning 03/22 the first full day of spring
the vernal equinox starts tomorrow at ten am (est) and lasts all day as the world swings through time-space one half orange about
p.s. i punched the wall behind my bed in a dream last night - someone male and blonde raged me to it right in the nose

weird - 'we're alone now', says everything they think, kinda
no one special - no one to think of (as being a part of us, and in a sense of then)

rules for the exception?
' a little madness | even in spring | is to be pardoned | even as king '
mutts - la times

another: ' be it in spring | or at the end of the day | you should smell [smile at] the dirt '

Apple Reinvested On Three Twenty-One 03/21/12 0824
All that Apple cash don't get me moist between the eaves - it heads right back in with stock options (buying and selling at-once). They own it all anyway 49% held...get it? Our point? Don't take too much in - buy some too or taxes galore. Meanwhile, our household went with a 17" HP Pavilion last night at Best Buy and I like the choice so far. Waiting to see how long the batteries

Trending on Yahoo? Trying to buy a hunk of real property, doesn't have the money...

grandma pivarnik always made a lamb cake at easter - yellow cake, white frosting, coconut wool, and red jellybean eyes
i would bake two flats of cake, and looking from the side press them together at outline and frost accordingly and in-between or mold then not so fun (see amazon)
the picture here printed out and folded in-half would be it the model kinda with apparent no legs
she had hershey's kisses, gumdrops, and strawberry-wrapped tidies as on-hand in a crystal bowl - spice gumdrops always

a little paula poundstone is always called for...
'they didn't really arrest you unless you're wearing the suits' i've had cuffs on before
you're just embarrassed - you need bail bond (money in the bank held) - they wouldn't call back
an athiest wants to know what you think - it's merely eliciting response
speak to need - i wouldn't touch athiesm, but liked its way - no dice for at solemn beauty
'solemn beauty dies too...' - but they didn't play a part - they can't lift you all
i absolve you...i live too well to bother at all
p.s. paula's still on the road - tickets

John Carter $200M The Flop 03/20/12 1207
Disney's John Carter (preview) is named for director John Carpenter and honors his lifestyle and flats in the head. "No women much, but savior saints of men we'd say" per a studio exec his son Donald. Adds "We didn't lose the money, it's still here in watching" and the male lead seems very attractive to Doug Moon. John Carpenter died February 12, 2011 and is still thinking us over. "I'm around, though" he says. How would you say 'very DOA, dead in the water' he asks? Mine would be very "dowager"...unusual pay for taking a bride. The man in the film is a murdered confederate (for 'counterfeit' we feed with our farms only - 'canadians' Lincoln says they're French and for 'can't hate 'em' as easily mixed with indians and such "soft and pleasing to the eye" he bespoken he adds "we look to honor people, their thoughts") soldier - he jumped when they were being slaughtered as everywhere they went. His ring says he had fingers cut off...

Save The Go Phone From Certain Losses And AT&T 03/20/12 1100
Go phone update: They demanded no uncertain dollar amount at the store yesterday, but I placed $15 like a card bought anywhere but as assisted (apparently they don't want cash as the margins for handling it all are too slim - $15 and $25 blows it away from the common and much-heralded atm-issued $20 they said). Test the waters yourself (if you get an active phone, 'use it' is the message - this one hung in there as shelved and unused but open to calls. We deleted all old photos as one was someone pulling down a tablecloth as hiding while eating soup from a spoon while from the floor. I coulda vomited - 'this is poop stuff and intended to me' I wept sweetly. Meanwhile, you hafta mark a photo stored in the phone as individually 'visible' to bluetooth (any radio or wireless connect) - that is each photo - before you can take and download directly to your computer. It's a real two-step there, but saves the phone from being a thing of the past and necessarily placed in the trash. They want and exact a $0.25 per photo fee by specifying an 'over-the-max' limit for data or photo transferred in a single message (the phone keeps an account of dollars only and with each call a balance noted afterward) but are quite fast with it if you have the coin power. Marking a photo with an 'x' is like deleting them all at once and is chosen naturally enough in their menus and select...everything including studio or sunlight blindness asks you not to use. Certainly not at rush hour 5-6 pm...

we keep jane lynch in mind...and christopher guest (best in show)
chas lindberg (boggs) is amelia earhart (as injured some) and is mrs. clinton's real father
she says gregory hines is the son murdered and reborn to us
p.s. lot cops are lock cuffs or cable ties on the wrists - activist types (she lynch says 'parking attendants')
p.p.s 'role models' is another good film with jane lynch and seann scott
jane lynch recently did a walk-through was seen doing 'physical' with olivia newton-john - was seen at a bar somewhere here...look for it at you tube

a place called candle delirium on santa monica (7980) has this candle idea for $570

other candle molds for the male bust and hiney at spirit crafts
little crystal ball kits

they have lots of other stuff too...stop in

'spike' on santa monica says hi - whatever they call it these days 'winstons' or whatever
still looks like the munsters live there

invisible glass - can you believe it? at target too...this at smart & final
they say you can get free samples with form submit - i dunno doesn't seem to work
i called 'em at their 1-800 number for a sample 'cause i hate stuff that doesn't deliver and i hafta think it over too much
i hadda use a speed sander on an aluminum calphalon pot yesterday to get that burnt black sugar out - the air so yellow and with no breathing - get that
the sander fit in there while you sharpen knives with metal files on sticks
everything's a do-and-don't argument here with fiends afoot - i say i'm uncomfortable and you do it anyway
i hate being the reason why i get hurt and listening to it all

progress just short of making pay

colour me heart of it - the 'my activity maker' website
first...and second runner up (all from yahoo images searching on 'st. patrick's day coloring book page')

"Suffering rewards none but the stutterer." - dM

Oops! "Ratatouille" is not what we wanted - we want "Despereaux" the soupmaker's story...mind sent me a checkerboard of pumping shiny clovers last night as I slept it all off...

Apple TV One Month Plus 03/19/12 1821
Apple TV's slim remote (um, $99 retail or sell for no gain) tends to turn on something called "Front Row" on the Mac Mini and adjust volumes and without warning-asking - should not involve too many of the computer's processes but it does this way. Not an actual application, you hafta back out all the way by hitting the [esc] 'escape' (or 'escalate') key. All in all, still generous but pointed a feature and it turns on iTunes too - very willful and Apple are very cutthroat no longer sensing outcome (what's possible, what's thought of) but output (how much attention paid to). I hafta turn my sound down and leave the computer alone, but it does remit to keyboard and sense after a while. Clunky. Meanwhile, the clerk at $300 a knit Best Buy is claiming that machine is no longer in the system while the next biggest thing a 17" monitor is $449. Not my decision - Apple TV was. Another peck-out keyboard with fingerlings against use and savvy? No thanks - not yet but let's wait and see. Benefit? I think I want one still.

We Take Your Money In 03/19/12 0946
Been watching the McDonald's survey for afoot or noisemakers - they say a manager can earn $100k a year there and the owner (who's in jail, really, and takes nothing but pays you outward) raves that the managers make him money and do their job, and every week they change store signs but do not raise prices. "We tell people to take their money and let someone else pay - we don't raise prices." So there. The owner is described laughably as a second-generation mexican-american and that's funny as well-water ('are we in charge, then?' it says to other), but the crimes do not stand for long..."twice the pay, twice the week" mind over says. I don't mind washing windows either, I just hate the talk about me. "They don't come in as early - that's all" the guy offers me. The corporation itself (quoted as saying 'we don't work for you') will give you a truckload of your bags when your ownership is paid as billed off. Ralph's does this too...a $40k-$20k shipment each other week or so. No talk. The CNBC special is again on Netflix...

I ate a Big Mac ($5.09 for a regular combo Sunset and Crescent Heights, $5.69 at LaBrea and Santa Monica) at McDonald's on Saturday and the Dr. Pepper is fine now...they're gonna serve Shamrock Shakes through the end of the month then they said I had one just before now with a bit of brown in there? Also, they have new popcorn-style chicken with an asian twist it seems...$1.99 should start you off 'round the corner the McNuggets deals are really good for prospers now too...twenty (20) sauced pieces for $4.99, I think. "McDonald's knows nutrition." - dM who thinks you should break that calorie count up..."you don't name a penis." Have it a doctor, too.

Headliners Or Newsmakers Then - Madonna On Whitney 03/19/12 0728
Madonna's quote to me about Whitney "She was never nice to us about this stuff (singing in-front of people), but she worked hard and that's a shame. She'll be there." Adds "It's never real enough to me." Then "No more cars about me, please." It's there because someone got it right...a demure. Q: What is that word "reductive" - like electricity? "Reductive? Reactive is the word." Oh, one of my favorites. "My album's next week - look for it. Better than you think." I agree.

