my mother gave me this plush heart - a fisted top bursting of emotion - years ago
i never saw its use, but now know why stored if 'mine' would say 'be gone'
brings to mind the sam gross (national lampoon) cartoon 'just two more of them chocolates or we'll blow your brains out'
rats going in and out of some hog-tied woman's ass while one holds a revolver to her head (she is bound and tied sitting against a wall with her legs up)
there is an open valentine's day heart on the floor next to her with wrappers abrown - a torture in a nyc basement? the rats say there's food in there...'there is - we smell it'

March 2010 Just bitch and pieces...advance. I hope "Precious" wins the Oscar De La Renta...remember when it was all real and there were many good films? No? "That nigger!" What else? Had me a shamrock shake at McDonald's already...Sunset and Crescent. "You don't pay" someone says while they live all those retards like they're me then we undo it all back through Jesus and times had and rehad. Blacks delivered alot of good this year if "Precious" don't win they should strip your women naked at gunpoint on the way out. Just one idea. What is the rest of that junk? Military stuff? I watch military graves being visited on tv and there is no one in there they know what you like. The oscars are sold as a package admit that the films are theirs from bottom showing. Thank you. "Precious" isn't innocent, but she is being treated badly, only.

lindsay buckingham 'trouble' from 1981 or so
visit co-founder fleetwood mac's official web harness or presence my dear

leslie's little russians early 2010
thank your mother for the gifts you gave...what were they?

eddie and zachary on the beach in florida - he avoids me to my mother
i swear he was this good-looking boy in the spa - slender, lots of hair, chain on
mine again...i hate the place swimming with faggots and the atmosphere is light

eddie's requirements - however steep - are unmet as of yet
try the other side - there won't be so much to subtract off

the new jersey (um, nova scotia) house mit snow this early 2010
no, you hafta ask her first...this place ain't normal, either

To the 'I've been chasing rainbows' posing arena, chile desert snap posh: We've had two full-on rainbows in Los Angeles now that came right down in our face on a parking garage or just nearby in the street. These are still ultra-rare, although some have never even had a bumble bee sting on the foot (we seek redress too - a cream for no easy cuts of the skin with blades using light, and a wax dip like for the hands but for feet to be used around pools...a small car jack for forcing things apart from within - and why not your window). Someone said they were in under one its light ending and that it's just periwinkle (like a flashlight beam but with little before a tornado with some yellow and green) inside. No shit. I didn't bother walking just across the street to it like a ghost it won't come too near and will move from your view. A pot of gold? A pot will go cold - keep the good inside where it usually is hiding or catching your hot breath to be squeezed. When records get a warning (warming, is 'warbling') sticker on them 'find for them, how about Jew?' it says 'we made these' simply ours-elves without the words 'mister saggs' and 'frankenjoy' because it hurt so bad to me in my own words, say, and the artist-leftist gets paid to be me not. "Your heart will go on." Sojourn (break, to be sleepy) for the fun. Hate has to tell the time wrong, I guess, I just mention its wellsprings as hateful. "If Jews clap along, you're not getting paid." Three parts of four are not yours and to find the tax. "If you don't wear a cummerbund, we'll hafta see your ass on the way out." Double-breasted is an aux-pair's partial or half-funeral you slightly off-base just standing there along lines. Don't ask of the smally dead or deceased it says 'I'm dying still' a half-man being reminisced by someone else not known to you. Who to thank? "We don't want people paid [and you don't get to know where from art thou neither]." They've been sitting there too long waiting for this little of nothing to sell for nothing and we've been here forever hoping to see just bits less. I'm never that happy, but that's not yours to just price out. Before: "I'm gonna hafta blow you for this, it's so nice." After: "Don't go putting out all of our plates - feeds dogs. Use a dogwipe."

