Apple iTunes Apple iTunes Apple iTunes
ignore the man behind the curtain - great selection here
bowie, journey, no doubt, the cure, britney, earth wind and fire...sheryl crow, blondie, lenny kravitz
plus steve miller, creedence, frank sinatra...other you, some higher 

Apple iTunes
whatever...whenever you
box is batter late and never
you hop for cash, and pay this
we'll treat our own disease of havings had for thanks
you'd eat weenies in russia if you had to...they did
i'd hesitate not to credit organic with cracking teeth
butt still...malice is true, you are untrue to me
you're not necessarily beautiful + looks like a friend or caretaker upped and died
you should've gone too? be frank
'that's not true - we're here with you' she says
so mandate as i speak gently of havings had thanks
enough for me, but not as us both having here
i'm not you pleasing you are not easily or necessarily pleased then
like me, um, so, so
i'm trying to be the hero...get you what you may have missed upon review
what i had, and loved outright
what makes me shine with you
stop bothering my family, get them to stop bothering me
'my future enemies! | i gotta flush them out...' - c. hynde

Chinese New Year 2008-2009: Year of the Rat or raping others for their money...see it come February 2008!
Just bought my new Oster haircutter clips and with a new devil's haircut for me...very holocaust $5.50 for the complete plastic set plus $8.50 shipping and handling, plus tax for a total of $14.45. 1-800-887-6682 then or locally in Los Angeles (if San Diego, San Francisco sees else) 1-323-663-5953. I went and voted down all propositions on Tuesday plus add McCain but would not work. I called the institute much earlier to decline, but folks was still mad and I wasn't on the voter roster either (wrong table?)...add my vote anyway. Fifteen plus add stress hours for eighty bucks? No way. "You're supposed to be rich giving back." I'm not. Then striving niggers at Charles Schwab gives me an account and takes it back citing bad histories for more on the plate you go to HELL. You don't give me an account, you don't approve me personally unless you want to die like Jesus died asking for favors. And you will die favored. Niggers.

We're here today February 5 dig inside later. Yes, next Thursday Valentine's Day then through March 13 or so....thanks Apple Safari (now on PC!) for correcting Netscape's credit card entry some...Netscape is always targeted by lazy dumb against playing it too hard with credit cards. Fanx.

[iTunes] Pretty Poison "Catch Me I'm Falling" and it telecomputer...if not, what then be me? The Other Two "Tasty Fish"? You'll just hafta Lime me..."limey" takes the good-profits too soon lime to lemon service-oriented maybe near starving wear it out in pounds.

Just put on my $1 for chance yellow rubber bracelet "LIVESTRONG" from at Nike or then ""...the "Nike" logo drew me in (the ol' moonscythe perhaps on wing, the harvest moon) the roommate brought it home to righthand man. Message: "Don't be a coward here - wear it off."

If raising your hands and arms over your head gets rid of that erroneous and but painful swallow of liquid down the "wrong pipe", how does one arrest the feeling of dis-ease that accompanies cramps while walking down the hall? Straighten up your back and walk erect. This stops electrodes in your spine from helping the gassy cause by busying them at once. Stand up straight always -- have dignity although you're about to shit your pants -- and we'll help.

Going to New Jersey on Valentine's Day itself although my mother is in Florida these days, others are there...others and maybe others like you. One appearance per month vast in, we nix'd the voting booth of Feb 5.  Thanks anyway, I guess.

...saw Chris Ondy and Richard Linklater on "The Beverly Hillbillies" yesterday doing beatniks with Granny and the gang digging potatoes and such as a new dance. Sure, they started a little coffee house poetry club (Chris has sandals on and is the leader, I'm lying down in the back very silent they'd say) and The Clampetts help pay the way and participate, so to speak, while Jethro learns lingoes wrong (a bigger story lurks if Granny's the actual queen of England deposed to southerns Texas parts to prospect oil as learned on the throne - six years' time then to riches again)...'tis real. So, take a look Richard is his usual weird so funny snapping in peoples faces 'what now?' that little booger and we know nothing for you again...P.S. Jane Hathaway taught us both me and Chris art in high school as Mrs. Lehman (with all that remained of Mrs. Partridge...Jane) and is also someone I worked with briefly at Warner Bros. not long ago. Never changes really. The Clampetts' Club is at City National Bank at Doheny and Sunset is a club today still ours somehow Bar One or something. This episode is called "Clampett A Go-Go" #90 on TV Land rescheduled for 02/08.

This episode on cable TV Land today 02/05/08 at 1:00 PM your time - hopes all this works out. Hi Fran. The potato digging-hoe dance is miraculous, really, when Granny does it and finally to close. So good. My mother and Fran's mother are in this episode too but are obscure. That's all. "Thank you." - Buddy Ebson who is also me? The magical last name to insert here is "Lewellen" for a dead person "risen for days to die again with me."


99- Big Daddy, Jed
Sheldon Epps, the extraordinary beatnik, pays a return visit to the Clampetts to borrow "bread" from Jed.

100- Cool School is Out
Granny turns beatnik when she visits the Parthenon West coffee house to rescue Elly May and Jethro from a band of beatniks.

For other consult against news, get to "The Beverly Hillbillies Episode Guide" or better yet at but broken to search with many pages at...

Prospecting for oil means keeping people out of the woods and the properties while you look. The oil travels with rain and sewer water from up on high a hill or whatever or then from afar and you hafta keep markers and alert while you seek the crude what could be anywhere, but what is actually there a brown "hyde" or covered patch. Hundreds of dollars a crude barrel. Six (6) years to look "in the sixties" they say "using the dead" and with sticks, usually.