"Kony Island" 03/19/03 0734
That's Richard as Houdini naked dancer - "I was mad as hell, but fun too." Richard (who reminds of certain losses) never minds a day with the law. I, on the other hand, hate being disturbed in my way...

netflix so:
the tale of despereaux (perhaps in lieu of 'ratatouille')
monty python almost the truth
cnbc: big mac inside mcdonald's

lighting at crate and barrel...seeking 'strange magic' at night

someone asked me where the greek parthenon really is - it starts small
...thieves itself across the street from a&m recording studios on labrea

the new mcdonald's ? at the old cj's reminds one of the snowbelt - and the cold breeze through the fence reminds how smart they were from the rain
voice? that of jackie mason

the hollywood sign is no better today on labrea near target and best buy...and now the at&t shop (put dollar cash on your phone of any amount at the door and mind your minutes then)
best buy says they'll have my $300 computer in stacks on wednesday morning - call first they say
funnily enough, the bitch 'burns' dvds too...
we're still looking at the new apple thing (ipad 2) too - i couldn't get it to move yesterday and they wouldn't show it either...too macle the demand (i blessed the beach there, however)
who needs it? i wanna keep windows around too
i know what the one thing i hate on a car is - the brakes - they take your life steadily with nerves bated

target's building a fire under sony (um, 'sold only [in] new york') with cd player-alarm clocks and finally (i couldn't get the roundish silver block to open at all...)
they need to get back to work - there are no jobs when sony doesn't sell to me
$65 a share is sound...

look up smith & hawken at target and for string lights like these copper tei-pei's or tied pans from overhead - good style in brand name
we make our own circulars these lean of weeks...

rite-aid now has these patio styles for sale - the hammock set is $79.99 the plain gazebo is $39.99

the two-party wedding hoefflin is $99.99 and yet replete with bodego (say 'bo-day-go') or french-round set windows

another easter basket at rite-aid along the lines of gentle-being no thinking about $4+

gazebo of mirror halls - what's it worth to you?
i hadda ask about the hammock myself

i couldn't tell if this window trapped was silk or what - so real they fake a rot and only so well


i got mine today 03/18...

officially is not green of or tomatoes, but keeps you in the dark 'round and 'round and as poetic
chicken broth, some light flour, and a color then - is surely tempera a fascination street
thank you burger king...

update mood: honda fcx clarity - don't be afraid it's real so am i

another as-seen-on-tv magic mesh floppy door screen...

the first runner i saw...

us bank - mother bank of green dot cards everywhere no withdrawal fees for that atm ever
or use the store debit master...
i had twenty-nine (29) purchases last month at demark and still i got charged a monthly fee but not right then - now you know
thirty (30) purchases or one (1) payroll direct deposit says no fee (usually only $5.95 a month)

by extrapolate...the third runner i saw

cripples rolled in some...i don't believe in separating men and women unless be a klug of it, but cite them to be surely won each
i told the front girl 'you gonna bleed down after this...'
one, a male runner i channeled says he has to wash his legs down with 'waste waters' afterward and i said 'what's that?' he said water from outside like rain

one such mite had rounded black wands weaving around his hands and i saw they were brake cables as he rolled his arms around pedaling his bike - simply magical
you'd hafta ask me

i made french toast this morning - i love french toast...sometimes stuff with cream cheese and marmalade
fyi french toast is one egg and milk and vanilla beaten then dip in bread and fry in butter
i think granule sugar tops it best - you may also use syrup like i do sometimes

our daffodils from trader joe's almost past prime...
i see one window on the front door got punched out at barney's beanery last night...
p.s. that's my personal sugar bowl - i can put my spoon back in after licking to test sweetness
someone says how would you paint those haikus? i'd insert a row of custom-cut cards tape is way too bothersome, but is cleanly art

was out watching the marathon this morning 03/18 - missed the winner girl though i got few early birds on film at san vicente and santa monica...shows me i could be there...i liked not all fierce competition and win it...'yeah, but you're outta shape, though'...carry on with st. patty's day today too...'saint patrice'...'gratia patrice' princess grave's grace...very classy

film courtesy of find-a-grave
only you know who's missing and for real...only you to the touch see the truce and where
i'm not around anymore - am i?

'there's no beauty in struggle' - dM who looks down and says 'i coulda made it all' but hit the roof trying to get my wallet out of my right rear pocket while paying at trader joe's was buttoned down and i was soaking wet so no front pocket as usual...set me free...

safety net: remember not to dull and daydream walking on-top of red (or other) curbs near roads as a walker-pedestrian - it dawned on me how easy it is to trip and wind up fallen in a high-speed road (example san vicente crossing lacienega at east)...also the loose pom-poms on bikes at the end of handlebars keep your cuffs off the handlebars itself - accidents wait here with chainguards too - very dangerous...'sometimes when i cross the street, i think about that one thing done differently that changes an outcome and helps avoid a lengthy problem or involvement altogether' - dM then splat ! goes the poorly bred, the 'not so much about me', and all of the economies taken at no certain length yet thought of by me...a leisure the each...

remember to look at sky mall - the catalog has a few cutie pies in there
a friend says they take too long to deliver - use cash next time not bill to pay
p.s. an electric floor scrubber for $100? yum...that biege zipper thing is very coffin...i loved it at first-take

cheri 'murphys law'

grace jones 'i'm not perfect [but i'm perfect for you]'

rainy day shamrock in front of micky's 03/17

some faggot was using a glamourous see-through tube-top today on the street

these russell stover crosses are classy at ralph's fresh fare - a bit of the grave though

real 'shamrocks' at pavilions today...they're supposed to be a tooth from someone
is as a leprechaun's pink face in mind over - as the flowering of

ducks visited at greystone today...i told the fish and turtles i'd come when it rained and i did

city national bank and their wall-frame of mosaics
someone dumb and risking always asks how many tiles in the wall - is virtually (best as left) unknowable when no one bothers to know
there are some underground, some broken, some halved - smart people do the most possible or maxis number at a square-foot
the rest might hafta paint and scrub them
guessing a jar of jellybeans is more fun and should be closely related to being half-right or taken by guess in no time...
a cheater counts 'em all alone beforehand and is reproofed some
p.s. what does mind over say? have another jar inside
p.p.s. 6,953,296...1000x1000 is a million (1,000,000) - and is no sweat
i can't believe seven dollars ($7.00) for one hundred (100) minutes is seven cents ($0.07) a minute, either (at&t go phone, but no int'l), but there it is
we don't buy minutes, we buy by dollars like gas - how much can you spend first then how best not to use?
i've settled in with $25 for 750 minutes a month (if about $0.03 a minute) with net 10 and that includes phone, data and all internet junk the 'lg900' - the minutes don't carry over and i don't nearly use them all, but let's say unlimited state-wide then
the at&t phone we have (samsung 'sgh-a187') says e-mail photos of option size for $0.25 a piece still with no real bluetooth after computer connect - that's old stuff, but the sound is real clear on the other end
p.p.p.s. the tiles there are fifteen (15) for just over one (1) foot or fourteen and one-half (14.5) tiles a it all on your own

the fur jacles are called 'palongs' and are available for kelly greens at hustler on sunset this evening
a store on santa monica has a door-mounted jack-ass (sling) that almost turned me on this morning - knock knock

trader joe's has a bunch (ten each ) of daffodils for $0.99 - waiting to bloom...made a nice turkey and swiss sandwich today with their $0.99 pretzel that gluten free? yup...gluten is wheat and egg dried together they use a milk only...

at best buy $300 hp laptop with free shipping 15.6, 4gb

grace jones 'slave to the rhythm' live at wembley 2004

unpaid yet us rewarded: filmwise on netflix -
dante's peak - the perfect copy of a wrinkle bag is here hot springs
the fury - did we say?
room with a view - a merchant-ivory tale
weird science - john hughes
chances are: practical magic with sandra bulloche, the nutcracker

pecan biscotti (um, 'big mouth fool') - we made it today
a dunking fool, the above says tap twice on table or plate to warn the teeth it's coming

Top O' The Morning To Ya...Happy St. Patty's Day 2012!

'Tis raining today - pray for no clear (no cleat)...the LA Marathon is tomorrow....I coulda won circa '92...old glory...

