still doing things i don't want to do
our failures teaching us to resist and yet turn away further
don't think we'd be anything more together writing sames
you leave before you even come and i stay on
my cat and i played 'mutiny on the bounty' often...
out he goes in the middle of the pool in a regular cardboard box - i wait to see him swim out (one assumes the 'doggypaddle')
game over for now we remain close with the winters off
get the facts (this as across, down right here) and another is where you say and string

Take The Trip, Make The Time, Fan It All Out In May 2001....And Remember, Three Solid Months Of Each Season No Matter What You Say There Are No Seasons Just Overnight Water Pumps And Secret Financial Scares
Take your spoon, sprig your grave...wash, rinse, cycle, spin. Renounce me an algin 'it takes one to winch the offer over it' and 'begin flatchin' for its purd' awful pratis thought off one bold arm. Each one when frash open so useless I can't regret any of them bought often enough and by the washed grausing per davey-sinse inch. So halve each yolk bauth spragued...what'd'ya lose and then see me watching in while fetchin' it again? It was someone else's until you stretched and strolled right in as implied 'no brown ale' over six 'or four' labes or patching areas above 'each hollend' or thereabouts a siniger's bliiphen one inch. Is six (6) seeds a winter's worth of caulif and cymk(e) sperm? You could know who bled her shands into frimaulken glass jars with no added heat just teap and pinwhip. 'What shits hands holded until sensing brolts by! What sock slips in oft and before each as them and watches while hands honed of it flold back and what if when handing of what each if and what thremed should have it and what if and what just then?'

"The only underwear I ever stole was clean." - dM

"The rheems you splayed for are worn by dogs in cancer lumps but fibrous brans." - dM my underwear is 'poltergeist' the liver heavy as heart and protruding with 'scleems' - you're not long for this, be it a praiche

"You smell my shit because I can't hear you talking about me - and I know you still do. I don't say things like that unless I need to and I never do." - dM always says you should asks better questions, but no one is really here

soul ii soul 'keep on movin'

Happy Mother's Day May 8 - I don't know where mine is no answer.

Taco Bell is featuring $0.89 double-decker tacos again ($0.96 with tax). Meat, lettuce, cheese and beans, soft and hard shells.

Yesterday afternoon's dream 05/05/11: I'm standing in the doorway of my childhood home in Allentown, NJ and along comes this blue hearse down Allen Drive to our driveway on Probasco. This hearse is like a solid-state station wagon - real fast, but very high - and there is no difference in height down its length. The driver with longer blonde hair is dressed in a long blue coat as one piece and he comes to the door to stand as a coffin is placed on the grass on the other side of the car where fir trees are. The coffin is what we call a "Coleco coffin" or all plastic and is dark blue and orange. The bottom is blue, the upper part is orange and maybe the lid is blue. The lid pops off and Michael Jackson is best decribed as 'mummified' inside - not wrinkly in the skin, but his arm bones or shafts are driven into hard-plastic gloves. He has on the bandleader outfit it is blue with sequins and the whole body slid toward me as if to listen closer. Slid right over to me, sunglasses on. Apparently is being buried there....somewhere. Somewhere messy. We talked more - maybe more later. He swears the Coleco coffin is best in terms of comfort? He says "Nobody knows its there - it hides well." More: The inside is like velvet (smooth plastic - some jarring along some sharp edges) ,and no, there are no cloths. More from 'Him': "The woods here are peaceful - you are not peaceful. There is an abundance of youth and you are not young. I am young too."

heart 'dreamboat annie' i'm afraid this is new, but the hook won't come but
'heaven' knows the lonely road...these girls are real, and so am i
you're on the street then lined with beggars and clowns if no one's home still
keep the talk down no good music is no message to 'heaven' again 

----------------------------flatz out to have it may

"A faggot talks, when I talk. Dances, when I dance. Sings, when I sing." - dM and adds some 'what will you do?'

(um, that is...don't talk, don't sing...don't dance...don't)

the party's over: this early monthly payday friday april, 29 that saw us switch against my will from green dot direct deposit (no complaints luv u) to university credit union (but 13 residents) a papercheck yet
 'one, and the other one...' while my dealer basks in debt i'll cheat him yet i hafta make a grocery list to live well today
bon mother moved in yesterday
some may note this girl looks like (my god-daughter) courtney collins b. 1986 or so glass scar right up the arm from mother or zak spears

WOMBATs? wide-area [no asking of it, all shed] ocean maritime [land or sea] ballistic [smashes the air in shards or glass everywhere broken] anti-thought [no speaking, a horror] spectral [all light dance and heat afterward]
Russians....not us too cruel. The wedding aforesuch is not real. I am the king. The only king. They are friends only then. One quote: He says to her "You are not my queen" repeatedly on the altar for her speaking too soon and out of order. That's love. He barrows it all down for her speaking. "Married during the week? Thursday, technically, as no day begins in England just as yet? Again, relieve the magic. At least while I rip the world up with tornadoes end clue." - dM

our ihop at santa monica and holloway exactly - a bit of vacation in the sun open 24 hours 'cept the police are there
remember, we are norms lacienega people their package breaksfasts ('the bigger breakfast' pancakes and ham $5.99, the 'four deuces' or 'for a king' sausage and bacon $3.99) are cheap
'we eatin' like kings' a 'deuce' does you up if asks for loyalty, trades on you 'someone should eat' or the french 'adieu' for 'as you were, then' and 'arrive derch' (say 'arriva der-say') is 'goodbye'