As seen on TV! The Handy Switch you plug a lamp into a wall outlet through this indigo nightlight, the switch goes anywhere with you or glues in place - two (2) for $20 plus some on both sides. Says erstwhile friend Carr (Carrington...aka my brother Chris' friend Dan Samarel of twins Rob and Dan of then Cream Ridge, seem) "You can close down the shop from being outside..." the tv guy is mostly Madonna in makeup hi Bobby Moser.

Favorite Gene Hackman movie? "Narrow Margin" with Anne Archer - trying to get a female witness across plains and on a racing train to testimony. Good stuff 1990. The white boy in "Boy Culture" is Burt Reynolds doing very well thank you. He took off his clothes and he's fabulous to me.

...see iTunes link for "Jingle All The Way" below at previous mention - the preview made me laugh hard. That's a fact. What is about this movie? Sinbad is a recurring black fighting Arnold over getting their kids this action toy that's like the "Cabbage Patch" doll (should have been seen properly as a dead baby - even I had one eventually a male I tossed out like any gay for remembrances against me...I believe we have a female my sister's hanging by her throat in our basement yet...brown hair) was in the early 80's very rare. Over and over they meet - one a rich carpet manager, one a postal worker but a bit slick. The real star is actually from "Talk Radio" who died innocently enough at the hands of his wife - his smarm or perfectionist way at the holidays making an all-out effort for people who care to care is what I think of often enough. Add in Rita Wilson (supposedly Peter Scolari's wife in real life...Tom Hanks) as Arnold's wife receiving unwanted affection from an easy in (me, Doug) while he Arnold (the real culprit always but has worked here actually) is out and all comes together nicely enough. The wife acts accordingly - note that - this is mine.

Jingle All the Way 

Yes, um - then we can deduce that that is Tom Selleck on "Scrubs" and without mustache if Chris Ondy was Lee Majors and his mother is Farah Fawcett-Majors and Lindsay Wagner sometime replacement...Sarah Silverman (known for expensive excellence only) you were gross eating that dog's butt in the park never again to me if "nothing bad comes from the boy." Quote me - the "blackface" as parking cited and solvent arrest (you can't say why you take exception to it publicly as racial so you look to book her else) was really good with white lips (as you wiped them) much like a puppy or monkey then. As for your own harsh to love, keep looking. I had to shut that dog crap off just to eat my lunch.

"You can't take a shit on the sidewalk, why does your dog?" - dM if the taking is out of a bag within you

"[I wonder why people say 'take a shit' when they go to the bathroom?] I didn't take a shit - I left it [one? no]." - Richard Pryor

Reasoning beyond me: If knowing (exactly when to kill) made whites (purest granule of sugars spread like grid over the skull and releasing bright light only) what then did blacks? A smoke taken too early is if. Tobacco may have made them king with water and early nitrogens as be root collecting light each of and is but out. Check that back in with "chemical" versus "thermal" heats. Chemical pops heat-drawing balls in a grid of application to destroy skin lightly from outer layers like lye does while a hot iron collects rudely in bunches at points made and waves it around destroying brown fat (as mostly nearly clear, gelatinous opaquing with salines or bonded salt waters afoot) layers in skin the very bedrock of beauty is undisturbed brown fats of liver and skin fame. Some.

The roommate as "imp" (playful, child-like, arterio-sclerotic I'd say before body shames set back in) flatly ridiculed me by handing me what looked like a teenager on an ashtray actually faked of non-dairy sweetener "Splenda". That's not funny how I perk right up and forget all said for it and get led into the kitchen for the official "handing it all over" process for the exact measuring by and thus my foreword of cheating by what hounds faggots (silly homosexuals) daily (this ameliorated or soon to be lessened severity of cheating done because they ask about it and I scaled it back? no - what can I have without you ? is the question or dollar bill frozen on-top of water-filled tray but after some freezing to pour in a candle wax or meaning of as perhaps - someone I ask myself this). Will you do this to someone else for one egregious (is certainly avoided if seen coming) ridicule made to me here pulling me from conversations with others that are more than meaningful to me and them (never possible really to be with me, but some will see)? Yes, no - end that to me. "Usually and as foreword of advice, five (5) minutes later I can't remember what we were fighting about" but he does to details that are excruciating and I warn him not to live alone schoulded about this while others prepare more for it said (white will know what to do, has done this to be you). Never think I try and have this with you...I had mine yesterday, days earlier plalanx but more yet yes me? Usually just say yes an menu add today ripe granny smiths but why ask why someone must do more if I can't or won't. How 'bout you? I deliver me - don't worry about it - I'll do what can to be the hero, bring gift to posi-florive without news. I never choose for you and that's having me why. Hi. You lose when I can't get or get beat up. He pays the bills yet...thanks for that. We know you need to me to say so I do and from the side. "We" are not them but who's worse? Any disagree is not mine - just care, and keeping care.

"I lost everythiing being a drug addict [and I want it for you]." So spent up the teeth and basically gross and unforgiving to women and others gentle but unwanted un-front, I did that to you. You can argue the facts, but you just said that stupid shit to me again and we never listen to you we abuse you flat as no rules ever for no such pay. People hate you and your way. Gentle that down, get the fuck out. Other: Bring me good, keep the personal shit in it. We have that other bandling stuff eaten out from the hole already not a tooth not knocked. You used your mother's money for this? My mother has hers, I have mine getting it all back the huge swirling swammi in the center of moat that each of ten (10) livin-it-all-out banks points at while you wait for certs to cancel that hot bated breath back down to sweet and sours said simply someone said. Say it like that.