I told the timely remains of Carroll O'Connor at a local cash register that he was only person of note that I left a flower for and to date and how about him carrying on over that son of his that died on drugs I added? I blend these carefully squit notions in and out and to no quest (the carwash nearby is chock-full of frankenfurts like albeit 'John Davidson'), but he heard it here to be first (like his son ? they can't speak or will not have it fully grown). Just good-natured for a good-natured person I tell once if can. Remembers dumb Edith, you don't go talking casually to a casket unless you wanna die. She died lamenting 'no friends' present to an aunt of hers boxed at the 'shop'. True? In "Heathers" Heather "I'm not going to drink that piss" Chandler killed all those people afterward. True? Maybe not to you. Be that less nice. We think life has a higher price than just being asked to take pills or drink something poisonous someone stupid mixed up and if you're "so smart about things." You'll be the trickster that offers to get in someone else's place during a hanging (formal) and lets go of the tricks at the last minute to be plainly there and however, there. So be it I get tired of you too. Meanwhile, may we (like a hospital I worked at in New Jersey) suggest pre-employment health screening paid for by the employer that catches lumps in the nuts and ruptured assholes before I assume it's me and my looks? Then during surgery (your insurance pays and thus - my father's did at my age just short of twenty-three and prior to moving west) we can ask you more and under oath, so to speak, while you look at my dick and balls for all it's worth. Or then 'gas' me to death over having tested positive for AYDS and as silently abeyant your mother may sees only what's fit after all. You wouldn't know the difference and don't change the rules just yet. Not until we see Selective Service papers - all the things hard to give and even harder to get back sensibly. Our willingness to receive pre-scheduled pain like elective-type surgery now meets an inability to interest others who do these due to financial hardships brought on by mirths. Whatever. We don't do anything for anyone but are like parents if do - a glamouring of ourselves in and of sorts.

the whole shebang ! of sgt. pepper what told in one night
if this isn't my favorite movie of all time, it's because no one cares what you think, ever
i likened it to you, some - all nervous and sniping guests

thanks you...odyssey magazine

if i made songs out of pure crap, they would all be made until good and finished it says
better to have it a spleen, than to see it scratched off without it just nuts later
terry (sees now is alice cooper too, of aucoin 'gold coin' mgmt.) asked me to shoot this location while walking off center (a pilfer) and i did
still, you see nothing
alice cooper, as you aspire to, walked the streets of la in a stupor for years he said his mother heartbroken when he was found (see 'prince of darkness')
dead? sure...

god looks at himself like this all air compressing and with helium a ghastly hiss

We close this February of late (something old, something noisy for your kids) with the name of the black ape-like being that haunts my favorite crime scenes (the faded "Black History Month And Junky-Type Leafletter: Quite Butt-Um You Frank Me" still be edited you down, off)...basically their version of a chump presenting the "villigaines" or "philliganges". What perfect to me then? Neither friend nor foe, know everything fun has a life-cost maybe just you this time. Both tax caches (secret, selved) came back today in-tact and rearly regular (all pommes frits, no bart). In thank we fuck! Grape gorge.

Review with a god-lang: Gabriel & Dresden "Dangerous Power" MP3 (6.9 Megs) the basic elite. The lyric insinuates me. "I want to believe in you | and be believed but by you..."

gabriel and dresden "dangerous power"
most round royal roberts picked at the fixins bar now known as the 'mayo clinic'
hydro electrics the morgue and it sound those whirring eyeblades 'ooh, it burns me!'

you lost the soul
you're out of
your demons
siding with you
no sense to your vice
in plastic you hide
i tried and i failed
to teach you

like a flower
i want to be
the sun
that you grow to
i long to change you

open your mind
the loss you don't find
the strength
designed to reach you
destruction finds
the weak and
the blind
it tears you up and it eats you

like a flower
i want to be
the sun
that you grow to
dangerous power
between you and me
how I long
to change you

failure comes as passion goes
too much time has slipped away
and all I see anymore
is history

