still nature's best bet for uncertain times
we watch now as the government (the biggest bitch about naysayers) prepares to pounce on uber for leaving us high and dry the job role task no game
you left me to walk and fall with headstrongs (a decision to do that is unclear yet)
a bump on the head too!
what would gashing girls say?
no too brite!

new september page real soon! you to hop it along now to september 2020 get there~

so, we need to thank the feds for the extra $300 a week in unemployment - thanks.

saturday, september 19: all the quality you've come to expect! 'the little girl who lives down the lane' studio mgm - the whole shebang starring jodie foster!
this one of two 'horror' movies to be cited by newcomer 'fangoria' - mrs. hallet was kinda scary her dead in the basement down there...there other was david cronenberg's 'scanners' about two freaks given corporate high-priority to try and model their psychic leanings with illicit drug therapies - quite vulgar

excellent site: credit karma for getting your personal credit score 'on the double' (mine is currently '479' good bad or indifferent 'needs work' i do alot of prepaid and borrow not)...required video classes at paycheck advance lender ($300 less $45 debt service each a month - no visiting just online) lend up stressed a credit score analysis for good service of your needs...their videos babied me to a firm understanding of such, i guess....

madonna 'mysore style' (my soiled soul) another goodie i leave this one play to play again
i don't know why you talk when i talk
i don't know why
you talk when i talk
can we reach some sort of agreement [so i can talk too]?
i die when you die
so i can talk through you
so you can talk to me then, too
so i can die

trust i enjoy this show - season premiere is october 21
no rush!

happy labor day this september 7...very busy. melon balls on my mind....

from pet shop boys' 'mpnkey business' just hangin' around - is this as nice as i think it is?
pure joy some of them are! that frida kahlo one a miracle!

although i was surprised to learn the ipad wi-fi does not embrace cellular service with retrofit of an on-off switch (citing radio capabilities - best buy now has the latest model ipad for $329 ($355 is regular, customary) - you can't go wrong and stay fit!

john, mabel-maurice, francine, todd, gary, ellen - a who's who among lists?

something worth seeing at elicpower

spent the evening watching the queen on youtube.com great stuff!!!


thanks google earth!

in celebration of the farmer's tube - lain in a creek with the flow in-mind you plow over with dirt and enjoy the corrugated steel's beauty - enter minibikes, tractors!

for your further edification (or enlightenment) madonna on nbc's 'ellen' - she's not really there for the abuse, ellen says 'too big a fish'? too nasty if quoted she fights alot
ellen you look great, however (seek debbie bender at classmates.com - it's fun and certified real here - manitou 'a year on record' 1982 allentown, new jersey...one day money)
madonna hates any mention of rocco ritchie hence no live stuff but it keeps other notes down...what?
why am i not there? the unhappiest people in the world with schedules and legal terms no thank you...'no flex, thanks' - her
am i right? clip: 2 of 3 from 2017 (mate "a director")...
kabbala is roasted meats? yum.
athiests? i myself love irritating people who demand reverence...all is real you're not that important yet? remember - is real.
i just sourced my dad as the one true hate faunt for me? what to do? a fool - that's real
fact: 'god' positions you and me with voices oh well - that's real
whatever works and alot of it does here - liz fraser drives me to the brink every day know i hate scottish dart wink ('see you later') junk and tricks, tattling

this bar worth $50 and you will pay freely (looks like old navy makes it - no?)
as a north american affiliate for three years, i can't wait to say i love and still use it the war still on
a real asshole of an issue...it cures me as rarebit
collect all six?

when england met france? ptooey!
i don't need to know anything like that!
i need to know that one day someone wrote a big fat check for the whole place $65 million
the hard part was revolting - that came later getting them and their sheffield (making food for everyone) ways down, out, - and off

q: prettiest bell ever? the liberty bell - trust that (too many births-deaths got you cut down side, quasimodo - never mind the sound - cheers to 'coco' his female singer...ernesto - beauty is everywhere with you helpin' out the film grossed only $17M get busy)

for art's sake - prepping for care

cnn's covid california at press time

on wednesday 09/02 my actual weight (released to be 165 ama): 186.4 within annual cycles (09/02) trying to get anthem blue cross blue shield (it's cheaper) drivers license is 185 still...

yesterdays 09/01's donation to the trump-biden campaign though they complain heartily (hey - i'm not rich you know!) $30 - $45 prior to that towards a golden pot of discretionary funds - match me soon, fool - more than i give church - that's real cowsill, nigger - i'll wipe my ass with a bag of leaves that's what i did at pink's had chocolate on my fingers they the plants didn't mind

this, the last day of august 2020 a monday...i tell the ghosts here we're going back to church if they don't leave me alone!
ok, they're not that bad...stay in too immediate touch via facebook.com

new madonna tidbit from the style mart....'run'
she like others uses my birthday as her own?
happy birthday, mom!

when the world starts to get you down
and nothing seems to go your way
and the noise of the maddening crowd
makes you feel like you're going to go insane
there's a glow of a distant light
calling you to come outside
to feel the wind on your face and your skin
and it's here i begin my story

turn up the radio
turn up the radio
don't ask me where i wanna go
we gotta turn up the radio

