see if they have candy 'abc' [already been chewed] - i got stuck on hot cocoa, soups, tea and coffee at work call 'em 'perks'...piles of wrappers is like breathing while through your nose tee hee hee - 'you don't say?'
willy wonka the movie came out when i was in kindergarten or just about that 1969-1970 (the best one still 'pure imagination' you gonna need it - 'wonka vision' makes you know big ice cream cones i'm told like toyland? see there's a spit~)
i ate all of their candies under different confectioner names not unlike 'curtiss' - oops that's baby ruth and butterfinger - wonka 'doesn't make chocolate' got some imported teflon assholes though habilla domnana
they even added a few candies i love (non-pariels yuck no see new cherry peeps) and i ate them all, really - all made to me like mattel toys no batteries equals no motors too buy another one maybe you style hair
i had it all anyway - now you know (and in keeping with dental care 'what came first? rotten eggs or another painful lesion near the courtin' parts (thank you, no i possibly couldn't)' my mother and my own reasons for not having wicked needles instead black toxic rubber pulled over gas and then a visit to the dentist's magical toybox afterward - what another chance at the cancer spray 'xhume cronyn' going 'round the clock looking for anal warts 'round the giblet and eye minder...)

preview all that's befallen you in april 2017

not what I worked so hard for: got into west palm beach, florida about 4 p.m. yesterday 04/06 and saw 'air force one' at the airport....we're here for a while...tired, wheezing

new address: 987 nw mossy oak drive, jensen beach, florida 34957
phone: (772) 934-6510

you're not shittin' me: update 04/04 terry skipped after mailing his life home yesterday morning 04:30 am by uber - i had someone in here bitching at the crack of dawn and the electricity and cable posed down - one more day of sealing the vault of value and we're off to mom's early thursday morning barring any mishaps...doing laundry, doug 'the poor' thank mom and storage yet...

lexington at east just before the move or sometime ago
public storage not far up this road at citrus - a blessing

rasters? take jpeg's (.jpg) down to sixteen (16) depths which is where they live and is four (4) times more than a bitmap or baseline checkerboard - they're on the way the rasters it's no plague..use adobe mostly and they are white dots in a rectangle...

on the way to the 99 only store - a fake poppy

btw, the 99 only store is open again they got fresh paint outside at the old labrea circus location...on the side, someone ask 'beyonce' if she was incognito living on the sidewalk across the street kinda a personal but vicious rain or shine for days and days (plays a male for kicks - ask her) moral hi...i gotta have change right now too pray some...this is no radio contest...i never get anything all is owned (on loan?) i don't need anything not the best place to look?

despite your obvious pardon, you been shit out, huh: don't compete so much this wins handily by my code - see them live on
'you are crap' - dM know out front, first

new hymnal from pet shop boys 'super' lp 'the dictator decides'
no one understands when you hurt others - or so we'd say
though no one understands you like i do...

and so we begin this mid-month somewhat a chore...

pet shop boys with another song 'twenty-something' what is that - a black man? bits portugal some with an abrupt hint of counterculture (mayan) le cinque
thank you from someone like you~ nm '913' just days later my heart and neck squeezed a guavine
pomeranian, french devilish -

finally, a jew: the name jew, like jesus [um, 'teaches us'], is at best unwelcome a teacher of sorts 'shows you how they did it' + 'shows you i'm not doing it'...back to, jew comes from sincerely 'achoo!' a loud sneeze from a bougain or french-imogen ghost to take exception to us noticeably and why would i care? growing up we say 'goblushyou' for its sneaky underhanded way - are aren't you proud breaking through yet so needy? we know women are cheap junk any other thoughts? we need you two~ i think people are odd crying over their dead - how very nice of you to notice...

who were the filthiest indians? cherokee? sioux? iroquois? apache, fool...cherokee? nope comanche indians hope this hurts alot...correct at will...raped women at home six days at a time - will meet her mother a cayenne of hot winds a shy one around the women...'just let her bleed' call a proctor...

timely tip: i don't know what's in your home or your personal business - nothing that isn't drawing conclusions falsely use it matter how you feel a law is big and dumb and wipes across lives - is it because i don't know much? i have the free stuff you deliver but you are not mine to help around or complain of...usually i hafta eat alot of my feelings as alone to review i don't bother easy but hate personal keepings of downtrodden nature - less is less and still is less of it...people do math on the spot and accept burdens rather than know, or choose death as a choice behelden...what's thought of enough to ignore don't help me so fast take a cat...people never understand anything that veers off be careful, unconcerned thus...

first up - what selling things online looks like - friend or fraulein (a woman driving a car or 'berlinde' to mean with top down, the pinch from uncovered auto-retract or window hench)?