barney's beanery - a cult of no status and if means no freaks - is having their chili bake-off tomorrow saturday 04/30 from 12:00-4:00pm
maybe their website (is enquiring of you)

not a good picture, but from this am 04/29 - the tiffany theater on sunset with stairs going up a billboard i really liked it the design
the billboard is good too (still you go to straight to fucking hell spending my money on new shit no one pays for)

i love mannequins like me, sexy
from a boutique on santa monica between san vicente and robertson   

dr. pepper's latest emotion
meticulous attention to detail if copy - the alien space theme is liz fraser (she eats a cookie 'round and 'round she says while to be singing)

stevie nicks and rod stewart 04/16 at the hollywood bowl...june of last year really the promo event
she said she made $1,000 after $13,000 in expenses and some in the beginning down out $10k
the band playing on pa before stevie nicks is missing persons 'destination unknown' a perrenial (or 'marked') favorite
thanks for the eight pillars plus shark lights...i've been itching much with fleas, chicken pox, whatever....beatification

Millions Of Milkshakes draws in alot of trout (athletic boys), but has now stopped making my favorite shake (the moondust: kiwi, raspberry, vanilla ice cream) with no kiwi (early pomegranate) or raspberries - just berries mixed up. This from the shop that won't decorate at Christmas either. What's up? Lindsay Lohan carefully explains a bit of ownership named her shake they honor no one the culture (seen about) so strange. 

Entenmann's chocolate doughnuts are $2.50 per 8-pack (usually $4.59 for yellow cake covered with chocolate - this, serious) until Saturday 04/30 at Pavilions. Also, Welch's grape juice cocktail 1 half-gallon is $1.99 in the dairy section until 05/10 if the same quantity of warm store-brand apple juice is $1.49. They had none for doughnuts yesterday, so I got a raspberry coffee cake instead...I got the doughnuts today 04/28. Meanwhile, Rite-Aid (Sunset and Fairfax, at least) has Wet Ones for $1.99 in various flavours and that's a big bargain (along with a double side-by-side white fan for the window $25). CVS? Coke and Dr. Pepper are $0.88 a 2-liter and plus a half-gallon of store-brand vodka is still $9.99 (the cheapest set - one pint - is $3.99).

Some good news served at Trader Joe's: There are pita 'bite' crackers (not the chips and but with whole wheat and flax seeds, please) and green ("edamame") hummus at TJ's that are extraordinary. I told myself all the way home the green in the hummus was cucumbers it was that fresh-tasting, but give that a try as yummy yummy yummy. The crackers are like they're baked in the sun. Source: TJ'S at Sunset and Crescent Heights about $5 the both (and no, we don't care what it is confuse bread and baker the both). Then their fully-cooked package pot roast (just like their pork carnitas* but almost twice more costly, microwaves in sins, minutes) about $6.99 plus their barbeque sauce from the aisles $2.49 was good as barbeque shred on buns or bread. Note also, uncooked full-size or jumbo shrimp cook fast to pure white on the grill once marinated in a sauce (I recommend something cajun). You gotta de-vein the shrimp use scissors up the back and rinse only, but don't cook the shrimp indoors. I made a big, smelly mistake doing that once in my apartment. We eat this always with rice and some broccoli steamed. The broccoli? Use oyster sauce. 

Other good buys at Trader Joe's every day:

bananas $0.19/each (one a day instead of candy?)
potato russet $0.39 at the each and loose (they are expensive by weight only)
eggs 1 dozen extra large $1.69 (pretty fresh, too - no white squiggles sometimes - no funny stuff marigolds and all)
butter 1 pound salted unsalted $2.99 (in quarters of one flat box)
milk any half-gallon $1.99 (i like powdered first as seek and destroy)
half-and-half 1 pint $1.19 (for my coffee)
sour cream 1 pound 16 oz $1.69 (i make onion dip with lipton mix always and with lays chips)
whipped cream 1 tall can $2.69 (for hot cocoa, desserts - a vengeance in my house)
orange juice half-gallon $2.00 (why mix and match? grapefruit juice is always $3.49)
barbeque chicken salad $3.99 (black beans, cheese, tortilla strips, more + more)
thai pasta salad $3.99 (is spaghetti and chicken breast somehow in medium-spicy peanut sauce and cilantro - delicious!)
spa salad $3.99 (the freshest of the salads we've had many mandarin oranges, coconut somehow, lettuce, angel hair pasta, chicken breast, light yellow vinaigrette)**  
charles shaw wines $1.99 (various styles all one price)
pasta $0.99 (various styles ready to cook)
spinach and mushroom quiche $1.89 (regular size, and i eat these always)
goddess salad dressing $1.99 (like burger's in there)
ground meat 80/20 1 pound $2.49 (no footsy in there)
plain ny cheesecake $6.99 (in the freezer section with no extras - just like michele lorie's in trenton, that nice)
fruit and nut bread $5.49 (is like a crab in paper wrap small but quite inviting with cool, wet butter on-hand and if fruitcake was meant to give you all you may need for holiday baking)
fruit floes $1.99 (real fruit mashed up in juice and frozen on a stick...lime, mango, etc.)

