just checkin' to see if you're still there...you are~

preview next month's teletype right here...

god rest ye merry gentlemen ! it's monday may 1 the official start of summer just thirty days from here~

------------------------------------------------------end it, and dry your tears

me and my mother's husband eddie went out yesterday 04/29 on nw federal highway near the beach to get haircuts at this nail bed - kinda grew on me the ambience of all sinks for feet and a local of hot chairs for cuttin'
him first with beard trim and afterwash and then me a cut no bother
this girl was from alabama and was wed so we chatted a little about what that meant and an eight cylinder car too? chevy suburban or whatever
nearby my thoughts of triple aaa were met with a trip-tik or personalized comb-bound map for driving back home perhaps with terry soon enough
terry is an idiot with a finder's fee, but the idea has appeal - the trip-tik helps you avoid all manner of plague detours etc. mapping out a road trip usually free service with membership

bananarama 'through a child's eyes' from their first lp - 'you never told me'
my recent spate of sicknesses left me a vicious roman a' clef in every song - i just can't take it anymore add new vicks plug in

thanks shitloads to the fucking vagabonds that illegally borrow my earnings and monitor my consumptions while they ostensibly shoot the breeze with what's mine every day - accrued but unpaid what is just as real as any breach of contract - get these fuckin' white niggers outta here and give me the money i made my way with my talents these are fucking vonneguts eating slaps every day and promising me payment get the fuck out! i need it my money...the federal government are you there at all? i gotta lick balls over these bitches...

erykah badu for all her references to the rolling stone 500 e.g., 'liah'
take a look

getting my bearings straight...

i decided lying out back in the lanai (screen-topped porch) here in florida yesterday that i would use the white house to orient my iphone 6 compass - that is north to south side facing and westerly over the hills towards california the ocean obvious enough nearby and east but behind us...270 degrees or so?

boat thief, one more whole day to april, this is day 24: been trying to eat up 'alice through the looking glass' the sequel to 'alice in wonderland' and get that over with it's not bad but insists on being there very colorful a thief...netflix...almost hereafter: great film better than #1 trust it - better

try my sandwich at subway: order steak and cheese on white jalapeno bread six-inch or footlong and use american cheese slices to begin - after the meat is weighed out, get lettuce, tomato, red onion, green pepper, and cucumbers a lace of whole mayonnaise, a shot of oil, and salt and pepper to fold...get cut in-half and enjoy...you don't need to toast the bun-melt the cheese but you can...

looking back re 'gay' ellen? the pictures hold up well~ we mean it 'if gray is the first disrespect, old is an admission of guilt.' - dM you'll pay

billy ray cyrus is gonna change his name to 'the artist formerly known as prince' but nobody's fooled 'he just shows up, anyway': target has been singing the blues ever since the feds came a milkin' for paper and strategy money - what else could it be? alot of laughs and compliments prior to, get yourself a twenty-dollar 'sro' clubhouse outta the sunday paper this week and pencil yourself at home for now - the sign on the flowerbox says 'go fuck yourself' it's for the kids the ol' evil eye says 'you see i have it...'

caught up with my dad today 04/29 on the phone: dad is eighty, his older brother eddie is eighty-two now relaxing in marion, virginia it seems - good update! hi to my brothers...

the next progression of meringue pie (lemon, orange) is gonna be a spearmint pie if orange juice concentrate was used to displace the lemon, we use a commercial spearmint oil with a green coloring for our custard - the meringue to stay same...after the filling sets...

latest netflix object is starring the guy from 'warm bodies' in the desert storm flique 'sand castle' - stay tuned - that serious mcdonald's thing how-why is probably on itunes only...target lands in sand castle? naples, constantinople it's all there the vatican hates 'em i hear they 'murder babies'...more: they don't hurt people much in this film thank mr. demarest and oldest son don grady i think we have a match here...

beastie boys 'looking down the barrel of a gun' c/o our friends the nra
from 'paul's boutique' the lp

'god prayed tracy chapman white and there was ed sheeran' - dM

you are going straight to hell and for a price: target have a strange box kit by elmer's glue-all for making your own 'green' slime a la nickelodeon good luck with that says 'who's the fool?' + 'who's crying now?' glue?!? yeah, with added insult baking soda~

best wishes to george bush senior in the hospital with same diseases as me...same place same time my ankles still swollen...

from under no rock: 'rolling stone' boldly updates their 500 greatest albums of all time feature! we agree...