presenting the front page at - i don't argue the facts numbers coming in are thrilling
to stave the demands of waiting-wondering i would be dropped ultimately for non-performance matched with sites that don't get the go ahead 'no can do'
we didn't hafta buy the stuff, but some of these are topology at best - you wanna be careful throwing your weight around

this is the control panel at (then 'rakuten' as racketeering? what does that mean a housewarming i won't mention to others) - women are in charge here they fulfill their fantasies of you dying out for them you go too
my fantasies are sixteen years in the pen male female no licks
better to be mine or you scramble to make each day
let theirs be made of light and no gays to reinforce your 'moodswings'
if i had the money or required manhours? you still can't leave or change your ridicule for bread
*self-removed means i was approved to sell but quit after a couple of years for no pay - one assumes selling is better but it's not kind in the long run we can't say it better to not allow a site to sell or kid theirselves further? never - most are not thought of you had to work through experiences

don't say we didn't have a contract - we 'execute' (you don't need anymore) sales and therefore do our part
as i child i drafted you out with paperwork until the mother came over 'it's not ratifed yet, to fool' much like the irs, cash appearing is the signal (to slow, stop) here a name, a number - a rubberband to ride right in after pat answer

using starbucks as example, you go to a special section to choose your banners and links the 'html' or text file is just behind the logo
you hafta have the voice to get the job of selling and one assumes among other things that i gathered a voice prior to being considered
although taken in by many 'companies' hateful corporate nomens many offer stupid declines in checkpoint form '[ ] we hate your stuff [ ] love the porno friend in the furred grease bag' just answer the question 'can i sell?' the rest is yours
not exactly a pipe dream 'up in smoke', i tell people the banners are not real like i made 'em myself so they can go to hell now~

what a difference a day makes...keep hoping

just some more vendors that know nothing? i gotta move out again april 3 and your point? two terms, one home

a long list of advertisers includes apple itunes thanks...we are publishers and the impressions we receive are arguably better than nothing for those who are strung along by 'two times commission this week' not yet ratified am i a russian spy?

here's our stats still for the last batch of selling some say each is worth impressions three but has no money mentioned how's that you don't hold any either
no family need apply - i don't go to work to get my own money not yet
all this time allows scheming and we resent it seriously - show us what to do
the first to bail is bmg music service my monthly stats published on my front page - don't laugh this is yours too jailbirds and foreign countries making us do for no pay...jesus? 'cheats us'....who is trickle down economics? rays of the sun even more japanese

'they are m*therf*ckin' poor people' - some female voice about the people who make these links happen who is that 'england'? georgia, peru they should have everything that's gave yours away? remember capitalist america - you can die...why educate? so you know what you didn't do right...

'you have plenty already [and my compliments too]...' - what to do? i'll suffer

--------------------------you don't move outta the way, bathe yourself--------------be sane, same.....fear not for same havings

i spent alot of time talking with artists their art - too many to mention
one such is andy warhol - says this was a self-portrait to connote witch's honor (a 'w' made with the nose - along lines, the french say 'doogla-vay-say' to mean 'wc' for 'water closet' or french toilet vis a vis) that should suffice i'll have it
elvis came in and was assumed that - why ask why? '56 at ok corral in texas 'we loved the gun' adds later 'was real too'
moon notes 'used to pussy people real good' - no thinking, but they act out later so many good times like water falls in nature and music is like that too

flavour 'pepper pot' makes me think a mushroom or cream base with a black pepper connoit (outward roving of smells) - try it, it works on chicken noodle with less water added perhaps
actually, we refer to trader joe's boxed soup of tomato base with roasted red pepper simmers - i love that stuff something weird about the reseal package though
could be~
*amazon has this - is a junk; psychically speaking the soup was tomato (or redder than like ketchup someone adds furtingly while i'm doing) with bits of green pepper in it much like velveeta whore d'ouevres who's coming over why is she here who am i toasting triscuits? vadge soaking in it, 'josepheind' the mummer plays the balls

honorable art above mention to the highly flammable 'santeria' (like 'diptheria' say 'diteria' or die teary-eyed, santa maria by in name likes 'hate' stuff and carrots too - is catholic as in blood rites, imminent 'coral' death - being cheap is one such defense...hello kitty) black silhouettes from the bayou or whatever - impossible to say what's happening there: a black torso with frankfurt penis [but female as negro or having no much hair] and no legs roasting on an open spit at dusk or as most like a basket with a cloth covered bun - you nearly wet yourself hoping to know what no one knows - all gift from a greed or your home in the woods...good art

toni halliday 'love attraction' from the 'hearts and handshakes' lp 1989
the title is about people who are seriotote or using the same words each time they meet someone - all hopeful and bright

thought you'd like to know the movies on netflix i watched this weekend - all charming in bits and pieces i repeated - not intended for learning curves i'd say
the last two are crowned by 'nymphomaniac' - a journey through '50 shades of gray' kinda with another good-looking woman or the same one we suggest the woman in indiana jones (the other snl's pat or adrogynous neighbor type ostensibly in heat or is at least rheumy) - no accuracy just feelings about - they had her muffin right in my face but not unusually unkind - take a look mostly sexy pieces of russian-type art here (easy in/out)...good stuff i love your man often enough you too i guess...

madonna 'ain't no big deal' keep it around from 'pre-madonna'
we were talking about how good 'who's that girl' was...the movie

you add gray like paint mixed already or as overlay to tint or pastel
the paper is at 50-50 with no checkerboard add color or tint or then remove at inverse levels one is not the other present at degrees of or shades within
more later if seems - don't constrain with computer talk light opposing sees a blue for now
up near top of brush:, making a raster by felt-tip - you can know, i don't but i remember 'no light, no sight' or seeing it's there in a dark closet shut from inside

head back to february 2017 and fast at that!