Pavilions has Pepsi and related products on sale $0.99 for 2-liter bottles, CVS has Dr. Pepper and Canada Dry ginger ale $0.99...bring your own canvas of totes to save you money....

my back door on hancock and at the key...pretty vow

fave biore burger king is giving way free fries this saturday and sunday march 17, 18...with heinz 'green' sauce probably a ranch...a vinegar-raspberry they might have said...i like a ranch, girl...all is well

to 'put another log on the fire' is to throw yourself in the pot like peas and carrots after you make a derogatory (summary form) or derisive ('they all say it this way' but is about them in particular) comment about someone...'i used to be that' type stuff...neil says 'deregaele' or 'but then again' i hafta ask myself...escape me thinking be genuine, kneeling-unknowing...

80's yearbook online? you don't want mine...1982 a black cover 'a year on record' one music the theme the 'manitou'

another strange of mosaic on 03/16 crescent heights - we believe was blue and dyed red before re-grouting took place

you can see beverly center nicely down alta loma at sunset - the name means 'seeing above and beyond a speaking' - a graduation hilltop somewhere south of here

reprise: 'the leprechaun's christmas gold' by rankin bass and starring peggy cass?
what was the very last thing peggy cass did - 'auntie mame'? 'leprechaun in the hood' in on netflix starring isaac mizrahi...the munsters...saved by the 'jeepers creepers' a scarecrow come to life....

made my stuffed cabbage already - is perfect - we're gonna do chicken and wild rice soup too...whole stewed tomatoes, carrots

stuffed cabbage revised downward, no you:

in the meat (a pound or more of turkey or beef) - mix
one (1) half a brown onion minced
two (2) cloves of garlic as minced
one (1) egg
one teaspoon paprika
one (1) cup of white rice already brought to parboil (just to a boil, drain do not rinse)
some ketchup
salt and pepper, season to taste (if before and after)

bring to a boil one (1) head of cabbage with neck cut around to ease separation of eaves
wrap meat uncooked in leaves to fold over and boil all stuffed of cabbages in two (2) cans of condensed tomato soup and with water, add some brown sugar to the pot
she puts a small can of sauerkraut and some bacon drawn (cooked down) in hers the pot too
bring to a boil and reduce to cook as simmering for 'a few hours' she said
serve with mashed potatoes and kernel corn i'd say with soup's gravy poured over the potatoes
p.s. you may toothpick the cabbages to stay closed as seemed to fit
from the mother...make much the appearance when well-done is almost beautiful

nephew zachary (my brother scott's son), my mother madonna, and my sister leslie at my sister's in jackson, nj - at xmas 12/11

my brother chris (05/72), my real father charles, and my sister leslie (04/68) at xmas 12/11
my father was fezziwig in 'scrooge' but says it was filmed for 'tom of finland' or something - his sister jeannie (barbra et al) is the outspoken woman with him dancing

the girl is skylar(k) my sister's daughter...

the woman at left is joanne my father's wife...

fear is not benihana but is close by on lacienega - for the look

'misery' = gerald ford and his mother betty ford 'round the clock...real...good fight at the end...eartha ray came in to investigate she says

color of the moon (i assumed a dullish gray like bismuth pepto-bismol all plant fibers)? i looked at it it is red rock like mars and plays with light outward we would assume...probably dries out some oxygen with sodium (saline) makes a red

you mean green thing at cb2...

iceblink day (st. patrick's) restaurant? barney's beanery will clean for it...also, pavilions is now doubling coupons again up to $1 note that and check receipts (what are total paid against each item) for often enough...need raspberries? frozen bags at trader joe's are nice - $2.50 or so...for milkshakes, etc....

more carly: peanut butter on a rabbit trap? that's naughty...catches mice, well though

i hanker for a hunk of cheese...the roommate's back safe
someone, made this extensive saturday morning review - you'll like it and remember much...who to thank?
baited with charles nelson reilly as 'hoodoo'...

unlike other kids shows, we used to watch 'new zoo revue' daily here...a guy, a girl with a hairband on every day, and last night we had trouble remembering a character's name - we had henrietta hippo a southern-type dropping her kerchief everywhere, we had freddy the frog a collegiate type, and now against all acronym or further extroplate then they say it was 'charlie' the owl the professor...'oliver' or olly was my guess and i channeled doug immediately the male lead and he agreed some but said 'arthur' for the dice for me 'charlie the owl'...the owl had a monacle too and that says 'oliver' to me...what? because of fran and ollie no name in forward sense? no - i watched this shit alot too oliver the namesake never came out that tree house...rarely anyway...mary tyler moore is supposed to be the girl...early on...she is one of us here...toni...the grecian witch...elena marcos...

i know we talked about this, but with bombs and all and big buckets of water dropped, you should know about making your own soap some...i was reproofed as there is no lye (the dried and pressed salts of a hog's jowl) in a regular soap, but in detergent it seems - soap is one (1) quart of vitamin 'd' whole milk and a quart of pure butter melted and twisted in-between each other with some poured and some left bring to a boil and let simmer some about one (1) hour and pour into molds of plastic...some (like kathy bates) use margarine - is that key? margarine is not acceptable to god over, but isn't a bother either not good...flavor with nothing but lavender boiled to an oil in water if necessary or sea-type salts (no chromiums or flat-out powders as they sting some) then for an ammonia oil instead for a milk? never use - makes the clear stuff and dries some heartily....add it up - fresh...

thanks to 'bachelor' for that beautiful male romp with what - his brother-in-law? very sporting of you ho hum - we forgot that note earlier? other icarly they blew-up the doorman...and now about're eating out of garbage cans like madonna? near the museum lacma is it giuliani (sp?) pies dials me fast...i'm producing, i boyfriend is the pie maker...

i like the title - 'goon'

a moonflower (hibiscus?) on holloway this fine am 03/14

found 'variety' outside of starbucks right on the mat and this phone number elsewhere and is your guess...

still the nicest set of flowers yet and around cedars on san vicente

design set for the hiney or 'high knee' - on 3rd today

the parking lot at may company looking east - is at fairfax and wilshire

inroads yet...

very apollo 14 - 'apollo' is snake-like [and in the grass]

the mat, the placement of the mat

puff the magic fagin, oliver shits

museum from 6th street, the back of

built in iron-rail cribs - i love that feel
what else could they be?

this is moma from rear - defunct and left behind - soon lacma's prize object for sculpture and interiors

marie callender's on wilshire next to - redone (reflavored) and redux (repositioned) too

they don't want you looking the bland, but it's awful nice for a day out
nicer than what i had to eat (what i ate in way back when, that is, and enjoyed that much)

pies for take out and why not be you?

went over to informally bless lacma's moon rock today with pictures at best seen from 6th street with young workmen all over is in may co's parking lot, essentially true...i like that building by the way and blessed that too an elegance any way you slice it...johnies just rented mcdonald's for a fee...

the museum was staffed but closed today - a founder's day

channeled madonna today over a street sign or second sighting...she is in lourdes, france blessing the water again...from cannes...sister city of beverly hills, i say...clouds on approach...

crate & barrel 60% outlet sale or easter fixin's...easter is april 8 (thanks the error) right at two months clean? na

banquet meals reviewed:
salisbury steak - 'this was nice enough'
swedish meatballs -'as much lovely as ikea, maybe better with full-size rotelle in gravy'*
meat loaf - 'very tasty'
chicken nuggets and french fries 'cooks fast - lovely with heinz ranch dip from 7-eleven chicken fingers'
*what does scandinavian 'swedish' bring to mind? meatballs, wooden shoes, fish - morgues mainly...abba

there's a girl on tv you hafta be careful with 'cause it's her dreams - you, as me, to give her this
is it carly? maybe...
p.s. the spinning wheel or 'dykstra' is fine, but a double ferris wheel (two wheels on axle'd sticks also going around) is finer...
p.p.s is spencer in trouble and as being with 'her' too much? no, spencer is remote to us and is introduced at once to our screen - to our touch - by her
it's your dream, girl, of doing better and i went so far as to accuse you of being her the birthday girl in revise of a bad day, but aged wine as now...they are not wrong
'who knows more, who cares more?' - dM
the biggest fool goes around perfecting (thinking it over) and resolving to the past but you have the time with god-type stuff afoot
p.p.p.s. we don't talk to icarly people, we need to hear from them only - no talking - they're in our dreams of them beings, no no greats either a top fool
no one person delivers anything to a world - it all congeals there...a university in and among changing times
is reportedly paramount with a brady-type redo in mind and the brunette is from 'who's the boss' alyssa milano youthed down...hard folks

if you're gonna do the whole 'wizard of oz' spiral thing, tie rope or string then on a center stake (fat or slim around) at length and go around it letting it take up rope on wind around it as spools...good to be merits here...a second line or red brick or one-on-one? double up just past the previous start and then red be all else in circle only - you'll get that wrong...a ronald mcdonald...