after one review, highlights for me include:

madonna three lp's: 'immaculate collection', 'ray of light', 'like a prayer'
beastie boys: 'license to ill', 'paul's boutique'
beatles top out with 'sgt. pepper', 'revolver' is there that's mine, 'rubber soul', 'please please me', 'white album', 'let it be', etc.
sinead o'connor 'i do not want what i haven't got'
prince 'sign o' the times', '1999', 'purple rain'
fleetwood mac both self-titled and 'rumours'
elton john 'goodbye yellow brick road' is close to the top - a great fuckin' record and my first ever (see dad slap it shut in the car leaving korvette's $11.42 later the vinyl issue - that was for 'jamaica jerk-off'...)


nirvana 'unplugged'
radiohead 'the bends'
mgmt 'oracular spectacular'
nine inch nails 'downward spiral'
eurythmics 'touch'
kiss 'destroyer'
coldplay 'rush of blood to the head'
depeche mode 'violator'

'a touch of sugar' [as mellitus] is still simply no glamour: when i was recently hospitalized they the nurses insisted upon testing my blood sugar with a highly eucemenic (not real) fingerprick and that electronic flat of litmus that samples the blood with a wire-like paper stick - never do you feel the prick, but the blood there rationalizes to a visual pain anyway you know its there but it's no papercut - fertilized egg then? i wouldn't mess around with its findings, but all said elevated for food intake 'you see it' and regulated itself fast enough to our general expectations...something i worried about always 'til mary tyler tyler moore showed me you live forever with it hating people what can be a full-time job...get the facts...

black crowes - i heard another approximate or brush-by of your massive hit today sans rick rubin - that's too bad~

despite 'city walk' shopping, the imax theaters, the authentic menu of the hard rock caf´┐Ż on the hill, and the mta rail station on lankershim: universal studios the tram and tour was damned exciting in 1985 when i got there while attending the grammy's at the shrine auditorium...the flash flood south of the border and the amity ('jaws') beach were really cool sights then - the whole culture needed you not - i myself hesitate to decorate with food these days...i know what it means...the wizarding world of harry potter celebrates one whole year with 'big and fat' on april 7 - now get that 'if you build it they will come' i always say...

no piece of the action to speak of, but i love the idea of birkenstocks for men-women at journey's the backpack people!!! tell 'em doug sent ya~

so, i'm taking in joan rivers' second masterpiece on netflix 'don't you start with me' all circuit noise and she points out the venue i thought was warner bros. laugh factory on sunset and laurel and easily enough (with carmen-style pocket curtains and windowboxes) was-is actually chicago's second city - how the hell would i know ? looks real nice though with blow-up orchestra and no tickets unpaid...

mother's day 2017 is sunday, may 14...the first time i had pneumonia was the night before in 1974 (google's sources says it was sunday, may 12, 1974...thanks, i guess) the grandfather turned up newly dead in january...it was unforgettable...acid stomach in the middle of the night gave way to no breathing from the bottom up for a short while...one week in the hospital a runt in little league...no stopping that river...

day 22: rolling stone got into the act with a simpson's-style cartoon of a white-eyed trump near bedtime with a 'little book of big bombs' tee hee...we were cautioned by actor anthony hopkins no less not to bother with the apparent reported death of director jonathan demme 'philadelphia' etc. like the three notes found with aaron hernandez 'i have them'...john lennon is pictured as a reference to the 'eight creepiest songs ever' not to listen to - all on ace frehley's solo record en mask...read up...'garbage man' he won't eat...per itunes amazingly and respectively, there were some acts i never got to sell in my store window...beatles...that's us amazing...

had an agreeable, ample-sized bag of red swedish fish yesterday 04/26 - that maraschino cherry fish licorice - c/o cvs yesterday while walking...thanks again! hit the spot as very delicate a flavor...

coupla friends encountered while walking back from target...they hop up and down in tandem to entertain us
they keep doing it~

this side view from my window is of the blue (yellow-flowered) oleander - the plant closes up at sundown much like morning glory
i love a morning glory~

all that remains...ex post facto

mom brought a new rowenta iron (model dw2170 1600 watts) into the family what is about $50 everywhere - not like we didn't give her one before
maybe you get a cheap black & decker model while learning the curves around this iron - not unheard of

you don't hafta cook shrimp ever: but the right place to do raw or silver-ish shrimp is on the barbie or barbeque once cleaned and deveined up the back - it whitens right up out of doors on a gas-type range and is no further bother at lengths...i simply love the stuff and just had some shrimp in alfredo sauce (butter, flour, parmesan-romano cheese, cream or half-and-half or whatever...sun dried tomato) over fattish noodles...

