people want you to stay late but have exceeded your tolerances arriving early - are you still here? not yet...see the proof in february the 15th or so you're always on the job just bits to the right of center - but arriving late? you're leaving soon i'd say...and won't stop by to ask...

happy valentine's day of course i didn't need t be bothered with that - and isn't that the point whom you violate as whom first but i see...i'm not that late i had my period, so to speak no worries about dropping the gift to if at once unreceived, no bother....

friday 02-12, valentine's day tomorrow, or the next day sunday? state return back today and as direct deposited a first for me-us nips or happy sticker this morning the poop with eyes?

pepper-tree: count sheep's heads (as in a bucket), not heads of sheep when friends take too much - a favorite soup being held out?

needs me: see longbox russell stover candies half price at cvs (um, one free with one bought though i fight witches at the register and someone is helping someone else with my savings card in-hand like neil is around a dumb fuck at times with the dead's unseemly of protections - stays in your face his father shot in the eye over dinner one night the place shut down) plus other - don't forget 'minute clinic' too they can write prescriptions i guess if you don't smoke their don't want too much caring or as i say carrying yours away see it come...pepsi too 3 for $1 a piece the each a 2-liter 'bet you didn't know someone could love you this much'...big data on warner bros the other end is they now know marketing but only one demographic (or target market e.g., 25-33 years old a bandwidth) the buyer...dangerous + business of emotion all jailbirds feared...

if the starbuck's app isn't winding down it's still a thrifty bitch that loads up to spend now and later for redeemable points...i'd say you can't know everything i showed you buying direct sometimes, sometimes i'm just there to see some - you too...more: i've been regaled to green status from gold and that may mean more for free my first impression was thanks gold as limits the freebies to every now and again or someone here eats too much for us...sometimes i can't be bothered at all as rich in the vein going somewhere never do i sit here or listen to free music who has the time? pick some...thanks again...signed, hardly a welcome p.s. try snatchnig a drink from the maid counter as mistaken you'll see it was always mine...right down the drain it goes....better to see you dead? you live...

as seen on tv: copd 'chronic oncological pulmonary disease'...cancer plus

lightbulbs unlimited on beverly failed me today though filling some order (dropped a bag of cheaps at my mailbox some - yes damage included one working example moon bulb they as colors inside a clear - substitute orange outdoor from christmas and buy back then) those moon bulbs don't have a home anywhere it seems...we bargain back marble colors from target these days as finding a home for them no bother...good color for patio right now but i need service a few bulbs a few dollars...three at a time is suggested i'd say well enough these are collectively ten, twenty dollars a pop usually and i take these back for failing us unusually in the thread of it what i kept is there now white clear-white on ends...and are already saving us some...we have to know what i don't want to look at versus what is accepted by what is under rule...then new...p.s. if you like barbeque tanks that gauge i showed you at halloween saved me tanks of gas...or is vendor 'speedy' cylinder exchange as we charbroil alot...either or bake? same witless you leave it to the barbeque to shut off no tank talk no knob to break off proving it...they won't even help a residue tank unless turning in...see that home phone number on a dulled but hateful magic jack can't be tx's to one more unit i bought off for a cable ...turn in yours hewlett-packard no satisfactions yet my machine a jew flashing crosses at me (time's up versus having noted offenses as refusal to see it the unit first - always they won't work they don't have work a trap not - now get the fuck out)...who's the fool? my cash measured to the dime calls me in....where's my itunes money? you're not special you say and i have the bill yet i can't be you and you're there...still talking...see it come...niggers...the only cross i wanna see is behind a now-realized joan of arc the whole of white her eyes perhaps a realization of the facts - after death? you were already burned up...inspiration? the evil dead...national geographic on tv the beltway....

got me free burrito last night 01/09 - same - from gather and pay $2 tip no drink i had two already (big starbucks mocha cap no more app to leave off i hear and a vanilla coke hamm bottle and no needs at the store, solid less another free coke at target across the street unthought of lovely cashier they have males too) snake-like cuties popped out of the other half back at home claiming 'trichinosis' (now spell it) after my offer to the other cruel sat aframed but alunched...not since 1972...i make worms with shoe peg corn (um, hominy!) too let's just say they're too hot writhing out and about...worms never bother me as smokehouse fat and dropping frankly when the pot is cleared route...a fool notes rickets is still just 'bowed legs'...a bit rickety seen pulling sleds around town...anyway mine was chicken and noting the free guac about $1 or more i can't afford that for what's rotten twice as fast as cash...never dirty...plagued with food calling me i make sure i don't weigh it in too much....nerves....who am i karen carpenter? 'i don't eat that crap'...p.s. the preferred of lemon grass in white rice applied within is jumpy, but mean too as heat releases...harming?