now get serious you too are this mostly just skin-poop

Was watching this film on HBO last night "Lost And Delirious" (hardly lesbians, more mainstream or just pedophilia you see them and touch the top of corn) about Hogwarth girls that goes with the picture of a woman like a sloppy Christine McVie (mocking Alaska sound their airport) being arraigned on the cover of the LA Times this morning. I swear this thing was recut to get rid of two famous girls, but the teachers are interesting nonetheless a punchbowl thrown over a rail at a female-only rock dance with males singing a maelstrom all appropriate. Not lesbian enough Sarah Geller. Although pretty, the math wouldn't start with +2, but with dividing by two to get rid of the "(x-3)" squared, I guess (each side you do it to - to reduce any flanz-schubert to common terms you me thank you but a note). You can look for yourself. You don't need to be that right - just so some freak can win at that damned cat and know why and how so not. You are the moon - play me something awful purty while I suck this guy's dick behind the bar like Mr. Roboto (Mr. Boston? not as a crude, you to hand the ball back at glove one penny the each).

In place of Famima we now have a pet store (not again - I need usual food and fare) that babysits your dog in their front window (complete with grass strip and fire hydrant) starting at $10 an hour. The name is the Healthy Spot Jason my friend brought over a cute chihuahua when Terry was away, but I ordered it out of here (he'll piss or shit and I'll hafta answer for it later) and he came back later without. "We loved that dog we loved him, but he had to go." They replaced our front doors of the building here (nothing new, really...bars across calls a car?) and strangely enough the smell of dog piss was present for a while. Another hate crime? Speaking of hate crimes, I watch the olympics until a human interest story sets in then switch right off I hate your junk (it makes Terry opine and my day is never more furtive with that in it - know your part in history is not seen on the tv however yours). Remember, the olympics were about pre-testing war-time ideologies "you weren't good at this, how about nutrition overall?" If you won, they shot you too. Who's better prior to in our economics wartime of now fate? I never saw communism as anything but our baby, anyway, some woman cherishing a need and the fact is they sell their shopping day making you go to hell. Yeah, you defected we love that catharsis of "Hunt For Red October" we win within our hearts but a change of never survives the KGB. You're never seen again on a beach or otherwise. The day starts here after the sun pushes all of yesterday's dark garbage deep into the Atlantic and daily. So have thee.

presenting the only coke rewards code i couldn't get credit for - twenty (20) points - that's no small affair
sometimes it's just easier to pay...if hardly that at all
my guess? btxp-4rv9-xjnh....sad, as makes up for the code i got from a friend's house...connect the dots? be that cheaped
update! on 02/25/10 we entered btxp-4av9-xjnh and that won the points - thanks again one new coke on the way
p.s. precious comes out of a theater in a ballgown and squeals so funny at a fan - get that scene a royal from zimbabwe
the ghost of hers has been here many times and is around still win-win
and did i mention phaedra is here? a huge t-rex kinda made outta brown twigs and roots and leaves and all constantly threshing around and outward at neck
on rooftops? on one seen lowly, she is huge like a real one

"If there wasn't a god, you'd be one." - dM or someone else not allowed to quote me as simply another person

Green Dot Alert: Watch them fancy MoneyPak cards with the scratch-off number (now says use a coin only). Carelessness on my part and a helping hand of no good handling me rubbed too much off the pin number and you gotta call Green Dot with your store receipt to get them to credit the monies mine would happen in one (1) day they said and it came within that time already. Strangely enough, I wouldn't bother assuming you could just fuck around with the missing digit(s) trying to get in the system (I was missing one and hardly). The server won't allow that I tried largely and wouldn't bother yet. Let's call it randomly stamping in dollars a day later you. Radio Shack issues a receipt for monies only and the pin is on there in blue cash register stamp - a better way? Meanwhile, SKEPTICS (sees a material worth, only) like Crate & Barrel wouldn't let a $90 order (#302673448 flare mango wood bowl with servers extra) rock out to our gift address (me) with as little as $1.55 remaining to be charged on a salad bowl and tongs order like it came with vinegar from Europe (it was the Canadian oil that barked). They took the lesser amount on approval upward to fit, but should stop kidding theirselves. It's better to get the merchandise soon I still spend every cent I get until I see you have yours being happy. Happy 50th Terry's parents plus $300, $250 whatever you steal here by mutual funds I'll take out of his ass with doctors weekly like crystal comes out of my toes.