'fye' our mall friend you looked good today with plenty of exciting choices both in dvd format new and used and plenty of alta-sound accessories like one-piece bluetooth speakers...you can stay for now...i approve...contrary to popular belief, federated (um, macy's et al) ain't going nowhere soon...love a good mall...nice little sheriff's station within a small retail space...

thursday april 27: went to macy's at treasure coast mall today to take advantage of the substantial 'friends and family' discount on jeans (roughly 30% until may 7 - never fret - they employ discount stickers at the register no bothers)...terry drove over in his relatively new white chevy cobalt 69k in miles four-door his parents are both eighty years on the dot he says not too old they live in port st. lucie in a cul de sac and will leave for minnesota soon to summer there half-and-half...i got a pair of 514's and a pair of 502's all for about $75...so see...both blue-ish but different fabrics i'm still poor too...prior to, flooded the fuckin' toilet room to room no plunger for the occasion but no piss and shit either~ mom was out to lunch with nurse friends...cleaned it up fast...

get glympse again - the closest you will ever come to riding folks around and-or pinpointing them in their home to the exact room - uses their mobile phone number or gps (geographic positioning system) i guess read up...seen yesterday on foot near high school: 'shs' spanish honor cociety...i asked...

in microsoft edge? liven your day by going over to the '...' menu at upper right and drop down to 'open this page with internet explorer' the golden halo it is beauty itself...i need to be reminded...choose edge again from the bottom in need be...

godiva chocolatier: liked your foiled-lined orange-ginger chocolate briquettes of late...square brown package with a large 'g' and foil briquettes within no bon bons...nice...see the artisan variety pack specifically all i ever wanted~

intelligence solves everything: that controversial mural is kim coles from 1993's 'living single' featuring queen latifah and kim fields not michelle obama - kim coles - now see that the artist is desmond elliot saying 'i wanted to see her...'

it's not like it's the green (citrus, cactus) ecto cooler in recent distribution over 'ghostbusters' the remake: mcdonald's - according one news faunt - has decided to drop the popular hi-c orange drink at its self-serve drink fountains - that's okay it's chock full of glycerol (reportedly a pig fat) for the purposes of a full-belly feeling with finicky kids and is just okay like its fruit punch counterpart in grocery stores...nothing's gonna cut this market easy, anyway...i get orange lavaburst with ice here and there it's a feeling i have for the menu items i eat...best original mcdonald's lair? in 'n' out burger their simple menu with rootbeer takes you right back the movie on netflix an unnecessary scary contemplate 'come to done' already...remember mcdonald's half-a-cup of meat for a quarter pounder or two big mac patties no matter what as frozen first - people don't want lots of meat...p.s. hi-c was originally made by general foods a big american company in upstate new york - is now kraft?

gram-wise and always subject to review: a 'gram' is simply a 'teaspoon' no rounding around the bin - use two (2) teaspoons to make a 'tablespoon' and know it takes four (4) tablespoons to make a quarter (1/4) cup of anything wet-dry...a 'milligram' says one one-thousandth of a gram and that tends to lose meaning with shades that are interpolate or within percents or the poles among one hundred slices - for review.

netflix: took in 'joan rivers: a piece of work' an even look at the early mornings and backstage labyrinths that the star experienced on her way into our lives - not necessarily funny in any way, but a look at a glamorous showbiz life most will never come to know...leave the laughs for a while they are incidental here - meanwhile she buried me long ago at the height of kingdom in 1989 when she could do no wrong (anytime then at carlos & charlie's live on the sunset strip in los angeles what sits there completely refurbished but vacant today...) she wanted our time here... netflix 'clinical' the cover: how i stripped and tied folks up when i did...sans the locks...nobody gets out of them padded leatherettes...take a tip

ongoing list of 'disease' names you'll learn to hate:

'peoria' they mean 'pyoor' or rotten pork in the gums 'what's that smell?';
well be back --

investigate: make sure confectioners sugar's finest use isn't japanese-type tempura - it popped in my head one day...there are only so many vegeteables to be considered for the role anyway (and remember, all are pure water as to be steamed soft to reveal any fiber)...sweet potato, squash, zucchini, broccoli, onion, carrot, asparagus - highly questionable is bell pepper is not safest.

colbert's been mocking trump's one hundred days in office saying it seems longer like he colbert was younger then - i know the feelings sleep here is twice the increment and you're fresh looking...you hafta look to 'm1' again the magician's flash paper of electro-stat money...no boutiques tending to bitcoin junk need apply see 'm2' as cottage industry ...the most noble of savings plans before and after pull right into view-focus...the glass onion...further to tip: interest money comes from not using? maybe...deeper horizons...

