this hanging official as cloth here in olay though you shouldn't triangle (fentz) at others just taking the time to renuzit around veinless (yet flaned, skinless) vasouoles
a catheter-cart pearl of the 'escape from the many-though-few saved as such sex ween' bairds of it priming a proper if nouranged scum pump threads these bjorns just as far as adages on the high seas
'just within wash-work' weeks...a constant fear of having groveled over to no such prowess or having been sent to the wrong temecula since shaving their barn-burner once-twice 'stoppers rent to them whenever shows red'    
...of our half-new upholstered 'carl (the o-fact) guicy' melange and with it vittles' youthful and guest eat off the oreo of chocolate for 'the candied spoon' that lights up?
a taste is no shit yet you sled off within our mogey verd...and shelled it away what is their cogent solbule-vent 'green' and iams cat huang is 'ions' or rainwater oxy paw hydro hydro hydro-hydro
yams are tits pulled to the same ban on weaponry dodi fayoud razored then gin-wax snatched from my cb co-handle 'juspus pow'd paunch and chute' mada mia you'd panfly to have 'no, bitch' as you say 'puke' in the mood  
i am, i am, i am steel - you are the 'spikey urchin and wasps' he did

Click Here To See Your Reimagined Score In June 2011
Doing the right thing is not only what's expected of you, it's easier on the 'individuals rights' handbook too. Say nothing.

target had some great buys today 05/30 the cashpocket...picnic baskets with zip cover on-top $9.99 and then plastic adirondack chairs $20
say 'ad-er-on-dack' real fast like that - wood chairs may get too hot and heavy, however these won't last...
btw, 99 only stores have great stuff all over the floors again food and household - we'll be back!
ours and to shop is between santa monica and melrose on labrea
p.s. a rounded 'monet' chair or bench then is for 'moment' as in a round clock-ish figure

Fleetwood Mac "Over & Over" from 1979's "Tusk" LP...the studio version now.

El crap-o day this Sunday, May 29, but got a great bargain in the trash yesterday one of those black Target everything turn to shit.

Watch Star Wars (Original, 1977) HD starting here...let's refresh ourselves.

pet shop boys 'samurai in autumn' from the 'release' lp (2002)

Ask for the new Purdue chicken filet sandwich on whole wheat bun at Pavilions regularly $2.99, now just $1.99 at the hot deli section....I had one - is great! Lays potato chips are also $1.99 a big bag and Knudsen sour cream is $1.50 a pound. Why wait? Coke and other 2-liter are $0.99 at CVS this week (their 'Green Bag tag' was just given to me for free with a coupon is usually $0.99 - $1 in 'extra bucks' each 4th visit for bringing my own bag). McDonald's also has two (2) new chicken sandwiches $1.47 this week.  

The "South Point" grill at 7980 W. Sunset Boulevard replaces the Gaucho Grills and Tango Grill nicely enough if looking for my favorite dish "Suprema De Pollo" or breaded chicken breast and mashed potatoes. It's at the site of the old Tango Grill and still has their basic feel.   

these 'camp' lanterns at cb2 are huge and the candle drops in from on-top down a tube to rest only $14.95 a glast gift
i saw 'em today when replacing my $3.95 glass ball what is used as sentinel (pary hat) on the patio at night...i broke it making a bitter move
similarly speaking, rite-aid has serious black & decker jar openers for under $20...i just tap the lid once on table, but these hexa-boxes look new-ish   

After all of the kicking and screaming by the mother (perhaps just prettying up your own little place in it): "Give to me your clothe(s did-did)..." my favorite scene in "Terminator 2"?

