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Where We Are In It All Less The Things You've Been Told, Shown, Or Simply Made Up... See It All By Shine In April 2013
You don't know - those are wishes.

these lights - green, pink, blue - worked well on sunset at easter with white glow bulbs - see it shine as pastel

bible spool: cain and abel? cain is kanan the black angel of death and abel is abraham before moses - they had a fight (kanan told him not to lift women up as 'absurd' not moving and he did it anyway), moses won (chased him off) and that is what is incredible...kanan can kill anyone - has it still - abraham (brian mohl) is fiercely founded...hi

here we are - the improvement seen from the side or only in your mind
a circle as such - there is only one (a sight, delivered by light) - never works on your behalf and is thus not achieving as inside and out or having area on both sides - the line is outward and scattered or no truly of curve but coordinate a sometimes true
think it over - says 'these only' and not 'just this' as opposed to 'those' each and every line scissor cut nothing do you share underneath

we now have two (2) biggish screens on our apple mini - that is fantastic looking! you just pull a screen by top bar over to right and it all hops right over see no menu picks follow... back to left for any desktop junk letters to 'sam'...great...only stephen dorff has two (2) monitors on a machine and only i got to sell itunes...i hate his prince song now i really do think it actually stinks in me...personal junk like it's about me and you gravels the road...don't mention you and i won't hafta see it all off the lawn...requisite apple store mini monitor-screen adaptors

happy birthday leslie renee moon wittenburg and humbee: april 11 (ne 'flanagan' for the plause adopted rag bearer, raglan look - my joke)...quote: 'i hate cum like you hate whistling - i can't stand you for not doing it.' that is no one to please - see the necros finnish handbook (a 'high honor' if you honor a single thought with yet another)...mine: 'is that right? are you sure' - a plain yogurt or 'sea girt'...i make semen (sebum, same) as bandwidth from broken blood cells a strip of fat only the heart pops old ones and sperm is just human spirit wiggling as sphere the filth, and no gift but signals the body a simple start to death the rest is 'poison' from fish (like kermit the frog, we'll have 'em but don't ask to be paid for anything...'he's not good' - sheri 'kukla' fran allison 'is numbers shit' plus teaches kids spanish at 'work' or while the woman mows the neighbor's lawn out back near the water shed) i get piss striker videos to cover the no load - i can't work that hard for no greevy slipes...take me home, cher willichers joi noaux riele...mon champs elyson!

dumb scowl 'sex' is for 'consensual' or fighting havoled sames all along the fence - two manachurins posing to strike at imbalance for a shot at good food made with cigarette butts and suarened chin milk - 'you gonna eat that?' fails just that once? 'someone should eat' jule be bapt'd...

Sci-Fly: The sun makes E=MC2 (enervaesis equals motioned change but twice as ruled, not such squared) a real slight reality. There is an 'arcing' (analysis' net change) backwards and left over the top that is five steps rested as drawn (symbols a decay in accelerative force faster than taught). Twice this as forward motion is where the seated watch begins and its failure to note change or lack of speed is its very note. An elegance. Then the start of timing slips away again and you can't keep up. It is time lapsed against and with posi-force change. Instead of a wheel that grows its cycles right as upward (positive use any of time, repeat or second to cycle...) with repeating whole cycles of intervals as too fast or not using much of time, these lay behind neatly and wait their turn for release as not having a discrete interval in time. Three pumps at moment two pauses? Maybe you...three suns awarding. For fun.

matt drudge report better late than never?...'better oft and to be dead' jamie wyatt with three lit cigs in her ass (something still stinks - the covet of swash-buckled hair one suggests)...