mar-a lago (um, 'more french than you') see it: north of miami, this estate is as unwelcoming as it is meticulous in palm beach - manicured everywhere within an exclusive beverly hills-type community (my guess is army families) i've been near there for lunch on the beach drive heading north right next to and prior to...a tower in the center of the property says socialite marjorie post...p.s. my idea of romance is a big black oil tanker washed up in the backyard...very monolith

when people talk about 'gnp' or 'gross national product' per person or viable capita (one who is educated here or trainable by us), it is an index of durable goods (washers, tv's, etc.) we as 'analysts' use to make sure the american public isn't placing too many hard-working dollars (our people make good on them as notes on our soil only by doing things they don't wanna do at times when they don't wanna do it) with foreign governments - not a big deal even if japan supplements some parts as particularly savvy with a motor (important? reverses polarity constantly for less energy use) wrapped in wire...we just don't want people buying the place with ruddy fisherman cheeks a to b - our stuff is great, but they need good pay to do their best which is do all they can while they can...no waste projected from toybox-toolbox land...controversial: 'made in china' may say 'this is perfect shit' but we hate your laws and entitlements to quality living?

take one

from the greateast to the least...
turn that 'h8' sideways is almost inca gold (fyi, 'h8' equals 'dougmoon' no gettin' around it)

04/26 minimalist meals, watching that water: at five o'clock in the morning, i'm having some nescafe made with nestle zephyrhills, land o' lakes fat-free half & half and one of my favorite doughnuts from a krispy kreme supermarket pack 'kreme' with chocolate icing on-top...can't afford regular tap so canada dry ginger ale and cherry 7-up are the mainstays....

figment: more arrests, less talk of shutdowns...

'we don't wanna hear about your money woes, we just want you go to fuckin' hell' - dM shouldn't have anything anyway

04/25 my sister is another shit head i hadda hang up on - what does that stuff hafta do with me all forceful with care - an impostor on the phone at any rate never calls

healthwise, i can't afford to leave turkey store jennie o behind - lean pack only no funny stuff a commodity by any account you don't switch out wrappers ever - never ever...very saline other meats-combos with their salts...

introduction to practical arts 'ipa': an older woman on tv yesterday knew what i knew - you hafta sift white flour with dry ingredients for the best biscotti at any rate - she's all 'pieta d'nord' trying to get it right...

thank dougmoon: you keep meticulous records - especially when working

pat benatar 'we live for love' from the 'in the heat of the night' lp
great video, dancing!

band founder j geils, erin moran, elton john - don't think there's no thread here...i always blame j. geils for 'we live for love' on that first record-lp with hit 'heartbreaker'...what is that a&m? chrysalis

two (2) words hard to remember together: sassafras, and saspirilla...cotton candy and rootbeer flavours...

early bird - rush to judgment: i decided we came up short with the two twin mattresses thing maybe we're doing something wrong but this arrangement ain't gonna cut it let's leave it out~

one quick dream from the vaults 04/24: there we were a party of five, six in an atlantic boat making headway in the wet fog northwest up the coast trying to get back in haste? this is a foolery you see it - not like you didn't try and kill me already or i did by asking~ (a good player, i refused any more soapy meds-brown plastic of shots as of yesterday...no big deal...some of those pills were like small tampon ob in a bottle all synthetic and oval to be broken in two)...made my penis very small a fingerling of it - dirty? all pre-pubescent but bursting with fatty afford...

since february 2005: assuming all law is as nature made as any of those found in the obama administration, how long before itunes et al can get to the task of honoring the real work and pays of those who marshaled the system into being? some of us have been neglected for years and years and or are teetering on the edge of oblivion with our own circumstances...not your problem, not your purse yet either...2005-2008 was enough to ask of us...if it's a fraud, call it out.

traction and tip: on the apple ipad, it's best to look for rented movies, etc. under 'videos' on the very bottom of the screen - that's where you'll find 'rentals, 'tv shows', and 'music videos'...good? good.

pretenders 'talk of the town' from 'pretenders ii' or then the 'extended play' ep 1981
chrissie hynde was there if at first itunes' humble beginning her father's round house on the hill in hollywood at-top fairfax north - trust that one of the first records-albums i used ever (bassist pete farndon looks like a million bucks here too...)