*a bed of their instant garlic mashed potatoes calls you in with their 'thai green curry' sauce
**this may not be still...only one salad was truly and eternally stinky - something cobb with italian lunchmeats in it a real whore
the point is, all of their salads are basically fresh and about $4 each a bargain hat you enjoy everything and all at once

Nothing in Florida, but hey Princeton, NJ - join the club!
Trader Joe's Princeton (607)
3528 US 1
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone Number: 609-897-0581
Trading Hours: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm Beer & Wine - sold 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Just now on 04/28 1417:
"You open for business?"
"How long now?"
"September will be two years."

Yeah, my ass...about three weeks. They under lock and key.

from the atop the busstop at sunset and holloway...maybe you? sunday is the farmer's market so around the corner is this from ivar i guess
went to ralph's today on sunset get my sweet pops still 4/$5 and the glasses too

"When you watch Depeche Mode, I tell people not to make fun of them and their lovecrafts. We wanted you know the people who killed you in wars - the redheads and wacky legs." - dM

+-----------------------Easter April 24

Flight 800? When Flight 800 crashed in the news as it were, I just got off a plane in Minnesota. I took a national airline with a friend (American) to one big airport (St. Paul? Denver?) and then another on American Eagle to Minneapolis itself where we were picked up (the plane scared me as having no engines and flying soundlessly). I got the story upon arrival in a cabin in Grand Marais upstate (on a direct tv dish...a day or two later? no that day). Thanksgiving? July 17, 1996...I've been there twice, once just to Minneapolis itself (Gaviidae where Mary Tyler Moore throws her hat up...related is Led Zep's Physical Graffiti cover that's in Detroit). I've honored the Prince sites, of course (First Avenue, Paisley Park).

Janet Jackson says she ran into her mother today (I saw her too on the sidewalk) ..."she is not allowed to know me freely yet" she says of the daughter who flies planes, apparently. "My mother is a twin-engine Cessna" she coos. She taught Britney Spears to fly, but she got cut off at 600 hours some level of expertise exceeding most talents. "She went down like the gold leaf [money signed] on a Mercedes-Benz" Janet said. Someone said she took her own life again to what Michael adds "She took her own life like The Claw...[as flying low and lefterly against all lame]" and if anything makes sense you should know the jokes aren't mine but I laughed hard. The "claw" is the clenched metal hand that flies through the air like it's holding a bag with points on the knuckle (see "Johnny Sokko And The Flying Robot"). God rest Britney Spears. We mused about the Mercedes not wanting to work for black people and I said yeah "all them trips to work in the morning" dropping each other off the car gives you back the gas in the evening in a bag as never allowed to cool. No more now.

only disney makes it more right
When you get done fucking around, Ralph's has them cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew - banana - popsicles again along with a newer box of flavours and real cheap $1.25 a box or so (4 for $5.00). They have Coke glasses like McDonald's had beforehand one new clear glass to collect but is a different style (only one of ours broke - a common one not the brown or sepia-toned one) 10 for $10 or $1 each..."Rock N' Roll Ralph's" (is Madonna? where's mine?) the large expedient Sunset and LaBrea (at Fuller) is the source I wandered there this past week waiting for a friend to time out the people so nice looking too I love Hollywood still... 

witness the change...happy easter, you shitty motherfucker

i love elmo...but he cannot live with me
like i tell snakes (that watch tv with me) 'we are not in heaven'
p.s. toys-r-us now offers layaway with 20% down + any taxes due + $10 fee + pay of 50% in 45 days all is due in 90 days
they don't have this toy though $100 retail $70 marked - do they? fisher price 'elmo live' at ebay at amazon
'tickle me elmo' at ebay at amazon (elmo is for 'the alamo' or smells like pee, pees the bed)
(proof? 'el monte' is for 'peas' in spanish)

+-------------------------end here but begins the day before

To: Fool Tor The Thought Fr: Acorn (the duplicate check receipt pad "Just Received From:" April Company "Amount:" One Old Watch With Plastic Handle "Note:" (one diagonal line out, name signed is legible, taped to box) "[  ] Contents Checked"
A picture of dorian gray that special someone with fassion tubes in their ass or no abcertain of farts, no toes missing: This court show police-show is on tv here my own hell (tv could be better, but then I'd have to watch and participate in fireworks, parades, and circuses before uncertain of fest where's my annual business greet? and hi Fran Ermi - tv's real Reichpirt the puppet - we know you're here of course but have been seen in costume and yes we'd still love to see you and no time is ever good so see nothing new)...somehow, thank fuck for the $2 I had for soda today no chemical comedown is complete without a grocery bill (Cherry Coke 2 Liter @ $0.99 each at CVS and love to Mrs. Michael Jackson (Janet) too, whichever is cheaper to the thought and also Nichelle Nichols other other other). Lured in for the nothing at all of you...that's your world. Your dollar.

About "the girls" killed from my mind's eye: (with pretext, these are here in subdrone all over "me" and only as desired in pro-con speaks a mood, basically, what disturbed...helps nonesuch feel justice is real while they make a day with it avoid avoid their bill until I answer to you and to nothing clear another demand for death that at-once cheats you of goods-services delivered without note but what are heavily duplicated beneath and above with no re-stock fee but what are certainly restocked if followed in Jewish fashion line-for-line like light if no such is self seen to be above self - as we learned together and are preserved in perdition (a fence in as too important in teach-test to bother them) you are simply not allowed to be and are not allowed to leave either. Clear? Not much suffers the reread as you highlight.