plax (the smoker's foot-long with topal 'fights off piss stains, too') played this on the roof today while deveining the pope's spider-colon - striking the talent beat no camelot here
paula abdul 'cold hearted snake'...deveined


the hat is from the gap in century city and was chosen for to be the colors of my alma mater (black spade, a fierce 'fearless' negro you made by cray sourcing and venum genalysis 'pracking' or afface bite housing - a symbol catch-whine) glassboro state nj - otherwise is 'san diego' state here in ca
san diego state is where the philadelphia phillies train only and the angels are related somehow only all dress and only fashion
the colors always represent a quart can of formica glue yellow and goldenrod - a disease of cross-labeling but is worthy of me (formica is from 'private heaven' - idaho?)
the gap was trying to be slick with our $100 gift card - too helpful with mainlining sales information (35% off a $50 button-down shirt had to be fought for a nothing purchase) and tossing the gift card away ever simply after ringing up some ('take the big top back down, clown')
the baseball hat was $25 easy and that was not on sale - truss that - you get a machine stitching up the sides for that kinda money and to see how a single line of needle stitch glamours me
you can feel the pinch these days (yeah...just behind the ear perhaps while still seated)

that clever sci-fi pole in the back harvested from a tossed floor lamp from cvs - is actually used for the cyclops projector at height
gets rid of the trapezoid look of videos framed on the wall

this session was pure shit...stop playing with the lens
in the lateral window, a beach mat sewn to be sun shade with some light only - add grommets with hammer

get some anusolve to haze the eye


while you sleep, i make plans for another

I ran into megastar Steven Tyler on Sunset yesterday 04/06 - a rare treat. He was with some girls heading west and I said 'Steven Tyler hi'...we argued later about touching his shoulder a no-go most say.

I hear that "Boris & Natasha" movie was optioned by my aunt and is paying my father each week and that was unintended a shove in that direction - not in a world that pays who they please or whomever supports a thoughtful fat ass in a law of the jungle (he just called to say I love you too after much absence and I renew for upsets only - see ya in the basement freezer for any the milking). I watched the movie it was good enough but no one smart will watch with me so bits and pieces are mistaken. Enjoy at will. Keep an eye on tv's "Friends" Jennifer Aniston is looking homely these days with syndication and new episodes wandering the halls...a smoking episode made her look dumb after the real one was edited for dialogue - her new boss hateful of non-smokers now. The joke was that she was trying to play along with her new boss by smoking on the roof with others a non-issue but extreme for the pay-thought...our high school had a firm smoking area and parking privileges no one cares. She now gets chastised for being individual at play (all to be wrong). I hate being revised in thought always as fanship...

Can make white (christmas ornament with lines pinched ends and as turning previously heat now pulled open? it's like that in my model a video-tech diamond wheel with light ambient and stirred), can see red (for a 'reduction' to be granule or lesser units in sight only): "These conversations can go on for days and I'm still here." - dM who wonders if he's making the grade but as being scooped up before too long

Spanky, Darla, Alfalfa, or Buckwheat? Alfalfa for me (kid with cowlick or hair that won't lie in rear - died young, I guess). "I'm in the mood for love just because you're near me..." Michael Jackson is all about Spanky - I said he's not even real that old man (command: make people happy, so)...

enya 'only time' - of her best stuff, surely...the water table was deep down i kept digging and finching
who made maims and who rolled turds, made the tan-line, and flecked out time?
for the music only, no words can make me see? meet them both to only choose one


who can say where the road goes
where the day flows, only time
and who can say if your love grows
as your heart chose, only time

who can say why your heart sighs
as your love flies, only time
and who can say why your heart cries
when your love lies, only time

who can say when the roads meet
that love might be in your heart
and who can say when the day sleeps
if the night keeps all your heart
night keeps all your heart

who can say if your love grows
as your heart chose
only time
and who can say where the road goes
where the day flows, only time

who knows? only time

who knows? only time

parsely sage rosemary and 'time'

