i got raped taking down christmas stuff?
not really - i fear nothing i'd have
a big hollow in my life
why do you live anyway?
because i don't want anything right just yet
like an apron full of water
sure, you brought the kids
can't keep drinkin' though

le freak c'est chic
take another look
now's the best time for day runner refills for 2019 - month-at-a-glance whatever
i got mine

new page for 2019 - chinese new year 'year of the pig'

clockout of january to get credit for february's 2019 effort

i threw these paperwhites out on the porch before they jumped ship - take a tip
rule: a plant that turns brown will never come around
maybe you have them too - they're doing well now see that
a beautiful post-holiday affair, you just keep them in water they do the rest indoors provided the roots are ample with rocks, glass
these - like any captive - were willing to go to hell debi lilly at pavilions, cheap $4-$5
a few spritzes of tap water from a squirt bottle each day does the trick here

tuesday, february 5: in addition to never being paid by anyone for the things i've sold online, my closet of belongings at public storage has been misplaced now for a year in lockheed or whatever - it all gets a bit much for one person to manage the hate here...you wanna just attribute it all to personal losses? account #24006075 email: noomguod@hotmail.com - unit A-78-B (original) then B049 (new) help! 6801 santa monica boulevard there are thieves everywhere these days plus smart-ass army help - you can't pay you make it up later only the goods in collateral....

people - crap women in particular - have stolen quite a bit here in their garbage name - make them pay!

thursday, january 31: i had blood tests, ultrasound of the belly, and flu detection put up my nose - thankfully nuthin' - we march on today - cardinal health is our chosen required coverage for now (813) 261-1522 - the weather still asking for trouble things and their power outed inclement we'll rest here! stay tuned.

stay with my http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92 for now...either or

thursday, january 24: still recuperating from a bout of sickness so light on the road and foot for getting things done...you too....

friendly note: just renewed netflix for one screen (we share abroad) and the price is still $7.99 a month irrespective of any price increase - very reasonable still...see our list of wayward choices below

yes, that's area 51 too - see the mock saucer in the parking lot?

whatever they're doing with roswell, there's a makeshift saucer in the tower records lot nearby and they're all 'visitors welcome'...we'll see about that...that freaky ghost from 'american dad' is from there....


my sealy mattress arrived today as ordered on the 5th from
ebay - so two (2) weeks about tell a friend
beautifully rendered in mocha and at significant savings
macy's forked over an aptly-priced box spring fast in two (2) days
nice and firm - goodbye air mattresses

revisit walter drake usefulness emporium....then do walmart to look around

first time ever, a guest hosting nbc's ellen! one of those bald niggers claimed her 'a federal employee' that's me federal fiduciary - maybe whatever goldie hawn, gwyneth paltrow 'not with her', and kate hudson her brother all striking anew making dessert cauliflower blueberry nyuck...if you leave it alone cauli-stink-flower makes broccoli a better bite...the cruciferous lot...tip: serve it raw for unbearable gas pains...cloak with baby carrots and ranch dressing...celery?

25 years today: while folks mention and ostensibly wait for 'the big one', the martin luther king northridge quake of 4:00 in the morning (furthest from the sun as islam or business day) is marked by me and terry as having been quite a hullabaloo - that was big enough with aftershocks...we lived on franklin avenue then after meeting in june 1993 and it was now january for this event apartment 320 with elegant glass in front of the building a front corner of it my eighty-eight key roland piano turned downward in the shaking...a sunday night people emptied out into the streets everywhere...no lights...no power...magnitude 6.7 and a known source of work as fema funding...for a few years....

through this toil our sunset subways are still being constructed with the vibrations underfoot constantly - even in the wet weather - nobody moves any dirt compact like that without putting in heat at the same time one for another while the caves turn mossy and wet...ice galore too...where are they boxing a tunnel specifically per my sources? beverly hills hotel...what we call cytoscope are being run constantly to detect any archevals (feet or foul decaying)....the excavations are described as green inside dripping blue everywhere...full of machines as big as cars...on the q.t. or queued tape, please....

very new gorillaz living up to statures and getting it right - 'tranz' from 'the now now' lp within the last year 2018
good video art plus - i'd be the drummer drag and hit
the girl's t-shirt art of paperdolls cut apart is also mandarin 'no way out' um, manchurian

isolate yourself tonight
when you're in your bed
assimilate the dopamine
passing through your head
when you get back on a saturday night
and the roof is caving in
do you look like me, do you feel like me
do you turn into your effigy?
do you dare to like this?
see yourself the cupid's late
chipped in your head
do you indicate, the satellites
passing by the edge
when you get back on a saturday night
and your head is caving in
do you look like me, do you feel like me
do you turn into your effigy?
do you dare to like this?

