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press here to pop the lock on time-safe march 2013 (we fresh outta vaseline...'vashul-hind' now with poconos blubber and tea leak some missing awol pu!)

folk: i just hafta ask the above to like this stuff any if better ('huh?' iike old records it is - it babcocks a grave like toilet water fends off) - now you ask of it too

the slow mo' of rhianna's 'diamond' is absolutely good too !! - like sneaker pimps 'spin spin sugar' two songs to be fielding for both, really
sounds like 'less than zero' at the very begin...theme

i voted tuesday 5th weho and why not? someone called and asked me to vote for them, all serious (not like it's gonna matter much to vote you down neil told me not to vote for him incognito so i did not is also in 'american horror' adds 'crash' is fucking mean with blacks playing cops down - always playing them until their mother finds out)...see the result almost immediately in march 2013 adds another pinch of salt...oompa loompah poop da dee dee - poop da dee dee...ok, i didn't really vote...for you...[x] no way, [x] bitch, please [x] salad i instead of them fries...[x] nothing for me, hanks...[x] um, no [x] nope [x] pfft...

true 'rand' with more excel later: use pops on a springsheet (what sends it back fast) - no new input then, no barks, no friends...government only as can't find one - like rain falling on a hot pavement it is...the drops numbered as what came first

on my facebook page once removed there is this film called 'the village' - opens with four long blocks of nothing shrub unusually the setting of the movie of the same name...they decided to build some tract homes in brick clause (just the rooftops) and hold a contest to run up the hilly roads to get one for free - just one, that is - the rest adjudged by buyers as not being nice enough...the development winds up being too large for the run-and find, and the winner who found the golden bell hanging on or in one of the homes was quite exhausted in the search near the end of...the winner, a woman, died shortly after - their way of saying it thanks? one to sublink a youtube converter

this my bike from circa 1977 sold for $75 in 1981 when i got my car - price? +/- $160
this is the bike i was riding with a friend (a jonah, a la 'three's company') when some woman opened the driver's side door to her yellow sear's cadillac right in my face 'oh, sorry...ulb'
witch: the balls, mind you, had smallish damage as the front rim took the blow most of it
who's to blame? usually i ride with no hands like an angel (nagel prints have no hands, fool...duran duran, a known awristocrat)

the word oiled in here appears to be 'playpo' - the entrance to our hall
the word makes me think of a mexican-type clown (like 'shane' spayed in green on a sidewalk) first...a playpen of 'agrapo' world cultures if the 'ganges' river equals 'yangzee'
india is surely the tropic of cancer at the equator if also taiwan is china or chinois or chicago...who knew?
blame to them your crappy laws - and so dials the sun

this a restaurant 'sur' my mother 'madonna' mentioned on the phone as having seen on tv (back east? florida? here?) - a 'fish' place on robertson
showing undue attention, i photographed at dusk on the way to ralph's - seems to say 'all this [as google] - yes it's you'
i know, i know
p.s. hashbags at (neil, and his father one fat ugly cunt) have poked the picture out - same see at facebook, griming in your home...makes you think you have to eat it there? nob

mother's response vai e-mail: "Thanks. Eddie and I think we would like to come to visit you for Thanksgiving. Maybe we can eat at Sur one night. More to come."

the bag ban (both paper and seaweed plastic) seems to say once placed in effect 'we don't want to sell right now' if at first and at the do it yourself register - still a 'no' vote to clerks who like me say they are owners of some sort and providing with each a sale (i myself have 19% of pavilions as myself unmentioned?) i rather see any government money being dishonored with cash placed - no sale too great here with plubbs afoot see year 'round then...

if the oscars (now liscares) seemed truly banned, consult my vision of hillary clinton (now formerly is 'anastasia' - thus is lizzie borden too?) arriving to an empty large box room with kentucky windows (white panes rounded on top) nothing but hooks and drags on the walls - someone didn't pay or show up -- later she just sits for two or so hours among no furniture then can leave? was ranting on the quality of nonesuch party favors it seems...