clean the walls and ceiling with that swiffer - it helped me...try glass too...something funny there...per the la times, macy's jean sale (50 % off one more pair) is back on today...03/14-03/18

watched icarly in japan last night (notes the big hand 'to save face') - it's a long episode and it spoke to me alot...been watching kathy bates (um, mary, queen of scots) in 'misery' yes...great stuff...clarities...she's supposed to be this woman - a crackpot (a chamberpot people shit in at night only ) - who rescues an author from a snowy car accident in colorado (she says coastal minnesota - many run-offs up there)...she takes him from the car and nurses him and reads one of his books and freaks over the fact that he kills off his protagonist (or good-guy, in this a female triumph or long-sufferer) she now involved with speaking and burns his manuscript for a new work (however, a man has many secrets or no-care-fors) and tortures him until he revises the story at her hand...the last thing she gets in the book is a hot log from the fireplace wrapped in a blanket and cracked over her head, but as annie says 'oh, poopie-doo!' many undercurrents and not so clean the story - they are togteher and apart against others too well...many feelings...

p.s. i carly we love the idea of a magnetic christmas tree and she carly acted out too much over not having it nice for her again, but run current through metal that responds to magnets and let heat slow down the electrons over time say through a light bulb...this makes electromagnetism...electromagnets are used actively or with any current flowing in motors only that are constantly changing polarity underneath on axle against fixed or manganese magnets and we bring an electromagnetism into a magnet field only to repel with light or positive charge like little spikes outward, so it's not the whole ball of wax there to run current...paint green shelves cut from garbage can materials on the tree and bauble with metals at will...teach yourself magnetisms smally, but green gloss is gonna be necessary there to overcome...probably like a train-set transformer that has sprayed zinc or a tin-plate wand going over measured widths of contact, you're gonna hafta blend and surge - the idea is always to make a checkerboard of current that has positive and negative fields too...the train transformer wand sprayed neutral or dulled goes over lengths of shiny wire that increase steadily and overall by square footage, say, as you move it the wand to the right...potentiometers or volume controls work this way too, but smally with a wizard of oz spiral inside mounted on a chip or silicon material...

i explained the whole universal plane yesterday - the bed of lettuce outside as one piece, the cantaloupe
the $60 i'm owed still by hamboat a 'cherokee'...the wheel in the sky is as mine...the moonraker...the figure eight between resonance and intergalactic-intergalaptic space a videoform

someone says i hafta prove my purchases - so there
i can still take shit back to the frozen section, you know

that candlewick is a menorah i just figured it out eight lights either side plus one in the middle a casket of it
a good luck only for me 08/16/64 and all

visit wisteria in the winter months coming and pottery barn home - again

but one note off for good friday: i got an ad for black angus (a trenton, new jersey or philadelphia establishment that looked like a white plaster snowcap as i grew up in and around near south broad street and independence mall - seriously and meanly priced) today and my friend says he worked there...i asked if he could tell me anything about meat and he says the best cut is rib-eye...mind over says 'new york prime' friend says 'yeah, but that is three (3) times better, though, and is not always available to provide'...all grown in lancaster pennsylvania (a tasmania of william penn's and was virginia mostly until, a bought city, then newark was replaced by newport news, virginia and it failed but became the capital city washington dc) right above philly a strange environment of 'no pigs or beast they won't have it' mark (barnaby, lincoln's son and is also lincoln too as son...sir john raleigh)...

swiffer the update 03/13: the cloth head washes and dries well enough, but add a telescoping handle that does not lock in the down position - extends itself rudely though locks outward well enough...also, tying the bells on top results in skids or the hard plastic tips protruding...all in all seriously brightens a room as we see it happen...falls apart as you use it then so do better we like its product...replaces a lice-ridden feather duster more junk, please...

here's more of the snake video with my comments and watching expertise added
fyi and for fun only - people who handle snakes get bit, only
now see that

if st. patrick's day (saturday) is when easter safely begins (three days and nights plus the crucifixion on march 13 or today) and is a nest of them, watch icarly's 'ihatch chicks' episode - it's fun for us all netflix or them...i noticed they live in the wiltern or the normandie then...

i want you to know i picked up both pairs at macy's on a sale day when they offered one and another for 50% off
terry bought one pair for his upcoming trip and i ran them right back the next day for a full refund with receipt and got mine too plus one pair each with a promise to repay later
reading about sales in the paper pays anyone more at later
so, $90 altogether for a $60 pair and one more at $60 halved or $30
either way, the price returned to their sale price of $45 a macy's
you get one, i get one too don't follow me in
my size? 36 32
p.s. two old pair i sewed up on the bottom with machine went to pavilions the cardboard drum in the lobby for out of the closet sense aids and all

coupla songbirds on 'the voice' - is that right? you hafta admit interest to turn around and see the guest? you gotta watch the whole movie to see it pay? no - every ten (10) minutes now get it right...i've got ten second spots on my soul...remember 'tide' detergent before 'bold' took over 'lays' shelf space - they paid for the commercial and the shows like 'midnight storm' (stick with it - a building's dark windows in the opening reject 'secret storm' and 'edge of midnight' ) just before 'dark shadows'...'two cheaps fail to sure thing' and they had stuff to talk about too - now see bleach inside and all...

from the today show (nbc 4) or else upper - a great power strip idea that makes plenty of room for transformers and else (at amazon)
'at the wellbeing shop - we don't waste, we don't use waste' - thanks kathie lee
fuses blow well enough when overloaded with amps - too much too fast
never fret burning foodstuffs, though, they ruin a meet
today it was a day-old (turtle and fish food) bagel (signals the above 'how'd they get a boiled egg?'...and p.s. i don't eat anything black)

your new 'leonardo' comes directly from the sistine chapel in naples and is julius caesar by michelangelo - he just returned from the dead six weeks and was horrified at christ and his way of decapitating others with his fists and hands only - he would punch their heads off over time and as he lay in heaven - not a good thing and not useful yet - see the guy has a roman skirt or fallace (could be woman then) and brodice on and is crying really - caesar

was looking at benediction or stations of the cross again lately and it made me mad with hate...people are that shitty, keep it light...benediction is great fun in the church for kneeling hards and all (i've served them myself as altar boy with priest) but don't be a talker for arrest and losers who never get it right - you take too much you get too much in return for you and your family and you never get anything but dials upwards - i'll kill you dead over a misplaced threat trust that and honor no one sees...think of the stations as alternates to your thinking of being with others personal you don't want to be bothered's no time to talk to others about anything that's for sure keep yours out...

'that's illegitimacy itself - you won't even put your name on it' - dM

'an eye for an eye - and we know why (it's because it happened to you)' - dM who knows how a prescience (a study of beforehand lacking its say) can play a part and why we hurt children

'a beauty in and of itself is naturally forsaken' - dM translating to the above

'reconsider if beauty is beneath me - it's like you made it all' - dM who hopes to be the only one above seeing it to me

here's bit of 'realm of the serpent' from my bedroom tv and the polaroid pixie guests...there are better parts, but you get the idea
glenn 'superman' ford narrates

made tacos for dinner tonight using la brea bakery folds...regular ground turkey meat from bristol farms this time ($5.29 a pound was good - and if i've never seen foster farms raise anything but a chicken, the last part of that 50% off pot roast from ralph's was real good - three-and-one-half hours later is surely correct at 350 degrees the carrots and potatoes clinging to the sides of the pot for life right under the cover) their iceberg lettuce was $0.99 a head...great, great...

got mine today 03/12...we were talking about how to know a vhs or other tape is really new?
mine would have a red lead or length of tape that folds in-half during manufacturing and then plays to open up shortly enough - and just that once
dvd's threatened unknowing and its parts with radio stats or leaving parts out by push-buttons and conjuring - a junk of forward thinking, but is construed correctly

madonna 'secret garden' from 1992's 'erotica' lp

"When Heaven comes by swinging on a rope, you better just get out of the way. Heaven can't wait, but Hell's up in the tree cutting the rope, and it won't be long before the whole damned tree's in the water." - dM quoting Mark Twain, I guess

newer...curve 'let it go' from the rare and unreleased vita-issue some 'future sound' in there
link to their shores and their bandcamp (or 'our records as available') page
curve at amazon

these are most like our childhood easter baskets in absence - oval with bamboo strikes
even fatter...
peter cottontail? 'the hereafter'
'you're here with' it says - the egg is what might be with you as later
an unknown but caution is spots, ribbons...very snake-like the invite
the arcane
p.s. brown suits, white shirt

a great sight on santa monica boulevard this am - a plug for lights ostensibly (without asking to know more)
i love the green...

