we'll be examining the banner's wares soon...time for black friday
sales? office depot is your storehouse for the home - the catalog is that good you do nothing but laze it up then
you get in there what originates at dougmoon.com matters much! to thank you~
ream of paper times ten (10) is now $29.99! limit (5)
chairs are 40% off i need one
**************sales that originate here also reverb to santa barbara one hundred miles north (south is san diego that mileage box a day trip) the mothership it seems
remember, those who are ultra-sophisticated in business use the office depot-office max print catalog as their storehouse and perks shelf
explore it as management tool to see if it works for you...a closet and a lock $$$

nothing to show at the apple rendezvous today...usual carefulness...we'll be here

'each one a god in its own right.' - dM if that's all you are, we can work this out!

for the refrigerator - they deserve it
a little tempera paint?

i see you and me - beyonce
coke rewards and the rules that make me
make sure you add ice - takes the bite off the soda's taste

you love magazines like i do? check out magazine store i'm living again!

our station wagon growing up - this the exact one 1975 too slick none better? oldsmobile
i couldn't believe when they brought this champ home so many seat combos in back
fishing pole snapped in rear window! am/fm, air, the rearmost seat facing backwards in the spare tire well the name quite funny but i can't recall

we've been enjoining delivery services long since ignored - keep in mind...i hafta walk and take the bus everywhere i go still (my one attempt on vehicle ownership left me cold and locked up in the head too...toyota i'm at odds with you starts with niggers at bev smith down in florida niggers said i won something a day out of the hospital they beckoned me then shined my ass and face with a sparkling asian asshole you should lose windshields for that...'at least you got a bagel and coffee' you dying yet?)

oh, fuck! good works to abound this week!
stutter stutter thursday, november 5, 2020 get busy! no word yet on who duped you down~

get out and vote a veritable crescendo of enjoyment for 2020!
go back to the birds and the bees if you need to!
this on monday, november 2

feel here: one special note to nurse yvette doublet 'double t' nice to see ya! we got her at ucla coming up - no more tales about folks dying 'that's somebody's father' + 'well regarded' - they go, you too? nice to see you!

as an aside check on your ballot! where did it go?

magic jack as installed on my brand new ipad: for fact you had me and my ipad on the floor attempting to call 911 with no voice heard on the other end - wanna play ball? i want a fuckin' outgoing phone right here! luckily i got to my iphone 6 with leather strap in time...idiots! you wanna kill someone? i couldn't get away~

toot toot hey beep beep one refurbished cellular i pad air sends terry the plain ol' wi-fi unit - you hafta go deep into facetime to dial out but it sure is cool! folks hear me now...one day i die


'i really like emily dickenson.' - 'the little girl who lives down the lane' (a new dvd here sharing lifestyle and culture - see amazon but note will not play unless regioned correctly apple solves this easily try that note england is sometimes smart, correct too) - and don't we all?

my test results, of late

today today today but organized early with you!

0543 i'm up: an aide with trump brings news that biden threw in the towel already before he gets stuck paying the bill for this one. "we are texas government" he keeps echoing this way...challenges everything.....mental?

earlier trump was mad as hell up watching tv (mad, mad, mad) no one was speaking on the subject - it's like banks being closed - for fucking what? that melania 'sleeps in a dog kennel' you have my heart that's all ring-ring! you better win? yes, that's it. i don't type like i don't speak spanish a nonsense facebook holding firm oh, poopie! i need to read more about me...'will lick your balls, won't mean it.' + 'is like a flower.'