still hate facebook's concern over friends and photolabs - 'i don't want you' but okay i don't still want anything extra in terms of scampi, modus workouts
this picture (another 'tit versus tat') gave me a new handsome man to vouch for - hi
his girl? sure - she can complain to the top dogs at the sterile voodoo husk but one is already souching my gums over eeyore being offered piglet's pooh
has his gift if you have yours - otherwise - the gift of cash and flash to be given at dance (with sra lab scores burned of edges like an old map to the 'hampton house')
the single star of 'burnt-sienna' new delhi (say 'ruta lee') says 'thanks, fish...'
calm: the look is very modigliani or magdalene - blood stained? italian breadmaker smoothed browns of paintbrush...nice, i always like it but is ultimately paint
storm: if hafta cover a face just to enjoy someone as if manually, i cover a face...lacking in humanity for such left as grubs? you're not wanted for a lack of personal style
to me, being inhuman is citing a young or cute person for picking their nose - still the same as not recognizing a whole being as 'holy' somehow
that being that, here's the actual replace last evening (below) - i don't a share a set of teeth or fill my ass with toilet paper hoping to catch your shit, but okay

isn't this better? both natural selection if like, plus add no term

Happy Easter...soon, deviled eggs. 'How 'bout one of these?' said the chicken to mayonnaise and paprika the fat brown king cobra's venom still hassling with the helping hand. "No one said anything..." No one asked me anything, neither. "You negative?" Take the cup (if the firmest insult is replacing and simply but you paid somehow for the local impound). Thick vanilla shairs and poop at the scorce paid for that long ago...the stories told to me gently at least twice now ! made you die with flies senseless and no doubt sleuceful laying eggs in your fattish face hurts no more than this alchy's gorgon fart in the kitchen just now. Be adult but fan back to source no code. "Just set aside" - Michael Jackson when countering any talk spit from floss tied to the skin obert.

I noticed 'Judge' Judy Sheinberg (Sheindlin - and note the Jewish star makes our daytime light only as huge router-type machine that seemingly cuts into a floor already cut the light from the sides - is the Travenol symbol, basically - and moves witchingly along (top is evening light at any a pause turns away from left to go all the way back down each day toward right no left at all) with pauses to 'think' - a big scare of outer limits-size) has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...nice...I hate these 'empty-the-can' justice shows for being a neighborhood job's retort to daytime tv professing to little girls who haven't matriculated at the nailhut yet but know for sure like your husband what it's like to sit on my cock. Not a bother. I love little Jews too ('you won't let me in - and that's okay' say Cocteau's 'Pur' however I myself heard you offer me to since seeming wald) but think fathering anyone small (a life-like murderous puppet?) is natural and thus key (mine are in motor wheelchairs however and have been pissed on all night by police as if to suggest one more fuck you can't even give away as a desert rape you filmed is gonna matter to someone who never says anything right but lives right above the street 3 am a platform cab called to 'whet' your interest 'be mine' also). Fat (a friendly slug however no to be nonsense) never thinks food has money evincing context with coupons and other bother to me by gadget and vours. I afford the thought for the answer seen not values to a weigh. A grain of wet sand to pyoor a brick just drilled one side undereneath sees it left shawnee but no unwanted hair. A hurtful lucklessness pays me, not a wicked laugh at having been shocked to the touch. "Wouldn't lecture me though."

eats here, each year (easter...most as death gift-wrapped for to be used $$$)

a living hydra just $7.99 at pavilions this week

"You are married." - dM

"If your kids are special, so are mine." - dM

"A crown of thrones..." - dM

UC Living Well is back at it UCLA for free Target cards a health survey we got $100 coming - makes up for the extra billing semester at MTA the bus lines for commuters...I used the first $5 coupon already at City Target and will use the other one along with a bonus $6 coupon (use before 04/01 ends) extended while spending....

