see, feel: the dogs need you to vamouche to march where you'll be greeted by someone hesperian in a quasi fur taupe like you - even a strong mennen odor bar won't help you to not notice a stronger vaginal odor lurking within an indian cotton ventilator or pod...bloody and blunt, shallow then halo...onward my pet

ahmanson: $100 itunes code for $80 - why ask me? ebay

nancy reagan? ok - and people wonder about who that dark-haired girl is on two broke girls~ a fame and fortune

for the delicious steak i ate last night 03/06 - half of one - excellent
i started eating bacon again here
eleven years later pretenders 'waste not want not' (at 25:24) from 'pretenders ii'
go direct then
all the ribbon crap in cows is purely spirit - i couldn't believe it the pure of dump there in video 'gone in a day' - chrissie hynde's mother
vixen venison it's them again - i don't eat that

aa ab ac bb bc cb cc cd

reprise: no doubt 'simple kind of life'

cats outside every night almost talking i swear it...on tape? maybe not

melted trash can or what? this before 7-eleven on the way

elton john himself (not neil, no) popped in to get me to walk up to tower on saturday around noon and see what's happening if anything and the beverly press dated 03/03/16 says he did the act up there but i doubt it lots of sound people in and out of the building some nice english shit to see it at and then maybe relaxed instead to party the atmosphere the idea wronged but plenty of folks around and traffic out-front - his mother died again we'll call her 'sheila' and at 12:30 i walked up and saw nothing but a black kinda tent in the back of the parking lot there 'this must be the place'...assumed the idea met...his mother bade to come i made her in the lot there a starlight then 7-eleven for a slurpee still $1.08 with moon jug they sold me...a great value but the straw hesitated some...ignore my tom hanks party comments any-all family matters i'm mad mad mad...on the other hand, a guy named davies - one assumes the same as chrissie hynde's father and the kinks with me? - came in all triumphant but surely dead during the day during my nap when i welcome them...he was buried with full-car in front of neil's old house on a dead-end in my neighborhood it may seem that only a dream the asphalt paved in and out a grave neil a hero to him - he is a quiet jewish friend but often is mistaken for the guy who pays to renovate here? ok. more importantly built the round house on the hill over fairfax 'i hafta share' he says...round? fine...

i watched christ dying in one of them forbidden movies starring neil (r. fiennes) an eye punged - he gets beaten again...what is this? i like 'davey and goliath' it's better for me (see itunes if will they have it fuck 'em) this stunk everyone else is beautiful everyone jessica lange i guess? you are shit...i liken the cross to a last plea on a buried casket? good fuck - the big guns don't come to this junk - ask neal he was buried with bombs in brooklyn 'more hell than ever' i had him dug up to appeal to jews not me a backfire he owns everything but i love him, kinda...dead in 1996...through 2003 he says...

not one word - 'they don't listen to you' neither welcome nor seen...just covering the bases better to put a nice spin on it or i'm coming in...'not a one of you challenges me openly' - john lennon less a white piano or two

hubert humphrey said he wanted to have something to give [others]~ the strongest example of no pay for the presidency...why would trump meet you? the guy worked with his father in new york city doing development from the bottom up that means scaffolds-cranes i remember - who the fuck are you? the army? no one does business in or with new york city and they don't have supermarkets, fool...

'beat that' - dM who would be too late to your funeral still very real all the junk you hear all day - all junk

'nigger' - dM may i offer my prayer?

what is a troll? gays label someone old as that...see 'the hobbit' someone who hides under a bridge 'i know where you were last night' is one intro...where's my money, apple? all that time, all those sales on new and used junk too and still not one word like the onus is on me you see it here (date 03/04/16)...i'm christ used and still i'm still here i worked so hard while your mother tells you to invest mine would die talking to this ...and nothing dies more than a dumb woman as elf...dies and dies and dies that's true from my perspective my rent is late jacked up and sold not one thing, i did...bmg too...wait and wait i'll get you...our laws protect you only...fucking play well, girl but no one knows how you suffer as i are going to hell...i'd cut you up like a fuckin' fish you have that only so much pain can you note...i have my own pains to guide me and accept readily your fate...who are you now? all of me and hell in you....who signed it?

i hate online chat consuming my time, but microsoft windows 10 was quick -more like evil 'get outta the way' getting me up to spades with activating the operating system (i had work done and really like the new system if only to play along) - and if you let them work directly it was mean to watch much flicking - thank you and magic jack is back online but we decline some in favor of hand-held units but maybe not...i though dsl was changed into fiber optic...