these 'mr. clean' ship guns are $4.99 at cvs santa monica and lacienega this week and with to find your own bargains (zone at amazon)

though i'm good at it, i love a sewing needle that threads itself from the side of the hole like a sewing machine threads...
then, a spray rubber 'flex seal' - maybe this stuff is as good as the fix-it tire inflator (no to rubber mattresses..a 'sleep tight' with fumes)
i don't mess with water but like pipes inside of oiled-up pipes and clamp fits - if water flows well into the smaller pipe always and won't go backwards in backward 's' seams of unless settle
get new...then genie rub it and oil and stink appear?
you own your own there...what do i know? i want body paints...

just got a '360 swiffer' the deluxe set with refill as an overt (over-the-top) suggest for me dusting
neatly enough, the rags on the end slide off the two-prong plastic vow at the end, but it does a nice enough job
i hafta read up to see if you can wash the duster in the sink with soap...
mind says never know cleaning cleaning articles but i hate waste that's not intuitive and makes you think more...these things are lazy excuses not to know much
i'm getting sick of shitty tools and lotions these days

fyi: actor steve guttenberg was star number 2,455 on the hollywood walk of fame on december 12, 2011 - good enough for you...i guessed 2,000 freely...
guttenberg = good in bed? he says the star is 'in front of a waco place - a place where people don't live'...where? pep boys?
no love of mine, but was real cute...good enough for our purposes here
p.s. i thought in-front of dianetics as 'waco' but when i looked in my head i got the corner on hollywood boulevard around ripley's...he says when channeled it's around mcdonald's what is right next to locate on your own...

worthy of me - bally's funhouse pinball machine
look at new and used at the pinball company
amazon sells the stellar-looking 'wizard' machine by bally - we here think it embodies the old-school look for a new and used machine and one (1) per pizza parlor as such
i never liked the idea of putting my money in a machine for no lasting value (a le must do with every lump sum received here) but a pinball machine gets my quarter always
i hate video junk - i'm not good at things that way hand-eye monkey snatching and for no pay
p.s. here's my favorite machine to date 'xenon' it was mall-length and everywhere too moaning and is oedipal

take a look at k-mart too and with sear's - both not in the paper anymore

i just found out dahlia gardens on our street is front and back too a veritable road is inside - palm and hancock

pretenders 'private life'

pretenders 'private life' from album #1 1980

your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out

je ne gland to your theatrics
your acting's a drag
it's okay on tv 'cause you can turn it off
but don't try me
yes your marriage is a tragedy
but it's not my concern
i'm very superficial
i'd hate anything of the sort

your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out

your sentimental gestures
start to bore me to death
you've made a desperate appeal
now save your breath
attach me to obligation
through guilt and regret
and that's so wet
and your sex of complications
are not my fascinations

your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out


you asked me for advice
i said 'use the door'
but you're still clinging to somebody you deplore
and now you want to use me
for emotional blackmail
i just feel pity when you lie
contempt when you cry

your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life,
private life
lead me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out



your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out
your private life,
private life
lead me out
your private life trauma
baby - leave me out



oh, you're mean!

victim: see what you get for nuthin'
soon...lyrics to 'kid'

pretenders 'kid' remastered

lyrics: pretenders 'kid' - of the same record

what changed your mood
you got all sad
so i feel sad too
i think i know
some things
wherever i go
you think it's wrong
i can tell you do
how can i explain?
when you don't want me to

my only kid
you look so small
but thanks for crying
i know you know
what i'm about
i won't deny it
but you forget
you don't understand
you turn your head
you drop my hand

all my sorrow
or my blues
all my sorrow -

should i
go away?
full of grace?
you cover your face

gracious kid
your eyes are blue
but you won't cry
i know
angry tears are too dear
and you won't let them

someone you don't won't to know your unsavory things knows to much about you - to a truth

elton john pinball: did you know they have a pinball machine for 'captain fantastic' the album cover? me supposedly - solely - has a pinball museum however, maybe favorites are bally's 'xenon' and 'masquerade' (it was orange and in 'spike' the bar um, then 'pimpf')...'people don't like to make money, they just like to have it' - dM

this is retro - use the real album cover art be worthy

haven't heard any complaints about fingerhut lately? what about walter drake? print up some new checks...i told terry to bring me the sky mall catalog from his flight too...i need to see it all out flat...features 'go-away gray' a new pill - 'do you put it their food?'

journal-bart 03/11: nice overcast day here (i've been weaving water vapor or argon from scratch in the air everywhere for no clouds - the above cites maine and new hampshire budgets for no fall here...i hate knowing more but made the warrigan explosive these days at first finish) - woke up and went to coffee bean and tea leaf on sunset for a cup of 'joe' and some muffin...their cherry and white chocolate muffin was great along with a pepper-jack croissant and butter i'm hungry still...half a bacon at the deli counter...stopped by armani exchange the vest is $69 hands about $300 total layaway i asked of it...three (3) days max register there...the guy in there said the vest won't last (there were at least six of them), but i need to be saved of it...'no fit, no sale' - dM

today's netflix (and note only two carolco flicks online: watchers + iron eagle 3: aces)
back to school (rodney dangerfield)
girls just wanna have fun (sarah jessica parker, lee montgomery)
snake island?
mrs. doubtfire (elton's john mother sheila is the social worker)
flatliners (killing yourself with ice like the aids)
queen: the making of night at the opera

marshall's has full-on calvin klein suits for $159 now...nice stuff
their underwear is still on sale too $12.99...
i want a beige suit at armani exchange with ribbon finishes - total put-together is about $139 + $89 or so then the vest is local
$228 so far - at sunset plaza is my shop

'a vest is sexy, girl' - dM

pick up a pair of green lucky boxers at marshall's too for st. patty's day next saturday...price?
their beverly connection store has closed its static shock escalator (each time, every time it shocks you going up) and they have signs for being in half of ralph's downstairs now
don't be long ~
we built this for ralph's and not else year they say now in the head
our neighborhood doesn't have the sales now...ralph's fresh fare isn't the same yet
city target no signs yet

arts on la cienega and at unici
looks like elmer's glue again...none match

unici again

the art showcase that is terrywood on lacienega - right side

left side - that 'nude' sign is on santa monica boulevard past fairfax on left
it's called 'paris house' - a strip shop for actors


more great sidewalk talk on hilldale avenue west hollywood

a great little led rubber ducky i found once ago on san vicente past melrose...a gift of sorts
two metal dots on the bottom you need wet simultaneously a wet finger a touch each side or put in water then - shuts off automatically
at amazon $6.81

don't let numero uno pizza off the hook...they're not near here still...sweet romano bread puffs in garlic butter, deep-dish california (sweet bread crust, whole tomatoes) pizza etc.

send to: circulation & consumer marketing, los angeles times, 202 w 1st street, los angeles, ca 90099-8101
usually a stamp-free respond, you to use your own postage some

netflix add on: 'the life of reilly' or then charles nelson reilly...

me in the middle circa 1986 in allentown, nj....rosemary shulman (um, the barefoot contessa) is left, steven kamer (a son of seymour stein aka george burns or haley-ethan neil's son) is at right
p.s. our kitchen table all-the-while through 1986 (we moved early 1987, i guess) - a formica unit - usually has a square leaf in the center - this is rounded here
it was 4' across easy maybe 5' - one such try i love the seafood shanty look

thought you'd like to see our kitchen floor - congoleum probably installed around 1974
replaced an aqua green egg-shaped pebble look in individual tiles
our downstairs (the house a split-level) as uncarpeted was regular putty-colored tiles only - others in the neighborhood had black tiles with red, aqua-marine, and yellow square dots in it...nice looking but a party always

the downstairs of our home bared was this tile on a cement foundation - even in the closets it was

i preview all the movies i write about for a while even the brady movie - suggestions are for you too i tell of a stink if as seen...all are pretty generous...

one of my childhood faves - the brass monkey
his eyes pop and he grins and grins clapping the cymbals together thrilling to it all
some say is not battery operated - never - he needs to power up
did i have one? probably - i needed to have one for sure ol' eagle eye
i like to envision a monkey swinging from ring to ring around a carousel never taking anything but beating you to the punch - a happy-go-lucky
updated version of monkey - just as nice?

sd cards as wires to (with no computer that forms and stores information for them) writes more tightly to an internal disc only, they don't transfer songs place to card per machine hafta write with each a new machine and a computer to make the changes...