More vision 02/24/10: "Empire Versus Vampire"
New York City is the "empire" city, the one built by Heaven to represent mankind's empathy or understanding of each other's pain to one another. The most said from area set to all height in terms of weight or substance, there is nothing like it. It's downward feather-like shape - a last of the mohicans - says to me you can be dumb (done, dumped) twice sampling it underneath. They shoot down planes up-musk or straight up mostly that approach wrongly like Flight 800 bit it doing so almost empty however and that made them open to affair later also and is now restored. The world's trade center is to be desalination in plant upright and that is pure water from Hell now going up and down frames as usually said. Hit that (Hess has them on the way for gasses and shows how little or much visually). The world is represented as the green globe at my desk I showed you earlier. It lives, breaths, and is a part of god within that is known a "vampire", a vanity done in flames. "Various" as seen to be true in being distinctly different a bandwidth, as opposed to "sundry" or sun-dried lying on the ground dying in the sun waiting to be noticed some would say. Its face, eyes, and mouth emerge as its brown land masses heighten to black and it shows teeth always fanged. Real but needs a happy day always as summed in making the face. I know your pain, but disturbing a grave? You better have me around. I like him coming around often, I think.

Ocean is "oce(a)" an optical lens blue and wide. It says "I see you first" always a big eye on notice you and is little or waveform in nature a concert of many beings misting out of the place as if into outer space. Andoval or "and" says "and whatever else that is below and above us may be reamed here."

Duncan? A 'dunce' - dances for you, doesn't know why (has a strange in appeal maybe as simply as a weirdo posing). Therefore, a lunchmeat like someone's ass makes sandwiches upright in the crack folding the butt. Their butt is really nice...nothing filthy. "Like sandwiches" is to be my quote. No, not you.

-----------------------xfiles says wells fargo has 'opportunity' checking now for the asking no credit report will sum

1) "He's a drug addict." - from "Fool, in Toledo"...we use the word 'habitual'...'addict' means having the cash always and so far nothing left borrowed is just left;
2) No phone call means 'nothing sent'? Nothing said...not on-time anyway. You say it then;
3) Don't get funny just here - I missed my meaning in life (a roommate? and just one other) last week what actually to do on own unnamed on any positive owing (owning) the terms debit and credit are always to be an equal, thus be fool if the 'vowel' always says its name as 'vows' you an 'aye';
4) We hate each other being around and under any pressure to deliver me sound...drugs keep 'poor' people happy but the jokes are lightly scripted. I live in my heaven yet you too seeking further as 'underprivilege' unlooking at me. This last run was surely an 'underpriviliged view' or !plimply flantastic! see you next week flying lizards kiss kiss kiss broken mirror white terror with no yoko;
5) The difference between San Francisco (Spain? the "political" pan-pacific upgrade of murderous teeth-pulling asians, heaven, and a 'plain tiger' as sucks cocks of no stripes play entirely) and Los Angeles (the pyrenees mountains of Rome and Greece with long green cyprus trees? of the dead and grace, "collegiate", shows you it's nothing to be yours before and ask, heaven) is "filching" (see also as MIA in the "Elvira" the pariah or prairie dweller movie "Reverend Filcher" holding the beverage of your choice to be sucked outta someone's ass with some free refills 'no ka-ping' two minds, no two truths. You could shit on the bar at "Badlands" what every weekly but who's to be blame in the home? You clean that up the 'party's over' talk talk 'I don't want to be unwelcome' (I say) in my own home that 'never have to say twice' list of thirteen shocks to the math (necros, post-it to someone, finials, hairsay, etc. 'whore' the 'cold wind' or 'wolf mother' enters titbitten flat the aveoli still showing as spraying some any satisfeld should be as sleemed, seen) or so won't be added up so quickly even the very next time. Rule: "Not to react" but step up to the plate ready to eat and drink softly. Though you kneel, I may stand and the legs shake "so I press 'c' for 'comfort' | i dream of wires" or surety seen as path, credit us one Gary Numan its nothing to me but everything to you Chris "Bobby" Lowe my own love paramour. The future is to be yours I may suck that horse off showing you it never mattered to me, yet you had AIDS die me off in 1986 I'm saving it all for you. I'll surely need it. Over the door out a "good luck" to you (Bitch) if a proper ribcage 'hanging' is the black horseshoe upside-down an omega-2 someone may come in at the last minute, but who wanted to say that but couldn't ever just cry on command (better pull out fast they'll kick your ass for crying it over and alone who's-who among nobodys trust that, Nigger). It may be just sharp puts harder to wipe your ass way up inside your extended'd have me help this guy here. "I hate that shit" to his father who couldn't possibly, reasonably be that old English woman in facemask that never put her "cock in that ever." Ask mine yourself - you know better already. Same guy? Quotes the boy's mother "How?!?" You know me, I'll just take it. "No exceptions [no one will be that alone - trust that]." Come along, be with. Be white, come along. "Wouldn't it be better to be in-charge [as black] rather than stand around hoping it all works out?" No. Be humble but silence for it. They are better than you, you know. Right? See none should see but perhaps hear of later only and to have to ask only. Success equals not having to ask or so and naturally succeeds you a food (um, 'fume'-hood) comes first.