These girls are shown to me as three beggars like the ones in my neighborhood (raised from the ground simply so well constructed for a mass suicide of sorts) with their murderer or whatever (murals, muriels with prayers) see no invasion as left to be there. They together are left to work things out but the greatest one said still won't watch tv for the fright of the murder charge actually coming in no one knows but they do. End there as crappy motel life with connect to old unfurthy dots thanks for a dinner mint and the tubes in my ass. We fear a nasty mathmetician of woman or other skint making message at my face (facelau) on one work day after youth meets since having it all to less and less of it here. Fears being old how so a loss? Cherish me lives in sunplex with nothing dusty from the hot orange rings outside above airports to nothing and none I know like this your hospitality seem a gulf town of warm gray waters their sewages treated. A hand-grenade can be bought down the street for no bother and ice cream shop of oak and brass somehere. This is the eighties? Please, I know yours and mine - both are good with both - salt and pepper you wheel it around your mind nothing was sent I asked of it. I imagine I'm there when here still but I won't say it to say why and be bothered again with methods.

1) No American-Russian of nonesuch descent but their gypsy values again lies here fucking as well as seen while me and my precious mother her face is lovely sometimes are rejected sexually (senselessly? I hate that word 'sex' hecks you God says 'scepts' as 'grants you' I'll never have you as that think 'sepsis' or toilet wastes morely from me we are 'guests' here in LA the party hat I remind lesser locales no two lezzies so to please)...huh? consensual sensual is sex touching and skin stuff...rubbing stuff;

2) A 'whore' (not mine to use usually a greet, my mind is followed here with reflects of women and their wishheart faggots that are seriously ugly in accuse but are true - who should show who before both decide and what win? homo activity is as to be audit always a safari of natural habit no predat if as someone's wrong to no mention of others ever to seem and then after-the fact never participating we are seekers you are not eligible as seen yet...we hate a mismatch but birdwatch from the other side of a glass window while you mouthfeed your privates and, no, I've never sucked my own cock ever but Art Young said he has - and your meaning? I am a guest here (still) is now just not a cold wind burstiing doors open a clown, it is a person of hoarse loud laugher and I say privately why don't you fuck that outta here soon I'm kinda quiet and personal. Only;

3) You will wait while I think more about killing you and why I want that never and why I don't appreciate my situation of living with you shitheads thinking in my name but aloud.

Your world a-thriving: Not long ago I laid here in your misgiving of it hoping the other one who drank a gallon of white piss pre-surg for a 'polyp' (another AYDS answering before knock, really (your tip out) for the dead seeking new cells alone in the coco dark and if the earth god who is elephants shit out chocolate as 'cocoanuts' with piss massings your portrayals fail you) wouldn't pee the bed I share and ask in that way if I like him still or bind us forever so a fat, freckled ass could shave down one more Friday night without me around greeting the stink that dated my mother once in some sort of portrayal downsizing itself to mercy who to thank. I pee'd the bed smally instead. I pissed the bed until age ten or so relieving the dreams that told me I was at the up and at toilet with thought and thinking again. Your humour stinks and is serious (a small carpet around the toilet prevents pee from asking me shit if I like it still - this is women again, quallty in educated whores if that's sought from). Pee smells in public (the Greystone lavatory was nice then days ago) are necessary to mirth and happy among serious types who never flouth (we all giggled at the handicap stall while manning voting booths - we and an old woman there as j'accuse). This is different. I make stink to ridicule people I hate winning from industrious behavior and that I don't chuck out yet like a receptionist thrills a jobseeker with greet and call. We fight it all alone but this guy got new teeth out front (he had a dumb buck in the face from snowmobile and tree, or is an aids marveling at new hair) for $1,000 plus insurance his father paid the bill and quite frankly he looks better. Cheap teeth look permanent and they certainly aren't. A pol-lop...gross. I could vomit but he reminds I ate his ass one day before last echo. Yeah, but I never sucked his dick? Reveal you only to truth questioning a truth. "If I ever sucked your dick down I still do when you're here." You are not alone.

"But that was a long long time ago | when I was passing through." - Pretenders the ides of March were long this year I repay Christ-types the fashioner of fleas two hard balls of shit in lines of with massive bee stings and other shit you hate. Sprays agreed not to help? This is AYDS coming back I repay with plasmas that block lungs and eyesight and this to a God a fight...mine are mean, and yours are mine still...all mine mistakens. The plasmas kill crickets (hidden sound) dead while businesses avoid changes in topic with no more said. I don't hate women, I hate people a person being elevated to speak. For what? Nothing is made world by a person not even one world was.     