[verse 2]
it was time that i opened my eyes
i'm leaving the past behind
nothing's ever what it seems
including this time and these crazy dreams
i'm stuck like a moth to a flame
i'm so tired of playing this game
i don't know how i got to this state
let me out of my cage cause i'm dying

turn up the radio
turn up the radio
don't ask me where i wanna go
we gotta turn up the radio
turn up the radio
turn up the radio
don't ask me where i wanna go
we gotta turn up the radio

i just wanna get in my car
i wanna go fast and i gotta go far
don't ask me to explain how i feel
'cause i don't wanna say where i'm going
turn down the noise and turn up the volume
don't have a choice 'cause the temperature's pounding
i'm leaving this place is the last thing i do
then i want to escape with a person just like you
buzzing around like a moth to a flame
i'm so sick and tired of playing this game
we gotta have fun if it's all that we do
gotta shake up the system and break all the rules
gotta turn up the radio until the speakers blow

turn up the radio
turn up the radio
don't ask me where i wanna go
we gotta turn up the radio

turn up the radio
turn up the radio
there's something you don't need to know
just let me turn up the radio
turn up the radio
just let me turn up the radio
just let me turn up the radio

(that bit of spanish shit - we'll get back too you - use 'radio' in deflect)
'conde de neo' - no one gets what you get while you get it

it all sounds great but no it isn't!
fellow jerks got me back down to 165.3 pounds again (just 175.6 the day before pills pills laxative pills ) - note the decline it is pure weight from hell...note that all is hell
the usual height at 6.25 and with no helpin' we start here august 20 - three summers robbed of me yet!

we spent out 56th (08 1964) birthday institutionalized but all went okay we're back in black i could be sharon stone (like a roman god) in 'basic instinct' if need be (we see 'bill and ted' is coming around)....!

we guard the shack tonight as trump unveils his prominent of running mates - they must be fierce/fearless and they are - you don't win big against no ones! shine 'em up! kamala harris? great! great!

i never get to know who tries to jump me in person - someone did, know that~

checking the date 2020, we see evanescence borrow from the pop genius that is early bananama and 'cruel summer'

remember in 1983 pop friends like these and eurythmics etc. were there doing what they do - amazing people - no one does this i stand back...the first of firsts!

bananarama 'the wild life' dropped from the first lp ? but arguably a big big hit!

stopping by to-for another beauty for those not so fortunate? 'through a child's eyes' plays on...'why did you tell me so many lies?!?' london is early rolling stones and pet shop boys too - we support you!

unless you know why - kamala harris a portrait of an american self s"

the current state of affairs with old friend magic jack (they are the greatest!):

dear magic jack (re our personal magic jack phone number 323-375-6627...is now (323) 375-6539
i just paid magic jack an annual fee trying to renew our relationship with the actual device and phone number we used for years use on a laptop or otherwise an ipad. it delivered well many such hours of enjoyment here in west hollywood to me and my ex-roommate terry jackson every who decides to stay in florida for the time being houses our mothers had twelve miles apart a hospital in center. anyway, that hospital destroyed my ipad one day with clumsy-type housekeeping help (it still worked well though cracked - note that) and told me to go to hell so i went but i kept my tastes for things one of them is magic jack it still worked lawlessly for no cellular service if all went wi-fi and broke water (the corresponding phone an iphone7 is with indie or low payment darlings consumer cellular 772-342-0638 for $43 a month plus few extras in memory accommodations...local landline cable number too). any recommendation for pick up and use service on the ipad under the name doug moon? i was just hoping to pay and just breed back in somehow. we don't have the original mj device handy right now - is it a problem? many storage bins involved at public storage just losing our storage contents…please advise.

what i just paid via brinks master card account is:

magicjack.com renewal 561-594-9925 fl

can we refund if a no-go? (nevermind this is the answer thank you)

ang lee is the performer of evanescence (you smell like a grave and why not?) and one day i woke up to find her in my room too - a ghost known as a 'warlick' like a bag of potatoes with arms! long nose on my pillows!
you're gonna kill somebody some day an eventuality not just a risk
sarah for pure hell and smarts, keren for beauty always and then soibhan the little stevie (dangerous nicks) as friend of friends? no. owner-maker with dave stewart
'we don't wanna work for stevie nicks' - fleetwood mac

review previous page for july 2020 and backwards you go is it hell too?....

eye to eye 'nice girls' plus relay 'am i normal?'
where is all that flash?

bananarama (sans the soibhan or jacquie position) on toni's curb label - 'take me to your heart'
p.s. everything with us is hindi influenced, gentle: david albertson named soibhan we know his work 'loves to eat'
this his too a pheasant of pleasance

new feature! 'the cage and the pen' an unclean or ongoing list of those rumoured to be down around the mascis as yet! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
you or me then! people awaited like elton john, a first cousin like david albertson -- you name it!
boring stuff like tv's urkel the meanest man jaleel white (our ongoing thought is 'what was more luxurious to see in-person as white-mong - '227' jackee harry or 'family matters' remnants reginald vel johnson?
we are 227 folks but respect both heartily~
marla gibbs!
soon enough to be sheened of us...you wouldn't appreciate it, trust that

bananarama with their super-impressive 'pop life' album see 'preacher man'
heaven again, doug

bananarama 'preacher man'

still no compensation since 2003 - 2005-2008 was itunes and no else helped that's not nice
i need money! apple itunes, bmg music service, columbia house
is this what you want for others, an embarrassment of sorts?