used 'smart ftp' (on the laptop) for new demands by yahoo on those who use 'ftp'...'ftps' what is 'ftp' but more secure? ho hum

a few new photo margues

'please, i'm not you'

click here to see-feel my latest non-sex (no dairy, hormones) video just short of a beauty stab adds one more it or look like you liked it alot while being provokingly thoughtful you yourself but not here...the absent are always at thought-fault plus stinky too hi tate...

world of origins: 'fuck' - 'forget'...someone said the french 'chic' for 'says she'? cheap, cheat? 'choice' or 'cherchez' for 'without knowing how or why' is mine (they at chic say 'choosing without you'...calls herself 'i see' first initial o. ugh..yowseh...dcm decimates 1/10 or no value to me living centrist yet acumen clear fight, winner...'pretty' - 'petit'

02/26 watched 'american horror story' last night to finish the first show off (on netflix - 'crash' was eased off but is bits junky - #1 for the academy? you burst me - tried to pre-empt you the other night is it true? we don't affect bottom lines but that isn't seth mcfarland by the way - stanley weiss (timmy weiss? no) is his last name a stand-in for jason best is the beverly hilton run-through) is good enough but the previews make it 'american' look dumb - get in there...we don't want anyone touching tate and that is the point a son gone mad over his mother being without him he murdered those two kids...i thought dark ages of jail through to hair color and light he's there right from the get-go and note none hopeful say it all out loud...last night's dream had me trying to take the blue circus top of six flags great adventure's flying wave from a pile of scraps nearby as i came and went among to 'use like a wastebucket' but is typically big (broken off with plastic surrounds) for as curio use only...i decided not to (a new one is $450,000 i'd say) but a female supervisor said okay as we talked at length and about why not i left it to be and as the ride didn't agree yet as dedicated substance (my mother is there as supervising for owner)...then another dream had me racing to get dressed for work in the morning with three others my shirt was cotton white with brown cross hatching all over it...then christina applegate of deli meats fame and as neil's mother on the run and as an aged anita gillette serving other rubbery cheese brands in the place of alpine lace to me sometimes - she left a sharp note of singing hyphen after me falling asleep to note her flight out to the west 'imhoff' is the name of the ghost she's riding as 60's-style flight cabin someone else there with her in a pending doom i'd say...another dream has an aged person's severed head in a bag at santa monica hospital's emergency waiting room (we are taping the one incident that made me quit further down the line a job respoken)...i talked to the head an old hairless one delivered by what i thought was simply nuts and dangerous as nurse maybe - just unnerved, actually - and the head of the woman who is sitting nearby as ghost and who is projecting flickering face on the corpse wants to be buried in a rose garden we know of an old house but as shallow dirt...imhoff (for 'head off') again with neil's picky these days...a morgue attendant removed it fast with hacksaw...she bailed easily enough...check the property all is probably settled back down and around again...i placed the head myself in a white trash bag for removal...and that, was that...i never get fired from jobs that is (as late? as exempt from) but share your burdens more likely...or is just you talking.

ben affleck: your good luck charm was a small green pen for signing quotes - you sign off before you use them, each time...


bankruptcy? you in trouble, girl - i been listening but hate being too happy for us what a fool won't live long - there i said it you don't take chances without you on the board (i don't want names i need fresh hinds)...i need you out of my business...'want any cod?' no, i wouldn't pay for that either glad we do though that's money hard at work citing value like stocks...cod? a comic-chron says that along with white 'milk' at the dinner table blecch...but necessary?...your childhood candies may call you home after all? whatever...i to dine with fine actresses out give $100k of $600k promised (target?) to this party and then no more one scanned yesterday says...if the $500k is real, so am i just say it...thanks...two (2) people at minimum student worker age-rates is not free at about just about that one afternoon...just about right...the money flows when it's not real or is real as all yours but death threats always in gliding south them...needs to be seen coming and going...i don't live poopies with money but that's like killing them too more pass through the eye of needle? that's religion for you a person hoping i die we're to get somewhere here aren't you reaching for extras again trying to leave me to pay it all back? fool, that's real and your tip to are a fool, though i see you in the corner of your eye looking...your thoughts are no reveal but i'm ashamed for ass ain't worth this - before,it was a numbers game you're bound to hit it by math but are also things i thought i liked always they hate me...always...the truest win no bother...we look to preserve a clean mind only? you are a devil...and you're not good too laugh a little...i try not to but are cheap the threat is real note it...