+--------------------------end it all    
CB2 tie-together outdoor sectionals in Baywatch-red are covetous of space. You to offer a drink to nearby then...or out to sea you go. Get 10% off CB2 coupon at eBay (more than ten available). 

life is a bowl of cherries...and then some dust...and still but $5 at target the bowl is from koontz, and naturally enough
mother's day is may 8 this easter basket (this coming weekend) was the biggest among us kids...
brazil-style, fat bands, red handled wide open bow, red band bottom, yellow and green only (remember is a bird's nest - definitely charming as is)
maybe a picture one skinny year hidden hard in the bathtub
gelson's has copper and shiny green plastic easter eggs, you know 

The LG is just darling BTW, but let's expand to Net 10 and their Motorola unit (W408g) $30 (is-was for Arizona, exclusively). "You're nobody until Target sells you."

i was walking at greystone again today 04/19 (and payday is early: friday, april 29) and someone painted a pantie liner (white paintstroke with roller blue on-top) on their hillside walkways...
loved the idea like blue condoms (man-o-wars) on the beach in florida

on the street near the viper room, sunset dying, there is ' p o w e r '
u first (kurt cobain 'thirst!')

a good pelvis and spine to head bent down - at the viper room - raspberry jukes

in bloom at sierra towers up doheny - they wouldn't give much, but have raving beauty
hi to tv's 'ellen' (morgan) in our lobby last night as the sagging girlfriend on 'everybody loves raymond' - or whatever
in brian depalma's 'dressed to kill' there is no flaw and you don't need reasons to be or die - in the end michael caine is discombobulated only in having his wig and glasses removed forcibly no proof
she angie dickinson aroused him her psychiatrist and easily enough her areolas (aveoli - no right answer so to pop the top on blower) small and so such reasonable - a no-no - we ask you not to this way

talking elmo - here a real darling at aah's on sunset is to represent all that is sesame street to an aging gang of it
we were there from day one...this one won't stop loving you
song: 'if i knew you were coming i would've baked a cake' 

What is a single calorie (use two)? - I'm still working on this (it will glue an envelope shut), but what it takes to spin a bicycle wheel from bottom to top....

cvs features 'silver feather' air fresheners in the aisles (this, rock mountain) - you can turn a wicked corner with silver feather at the wheel

Timely change....Pet Shop Boys "More Than A Dream" to "In Abilene" or "Avalon" (not Texas all penal, but Santa "Catalina" island) you're not allowed to stay at night. There's no defending it...come again in the morning. We're doing time with this now. Also seek "King Of Rome"..and its prestidigitations. The new single? PU!

"That 70's Show" features Ronald Reagan, his wife Ann Davis, his parents Will Rogers and Emma Johns, and even Larry Speakes with the glasses on (his brother Ronald, Ronald is really Mitchell).

We love bastards that use designer names past an AYDS death: Vera Wang. Perry Ellis. and Halston...others? Bijan (1989). Speaking of which, Liz Taylor died of AIDS flatly in 1986, you know. She had three (3) returns it said.

My mother got her full house in Florida finally. The 11th hole at Eagle Marsh five miles away at Jensen Beach.

Uline shipping specialists...  

the latest gary coleman (rodney) is wanda sykes with cordovan shoe polish on her white 'members only' vest
in adobe, use 30% opacity on the paintbrush to color or then tint any photo

More Gary Coleman From Days Ago Last Weekend
gc: Do you think I stink sometimes?
dM: As in odor oh dear?
gc: Yes -
dM: You're not known for it, I'd' say that only (he has a history of abuse, and if follows you around).
gc: People are, mean.
dM: And raunchy (fish wrapped in newspaper) too. It's not the giving that bothers me, it's the things I don't know yet.
gc: Do you hate black people (sic)?
dM: I love racism (discrimination) and race (prejudice), but isn't it all just bother and fights yet? I wish I had better to say, but people don't hate color. They hate their friends, the past. I don't know you.
gc: What is it wth color?
dM: People won't be anything that's fun, and neither will I. Maybe you've been around a long time already...
gc: Do you hate blacks?
dM: We insult blacks and their hardships. No one gets treated as bad.
gc: True.
Abject other: Do you think people make it up to them?
dM: Let's speak for them - their mother. No matter what happens, you know you don't deserve anything. You know people kick your ass too. I haven't had too many run-ins with law and letting it be me (vengeance awaits).
gc: Do you hate blacks - again.
dM: We think people hate blacks. No one wants to see too much happy anywhere. I hate that (happy). Super Id.
(enough conga for now)

"Diff'rent Strokes" "Facts Of Life" fiction plate: A neighbor of ours Johnny Coiro (tv's Emeril) said he flew first class with Mrs. Garrett (his grandmother?) Like my cousins (the two girls plus mother on Flight 800 and just after I landed in MN) who got to fly to Disneyland long before anyone knew why they would, I was livid. 

granddad robert plant does 'fat lip' from the 'pictures at eleven' lp (1982) and the more recent box set
led zeppelin do 'carouselambra' from 1979's 'in through the out door' lp + and 'misty mountain hop' from else

where was your word?
where did you go?
where was your helping?
where was your bow?
dull is the armour
cold was the day
hard was the journey
dark was the way
i heard the words
they couldn't say - oh!
i couldn't stand it
another day
another day
another day
another day 

Singer Janet Jackson announces she'll be back to Book Soup on Friday 04/15/11...thank God! This posted today on 04/ favorite Janet video "Come Back To Me"...(then "Lonely") the woman at the counter said Janet was there for about forty-five (45) minutes and they had to turn people away (Terry said there was a long line outside the store on Friday while on his way to work). About brother Michael she's quoted as saying "He's really still here - he's just mean." Her book itself is largely recipes and signed copies await them. The video nearly makes me cry it's reportedly for her mother. I said "What - so you can ruin her life again?" She the mother snatches the mike and says "So you can ruin it another three times."