the jack in a deck of cards is like jack the ripper - the king disguised on the street - so twice the trouble if named...plain clothes, and all the glory of mind...someone said the king as, never...would be the prince...the suite or deck is how you get into the castle or its good of mind...the king is of hearts only and so is the queen, and she is in all the others petitioning them to stop being hers - spades are spares or ex's of hers as black diamond fist-in-the-pants a grave's window, clubs or upside-down hearts a clover are ex-lovers of his or needs expressed...hearts are theirs knelt see...p.s. the jack - the separate and distinct ace card only - is one or a two then...the ace (as god over) is one only...and only one...

supreme satisfaction: the new skin on my china ball $4 from lightbulbs unlimited on beverly
this is a solar powered job that goes on and off with light as planned -
a little drilling a little sewing to keep the metal sticks inside in-place that's all...
don't hang too high out of light or problems arise...original vendor is anawalt-allsop (see at amazon)

a crate and barrel votive minder i resuscitated - one use then to fling at a hate for?
see casketfold at amazon

time-warner cable called yesterday and offered five (5) times faster for internet for $50 more a month (or was it a week?) check it out yourself - we have it pretty good now, but on-site techs hafta install your additional hyper-text stuff they say...p.s. five times (5x) faster is one (1) second after them for six (6) seconds of wait now...maybe it matters...god over says half (.5) a minute of wait for one (1) of minute wait masters using ascii sorts of long lists might apply...p.s. we have broadband standard with wi-fi...our download speed tested at 9.36 mbps and our upload speed tested at 1.6 mbps - test yours freely at't be a fool...the clock is split into six (6) increments of ten (10) seconds each - five (5) times faster or reduction leaves one (1) increment...don't be dumb...

each a rubber stamp grows a planet size - 'twice as big' is one plus one
twice as fast is a growing number of stamps too - it is clocks of work - one plus one is 'twice as fast' then
you can't reduce to no time taken for any task - a positive increment is what's different and is not new
huh? five times (5x) faster is six (6) times as there
mind over ain't wrong - something is 'fast enough' or 'not fast enough' - any the wait is halved to be no better but 'fast enough' or no wait then

the five chinese brothers teach you not to bother
i just had a bushfire in here boiling sweets (1:4) for the hummingbirds - a big black icy puff in my pot of sugar water going off while i napped
'two cheaps fail to a sure thing' - dM

other stuff:

you use a nail in the center with string, sure
let it out - one day a pretty spiraling flower bed

this morning, today i'm receiving a story in my mind about 'goffins' or 'coffins' a local hostelry of some sort somewhere by someone who was talking to the help about the name one day very obseqious or pretending not to know for you while asking for carts brought in with tea and plates not to be or to be more like boxes shoved at you with a box under a tablecloth and how exciting they got real too for looking at and seeing...other topics lately included a romulan-style bar replete with diamond-back windows and candlebreasts and one such place was in las vegas underground within gambling halls that have full-on porn caskets in viewing style...we watched some of the pure gift that is 'phantasm ii' last evening on netflix as no one else is here to and my ghosts fight and enjoy you not...they hate my style of dj-ing and singing along...very not to cook stuff...spraying in the bathroom...being without you too...

netflix - that whole last list crumped, huh...bowie 'the man who fell to earth' is there!
rock 'n' roll high school (pj soles)!
sgt. pepper!
carrie ----------------quite frankly, adds for checking styles:
garbage pail kids (with all the style and verve of the bubblegum stickers?)
the brady bunch in the white house (shelley long)
moog (the story of the man-machine that made music)

curve 'lillies dying' from 1992's 'doppelganger' lp...a doppelganger is ghostly double

curve 'lillies dying' (halliday/garcia)

hard as it may seem
nobody's proved it
not even you
not even you -

crawl for me
like a child
just go back to what you were
'cause i don't like you
anymore -

i've got no problem
with you
you can come in
i just
don't want to upset you
so make your mind up -
sharp and new
'cause [there are] lillies dying in the front row
ooh ooh
ooh yeah

i tried to understand
but nothing is easy
the first time 'round
the first time around -
when angels are all you see
then you can live that misery

i've got no problem
with you
you can come in
i don't want to upset you
so make your mind up -
sharp and new
'cause [there are] lillies dying in the front row
ooh ooh

ooh yeah! (fool for it)

there's no problem
with you
you can come in
i don't want to upset you
so make your mind up -
sharp and new
'cause [there are] lillies dying in the front row
ooh ooh

ooh yeah!

(further chants: moon...doug...moon...doug...moon...)

who were you then - who are you now?

these great cut-outs came with the gevalia coffee maker...i liked 'em too much
sent my mother her birthday gift late today - we'll talk about it all later

hospitality minded: anna's has these for sale white opaque - now see it clear at amazon...near the pool or inside the pumphouse
we think bistro (um, 'before noon') tables go nice in a bedroom too for mcdonald's-types and eats

oddball geometric clippings of rose bushes (usually white) here on palm

another oddball

looking up north doheny towards greystone today 03/08

hustler on sunset has those male stockings again $6 and other
strangely enough, the mini-mart nearby dropped the coke bottle for $0.89 it is now $0.99 plus crv and tax or $1.13 - no bargain again
bev mo! on santa monica has coke cans shaped like bottles now all sprayed aluminum...individual bottles $1.89
last weekend's newspaper gave us a coupon for torani syrups $1

i can't stand talk on tv in the morning with people here, but those two magpies on the today show (nbc) aren't bad i tune right in...know i'm here explaining it all...whitney is aka 'sharise' to us and that is also 'sasha fierce' (fierce = 'fearless', a put-down - say 'sharise') or beyonce...blacks make you die a body right for respects and she didn't even have her legs on in the tub when she went down...i fear that commercial on tv is her choking to death on water as recorded by someone and that could be you and me too - an aspiration-type thing...go to hell now...sharise (a friend's sister - the one who plays marvin gaye and tina turner) once channeled someone outta hollywood spa too talking to him in the more now...

you don't hafta go to carmine's in palm beach florida for the herbs we were sent - not bad - and now at gelson's on santa monica boulevard in weho (no rose water though...xo)
pick up some wet ones while you're there - $2.50 this week they'll scalp you over these but $0.0625 a sheet now (usually are $3.49 or upwards of $0.08725 a sheet...a four-pack of quality toilet paper is this)

update: the adams led light holders (suction cups with push in plastic hooks) for the windows are top class good and hard to get off - remember that - they hold heavy well and sure...see at amazon...i hung my eggs from target...the 's' clips push directly into the center a hole there and are separate white pieces...$4 and are in-stock

more to silence at netflix (hags my own little list i myself ordered 'realm of the serpent' i need the warmth):
sleepy hollow
slumdog millionaire
poltergeist (is real stuff, only)
scream (scary movie is not this what i really meant drew barrymore and the very birth of courtney cox)
along came a spider
war games
miss congeniality
best in show (alot of good cameos)
monster in law (jane fonda)
nightmare on elm street
friday the 13th
yes - no....adds 'the big lebowski' let's see that and also 'the net'

someone says 'what do crabs look like (no big deal - they die once at right with rid]?' a crab looks like one small brown freckle with little blond hairs as legs six (6) of them - like a spider, almost...and like aids, no one has to tell you have 'em they itch real bad no ignoring it and always with a piece of dry skin when flecked off...scabies? in the inner thigh both sides like a white pimple but seriously kind and pull right open and off with a milky discharge that leaves no apparent sign to speak of - a sweat gland thing but comes back in a day if not treated ...both use rid and rid with calamine lotion mixed go to the doctor is not...i swear is from inside you to thank you kinda for taking so much from us and is laughably hard on fidelity issues i love them...for dirty and unkind people (i got them the very first time i had consensual relations age 19 - so what?)'s never enough to thank...rid is just pyrethrins (um, 'prior friends') from philodendrons or whatever and is yellow like mountain dew wipe around you sit in the tub say nothing one too...

visit the bradford exchange for the john deer train or then the x-mas tidings of budweiser express
one, or the other one
others made: 'my daughter my joy' + 'holiday reflections'
all bradford trains and sets come from the coffee maker people - so see - nestle inc.

action-pak, things to do:
apostle [possible lead, to lawmakers] - 'i saw them together - i know i did' (follows his journeys with him, is almost alight with his words)
disciple [deceitful, and as to friends] - 'i saw them taking from him - they take too much, too' (tells others what he does anyway you slice it - tries to get him in trouble)

"Get ready to shop...the semi-precious world of retail is being portrayed as though they bought it all for theirselves." - dM, blood money is why you get from me, an on-demand