tuesday, january 15: went back to cedars er yesterday to sit and squat with advice...the rain macau is producing bed panic (lying down - i call it 'tea cup' the liver like lying on a ghost that hates it starts with pig breath after eating resolves with fighting for breath), some extremities swelling we point to caliber heat boxes, some tightening of breath hot and cold mixing down outside with ice crystals in the air, and petty weight gain after fighting with much over the year....was gonna be admitted but approaching midnight they're all transfer to california culver city close by but uninformed so i signed out having been given some lasix and made to piss in the hallway all evening it was getting cold in a blanket - busy people but the admission i aborted in favor of meeting deadlines today for insurance and i slept well here regaining posture...so a lab work, an x-ray, and an iv injection or two...the needles hurt but are the vitamins i take a problem? what are they? multi vitamin, calcium with e, sometimes c - the water supply? a skeined heart failure plus irregular high blood pressure using what seemed like children's cuffs? i have a really cute cvs electronic measure ($40 at 30% off) i use until they insult me with crap reads from 80/130 is good but also i don't need 'white walls' pushed out messing around too much...i slept soundly that was good...make no mistake spirits more than witness me having fits...i'm approved for coverage on february 2 @ $182 a month small intro fee $125 somebody called today with limits to $25...and you? we don't get paid yet....

people suffer it's all around you - it models us here...never do we give, or do enough...i don't know what they're doing but show them what i do....

cedars was good to me so far but is the army hoping to take care of medicare only...medicare will lamplight at 54 years old one day...what's the answer? you die in one day flat sitting - is it just you thinking too much?

don't tell people i don't wanna pay fairly and squarely we have been delayed endlessly while others borrow our earnings if any to cover god knows what...make a list for yourself of all you are owed by anyone (show biz - double yuck entering contests hoping to have it's everywhere plus jailable engine breach no telling how immerse get it right) - add in any unknowns for inheritance sake and you're off and running - this no joke, girl people do what they do - make lists figure it out city to city year to year and then remember a job is no prospect it was retainer for doing for others in their name...capitalism...ok...i took something from a store it was too cheap as i lie in wait you wanted it for someone better but they don't have the cash the spirit hates being attached to anything in your home...i curse two things the information age you having anything of mine to use ardently and jail commerce being taught and released to others with any knowledge that is private affair...perhaps a great joy...not asking what to do to gain something you have and enjoy but how you might trick others out of their finder's fee? nyuck. you have a right to everything the population full of unintendeds or is not ever seen clearly? spread the losses thin - is not real yet to ultra-being (what rules every day) yet no sacrifices backwards?

the vitamins i was recommended to by mind over a personal lesson - says they are most like salves or extracting in nature and i in the pure absence of such need to have nothing unapproved we mean it:
1) target men under 50 multi vitamin;
2) cvs brand specifically calcium with e;
3) rite-aid c with rose hips.
each has to be approved at the shelf level

was watching skiing gunk on tv from russia and my boyfriend tyler was in there - i'm all 'what's this?'

went to chin chin for mongolian beef and chicken fried rice (about $18 and $13 respectively - make sure you ask for dry rice noodles to bed with the beef - for sharing and hardly one sitting)
i saw new york new york and despite the vegas destination i thought some ground gained
after all times square boasts a hard rock now - rumour was it was staging only prior to
who cares - we are los angeles the number one for filling your head
1) the ivy and i agree you don't need to shield soil;
2) my mausoleum tissue box starlight on one side my wish for you;
3) my post-menstrual paperwhites sure to turn brown despite the price i forgive you
the rest the ol' ship bottom motif - like you were there in-house bistro sandwiches in your room

shasta brand sodas - a california favorite? - seem to be uniquely from 99 only stores - give a little, get a little 4/$1 plus ca crv what is currently $0.60 a twelve pack...i drink it always and make the carry effort to have it at home

no solicitation of course - a view from the inside for the journal
the letters from cvs - not quite right i wanted the childhood block kind still looking and for perving words daily

succinctly updated contact information for 2019:

home address: 1027 hancock avenue #5, west hollywood, ca 90069
business mailing address: 7111 santa monica boulevard suite b, #106, west hollywood, ca 90046-3458: - ups store at at the dylan any forwarded mail goes here, dougmoon.com mail

