you see what i see - things are no better for you too
and what does that mean?
this is the month we gave away our basic at&t line (310) 659-7511 for magicjack on cable dsl (323) 375-6627
you to use lg cell (310) 890-7661 or motorola silverado (310) 272-6392
a big mistake ? and how will the front door dial in on a phone line?

Despite What Your Mother Told You, There Is No April 2011 Unless We Both Can Cry Again When She's Taken As Thought For You And Me Both But As Only You Just-Date
One day away from being shot down, next! Shoot. Shoot. Thank. Thank.

[See nothing about you...not yet you.]

Alpha-gear for gents another mention by store...where MB's Simon was seen prior to...sell yourself. They have Fisher-Price phones that roll their eyes for the desktop I guess one assumes. Is a real phone in there? The grandmother from 'Poltergeist' called the granddaughter on this after she passed on to the yard to stink that up (upstairs in the attic, really - she says she the girl was making noise and she had to come back 'here' she knows us too well this is real stuff you know). I was tricked into calling my grandmother (in 'heaven' sure and as an adult...'gran-ma?') like an aids freak. Then just hang up - could be described a serious offense too. Whose flame? If you're ridiiculing me, you should say so a bit sophisticated to me own sight. Tell me when I come back through the roof for having heard your way with it and my things.

nitzer ebb (neil) and 'lightning man' daddy come to baby
he's been forced to a dark side of town and is drunk with fear for being too showy about it ultimately deliver a girl's body to his father somewhere above...she will walk out of this too once lain
the lightning of frankensteins everyhow strikes for him alone, fine

Live butterfly garden? Terry (roommate) saw this on tv in back. Delivering someone to the other coast in back should advance something forward. Me.

this song is hard to isolate from you tube fleetwood mac 'over and over' from the 'tusk' lp 1979
despite neil's claim 'i wouldn't say it if it were true', the title track 'tusk' features allentown high's (08501) marching band - better off said uc berkeley ('songbird', zellerbach) or then usc ('tusk')
i needed to be impressed too

seeing is believing means 'nwo' no way out? it is the evolution of the eye and no further interest it said
why here? saw this out on the lawn for garbage loads earlier and still it shines (that, too dirty?)
see now at target in other shades too is on my mind unsually the bottom bolts to whatever you hate losing with it
the regular price +$30 is evident but ships free for now
target's circulars are as intended avoiding all manner of electronics with grace per food they were never cheap but pop-ish of art
serve me well enough

sooner or later you're gonna be mine
don't reason me...paid by usps m/o 04/06/ at franks

03/28/ nudes is good news...nice weekend of no offend but trailmix....pray for one came, so everyone beggar...i see nudes...piss clouds in your coffee? try keurig individual coffee franch who off-ended me with samples at macy's wayback when (when we bought the martha stewart stuff, actually...the full-cup samples were nice and at choice) another titty list of 'who not to kill' the ketchup pack ky (keep yours)? days not so bright? don't safe them so fact with dot dying, ranch birthdays - who is it? every day is importato and who are you? the color photographs...may i? another jim j. ifxx dying of trying with you...saved by zero but after the fact....word from the bottle top is that terry is my half-brother his mother married to my father samed...fact? i have nothing but flage...never blend us...our mixing and staying brings me down...i have nothing....

was written up around 02/24 for jaywalking by a motorcycle elder (clarence droproad from palmdale antelope valley? thanks, bitch - is infraction $35 misdemeanor is hundreds more that is fighting the slop) - one side of an alley to another near crosswalk at post office on san vicente...accepted with thanks but dulling my blade no pocket no said...maybe saved my life one day from being clipped at sleepwalking? he'll still swing...(probably scared the bitch but there i was no one to be remembered ever like you and family with rotten teeth argued and pulled but a man could get arrested) give up something you like to be made mental have it your way only that's perfect crime...cowards everywhere noting nothing but priming will have know that no tele system reflected this three (3) times yet court is april 25 you'll get the chimp of will we say it so cheaply? 'anyone reflecting personal hate here will be killed simply' - dm

i dont know who bitches are and i won't see for it either leave or believe it...see me down, out
'i love the law - follow it, don't work for it' keep freaks [noted as selves for being different) fear me home is proper
'the world is full of big babies trying to be something [valued] for their mother in a hard economic [yours not mine]' don't kid that...a death [mine] is for licking wounds no one should see... and don't tell me about you in a boutique that doesn't pay rent like i do i'll ask how you do it if happy enough we put on parties every night and weekend at my and madonna's expense so cheap for it one day yours simply an auschwitz! fact
one more - i tell myself anything could happen and simply at that to justify myself being the hurt for you
it could be fleas anyway
don't reason it out i'm impressive but tired of you putting your plates of shit in my face - fight me when you're dead this for my own mother who is aged
wait 'til we're gone your gift given to be with me yet

liked the name, 'two ends'
then, somewhat like curve 'pink girl with the bliues' ep (1995) the first after hiatus (why hate us? 'i'm dying to be entertained by best of the crowd' with 'suspiria' haunting) suggests baseball, see more cocteau twins soon
that's all i see on sight....why mention the crowd? why question the crown?