this the long-awaited documentary on elton john (by bryan forbes - um, michael caine with the queen) showed in the mid-70's in new york city channel 5 (like the abc of philadelphia channel 6...2 and 10 are cbs, 3 and 4 are nbc)

we're gonna color eggs (about one half-dozen each a color) this year using paas (deviled eggs? yup)

remember hallmark's barnaby bunny? i used to have a stuffed one with wired ears
barnaby knows great joy '^ ^' - see at ebay

david (of avranet - from 'john dies') - still welcome? in my dreams still...03/26

logitech revue with google tv still at tiger direct banner link $99 ! (uses wireless cable router)

imagine all of mama's family and the queen's christenings from carol burnett at the time-life banner link...

insert your part to speak: note a bird shit on my left hand yesterday 03/25 near mcdonald's on if anything can be, signed 'talker'

that's the real lucy in the judy garland revue - chance that 'it's over now [for me - too much work]'...

blessed film for easter 'boris and natasha' i just rented from itunes (they 'steal' a faberge egg at first - real treasure them with anthony newley ? and the real eddie murphy as blitzkrieg)

from the commissioner's office and from the house of devo on sunset: tea in the back with some to no light
devo bought the standard hotel west hollywood last week...and the cosmopolitan (um, the standard) downtown

you never have anything to say, it just happens to you
the new 'silver spoons' restaurant on santa monica taking it shape

never forget the perfect tool from crate & barrel
anti-freeze inside? i only buy the best ice cream: black cherry vanilla haagen dazs (and with cake cones a la the holy eucharist)

the art show at pdc has plenty of excel-type exhibits - one pedals a bike to see neon messages and after a yellow gumball may rate your success 1-10

to say goodbye to someone close? if a tampon (as may light switch) is the difference between you and a gumshoe....meat, down
and if 'a smile | is just a frown | turned around | on the face of a clown | with a mean streak' - devo 'deep sleep'

elton john's birthday today march 26...'all the young girls love alice'
he wanted 'candle in the wind' same album a no-go but here is now but vocal only track now mated
and add one florsheim for princess di



a) approved nike air new style by price;
b)'sunsations' all that's left of restoration hardware in beverly center - suitcases (shop in beverly hills then and as always sames);
c) when you get serious in the saddle a lover - godiva chocolates

godiva - a lay, someone you really love, a christmas best to;
russell stover - when quality counts only over (is blessed);
see's - regional, you'll know why, is a technical medicine;
whitman's - a country folk, no one knows why;
hershey's - a grandeur for the self paying, like herpes - it wasn't me
---------no more notes

the supreme court? not when people don't have their own identities...all the nude vans parked around pacific design center my crap...marriage ruins a woman's body are cheap, freaks...drugs, fems, fats....i seen ya

you can insult gay freely that's not where money comes from (ask the sheriff closing it up)...cherish the voice only

great gay video, recent: cock

netflix: david lynch's 'mulholland drive'! great...soul games...'the lorax' (my favorite seuss, by the way - for the word games) made me well up three times, at least....on to boris etc.

i wonder why i say hateful things (not the winner's circle but as sad clown)? it's the menu these days - 'the things i won't make' + 'the things i won't do' handed to you once seated - it's easier on you both i guess (and if satire says you sat there and didn't make the effort...)

flotsam - pieces of a smashed boat you cling to (a jonah, joiner);
jetsam - what's once cast overboard (a jezebel, joustabout).
can't float it all...'sea, swallow me'
adds 'she will destroy you'

devo knew what they were talking about the perfect five-star (stem) tomato missing in action ('smart patrol/mr dna'...'i'm tired of the soup du jour')...
pavilions has hearty grape plants for the tabletop mother got one for her birthday (red, and there's green) plus trader joe's stuff
p.s. two (2) personal-size watermelons are $5 'til tomorrow? all week, apparently

macy's has these three-quart cooking pots glass lid for $8 right now tuesday and wednesday 9-11 am only
i got mine

three quarts is like a saucepan - that's not the point

madonna did this router art in the escalator shaft up-down
'nurses forever' it says plus with jesus cross 'inri' the 'rn' (he coulda been nursed, ya know) she is and jewish star in silver and gold, respectively

new show at the moonbox, however - pacific design center
inflatables as balloons - we'll see