on the other side of good grace, let's say you wouldn't bother copyng a quotation mark single or double as a ridicule - becomes a tete to tete (see mal a tete or french headache then - rather than a spanish maid you query us?) among freckles, moules (a bourish $50k a year, less cocktails is flatly $25 an hour from no mention of either yet at shower bars cleaning-ridding of wastes) the phone camera just now clicks to note caste received:

it's more than one device - admit you touched it, deep inside we don't care about this $30 a month basic line cost either
i hadda know about it and chat too~
the calls you make to nance every night? probably right
nothing here says 'a woman's money' i never think it my mother's quick to call in the bedroom if seed needed
the free besides that? thanx i don't call people unless i need money, we spell it out to squit...most like polaroid's paired (annuled) passport photo phone - mania documented in b&w highs, highs...lows, lows
vicious conundrums for no pay under our still not expired bran muffin no raisin-plan they're deeply cancerous 'drink more water' but you still live together 'the good times' a natural habitat of free or hum-paid actors
but, um - you know i don't - i rage at foul-mouth runners and hate stink

then shit-click to note your more moving it around just say it

hymen: stink and switch or my adhesive embrolio for the day at stame and at sense or once waking up (no ambience as perceived but sought) is a piss puddle with no eyes, as sours stingily recooled, or amalase tabs as diabetes but glamoured 'a touch of sugar', or then orange roughy saleemed or steamed in butter...this about those mood stickers 'enjolis' now thought to be one of england's main exports ('we'd like some') it isn't meat that's fur shure...milk milk milk...inhuman is rare meat but seen to be leaving, well-done never survives the cash made crown...go fig(ure) can understand everything but i just hadda add a few notes to be clarent, cakeart...

souplax: more on the outside

a first among flats: a full head of hair under water guss you and the real one first pibb? doctor k - then you go~ keep the whitefish for you two i'll have that...punch in the tail to please us all back home 'mr paul's handle it-handle it'...mrs. schitt's kidney pie only at 'shepherds' sara tucker - why ask to be in it then? just a slice from two of meats answers the call nobody asked then~ you gotta offer the cut or we eat are them as fear brown moules feathering in a hook you'd see it....

no free vanginas: chipotle want to apologize for my burrito the other night while i followed boys around silently and ate next to them (all excellent and chatty ''- i got a great electrical outlet at ross too the one with side(s) that turn and a remote that has to make sense yet - why? the replacement hdmi cable hadda wait some taxes in today good scheduled no later than the 15th thank you - you to sit? i can't say 'til you're gone another 'player' coy or coin nothing extra there's mine take a tip do nothing new to me) change to spare, california pizza kitchen at beverly center closed and it's like the first one ever - we had them over for dinner recently taking their time very satisfactory it helped the flavor i could pay and i got a lunchtime burger last week at 'hidden flaw plus commitment' k24 it was great ...hollywood and highland you can still hamm and eat as everything i ever lost went there or is buried there trying half and half (see 41 flavors with the folks they listen to - one more flavor gas-x gracias would help togo's i still regard them well but mention work and tuna on the knife - glendale or mountain-pass disney is the grave for numero uno too never ask me anything i know for me) ...all the beverly center foods are being locked out...twenty-one days to see any seed come...on-demand is being made to wait...wait wait no money no wait...afraid of cremes...'nothing worked then these here'...what friends? you live....

from the mouths of babes walking around flicking in the hardware store this just in from tunisia help & hinterland: did you know you can discharge your entire vagina with a doctor's help using cremes in tubes? infomyrtle not new? 'just a tube' the complaint like a bald turtle (no shell as you boiled it off) having hair or then no hips in a depilatory (thinking cap while i must know)...but seriously the whole shebang revolts in weeks then what a threat of having to please fragrant but sallow skin and mere miracle, richard and mother failed to mention they change into cats to you can refuse...last night was cute nuzzling noses but loud if not your grave box coming back the pound we crap...