Look at you - you're old. That is real - just ask me. It's added like dates, times. You gotta risk all to get all back. Good luck to that camper hound, you black bitch. What cures old (better than someone even older yet)? A gentler, kinder sea shelf. Otherwise, but two doors down much without your top on raging at the machine, but at the back, screened entrance. A bald man of ill-repute, you just crapped in her all night, but she's back with an aneuryism or something a vascular-type accident and you're just too pooped to see she's blinded by the light. Wrapped up like a dooser on a roller in the night...the lovings of your long hair caught by very the ends in a hot whirling heat freshly made without all the noise you hear her grasp both bulls by the horn (um, always a "mushroom" - Alice "in Wonderland" can see but must not understand then have to ask why while rolling around on the floor making sounds about nobody goes with this is gross...saliva use again says this to me).

"Eat shit." - dM, I eat the butt first then we see more of where this came from...know why you do I have that in me here with mine raging out

1) Does she keep the cure from you her son while dying? She does and later takes it herself to say it was further safe and someone like you could just have had this and moved on from to yours avowed;
2) What is your real name to her your mother as now known to her from birth? Always something largely, immaculately false and unhad by us. Is not even entertaining as such in choice fade (Francis McQueen? yours); 
3) If she failed miserably as a woman to taste, who is the man that made the greatest statement to malehood as if then? Her father. Must be one of mine to live anywhere well, she says as a lowly cripple dying of need.

To Neil - in my heart, no one is truly this...but I hear them having choices about me and you and that is a no-no. We and everyone here chose to do better and we know it. Don't ask me to hear you again.

P.S. The Splenda "begifts" (places before me to see if mine, then takes itself out as if stolen from me) or is "betoken" (asks others not to see if taken aloud, can be else if seen). Gives nothing real until seem with it...too many people like blacks flush my good down the stream in some act of hirsute to so seem only. I may wait to be asked most of some as no longer needing you to enjoy what I enjoy I enjoy it with you aside so.

RAinINg aGaIn ToDAY early on 01/25/'s like snow here, Fool. We hear a new McDonald's opening where that old bloody-ass green gym is on Santa Monica Boulevard and with parking boarded up...right across from that ol' _____ right, right.

"It's like a holiday on ice - everyone on top of each other trying to avoid the floor." - dM who's most like Mickey Mouse riding a bike up the high-wire (or a whole shit + flies in your coffee can)

"I don't learn like that [as smell is a full half of taste* but perhaps you make me the best bit of it]." - a black as meeting shit at night or in the bedroom...see then voodoo and at-hand
*unless it's vanilla extract, that is...

Pet Shop Boys "So Hard" Pet Shop Boys - Discography: The Complete Singles Collection - So Hard originally from the "Behavior" LP (1990) ' why | don't we try | not to break our hearts | and make it so hard | on ourselves '

more...' i double cross you | and you | get mysterious mail | i try hard not shock you | it's hard not to | with the things i could say ' get "DJ Culture" too and if..."Jealousy"

FINALLY! Front 242 "Tragedy > For You <" Front 242 - Tyranny (For You) - Tragedy &gt;For You&lt; from 1991's "Tyranny (For You)" LP...the 'more' correct lyric is as follow (very suspicious song):

with that skill
that was hers alone
she drove her black sheaths into me
i was dumbfounded
she was hungry
she required me

all that's left is here to remain
it's a dull and cruel pain
that passes the ages as [a, if] vaunting
her scent is in my heart
i still feel disemboweled
i clearly remain
the planet
the void

the sore in my soul
the mark in my heart
her acid rain...
loved some laughed some
maybe i should turn and run

and that voice
that was hers alone
still resounds in me
she left me dislocated
and twitching
her rhythm is in my heart

she's fighting me
an acute sense of treachery

(we suggest "generra" over as a black widow spider, is actually a "male hedron" that has ten babies and eats five to state the case to the five who live - "you are loved by me always you are what i want"...kills inadequacy...that is what i am as a behemoth or value see...a generra needs to be seen, not sought of killing the ones who think nothing of it ever but die anyway and bad at that...and so live at that)

Watching "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" online as one mercurial shot...started watching in French last week and liked it alot. We'll hold our judgment for now if to pay with my time in. Is raining here beautifully getting dressed to impress a little white rose (no meaning but offer God) on my jacket's old Banana Republic (them: "only what's necessary, only then"...mine, after grimy monkeys or another hirsute 'planet of the apes' fork-spoon to the radiowhite world rising habbardly at six am for four or more hours of quality keep-say in the evening: "not many people, curiously neat as bananas measure their ration of food in pre-made bunches - or both then blacks or maintaining "ethics" or what I call "silent killers" with higher standards an outrage in newer "forgiving schools" learning why you don't make it and we never think of you having it that good ever spraying your ass with semen or then with homework never left to be undone while you wait in their parlors having all the rewards as you lift layers of meat with another of someone's fork what is this anyway? we left it out for you why?) standard. More 01/25/08: Loved the little party last evening at The Standard we moved from the pool (raining hard the way I like it always - very "hallo english") to inside the front-spoken restaurant there a private room off to the side full of purples, fuchsias ("sp", thank fuck, Fingerhut with your crappy computer table print catalog January 2008 #51271400 page 59 for a homo, or a small girl). We sat and talked pretty much the whole evening (we departed at about 7:15 p.m. - as entered about after 6:00) to a women who looked strangely like the brunette on "Absolutely Fabulous" (we see Tennant was there earlier some, we passed an undecorated Martha Stewart on the way over also brunette...) and was noted to me as songstress Carol Bayer Sager in the head (if of Burt Bacharach fame). Nice enough a charmer but grilled me about working and being a CPA not actually just staff but certified well over (two of pictures later). The people who gave speeches at the top of the hour - especially Richard L. not introduced as such - were kindly a nice night but I get tired eating and drinking had to stop by Chin-Chin for chicken fried rice (all under $8.00 to-go) and to complete my dinner a mock cigarette (Marlboro Lights, please ) in the rain very helped. Thank you my little white rose on the table left no one cared less. Our guest notes the West Hollywood Business Association as having helped her around the block when she was at Cedars-Sinai for treatment in the ER (we like the Madonna-inspired Mark Taper Center there, Neil has string art in the lobby under the pen name "CA '74" the year he graduated high school the fabric on the chairs is "hotchkiss" or outlines with color I call it "holographs", lots of California poppies outside now and a big ol' eight '8' sculpture for me...a family effort, I guess...we learned a "hospital" keeps you while a "medical center" treats you only as passes on your treatment maybe - to note that). Okay. Nice neighbors want us to stop by more often on Sunset there. Us? Are you sure?