Alternates: Was thinking about calories and counting them out again - lets say peanut M&M's at 240 calories per serving is okay (when as hungry, faced with hunger) if your target or missing (not approach as threshold) weight is no more than this. My own max is about that and 240 pounds yet.

home depot rule me...did i mention i bought two (2) black & decker cordless wet/dry handvacs (about $30 at koontz plus skint) for the mother and sister via ago?
i want things like that

xval-------------sees me

Shop Meier...if you want to (the above is a Van Gogh "The Night Cafe" from their stocks 'pretty on the inside'). I like the name and steal 'em (these) often. Of note is a 'bird cam' for spying on birds via computer. Next, this LG phone with full keyboard is kickin' at Pavilions for $40 right now. I'm just getting into texting now, and like knowing lesser argument, how so. Never a need, I learn as doing some. I learn to with doing and not settling for less just yet.

wide internet-type screen and all
we're getting there
beware: pay-per-view is working now on time-warner cable
i'm trying to keep my bill down (cable, internet, plus phone around about $100), a friend knocked us up for five (5) pornos just two (2) more forgiven (let not one fade you)
$12.99 at each (nigger, please) and unforgiving as shit now passcode
we'll see about that, your car

curve 'screaming bird' the nine inch nails remix of 'missing link' (track 1 on 1993's 'cuckoo' preview the promo video): 'the friend or two we sold off getting here'
'what sends you all to hell from mike to mike - a shock' - dm

i had a heart
but i buried it someplace
i had a brain
but my body won the race
i dream in pictures
pictures of you
i feel though they just won't do
oh yeah
oh yeah

we talked about the cost

Sgt. Pepper Redux "She's Leaving Home"...and bits nervous. No one died as bad as her (note the bus she's on in LA stops at our bus stop at the top of the hill on Sunset - our street is Palm, the only street across from Tower Records now a light retail staging...adds Lucy In The Sky is performed on-top of Book Soup). The mother on "Two And A Half"? Michael "The Waltons" Learned? She's special Juliet Prowse too. Teletype (appears on film) like Morgan Fairchild...what would "God say about God"? Quincy, stop playin' ain't much. What is 'thinking'? Mime: There is only one knowing, you access it. Your 'arc' of memory made is panels already drawn - the room, the objects in it, the colors seem - the objective sense is all but written off and down to have seen. You think an outline of it all tracing some only. They pull light in only. Push is pull too? Time is a page in a book, the first is the latest note of and then diagonals up to right. Future: All movies remade with naked people (that is, as naked using the orignal actors sagging tits bottle openers and all - very ape city). Next! Nothing you have to talk to..."Jurassic II" wasn't bad lately - thank you J. Goldblum again 'your kid sure' (is more a psychological or estranging from talk a thriller - two trams hanging over a cliff in a verily rainstorm is a real good romp en via a t-rex). The second plot escaped me (the first is madman clones dinos in Costa Rico (Haiti, my mother speaks) from frog eggs and resample DNA, but the dinosaurs made it to San Diego in "II" with Shelley Long I think to say and when Vince Vaugh was fresh, and I remember it now if "III" was held for propers "no plot no scheme" but see cute baby teradactyls and a cute rescue boy. Fave scene in "Star Wars": Darth Vader is choking a colleague...breathing, synching out (and alts if shorter made u decide nothing). You couldn't just show people, you hadda go together, all excited again.   

Rite-Aid (ours, at Sunset and Fairfax) has candy bars two for one dollar (2/$1.00) all this week (and with no tax too, Fool). All the prominent ones...I had a Milky Way yesterday. P.S. Our galaxy's name is 'Magellan' not 'Milky Way'....the sun is 'Capern' or Capricorn One. More: CVS has full-size Snickers and Dove Bars 2/$1 right now until Saturday or whatever. Some others. Continuing our Trader Joe's discussion, we tried the Chicken Of The Sea-brand crab in can at nearly $9 a pop - simply wasn't good. A fish with red lines masquerading somehow. The Maryland crab cakes in the freezer section (two in a pack, cook in butterfat) are recommended instead I really didn't like the other ones...

From CNN on 05/17:

The concept of heaven or any kind of afterlife is a "fairy story," famed British scientist Stephen Hawking said in a newspaper interview this week. (God says 'It's fairy story if you want it to be. In my case of thinking, it isn't mine to give anymore - it is yours too. Thanks again.')