with tax time having come and graced, i wanted to say that was a real shebbadoah trying to get $25 dollars outta green dot for their handling of the federal deposit affair here well over their demand amount of $2,600 and arguing the good faith of hearing that deposit roll right in on february 8 no rigormorale or bothers later just that deposit bell, right on time nigger - you can kwan on it! so keep that $25 maybe you pay yourself a bother unprecedented...seems we didn't register right in-advance with a woman at that bank trying to sell an armload of falafels first...all's well, that us abades well...keep the change...hope all that relief made sense! p.s. hate the whole 'you can't have prepaid cards for ongoing - i use like leather, forever, while banks honor state-side crap to ride that to the bottom of bitch...we don't hate you, but haven't you learned yet...we'll get ya down...no lunch for no pay...no pleasing oi vay~

a flock of seagulls 'spage age love song' makes 'em mad mad mad

light the way: eagle two-part torch lighters at amazon make way actor-phobe

the folks from phantasm have been wrestlin' with this land forever they call it roanoake as in virginia and the shit is dry dry dry 'it's from bombing you idiot'...the spirits here are extra bothersome...see da point

you not so quick to buy in anyway, wait 'til it's over and to hear
much like a proper studio gaswing and etching, you reel in the pain
get this remake over with...still shortness in the lung
watching 'phantasm v: ravager' again to commemorate the box set issue on blu-ray this month - don't miss itunes' obvious appeal $3.99 sd
'icloud.com' works well for just dropping in while using another computer's browser - see that
rough skin under bracelet equals hp laptop - never wonder, neva clog

wednesday 04/19 being admitted to the hospital today for pneumonia (was seen in a self-standing emergency edifice the night before suggesting my lungs by some crossways ultrasound 'were long' like the dead witch's socks in the wizard of oz* - a para-legal lab recommending lawyers for $195 is no help or demand...get that real er first if can...i took myself out of the testing box early this morning over nerves, being a great sport over repeated invasive tests, air conditioning 'port st lucie medical center' 04/21 all tests although frightmongs coming back rewarding or spit-free no heart attacks, no bacterial infections, cat scan, blood sugar, 'ekg' rivers of blood as no two samples should match over pulmonary embolisms perhaps a sneeze and an egg in the toilet...see ya, keep it down

difficulty breathing? air conditioning, the water? rolling cough no sputum;
'tylenol' the big savior every six hours requested as darling; some delays at night;
no allergies or prior geniuses close by - terry visited strangely odd by a boat;
mom will continue with meds...i hadda walk home a to b 3 miles or so with douche doubler on airport wheels 4:30 am no cash refusing both the glide back in upstairs iv's pulled both out on sides - new hat packed for me 'titleist' or 'the least' they say as mets team titlice bandersnap

*france's own culture btw

i didn't have time for its argument - no chalvoates (horses stomping in on the golf field)
looks like a shark somehow~

still in-check version 1: a mousepad that inserts pictures is brilliant from underleft to be as if laminated under mouse
pending our new chrome hi-cheek version as to pinch under the eye never to wait
brilliant manufacturer: switlik + swingline feed that to the computer swinglein

like any nuisance i make my own graph paper to my liking for any analysis or just go buy some
elmer's glue on the leveled back of scrap is damned personal and to peel
hoarders in motion?


04/18 as prompted by a news blurb today, i checked in with michelle pfeiffer - said you turned her away in a defeating fight against breast cancer 'they wouldn't have me come [in essence]' and she lives in the florida keys the wages of old age setting in or something - you to see me first...thank you

star wars: its small newspaper ad said 'space 1999: barbara bain' televised saturday eves we had everything too the whole effect was a big pulled up lens and fey roddy mcdowell-type actors - we hadda take people to our enthusiasms then and the triumph was over horror genre you don't know how good movies are until you grow up, i guess...

'less than zero' at netflix gave way to the 'd train' a scathing bitch of a film: jami gertz still fabulous to us here take some...three high school students like three musketeers a whole lotta nuthin' part ways at graduation in beverly hills one's off to cement temple columbia in nyc and then one semester leads him back home to see everything's different now each offended by the bother - bad news but the 80's are chaperoning a great film...'it is not dying - you are' - deepak chopra

see ikea's bjursta table to suggest one i threw right into storage - used it in the bedroom initially for the tv and its professional leafshore opened to provide a space for laptop fan underneath - add a nice piece of black stuffed posterboard from target and 'voila!' a little hidden changeout fot stocks, cables, etc. - the price is absurd yet...a little barrel inside a leg socket need turn with nail to avoid problems or otherwise be guided by voices outside...return to the land of hissmon the peanut table at ikea doug loves these...

