descend upon april may there for it

we see out banners for office depot now missing in action for no speak and no say:
"<@ href="" target="_top"> "
hope someone's been keeping track...all along, that is
commission junction (bmg) is no keyset -

ok - attribute to some idiot's (no one listens as can) minimalistic design leaving regular page ads out - junk

back to basics: have a green dot account and want to borrow $60-100 for three weeks at a time for a maximum of fifteen dollars ($15.00) each time? see lendup a new-ish service of theirs for immediate cash (or a direct deposit within three days - what i take)....

'you are inhuman mostly' - dM if you're not dead (not heard from or of ever a penchant for talk) you're gonna be (smart: trying to get back soon no bother ever but promises another type of bother) - breakfast in bed? i father others only or have to shake the feelings i have of being a cinderella but unwelcome as a nut (assuming much as you lay thinking for me i am not real, either) thought of is too much summary for the wicked way you leave others to rot your place or mine - you hear admonishment and are told not to though you choose what's best and hafta ask me not - you fear something i keep in little boxes and are called 'rocks'...very conservative...

my official word to zulus about people who eat people, the president stuff (i was impressed with clarity plus no payments issued or letting it be while you live it off): they don't the have a nomination yet, no? 'til then i'm burdened with their thought - why, how? 'libertarian' a nigger - wait to see who won? hillary clinton most potent does the job internationally is still AnaSTASIA AND A WANDERLUST lying back or sore spots? I'M LIED TO AND THREATEN often i hate the noise...trump should be considered worthy but hardly a ross perot - who's best? use my guide for sex: among all choices (few, none needed) less fear and i still have their job striking at the self...we are nationally a bullshit and less jail functions (the fright? obligations with no end in sight or no admit)...i want nothing but forget this stuff to be me somewhat do you know who that is? i want nothing right now....most of you endeavor to clean up the past i try and shit in that one more time to assume my role as pastor while i have the job and i don't but you are really correct to reject all heat...i think past i hate that look and may try and kill you later at terms nothing believe me...put finger here [x] to accuse and the house across the street will lift anyway...[x] to kill yourself

'i like sex' meets 'learning to fuck again' that first marriage with milk and honey swirling once only 'cow bone' - that old age in a bone what we make you for trying anything to live in tiny tim's armpit thankful (source: not me) - if that's what matters a fake wooden tooth in your ass of dreams, stars...maybe just you black strangling death is like that you don't rush me around but are like the flying claw no fists that will matter...'turn it off' p.s. we never stop trying, crying for you now grow the fuck up, bitch - no one listens or else hair of can't touch this...bunched 'legs' sheers one half egg'd and a used newspaper...still love come down

'dixieland' end to end no clumps or closure: another good netflic with beauty aforestated (a maxine of personal problems, an empty tub - and all saved for a three-layer blowjob just like that other film in the suez? it's like that if not waiting to pass (two for the green, nary a drop spilled - not here reasoning me, anyway)...look at stouffer's in the frozen section yellow with too much butter ('une beurre' in france) my lasagne is better from saturday and with no moules (mushrooms, brains)...we are all guilty some less, so...thank one dies unless you know why, whose perspective, live while i wait through women...p.s. josh brolin is not mine someone else to moralize with you...crazy from the heat you scheme and are preferred either way by sames rare and some used...note dress, coins are real...a penny, a hammer, and cement says twenty-nine cents police but have it in my way...let's get this over with - you...that little saved

book new browser name: magent...memphis for music db...epilady sausage stuffer with lead acetate silver spoon set and phyllis diller bib and tucker featuring 'big baby' hiemlich...get the vacuum to suck on while showing how...

netflix film to crow about: 'kilo two bravo' or then 'kill the two you know' is about men who left korea in some sort of refusal to be theirs and pursue the open life on the very clean suez canal or saudi lands - very clean, but bugged with bombs (they are all ghosts and weirdly placid about things) - they are nice lookng mostly and also unknowing about their status - not a one dies ultimately...after that, 'pee-wee's big holiday' is new and ready to roll...true: i was trying to find rootbeer barrels the nostalgic candy at the store last night - everyone says bad for the teeth...not happy

we'll combine april and may this upcoming month...

terry had some weird dream about janice dickinson and a big black guy fighting with one of our friends...she was coloring the walls with crayon messages...know that...a black crayon pentagram with a punch in the center that broke the wall...