"I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail," (God: 'It is no computer without me. I think - it resins to think or pulls me in somewhat. I don't care what it does. It does for me and you too.') the physicist said in an interview published Sunday in Britain's Guardian newspaper. "There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark." (God: 'There is no heaven for people who think without me. That is, say without thinking of others. That is my own horseshit for you to breed outward. It doesn't regard you, either. Have some then.') P.S. Schwarzenegger is both the wife and Bobby Kennedy "thrown back to Switzerland harshly." "Yahoo!" is "yo-de-le-he-ho" or whatever the Swiss yodel is but done cheaply by a man. I know 'cause I can't do it meself. One more RFK quote: "We ran the bank, they're running us now."

View the Crate & Barrel catalog we got online...'Best Buys'

Went to the Food n' Foot on Sunday (05/15) two blocks west of the Ivar farmers market is on Schrader (see last month's promo sheet from the bus one block west of Wilcox) and hung around a bit at 11:00. Forty bucks ($40) for three (3) hours of trash gathering on Hollywood Boulevard you pack bags and they pick them up plus one hour class in the beginning. Will not accept everyone, slow starters too I left as only six (6) more workers were being added and there were about fifteen of us. Is mostly blacks in lime-green tees, but harmless really. Some serious types. If you need cash, is acceptable to me. Then went down to superior court yesterday in LA on Hill Street by bus (05/16)  - gets people into jail trouble and is noted freely anyway like any visit to the cops I had to sign my pink pocketknife in after scan. I signed some documents talk to a few nasty neighbors and left humbled to them again.


jansport is rockin' out with new smaller bags from the 'heritage' series 'the wayback' and at andrew christian $40 - pictures at eleven

Dan Akroyd stole Crystal Head Vodka from Pavilion's 'cause 'they won't sell it?' We want one, but it is expensive (ours is: s/b a gift to other from no thought) 'we' always check to see if still there (not unlike photographer Bruce Weber's '[On] Bear Pond' it's gone forever but says how blue and brown mix with a dog as naked lying around a camp 'alien sex fiend' now become 'alien space theme' or ADT 'all say first' all da time versus 'asp' or 'as sound permits' or 'if that's all you wanted, you should just be that'). Order online, should be about $45 bucks theirs unless deep discount. See it yet, see eBay. Like 'old men and the army' ('Two And A Half Men' of hyphens are made to be a superior understanding said in texts...Pet Shop Boys' 'any passersby' from 'I Want A Dog' and Cocteau Twins 'Pepper-Tree' not of pepper but to poison and its use), we don't understand much lengths towards pay, but people are just starting to watch now. I hate tv shared with people I hate knowing - we can't talk much. Incidentallty, whose wad of cash was that found hidden? It wasn't clear. Watch continuity my own bless afford. Who is that hiding funds? I'm the part searching for behind pictures to hundreds of in success and also hiding some but these have been dug up too fast and at murst. You won't say who is being who to whom (um, 'used'). My guess is Cryer has his begging on the street too much (as against embarrassment but is compu-smart - hurts bad still), but maybe Sheen is the monster afford. The older fat woman on the show is legend to me as Cass Ellliot - she was in Edward Scissorhands too and is funny for being nasty always in the mouth. True?

the crystal head price is $45 for two or more at pavilions, otherwise about $49 for one no ship 

stevie nicks 'greta' she is apparently now greta garbo too (eddie's mother...lov) but lumps back to modern records' (iovine) 'street angel' (1994)
a lump sum distribution 'til now - great song

"Be a local hero in a classroom." - The Los Angeles Times (I think alot of myself still, but venture off suggests I'd be such savvy, have that 'gay' reveal for the kids...another Natty Gann 'not, never again' like Neil's mother with a shake of the head for witless)