*******************************************if that*********what do you do?**********moore later!

not to tattle but facebook blocked my newsbag again for 24 hours over hate speech - imagine that! 'dear, to fool:'
meanwhile, youthful pet and style conscient 'members only' provides for me lavishly again - we waited for any the occasion to reveal only
why ask why and yes the exterior pockets - while lavishly sealed to any ownership or clause - need to be picked open for use - just do it i did.
belgium? what?
note i started clipping my beard down instead of shaving - that's real progress
locale: bus stop for the #105 near west hollywood usps distribution center - a lifesaver for me! used to be a full-on usps branch i still love the usps for being so busy body they hated sex stuff on the weekends i hear everybody's right an unlit candle to most here
i scan for everything so i may disagree but get some good - goto to doheny branch near petco down the lane seek american flag - it's real good about sending shit out in boxes on the weekend as long as you have the cachit
pan pacific park at fairfax is a darling too but fully fledged with wait and managers - n. maple drive drive in beverly hills no good but it's there inside and cashes m.o.'s
'nobody knows the world.'- dM

don't write off spectrum's tv app - it offers the full-on tv for viewing and that's a dream come true!

soda cracker: my very navel as it stands today 11/02/20 - delivered by johnson & johnson products and gauze to keep it safe from wounding again
too many buffoons around
three (3) summers later a firm commitment not to disappoint it says?
we consider it a divorce from the mother and i want money - any money - still
supposedly they have appliques for the beach?
p.s. thank you again! if it mattered at all, you'd get to know
now 'go to hell.'
p.s. the whole placenta and connective tissue actually very cool - i've been rejected i guess

trader joe's seems a bit cheesed in stock but still we prop it up
rushing through delvers the wrong salad - that's all

doug moon
1027 hancock avenue #5
west hollywood, california 90069
(772) 342-0638 cell
(424) 279-9582 home

historical values such a big success - keeps editorial liberties in check (excerpted or lost at facebook.com - i can't fathom its systems well)):

i planned to move to california with some girl rosemary (tv's cooking marvel ina garten somehow we all grow up?) for about a year before i did, working three (3) reasonable jobs (all at about $7 hour with shift differentials or a few cents more for off-hours) paying off credit cards as i believed in securing everything anyone ever upgraded and took from me moving or whatever, getting the credit in shape to present any paper by hand 'say it to me', and saving up for the transition driving across the country on route 70 in my datsun 210 (1981) in july 1987 what only dropped its muffler in indiana after all that snow and rust (thank you again meineke mufflers from 'cheap as a wheel' bob evans the checkerboard restaurant said it was time to stop anyway). we flew out to california in march simply idolizing los angeles and not knowing anyone (others just do it you see - is it sexual?) so, i get the los angeles times and they have an ad for gramercy place mid-wilshire ? ? we go there and its a bit oriental (asian, dirty whatever - we'd be corrected for sound later on - on the spot i'd say - they're right after all be pretty too). somehow, we found ourselves in the neighboring glendale as suggested by relatives and christmas cards ? near the huge and clean galleria there as separated by two roads a skywalk and a large mountain range - the largest - right in front of your face (no one climbs these). as practically foolish, no one mentioned a job yet we thought we'd just wing it or as I say i'd work at three mcdonalds (a bit of a hyperbole) before coming home to central new jersey (seems to say 'new york city' we are an hour south my whole life about that) and all from just two (2) visits prior to it. more later.

...a man named jed
the old mountaineer barely kept his family fed
then one day he was shootin' at some food
when up through the ground came a bubblin' crude
black gold, texas tea
the first thing you know
ol' jed's a millionaire
kinfolk said 'jed, move away from there'
said california's the place you oughta be
so he loaded up the truck and moved to beverly
hills that is, swimming pools movie stars

it's all here~

october 18 still too nervous a time to play much! the hillary debacle still paying me - an 'actress' to sobs (shortness of breaths - we mix and match lab results online now)
people have lost their hands to phlebitis (rotting tissue disease - hate the word) and dog bites - stay clear, stay safe (some invisible they scowl)
my stuff related to cats? whatever
p.s. don't come here looking for money - it clouds the issue 'no'

october 15...right here
yapple dapple dapple?!? you got me my favorite flavour? don't do it.
hello to beautiful dodgers people with covids our prayers are with you too