'that was them, this is you' - signed san quentin the only one who couldn't appreciate someone big winning again...seems sighs of relief as no one looks masc past cash...'a pash for the devil'

witless: by the way, a pash is something you wear to a place where people may know who you are - miss america '92?...a small pillow on a stick for forgiving any the entry fee as worn by mere lonely only and obviously once what stilled...

february 1 is junk...this was to be presidents day a day off

waiting for the day again....hadda replace my hp laptop and so after bidding wars and best buy junk - thank you paul total about $166 the remains of the other left to be sink...the other brand new and same without windows 10 to start again...i got magic jack running another fucking le pu the wars here made me stink eat shit

blacks say an extra sliding closet door on right signals a fresh death behind...great joke

stringy peeling lips? use chapstick the all-in-all winner for sane

federal tax return accepted by lightning quick, but sits with no remit yet (no date)...state qualms too

enjoy the cold - you are junk

someone asked my favorite brand at target - is 'circo' as sales abound

wooden bowls hold up nice over time - thus a good buy there

mr coffee with an updated look - coffee is on our minds these days

these barlights look good many characters-letters


before i toss art-hows into the moat, see calio again for his stripes - seems nature had its way with you too
btw, is on beverly west of robertson - like you care
god blessed taxidermy (fighting with gloves on) thinking of having you, but smally (no guts - get them new be sure)

a little lush a great band still strangely that's emma for sure - miki the star

my sharona balls? no meat on the bone...what would advance homosexual paul hormel think? there ya go harvey milk...

watching jennifer aniston (see bits of linda gray dancing if i'm the girl lap dancing but well in 'showgirls' with neil as toni (i think the guy in the pickup is tyler who just died what now? a neighbor)...see that too or back to toni who does pete burns in with the flatterings of surgery the real one is beautiful too...but compelling)...add the guy richard plays from 'the office' this 'the millers' an idea...before you pick a hero they're all him come or go...who's more real...what do you do?...'horrible bosses' before that looked good too...up and coming fun will be housequake or whatever that is fraternity a guaranteed win coming in i think 'neighbors'...if the lead doesn't over extend himself...watched for mixed metaphors (actors proving me there a victim long before scent) everywhere what you think is beautiful too...otherwise a mural in the paint of paints with cream and sugar you nervous from the owe me then i owe you how i thought about you in my pocket a mercy more than me being for you...

with diminutive breast cancer celine dion (the woman in terminator 3 inflating her breasts for a cop they point the way and thank you todd herbert always we have everything you've ever done too - no compliment someone has to believe be firm...the mother? while we hide from view a command performance think about babette and how no one does better but roman?), two firm quotes from the other side no names yet:
bowie: is not teal yet - maybe next year...
scrimm: don't open your ass just yet.

something's changed...i call, they come.

'like two left just ain't right.' - it isn't about you yet...flow

'a great big hole - your mind runs out of film eiffel tower modeled in white'...yours? think that...a round glass bowl with a hole on top made good use of light and heat when netted with rope and knots externally - utimately making a water-like center spindle clear both on-top and on-bottom fighting it out over time is this real? not really...

great devil name: 'salkind' - hope i got that right...for fucking horses...c

merely gutted? we wait and far one big block inside
had alot of women inside helping you a sciatic choosing a mattress
now plug it day you sleep upright, and sit to see me rise
p.s. i wonder how business goes with format changes and stuff - is paid for but they keep everything rare unless now gone some faggot will cite chapter and verse
the illegal part is using the films to star yourself you get it up the ass for it real is good to us only like milk...better be funny take your head deciding i do it anyway
i hate being led out to an opinion you die from things you don't think of yet - not here take the threat it's smarter yet

sunday, january 24 - are sure? was nice in the jacuzzi last night the palm trees blowing viciously but warm...every chance to get away...thanks magic jack, hp for being cheap with the coconuts...a woman's money i would never believe it 'knock you in the head | kick you the bed' the b-52's not prince-prints...let guilt be your guide...gut...high society is where you get them as just freed...they wanna get right back to it...another gilligan's island your ass in the hole being nipped at otherwise fist time to opt in...

this ain't news, it's questioning me - to you, nothing~
pa (play it again, sammy) system



another hand-picked from the land of 1976...bowie 'the jean genie'...some adult contemporary 'you grow into it' but not here...loud
the jean genie lets herself go...oh oh oh
no dj'ing, no singing...'hell? is less than ambient' - dM
and off you go

construction terms:
streetscape: lamps, bricks to walk on, bushes - out front
staging: a makeshift office probably on wheels - at the site
laminate: a new building glued onto an existing one - see the corner join with shield
novation: the canceling of a construction contract in exchange for another one - one for one, who made who
precis: precious little the files notes plans of a building
a&e (architects and engineers) report as in fema: a post-event or yield evaluation by architects to engineers to structurally refit error on the scene
more later...

