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A Buttered-Up Ear Of Corn Just Placed With Dalvers Or Them Little Yellow Ears With Spikes Sends Us Mayward And Why Not Check For Tb With A Stab At The Inner Forearm (Just To See If There's Any Blubber Left)
Alanis to follow along...lifting the world? Knowing some? Havoc is a lummox moving it.

it's raining hard this monday 05/06 - we made wind the other night (by expanding a star of sorts from and inside the air that's there) i don't stop it ever unless it scents of women...their harshness a lesson i'm all play...i move every parked car on the streets of los angeles just bits like they don't see...you hafta keep things unruly against preps and saying too soon - who knows? you kill the whole place being a bitch...playing it out for nothing i see i can always kill ya too...that's special enough....

like a dog, like me, only making people happy, only - people would run
because of the porno next page - what i choose to enjoy has nothing to do with you yet...others should die seeking self also and give away things like this
i support no clause - i'll jail you on false terms and keep you sweating...no apartments 'round here will play to you while your teeth-pussy get screened for element (balls, gas)
no ghetto doctor leaves the ghetto a fine kettle of sharks? people die being incarcerated alot maybe more, then others may police you for the two cents i pay risking my own life (never to pay more than yours paid) for a restyle of giving me away to 'you' no way to stamp a day all i make is a day you a world...let me flee to you first

'temporarily' quits...how does it matter?
you're all gonna go soon...let someone else help you spend me red balloon
all bad news, all decade long and wordy - your marriage to hate itself ('even hate has a lawn waterer')
even if forty dollars to scrub my cat toilet is not sexy (but i can't say)...better looking to me is one more dollar added next month? twice done, at once...'better to save and save it as said'
a glamour is even-steven...you are both poor now three times over (poorly reviewed by no academics) who am i to eat your shit?

online 'business' got you down? you could issue credit to bill people later - better to owe? better to provide as a path to...then get paved...people got there doing all they could as cash keeps the buying down around the feet...

bookmarks are best written as html page - people fuck around alot...is appealing to you? a mattress has no memory, but the boxspring may knows sums better...

the old tower video building takes shape but is no clue
at sunset and larrabee

pull over the cop: re our two-cups-to-a-pound rule as supported by the quarter pounder (one half cup) and the big mac (two quarter-cup patties when separated) shredded taco (sharp cheddar) cheese rolled in as four (4) cups to a pound or sixteen ounces then a can of soda is twelve ounces still....note that...wine is heavy? we imagine water as the heaviest item with stashes or wheat fouls then - anything tomato too...

the 'florence' show below puts a good spin on the 'meals on wheels' the nuns and all at st. vincent's program are what we are accustomed to as hospital workers no laying down (they at the show won't spot you many star interviews - jason alexander could've been anyone)...the star assures me that people like her are 'stars in the sky' although i expect a bag of old age taking me across town for this stuff (being unemployed and all) she says there were many good days on the way...the patients seem are well worth it too her husband michael welles dead ten years now of lung cancer while sitting (it was simply aids, i'd say)...a birthday present on top of all? something small...blue and silver ribbons? thank you the first delivery is bo jangles they say...

has a way of saying it from a new local headshop near my favorite porno shop and underwear 'monaco' liquors on santa monica
quote at the register just ahead of me and as just ducking in 'you want your dick sucked?' to an old(er) man
better people ask...maybe not me?

how the west was won - see bottle on top
if you can't blow water away see the red as having been drowned until smarts came - hide in a rock if you're gonna shoot either or

'never talk to people beneath stature' - dM to anyone who doubts it, and to jimmy 'iovine' kimmel who hates coming out of his studio after taping on hollywood boulevard only to meet 'no-ones' who comment loosely and with disney's el capitan next door (he's in a mason's hall that is a greco-roman temple like a bank but brown-ish - we talked when i came out of the gap at hollywood and highland waiting to cross the street and as prompted by a billboard there)...thanks to tele-prompter (c)onan o'brien on tv right now for the memory jaunt (an 'onan' or omen then masturbates and the response is bird-like from you 'eye, miss moon' something you shouldn't haven't seen as truly unknowing the joke seem)...p.s. at least he's not a audience warm-up like ellen and pat (madonna) leonard? 'oh-oh, oh' from gorillaz, beneath us down...