"A republic decides with their money." I think re-public says it all - no matter what you vote or decide, people come back into the picture and they won't have it. Your house burns down as you fight each little in a tropic setting so used to keeping all you have, you thought you take this little up too. "You kid yourself" here.

Pet Shop Boys "Absolutely Fabulous" MP3 (3.5 Megs) this is the "German" BMG import I bought and is not the "remix value" on their excellent "Disco 2" two-disc release (1994, recommend song "Liberation" mostly - we remix to [top] market play only). I needed this straight play. Other than, we have a feature house song out there called "Supernatural" being what is da tease too - see later maybe a kick drum. Le Croix? Um, loosely "the crying babies [who never win]"....remodeled "The Crying" as entry adult.

Later: What we ate at event: House wines red and blanc, chicken quesadillas with sours and aplenty (Chicken "Afore" in Spanish), beef skewers with a dipping sauce (Beef Tanqueray), chicken skewers with a dipping sauce (Chicken Cannelone), seafood spring rolls or blintzes - I myself deigned and tasted crab, shrimp some maybe. Also chicken skewers "plain" or then "marveleta" in stance meaning "no sauce" then. The foods served on napkis at seat was aplenty, but I got tired and ornery on wines and hadda eat more later. I just learned from "Barefoot Contessa" Nancee Walsh (she was that earlier I hear the movie and all and who requested this summons from me) that you hafta dip 'wettled' chicken in flour first then eggs beaten and bread crumbs before frying in canola then baking it some. I didn't know that the flour and all (assumed poor people didn't have bread crumbs or know any better). Take a tip. I don't cook much and all "just to shit it out." I live with someone who has a passion for cooking instead blecch...he does some really nice stuff reducing alcohols in the pan you see "you don't cook for real without alcohols" - period - that makes cooking. Someone else said "sugar" - no.

see the homage to me made in 1978, but delivered here in '92?
the famed max factor building looms in the background
anawalt lumber on robertson some has a few poppies in $4 casks...

Read on these fucking shitbags at BMG...first they say don't sell via banners, then no reporting is available. Then this shit. Everyone is a fucking shitbag to learn about. No affiliate ever pays us - why bother? We need to go to an attorney now over fucking beggars.

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User:Doug Moon
Problem: cannot log into "be free" or commission conjunction - was active affiliate

"These people suck." - dM


Wolfgang Puck Inc. honors us with another restaurant called "Red | Seven" at Pacific Design Center northwest or the blue building at San Vicente northside (near the fountains, MOCA, etc). Sure, I took a long, dark walk there late Monday evening along fences-staging and looked for myself as yet closed down for that night however all the tables still set and ready to go. The formal entrance - foyerette and bathrooms lounge - is on the side where of parking entrances. This location very rinkside like in NYC at Rockefeller Center on 5th Avenue (Disney films here yet - "Oceans Eleven" again paying for films?) What else? Madonna (um, "Susie") decries this location for ruining her tented parties nearby at fountains as guests walk around with "honor" nudes placed "for laughs" she says they wearing only pubic cups "and braces [on teeth]." "It hurts us that way." And so? Supposedly another restaurant "WP" lurks within the Pacific Design building somewhere...see Melrose entrance for details. More 01/25/08: Stopped by the new interior cafe "WP" on the third floor facing escalators up all the way in the back against windows and it has a beautiful casual view overlooking the courtyard and trees. The lunch menu called "Take And Go" sees no price at lunch over eight bucks (< $8.00). Nice to stop in and take a look around anyway very chic (deserving of your view of) inside.

I don't have the requisite cash for any restaurant be it right now, but we're still planning an attend tomorrow night at The Standard, of course (when it's rumoured that Chin-Chin will cater to be some...)

Cat Power "Metal Heart" Cat Power - Jukebox - Metal Heart new at iTunes on her "Jukebox" compilation LP (2008)...35,596.

Glass Tiger "Someday" Glass Tiger - Air Time - Someday from their greatest hits comp "Air Time" (1993). No, you're not gonna notice I'm gone forever one day, you're gonna cry (for me) over someone else who doesn't or won't care at all. You'll see better. We only cry over ourselves anyway, to fear. I don't want you.

Flash! Top three (3) months of dying per the above (or, per the dead) and not to be alerted at all: April 20% (26%..bits off the top, mirth), February 16% (16%), January 12% (15%...killings mostly high).