bits more of the good:

who is it? amber alert 'quick, hide the snackwells'
just in case (real?)...from the census test no instructions however

Armitron digital watches at Amazon!

red panels finally going in at pacific design center santa monica and san vicente! future home of the guggenheim (and the putnam building!)
note elton john's birthday is march 26...xtra! we got meth coffee earlier is pleasant but hardly seeming
we also got a magenta china ball ($20) for the patio along with a sarah peyton candle box (like from a ship - charged off at $2.50) both solar paneled...the former is fine enough from a distance one is being tested still
cvs are generous with e-mail coupons - i have one for 25% through saturday (sarah peyton lazy susan at amazon!)

great rainy weather yesterday 03/23 at the sunset and horn coffee bean (where spago and budget car rental used to be) outdoor fireplace and all
some girl ? says she hides her purse underneath and says she lost it across the street at the red rock for cash helping
i bought a $20 card there and it serves me well from here to there...starbucks too...i'm back in my safe deposit box too at bofa

got me new toaster oven for $30 at target
this is like the old under-cabinet ones - makes great toast we had an all-aluminum b&d model that just died and we didn't care for it at all
back to crack - this makes cakes by layer too and is more intricate in the dial...the cord bits too short but free shipping for $50 worth of stuff right now

Liz Taylor was here last night 03/23 as we listened to the charges levied by "Larry King Live" breaking up marriages and all. She - my great aunt Mrs. McGuire (as in the NJ Air Force base) - died Saturday at Cedars. Says everything's alright she'd been there before but it wasn't "that bad." Hello to all she says.

Mike Tyson when asked 'what makes you famous?' [as from George Lopez's show]: "Three fights - once I beat a white man within an inch of his life. Then I beat a black man. Then they said 'you ain't racist' and I beat a white man."

You can sign up with Coinstar now - you might hafta use the machine first? Welcome Chick-Fil-A at Sunset and Highland soon (in place of the Carl's Jr. stand that closed).

pretty poison 'catch me i'm falling' as from the 1987 movie 'hiding out' yes, no (they have it at itunes, funnily enough)
grandmother moon is jessica harper...donna hartshorn...fact

Moon Views Actor Gary Coleman And When
gc: What about white people?
dM: What about 'em?
gc: Do they need to be here?
dM: "Quincy - stop playin'..." White people know they don't want you. They know. They wouldn't have me either - so scary. Like a white corpse - nobody scares that.
gc: Do you have a reason for being here?
dM: I don't need reasons, I know why. Like any white cross 'this [as across] here [as down]' - no more. This, here. You, shoot me.
gc: Seriously, your are a rich tappan of many odds. Do you think people really hafta hate you?
dM: One assumes they have the time, like I do. People rarely make 9/10 of the take, so let it happen first. I don't applaud no song. It's the leavin' I like - the mercy made me.
gc: Why so crass? Why so bold?
dM: You gotta liven up. I hope you're feeling well. It's like when grandmother pooped down, I'm all Frances Farmer. "You didn't take much - not like I did." One persues speaking as a major flaw (no sympathy for the devil or the rest as listening over and over she's says 'yup, feeling's returned in that ol' leg of yours'...(we don't claim to undertsand these as yet).
gc: I hate serious jokes, they're about me.
dM: Moon never ridicules people - is cheap alternatives in the home already. The first mistake is making yourself someone special. The second mistake is telling 'em you're black. Never tell. Assumes the position.
[great - more later] 

from our living room in trenton, new jersey and on this first day of spring 03/22/11
terry left for florida this morning....for one whole week

villeroy and boch: petit fleur

lords of acid (add their hit 'crablouse' to your an veche 'you betcha ipa garden whore' melan merceuse you don't eat for me, 888-cank with them fleas plus vag smell from days inn budget the panic room)
really 'i sit on acid' your cinnamon lavoris burns up my hole and 'a bit long in the tooth' extra mint 'tinkle' pu! only m. colon by cepacol gets under the gums like that
but seriously, the grinding sound to me is filming a camera - like in the desert, like beans? - all approving - and she's very refreshed simply a devil of it
other outerbeing unsent: lords of acid and their european-style hit from austin powers ii 'am i sexy [to you] do you know?'  another sophia loren of perfect being 'the tongue won't do it by me'
(and with liz taylor in the middle with cheeks)
one more unset? use lords of acid 'rubberdoll' ['straight to the top', unoffended by love - or then 'stall'] from the 'our little secret' lp (1997)
lords of acid? basically duran duran [um, went to hell and beyond - kept going, sirhan sirhan sure] with some madonna voice clip...the name makes reference to men with ladies' jobs sitting around sniping people their asshole burning of it....make 'em take out the trash