in a late-night vision, my mother is entering my 'home' as seen from a northwest window (a wall here - she is naturally here always but never comes to me - we are advanced of her she is learning or has been taken up and out but plays with well no talk - speaks of raising herself in the sky to wait for new jersey or florida to ride in underneath as below for a drop) but has been 'raped' - her breasts are showing skin as in the middle only as having her shirt and scarf kinda hanging open...she said 'a woman' did it and how do i feel? non-plussed (and now the point nervously attended?), however reversing this as to be no fee (no real pay)...you mess with her, we don't 'why you' yet...our family is no joke to counter...have some...rape is not funny with women we understand, but a boy? all that ever complained to me in one year at rape center in santa monica (named like 'rona barrett') no shift misplaced - thank bless you hamper it to be me they ridiculed you for having something they've never seen? you write 'em up for knowing too much and to be elsewhere? my only guide to hate is millicence (like stars in the sky another forgiving of wealths lain) you had everything samed forever and decided to do better with but others dragged along another dope only? yes/no

some fact: my roommate here, by virtue of no sense, calls his parents both - and via magic jack - in minnesota or florida at least once an evening for extended chats about the day doing what they do preserving that swedish way of speaking comfortably seen in the movie 'fargo'...my mother would never have that from me, like she would never have a young mark ondy walk blithely up into her third-floor bedroom in our townhouse each ago - watch your step, gentleperson - my reveals go one further to her finding us together after my testical surgery same day in march 1987 and she spiked me enough removing him that i croaked or coded from crying silently while half-out of it...a beautiful but wishful sequence (there's always one of those boys there i'd say and who are nicer to have around but are brothers?) - her nasty retort that stops us from too happy-thankful as need-beings brings us back to a surer reality and just life then outward and alone...trust that...is real? a memory remade me surely...now add mine in...if ever i sucked anyone's dick (um, one i'd choose myself, to be sure) i only remember them being unhappy or nearly crying from it afterward...true? this is a war against fond rememberances from nasty people and women with 'false memories' teaching us with everything ever said by you twisted out...i'm sure i'd let them declare war first as i correct people when can in an audit or overhead sense you know more now but don't get to say as once removed and as after-the-fact...mine are simply without guile but marc was there with me in her bed recouperating i'm sure of it...and so was his brother for the nose earlier gathering my vomit...still value held everywhere and no questions made by me for further havings with...my mother made the nose and got rid of it too, but is for ourselves only so what 'it's better to be sad then a bother' i'd say, or as she says 'you get your teeth and nose fixed to be with people like that [who have these things and still]...' - dM...no...'you can either think of them or think of yourself always' - the invisible man when the bandages come off dot.dot.com and those nougahyde or tusked teeth are real cute a smile to see but stink with food? i dunno - they were unremarkable when the braces came off and ten teeth pulled some...yellow-ish i'd say yours and mine i only hate caps even over dentures i think that's what leaves me - a feeling, only...no wit...p.s. let amalase and coffee clean a little more between meals i don't care...as ucla declares smoke off now...know the south has been hurt bad surely a heaven...

it's only 5 pm here in los angeles, ca but you can still beat the clock dozen for dozen!
our krispy kreme is on wilshire at 15th street in santa monica and is open late, i'm told and at about $8 a dozen
if it takes about five hours to achieve 2,400 miles in a plane and the sun rises at 6 am to set at 6 pm how big is the world? about that...add three hours in somewhere?
time is on my side still unless i spend my time talking to youth - get that
fathering is the voice that speaks to puppets with care while naked - a dog?
you are accusation, a witch...i am hesperian the snake in the grass now painted blue?
not until you try to catch me (by the way, a hero is only heard of to be, never to be seen - army bombers taking a chance? not usually)
only they know theirselves - why botch it?

hurts like 'a dickens' + 'i touch roses'? 'hurts like a difference' is my pote...

thank naked gum cole streets! another good look on film no blinking and real mean looking...that's all, vx-atm (all that matters, answers the mask)...you're good too? frmp.