Happy Birthday Sorry!‏
From: Doug Moon (
Sent: Tue 2/23/10 9:27 AM
To: Geri Moon (

Happy Birthday...your nursing school pictures say 'how old' to how old? You're not old again yet your mother is Bishop Ahr? That's what I get to have from England and your gift today an old woman in a face mask - funny enough and how dumb.

The tooth check came and is helpful always and sorry. I'll deliver today and repay you soon with monies untaxed yet. I don't care what happens yet...we'll see later. A missing tooth is hard on the say, but that's just as nice as yours are I guess. I hate expensive caps and they look like shit...bonding never failed but they say they can't do it. Too many freaks with bad breath paying the rubber bills.

Thank you have a nice day. You don't have your mother anymore - isn't that still nicer overall? Don't ask back. Love, Doug

-------------------------------------------it's not bad, but she cared too she now says in my head as just asked of i'd listen in on the pairing of, only

longwind is not entertainment but be just as ready you fool call me if you hurt only to not have the hurt you'll pass go and collect the $200 from me who will also have a broomstick cracked over your fucking head in jail after I have your asshole punched in as 'fisticuffs' the fist of cups, the queen of hearts

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsave the soulxxxxxxxxxxxxxxximgoinitalonexxxxxxxxxxxxxasutureshouldneversayoneperxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxo

'law' is to be a courtesy and as a practice - that office of coffee talk moistened, warm breath; people kill people - that is 'justice' or just this[?]
the law is then what remains of what's left to be seen
a 'history' is then to be as yours to be told and only - else a 'timeline' should note not as a say but what mention at note (as a behind near the tv)
'tv' a 'tb' from as eats the dead, a what remains of what is 'to be' seen
if 'wealth' is to seen as 'well-off', 'health' is to be seen as a 'hell' being generally kept off
'hell' or sacred name 'havelin(dM)' is to be seen flying out a window at first opportunity seen
'disease' is just 'dis-ease' or not having the ability to seem or be at a comfort...what is to be tossed back to you or slims further with no more of talk
'sex' you stay here at 'x' or 'septs' as granted will be must at a 'comfort' for me but is no septs yet see everyone 'cept you it was you and i or 'you, me and she' or you me he and she;
turds? an afterlife 'fact' ('this' [happened right] 'here' that is also 'time of occurrence' a cross or intersect) presented as 'truth' (info, is distilled with you vowing vowels or linking letters up making a having said) much like 'data' a street address plus number is to 'information' what makes a letter deliverable a city and state and with no to further assume
trust it - your truth is buried deep in your 'face' - get the 'fates' those three wicked snakes helped out about to you only i see it but must listen a video to be sampled against a crap of pointed photography
who delivers is for to be pay...'pay the man, clarice' - sam gross

Hold the foam: The soft derma alopecia or 'starfish' as we call it is the human hand dried of its mitts but it took alot more than that. What finger would you hammer to see our cents globe? The 'aft' of course...pinch it just like that she'll get it out of the way it simply sounds off.