know i ain't never been out to sea...statue of liberty in '78

this rare by the 12-pack at publix and at full wad no less
warm box sets at 99 only stores

i didn't think we did these justice frame-wise - see publix

just the parts that matter yet...very phantom of the paradise, opera 'i want phoenix!'
maryland house with fin de lis over the door

pietro's on the ocean that's saint peter, fool - had a great brunch with 'beet' salad $8 i didn't need anything but to shut up
delicious - they else racked up some lamb in a skillet i laid below deck in the blue huts see facebook and my crotch guest

one of our fellow diners today gave me one of these ornaments very dougmoon.com space-age I thought lost it but i have it after all...ebay

check out current events through kurt lane's convex lens at facebook...you are at dougmoon.com, however~

norm's will match mcdonald's on monday and tuesday with a 15% reduction both days...no the tip not bothersome...i need 5% just to stimulate me loins...

happy easter morning at 0411 see it the birthday is here anyway...leslie 'moonves' can't keep the lungs free at night, the trachea - rip that anti-acid pad behind the lungs out~ trying to get paid like bolsheviks you'll win...

remember you don't have to show people who you are by pick and choose behavior - you don't hafta to sell anything off yet - have them all and in the time afforded it won't be long after retirement from heart's home driving that tin bread truck what can only be described as 'a to b' a relief each time waiting for that break, that one lamp post you struck to shake the bridge to its timbers over the day or fourteen minutes flat...

the last few things i returned to target myself and i never return anything:

$40 a red shopping basket with fold down front - was not gonna cut it on this trip see shopping cart from ralph's rented with soda and a clicker to get out - a big mercy to cunt with so many fuckin' beggars around looking to have mine as staged;
$20 someone bought me an offhand pair of plaid (note drachmas here - ropes dragged as in paint - scottish plaid) shorts - same money equaled a new short-sleeved button down merona in off-white a great glory then one size up later;
$8 a white bathroom scale with receipt the 'taylor analog' (i remember the pork roll reference specifically) used to weigh boxes for united parcel service - i was 200 pounds exactly (magically, is my personal limit) then off it went as unwanted it seems...

remember right here: baking soda is for cakes think air holes in and among gluten flour and egg, baking powder is for cookies (seek refrigeration for shaping) hard packed with flavor -- fresh? all to be dried of it anyhow on the way to burning or source of flame being burned anyway is uselessness and for freeing a bit of opinion...flour is gravy take heed cornstarch is pudding and pie fillings great success awaits you 'oil a juice boiled' then tar and balm a wax...wax is food...saline is lastly resin or burnable up next as dried horribly but gathering...

mcdonald's currently has 'cuties' mandarin oranges in their happy meals - maybe two? i love cuties...

one thing you'll notice among music acts are great laughs - great joy ^^

today's lesson is 'holy' never thought of in pieces, wholly formed as in no needs presented, and now: welcomes everyone....

i hadda take a picture with my iphone6 of this one: the latest flotilla from zach lower left 'emma' upper left
leslie and brother scott other clock side, respectively
mom hates leslie's dark down i say on the way to better? curlers at the market big night out?
mom said i wasn't going to target yesterday too - get that right 'fuel for the fire?'
get the facts i take care of little ol' me - neither left nor right got my mug rootbeer today and she helped noticed anew: twelve packs of 'yoohoo!' another legrand

i think you would know that: "holy saturday. holy saturday commemorates the day that jesus christ lay in the tomb after his death, according to the christian bible. it is the day after good friday and the day before easter sunday. it is also known as easter eve, easter even, black saturday, or the saturday before saster." - google...leave a cup of befruited water around the pieta as i do...dM

tracey thorn and ben watt do 'why does the wind?' aka idyllwild
that's mine

one big box set: the entire phantasm series is in one big dvd box on april 11 - see phantasm.com for details and film number one is nothing but renewed color and tape - no extras and quite informing...like star wars box is unwelcome for outlying tapes on the mind yet halloween, friday the 13th...p.s. the 'fye' on our dougmoon.com's front page still delivers the $69.99 blu-ray price you now seek - enter at will...itunes is morphing into a box set quasi even as we speak star wars and all...even as cash is being lain...

as overlooked as captain eo 'we are here to save the world' in 1985, we present the wrigley's commercial for siphoning the phantasm series a jewel only seen on october 6 at our early screening (no 4.- hit it)
p.s. this scientist is eddie my mother's husband somehow - it all relates freddy demann madonna and michael jackson's manager on-stage and below

bogo? bad news for 'buy one get one' is that necessary? 'someone's gotta pay' when you identify a buyer you can step up as enabling seller why bother otherwise be proud...walmart...i can spend all day discussing the facts with no helpin' the help...'boho' is bohemian but is not intuitive at all

another sam gross 'say i'm gross' publication

mcdonald's here and there will honor tax relief tuesday (the 18th) a big mac or quarter pounder with cheese (see same meat half a cup) delivers a second one for one penny enquire within - in california they have cash register surveys you take the time and buy a quarter pounder or egg mcmuffin to get one free next visit and that's smart to limits - a lot of us hate collecting on free stuff...one recent trip delivered a big mac as nice as the first one ever - it was worth talking about~ almost commodity their menu it closes debts...