"My gun don't have no scope." - dM wants an interesting light - you might come over

how the other half pavilions a day or two ago another orange julius
this car used to string phone wires only - sure, display for prospective clients and run fast in trenches with a big wire spool unfurling in the back seat
nothing was funnier than that old delarosio as invisible and being chased around in that disney movie below...thanks see no enemy is god
for the record, kurt russell is our (second) cousin mark (neil's older brother) who went on and on to other things randy shilts, toto, david keith, and even bradley cooper, etc.

i got me some banquet meals for $0.84 each on their 'just 4 u' plan (the sale is $1.25)
usually only prince writes like that '4u' and incidentally we decided prince is for freddie prince - get that right, it's that serious
p.s. the flowerbox in lack focus was someone else's in line (we hafta be careful no intrude) and was around $55...five (5) boxes of banquet - a childhood treat for us only - was $4.20 exactly
swanson's man-hungry stuff is seriously priced and is not for finicky-type kids, really - banquet is tested on women and their ideas on portions - i liked each one so far

this electric bug zapper racquet ($9.99 at anawalt) is just like i taught you in a confusion sense - you run a hot wire to a light bulb or switch then through a screen - that's enough
two with a straight line (one just above) on reach circuit for a kick in the pants
p.s. see other and styles at amazon

gevalia delivered me their coffee maker by ups today - the new spoon is black plastic i have the old metal one still and you see that
$30.94 all-told with four (4) boxes of premium coffee is it - no commitment
yes, they give you some paper filters too...i'm using the old gold screen from a previous braun machine we dr*g baggies, paper cones run out alot 99 only store has 'em in good style too

the land of nod toy-tool box...of crate and barrel

next of kin 03/06/12

the promo or studio video for 'give me all your love' by madonna and co.

given me outward: new jewish way to say 'ucla' - 'ugh-blecch' the barbra streisand milkshake and straw

they're bringing back the datsun name, huh
like jeep went from amc, the datsun name went from after my 1981 210 sedan silver/black
it's like that

green as grass now...

new e-mail besides that:

unrelated book: cult of boys

- sexy -

these are from the aforementioned ripley's book 'seeing is believing' (at amazon)
you asked for it - very kraftwerk 3-d wall mounts of people

had a dream i got two (2) breast implants in one (1) flat box by fedex days ago - very natural the receipt of seemed...

icarly was great today on 'netflix' having to move up north the older brother is charm itself...see no more:
buffy (always nuts with quality...loved the grinning-floating med school ghosts)
national geographic: appalachian trail (starts in georgia, virginia - i need the delaware water gap)
disney parks (a special entry of - lots of detainee in epcot stuff - get on with it)
pbs's cemetery special (yet)

plans for another city target above ralph's at beverly connection (where there's a ralph's there's a target, where there's a mall sears there's a mcdonald's)! ralph's freezers are being recommissioned now in the rear...

still get to a new endust sweeper at amazon! short handled! i love this orange casabella too...

abc's world of discovery: no one gives up 'realm of the serpent' on ebay
amazon has plenty of copies

story 'a government takes money [as opposed to making money]': bank america sprang from the loins of general electric 'a place to play with us' in disney florida only, and disney collapsed the banking systems with eastern failing (no vacations for youth - people hated it) and also credit banc suisse a deployment or clever use of money with no report - the disney complex failed itself to become citibank with the fbi who monitor everything strictly and provide to youth...nabisco hates money and won't use it period they 'pay people to be' they say - more later

at&t sprang from the loins of unit credit suisse or deutsch marks and became number one supporting ge and the american baby bells at once with france - that was the 50's - they made honeywell or bell labs then (honeywell is strictly circuits, they are means or phones then) in dearborn michigan and are also uniden (at&t) what is ibm (at&t) stretching its means much...sears is at&t and that grabs the baby bells when can but is still subsidiary to major money what is general electric or then usa founded...federated is at&t flat and is china now too some and is ge also as abroad they are hugely influential in and around developing nations with planes coming and going they make all engines through boeing international or russia seas their sole distributors but not ge is ever held privately and is fbi is subsidiary only and will fail trying...not big is moon electric one and all...and new york is at&t is uniden only and uniden failed to be nabisco's only...the president is buying cars with our money to make the loans cheaper with no pay around...he is uniden only we say...itt or suisse bank is uniden too...nothing here is swiss they all failed only germany is here now with at&t forty percent (40%) owned...they'll give us what we need when we need it but hate blacks around trying them - they hate blacks they say...'lazy' germany says 'is dumb and dying too' about me...dM

a horse is a cow and so is a goat...fact that

a chicken is a roosterfish, a sea creature...corn is a sea cucumber, a sea anemone

a snake is a turtle that is also a pig is also a hog and so are we...hairs, feathers, scales

some is to be true (truce)...sunflowers make sesame seeds when crushed are mustard and linseed-mineral oil...

those expert soda shops need birch beer a reddish rootbeer...sweeter some? is pennsylvania dutch

got me one of them chicken fingers at 7-eleven it was fabulous with a little squeeze-pak of heinz ranch sauce...about $1.40 all-told (there were no $1 sausage biscuits this am)...i swear i'm gonna make a pot roast and eat it all when terry's away...

'take, do not ask and be a fiend...' - dM a fiend asks if it's okay and does it anyway

this underwear 'spach' (sounds a russian) should be $5 at sidewalk clothing shop next to irv's burgers on santa monica at around la jolla, but i got all three (3) for $11 flat, new
that was nice of them, huh - 'spach' is special, spatial, spanish, should provide another charm...dr. spock said not too tight, spinach, a pop-eye! (see any at e-bay)
thank you + spach-type art
p.s. that's a refashioned grill light by weber i use to not wake the other up but see - they're no good but work well here with rechargeable batteries inside
their handle can to light newspapers and thus charcoal made a great umbrella stand...less the handle (use a piece of fireplace or particleboard candle for any log - goes right up)

alessi ashtrays at amazon...

watched 'valley of the dolls' on netflix last night because 60's musical 'oliver!' wouldn't kick up - just sound and black screen (update: actually starts about six minutes in - with apple tv you fast forward by hitting the right arrow on the remote's circle button twice) was lovely seeing lawrenceville, new jersey in the snow (was the sole train station once crossing the delaware from philly on the way to princeton from the riverside or trenton) and our actual home property (in titusville or washington crossing) in the film (the big white house burned down)...we also watched 'all about eve' a fanship taking your place and beautifully done, and jennie livingston's 'paris is burning' about the individual graverobbers you might meet having them over, and some of my hero in 'evil dead' i can't watch that with him other here a mouthy jerk-off over it i need to see the leaving tomorrow evening however...thank the french...p.s. we hope to see the movie 'elizabeth' one day and again...or then fergie's 'big girls don't cry' but they do shave it down some...p.s. the 'lawrenceville inn' and such are at st. lawrence rehab at the corner of 206 and princeton pike, i'd say...lawrenceville prep was across the 'metropolis' restored is now

and they're off - the chesebrough (cheeseborough) ponds race to the finish (horse race at kentucky downs)...they're buying nestle tomorrow too it seems...

goodbye to continental (texas to united: 'you crash planes - you don't fly here...change your name') - the first plane i ever flew (to houston, texas 1983) was continental and thus always united - see their site uses logo under the united personal preference is always american airlines you see it come...

you can rent the segway people mover hourly now near the long beach (california) aquarium now...near the queen mary (the titanic-sized ship one pipe stack missing in the rear) at lands down...

on holloway: like bars in the window, a painted rock fence can inspire a thought backwards...
you can put cement (wet mix) or concrete (dry mix) in plastic garbage bags (the white ones) and stack a bit for this effect if liked - pull the plastic out when half dry and paint it up too...
use a toilet plunger to help seat any formwork of plywood or cinderblock frames
cardboard will hold bolts upside-down and nicely if sprayed with wax or wax paper then...

this is supposed to be jack daniels at cvs - he said his name is 'richard sandersen' or something...i asked if he was doheny aka teddy roosevelt

terrywood is no joke - an art gallery of some stealth or minimalist feature that is
it's on lacienega and one night an asian girl was doing a backbend on the very front glass while another photographed her
i said 'don't hurt yourself' but questioned my very being at the same time
i know how accidents happen, but it's not easy to get the flow right and under going
p.s. sometimes i cross the street and think to myself about getting run over and in that last minute how could things have been done differently to avoid any of ensuing imprisonment in problem and its complement of guest?
when it matters most, you too do this
don't be so sorry - life will have your meager of belongings sitting in the middle of a vacant room when you get back
and if 'the firmest insult is replacing' - dM

that wooden galleon of two doors is the legendary 'spanish kitchen' on lacienega - see?
tuesdays is $2 taco's very pretty inside like a carmel restaurant all dark, but we haven't been yet

an old thunderbird on a walk to the farmer's market this am 03/03

a pugit truck across the street - very toybox-toolbox
the fights for charity never end with these...

