Having Sprayed The Floor And Screens With Raid Flying Insect, We Flatz Out To April 2010

we've been waiting for this - next monday april 12 be sure we'll be there
we love the house of blues
got me a rash from something, but all should be better by then

Happy Easter 2010 (can ya believe it - still here in a brown skidmark on my heart and as just you? but um, 'each year' whether you see its warning or not...a snake wrapped around but perhaps under a bush says 'god hates you' or its close relative the 'petri' striped egg of no known nudity to be among ours a veritable cornucopia of merely canned ruins). To ostensibly honour the man who didn't have to ask (is certainly defining of 'success', but if among ruins may perhaps speak a holocaust personal is yeth redundant or is 'in there' like c'est nutrition at McDonald's or its golden skinny ass thanks upfart - thank pu! better stay dumb). Is that you too? Jesus had to ask? No? You'd hafta ask that. The whole suffering says "do this to that [a rebel a revelrie or simple poorness or 'truth' with no known butterfats], but be kind and rewind" the real guy won't have any problem being naked out-front like women fed of the ocean at least until night falls and talking to 'God' (the one who should just wait for this to seem like hell itself 'be you yourself sure' or a 'personal jesus' someone who will lay with you with and barely no headstink licking your balls endlessly until seem and to be 'poor' or the very first time you were on meth that would be five-pound bags and bags of sugar ago in January 1993 when, like you, AIDS died trying to make this happen sensibly and to no more talk 'what do you mean you're not gay?" it says so right here the doctor did plus no one sucks my dick so good now you ricidicule my fleeting is of no humility to be washing feet in a bowl what should have-be horn of plenty with great potato chips teeming (remember how expensive and rare good onion dip was and only from the package store? times have changed but still none have improved Netscape any just tries to be there with English-type edits in mind and no gifts be good at something be sought I have no Netscape Composer now and I'm not interested in you at all - no money issues just talk you escape the mainstay of Netscape money or service-saving hinderance by code to get around with theirs a Safari that didn't get English time as too lazy a woman snacking on saltless crackers with some gray hair now they attack as any the big one to have theirs if at all a fight and over you) to protest me (hey - I hadda be this for you another retard, a turnaway) rewind rewind I can't do enough for people these days attack attack! I hate the nonsense of patrice gratis in my face and old people with my lays too be good to see it with you can take all you made out with you and still I have all of your things and you I don't want it thrown away just yet) overhead endlessly with great interest in all fact-day unless seen to be unkind: asking of a mole, ensuing baldness, or to some teeth missing. He might hate losing stake to no guest but a reject at having just sighted but in greater distances usually the dreaded uniform of the past (no old or spent up money begging dentists not to help top dogs Jean and Casey Kasem of oddball Beverly Hills again) would it be my correct doesn't ask you to be a big dumb fool for me first. Bring your things you need to see what you offer to me less what I already took back to the store for cash no credit to shop for you here yet (no selling by and to be for me, ever, and you eat racial profiling shit to be best said or heard from objecting to me never but seemingly said). Meanwhile, it won't matter. You mention that name after death for obvious reasons and you're going be like Saint Peter fed to balderhans (God's magical public wolves simply a 'pantoon' or huge God snake hanging to mercy you in a stairwell at Universal) and no one will care yet just big wicked laughs and damned good times (at Moon's the laughs burn you like a bucket of light tossed off to the center of previously thought you will reminisce alone). We avoid the obvious vote, but see how the winner declares itself simply by showing up to do so like women did after prohibition I wasn't just ignored outright, but showing up fast and long-last like it was for them when they to do it be like me or whatever that is losing no sleep but sleeping each night and as simply. If I can't speak, how will I know I'm gonna be wrong and alone? "Oh, I thought of it all day...and my feeling's that I was wrong...I was wrong(ed)...I was wronged." - The Cranberries (or as me to God over - I can't believe you think this is right for me what's yours to care for around its speakings we both cried it was so evil upon hearing but take it to tape for blessed joy but be both each and a joy!) it wasn't just the sarong meeting me at the door, the hairs of the upper salas (um, saddle, but up and under some of the legs where lump vinegars make stripe) were particularly coarsen. What? Heroin scabs at Park LaBrea? How would I get up there and play for bitches like that? I thought you were nice now? What did she say? We'll just hafta see about that maybe you're right but fear is now mine to pay? I pussy outright plus, you're no one anyway we see it when I come down and having ordered up plenty of opus (um, presents) for the next few weeks what ? a job ? you cunt to be kidding me Jesus couldn't get around me I'd be pleased to introduce myself, a man of wealth and fame...I've been around for a long long year so many a man, so many unmade. So to flame? What was it? Yann tiersen "the summer lost and found" those sunny streets we all had so what and you were "no dear diary" but thanks for the bullets in my head you pig no keep going with the sperm and glass intelligence or no thinking with speaking clearly can solves it all your problem poor breeding to bring things for me. Mender (an erstwhile friend of third wheel bassist Simon Raymonde - sample one date for what is to be about Liz, or what is to be the 'least bet' only) died at Cocteau Twins news ? but I put her back upon hear wouldn't it be nice if she were the girl in Evanescence but I still sing all to be place and you knew Simon was Neil only? Who knew then? Who? Still I draw my name to a sucked tongue and toss it to one side. You kill people eventually all anyway throwing switches you do. Greed (or lovely talk of people but as unseen you take from) kills people, avarice (averages us) watches them die. Now you get me my money nothing's changed yet fool the cement shovel in the backyard was good enough for me yet you still speak of you just a head turned to the same side no you can't suck my dick. No.