'be a goat' promo from beverly center proper - what are you trying to say? i didn't show you how?

update your view of cedars at beverly and san vicente

they now have the skybridge i wanted for the sofitel - everything mine on hold

see the difference a sweetheart makes down beverly?
the hard rock coming back soon?

slightly wronged, the 'antwerp' dress at macy's $89.00

sunset near the chin chin grill and heading east early sunday evening 03/24

as spiderman should be more exo-skeleton (boutique on sunset plaza)
'the lorax' was very touching a film on netflix - still waiting to do 'boris & natasha' on itunes - is what - $3?

how to do the dome above window for all strength?

through march 24, 2013 - no one pays yet
ten (10) years now all told - since 2003 (last payment on 08/20/08)
like communism it is bmg, columbia house, itunes, value cards
'no american citizen should have to deal with foreign countries for a living' - dM

look i had on my green on st. patrick's day - next sunday is easter
kettle green? kelly green, you mean

saturn is where we all are apparently (galaxina or the white moonraker model three hall of kings) the rings are put outside the ball for the sway that rebuilds to the shell...perfect approach to the seam at equator...

because we can carry a tune but with no such message? jewel 'foolish game' mp3 (4.1 megs) - the original piana and all act now is hard to fine...a spiritual butcher of selves

'new workbook' - opens 'workbook 2' another workbook as new
'new from template' - opens another new workbook from chart of templates or saved with changes under 'my template'
'open' - open an existing file from the computer's local directory while browsing
'open url' - open a existing workbook file that exists on a website directory
'open recent' - open a recently used workbook file, expand the used file list, and clear it too
'close' - close current workbook (will prompt to save if necessitated by any changes in workbook)
'save' - saves current workbook without asking for name or directory
'save as' - saves, but first prompts for file name and directory change as necessary
'save as web page' - saves, but converts file format to 'htm' or an html page then
'save layout' - saves window sizes and layout on screen for next view as same

key: where cell address is 'a6', makes all uppercase, all lower case, or with first initials capitalized as names....copy and paste special right on top as 'edit-paste-special-values'

'=text(sum(a1:a6))' - how to keep subtotals in line without reading (and as text now) for greater summations beneath and in-line

i didn't think to show you my velvet of notes...coming soon with type-o blood added to seem...yeah, some are not complete or 'passive voice' is now officially 'you are looking for work while at work' (like the t-1 up front, was seen at ucla for one) - a jerk hints for fear of being blown (by his wife? the ashtray that holds his farts plus our lips sealed)
the cheapest shit

cooking spaghetti at home? use the holed cobb-pot insert with metal boilers add water - tastes better no heat contact but water...try not to place the glass lids on coiled stovetops...or melfs...i burned ours up!

still they ride: see our excel menu plic is getting ready to make its false start at the vetch - wad right in
neckstain 'quattro pro'? is the 'turbo tax' of peruvian-sanvitch night school 'olmos free' - you don't learn anything talking to vats of fade cream - 'the nude you'
you don't test to see good grades - we'd both hafta agree it's just us if just that or if at any at all

my fireplace place is hatching scones elia!

the nibbles may turn to into bites but not on the other cheek...
'i can't stand to be seen, let alone votive...'

another pair of parke & ronen swills found at ebay - never says 'never' just about $20 (110+ regular, misses)
plaid coccas are still conjuring the shit-poop style of dad's 'bermudas' less rebb hairshaft croinules each rear pove plus shibbert fleas - no raffles for 'some cockeye' (said 'cock-ee' italian for grama the large grammophone pu!) should win

saturday march 16: 'there's no praiche (spiritual-type thirst, parched?) at home'

six whole months of usa today at home delivery for $25.02 and at banner link? yup - double for a whole year!