' straw spun from gold | she craves a tortured soul ' - sneaker pimps 'becoming x'
sneaker pimps made the hellboat (says it for you) between scenes at 'hangover ii' - interesting sounds, remote values

these are bits and pieces of my story from facebook and while may not be able to commit others to a past review this is mine 'i told her if i ever get out i'm gonna come right over and cut your head off with knives on the floor' and i did just that too
shoved her fat head up in her ass, too
deliver your truth as can - and take your time
bitch is still sitting there in disbelief
'when the buffalo chips are down, the price of it pride goes up' - dM

i still fear the movie theater w/o sitting in bubble of some sort
we'll be there - god willing

the los angeles times is back on the block for me and terry la times online edition so perfect to me

today is wednesday, october 7...grandmaster trump is playing the covid card at-large and that may help-hinder...i think to myself who can shoo that one in and still be successful? you gotta see how he does it no casual mentions looks like a million bucks too...i've got my own health-related illnesses and one is the incessant shaking that welds you to your bed each day...i'm not you...pray for rain...it comes....

my ballot is complete now and heavy-handed - off in the mail you go and soon enough! my official drop box is the building in-front of me - their outgoing mail is engraved an elegant one-piece metal box ours doesn't lock...you and me against the world

the weather cooling down significantly - keep fest in check still we suffer to be with you like this....we had a potent little explosion here last night - what was it?

welcome to september 2020 internet page at dougmoon.com! still within the throes of passion with the covid-19 virus...it's essential to be very much astute these days...i leave some things around as super savory one mention is never enough....

just so you know.today is thursday, october 1, 2020 - we'll see how it goes...my temperature by forehead scan is 98.4 where all conversations begin and end? we'll be back!

someone tried to take their halloween away too? disney's very excellent halloweentown

this film 'the rise of skywalker' protected to the hilt - advance to thirty seconds in it says
almost one full year in release now - i watched with the fbi male/female

one repeat performance is the excellent site: credit karma for getting your personal credit score 'on the double' (mine is currently '479' good bad or indifferent 'needs work' i do alot of prepaid and borrow not)...required video classes at paycheck advance lender ($300 less $45 debt service each a month - no visiting just online) lend up stressed a credit score analysis for good service of your needs...their videos babied me to a firm understanding of such, i guess....


thanks google earth!

this bar worth $50 and you will pay freely (looks like old navy makes it - no?)
as a north american affiliate for three years, i can't wait to say i love and still use it the war still on
a real asshole of an issue...it cures me as rarebit
collect all six?

cnn's covid california at press time

touch and go with our extensive facebook page facebook.com

we guard the shack tonight as trump unveils his prominent of running mates - they must be fierce/fearless and they are - you don't win big against no ones! shine 'em up! kamala harris? great! great!

the current state of affairs with old friend magic jack (they are the greatest!):

soon enough a broadened discussion on jay ward!
underdog! (and ms. polly purebred - no small achievement this show)
thunderbirds (fascinating...a group of crime fighters one is a diapered baby with a bottle and blanket who flies out window when called - rare rare rare)
george of the jungle
boris and natasha
rocky and bullwinkle
super chicken!
dudley do-right
peabody and sherman

jay had a full-on kiddie emporium just before crescent heights on sunset where rocky stood
hence the butt kissing?

seek our previous page for holy month august 2020 ...don't agree, never argue....

new feature! 'the cage and the pen' an unclean or ongoing list of those rumoured to be down around the mascis as yet! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
you or me then! people awaited like elton john, a first cousin like david albertson -- you name it!
boring stuff like tv's urkel the meanest man jaleel white (our ongoing thought is 'what was more luxurious to see in-person as white-mong - '227' jackee harry or 'family matters' remnants reginald vel johnson?
we are 227 folks but respect both heartily~
marla gibbs!
soon enough to be sheened of us...you wouldn't appreciate it, trust that
dallas raines!


still no compensation since 2003 - 2005-2008 was itunes and no else helped that's not nice
i need money! apple itunes, bmg music service, columbia house
is this what you want for others, an embarrassment of sorts?