flower on san vicente at lava lady's house

more or less more: like dog shows - always worth it
today a mocha brown poodle with green eyes

new garanimals fence in west hollywood-oscar park

a top window view inside h&m (a 'unilever', lifts and separates) at beverly center - one


these pendants $5.95 in h&m (his and mine...a closet then) are like the fruits and vegetables from san francisco that open up with little brass hinges and cameo-like edging
the locket closes with little round dot-like magnets...

i shopped (saw these plentiful) at the embarcadero (elevated rape road crossing at market street and shops 'cinnabon' etc.) when 'basic instinct' was being filmed in 1988 or so
sylvester played the i-beam then, we went to mudd club (featured) etc.
very quaint - this is our galaxy top and bottom to me when fezzed or made to open up as activated - not just bright in the center, white clouds

powdered nestea? put the water in first then no foams arise...a big problem...others jaunt 'use warm water' blecch - has powder lime in it a no-key here...

kingdom come: they list homes here - a veritable pile of chopsticks and cold - for millions of dollars and though no one pays or controls thought, you think of all the eye can sees and how far you many listen and how you own a neighbor's home all of them striped awnings much for the whole shevla or could be that much in royals not everyone can be and be with...our pictures show you one such doughnut and of light...plantation or revue of place a memory god's world...

radio shack has that hp laptop 3g for $300 again...their aforementioned earbuds are fabulous comfort + good frying pan two for one...$20

we honor joe flynn and company at disney...
'now you see him, now you don't' - great stuff

read up...why not visit tech depot (an office depot derivative) her e-mail flubbed it back...

"The news these days is very much a mortuary service - asking not to know too much while hoping for the worst." - dM who says show me more where's that big rock?

'geobretic' - wakes in the morning cold and alone, diabetic usually...

another fashion faux pauv at love connection on santa monica...those crazy naked mannequins are here

i love nets...'gravealing' is its sewn name (for grieving cows, really - over the eyes)

some more from matthew marks again: left is getting up and leaving, right is taking a seat
um, mcdonald's and burger king?
citing a major corporation, i give mcdonald's to sears and roebuck or then chicago (they say 'ford')
i was gonna say gm and chevrolet (my father says 'oldsmobile')...burger king i give to pillsbury
who made who?
westinghouse and their logo are to go to ge they are their elevator unit or tele-transport unit monitors alarms otis
that is not inside a lightbulb like ge but a switch for across floors i think...bell labs is honeywell or mit minnesota-ohio tech...more later...lg is ge new in form

more matthew marks - my impressions later this is suicide from atop a building, though

marie callender's frozen feasts $2 this week of at ralph's
marie callender's bakery and cafe is still a lamplight near lacma (the county's museum) at 5773 wilshire boulevard
recommend: peach cobbler...they are an in-person mrs. smiths with plenty of pies '$15.99 plus tin' they say 'whole pies to go'

rock 'n' roll ralph's on sunset has whole frozen turkeys yet - jennie o is $20, butterball is yet $40

eggs galore at rite-aid sunset and fairfax

rite aid 'til tomorrow? some say better...

lush 'nothing natural' from the 'spooky' lp (1992)

before i met you
i was blind
pills and liquid
filled my mind
and don't you know you're beautiful?

next month
i missed you
like a child
couldn't see past you
though i tried
and don't you know you're beautiful?

and don't you know you're beautiful?

now i think of every hour
when you still retained your power
and the precious nights we'd share
when we'd breathe in common air
the feeling now you've gone
this wretched life goes on
the knife inside of me
it turns just like a key

the sunlight always
comes too soon
my body asks me what to do
i was so small and vulnerable
and you were only beautiful

the seasons shining
in your hair
and it was more than i could bear
but i can see you then and smile
and you were only beautiful

don't deign to
damn the whole place

so there...'beneath your lovelines' was good
at the very start of it all, january 1993

$9.99 and not all rite-aids have 'em - this sunset and fairfax

stopped at the ol' matthew marks gallery - rewards politely and is free
is at santa monica and orange grove...more later
we helped someone move on genesee last week up the stairs from a u-haul truck a reddish credenza...thanks, richard
p.s. is speaking to someone you don't want to know - keeping but all about me

is the florida peninsula to me at tampa-st. pete
another with yellow is up near oregon or is the pacific northwest

sitting down to eat? maybe was something else earlier at-hand, underneath.

"The end is the beginning of the end, or them again." - dM

"Oompah loompah poop-dah dee-dee...' - dM

Terry in Florida March 6 - for one whole week plus sums. Go to be has dinner plans with Crawdaddy's. "Their crayfish were fishy and muddy tasting" he says a garbage head for it all...

fanship: more 'easy bake' accessories at ross dress for less beverly connection
these for the hot flesh of microwave...or cookie cutters just then
a microwave pressures and cooks with an electricity moved about by rounding wand - is that to be so?

looking south down the rise of lacienega at sunset on 03/02 - one impressive instant?
we went to radio shack atop the hill for new ear buds...$7.95 a pair
...a beeswax, nothing to share

butt magazine and their 2012 calendar - available at american apparel west hollywood (order online $14)
they have dr. bronner's liquid and bar soaps too
p.s. i love the home-sewn look and cross-market (no friends at work) - they're dumb, though

update: the rear of 'studio one' or 'axis' as it looks now 'the factory' on lapeer
there is a gym or workout place in the bottom layer as seen from lapeer...ho hum

the small or 'large' room at the lion's club cabin on roberston (see schedules inside) (not applicable), aa (um, 'actually, no')
these helpful pallets (moving people about) always packed with nice-looking folks
'coffee can!' a stitch in time...
p.s. i scanned this one speaker who claimed assault with weapon - her mother in a prior incident of some sort taught her to a put a knife - 'a big knife' she says - in the rear lower leg meat of some other woman as she slept - none would call police for fear of the man involved having some and she had to walk it off she said no stitches and it healed mind drifts with good stories about thank you rr

black rags to novo riches - to note before sewing another stitch
bid bird...

ashtrays by alessi - the green point in clay-ish pot lifts up and opens-empties ashes into cup
the chrome fruit rim? you on your own but it's in here index at sort alessi 'fruit loop'

more b&b italia and sous along beverly boulevard west of robertson north side of street
one hydraulic bistro table at amazon
a world of bistro tables then (
our inspiration on beverly but pocketbook is ligne-roset
try out cassina...and then maison bertet

new bentley (rolls without the feat) coup near ralph's fresh fare at bristol farms
i watched a fancois lexus unfold its convertible top yesterday in the rear - like the ten commandments it was two pads on either side splitting and waving

our new recording studio on sunset near the old nicky blairs on sunset plaza is housing more street-of-sense art until we get more funding - sarm west
the lights on floor are heads with hair, actually...someone said 'the universe'
the universe is like disney's space mountain inside someone said 'all giggles'
the universe is intergalactic or anti-matter space - think of a black ocean water licking with waves at the sides of the world 'intergalaptic'...
intra-avaelar (sp) space pounds down on the edges it seems or then...with a mashing of dowels kinda
a black fist heart of dust and wind pounding is first seen...

trinty head - sees what no one sees blacks say of doug moon?
a 'chisholm' does trism! (see the b-52's 'trism')
a speaking is always gay arts less of others, a bird of prey - tell me what you like

the b-52's 'legal tender' from 1983's 'whammy' lp
remember, the b-52's logo - a very difficult trace task or no clip-art - is painted with the back of a bristol brush in white govel - the 'pen' it is said
if you're using black and white scratch board and finally, make sure you get a black rubber roller it's for paint transferring or duplicating as larger rubber stamp and in reverse
silk screen is nice too - a bit different i made a 'kiss destroyer' t-shirt in grade school - they sell in kits see aaron brothers
you paint a framed silk screen with something that is mustardy-looking a burnt sienna colored paint and lathe the wood frame with any color paint back and forth with a window washer rubber on bar
the screen is painted in negative relief or photography base blocking whatever is to be white or t-shirt fabric then i'd say
tie-dye is just putting rubber bands on a dry white t-shirt very tightly and then immersing in fabric dye for a while...

there's always something else there...on right

Shake No Paper At February 2012 - Be It No Lore
We know where Roger Daltrey is and again or then.

Photo from Terry's trip to Florida at my mother's too (more to come):