press to play the president's fixed lorba message 'no pot' chancres near or waiting with family homes 'you are not mine alone', jesus quotes the black nigger 'welsh witch' another flancy reggae by me eating capons, driving it down...chart the course without chervil and admant a'dawn be the clap guru, not the carse...not that great but i like it the real presence unfelt...be that...so red the sopa...
these done before easter and seen to be nice enough later...always against thinking something for yourself and is real (no taut to test)

alanis m's new record out...we liked this song (um, 'til you')...album title? 'rsv please - i'm not really inviting you', so beaded flees the mead
meet the master here 'havoc' a day or too late is me - you are fooled again?

the color white? clue: width times height, with 'callings' inside for the eye...like hot and cold, feelings are the 'omnivac' (um, 'the only one') what makes people 'know' or back out...separate the two only...

book of love 'i touch roses' - bring me the children (or i'll have one with jesus' inra and his mother's 'clones of the dead yet you see nothing ye' )

another depeche mode 'home' ostensibly from the 'ultra' lp
imagine the lead singer eating a peach whole-mouth on the cover of a magazine in french class

new evanescence 'swimming home' from the eponymously titled new set

the 'groovie ghoulies' episode - adult seeks to be unemployed not looking (with or for you in mind) try your luck at being grofound or dumb to be likeable, not just a job
someone remembers this stuff like it was wedded to be - a great drive home to be let alone at once a gain
the insufferable 'archies' meet here soon - a vauch sabrina ('hope you're not sabrina' someone who louds me out being lively...a livingston or self made...mark 'sarena' whatever as knew to be - as be you lecht)

check florence henderson against blythe danner (i promised not to, i guess...)

lillian vernon at banner link: deluxe cable zip line, house-to-tree a la 'home alone' - 70 feet of cable (supports up to 225 pounds - i'm currently 184, thanks, and as chicken parts or just bits and pieces of yourself to be shown, with thanks to dove soap) about $100 less 20% from banner use after $40
back to dove, the key word for women is 'non-plussed' by the act - highly smart - don't draw so many conclusions 'bout others - be neat
even the dried up and jewish (scarab? known as) ones are beautiful - 'i (they) don't fuck 'em (me) though' - dM
i don't know, but someone said the long-haired women is jane fonda (one of few friends on the national level, and if no one you know is a friend) - we know her as mrs. keller from our neighborhood - neither? her daugher is diane keller - fine, why? j-lo

another dream recently had a barbeque-type pit set against blue-ish deep waters surround...people complained about larger fish like sharks 'asking for food' the pit issues northerly as slenders and is deeply set in thick block glass as seen from above...skinny pit too...for one family of seating...a little group setting...p.s. remember uncooked (marinated) shrimp 'on the barbie' is lain right on the barbeque grillade and cooks fast to be white inside - never cook shrimp inside the massis of stink will last forever and ever...trust that...

depeche mode again 'fragile tension' and still - from the last lp 'sounds of the universe'
the sticks growing outward one day stop the world from turning

stopped by the clerk-owned gelson's on santa monica for la brea bakery tortillas and they now say they're discontinued at the source, nestle - i hate that
got a thirty-one load box of 'bold' detergent for $6.59 to be priced down with mace-strength cups of 'xtra' a cheap alternative to powder vaches made of pomegranates
you don't hafta soften the wash with xtra, neither, all them fumes

this just in: a recent dream had this bridge in china that faked the sky as far as the eye could see as sky blue but like vinyl up and down (it was on the right facing)...as soon as people walk on it (ostensibly to freedom along the top is rope, and yes, heading north) it divides in two right along the top and the outermost wall left starts peeling-turning downward while people hang on to the ropes riding along...really high at least one hundred plus feet one fifty? to fake sky as driving into a wall - a good idea with neighbors and all...