another or one more sleepless kinda night with the brain doing overtime on online storage puzzles - just keeps going with women and their incessant talk...you gotta get 'em out a dominance issue ensues...junk...they don't have carte blanche with the above...

another rough evening taking twice as long to elapse (was dating some guy from baggage claim nice legs - an elan - we talked about a $2k procedure to rid yourself of ribble veins...very current the topic meanwhile dr. bronner's phosphorous coats should do...'he says he 'dates' him'...yeah, but i don't have alot to give these days if one must be bothered...sick, writhing

'two broke girls' renewed? says one 'we don't wanna make a big deal outta them - they're gonna be there forever'...cbs...cute red panda on 'today' too cute 'ocelot' - jenna? why not is one of bush's girls...

the eve before taxes due 04/15 remember that~ mcdonald's need to celebrate the late submit on tuesday if tax relief is money owed less the cost of a free burger - the cost of your day made...

health in itself helter skelter: burping a lot? a vegemite

coloring eggs? paas is still a wonderful thing with palmer confectioners - promised my white 'cordovan' bunny she'd live through to easter morning - anyway, is okay to use cider 'tea' vinegar hang it up otherwise - no water belt works well...don't abuse the stay too long in the vat makes 'em shitty we love deviled eggs and egg salad too hint of lawry's season all....

one of my favorite depictions - 'girl don't play the fool, now'
pieta d'nord

pictures lost and found...everyone remarkably slender and young
time the avenger...

uncle paul is noticeably mia but was never crazy
'my funny uncle' versus 'what keeps mankind alive?' rhetorical only as mine - see pet shop boys their erudition 'a man could get arrested' your peers won't know you for anything else - me

look at this box - the hermetic geniuses at glad have done it again
thirty wastebucket bags like white on rice - don't be cheap
target today 04/14: bayer aspirin, pepto-bismol 'why don't you ask?' in brazil, citrus wet ones, 'simply' orange-pineapple juice $2.33...mug rootbeer 12-pack left on-hold...

from the annuls of history? know its base, how to make its construct
11 x 4 starting and ending with 6, 4 stripes wide on-top
'could be on your grave' - dM know its symbol...'of the stars'

for some unconcerned a recap - not what i worked so hard for: got into west palm beach, florida about 4 p.m. yesterday 04/06 and saw 'air force one' at the airport....we're here for a while...tired, wheezing

new address: 987 nw mossy oak drive, jensen beach, florida 34957
phone: (772) 934-6510

one of the last pictures in our abandoned home on lexington...

begin here:

'keep it together, get what you want...keep what you have avoid thoughts of oneself as in teleplay' - dM

i was joking that the change in the weather (if air = water, some heat) plus moving zapped me and made 'horchow' the panting cat...don't laugh, been eating alot at rest...coricidin still there at market helps and is by bayer....+

good word for easter or remembrance: 'dead' what's centered and arranged~

despite everything 'dead', it's never too early for ornamotor at ebay! i used mine just this past year two left, one was faulty...still a bargain...best lights to drain? led based

one of my finest improvisations - the stapler necklace (stapler source? cvs)
i hate things out of their place in nature - reach up
otherwise on a hook somewhere obscure

i love the digital age - no gettin' around it - no thinking off
people want people, another inside job
how many sides to a stop sign? eight again - six is a honeycomb
a teaspoon is a gram - two teaspoons a tablespoon - four tablespoons is two ounces or one quarter cup

walmart's inexpensive yet digital 'sterling & noble' wall clocks: the apparent 24:00 hour clock you usually cycle through to escape is the year actually with part in center - beware of that as i was prepared to back into year 2015 etc. as possible starting point - get the facts i suffered this kid programming on you tube also - bitch drained me, simply...fyi, the unit takes two 'aaa' batteries but is not accessible online - poses as a picture for table-top use also...p.s. walmart here has no hand baskets citing theft by insouciance or care-free coming and going out-front...

yesterday, 04/12 we were summoned to the neighbor's house - nicely appointed - to get a baby squirrel out of the pantry closet and no wonder there were various loose nuts there as it snacked - it hopped in our reusable bag and then someone uncouth botched it you can talk to the animals all you want - last night the cat vowed not to hurt it and official caregiver by county 'animal-1' were out today - hope no tragedy beset it the tail not bushy but straight out...looked like a gerbil, actually...update: the animal still at large 04/14...rodent as rhododendron has bug yellow repellent pyrethrens - get it?