review lush's new song as intended - you're owed a break from this yet

this the full wacko - play it out some i loved this record drinking some bitch's bathwater
are you dead? is that why? 'nobody special' i don't talk to people like that a mercy or something how do i help?

sob boring: did we fry the stone temple pilots (purple) egg once and for all? the album title a big mystery or nothing said (i personally loved the record way back then - when was that anyway the saturday routine was just playing to records and listening on franklin avenue) is the calligraphy used in the group name the word 'temple' then...thus, mystery solved that's toni halliday by the way as child or big child in the clouds her people 'schezuan' of the clouds and wary of involvements...back to rents unpaid, my breath - what about vours? thank poopie, small pates or offerings to big brown...

particularly nice were the hydras this year...tongue lily nyah nyah
didn't get to dye eggs (the recipe from martha stewart or whatever seen waiting - i make 'em wrong i guess and hate them for it too seasons change feelings change) ...oh, well...we love deviled eggs, egg salad, egg drop soup - wontons to fool p.s. martha's recipe agrees and to cover the pot i never do we'll get back to you and no crack the eggs no -

my formal eucharist is april 10 this year - how different? a period of sixteen (16) days or so one less to rise first...a period of time then
the lillies hafta bloom, ya know

q1: still no itunes, no bmg, no columbia house
remix: i paid columbia house with no shame $1,025 kinkos or printed dollars for 'lost in space' the series on vhs (now hangs in jeopardy in foregone storage unit) - the whole story here featuring the pilot as pure shit now on wing - from the likes ted turner who hated it (see star trek sucks my nut plus they don't look like that origodley and o-boy! the lard-fat ass punching creme with diamond rings (turn on your fart light, sani-cunt) loves spocks butt, logically hiney-heads with klingons wipe outside and ricardo montalban has the shits - feed it to the penis device watch scotty grow but in slow mo...and where it comes from see the movies pure joy...

today is the day that cvs gives their extra bucks for quarter 1 out (end with preposition as relative location yes/no) : i got $4 on-the-spot today

god gave the world marimekko: target is suiting up with marimekko - let's say april 17? the odds have it - crate and barrel have some ski lift to target

the title of this page again? the blades are actually seen as the bird-foul splashing water at you while turned opposite the bottom of wings and flips - not as fun as clawing your way up a sand hill or extending a pole to pull a swamp in...not my reasons just trying to get away from a bad choice for swamp eggs? eggs you feed dogs? got some great snapping turtle eggs just now fully formed in bouncing white rubber about the size of a golfball...if you lift a turtles shell (never again) there's like two cracked eggs in there uncooked why the extra rooms? you should be able to leave like a hermit crab kinda on tv i saw one crossing the street a sea turtle but it looked sloth...kinda cute they boiled it the shell off somehow...did you know a koala (turtle?) along lines is a tasmanian devil or coconut dweller - what's missing a big a conch what eats glass 'concha!' or 'caught ya'...

note 03/31: although 'phantasm v' is by one quarter overdue, it has been demanded down and its trailer has been rescinded support for that don't talk about money when you have none...the demand pays for the playing you have women or political junk in the way...

women hafta stand-by or suffer the news - that is their job staying put while it happens to be...

a: 'pull fast' the push and the pull quoted upward

we cheated a bit and paid for its excesses dearly hopping to a calculator effect or the last remaining quarter outward or heading back to cents then
appreciate the longhand if anything (what a cow!) to see and divide naturally enough e.g. '.25'
back to those who see and say or 'know' as i object strenuously, this was hard to decipher - is it real? every twitch of the clock is here...

brush up with what's left recap: my latest mind-scan query shows me the substance of the universe is all movement or design thus intelligence - a candy cane with stripes is a metal as a moving of sorts no white part such toothpaste? kinda - 'i am the substance of the world' - now get out...traffic light...

don't just wish for better with the federal government 'an anti-class tax says no job to government devotees' who said that? use my banner above (never paid anything to date by anyone however this was no gift from you at up and ok about $18 total from itunes (about) for three (3) years work from its very inception - what a gas hog - leave it to beaver you'll have the wood first no real christ fact about you ever to seem)...these bitches don't need to hope have a house in the very woods with microsoft and i really like them...and gas prices at $5 still...p.s. cash only signals the government - the rest is shit - tell us about you...i can't believe the world's greatest budget numbers go away each year you petition from zero up - that is provision, fool - a permission for non-printers to spend on paper it's all people too - get them to process the paper...a building is long term improvement it's no connection...