ross 'dress for less' has round cushion outdoor chairs for $20 - two-fold flats with poles underneath in many colors....sit with great care
highly recommended are their elvis, marilyn monroe, ed hardy, etc., glass sets they have on sale too...we got elvis $8 for two, but need to replace one
the breast cancer iron is available online now at rowenta
bed bath & beyond also have the plain ol' rowenta focus iron for $89.99

the sharp corner of the red building and from just underneath

meanwhile, what's more hell than grass at ocean?

we have two items for sale on ebay $25 each
uniden exs 950
olympus infinity stylus
nevermind update 04/28: both items donated to benefit aids out of the closet on santa monica boulevard in weho

toni's 'bug' recording studio on sunset and genesee - where curve make it happen

new tribute fountain at holloway and santa monica...sal (suds...guarriello?) something as name

our roman palazzo nearby at the gym sportsbar

From the 'it could be anybody' file: The court that issued that fucking ticket for jaywalking finally notes a bill by mail and only for $197 and to ignore if already paid. I will. I'm gonna shove that letter up in your ass too. Tell the belly doctor what you think then. Then another court says I ignored my jury duty letter. Go fuck yourselves - come and get it. This is how people get to owe lots and go to jail. I'll have black niggers all over your asses in one night. By the way, no mail about the money that's owed me feeding slobs everywhere. Where's that? See me file in superior court soon (breach of contract iTunes, BMG, Columbia House, etc.). Three hundred dollars ($300).

Remember to use band-aids on open wounds and sores as heals faster. Bug bites in particular - keeps it all down.

Anyway? Well that's it for now? "At any rate", i.e., being paid too much or too little, our time here is spent...

Got me a single pair of FTL panties (um, white briefs, large I guess) on eBay - they weren't cheap either (about $8 plus postage). For dressing lozenges only.

you're 'free to leave'? like a raw egg down your throat, remember safety and cups at harsher work
it really shows you how, and how not to add ends also...don't be so free with it and you won't have take so much time to explain
women wouldn't bother it 

If you were a ball, and had to store backward retentions, how so? You move toward a light in the distance and crack in half - the is another person there. A bilateral symnmetry (mirror image from center) if will two halves of an orange. A block or square missing from the rear person in low center but not at bottom tells you the whole story for now. The other half or new person faces the other way as if to talk and the nose is the least likely place to be called upon for explain as the latest moment you'd reveal. Why not the absolute bottom as some of the bottom is fixed and is not yours to use and see (understand, withstand) with. Hard code. Both have sides here still.

Let's talk about liters (unusually a measure of weight against volumes) in an engine (again): My '88 Jeep Wrangler was a 4.2 liter 258 horsepower with an in-line six (6) cylinders. A liter in engine-speak to me means a quart of milk doubling its size without peer. That is, the push within doubles almost instantlly among four (4) towers of milk going around in a circle. The extra point is twenty percent fast - that is, the switching among towers is about twenty percent or one-fifth efficiient as one extra postion unmade. This unmatched power could pull two hundred fifty-eight (258) horses backward with steady gains in power in a tug-of-war type situation. The in-line six (6) says easy access for spark plugs and no extra tricks here. More later. Estimate your payment at the site for fun: A $15,000 Jeep at $1,000 down or trade with 15% interest (the highest rate at chart) at sixty (60) months is still a payment at or around $350. That's what mine was.  

a bit of lovesake: this is 'banda' from 'puppet master ii' and he is the blond guy too
cute...couple with a 'phanlon'...a cat-like existence outside of fur, an ape on all fours, head as a log splitting a dali-type eye on each side
has babies...comes outside with babies as 'to poop'...i further check the tree for oppressions for it an unhappy
court jester? ludiven
blade? reichpirt
woman? wilhemina

And because Moon Dough! never dries out (see Amazon, but play the commercial too)....for a 'green' computer (nothing I ever worry about - an extra I'd guess, but see the yellow stickers on major household appliances e.g., water heaters and for noting excellence in electric usage and consumption washing machines and all) this little fucker issues some heat buttons in back. We wanna leave it on too as our phone and not smart to shut down completely as humps varies electric use 'we want you to leave it on' it says and it adds 'six more months you're out...' Yeah, but for a trade-in value and at a personally pleasing fee the Mac Mini. I enjoy seeing this no-engine pushmower for dryer lawns like I like floorsweepers (the 'Endust' sweeper) and other self-reliance causals...Lowe's. Also note the Sarah Peyton lantern I got at CVS on closeout sale for but $2.50 - it just needed a rechargeable battery (nickel-cadmium only) in the bottom (under a plastic screwplate) and is damned cute (mine is the latticed version). Comes right on brightly with a hand placed over the top where the solar panel is. Note: The lattice unit does not open up in any way.