chris rock? defames me...lying around naked with spray paint on...sees my ass...bless you...

i left my condo for this? the first clip sent me for sara 'stacey' dash (very glam, but it seems she said 'thank you' pre-taped like you were late with her soft drink - i myself order another drink when people deliver mine late 'for my mother' - she's just early to a jelly bean-counting contest with her entry 'fer shurus') glam up with grandmother moon aka miley cyrus we like them all...looks stooged (you'll note s. dash is from wayans brothers' film 'mo' money' and 'clueless') and why not paul rudd? they got got jon singleton making me a $19 large pizza with pepperoni where pizza hut should be i'm not fooled no coupons plus multiculture no work who delivers to who i like boys too but i'm paying four dollars more plus call visage i'm on da set...abnormed, i hadda drop down to a medium pie and remember domino's is so cute these days all busy hands $6-$7 large somehow one day last week...with names on pre-paid debit cards (no apparent losses conceded but lots of questions we're the problem bridging it all with family shit-asses) they ask about 'multiculture' my coin for black and gay jerks on the job...i'd throw you the fuck out, only and for placing my order like you were a transsexual and unsure you are niggers eating on the job women chasing you around...right the fuck out where niggers can play with english, etc...nothing illegal about pulling hair out...'no massa'...a win from all sides seen...larry's red hair from the sides nose in scissors...

classy you jerk-offs - and arguing opinions in third retrograde - fight, but in-sight - you don't lay underneath anyone smelly anymore, but you pay taxes too bad you are niggers....'interminable' problems with hate is that...violence is job number one at affords - to hell with you all a wooden bat to your head while you sleep it it real?

gwen's new hit by target makes the grade so do they~
make me like you...alot of invasive technique with women these days they can afford it
she looks hurt - take a tip

blake's bar~

------------------------------------------tesko hide the body

cocteau twins 'mizake the mizan'
japanese baby..dead, ungiving

good pan, good price all boxed in at target - calphalon we got one - even for electric!
don't kid yourself the handle is full - not just bent around metal

massive attack 'take it there' to the below

inexpensive lava lamps at ebay
- just replaced mine (red)...they hafta work well without being cloudy from the sun...spirits move them...look for other colors green, yellow, etc.
02/24 got my new one today perfect - the water white cloudy but the wax a'balling

a phantasm-related, the others behind great music and video like the bum walking upper left ('take it there' from 'voodoo in my blood')
nouveau deaths notwithstanding, 'ravager' now 'a first or second quarter' release - it is late february already (march 10)
the queen? a young helen mirren then...she just laughs that's real digitali in the mouth and then shows you how limbre?

alternate shot from my 12/15 visit to florida
seen: gremlin under her chair, velvet snake atop tree in black

happy birthday 'yeah, thanks' to mom '41...all day get busy if that's your girl to and fro - no mistaking it

look, see: it's a leap year too - every four years add another full day to the calendar for the 365.25 day achieve of the decimal percent times four...yuh huh...i like to keep quarters summed so there are thirty days in each month, add or take a few unbeknownst to us as 'clocks keep clocks'...and the sun at high noon over a world that prohibits the dark side - um, twelve midnight - from ever ladling it...masons? fine...a scale then can live there...high up, or then out...


02/22 mom's birthday tomorrow got the mail out today anyway...a pursewear

recent conversations with carol burnett fit in nicely here (as waiting for snow on the east coast? they lie too as trying to have their way with me a non sequitur or no reason to be to and fro - see it - hi all valentine's day used to mean big snow now march~ we hate spring so wet but emerging still)...anyway, she says she never filmed her show at cbs television studios (in the fairfax or school district) not even one - that is criminal to me this misunderstanding the 'price is right' props left about 'not real ever' (instead see abc in the los feliz or crazy-in-the-head-a-bit like fleas and 'not just ours' feliz navidad etc. - district in the hills towards glendale where the greek theater sits)...she said england puts her back together the total prominance and when asked why she meets kids from today they're so weird seeming to understand nothing but she says nothing unsavory about them and as are not usually there...newspaper stuff but well done you'd say as being pulled along...thank coventry (shelved like fine dishes with others so statured)? one more studio guest says she is legitmately elizabeth pena from 'rush hour' and lately 'i married raymond' unbelieveable...she was really commanding of people on cbs there's no mistaking it sharp answers to real questions like...stephanie edwards the real 'lucky' stores woman on the pacific coast says 'too mean' that...more later maybe...