Went to Target West Hollywood to get the Black & Decker hand-held floor scrubber with attachments (see with attachments at manufacturer) - like the one I used to have at home I wanna clean carpets - and they didn't have like online I died scanning the floors with little energy after mass so thirsty even the "Pizza Hut" pizza there now is just the "The Hut" (pu!) like soap it tastes this how you will cheat us but will not have at all or ever when I remove from memory's sake. Hadda order it online after all (no, I will not call first or pay attention to your papers either this charged off to not overly thinking ever), but that led to this dumb-ass bluetooth connector (s/b the radio part, only to replace any USB cable then) for my Motorola phone the Motorola "w376g" already with double miles each load up (the store still has 'em for sale $20-30 and at witch). As you know the fucking camera can't be read from by computer as "no service" made yet to me why would I have that in USB (anytime, anyplace no additional software like a record needle it should read analog or changes in light only to scratches it in) at all, but I get involved here by a store clerk who misunderstood my meaning I guess. The only issue here is old women (really a failed man, now having hidden it well enough by you) and their shit against me showing my body and seeing else not theirs by choice a damning so, but the labyrynthine (not just maze, but water too - tears if you will but you can't fit inside basically, you can't see for yourself) of gay thinking needs exposure. Get this shit right you pale to me you and your money crap two fake tits like a dumbell hanging around the back of the neck invested against being cheap. I may be reconsidered, but you're gonna be dead of this junk a faggot. The bluetooth wouldn't be interesting at all (many may see no cord to the computer and like that option why) and now is mine for under $20 I'm still doing well and against you I guess. I also got a $20 ceiling fan from Home Depot for over our inferno of a bed it gets so hot (a local Sunday paper ad suggested the price at to be thought, but here we find again). It the fan on slow cools me perfect. Act now...a swag (wire, chain to side, down wall) hanging install is planned no electrical box it has a light kit too yes.

Saturday the day - what is it? The seder or then "satyr" - the one who runs you off for doing it your way in his presence. In history, we have this cloven figure like Pan the half-man who plays to you to lower you over a bridge to be elsewhere. The father home after a long workweek is this with his kids ostensibly and doesn't want you around with new stuff for him and theirs. The "seder" or seeder for father tries other things like bitters of lemon with clearing the palate with water to see if we can get off the hook for delivery or need or get to something or someone we were steered from (a lesser sweet somehow?)

