used to be you could swim to and away
ne'er the bother
now you're trapped
an opinion might do for you anyway
maybe you really liked things
what would you do with that anyway?
start a fortune 500 company?
okay so i hated it
it's not about you i've been feeling bad
need to spend more time

the land of excitement and enchantment > > > > > feb 7 > > > > > > many office-backed chairs and other else are $100 again! look-see
having to do nothing,
having to do nothing for you,
now is still the best time for day runner refills for 2019 - month-at-a-glance whatever
i got mine
now, how best to use?
we'll keep you informed, otherwise
to trust that

new: this page covers march 2019 for lack of good reason...this on thursday, march 28...see a movie, offend someone new....next new page here!

friday, march 22 - and how are you hurt? no more talk for now be cheated by it all...that fuckin' plant on the porch dried up as unbloomed but i watered it regularly - so go figure. no one needs joy like that the dirt model fails us regularly and only then....see ya...i'd show you for a laugh but i threw it right away...none of it wants to be with you.

facebook is pooped out today - we'll wait - maybe we'll hafta use your silly credit card after all? like beverly hills is actually for the army and reserves (what's that army air force base near nabisco in pa? i loved going there - dayton? dover)

still trying to make my health insurance 'chubb' (connecticut housing unified buying bonds?) real - we'll get back to you (bonds are what the government legally sells to creditors you and i to raise cash around fiscal budgets for fixed asset improvements and/or buildings, education loans, and farmer equipment or loans also telling them not to do to stabilize prices....)
most annoying thing these days - getting your money's worth - undercooked food and faulty or explicit (requires additional conversation) merchandise i hate it all

'i've seen rings, diamonds, and pearls
if i ever got caught
i'd give you the world'
new no-talent (three-line song) by dM

sayings we get wrong still:

bathom the hatches
mountains out of mobiles

our 2019 coloring book entry
color and hang after printing of some sort
luck is a dirty word?
'luck be out lady tonight'
his name: hibiscus - real

no rush to easter and orthodox easter this year april 21 and 28th respectively -- good going! passover is april 10 a day before easter's real fixed date april 11. reportedly, april 19th. fyi, christ was murdered on friday the 13th of march.

it's never enough

my plant today a bit dry yet

it just looks bad and for saying 'no, not this time'
a friendly neighbor is what i am

to learn at one's own cost? someone i barely know and angry bashed my front apartment window out yesterday 03/06 ash wednesday and bent my cheap security door trying to get in...at least my lease is up within the month! what's next? my last four-day stay at cedars for weather relations and twenty extra pounds ended around february 1. we hovered sanely forever. yes, we decided not to pursue yet. like any woman junk, i don't want that here. that's all. you can get that shit anywhere - isn't that the point? you don't know everything.

new four-brief clover coming soon - pending any notices undue

was the new page for february 2019 - january is-was so damned difficult we'll amend

conrats for 'green book' that's right out of leftfield who expected that? tell the black niggers at 'b panther' janet jackson covered that already 'she was ferocious' you mended me flaw for the queen: forgive the quip or i'll stop calling you by your first name 'suez' she just won't come done...the ferocious quote credit martin luther king...a bigger loss than thought possible? yep.

roma pu! saw it after the water waste and dog shit subsided but she herself poked at that dead doll the wrap was beautiful where's the pencil it writ? no need to virtue a dead doll with the unwary father's reaction to no dice his dick was nice...i don't even get a bucket of wet sperm in my mouth these days all that walking to set sail...message? you're not ugly i yams...

back to life, here's a weird article from ex-roommate terry (nope - no mend for that an arachne sexual) jackson - these are so bad you should consider them wed - we still love you however and a day...madonna is first by mention...only, no gags...who is that for? your mother's friends living alone? top to the notch...'you don't need so much, i don't see so much' - your father's bride to be...don't be cheap? don't be seen cheating.

sunday, february 24 the holiday was nice enough this year including rainy and cold: it's sunny today the oscars are on we are doing nothing for having nothing to do all up to date and awaiting better news from you? see us soon....

proper update on the narcissus or paperwhites being squirted with water on my porch
it's important to get it right the sprinkle of flowers must come but end it all too

st. valentine's day is thursday - fyi

this one sticks in the gut - the cardigans 'communication' from the 'long gone before daylight' lp (2003)
we like the video style here too - like they fingerpainted an ipad or iphone

re health insurance: got my embossed health card in the mail today 02/13 for effective date 02/02 - very nice - keep going! cardinal health see last month's page for details....

here's an update on the paperwhites growing on my porch rain and all stardate 02/11
no patio, no sliding doors just an excellent walkway at-level near the front
that bent one out front better get a move on

our coloring book entry for february 2019 - ready to print?
who could it be?

like target, aah's sunset has these lava lamps for $19.99 all told
a bit magical, we're hoping to brighten the walls here during inclement weather
stay warm

from the bedroom window, unique: happy valentine's 2019
keeping you out - that's the hard part like good water
and convenient bus lines
p.s. there used to be a japanese pizza delivery scooter every morning without fail - what do i care? add in tuneless church bells at six
but seriously, we need and tolerate noises as life itself pushing the discipline and perfecting envelope - get rid of wayward intent, however
keeps doing 'til you get a rise out of them

great st. valentine's gift? a $15 swiss army knife basic with tools (scissors, tweezer, toothpick, pen knife, small file), small mine is green now - koontz has these tools cheap in many colors, small key chain sharpies too at anawalt nearby on robertson...speaking of which, ralph's freaky friday gift is sweet tarts on a rope cherry today only...they haven't been playing lately gets me in the store....