'your nudes are disgusting...' - french fan as always misunderstood (well, i'll just hafta see if there's more - dM)

'an ass is ruinous' - dM your crack was way too long 'til i washed it

'try nads...' but not without your daughter to pull off your old hairy rags, glued-up bra with the leather tops down?

earth day may misses the point (turn out lights, don't eat a baby's food as flake meal...)


restyled polacheks are all the rage with me now - go green and be that sleek (this unisys hampered on sunset this weekend all official heading east near the tiffany theatre)
another gland slam is just black and white (a 'bearcat') but with red x's on the doors in spraypaint raving through intersections even as we speak...luv'd it
now turn corners head out the window with an unpeeled banana in your mouth...'fierce'

re boston suspects 'they were beyond mean one called me scumbag on the phone and i ripped it out of the wall...no memories really, now both dead but dead we seem anyway...let them look harder' the father was in the enclosure building a dream home for the dog (a susquehanna terrier - very rare) - way overshot we were both killed on a farm in connecticut on sunday with real guns we're not that real....' - loose quotes from the foul (michael m.), cites grenade as liveners only a woman ran into one with purse and set the other one proximally off...boom! @#$! then gas from a doctor's bag was red (retinol for tongue lash burns of the head 'a geritol for old women we may scare them too much' so? what happened then)...the event was on tuesday and was re-enacted during the week as for no parades with...in hellbound ways no one runs 'too cold' (an m-80 in bean soup gets 'em off and running 'round provincetown (quincy, stop playin')...one hip burned no other really just some flab pushed inside...don't you threaten me or you'll get my silly putty bomb...affix then whammo! lummox 'you fuckin' bitch' you are stupid still...i been shot up in my ass talking to shit...now i rest...have a grimer?

depeche mode 'useless' then try 'nothing's impossible'
new album is officially out

one year in past itunes at 190,000 - last payment was 08/20/08

top advertisers come-go

lockdown? no cars, no walkers - no 'moneybags' (now are held for pay) either...pay up the army (source of 'jailed felons') hates us now

skymall do the catalog view at the banner site so you don't miss anything - lillian vernon site too a favorite is still the photographic blankets (fleece throw about $80) at banner link above...dick with regular scanned in photos with adobe before you send them i myself vow it...the beach, at home...

au pair who to thank: was thinking about the 'toll house' chocolate morsel...tall house? just a pinch in the butt the bottom of the morsel only to be seen? do better to be with us...

netflix still a good value $8 a month (bill by paypal?) - browse by genre (under the 'watch instantly' header) for movie posters as list only (e.g., horror)...they have alot, if not everyhow...the original 'evil dead' is there...

the hollywood spa writes to tell of summer rates with and without a membership or flat fee paid for special rates
the pool is ours upstairs last week or so - we have women there, thanks
just lost a google revue machine at ebay what sold for $27 all told

thursday, april 18...you don't wanna run, huh...boston is so cold! here in la you'd bomb the cripples, only (the 'fifo' inventory method - first in, first out...the medic copter that crashes after rescuing you and then the blankets set fire in the o.r. there will be a complete investigation of the fire that raged)...what is that red stuff? blood dries black i think re-enact, gets you off and running in the cold...hello again, hello...i'm trying to get away from these a la jackie joyner...they win (wonder about it all) just keeping up...

a bomb ? 'scrubs' taught me to put in ya like a kidney you to operate on yourself: at the least makes your heart flutter if nearby...know it...not something dumb people make you angered a whole world of it and they just eat 'em...woman or child (issuer, maker)...what? someone hadda tell ya...tip: cut all the wires, same

hospital key:
e.r. - the 'emergency room' for accidents, getting kicked in the head;
c.c.u. - cardiac care unit (like e-mail 'see, see you' a copy to) - hearts aflutter, chest compressions from steering wheels;
i.c.u. - intensive care unit - ('i see you' we all do) life support with 1:1 nurses, knocking on death's door, one step away from the morgue (though is mostly from c.c.u. i hear);
heard from overhead 'stat' - get here - there will be no change to this single order a cart gram for tests mobile (ekg electrocardiogram, etc.);
heard in the e.r. 'triage' - a nurse checks you out upon entry to see if your needs are immediate or then more urgent than others.