Monday, March 29 - the first is on Thursday. Easter is the 4th dress like the dead return you: brown suits, white collar. Blue? Maybe you first. Brown is from Sears. Lady Galaga ('Godiva', 'gah-yah' God knows you) your video is compelling I've watched many times now and for the right reasons I stare. You are dirty people your music is dirty a lowball too it appeals to 'franks' or just saying (we do that to them because they leave us too easily and are junky for it). Fine, fine. I was in a gay bar ('Gym' bar was the latent 'Normandie Room' is all mine now) after Corey Haim 'died' and faggots were wearing headbands (um, "headties" - for a warrior, "honors Neil" he says) everywhere to protest me I assume. I brought that back simply enough and he gets to die only once so be it. Is having personal difficulties of strength and I don't want any of it heard by me. The only movie that matters here is "Lost Boys" it's simply great "I get nothing for it, though, and I have nothing too" he died making "Cool World" in 1987 on the set and days later too trying to get out. As for favored actor Jason Patric of the same film, he says "he morphed" into HBO "Entourage" actor Jeremy Piven and, incidentally, "Addams Family Values" (mine) writer Paul Rudnick the man with gayer jokes. Example of his work: "Q: Why are you dressed in [all] black like you're going to a funeral? A: Wait." This is daughter Wednesday's reply to another girl at camp. Christina "Nina" Ricci needed to be queen of hearts (role as with no name) too...

'addams family values' at hulu
'thing' is fester's female friend - and the baby too
this woman playing the role is kathy gossard and the real eva braun - trust that

In "Alice In Wonderland" (see CH131.com) I like the apparition played by that girl from "The Devil Wears Prada" (Anne Hathaway or then Julie Andrews the actress) she comes in as a group of women or people - a royal flush - and is always acting enchanted with everything to seem as though she herself is enchanting. Good foolery. The queen of (our) hearts (as bequeathing us, only) is supposed to be another foolery to you a man who is dead with a big blown up head in your face and if threatened as a costello (hoolahoop waistband held up by suspenders to be like a cowardly clown) or a targa (just a torso rushing you with no head to see, very Roman), offers his gay heart or false love to you as clearly emasculated but paying you as quite cheaply. The rest there are to be a deck of cards spun in your face for being heard too well. Keep watching. The queen was great rejecting the mad hatter's valor with the scream 'he tried to kill me' her lover with sword reconsidering who the winner is. Junk me!

I'm fine, thank you...still wondering about you too. Been choking folks with garrots all weekend...

what they saw...when they saw it (click here for target's page)
incidentally, i use the red, green, and blue rca 'out' jacks on the back of the dvd players separating out color signals i think it matters the cord about $20 i got ours at koontz hardware
maybe your tv has these it frees up the yellow video jack for 'out' and at the very least...the rgb cable at radio shack for composite viewing 'comp'
this weekend is will be held in an infamy (things people know that they don't wanna know)...more than one of them is to be known to the least of it so calling

Insert me here if I've been enjoying you too much: Depeche Mode "World In My Eyes" loves it or leaves it at YouTube. Is about giving you the ayds so you can see too? A great god song about a hypersex of you seeing what is sent you in the head and as me feeling along. Really, the first song on the album produced by Flood a God-like. A great bounty of hammersound with great dancing around a plainly good scare.

Still healing...incidentally, what was happening in my mouth was challenged every step of the way having a tooth pulled was like pulling off a molar band from braces - that bad to get down and off. A mid-procedure x-ray showed a gaping hole on the side, but nothing shows yet. Strange...up and down, up and down. Bring to health. Am I still God? As long as you have teeth I love professional service then some prayer it works. Got that little RCA-cable projector below it is beautifully done and so cute too. I was worried about having another bag of stink yet you see me very with happy only. A wonder yet, got mine on eBay, and you see nothing but me with and after the fact. We know how you are.