massive attack 'take it there' your idea of a great night out ain't mine
' it's not a ride | it's not a ride | it's not a ride | it's not a ride ' that's not a road
trains canvass the streets in vernon i guess - warlicks assist you outta the way only
true to form, all new (4) songs on a patriarchal (enveloping) ep last year 2016 'ritual spirit'
p.s. vernon is where farmer john's is by the way - la's hog processing plant even more impressive than the mint in philly (um, fields of the nephilim) is oscar mayer commanding top dog for a bacon

a life in pop - pet shop boys the new album and all
worth a quarter just days ago: 'hit music' from album #2 'actually'...who is it?
thank those boys commenting for their obvious talents - kind

i really liked these personalized-type cards at christmas this past year - $15 each says happy easter! for sale at ebay still and readily they credit up for fun (individually if so)
try new green tea frappuccino and make sure they malt it up for flavor
starbucks coordinator-distributor is nestle, fyi

'you learn to keep whites on the water wheel [as in the hull of a boat]' - dM that's right keeping the air fresh below and them outta trouble

beverly connection: turned my cable equipment in on wednesday 04/05 by bus - beverly center once again shrouded in tarps these days...exterior renovation

norm's is back at it for easter - see their site norm's restaurants
norm's sausage and bacon are too cute - the bigger breakfast and all
bacon...keep country gravy on the table too: bacon, or sausage drippings, one tablespoon of flour stirred heated in skillet add milk to desired consistency salt pepper to taste.

our table had the green 'tiffany' lamp over it so opposite the wall - truffles $1.50 each the food was ok

palm sunday 04/09: ate brunch at jan's [ostensibly or although it offends me is for 'january's' the party's over, the day after - see signed welcome from 'jan' in script typeset no less] in jensen beach today - crowded and the phones shut off there [no at&t service - me?]...loved tgi friday's again a bacon cheeseburger and two soft drinks cheap in dallas $14 plus cash tip on 04/06 no delays start-to-finish super shuttle ($30 plus tip) and american airlines ($321 one-way, one-stop, no refunds without 7-day wait - 6:00 am flight to 4:00 pm time at destination with hour lunch break built-in no baggage seen just $25 each piece delivered soundly dining within airline gates) harsh laughable landing in palm beach...excellent service throughout...almost slept through my first group calling number seven to the plane...all were there already...

never say never - 'not our weakest opponent...'
a news clipping from our very laundry room

turns out my sister leslie renee's birth was induced on good friday april 11, 1968 - same difference i like to think easter sunday the doctor wanted off (i'm saturday august 16, 1964)...my mother has cared beautifully for all the easter decorations i've sent in candle and wax over the years...btw, google may or may not be good about zero-ing in on and confirming days of the week of and for the past...

from our little shopping trip to walmart today 04/10:

sense this new above-ground pool by tentmeisters coleman - look at all those people!
usually, you make a round soil with sand pole and string - that's what we had around memorial day use the cover to keep clean you wanted an in-ground pool

see it:

watch our video and subsequent install
why i'm not a surgeon - i want to cut a hole in the grass no tarp
the pool is very portable it seems

no life rises above a good black mat in the garden - surround yourself

reinterpreting the gas bulb gauge - regulates and enforces flow - no guesswork for the grill out of doors

outdoor lights - i'm looking for the carrot bulbs here
remember, plants need heat at night not lights - evaporation on-top
heat equals light when there's something to see

shopping at bed bath and beyond on 04/11:

just $13 a big bottle at bbb demand the price seen elsewhere at if - i still have my green label dr. bronners almond oil from last time and i need its blessings 'no flying'
they stole my peter pan creamy peanut butter at the security desk as is

if you're getting serious about a half king or two joined twin beds no peeping, try this I got one $9.99
a bed that doesn't move as others do? in the bed room...
leg cramps - for some full-on spasms - are an issue too, you gotta firm the foot out on the floor for it - just hanging feet over the edge can be better than this maybe you? someone said 'corn meal' like you could know...

love these new mats - this store needs the shine just $24.99 each
she the mother got a can opener for her birthday bbb card and a waffle iron - don't be quick returning stuff next time

here, we check in with the 'blue oleander' near the pool filter
no such guest, my mothers refers to it as 'a weed'
all things beautiful have brown stems and richly-colored green leaves - peanuts, raspberries
andy warhol's yellow flower the same five points? and the work begins
the flower closes at night~

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