by the way 5% says nothing like 10% - why buy them? still sounds great though for no choice releases gets such a high priority when you're covering your ass at a bank with shitheads that need to note my gains only - niggers...the old stuff is the bankable stuff if untouched - know money...the rest disposal fees you can't go against the grain (see it coming due) with new junk around...

muslims are welcome here - they know trump's message is about american women - hates the influence on parabens and 'floss cavaries'...

that one moonie nut on the grammys was promised her tv back one day around dinner - is that a samsung? first seen as brand? our cadillac's 8-6-4 ashtray tv with guildings as mastiff but brush and greystoke - why blather?

magnetic-velcro flies swathein: ever get your penis caught in the sleeping bag zipper while camping? 'use butter' says one palmolive crapping in a plastic garbage bag down by the river to you, caulend...collaind

the first amendment not potably (no glass) challenged by freedom of religion is nothing to squaw about...we call it 'maids'...if i don't get my meaning i call the paperless krepe hotline to see if the printing sale includes the big long dong 'personable' banner what taps passersby (now corrected conforms to pet shop boys 'i want a dog' at any passersby) on the head for being glape (too fast a start) or pussoir de natve (possibly the wrong one) comb (flared)...flalend (out of the way but balanced) too

while ms excel promises fifteen decimal places or 'full of precision' keep the terrabyte ('not real' says fool of the cheap extrapolate or math mogul) in mind...the decimal places carried downward in longhand multiplication and right moving layers gets so crazy in the final stretch that may be the 'meaning of the world'...or stares off...the mega is 1,048,376 the next or giga is times 1,024 (k or 'greater than or equal to') and the terra ostensibly 1,024 times that but who's discounting? bupp bupp bupp...p.s. eighths are good going out to the right 1/64, 1/128, 1/256 that's a bit new...

.5, .25, .125, .0625, .03125, .015625, .0078125, you on your own now, girl 1/256

can't do longhand division as math trick? 'no worries' meets fifteen minutes of inane laughter unless both halves missing ruled further down - adds one 'you don't do anything well' reading for the 'studio' blind and i pick my used butts out carefully with tidy-bowl...bade of the breath made vladdich...

special k helps rid the pain, if not

to fool: surprise! new lush song with movie theme 'angels among us?' yep - feathers around like one got caught just scared not beat really...actually a one-dimensional flat from afar they say hi blinking outline - tough enough
these are freaking out but they know more - thank you for the cute song r. guthrie.
nobody knows yet an eye for an eye? not mine - worth nothing try wiring one up round and round but an eye still
it was an accident - that's gotta smart getting poked in the eye plus they're like balls no fire for the smoke just gun slinging 'please kill me' the femme d'arc fox spider and fierce woven web home
p.s. the bitch held a knife close to the face from behind on left waiting to greet the eye as just turned aside - gas death over a man may both be farted up a knee - i'd love you too then catch one of your eyes later - a seemingly small affair - then kill you both after shitting in you too...note dotting the 'i' with a circle sees it come too often...'right here' it says before missing its point...

don't cry darling, let's try to make up
please don't push me, i'm over the top
drown my sorrows we just got to stop
i'll say sorry if you let it drop

can't understand why you won't take my hand
out of control and you hurt me so much
feeling i'm falling, no hope and no warning
out of control, but i love you so much

don't say sorry it's not what you mean
i can't help you, if that's how you feel
i see the storm gathering 'round

dark clouds that block out the light
cries in the wind as the nightmare begins
out of control cause you hurt me so much

years in the rain and a storm full of pain
but of control and i love you so much
your words are still stinging my eardrums are ringing
all that i want is the joy of your touch

the quaking of hearts as our words fall apart
out of control but i love you so much

hold me darling i don't want to fight
too far, too close i can't get it right
i'm not asking to make it end now

change has already begun
i'm feeling i'm falling the future is calling

out of control 'cause you're in such a rush
the sinner, the saint well it's all an adventure
out of control and i love you so much
seasons are changing our love's rearranging
all that i want is the joy of your touch
twisted together my love is forever
out of control and i love you so much...