Did I die of AYDS? Yes, in early 1987 they pulled the plug in surgery (if real enough, you'd be rounded up like rattlesnakes). Just the way I like it. No more babytalk. Don't keep bothering me with this stuff...AYDS. "When love gets rough - when love's not enough." Not all love is sacred - you can trust that. Be normal.

had me tooth removed today tuesday 03/23/10 with three motherfuckers as roots
not too bad yet...sutures, ampicillin
if anything, we wanted to ensure a 'no pain' feature for needles etc. - still, not bad at all
realistically, i stuffed the tooth with temporary fills from since august 2008 until it split the side of it molar hanging on gum only - time to act, scared now

Beware yellow caps on us our Coke drinker's caps - they don't have codes underneath. Bought one 2-liter (a weight at) today and after asking what bottle was better for me.

That Ed Hardy candle I got on sale at urging actually melts (there is a deep glass inside for a single tealight) so I put the kabash on that with a fake-flame tealight. Just as enjoyable, and as I didn't pay to see that bitch melt asap ttu (and 'to thank you'). Terry the roommate cut his finger bad on a knife doing chicken parts again (he does it often enough to be that a fool) and this time it wouldn't stop bleeding. Another opportunity to see whether or not I would flatly reject any intermingling? Plenty of bitter old faggots around - I'd let you die. I have in-fact you test yourself for pregnancy and galvan warts each and at-once. He had to go to Cedars some little bitch with a ladies job there wouldn't let me part a sandwich at the desk. Fuckin' freak - you know more.

when this guy was first heard from as the boyfriend of somebody i couldn't factually remember, i thought 'okay - let's see the rest'
here playgirl (a second-time around vaso-rag) have issued the remains of donny osmond for being too quiet or sarah pallin what have to you not - who died? so what?
you should go die we'll photograph you in the morgue with the kids
anyway, this guy is liked by me and unbelievably as cheat the ol' gristmill is making carb-free bread at-will again...back to work!
he shows us no dick, but that's okay (people you hate have done it to you and we know what's better stuff)
you should fight for the things you hate doing but as more noisy
you are statistically worthless to me as fat, dumpy and not so free - a dump showing me a property for sale...don't bother they'll only see and smell plus i never rest on 'c' never
throw that freckly shit back over medieval times england to the noise dump by the way i canceled the magna carta too and will kill you for this one day too
remember english pot-turds who dies mostly only - you and by horses pulling and niggers you date in aids hospices
i listen in...like heroes you are
the ocean is everywhere now waving the land so seem so to speak quietly
p.s. a tired donny visited millions of milkshakes lately its own reward one would say so strange their jailbird culture of having and not having
i can't go there as long as they serve us french vanilla pudding and other crap in place of dairy soft serve - one was like bull sperm it was so gross
what is that - soy? english people make to you this stuff like you're a piece of shit
p.s.u. freddie prince comes to mind here also...they are all in here somehow
honorable mention to the other guy in this issue but more up-front...little mustache real cute...just like in 1980 top of the pops
posing in grass, darker looks, very doug reaching for better only...no you

you didn't like that bowl? very mozambique? no, a very boiled wood of shaped skins
we also got these rubber or silicone interlocking breast bowls from target
even if we didn't have food to prepare, these - a banana-made silicone - suggest of a juice and nor melon...i like 'em too well i think
we usually use white melamine bowls, and i had a hard time finding any an unusual good at target these days

"You'd be naked alot more as a way of getting better stuff for myself, except someone points out that others would be pulling on our genitals too much and fingering my ass as way of being bored." - dM who buys off-the-rack only, I like it way it hangs on me

"I know I hold secrets but where does that leave us? Reaching out to the far beyond, leaping out to the great unknown." - Toni Halliday who knows too much about us already so as to not bother at all plus I just watched you sucking cocks on film in full makee (to the 'scanned' image file?)...now just a whore or 'cold wind' warming to me yet 'our door just blew open, yes it was like that...'
the quote taken from the curve song 'black delilah'