watch the clock: the answer to our clock problem 'the stroke of midnight' is the minute hand that has a line on-top at midnight or noon closing the day usually that last moment - and formally yesterday still so to speak light and dark and with seconds to count...thereafter the line on-top must head in and cannot be anything past the close of the day that single, more about less 'til the clock heads in...and so forth gevalia, your digital coffee maker not so wrong to wait for 12:01 to start cooking up meat the first moment you can say for yourself with no seconds to see...lines drawn? ok. p.s. the same line everywhere is my clock - see for yourself and when.

side socket with remote is cool if you wanna click off a six-podge for half the plugs...lightning remote uses 12v battery about $2.50 a piece short thin...very good with its charges around...the clapper without its cheerleader crap...

some bitch took my hat after wiping down cvs for three boxes of coke and two the bigger the beggar tropicana caraffes for nuts on a coal...hate that...cauliflower hair not, i was gonna put my bags down but i'm well past the unsightly side...divine hairline maybe halfway back - 'you look it' you gotta strip a jesus naked to see the shine...bought some dawn the new irish spring with sand in it a la 'lava' soap - thought it was foot grime...

taylor swift (just had some ham, pork roll - helps fire up the spine i hear while serving coffee in a round mug) doing her own show after 'the fall out' on cvs...the highlight on the grays (who coked this out?) we call him lemme as in 'lemme die' was alice cooper replaying it to major applause and that muslim nut singing about the back of the boat missing it grew on me...three layers in and she got to be herself...lady gaga the lyric is 'turn the face to strange' it's amazing - all just getting good now aladdin sane 'broken mirror white terror'...nobody fresher than motown's recent monetary review all fresh the 80's who is that berry gordy? harold faltermeyer...berry gordy...p.s. alice cooper is here with me making me watch and teaching me about lemme last week or is that? that's him. motorhead the rolling stones with no bianca blast...who would i be? katy perry 'how the fuck would i know?' open your own strip joint - you'll know ass joints...haboib advenurn.

don't forget this just yet still making me sing it aloud...'it's so bad'
the superbowl halfway was good enough all fondness of me - when it opened i said 'we are going to hell'

welcome to february halfway through i had to replenish my household kinda you wanna know what i have, how it goes - i wanna know what's missing...quite a bit it turns out...making do with nothing? it's no way to live zero to no more than three minutes in the perfect.

more quasis (qualifiers? no) or 'seemingly so's' later on...incidentally, the morse code for 'sos' a musical phrase like 'dot dot dot daht daht daht dot dot dot' doesn't ask for help you're near a water cooler and was just thinking i have five minutes to ask the question i've been practicing all day...i've erased a few things to protest your puzzles like crosswords with an actors name that starts with a 'k' and is real, another bullshit...what does it say now? calvin bacon - why? i made it up 'underwear for genies - no wishin' you was there', but you'll get here fvb or fsol at least...what did you do? doug barr (formally awarded very prestigious honor roll with purple seal in fourth grade and it scarred me some as snooty, i was there five through eight or thereafter no nursery school graduation mind you...maybe a next generation for that just eight years them to see one new as much different) - who the hell is this? kevin bacon is my mother's ruse...mine make sense for fourth grade another excellence but at truce you can't keep honoring this how all good comes with a question 'this ain't mine'...gillian-barre (pronunciate? see 'the gong show', its very metres correct - signed jaye p.) is me is about me...people hate beauty like i made it as well beneath me as saying are not stephen hague...i get rid of extras always...and so to are not me how does this make you know? my house is real big...round.

the b-52s 'mesopotamia' (ivoli) - the first virtual crock pot on earth (pot of water being poured) between the tigres and euphrates rivers - 'all eyes on me'
even dogs refuse to drink out of the one toilet 'gnespades, tall'
lyric later - first you to misunderstand a halfway to hell
rome never banished as such? a palsy at lunch 'family style' they call it bowls on tables in the cafeteria
the dead as 'stonewall' still trying is the call very andy warhol we'd say - usually traced on the ground outside
i was telling people that cindy wilson wore the same stretch outfit in concert but that ancient egypt 'had no blue'

turn your watch
turn your watch back
about a hundred thousand years
a hundred thousand years
i'll meet you by the third pyramid
i'll meet you by the third pyramid
aw c'mon
that's what i want
we'll meet in mesopotamia-ah-ah-ah

may i cluck out to january 2016?

gwen stefani 'early winter'
i like her man...summers eve / winters morn - nice clothes!