"Each like poles rising - taking nothing from each other really, but trying to be seen at ." dM remarking about people who aren't attained these days...


almost ten years (10) later as from november 11, 1998 still unpaid, unheralded but here it is at wide sale...
madonna says the hard part is paying for gas (fuel) up-front about $500 for a year plus with an annual gas-fuel total of about $8,000
yours should be about $6,000-$7,000 of gas cost before talking here...all the car says is 'going too fast for the fuel [and at stops]' and it says
this the rough equivalent of the honda accord ex we used to have says mirth and at $23,600 this will probably be more

dusty springfield - from the pet shop boys-produced album 'reputation' (parlophone-emi, 1990)

a song called 'nothing has been proved' - seek also 'in private', the title track too
itunes doesn't have this stuff yet i champion, also liza minnelli 'results' they have that

Went and got great hot pork sausages (fresh) at Bristol Farms Beverly and Doheny last week - $3.99 a pound I ate them all, plus some about six (6) of them. Said hi to Dizzy working there too...all quality still.

"In our family, you can tell us about you - your way with it - when you finally stop asking others to pay. When you pay for someone else, then you can talk." - dM

Virgin Megastore is closing on Sunset now...every beauty died while England natural fights over the remains and some remain open. See Red Lobster come upstairs in its place somewhat...I want that back at the northwest corner of LaCienega and Wilshire...maybe now with distributions. I want Ralphs back at Beverly Connection too...I visited the one at Fountain and LaBrea yesterday 01/20/08 (um, a working Coinstar) before stopping in Target West Hollywood with credit (about seven-plus bucks) left on a gift card - milk, soda, pretzels basically.

Sing-Sing "Mister Kadali" Sing-Sing - Sing-Sing and I - Mister Kadali from 2006's "Sing-Sing And I"....Sing-Sing is Lush without contract as you may recall. Good stuff ! I bought "I Do" earlier and you may check spades or heights for other type noises. This song is like the Cocteau Twins soundcheck Hollywood Palladium November, 1990...all an "Eventide" (um, "event tide") or sprocket or flower-like stopping and turning. A song begins here as linking up....

What? "Spiderman 3" deeply neglected by us? See for "free" at mercy link for an Edgar Allan Poe type "" - I'll watch now with you...#2 was kindly enough with Povlacek as octopus and enough. Three (3) half-hour segments seen by me so far...OK! Finished watching the film, not bad but drawn out the last installment a few merciful minutes short (I also noticed the hyper-degree of close-ups in a store today Sony Style at Beverly Center - the DVD is harsh to the actors' faces). So, Macaulay Culkin is the blonde girl, Ronald Reagan the adversarial photographer, Will Rogers - his father - the father of all, Sandman. The girlfriend is "Russia's greatest queen" Ballantine. Obviously, the link at has many a film c/o Dan Moon & Company to view offhand and is not to be considered the finest or worthiest look at sets of. So seek. As for Beverly Center, Foot Locker still has great black athletic, full-length, crew socks like mine in a bag of six (6) pair $12.99...and a new store devoted entirely to Calvin Klein with some underwear of it.

At Bedroom Media, I watched a little of "Snakes On A Plane" (too dark) and "Evil Dead" to make sure that was the picture I was thinking of a rowdy yes. The witch hazel on hot glass as a witch laughing makes me sick. Russians supposedly do it continuously to make you insane.

Over the weekend, I watched most of "School Of Rock" on cable tv - a neo-form or dead returning substitute teacher (Jack Black) takes on some kids in the classroom to compete in an all-out rock battle in a local auditorium. Like "Saturday Night Fever" (Richard "Linklater" Haskell directs), there is no real winner, but plugs in to get people to do better and but the kids put on a cute enough show with plenty of pizzazz. Plenty of catharsis or feel-good plus well up with tears plus Joan Cusack (um, what's left of neighbor Kathy Gossard brother is Stone). Good enough.

School of Rock

Pizza Hut Pizza Express makes them little personal pan pizzas $3.99 one topping...I got one before now you'll see pepperoni. The new "Mia" promotion with heart afore? "MAYBE I ATE."

The dead box: Brad Renfro, Heath Ledger. Yes, we note you.

The Sunset Strip West Hollywood invites you (us, as annual parking patrons, resident only) to a neighborhood reception on Thursday, January 24, 2008 from 6pm to 8pm poolside at The Standard Hotel, 8300 Sunset Boulevard (free parking). We're gonna go - they wanna discuss plans (what to do when disaster strikes a business no money) and outlets (where to ask for loans) for us. See you there...hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and a discussion about the Sunset Strip and the business improvement district (a televison will say most probably). Bring a camera, we will too - no dress code "casual" (plus no sneakers) we'd say. Note: Tommy Tang's "Empress" cafe is here at link already - see ya soon, Target West Hollywood! 

I'm scheduled to work the regular February 5 election, but I may not be here. My mother is sending me money for a plane ticket out for a while....New Jersey. The house "locked up"...sister, father.

California Props - to vote all "No" against voters of:
94 - allows voters to use school busses at night for other things as and if paid - vote 'no' they break things always plus no music band can use them say 'no'...hire a charter about $65 a person;
95 - wants to test vision formally at schools - say 'no' we test for disease that affects us all (e.g., lice, gangrene or rotten teeth) this is personal use only vote 'no';
96 - wants medicines tested by schools formally - is intrusive say 'no' - hates knowledges above ours it says but we retract to get out early of - vote 'no';
97 - wants to teach kids and faculty how to fly planes at Newark International Airport once a year "smally" to ridicule us - votes 'no' early on, buy a plane ticket soon enough it said.
A,B - wants to allow pregnant mothers (3-4 months) to inspect babies before killing them - has this already, do not kill...euthanasia "keep life sacred, but not calm"

Um, Indians and slot machines always benefit from these things they can bus them there at night and thus build more stuff to entertain us here....