our best movie nomination (not all qualify here - things change too):
[x] the favourite (they laid out the lamb for this - a big production and thoroughly enjoyable - let it crown itself as still playing widely from december 1 or so)
[ ] black klansman (is artful and a shoe-in for spike lee - a warm, stylish film)
[ ] roma (is not good or a big production - i liked it though - indie stuff)
[ ] a star is born (i saw this twice but is full of people who will not recognize each other's talents - someone died - okay it's because carolco's 'showgirls' the finest effort didn't win)
[-] black panther (never saw this - i've seen it now good enough)
[ ] bomenian rhapsody (saw this film and loved it - better than 'the favourite'?)
[ ] green book (saw this film - is a private affair with many folks - best film? maybe)
[ ] vice (this film is not entertainment - saw it, liked it though)
remember amc's a-list $19.95 a month, three (3) films a week it pays lavishly - three (3) month minimum audience participation

to replace the formal dance from the 'the favourite' before they get bitched out by the queen
imho, the dead are eating the royal assistant's (the one smacked) loins - they'll get her - her husband the one dancing is untouchable as christdom or unafforded
most hafta to be blindfolded for the walk to the queen's chambers behind black walls and behind tapestries

new cardigans 'don't blame your daughter (diamonds)' it's us all...kinda new
from the 'super extra gravity' lp (2005)

the president's state of the union address bushed me up like a wide-angle bra - i woke up in target

'you're free to be me'
very perfect and now at walmart
i'd hafta to go to stevenson ranch near six flags on the 5 to know these properly (take the 101 > 170 > 5 - but half an hour outbound)

know my mother just hugged me loosely in a dream: if you're like me, you think people in life are at once scary and unnecessary sometimes, but to be woken up by one in-person not the phone or a ghost we argue 'are you really here [as being disappointed]?' alot or as just 'likeness being' conjured - from the drop dead of sleep is quite the luxury for me...a few times this past week or so but okay no bother really if getting up and down alot points to the right fiend...leg cramps i always associated with ample drug use but friends have been sleeping with a bar of soap like ivory in the sheets to ward them off...a black routinist (shows you how but only then) swears it's electricity in the air but what do i know? you flex 'em to the floor - drugs...yesterday was different a hindi person i describe as one of their gurus making do with hardly an achieve...the maharishi?

tip: i was taught rulers of the trade get an index finger in the back of their interlacing calve for that - i nearly cried wrapped in a blanket then, like a knife it was - and if trying takes just an imaginary minute tit for tat....

queen 'night at the opera' lp all hands off 1973 - stop playin'

i just saw a groundhog on a talk show - unbelieveably big - we know them not like an anteater it was that big (it is known as an ostrich? australia heights) heard it ran away too more winter

stay with my http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92 for now...either or...we're looking for the greater audience access and social impact we know each other some...some people can't go personal...whatever!

temporary tattoos at amazon

friendly note: just renewed netflix for one screen (we share abroad) and the price is still $7.99 a month irrespective of any price increase - very reasonable still...like a bedroom cable box at spectrum (still figure $60 basic cable plus $60 internet total with any landphone tossed in for free), add $5 a screen (or cable box) a month it seems we wanna play it out some

your host after the rain but drowning in cloth and interiors
stardate is february 6, 2019 - here's to better days
one day apple will stop turning these incorrectly, as horizontally flipped
be serious
tip: when things get fucked up, just cover half the face see the truth or bargain at hand

maybe you like this: cvs sold me automatic nightlights with no bulbs to unscrew - not the same light given, but no flame either - take a look skezzy white light no bulb
i keep my nightlights near cloth - no worries

movies seen this month at amc!
-------------------------------------------rained out so far icy cold
what men want (it's not tiffany haddish, but you can go the bathroom at-will like i did - a few good settings, lots of curious actors and a lead in the woman who was a bit compelling i don't want to babysit folks but this is bad news all over again)
the prodigy (another 'you shouldn't have done that' killing of someone that brings about a vengeance over time - a pretty good film and short enough to enjoy its only message 'he's the smartest one you'll see')
madea's family (she looks great always the others hagged but the talk is dumb enough for this serious subject matter - a great looking production meets the hand of fate it's never enough the corpse has a boner still? a smile at-least)
greta (loved her as elder french or german person but the girls she knows are typical and ungiving - so they got scared a bit by closeness so what a knife cut off a finger just to get away? still, a good, good film)

onward we press with netflix - with minors in both black history and gay studies - don't let sly touches dispel the truth and so what:
holding the man (new with david ogden stiers or aqua man john belushi - we're still here alan alda/robin williams people just don't up and disappear - more: one shriveled up bald and died but not before having a very purty orgasm for us - his mother epoxy'd him? blecch that's nothing compared to what she got from the father)
black panther (with a bit of sensitivity i managed to enjoy this film about an angel wrestling with his constituency back home - not nice stuff but okay good enough....)

read from bottom up (this message for me) - wet willy january 2019 is still near...

recaps: nothing here in terms of income yet since 2003
that's for you and me - maybe you didn't get so far
as long as people get to have their say (as in where to buy and for whom?)
they'll be paid over you
still thankful for the chance to do

moridor later