donna summer 'our love' will vag been soakin' in da very dit
one of my raving faves from the casablanca days 'on the radio' or 'bad girls' then as made by unholy god just for me for the summer 1979

braces just off, you relax the hair...a nose job maybe...asap....quick too...before and after...before you thrive in me
tee hee...i wouldn't touch a gotta surprise 'em with improvements if all is for you...some

HApPy St. Patrick's Day!
We're making corned beef in the crock pot....corned beef brisket sandwiches that is, cheap from Pavilions

Michael Jackson says the Beatles catalog (including individuals as song) was purchased over time and had made $7M since then...'very impressive' he says. Block Party on Santa Monica in WeHo has great boxer shorts in assorted plaids for $8.99 - red, grape, teal, yellow, olive etc. I got three pairs plus DVD's real cheap. And of course I got my red shelves from CB2...

sausalito? sure - where fleetwood mac recorded rumours in 1976 or so (see video some...see stevie and rod stewart in 'ellen' update)
a small peace sign driftwood kinda place with shops and mosaic fountain and parks, kinda
they recorded for three 'whole' weeks 'track ends' and the studio asked them to leave because of ghosts swirling around (and why not?)
'too close to heaven' we'd say most recorded at tandem (next to the then record plant) in nyc and over time we'd say

Some: The president (Obama) reports over the weekend that some girl his kid knows (perceive with: younger < 15)  calls at dinnertime to their private little table and speaks to the president with great disrespect getting him to repeat things back like my roommate does to me often enough and maybe in inattention. Really outta touch though (if being heard largely is problem cause #1 to personal safety and concern - as too many world conscients devoted why you?) - this one says 'more missionaries to Africa' or whatever 'Kenya' a ghost speaking through kinda (Marianne Williamson, note her native Hindi tongue source The Bodhi Tree on Melrose). That's the message-promise. Whatever...Japan notes an ungiving nature up-front to their source for disasters (FEMA is ours ONC and is overly generous by my sight - message recorders falling from desk?) Like gays, I wouldn't give that nuthin' as 'a certain glamour' living in my trash...they'll be back buying your shit to sell you (see all wars as razing the ground against these simple of takings my old mosque). See eBay works this way in the crossroads of it? More analysis by me due the human nature. Support your friends while a fiend (asks if it's okay, does it anyway - be that shrewd Michael Jackson the Beatles catalog $6M to $7M for now it says) of it also no good comes a-asking if after eats like me - they ain't cheap even for the president, I'd say. Note: eBay charges to sell now even of if you don't sell. A laziness outward we buy instead now. Never charge until sale made with you - we can't say you're really allowing us to profit and while businesses sneak platform specifics back into your home 'they'll always be there' sure. You should be enjoying me until I agree with them only. Remember, a dollar (think a whole dollup of ready food made you as more complex and skilled) is on our land. We exchange with others here only and within the confines of a government that is ultimately keeping in nature. See us no dollar, but the good it hides well enough and we never speak to 'marginal utilities' (no good seen for the dollar on-top of more dollars another millionaire who should be speaking out universities are supposed to be interviewing and understanding real-world texts, not teaching a half-wit. 

Some more: The newspaper reports Time Warner began allowing their cable tv on the iPad by wireless to existing customers, kinda, with free download of an application - see it come. This is where it goes phone and cable together and sure...see me perk right up. They can't get me in the door for $55 a month even at $49 an initial unit cost. I want a satellite unit for home service.

sometimes i don't know why'd ask about me a flattering of it
big vampire bats, with cows at night and 'and still we hang close | not far behind these | those who are praised not to be'...flies on your face never a cruel....fight for your life flight-fight-fright: there is only 'fright'
still, we hang clothes outside as in the wind merely blushing at a hurt

on sunset boulevard just east of lacienega another abandon house -- only 'phoenix' can 'sing' my songs new! old souls
 'anyone else who tries, dies'...only marc ondy can sing as me and pray tell the wolf mother, the cold wind busting a door open 'whore'
wolf in the breast as in the dog-pig with many tits, piles 'there is a felon beneath me' a fangor