Thanks you not to 02/22/10: Not painful yet my own tooth, thinking I could go home and enjoy myself ever and still? Monday? Mom covered some since her birthday is tomorrow how timely the question of pride. The Hollywood Spa was good last night "at nine" am or pm? Their 'free' with $4 four-hour locker pass was good enough for no extra cash but see food and drinkstales your breath stunk up my tomb I hadda ride under hut all the way to clue "Maggie May" I. Ad naught. "Precious" is gonna be entertaining for years to come? Even with our remanders not to speak to me, the laughs over the door intercom 'stop buzzing the damned door, motherfucker!' three times is gonna hafta stay around. I put a switch on mine (on the speaker wire that should light up a LED indicator or solid-state "light" or bulb from as a Radio Shack, then negative to positive it flows only and thus may makes voltage cancel up circuit ? still tooth and toenail hospitals won't screen pre-aids 'anal' warts (morely no hard dildoes or those fast-set two-ended mieneke sapples like mine under letterglass should it staple one's weight) you get to see nothing before or after so go ahead we won't care you will - don't bother me) with a battery source saying "is off" cause I hate that noise from bare water baggers and assholes. Charge my ass for having it crack, then I'll wipe. See only merciful release then and no you banging and banging or asking for a drink of water we don't hate people but no you have that simply enough elsewhere and I can't thank everyone for leaving or me just coming in late. Mizake is Mikasa good enough for you as what's bought is what counts? Is what promotes brevity in exchange. You coulda bought that yourself - it's that cheap, take two back then. "As you go, we all go." No, this isn't what I wanted, even so I still hate it. I'd pity me too, but you make me mad and that splits the mind and makes it nimble when editing the outcome at no titplay I'm sad when leaving my lair at the behest of another day without you ending the adoration of the male figurines I keep touching on the head to die at random just a funny thought. Yes, he's back, but that means making for new. It's dawning on me now...

We give to get. Not much less is said. Did I give you that? Get it out, now.

--------don't change the course of reaching for's never just with you bitching it all....knowing why not or anything at all but see no gift

Another tooth splits...$$$...confused still. "Is it our fault?" Um, no. Not yet.

target has those gas grills like ours on sale sgain - $89 plus you put it together doubleplusgood the gas tank $30-40 should work forever ours still
it's presidents day tomorrow, today was heaviest snow day of the year valentine's day 02/14/10 to cool it all off
unless you're on drugs and it's all a veritable holocaust
terry left for florida last evening we saw it all off with good intentions and babytalk (all chandra) now its partytime
have a nice stay, bitch

new tee at national lampoon's jerkass clothing...then see giftmaker to the stars cotton factory
'vegetarian 'til bacon' is right if 'albondigas' is mexican meatball soup the pronunciate and a local favorite

the joke is the woman can't read - she remembers what someone else said only

This month's intro put down and around: Where the meat cones (winds to you up unseen) from - a shample at feat (looks like a mess) you clove at me (you still fearful get sophisticated).

Coke Rewards to date: Twenty-seven (27) bottles of Coke at 20 oz. the each. Fine sippin'...what? you gave me a case of cola the kind I like thank you.

Film update or mailbag: Mom's superbowl party with undercover celebs like Liz Taylor and Betty White. Vic Damone (thinks he's me Sid Sheinberg or the eye at the top of the dollar 'I seen you'). Tell no one...thank you all, bears more than one viewing...that yellow fleur de lis isn't for The Saints you know - she's Mary you fool. The Colts were shiny looking this year my mothers says what team is closest to us geographically she goes with. I like logos myself after certifying no guilt. "I have fear, I have guilt..." if I love you means I'm willing to stay with you? I loved you all, 'til this here.