this past week i sent geri a birthday humble from target this thomas o'brien wooden salad bowl $30-$40 we bought plus with giftstuffs from trader joe's
sure, it was 'too big' for a bag or studio salad it seems, and i, naturally shortighted, hit the roof over this purchase of by an idiocy
get it right at the store next time i hate beautiful underpriced things being stolen from among my choices out-front like the countless of textiles gays ruin being inartful
the trader joe's stuff $30-40 worth is no jars or bottles but box candy, specialty mints, apple-pan cake and muffin mixes, premium parmesan crisps, chocolate foil orange with individually segmented, and la da
does their $2 wine 'charles shaw' ship well i asked the bottle at neck? yes, no
adds the shipping to florida as bagged and boxed wasn't cheap $16 at usps plus so and as too big a gift for their wonderful standard box rates for priority no weight limit
this in about one week delivered or by tomorrow then it said
no, it the bowl - great for superbowl parties and if lined with satan wrap a further purity - doesn't come from cb2 so asks the bag yet
i threw a drink in saint patrick's face yesterday as my notature as an old and new and with no sound
the day is god again making you especially famous and especially unknown to our further of wealths...see no wraps between us yet

some boy showed me this today - is that it? is that all? you holding out on me thanks paul walker and vin diesel for that lovely mexican-type showcase 'fast & furious'
paul walker was somebody bigger maybe is precious the black and he lost alot of weight to be splendor...he is diesel too, he is also in a straight dual porno i just watched as blonde and weighty
terry - no man to me - downloads these as no two tits are mine...i look to see what's lost to me , only, and with no comment to say

back to - thank phew! not bad, really - thanks - don't talk, people show you how - they don't cymbal, they don't allow you any none, there will be no high-hat
thank u frailty, ginger lee? thank u providence
them twister sheets don't fool me...i hadda buy a black plastic flask for $2 just to get the black plastic funnel that goes with it - see both as one at aah's

sperm again? see their website as susan dey dot com who wants these thrown away 'sensibly and without coil' if 'save-the-drink' my national campaign
despite 'young love, first love' i still sit in dollhouses over at my sister's out on the deck with kids...
and note honorable mention of susan dey in and of my gay matrix of childhood crushes to be seem one day and is certifiably sperm-free as yet
you may be able to put six (6) pills from sudafed in these and use the dishwasher for six (6) cycles to empty and get gold
about two (2) quarters i haven't tried nor will we pay - sudafed 24 hr or ad is used to be best
the dishwasher idea comes from me scanning a man on tv who was having his kitchen renovated as project - he told me that's what he does somehow

"What I want I take, what I don't, I break - and I don't want you." Bon Scott, AC/DC ("Problem Child" MP3 (6.5 Megs) on the "Dirty Deeds" album 1976 plus re-release 1981)

"There ain't no such thing as a great person."- dM frees the Jews only from unholy f'ccmd

Updates: California is fighting us bad over 2008 tax return - the billed us back over $1,000 saying our head-of-household status for the other dope and I isn't valid and went as far as negating a 'cousin' for status they have every other mute yet see it a clever-enough lie. Two (2) returns still in the werx and the Feds declined us for 2005 saying we filed late. Needless to say, money from me isn't necessarily a good thing. You'll be fired outright and sent packing and those dollars each one will get your head cut off - even for asking lightly. Know my hate...I never see you here ever but thanks again. For over $3K on grease money for last year. Take everything, maybe I file against me noted. Maybe I lock up money. Maybe you're not naked yet, but the declines sure hurt me bad. I'll never understand alot of stuff the next four days is all I look to see done my way. Talk is cheap, you are not expensive either but my teeth are gonna cost you. How? Why? What else? Channel 131 has "The Hurt Locker" (um, the living end) among other things new like "Alice In Wonderland" and watching a bit they chopped the Mad Hatter's head off. What jerks...I can't help but laugh at that stuff. So stupid...real reasons? Of course you do it upon simple inquiry I'd do it to you anyway just ask me I'll do it for sure. "Yeah, yeah - yeah that's it." Stinky faggots and their whores (um, as a cold wind - just try it, Faggot, I never make up with folks not ever) should go to hell with online crap it'll change your sex you'll care then and again (on and on yes I hate you, yes it matters one day no you). All should be free, but if you insist upon being there you should shut up fast. Women are simply no one to know but I sent the dead in for that. You can live in a morgue with that they must not be with me so stupid and crazy. You listen...I won't have it here. We agree then. We do. "It's easy to buy into shitty reasons for hurting people." It's even easier to be you - no one who will decide that much. You? Me? To you. Census (sense it's just us...no you, none) Bureau rejected me too. Thank god they'll kill you with work what am I? No bother I get scared of too much talk for no bother.