Movie? A guaranteed good time - (((rent for twenty-four 24 hours only $2.99))) John Carpenter's "Big Trouble In Little China" Big Trouble In Little China - Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, cameos by Tommy Tang (or "James Hong" or then "David Wu" as supreme leader David Lopan), etc. Watch the preview...hi, Sean (like coin - individually and valuable, even in wear retains it value). If you're like me (all sampling down, no buying) and you don't have even that little in trades, watch the scariest mortuary movie ever "Phantasm" at link ""...something delayed here for a while no present and with mortuary Angus Scrimm's best wishes he is the relatively younger man as the older brother, the woman and others (double takes make these somehow). "Enjoy something of it." I saw "Phantasm" in the theater with my friend Dennis Murphy (doing semi-nude printwork now - barely recognizable, very pretty though - see "Tetu" (February, I'm guessing false French or "avec moi" they say...actually is December 2007) at newstands, that is, yellow cover that's him out front) and he wouldn't sit just next to me...a chair away. Isn't that funny?

This on Sunday, January 20, 2008: Watched all of "Phantasm" myself - loved it thanks. Everyone was lovely, loved that guy playing guitar real cute...a "Hoboken" they say. Elton John (the player...) is the guy with ponytail. Note that or then Dan Moon.

nice job, dennis (like my brother scott and chris ondy, we look for unusually little nipples only)  - click the link to see more, preview dvd 'boy culture' movie status 2: 'i'm not gay but my friends are' (movie status 1 is aids - or 'fifty percent of nothing')
french translate #1: live shows with francois mitterand
french translate #2: 100 pictures we take exception to at x-mas
french translate #3: quite frankly, we've bitten our hand
french translate #4: do gays still think they have aids (with no study)?
french to spanish translate upper right: do you think we're sexy yet? have another issue anyway...

Motley Crue "Girls Girls Girls" Mötley Crüe - Naughty Platinum Rock - Girls, Girls, Girls the studio track versus new live stuff that's there too....what? Someone died? Oh, well...I could die no one cares. Choose from among great songs.

Curve "Robbing Charity" Curve - Chinese Burn - Robbing Charity ...another great song and with the original album version (the "Steve Osborne Mix [Full Length]") of "Chinese Burn" (calling people in to hurt them only and for the much-famed "indian suntan burn" twisting skin in two (2) directions on someone's forearm from the wrist up, I'd say...) is here full of lutz (I say chinese "lutes" to mean "going crazy in your head...wacko"). To wit " i'm short [a] charity | don't rob me of everyone I care for..." fucking evil a changeling.

Lyrics to Curve "Low And Behold" MP3 (3.9 Megs) from the non-exist "Superblaster" EP (mine) and as independently released on "Volume 8" UK, our original intent ("your hand is too small for the brake")..."We don't like you promoting your own self here." No bother seen for any a question so be the quick to correct to and at a leap one the other. When you don't provide the answers, have the official question-kelvin or half mandster: "What [will say this to be twice then stood]?" The love that dare not say and if be named. When all selves to be have this for from what has to be famed, you molve and bepray to the plan. "Hope springs in and is eternal." I decide any and all lies I tell if you would only seek and be to the truth both would have and be to the ends of it as if one won out. You lost as a team and for with them. Recently, "Low And Behold" a great good we all have (loved it in the Honda EX) was issued on "The Way Of Curve" comp (2004) with the self as both would have and then to play it out. 

evening fades
then it goes
from a sleepy town
that no one knows

it's an old, dark scar
it's a cold, hard heart

how we loot
at others' misfortune
a nation of gentiles
to nothing

it's an old, dark scar
it's a cold, hard heart

evening fades
a nation of gentiles
to nothing

(a gentile "lacks in sophistication", only...these lyrics hurtful and untrue to be with it...printed lyric are damned unlawful "eyes of the dead" first, not sure you can speak - then this pay me)
("la la la la lah lah lah" honors jim kerr or spyhalski, craig...ours to yours and back..."don't you forget about me" or "see the lights" alive and kicking)

just watched 'bride of chucky' from the local library, of course...not bad at all and with simple themes (stupid + ugly = someone else, not you)
was trying to relive a moment i had at universal watching a film for free as being pre-screened - i liked that one, so did the audience (one guesses 'chucky 2' not sure)
the voodoo book is being provided in lieu of 'voodoo for dummies' what seemed real in the film but maybe isn't...the dolls here are great and suspiciously life-like eyes that drink up
i suspect all monstors are pretty real - these are and struggle from the grave (you represent much bother as bother me)
in mine own harmonies, no one is eligible for (indeterminate...or ongoing) suffering as elected by else you yet see voodoo then
p.s. another book seen on 'sarbanes-oxley' covers the voodoo end - that is the 'golden' australian name for it or a queen of theirs who learned well and died practicing at age 62 (killed by them, runs hostelry now)
no one is that great you need institution or others making sames...unless you're me the holy spirit 'for phoebe still a baby' a swaddled head i carry around loving it and a cherish

our rules for voodoo:
1) never call people to help you - to share only in great, blankets, esteems or having knowledges;
2) if to help you, they need cash - have it ready six grand ($6,000) for the police they come;
3) voodoo is basically for god's children - be one first a catholic for supposin' (a jew needs god's help - pray direct);
4) never make threats - deliver by voodoo only read the book;
5) your mother must never know of these threats ever or we'll come see her with bad news for her;
6) killing people is real - we never bother (with the threat) ever, you shouldn't either.