tip: a 'foley' (follow me, false lead) is shoved up your urethra to pee when you can't - rounded tip + ky...a 'hep lock' (for 'heparin' a vicious heart patient drug that makes you see yourself as in a gas mirror underwater and then a water fold) is for injecting drugs with no actual needle contact just one insert taped down then and then go in this a membrane and smallish vat...try intra-oral (mouth, amalase action) when hyphens fail proletariats and even if 'all is well with me' anyway...sends the wrong message? nothing a dollar will or won't mend...people assure me that doing the right thing is can't when you don't, but i'll be back...naked again...i don't mind you...that stuff is lpn level (nurse) no clerk...$35 a hour? i never thought i'd make that but a needleprick? no hanx it's never enough, really...i hate people around me at all i can be eccentric or very guard of me if make the world money - it's important not to be diagnosed as inconvenient it all comes 'round or as i say 'you win here to lose elsewhere' - dM 'please, i'm not you' i don't disgust people mocking them either...they see me not.

i thought this was the new head russian (romanoff - 'you don't even know how to spell' please, i do the hard stuff and why not ? you can mend or shut down and improve me a gun to the head) kept me company last night nice enough...that bitch? a handsome devil where did you spend all of your good times i'm real and ask for no such answer like that bathroom very careful to enclose both sink and toilet? it's not sexual my hate i didn't turn you down but have punched same that is not love but bother are you there?
i was thinking on the universal plane earlier as prompted by apple's screensaver - if you're real so am i (even mind runs from imbalance 'you to decide' life
wants to know if you like him? personal stuff but it couldn't hurt
who's the magic maker (the one gets who things done)? you? maybe
not quite as distant two jewish faggots (apologetic, some) dying of aids...they are not real yet i'm in the business but don't watch their cinemas dead dead dead you suspect nothing stills
elton john's lover now?

beware: a facebook friend request said i asked first - is that right for me sugartwin, shy girl? i hate asking for anything new there that's how you get challenged in reverse by whores or placed with a fake 'friend'...i've been blocked now for too many friend requests as simply approved by me and outwardly only...although 'can be considered harassing' you shouldn't find it 'odd' (stopping on the wrong note) or at-once demanding of us either (you decline me as me) - be the fool an option next time only one assumes?

the sun: remember i watched it coming and we repeat the rays are serious - breaking through space or rock it is powdered white breaking through in parts or large spots in various places and then pure white to be with us here - the light is taking something away in particle and as the sun is spinning fast but doesn't move much in tandem...know nothing only push light particle, by the way...

gamma? x-rays but small both heat and cold on one line opposites (heat hits bone the cold diffuses any light following so white haze, light and dark are another line in the 'x' and are contrast if no diffuse as black with light in some no x ray...only matter is destroyed in space to have energy plus plasma sub structures gey the rest remain and comb up with plasmas can't unlock plasma on gamma - you can' might have it but don't know why maybe the sun pecked it out in times tried...

potatoes? perfect

need internet tv (requires cable modem with service)? tiger direct (at our own link above) has logitech revue with google tv for $99.99! right now!