If you LIKED that, you're gonna LUBB this....PU! Just as you suspected, the new 'FingerHut' catalog is here (our first stop is at 'fragrances' Calvin Klein's "e Klaus Kinski" signature bologna 'type it's in-the-leg') and now...just press plape. Mom in FLA blasts off a letter:

Dear Kiev Nom: "Thank you for the wine and the lenox vases. You have been too generous to these old bones. The wine is one of our favorites from Trader Joes. Love that place. We don't have one here yet. We did in NJ and went there all the time; great stuff.. The lenox will be lovely in the new house. I remember I used to have the vase with the rose in Allentown. I think Chris [Moon, youngest brother a 'Facebook' a usual entry] broke it when he was little. Thanks again, Love Mom"

where have you seen these before? the vangelis cancer rewards wing and bob hoskins euro ghonnarr giblet, shelf #b-9
cb issues a smallish wacko currency (a landloss if not actually there counting absent) conversion fee further on out if all is to beat yours 'this time i know it's for real' + 'make it real'
all for about $30 or such and so, and hafta vie for a sale item one, two   

She got not one but two (2) 'used' Lenox bud vases (one like this for sale at 'exclusively yours' eBay has a golden graham or wheat on it instead 'wicked rhubarb') and one little vase with a mildred cistern of flowers was little of art and as all met their maker as if in done in flames. If broken by poor attendance while beship (USPS insults no weight priority for max balls at no greater than $15 a moxie 2-3 days), I included a bottle of Trader Joe's own windsong Charles Schwab "Shaw" the wine samakar and if kinds  'merlot' (um, a brutish 'red' you shouldn't have mention it with nominal price...merrily we roll it long). The $2 pryce is not worthy of mention a hometown harrigan, but I never ship our own verily good abroad (to cheerless women anyhow it says 'even if you do, don't'). See it come as we fantasize over broken pottery wheels and reddish piss leaks in a glassish box of broken usually no bother or no say never once proven to corners...'this is gonna cost you - it's one of a keim' says Pretty Penny before royals it in flush. To thank a good home again as my stuff makes it to you, inside your fat belly (and as all is telepathy in guide - a choice made harsh). "Remember, choice keeps yours out front, as but width." - dM  

the castle press makes these happen to me and they do the job, girl - even better than store bought?
everything disrespectful and small these days

this mortan coil 'filigree and shadow'....for the talk...then raving fave 'primitive painters' by same and done 'felt' 1985 or so 'oh! you'd see my trail of disgrace' a litany
this mortal coil (um, the body undone) is like sisters of mercy their vanity label 'a merciful release' (um, 'death' from torture) with davinci autopsy from neck aside - good talk i keep with always
filigree and shadow has cocteau twins-quality video and leanings but is new for both - the name makes reference to a horse being born more than anyone can say is present on the walls aseem
cocteaus and sinead as 'peace together' (chaste benefit as with peter gabriel) 'be still' great stuff....

flac: i wanted russia (ussr a betrayal itself, devalve centrist, anti-fame excepting your youth speaks dead) to come kick your judea-christian ass if no one showed up as to be me time's up cuckoo!

Took some Gary Coleman in over the weekend all written down  - all questions for me up-front. Todd of "Diff'rent Strokes" is reportedly not real a studio hand does it or Bell Biv Devoe 'spider eyes' should stand lin. Arch-fiend Conrad Bain from 'Maude' softened his edges here and has been shown to me young too. We'll be back. Barbra Streisand wants in next and then Elton John. Barbra was cautioned I hate defending their (super) stardom and I think it's us our problem but will do.

Member's Only at Dr. Jay's is a-thriving - all black models don't help a sale? In Koontz Hardware there are two (2) keychain flashlights: one is Jesus and one is Buddha. Offensive? Jesus' store display says 'light your way', Buddha says 'enlighten your way'. Offensive to you're a fool. We're over it now, but first as seen.

To consider from CNN:
1. Lincoln was a simple country lawyer.
2. Lincoln was gay.
3. Lincoln was depressed.
4. Lincoln was too compassionate.
5. Lincoln was mortally ill.

February 2011 Is Now Of Note And You Can Archive - Let The Wind Blow Until Stopping It Cold Makes The Difference Between You And Them And Where 'If You Can Afford It' Isn't The Question
Lincoln's birthday is March 10 (um, the guy who played him the best Abraham). Alistair Cooke is the guy you see often enough (his secretary). He was the one who got shot - Lincoln says 'I got out of there. I've seen it enough.' Nobody there was dead (not for eight months), but they had enough for the party of it.  Further notes Cooke 'was hung by his throat' ten years later come and go - 'treason'.

front yard and back yard directly

my mother - no fast mouth