*the idea of working in a hospital makes one think of cripples and freaks if at first the whole family of treatment nevermind the initial health screening that always finds lumps and bumps (a curse? never after) - best described as a 'change of venue' (the horrible 5th dimension or unknown to me plus travel into it - the dark another demonry someone knows better than you - you can actually know better) i hated it but worked a few and they aren't anything but steady office and employment and health...i guess...the o.r.? slap yourself down but now you hafta pay up-front...$$$...better to owe? elective says maybe bits later we don't hafta pay for the whole la machine to recoup r&d faster...

skirting the news (you ape it all for no pay - yes i read it all its intentions nearly unclear but there for the asking - you could read a valley paper i guess another type of insult, we also tune in to hear those magpies on the morning shows blahla blahala on and on and on like writing a cd quoting stocks), we see florence henderson ('the brady bunch', only) has her own talk show kinda 'florence' i watched stunned and amazed her high cheekbones as if made with wire (her one guest was conchata ferrell of 'two ond one-half men' i think is cass elliot somehow and if 'oprah' makes you think you can know a black at home all nervous at 'king world')...the only vehemence (the steaming ribbed eyes of your mother) greater and from the valley is erin moran i believe (don't doubt it...is nearly pat benatar?) and if editing makes you great she is greatest...'thank you providence' + 'silence'...hey, we are hurt here and have the voice (give me aids: 'a bomb that gets rid of people but keeps their stuff' per the order...live long enough to tell it all at least once)...'you've got it, i want it' - the b-52's 'whammy kiss' you get some like it or not...be good for it...

...had a dream about the bradys days ago that made me laugh while asleep (you wake knowing some)...alice and a few of the others - about four altogether - were in a room like greg's attic room by height going out a window on a hook and rope foam surfer kinda for a flight over a swimming pool and back in the window - alice made me roar with laughter coming back in last - someone special there...peter was seen over the pool by me from another perspective he had sculpted hair in an arch on his back we'll leave it at that - usually a beauty-type thing...for olives...

bless us all...every nonesuch...

big push for 'evil dead' - don't forget 'army of darkness' has alot of their summation in clips too i'm confused a bit holding out on us alot...get the joke too...they want new friends but can't say and if one ghost 'dies' of mutilation and vomiting their simple being to life it's like white breaking up with black 'it's not because you're black' but okay over hours seem the wailing...you'll 'die' of fright questioning of prides...they don't smell your breath in a fuckin' grave...who's the magic maker (the one who gets things done)?

neil says the hollywood sign measured by his brother is two hundred (200) feet and they are huge wikipedia (no one truth) says forty-five (45) feet and my mind over says sixty-five (65) feet (if a regular tree is seventy-five feet)...the letters say sixty-three (63) feet theirselves...two hundred is good guess trust that...to be seen everywhere from like that? is why i don't use miles (my own walk to school every day - does not record lengths up and down hills) or tons (a whole car, something bulb or bulk or all at one time you lift)...

april 15 the last day to file your taxes (without penalty, that is)

frosty? more to come...vexus nexus

the original elton john 'candle in the wind' from 'gybr'
that may not have been the last word on 'harmony' played in the grass - methinks some is still restyled he had on the suit from the album more lefterly in grass is memory
the billboard s/b not so alice cooper but his captain fantastic the plane in '76
i lived in fanzines my father raged like in 'creepshow' - even worse
he describes his forays as being sales in newsprints they'd distribute - watch for that always a capitulate (i prefer announce)

curve 'sinner' plus entirety morgue...
seek same at the official curve site, and note the band had record number two at dinner one night asking for money to pay for it more (older banking queens)
not verifiably a good thing 'it's not gonna help us' - if you have it, you have it (stardom, cash)
there is no success with spending? i guess...publishing a job no one does these days ('they practice it' she says)
this album is internet only for doctures people who know already 'we can't manage it ourselves they say to some truth' (i cite involvements after upon self-produced)

See's Candies, Inc.

another green day-army of lovers gorillaz 'stylo' features bruce willis
this one is remiscent of sugar hill gang, donna summer, and madonna 'that's what friends are for' unreleased by her...peter hook
bto - brother what smells?

Right From The Beginning, It Was Like You Knew It Wasn't Gonna Get Any Better - I Hopped Back To March 2013 For Inspiration
If hope ain't cheap and 'fringe' benefits are still rounding out a hunger for the flesh.