discuss a building wing and where 'elevators' usually are - should be as up and down:

thanks and brown make green - fact: terry's up in arms over my half-brother (imagine that) designation for me being on his state taxes - sure - my father his brown-eyed sister i don't know who the poseurs are but they'll question whether or not he paid for everything and he did...all of 2015...all of 2014...i told people 'better than cousins' the above showed me...i want the facts not terry jackson...we don't get along that grandmother's all 'we know she had him - he was mean...' he's gonna fuck us over giving money away to the state...needy type....even the stagings for family are weak...explains i'm mental...

for the snow, canadians canned water: loverboy 'when it's over' from record #1 'get lucky'
pat benatar background vocals...'i don't wanna do them, but they're good'

cat on a hot tin roof? that ain't tin: on a white arch - this recently january 18

accepted - david bowie 'john, i'm only dancing' from 'changesonebowie' 1976 and the first record to get rid of rca's cardboard casing - all white inside like cash
some think it was john denver's 'windsong' fly away...that's cardboard but good's advent is harsh if you live to see anything see environment versus tincture or telling the black

what a shitty month! where is my money from sales apple and bmg? plus many others...makes me what you are (less a jail sentence) when i don't get paid...what are you saying i was used for a fraud, to make a point? the banner link above is still active follow it...i cant pay my rent with this...

sales from yesteryear - these are all under apple (
you are fucking bullshit

yesterday (tuesday, january 19) was the first day to file your federal returns online - leave the state return box unchecked at the end to get your federal return processed for free at - otherwise you wait for to have $9.95 online...all roadblocks with demands....

'we are closing at the end of the month': bed bath and beyond - the old irvine ranch location at beverly center lower level - is being ripped up over renewing a lease or it's coming due (the rear of comforters fame is blocked off and the aisles full of sold-off junk) - hope we don't lose them a new savings card is in the mail know you can't trust folks and then they're gone...i hadda get debi lilly candles at pavilions...tealights that is...they last longer $4.99 a netted bag but fewer to speak of...

remembering the sheer delight of shopping, i noted the pavilions at melrose and vine has a panda express now - our store changed alot while it was down a starbucks big deal...people here don't wanna work the shake shack hut or whatever is going in at the old koo koo roo...

made my orange meringue pie again...from last december or so

'amc shows you everything and twice - we will not show phantasm' - some chinese guy who's token was owning amc the mall movie house

'i saw phantasm for the very first time at amc theaters - i remember quakerbridge, new jersey' - dM good enough then

used to be a theater owner attended a national convention once a year to book films based upon their teasers-previews and they waited to see with everyone else getting posters up only - as weekly rentals of first run films they could extend their rental copy by weeks as paid for by showings and tickets only...big business...videos and dvd's a year later...

...this is no 'leprechaun in space' starring debbie dunning from tv's 'home improvement'...i saw that too right to video as planned but i was waiting...p.s. itunes has 'leprechaun in space' (iv) - looks like a million bucks, too

two crap deaths in hand on january 12 (david bowie and angus scrimm of 'phantasm' fame - now that's a live one) both fed to corporate america - we'd note no more checks be written by a sole proprietorship or partnership...we'll be here sharp and new every day...i can ask but is that having and knowing much among sins? we have all you've done yet it's like dying at the dentist...enough procedure...'my mother died' nobody cares while mine threatens it she needs attention i guess...what i wait for wasn't coming through her some inheritance of some sort equalizing men and women you wanna die and die and die like she does...stay focused...with natalie cole i sit and wonder what does that mean? you hadda get dressed up lionel richie (joshua tate? helped me with the garage door the other morning during the blackout) and smokey robinson she was reported here as first to get itunes pay for her records 'write me a check, i'll write you one'...they took it all back...why do i know?

i had my maternal grandparent's grassy grave on my computer screen this weekend for their noticing - look familiar? a gift at any get back up - there's work to be done by you in 1974 it was six flags great adventure calling the man (proprietor joseph p. lang...for 'laguardia' as a last person to be there buried upside longways - mark ondy)...hershey's commitments...trees bared no stumps and no cement then golden globes more family no favorites...

the finest bowie song for using right now 'starman'

01/12 the post office finally paid me the $200 (less $15 already paid) stolen by overnight mail in the rent you go...appealing their decision while christmasing in florida, i blamed the loss of green dot's money pak for the cash being there at's true...p.s. use the 'pay people' function among cards it's instant with e-mail for claiming...

this couch at the curb is the same one my mother bought moving into her townhome of three floors in 1986 or so
lawrenceville, nj...has a bed in it, but not a good one

old gay disco michael bow 'love and devotion' aka pet shop boys
a gay madness i like to remember

mwa! its back to air kisses in december page two for lagging behind...