Pavilions (puts the hold on closing for now June 10?) has DVD copies of Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Jingle All the Way" for sale yet....a great film. Meanwhile, Arnold looked really young in "Predator" a hirsute of man-made blacks.

You can now rent movies at iTunes starting with "The Simpsons Movie" The Simpsons Movie and all $3.99 - get the facts there. Also Mary Tyler Moore is here at iTunes The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Season 1 - Love Is All Around all the joy you can stand for $1.99 or so per episode when people knew how to entertain properly and not just skez ideas flowing and practicing in front of me. Mary's last wish? Though no one asked of a beautiful life suffering with armouval diabetes: 'To die peacefully without argument...' (z-scratch-z). That's a tall order...death is like Heaven or proper name "Nadir" - never done in dirty middle-eastern tongues ataken. Any our hallmark and of sorts.
We're all like "Who does that great song 'One More Time' on the Taco Bell commercial?" I never knew - mind over said Bush Tetras (check them out here). It's actually Joe Jackson "One More Time" Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! - One More Time from the "Look Sharp!" LP (1979).

Mention Bush Tetras Bush Tetras (roots and all what feed a snake until it bites you grand and in african languages) as ain't that bad at all.

toni switched out pictures at weho city hall
i was there way earlier protesting our personal rent increase as no say (this year up $60 month-to-month...he on the lease could move)

i saw this framed and thought 'where's that cute girl i voted for?'
hiding from freaks...this is hard to hurt, but it ain't toni like in the mailer of purple ink
i vote for cute...prideful, makes happy - makes the effort, spares us the education junk
the world is full of heart and hope - fuck that
i need success with me only - no why or how you
or we let people win ours voted count and softly at that...need you abbe land

this is them, but color black is what i
an elegance ensues....sure, while we use the oven for heat
note: drips anyway are from rain outside gathering wax and tea kettles perhaps
use oven to heat loosely and at 2 am...sugar inside loosely

Got some great 'dripless' black candles (finally black hole) from Trader Joe's begift looking for cheap bags of votives, kinda (and noting soft differences or lackings of original pride from store to store - we have many here...not much some to say no cheats, really, but I thought many until I see what's missed visually Yukon Mining Co. and original format versus WeHo bars area). Under two bucks (< $2.00) somehow eight (8) of them and say at $2.99 you usually.

Other suggest from "Erykah Badu Live"..."Tyrone" Erykah Badu - Erykah Badu: Live - Tyrone about a "scrub" (one who wears surgical gowns? no, but who scrubs everything for value while not producing theirs stand-alone or to "leave me down" as she puts it "having made me feel good [for myself]." A dry bush or oleander growing in desert-type climates I might add to describe a whole person more aptly. Meanwhile, I tell blacks half-joking them "You should kill that [referencing a white freak bothering me about having desires for and against versus knowing you have]." + "You're gonna be there anyway - no matter how dark and ashy." I tell my mother when she's being used and crying over for lighter-type burdens "Please - your boys decide things for people [without their consent]" a pride to me only asking of both her and imports (they schooled you...for them, I'm guessing) what to do with you and finally? Ask God. "They decide fucks for too many others" I continue just to be sure we have understanding do we really ? while chastizing against pleasing people too much with their seemings to be "cool" and "with it" (always crap, all geeks or "asking to be me" thank someone this is your success calling to me again + you pay me somehow being you too). Nobody uses you intentionally (our own rule: in tougher times, the ones least likely to be there pays for all...and abuses same to mine own: you can't afford nothing to me, can you? a real bigshot...see? no sex too easy you scrub like a woman used to scrub and prepare dinner to be welcome in her own home as silent and unanswering to constant query then - see me now draw no firm nothing learned advance is that good but OK! the whistle strikes twice - all too be good). Be proud and care for family underneath tables when can let them be at a pride perhaps with virtual-type glass cork underneath the belly for directing a later-type of pissing. All mean to us. Thanks, Mom...the bell of your well-being may be to hurt. See our Mary as she is type made: caught in a vision unhappy and quite as dead...she can't help you now saving you with no tears to me a deadly request to none made her.

What is "U" in exchange for the word "you" about? It is 'provocative' or sexually explicit...nearly demands you look closer and get my meaning. Thanking neo-artist Prince, is demeaning to women and ridicules them and if to suggest you have your hands full already. "I wonder u" always being lascivious or punishing for the bother made.

Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" LP is back! We choose "Gold Dust Woman" Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - Gold Dust Woman and from 1977...why again? They, iTunes, almost and immediately pulled the plug on "Rumours" the last time I mentioned this with link and no retort available me as such. Still, I'm surprised by all the potent links that extend outward even though some drop. I test often to see wanting to know how-why for myself while avoiding ugly truths (secretly, I never trade my clear views of success for lesser stuff like what? you and I made this together in studio 'c' or others agree you did this no better thought to have you sign on down the line for better stuff all the way around it - that sucks for us we need to know the 'consumer side' always and no secrets like that do I carry forth and in front of me hate you to it). If I say this stuff is great and you should know it all some (however latent, a beta carotene for a hole in your heart), then you'll see that from me always...people hate change in the face I know I do. One more note: People say I hurt them with too many sales beyond agreed. That never makes sense to me. I think 'Oh, Brother!' - trying to own (a saliva of use, discard for others ultimately. be the end-user the last come say) stuff or making pennies have sense at major intersects of wholly unlikely. Reject tamper thought. Rule: If the first part's right, you can count on the rest being just as same said. They take it from you like taxes - it only informs you about nothing you choose do. "Just get me mine." + "No, you take the taxes out." + "You know, someone shoulda fucked your ass." Quote me. This song, by the way, is about coke...people warn you of everything you do to pleasure but maybe they know. I don't listen to any of that shit by a younger-dumber me. Choose death - they know it ain't worth it sick the next day, but do you have better stuff? Get better stuff...I ask to be pleased and thankful always - not self-style of unwholly disciplines. Thinking off. "Take your silver spoon - dig your grave." Mine: No one tells me anything new when it's all over you gonna be mad mad a woman. Like a man. Like a woman, like a man. Like my mother got mad when someone did it (that is, gave it) to her. Make some sense outta that...but with her elsewhere. "Always a victim, never a crime." Finally, heroin snorted (um, "smack" - read it again) is the true culprit you'll see that....