'why should i buy from you?' one clever asks me to kill them afterward...1) don't buy unless you want to - something for you with me as afterthought keep it a known value; 2) no one ever refused me a sale of candy in school, but if you do, know why for yourself - you don't hafta disclose your finances yet a loan barking to no real money but why i am different ? because you call and with good stuff, but that's me not you we are nor kind; 3) i would buy from you - this is personal what should prompts a sale not slavish or greedy and if the largest battle getting to sell as opportunity at all another sale itself, getting paid as robbed of your own sight is your part, let go - be part of something great that is not hate yet nor a jail ? simple sights made anew ? and remember most won't get the opportunity to do - should we see where the fail happens? do what's expected then thank yourself i need to know for you too, but people are stupid and i still live, i'm still here...the correct view is we were put here violating someone and who is that anyway? me for sure who are you all le grande until we meet some so little unpaid - we had nothing and no one wasted time on how it works...get yours in life and forget hate that is mine alone but scrubs off easily and of all filth is layered everyday but is not times taken - you don't need a reason to live or die but there it is it happened and you are smarter as one special (dies with you dying or makes it happen simply being the teller of stories if i have to believe in none getting the message by scomb and also thieves gifted by a lavender superior of the rudest smallish cocks while my mind is told by me 'so many economies, so many wastes making of wastes you take back the devil's stuff only a fool shows me how a woman having sex) lives here and the dollar fights junky (jump heap) shit every are shit, me too cya? put another log on the fire...where are problem people anyway - quite dead and no history repeats here...p.s. believe or not all are in bankruptcy - only apple challenges working into your 1960's from '43 a war lesson unlearned whatever!...twenty million more dollars is pure crap plays dumb you can't price it out to a fool...businesses are people only (yes even sear's) and you don't own that at&t - machines reduce work so pay people or be with them your hair caught in rollers doesn't take the scalp after all...give them anything but mine or what's missed neatly after we take yours while you are at work one day i haven't had my things in the name of woman's sex for a while (they don't even trespass right as so seriously hurt by false military debt - don't pay that if this is a win we know the chinese neighbors now) and your money doesn't lift many out if to be well spent credit cards fail don't bet me i'm unhappy with you only (you don't like me but know joanne 'pflug' is famous somehow and why a freak)...i won't hurt people - others do that well...let me change but seriously little incidents get rid of the impulse for now...bankruptcy is still private and i lie alot - all them crapheads at starbucks soaking it up and down and still no chalk a business is doomed by not having money ever - i like 'em and all but there is no beauty to burden the likes of me never read unabomber either stay out of the grapevine at valentine's we got that don't shoot these are fantasies only...try that on spanish people they hate being known as poor no money all that latin fire and cha-cha don't pay white you'll see nothing come they have that stuff and think of you never one to one and again...people like what they can have not savor they can see that with the way, alot people just sit there so what better than having to hear it all don't buy me a dinner...overseas travel by plane once is the trauma these are for sex suggestion, only, i'm sure i'd be there 'john dies at the end' because you couldn't ask (that is mine, now you hafta go?) when all is flowing, no bother point taken like it or not...don't say not real you don't remember real stuff...i don't know anything...fags are still fucking each other at auschwitz (aw, shucks) that sandler guy is there...who won the delarenta? 'i bought this dress at sears, but wear women's knits and shoe claerings at home in france' yeah, i'll belch...shit's painted on there...make people happy i don't yet...

richard is white but so are spanish - duh? and people don't believe i'm magic! you gotta love fucks here you can't talk to a smelly diaper all night plus woman sent;

write the check? take the test - it's cleaner by yards ask scotland

'all but an arklark' - your scary incantations as rhyme consume me as thoughts - peerless;
'grail overfloweth' - if christ's cup is the holy grail (new?) you pay too much to drink at some any - when you can you shouldn't still proving it non costs you nothing;
'shallow then halo' - the dead so often mentioned are dear only after proving a rest haus, otherwise you can't bear it the sight

Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee

stabs at the gay heart

february 23...happy birthday to my mother still with you...don't over-redo it...a knife worth giving says 'cheese' on the blade as punched out in metal? i have two now what's worse than a life of hinting by you and may have two points at-end thanx the clogged talking-eating throat? pavilions...what kind of chocolate? russell stover (this, also see' raising? i dunno) just $4.88 a long box at cvs last week (god bless cvs 2-liter coke was $1 i love that but the look of stockpiles at home is heinous....pepsi? potato milk as cloudy, coke is a wheatgrass or wheatgerm pressed) look at the ribbons all darks and nuts is really a pink bow how odd...i mostly avoid cremes but like nuts, toffees...darks...butterfingers...say it say it...p.s. you didn't date jimmy buffet, he drove you home $60 to blow him (to some is waving a hottish hair dryer)? okay you dated briefly...i'll pay for everything but fuel, thinking out an escape plan? it's covered flatly....where are problem people one asks anyway - quite dead and no history repeats here...

jesus saves - just $12 or so at 'b' on santa monica
thought i was gonna hafta sew up the rims...

sneezes alot to say something? god 'blush' you

february 21 -- just got mom's slim-but-wide birthday present out in the mail for a saturday the 23rd delivery...hop off...west hollywood's plastic bag ban went into effect yesterday 02/20 after a slight reprieve from but weeks ago...ten cents ($.10) per every paper bag requested must be paid saving money no matter how flare but is like parking fees at work then tickets up in the garage - you get paid to go away too...scans reveal 1) the bay is flooded on bottom with these wastes as dispensed of 2) burning yesterday of some new or old made me sick or was just pipe work here as go away...

Say goodbye to winter with 40% savings! Use code SAVE40 on eligible products at check out. Offer valid until 2/24

last night's dream this on 02/20, plus some earlier: i was at a movie theater down a hall heading west - left and right are the theaters much akin to where i was last week or so and i was paid pre-show going back and forth until the movie started...the one on left was showing 'john dies' and then mine was this new one from the same family of film about girls and being about friends...before my film started, these guys as security in yellow started combing for receipts up the aisle and got to me (on right facing screen in back) too fast in my opinion to see a receipt on my right as lain somehow to my sight...sure, i was paid in by credit card all official, but i said aloud 'hi everyone i'm doug moon and it seems [a little pointed] like it's all about me here'...all went silent like people understood me readily and they backed it right off...the film about the girls has one with long blonde hair guess ? calling to someone to come and get a shake or drink or whatever from a gym or cafeteria window seat and then nothing more...something special for someone as mixed up by her...

...days before that, i was being referred to a mid-size or reduced-set casket in light blue (could've been in my childhood home the downstairs play room) to take another look at someone who wasn't doing well with the process of aging it out...i had anal goulpers (akin to the pink bubblegum stuff used for molding braces - is shoved up in a metal plate then pulled out for a plaster casting up next like teeth in the grave it is) from the mouth opened placed in my mouth for no real bother and is associated somehow with the chocolate candies (i'm my own valentine usually so squares the box...'tate' got a little one or so sez the making in advance) as i eat a few overnight as i wake from my sleep to pee and drink a little...zoom out

scary? the scariest thing i ever saw on tv was an old black-and-white three stooges-like frankenstein butcher shop with tendons hanging from dismembered corpses on tilting flats - simply gross - outrage! dr. shock's tv show, philly

' we're s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g - we're shocking' shop boys a day in the life or why not you, actually



"We are actually apologetic that you are even here." - from 'Fool'

One wonders how lamprind thieves who can't even own a third-rate bank (ones who cite bond ratings* versus overdrafts? only tax-worthy government ends sell me bonds) anymore get to hold my interests in the public spectre even as black-market cantaloupe (no sail). Legitimacy (and why not you) can't be obtained with cash (applaud, laud it) anymore - you gotta suck it all in. I weigh it once then nothing for you will I see.

*the only bond rating you'd cite as seller is 'triple a' - these are discourse (considered derogatory) and for internal purposes (knowing who you are to 'them' who buy) like working for a law enforcement agency - it won't be long before you're locked up by your friends and you'd hafta agree you know too much too soon, allegedly, would say criminal justice folks or then the local community college you went to prior to securing the perimeter doors...