03/08 it is raining today ((( cold ))) with full-on sleet..somebody cares

had a rainbow today over sunset - nothing special for 'liz taylor'? i guess...
shows you how to be right about things...admonishment, never hurtful...a clever lie ('fib for gentle and children') or two 'please, you are no one to me - yet'
mine: 'hi' (as enchanted turtleneck gay with limp right wrist at touch, left hand a palm away on hip - a touch of d'elegance, a way of swaying - mad magazine 70's)

easter is march 31 this year st. patrick's day (march 17 both on sundays) is the earliest it could be observed having launched from one friday, march 13 as we are fully in lent or taking leave of heavier suppers to fast or be similar in nighttime lengths...'you're not supposed to let him be the exception as such'...great week by the way the other is on vacation 'til tuesday (and if tuesday's child never knows too much) no bother ! the mouth and questions all the time now are noting nothing for or to me...decompress..

curve (unreleased version of) 'cold comfort' some prize you can't cite openly...not yet

the page title? don't send others your pennies, salvatori milk bowls and with rice - you might need it and was good enough for me with you? we get the hard stuff over early if you're just looking to meet minimal requirements stated forth always an abuse of foresight or lacking of astute 'you don't give me anything'...let it rain...sea swallow me be soibhan readily away from meat new?


city target at lacienega and beverly connection opens on march 10 (sunday) with two (2) $5 coupons in the mail 'save now, save later' - we haven't gone to westwood yet but terry has made purchase there...clothes, etc...i'm a bit loyal to west hollywood at santa monica labrea meanwhile the apartments-retail across the street? what bunk! no old age on major thoroughfares - is retire me not.

recent quip: no soul? drives a car...adds 'the blind'? still they pry

'back over time, when we were all soiled - you'd bleed - you never thought of me' - heart 'barracuda'

'rock the cashbox! play it again, same' - dM doot-doot-doot toot-toot scat toodly-toot poop-poopty poop...poop

another garrulous (eating-drinking) pet shop boys tune from album #1 in 1986 the a. kinsian 'please' - 'tonight is forever' (great, that)
'don't try to stop me - don't get in my way' - c. hynde 'the adultress' the magu (um, machine gun with cowpers gladham and 'broccoli' sports guide and is at-once kharman ghia)

word tuff-boys:
garbage: unused extras sprinkled on-top of your food a typical garnish;
rubbish: rude bitch, smelly;
crap: who will appreciate the fact? this is theirs to find 'kraft' layored cheese;
shit: search me 'this is it?' or 'shhh, be quiet! shit if hissed at;

a 'badboy' (perhaps a tooth) gets none of it from you - not even one right.

insert pennies on mere cash >> keep the change: your average coinstars now funds paypal what is kinda like keeping change on a debit card...enroll your paypal account then $3 transaction the each - a dealbreaker? we pay some hoping to keep a relationship until yet and yet again it's you...this isn't me 'icy t. moore' that's p. mure just use a first initial d. charles, a. richard, a. rosemary, f. scott, c. bernice, lady m. levine...$3? whores got them credit card card swipers now ('oh - 'debit' pardon the vichysioux' five days wait for cash with the dentist gear on 'vent'...c-thru to me oven meats, four-bean oilsy trialads...winter skoff)

factoid: alot of bitches pose naked and get shit and piss on them for no pay...hmm...i try not to offend maybe most is fake...false?

psychic pads only? search your soul at skymall
ask for that shampoo...'sue mengers la feel' no odor, no roger vadim 'with his cock out'

A Life Of Stopping Back To See If All Remains Ain't Bad If One-Half Is A Chargeable Living Trust - So Omits February 2013
Like used teabags, rules are made for the not having and I have nothing from you yet, yes. Both swear in it, but they don't know why unless you'd often or sometimes ask. Yes, though.

forward picture of hon bunnies from yesteryou - nice kids