a hrrmph should cover it all plus tip - get it?
seeing is bleeding - dM

'hellraiser 8' welcome to hell - did you get that in vaniche, no guess? latin demons 'eye, miss moon' the one-eyed bird saw you onanizing yourself 'eye'
looks seriously mean btw, the way people die is way mean 'queensryche' 'you are not real who knows what that is - alien was okay 'til you shat it out'
can't mask the smell of indonesian rice drachmas with uris of purloins - but milk is really too much for marsupials they lose their mind shaking around in the hot chocolate flan minsk marshmallows and pusks of whipped creme
'swiss mister' with alpen mole 'yodelayheho, faggot' it's real to you
long time since your last widget and srin vacumen

you know me, 03/17/16

last night's dream: was following big black submarines to the north going through worn plywood doors kinda up and down - kinda fun but watery you'd imagine...

the 'tru smoke' dumper - mine yellow and blue - i hadda have twice at christmas and birthday
it was that good - circa 1974

it's not the coffee and cigarettes: took the subway - the red line to and fro downtown union station and north hollywood or studio-universal city - at santa monica and vermont the other night to wilshire and vermont only to go downstairs one level furher and catch the short purple line back up a few steps to western and wilshire where the wiltern theater is - we sat in denny's a while no stand-alone but in the same building having a bit to eat and then i rode the bus northerly along western and back to santa monica and then back to the west side...worlds away but okay...the purple line is what is going to be extended from down there to sunset and will rogers (gay) beach - right there...that project (at rest now is halfway to the beach) is what people are feeling in the foot i'm sure way down there is radiological in feeling and thus...stop along the way? doheny and sunset...phones-texts work in the tunnel now i noticed...coming from the beach side, they construction notice graves from sects...never living in malibu why the trip north?

from this side, western starts los feliz (crazy old money) park and vermont where the greek theater is ends it - right towards glendale or forest lawn, kinda...

i help me, again - you left - see that

robin hood is like you - gives nothing? i am at-once unconcerned by you a hope a dashing of hope

the title? maybe previously used - fresh water foul? by water, your scheme, you approached a trump nest (no water inside) and hadda flee by boat - and you left your purse - each attack more new than the last unlearning center~ why fair from the bird point of view? 'we don't do anything for you', plus no eyesight to take (by me - i know impairment after all social ills are everything we all see the hair neat but flakes and odd the smell thus not as worthy of dinner and possible post-hummus further reward)...origin? a cocteau twins title you can't just read the dictionary trust that apogee...moon ellipsis as furthest away? no - an impairment of sight see it twice in a day ho hum? i asked - like the word an insert...

hold the ipad over yourself: note my latest sharing as being a victim or venison of extrapolate routines thirty some megs - a great beauty before transfer at any rate the words blobbed the teeth yellowed with layers of grime like the corn i showed you 'you don't pay' - you don't own or have a margin to live in just friends none in banking all cash quotes remember my part is the first collect only - the rest is visas and dreams of dreams sony is was like you but cleared of nyc's crazy eddie and israel the very look not to trust but do you question anything that doesn't glory you falsely a nigger basically looking to do good works with hershey have some now and later) we need to graduate to frames in video as intended blocks of color subliminated that would power the screen pixels if used as such (codec? maybe) - a direct link - i don't like the business at-hand and you to make yourself smaller and then we will have your comments stated clearly as such - no freedom rider, i hate cowards saying to me the world is made safe by weighing out the threat you can sit there like i do making response to no specific address while ignoring the text - be the man i am it's that there room at the top? i'm learning some still probably you're the better of the two but i care not...the world and its slaps still draws a raving response from long assumed dead...happiness can come still with careful consideration somebody stole my two lighted cap'n crunch spoons yellow and red while i was away they honored me with fruit loops way back when another small affair with people casually tossing everything btw i hate kids unless i like 'em they are yours firmly...but better them than me...'accusation takes half fully' - dM we don't know people's pains i life - have mine then - they're tolerable...

easter is not real in march...hide eggs in march? no...working on a program in excel for cards on a table or factorial 10! ten letters too ambitious? maybe split 10 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 - what's wrong here? proven to flaw - three hundred thousand or fucked up bits? put on your thinking chaps...with your ass out?