Much apoleto to Taylor 'Dayne' Swift and her Grammy windsong 'We Are Never Getting Back Together" - the video's sheemed but days later is just about a girl hating her Richard-like (housepoor) boyfriend for not showing up and that's okay with her I but guessing the friends are flaming fun...and the song is pretty good ciao anyway (who made that?) So, no rice patties to moisten just yet the Grammy's are a sacred cow as we went one year why say it back to me sock. 'Bring no harm.' + "You know, I just did that. You don't need to do it again - "

Word for the day: 'abracadabra' for 'a bra on a cadaver' or one full dim-sum of can't figure out how it works. A rounded cup of rice cakes each will add something to you be jade.

The above video trek has lots of smiles in it - strange days. I thought the ol' briar patch and all christian robbins 'window the poop' - she says 'windsong' still...'fly calypso it's strangers we brought you - fasten the belthooks and starkle the day'...but um but, they are alt-term ('we don't like your words' what happened then? sky to speak) residents in a hothouse above on a chinese mountain sort-of...their whole hometown road is not real and then it changes to become real in a distance of say one mile...treats me...knoxville, tennessee '36 - war against china then...two years remain...


asides with barry's mcdonald's song 'mandy' (picture a bald ? man looking out a tenement basement window while it's raining - song sheet art) revolve name to mcknoewn or then mckeon...alternate press (um, 'convicted erection' is army speak for no gals? why bring up an later) and now quotes 'i don't really like you'...that's okay - you actually have your legs, don't you?

rihanna 'diamonds' - what i wait for
a 'banjoleta' she says - bouncy - and note the album track is bits more somber and worthy of attention
like swiss hollerin' it is yoga

happy valentine's day....did they touch your puddin'?

i you hafta tinkle [pee]? gosh darn it!

front 242 (a table with your back to traffic? have it your way) 'never stop!' in lieu of fleetwood mac 'don't stop' or then 'think about me'
nothing new yet
was looking at la times twenty-five records they can't wait to hear ? mostly unknowns - i'm looking for cocteau twins still 1996 then ?
they're there...kinda (she & him - she's doing movies now zooey deschanel a creep bag) i hate wealths lifting out and away

did i tell you i called 'big foot' in for a look-see? is a wide ghost and a temple of some sort - vaginal almost but no fur apparent...on left facing outside is a michelin man all white plump and damned scary as a set of legs...surgical white kinda the feet are block like herman the middle of two pillars of some sort is the canal opening coming and going but is a batcave inside stalagtites (points down) and mostly no stalagmites (points up - bats supposedly make these they live in their own white poop poking out for mail - simply darlings) or path to rooms-caves for sense and wonder (sex? back then? maybe you a wooden leg) is dimly lit and government operative (blue-green inside as dim of light) in all, scary stuff - murders people? vacations them somehow...blankets hanging form these for me like sharks coming in and other amaze like motel sense or a window-level walkway out a window everything changes visitors are elsewhere alot as i don't want to be the drag here 'do what you want' unless smartass easing it around me the usual skype women 'tell people we fucked - you don't always hafta be the piece of shit, you know' - dM

'jesus gave his things away' someone quotes - yeah as long as you have nothing you care about what's the gift? your careful discern? 'you never seem to know too much, but take with great care' - get people what you know to be true...your mother's hate...'whenever i feed the deer a bag of cracked corn from the hardware store, someone comes running out to say not to...i do it anyway' - dM animals were told to take some food even though they are not necessarily yours to feed - or else i hate them around...i hate autonomes...don't worry about poisons they know of them unless sacrifice to prove off - what packed an egg up a chicken's ass...

"Is nothing to know. Is nothing to me." - Jesus when asked of calendar year 2013, paraphrased by me just a bit.

"Who's dead?' - me but earlier as when asked of the same year - sounds good.

It Might In-Fact Be There In January 2013 Or Possibly A Bit Further Back In December 2012. If Not, Try November 2012 Or Possibly And Again Even Earlier Than That
Only you know. If you don't see it here, it's because you don't need to know. That's personal stuff i.e., if you didn't tell me, I wouldn't ever need know...someone's missing? Let me discover that along with my any the pay stub. You're not missing enough to see anything...