coinstar kicks it up to a cheap - you'd pour rolled pennies in from the bank...try quarters next time just a few taps of the hammer
i'd like a savings-type card i dunno why i.e., something across merchant lines 'no you'
itunes still withholding me and a front for (beatles? is 'geffen' general electric foreign affiliates and european nation) from asylum (eagles, linda ronstadt) is wea (warner-elektra-atlantic) now) down out off
when you know nothing about people, you know just about all you need to know....they are budget and ongoing permanent talks...and stamps down...and you reason for doing better no exclude
i demand attrition (no refills, a job vacated - never say they weren't doing could do more) no name is no bother
i hate bother, refills on soda only...'rilkean heart' (milky in feel, on valve some 'moss', murmur) i long for you to give me [the latitude to have drug-induced, sure] transcendent experiences...
while i talk to my liver about truer harms, debt (and as famous sufferer, nell carter told me machines are clarity itself...i order them on the side without insult to current cares, homeostasis, or a general feeling of well-being)
don't be the part that proves it all inferior and at lengths, please 

with reticence, is retouched some still but another welcome sign: fleetwood mac 'straight back' from 1982's 'mirage'
is modeled after olivia newton-john's 'magic' (john farrar)

you still undo the damage we've done but harsh reproof pisses me off you should've known better, still
p.s. christine mcvie's dress at far left is light blue with musical notes on it as if hand-painted muslim a curse - another example of not paying and not getting to see either 

mine vow:
what can i say this time?
which card shall i play?
the dream is not over,
the dream is just away
and you will fly like some little wing
straight back to the sun
the dream was never over
the dream has just
the dream has just begun

fingers find the ivory
keys and a song
begins to begin
like a wolf
on the run
and you will find
while in the wind
something that you lost
the dream was never over
the dream was only
(hours and hours of waiting for you so strong myself)
the dream has just begun
(hours and hours of waiting for you...
needing me)
the dream has just begun

she remembers how good it can be
he remembers a melody
oh, in the shadow of my shadow
in a gleam
he remembers how good it can be
she remembers a melody
well, in the shadow of my shadow
in a gleam
(hours and hours of waiting for you
so strong and so fleeting)

he remembers a melody
she remembers how good it can be

she has the good in a new brand-new home now - 'welcome to the room, sara'
she won't work so much now
little people in little rooms beaming everywhere and are stardom
they think of others in a shining gleam of wealth only and as under their big shadow like living with a madonna
he remembers how good they are-were in this reward-type structure only and no to doubt
and then we remember the womb - so no questions of it
this 'straight back' 1982 rehearsal is not bad - great guitar line

Avid? Like a bird 'aves' [um, Latin its 'genus' as fright flight flight 'i stick these half-triangles' isomers phylla crazy fish-eating bugs] it says - from place to place as humble and choosing for one's self a nonesuch. As ages? None see. A happy loose-garbage eater...

4h - the helpin' hand [is the] hurtin' hand

Winner alert! These fashion people Parke & Ronen (to me a false admirer from afar - leaves chocolate, flowers on a fool's windshield at work, while you wait a hinterland 'i am not the flame | i'm going up again') arouse me around $105 from somehwhere over the rainbow then...Bonobos is still attractive too (my own selection and a stardom). Nothing good to nothing great if clothes make the man (mand or taking summed). I hate the idea of you taking my shorts, but I can't do right now and maybe you can enjoy something a picture known to be seem. For blacks and under any int'l consult? Like any retail subtext, is yours to know alone with tooth too would I know without pits and salende? Put any lyric in Google and get your side of the man, Clarice.

Leslie 'Flac' Moon's birthday was April 11 (your sex world ain't nice drops a childhood immediately at age 13 and with sebums or severs hair at root while stamping out slower a square-ish dead-inert no fingernail bed of blood and as just added spermatazoa is cell wells too with flour-like energy powdered in...I love getting stuff still)...r u still mad? A curse you are. Old women in Vegas make electricity pulling one-arm bandits with old hanging mercies of pure flab (no Hoover Dam but sweatless...faggots are the flash-flame of building stuff, women do their part even as true poly synth the sewing machines throbbing out hats with name ''oosh show for the lady lee!' that's not my name 'lady lee' lay lady lalane). Slows to announce a 'big' win though like old meat with horseflies and hardly no bones (thems is not long ribs, fool - teeth skinned down to mostly the marrow you gotta just smile like a nipple 'not me nope')..all them lighters flicking at the old bee hive. 'Mama - I got the system...mama i understand the plan.' Your father was a one-eyed jack of hearts....wiped diamonds and an ass on his sleeve. Papa was rolling stone, wherever he got two fats for 'just carbs' on the celephone and jelly minder. Tidbits. So what the ass ball and tit my is that buck.

'the beach' online free and at link

May 26 "The Hangover II" comes out starring Dustin Diamond ? and it looks good enough plenty of laughs they go to Thailand (as inpsired by "The Beach" drughouses and all). I'm sidelined by fleas still, but should recover by then...


One disclaimer writes out "I'm not happy and he's not happy - he has to go." - rants even as I assume to do the 'me' parts only the rest is doubly yours...fucking pigs

We here (indefensible, wrongly accused? left to duke it out with the cheapest shit you may too avoid visually and with as one step removed) fashionably note we are bitten by fleas here despite our usual finial of spray and upwards of ten dollars made if annual. Aches later in the day - sure - like soda aggravates it. I would surely rope up any bites, the instrument, and make it shit for the touch (usually, I feed these Jesus asswipes plasmas in every little hole they have in and out and torment usably their wish makers with things like 'priabhindra' (unusually new, pleuric and itchy in blackest veins rising skin - straight to the top, Nigger). Bayer aspirin and I will acquaint again. "I hafta live with crap because I don't like him." - you are in Hell, but must see yourself alone and without asking anyone for lengths of time unsubmit. Surround me down like I do you and never to torment what was given without thought. Nurses know not you make that stuff too and react to me.