Never one to let finish conversations too quickly, we note I've been organ-ing for iTunes since 2003, but haven't purchased alot. I quit them at end 2008 I guess over having to prostitute new clips too much ('is this thoroughly good [to many a good listen as taken from bins unattended and as seen to be true in repeated plays or enjoyment, enjoin]?' one wonders aloud as we ignore friends and culture unsent and but ostensibly get paid for) we've been our own friend too much already. After all, work is play often enough to suggest no pay, but is fuckin' clocked out like jail too (my window in jail is a slit in an upper cheese-roll all evening or latin suns over and over because your snatch smells even worse than Stevie Nicks' when she won't pay...a regular Jesus-type fish fry, my own father had his lazy eye corrected surgically and you will too). Still, I haven't purchased one of their exclusive (mp4) players because I can't pay (fuel is food - do not divide, Monsanto, or dry your own vodkas as they're not so good). See ya early next week I guess for more court research ('can you pay file fee?' or should the police pull you over en route to meet future quotas for pig-same-pig while I lie in your labian jails at Ralph's - 'law isn't rule, you know' but costs pasta nearly $200 a shelf 'but see dated - or invoiced savings mandated - cheese Krogered for even less'). I've been lying around on meth all week with a friend or two (the quiet hairball ones meet my common white well after these meet to avoid fat what moogs in a stress...they all appeal at once, but think more of older 'family' if starving people dance and sing, we should all eat together first) coming in to help me ascertain and date your fiend. They rob me of my malehood being my roommate's 'edouval' or oval friend and must then leave ('no two minds...'). Thank God and Tank Girl the police don't take me too seriously and quotes this wizardly faggot at the desk 'we don't know who the victim is' (applaud, applaud). That's right - I marched over like a woman a majest to get someone to leave us and I hate being that as much as you hate watching for Cora Parks' bus ride. "Why rush another pat (i.e., 'patent leather' or touching a gun's holster for effect...this type of leather stops the gun from going off) answer?" and especially from whores (huh? you know as they are enjoying, others you may find out about later see 'proper' - like me, no good is seen to be speaking to others and at the time).

"Was that Michael Jackson you met on the front stoop?" No, not really. Thinking he might have been on meth a few days (Terry used to have Alice Cooper's nose at every comedown the proud Algonquin, I remember Michael sucked my dick like Richard's mother who agrees in his quality and her son's too who is naturally hers to afford herself a childrearing of demands only I helped too much here). This one didn't bother much at all, but legs were thick in the jacuzzi where I like to see them with others and to be naturally attractive among (the father of? no - he is on the cover of LA Times today as MTV murdered my 'Smoky Joe' - very cute). Michael is beautiful in manner (I beamed unusally meeting him flesh-wise on Sunset late at night and, much like Justin Bieber via the army, after threatening to kill the bitch the night before for having met and lost to a noiseby - I splurge nothing on conjecture or asking if it's true in clouds of cherry-bomb thinking to obscure with what sayings befume) and is also straight and kind (I channel to know them prior to, their feelings on things -  no me, and all spots in time). Education or something make me newer stuff.

P.S. Everything is so new to jailbirds? Are you sure? I've never been to jail. Does it show? Get bitches naked and let ca medical rule. Problems are all small at first. Quote my mother "They don't want to be the same as others, but they are." 

captain beefheart = elton john
trout mask replica = liz fraser

-----roulette your vagna is no shine to my buckle it up

amity horror (part 2 of the multipart film with priest being asked to leave their way...jesuit not a priest really though purple vestment says 'we remember you died trying, please help us')
i say 'they' have the right to try you...'they' don't want to know you and 'he' is insulted as being tried...thought the bugs and all were quick and in the foyer only when then asked to vomit
vestments: ecumenicals are asked to clear the mind and then ask clearly to inhibit vote or others speaking - we hate lazy
they get an answer and go only - he stayed (the answer is a peg like 'get out', but friendlier as 'leave me' and missing its point...he (god) is not friendly anymore
he the priest in the movie says it is asking for one more thing no one wants to talk about and i need to get the answer anyway
notes: this place - on main street and allen in allentown with a beautiful cedar closet upstairs on right - was a funeral home for catholics once...lost to depressions in saint and bother ('india was big')
inri on the cross top is 'this' (the body of a young man) 'here' ('in' as having been made flesh and 'ri' as having been somewhat less than crown king to himself - a few days short)    