home phone: (424) 279-9582
mobile number: (772) 342-0638

email: noomguod@hotmail.com

emergency number - father: (609) 882-6630 mobile (609) 658-7877

the most dangerous race 'rumble' (mp3 6.7 megs) taken from the 'metallic tongue' release 2007 on 'ming'
we call this performer 'helio'
someone's dying~
p.s. i mistakingly call this 'madame butterfly' - bitch was alone in it and tragic - see faggots give their rendition in hbo's 'six feet under'

just took $9.65 worth of maraschino cherries, green food coloring, and top-quality powdered sugar back to the store - i was gonna make cookies but then i was all 'fuck it' after the pillsbury roll came off wadsworth...they're guaranteed too...if i was a fool living nowhere with demands up my ass they'd come out of pity...i've got to go to hell....


ftp client filezilla still works great by the way! thank you...fyi, ftp allows you wing files up to your server at published speeds gliding past any data limit on range (yahoo's is 5mb total in file size a true hampering but generous still)...you hafta get the specific protocols or logins and passwords right or it'll fail miserably forever....

penny auntie (the gift given) notes turnaway denominations:
the 1976 $2 bill with thomas jefferson and independence hall the signing
the $0.50 john f. kennedy coin
the $1 gold coin either stateside or papoosa is a turkey too though some soda machines may accept - we here think the papoosa is beautiful
...you in trouble any time someone says 'ya know what this is worth?' nuthin? what's worse having or not having? stay tuned.

movies we've seen this month - i want 'the mule' so bads - is not robert redford's miracle-ear junk (to be fair is at itunes already) but alot of good laughs here - didn't you fuck in bridges of madison county burp-fart?
'the mule' (a reference to working a broken back, they're making oldster clint eastwood do drug runs around the south instead of being consumer a - the police tell him to go to hell while he keeps apologizing his own way - funny)
'the upside' (entertaining film that keeps putting me in a bad position insisting this black convict stay a while and help me weather the storm - a high price to pay for watching a wife stricken with cancer die en route - it's hard to pay for losses in advance - the birthday party dancing is magical)
...we've hit the skids with movie offerings this week - take a break

netflix too ('hellraiser judgment' was pugnacious but good anyway):
'my teacher, my obsession' (we're gonna blame daddy-o for this crap - what if you were ugly and no one cared? i hate too much caring p.s. nice face and butt)
'watership down' (four episodes ready to rock n' roll - good so far - nasty rabbits-hares god hates for hiding need to find a new promised land of sorts before a prophetic flood wipes them out constructions versus waterfield slimming and slimming under foot - bitter opposition all the way then the flood comes and voila!)
'you' (just started this one - the lead we've encountered before nice face - ok penn badgley we've seen ya before thank you this was so good i ate up three episodes right away we're with 'you')
'the interview' (a repeat viewing very sleek north korean visit by media pigs - i find fault hardly cute stuff)
'seven in heaven' (strange film surrounding a cute young kid and some prior happenings reawakened at a neighborhood party - more later but good enough)
'american vandal' (my experience starts off with great expose on lemonade and shitting your pants uncontrollably - they know why - stylish and unmercifully candid)
'her' (but back to this is irregular failure - does not entertain my thought - a man dating an os is inferior in every way - human junk, jailhouse ethics you can't lose)
'god's own country' (if you were too stupid about brokeback mountain being hetero, this film makes up for it - a couple of uk sheepfuckers make a good film and look tons better doing it too - who needs ya)
'the ornithologist' (this puerto rican birdwatcher in a canoe gets rescued plainly unconscious by these asian girls and then tied up in his underwear with his pecker out for fear of him leaving them as they are lost - he breaks free at night and then on it goes)
'fyre: the greatest party that never happened (this is a damned-interesting look at organizers and promoters 100k each selling tix to a seven day festival in the bahamas that didn't quite go belly up but cost alot of faith - interesting shit)
'hotel transylvania 3' (we've seen it bears another watch its that good to you)
'murder on the cape' (just started this fish story looks real good - stars richard and pat nixon somehow)
'american crime story' (maybe we can mine this tooth of a gold - designer woes versace and the crazy-nuts faggots he curries?)
...we look to weed out a real drag, in storytelling only

read from bottom up (this message for me) - you didn't miss out on anything see december 2018...prove it to yourself once again

nothing here in terms of income yet since 2003
that's for you and me - maybe you didn't get so far
as long as people get to have their say (as in where to buy and for whom?)
they'll be paid over you
still thankful for the chance to do

to quash any knowledge of this cesar dog food commercial - the music who is it? seems famous from broadway
'rachmaninoff's drum' is my text given - from 'chorus line'