Good? What's taken by others [as from a bin] without having to ask them. Yours? What goes from place to place? You don't please people and I don't care. I tell mind to add and subtract and annualize your efforts looking on. I hate and hurt people, not you. Not as afraid, either.

Why does one welcome desperate (forced to choose by simply relaxed with no choices out-front the mind battled to change of venue or what's not known to me a purest fear then), nature? Because they are dying of it. Once, twice, three times now. Let me be.

"Three sheets to the wind." Is "three streets to the wind" as coming up one of four at go up with wind from whence it came to see no real choice even with no buildings around. My grandfather John as person says three sheets describing you and then being torn up somehow - what you think, what another [um, 'one other' as anyone maybe still you too - solicits] thinks, and then a callaboration somehow [you pen more against me, but ostensibly with me, much like a prostitute will do - no mind for the saying as a single crap in the box shouldn't just be]. One further advances the thought prior to having said: what those who have more than you think, what you think, and what those who have less than you think. The wind delivers from ground sake upward. See then "OK" as not the initials for "Oliver Kelly", but as for equal to or greater than zero (and no less for having noted) "0=<" and a potential for having still. OK! = 0|<

--------------that joins the "KKK" as trinity of three sames not one less than thought    

Remember all the handing of glads (fees, interest, no pay passed beyond hard Latin sense) disitributed in the 1990's - FBI and their sweethearts at check cashing places remind. Banks say to me they take no money out for no cash placed, that we see. any profit falls to certificates of deposit (CD's). This against my 'substantial penalties for early withdrawal' ridiicules with just in and out. Banks don't necessarily bother me but no voice from does. Someone decides they don't like me and all agree by some pen unseen? I don't necessarily need to be within your thefts against being very day-smart and also seeking happiness with you, but you know me too well it seems and I never mind personal slights what are there every day anyway. Sure. Maybe you like me and I go off happy again with what everyone has anyway but as margined in and out by the dying.

I tell my father (who said my brother put a bullet in his ass yesterday...he certainly croaked too and is complicated outward some)  um what was it? I'll fix him up, sure - two idiots.

Was selling some piece of crap (a phone) on eBay this past weekend with looking to avoid their seller fees for nothing having done. I've paid past accruings for this and if actually selling is a glamour of theirs and again. This means a "buy it now" price only as said by their tutorials still insinuating smaller talks onward I couldn't see yet. Some fuck goes in and bids on a $30 sale tolerated only with a $3.25 offer with no asking of it at all, and he used a private key from them to do so actually taking the price down somehow to make know that I can't fight his demand (what we here call a 'five-point' [or pentagram as star] plan or then having done for others too often at a slight). These cunts don't listen. They don't price my shit, but they theirselves suggested a $30 price at model and no matter what you do up and down they won't stop making me eat shit. Do you know what that means? A sexual issue arose (ugly women and thier fags pilot the way 'gay' is Israeli I figured it out as 'French Guyana'). Anyway, I take enough from the cunts and couldn't bear the talk. I hate bullshit people and as long as I take I'll never understand the personal slights who talk to me like that ranting at the 'who' thing being agreed to not and formally. I tell 'em go to Hell as a job - eBay is delight as taking high good from people, places without their shelf review and ever on.  Sure, I'll decline and resume any sex offers and against women and unsightly doesn't matter like the price does, but I hurt people. Is that the guy with the computer memory back again that dumb fuck? I purposely donate every quality item after any such decline to aids faggots to sell or dump. It's God way out of bother me not I bash your head in. The $35 ticket paid today by money order one hopes it routes to younger more fit officers who may discretion towards young men like me I'm only forty-six and plainish-type white. My brother and father lose their nuts to blacks and hammers doing this type job at prisons and tell no one. Remember, dumb never sees it coming the first few times 'an amgel in the basement' sure. I don't know people like this. I know I don't.

Guns may or may kill people and God never talks to them ever even if where's the book says I'm real. 'I'm too embarrassed' he says. I believe that and thanks for the fuckin' fleas from ugly women and their way with seeing theirselves bought for. Beatifying (like saints, satan),  sure - don't do for me I don't see you right either but like me seeing it all anyway. What is that again? Destroying newspapers about them? Something like beautifying but as in spirit kinda. The vatican is for exciting children like when it was me and I ask people what to do as me and they tell me what to do as if they could like me. Another change of venue say the niggers who run everything anyway.

the clothes weren't bad at all...redoes, releases, remembers...rebuke...a retard is still forever
you know i know

Easter Is April 24 This Month, Last Month It Was St. Patrick's Day, The Month Before That Is Anything But Duty Free With Valentine's Day And A Moshe Birthday This Month Has One To Think Of Mother-Daughter
And why not a national standard against smoking but without me poisoning? Click to further follow your lead, if I'm still to be the fool. Smoking was one of my finest childhood memories to enter 'adulthood' just say no.