Let our Amity of maggots, flies, sweat, and piss greet your lonen hankie at home. It's all clear your prayers having been answered by sign (Marlee Matline with crazee, scurly hair tips pip word for curly hair? very 'chemique'? very 'cheryl'? 'cretin' as creationist...'frankel' a thribing hammond house Robert Reed got one being too influential and report AYDS to any handler of homoschezuans no cash or trade your $200 body count meets my hairy lice 'snak club' counter offer two zits and a frauleined (odored) 'birthmark' under the 'rear' ballist as wracked and with my plate just toss). Back down, Shamen. And now "Get...out!" Deaf dumb and blind? You seem to know of me, my soils...never believe or jump to then. Our findings:

The sun is like light 'pulling shit to me' the heat on top pumping down when unusally noticed, psyched; true to form you guest me;

Licorice fish are maraschino cherries blended down and poured to simply dry. I like 'em but not like peanut butter coconut chick o' sticks (find the original crisp and for sure the detritus at the mini mart located at Sunset and San Vicente $1.19 for the full size stick, $0.59 at Aah's nearby for a ~3/4 stick size bites softer and other novelty-type candies shine on from past). These rattle my cage thrown in the water with chicken skin and kitty litter hand arts that form slowly off center as stored with glue. Pool rules.

Obama just killed. Yeah - a navy seal got shot up refusing to take the whole silent night for soft hole drilling enter down instead getting shot on a fireman's pole. The rest drilled silenty with machines of some sort he was in the ground and died like any guffmother of guntoting farafel or me no big deal should've been more it's the right guy though huh.The overseas robe-wearer like our Cat Stevens is our president banished in a placant death and he is both and by me wanted a cute man we talk in porridge is really liked mean and cute so now what Hiillary (an old woman as pleasing thin-skinned child too but as grave harmon perfect) is a great show to me make them do me never say to me i don't each much butt but I like 'em like his. Is not Neil yet but long ago acqaint like the drummer of Engines of Aggression all fur but our Westminster CA wedding is co-incident why ask again? No you.

Where is the guy on 'True Blood' I couldn't get him last night on any tape? A shame for me pigs...Morris? The others are given to act, he is mined deeply. Don't talk so much in and then not so much from you. I don't wonder and I don't see it either.

God-type stuff is usual fur meat on wannabes. I am not you yet. God is my papyrus to your prentiss as just smelled. A thin shrap of glory once vlad, not held. I like being sure and sound like nothing I do or say and take no time making it more like or about me for no sale to either. Clear: People are savagely handed a raw ecobomic (latest dust bloom from blower lowered is Mother's Day as no one else thanks you to be that when here but I sure dot my q's) to show you you are still no one special (just thought of fondly with no gift of mine sourced in a 'smile' or cheap pull of the pubes upward to soul) but it still hasn't asked to me to 'look again' after apologizing for another centered thought coining the blame in simple buttless sucks.       


just 'cause you're cute now...a dyke (or fork in road) asks 'who are faggots?' q: i don't know anyone like that...i'm big brother unless unworthy...big brother means you like fuckin'
young people don't need to know old people like they don't need to know the hagen straps on med-usa guana-to-flanch pads are called '(ab)sorbs'...strutter! blecch oroglamiis
'poo-kie, i made a smellie...'
'bitch, you shit!'
'i didn't take a shit, i left one'    
took one a candle
 - a richard pryor album 'thrown down'

Turns Your Watch Worm Your Clothes Back About A Hundred Thousand Years Through April May 2011 And 'The Dark Months' Of June You'd Bet Wasps Surround

forgive our mother's day urnchind and late from out front of 'trunks' bar on santa monica
New address the mother:
987 NW Mossy Oak Way
Jensen Beach, FLA 35497
(772) 934-6510