Genesis "It's Gonna Get Better" MP3 (6.0 Megs) from the self-titled "Genesis" LP (1983). Love the lyric 'hands in the air | don't care' like self-styled (watching as they do) freaks they are.

Stevie Nicks Part Deux
dM: Here we go to finish up Stevie Nicks. Lady (Sarah) Coventry (a jewelry fame, is of witches) is Buckingham's mother she is Lady Godiva too by name (that's HER mother)'s in the genes with an olympic swimmer person his daughter, I guess.
SW3: You should say less. You should see more. Lady Coventry failed - you see the aspect there. Take that off now.
dM: I won't.
SW3: Fine - now die of me. Three points, then close. One: You don't work, I do. Why?
dM: Apparently, you took my place out there. I took yours. Always available, you won't have me and I'm getting used to that if I could only fend off your fans who hated the last record but bought it anyway. We heard you were dead again and Sheryl Crow finished it up and that is just me in Studio C.
SW3: You are more than crazy, but I see your point. People hate you.
dM: They do, but they can't say it right. Maybe nothing personal - there's a war out there, but I can't fight nonetheless I'm too precious a fool.
SW3: Point number two: I'm real and you waste my time here. What would you say?
dM: You are fervor for it and me, but have your hands full. You know about the cost of a full delivery and can't cover both of us doing your part.
SW3: It's costly I guess, and no nastiness intended.
dM: We really want to know about your insights with taking alot of my time, hearing your vocals. I love listening to you and singing along.
SW3: Don't waste your time - you're really in trouble with us.
dM: I'll bet, but we can't finish these conversations too soon, and I won't receive demanded deliveries or people kissing my ass.
SW3: Don't be mean - we wish people at-large well. You should too.
dM: The wishes for are generally accepted, but I have a hard time seeing a person harvested over the ages. You're gonna prove that to me being more or less accepted.
SW3: We'll stop here for now.
SW3: Go to hell - we hate people. We hate you. [this maybe messed up in reporting - she hates you too - Editor]
dM: Thank you. We mean it too.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++what are you doing? uh-uh, not here you don't

Nom-info or then 'ending [having a] childhood before obesity [a first-glance 'fat' vs. 'old' - very be black, fnx deicom esl]' (the first lazy's howard speakes on "Larry King live" brilliant black crough! means giving up youth-oriented partying before being rambalam'd old or chade the all-night listener of stax radio with smog lights on to help pee one wonders aloud while noneother than just helped me to be freed from her 'sit-n-sleep' flactra [starg-framed placemurd in wood]...peanut shells like the used ones in Fiddle-Faddle no hards and in-between the legs) with what's seen at Gelson's: Made a great turkey casserole dish from scratch a few days ago or maybe even yesterday having been duly threatened with the wanton disposal of frozen white meat and if sausage the stuffing remains. This jerk I live with skinned our Thanksgiving bird down too fast for my taste, but did a good job without further guide away - we'll set aside the stuffing for mix gravy and later eats. I scanned recipes of yore (um, the annulments of history) for being ornate - a 'what's required that you're missing'-type survey - but saw nothing extra so this is what I used together it was excellent you'd say:

White meat chunks - no dark as recommended, a potful of Anthony's cooked egg noodles, a can of Campbell's mushroom soup and as made with a can of milk, a single prepared bag of Birdseye 'Steamfresh' frozen vegetable mix of corn, green beans, carrots, and peas made to be at room temperature warm, three lines down the long glass tray of Kraft Easy Cheese spray cheddar cheese sharp, regular bread crumbs sprinkled over in quantity, a coupla tablespoons of butter, and a can of French's fried onions (for nearly four dollars?!? - well worth it) on-top for a half hour of oven eating at 250 degrees or so. You know better than to eat here.