click here to end the tough talk be seen for having nothing to say not that one-on-one thing again not real ever keys to your condom
click to get an updated green as green gets - green as god gets when gilded a fuck 'brooke is that jews calling for me?' samuel 'fennel' ail
anyway the journal says i'm still your oppressor-rescuer so think of me not - your youth retold o'er the years moulded
p.s. what if there was no me? you'd still be known as 'those bitches' mia is the tatum-like 'fat chance, you old nigger - look at you'
still wrestling with 'american idol' and tears for fears - you pay me or i'll die of singing 'watch me bleed' see the table is not bare, i am full but feeling empty nevermind pale shelter won't tell me to go to hell i can cling barely...woman in chains sells the only thing she owns a rubber from bill cosby 'every time? each time you say, at rage'

have a coke, bitch - eat shit.

seriously getting photo-knits off of ipad is a real bitch - use image capture to get most off the ipad and then quicktime plays it all well-enough or else they think that's not another yoga guy from big brown sister city is dade county...havana epcot...bring cats

happy st. patrick's day march 17...go for the green! mcdonald's may have had shamrock shakes didn't check - the shake shack on santa monica is now full tilt -

the latest aervice provider quiz - making the monitor stamp itself out in the middle of the screen 'on screen distraction' is getting my attention i'm sure very innocent...

open call for hofert's globe lights (colors in clear) - need replacement bulbs we use year-round as quite acceptable - email

no big fan of mine, ol' nancy's been ordered up at st. john's paradrop for being unhappy with me - neil came from there once covered with bugs in a breather about $400 that should brighten things up...while u wait...tossed someone else's ass in there...poof and ur gone to lidsville huh-huh-huhl brusque~

from the 'did jews know?' file for jesus' wedding or mcdonald's home carnival for ms (really, just doing the naked skipping as proper from mtv's 'jackass' it nearly hurt me bad but i offer you some sunset heights mta as vibrance under the foot):

the lowly potato as plant is actually the ambercrombie as finch them...the spirit nests here the plant grown of the sea...early on, seagulls nest and are born here in it sometimes landfills...

.....................................................who told you that? my cartoons of events never challenge to be the eye

mary had a little lamb with anisette fries she hates them but clorets in short supply actizol anusol scare like a dirty butt - i left to counter various and sundry nutrition facts - in a beast that eats along bones to avoid what's skinned of lips no less...noah prayed before he ate...joshua 'did thou wash up' pink pussycat 'tear your little ears off' 'knitting lip' and 'augmere' when nothing counts, is stilled in small but stacked piles of chicken feet...a warning or threat to having none showing...

brick-a-brack to apple and icarly (vittles award for 'not knowing' but being bits bright - name always spelled wrong 'vance' xxx ): would be a peach or simple swirl enigma-enema but not said the 'ae' as in vangina - no faggots - the peitz - tablet the 'dimanche' or weeping willow a broken person as minimalist finding agave (rots the teeth firmly) - ellen to allain (where's the man we honor no woman who endures as no choice plus she's lenin dead of breast canchre ba dum that's vagisil for ya still spry in halloween hell no deviled eggs with sperm not so easy to catch in nature - 'brokeback mountain' is a woman fucked from behind only bad ottoman breath open it back up she hadda cope and did finely - don't miss the sheep too much), cezanne...poop in french? augure 'i'm sure' mes ami (my miserable friend) une vache (a cow) entit le tatur (enter the drum) maldevum (made of its pains)...does anyone top french impressionism? hardly - no one works harder to deliver their sights of the dead in mirrors and distance...i see...

the work has begun - when powered up by denying simple services like mild heart attack scares a cancel to coverage, the machine growls like elton john singing aggressively alert in polish as offered a food perks it right up
she was born a carachas to a comb

voulez voucher chez avec moi - c'est soir - wanna give it a go?

men without hats 'pop goes the world'
still love this the frame eric idle i haven't laughed since

idungeon, moanjahowitz: $100 itunes code for $80 - why ask me? ebay (seek yourself is over now - drive across town save ten more cents)
oyvay! oiche...something at-once pig just showing you how 'oyvay'

moby and gwen 'steponme' do 'south side' pretty enough to tune in
the girl is great but a bit big in the loin - fuck you

you wait right here i'll be right back in a zip - alas, have you no soul february 2016

the five dry fucks in that order:
fuck and one more fuck like it wouldn't hurt

your demise is portma planned and within weeks a lime