The songs on "Rumours" I loved: "Dreams"..."Don't Stop"..."Songbird"..."The Chain"..."You Make Loving Fun"..."Gold Dust Woman"...a divorce record, largely, where the only thing uglier is reconciling. That is truly disgusting. 

Also, Joyce Sims with her "All And All" Joyce Sims - (You Are My) All and All - Single - (You Are My) All and All (Radio Edit) and again! Couple with? Dhar Braxton "Jump Back" another of "Sleeping Bag" alumnus.

toni and dean do these with my cousin david albertson singing...david as you recall does the calvin klein ads and other geeks...whalley.

P-COK at iTunes, yes! Next New Networks - The Meth Minute 39 - The Meth Minute 39
Although posited as "free", we welcome Radiohead and their song "Videotape" Radiohead - In Rainbows - Videotape - a "solenon" or heavy refract from drinking or drugs - as new to iTunes (that before was MP3's - or barely cartoons of songs ...these, movies). The song from their brand-new "In Rainbows" LP (2007). We have favorites from them from each album placed on their catalog and maybe soon enough we see....see other song "Nude" too. Now count 35,155...or so 35,188. Thanks again. Adds "Videotape" is elegy about being left alone and too much watching videos alone or being saddened by seeing one recorded with or without me too...sad, but not offering anyone or anything for change. So, words out, feelings in you see. We have to be careful about how sad we get or maybe a marriage of trades of some sort. Married to the mob? Um, I never watched anything until optic-oracle AIDS defeating drummies and these people need to be paid thanks only one fine day heaven sent say nothing of it I'm merely sad again a feeling state. What can you do without asking for me and making me feel bad or even worse to look at you 'dying' too. "I tell my sons 'just do what people ask you to do...' Don't be special - be you." The girls you left me? "You have a right to everything and a quite demanding. Be Marcia Brady." 

Our own photo contest continues. People died here, you know....lots of 'em.

this - a full wad - remains of our october 2007 photo shoot and sees webbings misused by lazy-unaffectionate with plastic spiders eight legs or other being my key a now-bun on your rear prop spitting black inks to no see
that is, an octopus and its rear use...else, see my haiti box-tv stand red under plant...traps demons 'inside' say over a grave life and two huge tundrals spin in a hell for days while you fret and wait over a huge back abyss
maybe not you often enough...a great beauty yet my roommate plagues me to throw away with my homemade christmas wreath...more trouble than you know and with box cardboard glued on the back to firm on hang
a skull decoration from haiti province or shores again hangs from the patio ceiling and shakes violently with any noise and scares folks they hate it at night...the eyes on springs move often enough to be seen as real
the sewing for wreath as further add: is stitched along the rings center and outline cuts but required a surgery or clip up and down the bottom of to turn inside out and resew by hand after stuffing...more to be seen later
green webbing is for a cauldron really - note that

the folks at fingerhut 'international' sent me another catalog 'january 2008' expressing their interest in my business...
oh, sure - no sooner do i lament not using their catalog and out-loud do i get rejected for their previous 'hardcopy' offer of $100 cash credit
toward a purchase within...we wanted the cobra digital camera at $9.99 per month...the additional shipping-handling costs not apparent anywhere
we don't need the camera and look and dispose of these entertaining catalogs handily for no bother, but is not nice of me not to purchase or respond or them to be not having the selling when
the prior issued credit of $100 extended me personally by name does not say *we need to check again like it does my credit is shit when none else pay me (you fail one day anyway - trust that and is never mine)
anyway, you said no to the savior and that leaves me wondering why i asked in the first place as now hateful - you are wrong here see all shine on you then
i still have a few christmastime gifts outstanding the twelve days of christmas folded on january 6 the limit of such made me then god helps you out
like i help out anyone who calls here looking for money it's never me talking if you ask but of course you are in danger with my cobras everyhow
...biting their mother affectionately until she dies of a 'wolf in the breast' or being silly as no one mothers that for long in any serious capacity no one ever calls here (310) 659-7511 with a gift 'just for me' direct to the top - sure - to help offset the demands for cash made me i'll probably be vacationing elsewhere with snow pretty soon 'he's not here anymore' unless payment to
...the camera is worth $40 at retail, thanks

Download iTunes Apple iTunes    

Like Of My Own Disinterests, Press Apply To December 2007 Only To Be Turned Down For Our Free Gift (Trust It - You'll Pay...You Have Paid, And Dearly At That)
Not like we don't have a hot topic to speak on to start this month your own foibles I don't need to be anyone special for this stuff...remember per my own lessons to, any entertainment along the lines of laughter means somebody (and as preferably someone else) got hurt and here we are again but it's me. Now you may see.