Remember, we learned to read to write only. True? No. No two truths, no two minds. Check for $20 a day in the pocket and at-hand. For saving forward too.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++you're hired you nigger

cruel taskmasker target has 'fun dip' and probably 'nerds' valentine's day kits (you own the bottom) on sale through force and focal effort
send valentines or vicious-at-sample poly-threats until you stopped doing your part with daily applications of rogaine, a mole, though they cried during you, your sex auteurs~
i didn't cry, did i? 'cry cry cry 'til you know why' i lost my place on the shelf or should i just die? you'll probably make it to have die, so die to be as shelf a further of no choice made me
signals it below to be the tea

cocteau twins 'cherry-coloured funk' is acting happy when sad? more like having the aids
from the 'heaven or las vegas' lp (1990) - is not the record's closing or epic ornament to bid you farewell 'in your state of paradise and unhappiness'

bills and aches
and blues
and call it everything else

you steam a lens
stable eyes and glass
not get pissed off through my blood lips as [this] could be
still we hang close as left out far from behind [alts: 'hang clothes']
down far behind these who for are praised not to be

bills and aches
and blues
and bells
and excellent news [to which a baby boy is born]

bills and aches
and blues
and call it everything else [no word from your camp, about your boy]
you steam a lens [alts: 'as esteemed laurens']
stable eyes and glass
not get pissed off through my blood lips as could be [alts: 'good news']
you'd halve our hearts [on] horseback and don't see line(s)
we had your 'pass and stowe' being as you never speak [the liberty bell signals births and deaths with no fuse]
(to be cried in laughter)
cherry-coloured funk
the king of unseen
(to be cried in laughter) [to consider one's own mortality and in their youth]
from [this] night do [i] bleed?
it shouldn't be hard
to talk down
through this tiger's mouth
it shouldn't be sung too loud [alts: said and done]
unbroken nightshade [may have been poisoned a death]
should i not sing?

you hide my heart [on] horseback
and don't see lines
(to be cried in laughter)
here we hear the same stories
used still in discreets
(to be cried in laughter)
(from behind these sordid deeds)
cherry-coloured funk
you cannot be seen
hard to talk of dreams
they're solving lasts
not for keeps [you still die to of other else]

try and try may this hurt me

you rockin' it now ! more or less said:

cocteau twins 'evangeline' from the 'four-calendar cafe' lp (1993)
asked to come to the fore, they ask to see no more of you, your guide away
'i don't want to know you, i want to know about me with you'

for letting
someone else define you [alts: you find...]
you know who you are at every age
what [if an] impression
am i making?
i see me
as other people see me

there is no going back
i can't stop falling now
i am not the same
i'm growing up again
i am not the same
i'm growing up again
there's no going back
i can't stop feeling now

i had to fantasize
i was a princess [alts: 'i would fall to pieces']
mum and dad were queen and king [alts: 'king and king' - au pair as two homes, divorce]
i ought to have what feeling?
i see me
as other people see me

there is no going back
i can't stop falling now
i am not the same
i'm growing up again
i am not the same
i'm growing up again
there's no going back
i can't stop feeling now
feeling now

there is no going back
i can't stop falling now
i am not the same
i'm growing up again
i am not the same
i'm growing up again
there's no going back
i can't stop feeling now

i had to fantasize [alts: my hands feel cold as ice]
just to survive [alts: just sinful life]
i was a famous artist [alts: i had to fantasize just to make it]
everybody took me seriously [alts: and to seem to be]

even those who did [alts: in a coldened grave]
never understood me [alts: just sinfully]
i had to fantasize
just to survive

nope: that quote is from amanda burte, a scholar at princeton that died talking among friends
i am not a slave, i'm going out again
i am not the flame, i'm going up again
if how so be paid? fugit tampera

See Your Throat And Of Ignorant Responses Melled For January And 2010 Year Of The Gladham, Its Prose At Me Hind
There's no forgiving, but we can forfeit a no-spend to thrive in it again a sour.