Happy St. Patty's Day ! Not nervous, just not well-received (short abusive movie it hasn't mattered to me yet). Thanks to kids who probably have nothing good and still these are here like women I hate are here..like faggots are here some (and now, you [just then a quick clip of the wist]):

very nice to me, thank u india

are you still mad i compared you to my forty-year old male friends?

i tell kids to drill obvious holes in bathroom walls at camp and the circus too...
spying on women is very important if only to get caught giggling hysterically
i can't stop giggling, you'd only chuckle

My favorite Ed Hardy candle is the 4 x 8 hurricane with fake center for tealights. They have 'em at a candle shop in Beverly Center Moonlight Candles upper floor near Macy's now and at 30% off. The middle size 4 x 5 is $40 retail or sticker there.

here's the opening of 'the hurt locker' - very 'toy story' you know you is wrong here a babytalk
the star here is from 'priscilla queen of the desert' we see you
by the way, 'snow angels' is the movie i talked about like 'deer hunter' where that guy shoots his girl while she kneeling barefoot in the snow...

"Farrah? Bea Arthur? Please, we miss them but those are tv people. Hardly the stuff of legend." - dM I died too I died with them a hose in my ass

the cocteau-like music box song from disney's 'chitty chitty bang bang'
another deeply-held inspiration so say me along with being simple in its rhymes that's key
julie andrews is sally ann howe or whatever but it was bad enough they used 'the ol' bamboo' twice

remember the eyeclops mini projector (see target online i just went to target and i wanted nothing, really, so see)
i still think about projecting film outside or watching a wall then (although people complain about these viciously, see for yourself it's cheap enough)
an unfinished business is pile - also note our philips compact dvd player is now $27.99 and with free shipping
ours is on the fritz making noise i sprayed wd-40 up in it once, twice, then bong! one lens cleaner later...
more: we went to target west hollywood last night again by bus to pick up a new player (the same) but two (2) units on the shelf for $34.99 but sale price enforced at register
we'll move the defect unit as sprayed to the living room to ease computer playing and will be as unreliable there...but pennies to be yet plus $1.50 body washes by suave (wild cherry blossom and ocean breeze flavors)
the police honored me in the street again by shutting down our bus lane and we walked some no bother
the old player worked last night after further cleaning some i played half of 'apocalypse now' and watched some too

Burp! Corrects that title...I'm gonna hafta see that "Hurt Locker" now. I watch war movies (one of late had Russians or something like that digging holes in the snow while I talk to characters on the side - not bad, but the title delays me) but they don't pay me (no thanks). The people can't say and there is no interpersonal but hurt and stupid. Know yours: good nutrition plus no fighting or contact equals most pay. Or, cry and die. Don't threaten me - I starve people in Africa not here and their food has blood plasmas dried and chipped up from drunks on skid row like flour it is the teeth and bones people don't forgive you yet or good nutrition the truth still stinks in me but you get what I get ask better questions.

By the way, my tooth did I give you the cash breakout for not having insurance? The local doctor I went to (Grace Sun) is like a celebrity we met $250 for the initial visit, $350 cap/crown + $150 partial extraction + $350 cap/crown. That's not cheap, Nigger. We're going somehow...Mom paid the initial by check the rest not in my name yet. The black on-top I saw (watch video stills - not good stuff what do you know ? your complaint of should be first...) is my fillings I just figured that out. It was like a square was punched in to the tooth and is black some on the tops like they were burned in China intentionally (upper mouth right). Looks like what I do to people for touching me there, but my mind said "is heat" really. Still a fright - my mouth? The high tech stuff is purely clerical to me - you read the stuff I can't see. We'll be back.

I Found My Perfect Love Match Using February 2010 - "He Won't Read It, Either!"
At least you can look at their pictures trying to get...I can't see anything much.