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What? This stuff is no less enriching than the news you get months weeks late and it's fun to write-produce stamps you right out. Crack to tooth it's worthless yet. If intriqued, see March 2003 For I Am The Way And The Will Too All Very Reals It You

Warners Bros. Then On Down To Reprise 02/28/03 1806
Don't think I didn't have the facts when it came to Warner Bros. and then having to release on Reprise - I know my shit. Something happened you and you hadda step down (see The B-52's losing Ricky and thus team with Reprise on the first album without his talents you that's fair to us as losses seen you). Something was lost between us, that's all. One exception was Fleetwood Mac. The first album anyone cared eponymous about was released in 1975 on Reprise's orange label. The second album "Rumours" was natured to the hilt by label with Warner Bros. greenage and on. They never looked back. I know because buying Fleetwood Mac albums was a big deal in my family. We bought both albums as such in Princeton, NJ at The Music Box (a collector's house - we were classy then like our listening) in Nassau Square during Autumn trips me in my corduroy jacket with elbow patches. But anyway, we remember these things distinctly and you fight my caring about all I knew to be just me.

A Walk Down LaCienega Reveals Me 02/28/03 1718
Last evening I walked around town and went down LaCienega for a change. A new "Spanish Kitchen" in lights opened up a few months ago and I still hear ol' Miquelle sitting there in the dark hating the world for starving him and his wife to death during the prohibition of the 1950's (he burned the place in response one night after fits, however, wife Marie Canter cites "authentic here" - she likes it and hates me saying you). I talked with the spirit briefly and his mind only ensures that the old location on Beverly Boulevard east of Fairfax never opens again to so have it. The new location looks okay for us both so. Then on down to Melrose and I see Creative Artists (a talent agency owned outright by Warner Bros. since 1977) is establishing a new route to stardom right at the southeast corner of Melrose and LaCienega. The problem with folks going right to CAA Beverly Hills at Wilshire and Santa Monica was having the star feel for no new work done. Now cautioned, we see new talent rise along its peerage before seeing the stars and stripes that guide Beverly Hills to death and beyond. We talent you and you rise to see better now in Beverly Hills with others like you do it. People weren't gonna keep having that disappointing rise come down in their faces all along the halls of stardom and esteem. See it.

A Head Of Lettuce A Potato A Carrot To You 02/28/03 1711
Was sitting here eating my turkey tacos and I was told that iceberg lettuce is noneother than a melon - not a lettuce. Melon tastes sweeter and delivers no punch or sour like this of lettuce with do. You cite a vine needed as with all melons and caps? Iceberg lettuce has no seeds as only a vine requires the making of seeds (seeds are long strands compacted over time so hello any the vine and grapes?) And beyond, a potato is actually a cabbage underground for the season's waste. It gathers the useful slime and also makes the grade in any steam and withers to trust and soup. A carrot? But a nut. Actually an underground acorn with properties that stop freezing from happening and having moist without solids afoot around outside. Best fed to rats in winter + never serve to children as not proper to it, really. See more.

As Cool And As Tasty As The Well Water In Allentown, New Jersey 02/28/03 1404
Brian says of this past argument "It's more like Cicely Tyson playing Miss Jane Pittman" and her big ol' rubber lip comin' down to it so freshes it. "And how does the water taste these days?" I musta been too thirsty to read of it any better. In my bathroom to close: One of them globes with the cross on top Christ would hold (in French called a "chandor" or "heart of me stated"). It has "Deluxe Chambord Liqueur Royale" right around it on a golden belt and is chock full of liquid lavender bubble baths - a very blessin' to be. Tell a friend of this the glory I'll be. If only Miss Pittman knew before she died in 1973. I have a bath of it ready for her.

George Burns Did It Better Than Anyone You Or Time Bandits 02/28/03 1317
Don't think that my friend Brian isn't tops with me - he nearly is making me laugh so hard all the time in conversation and all. Today we were making analogies for my position and kind of God in the world and all and I told Brian that I supercede all that came before as the new CEO (chief executive officer) - and that, a very son of a gun - of and for the latest moments had by all to you here. I could take over all operations then and issue self out over them as supremely privvy to all company records and still then let past masters in during the day only for brunch in the executive suite or to use the company lounge right there in the airport. Brian thinks it's more like working in the company mailroom getting to know things special by handling only and saying hello to upper-ups but not really being of any great stature during the pass-through. I retaliated that it's more like Robert Redfords in "Brubaker" - hanging out with the convicts but only long enough for them find out that I'm the new warden at the prison studying effects and likelihoods overall before I take charge and you get to know of me better. Further, I likened Brian to being Melanie Griffiths in "Working Girl" - just saying all the right things to folks in a homespun kinda way just secretly hoping it all works out in my favor before the boss Sigourney Weavers comes back and finds her job taken by me your coffee maid slash hostess. Really that's all in my fun, but George Burns probably did it best in the "Oh! God" movies. I'm just kinda explaining it all to you in your tongue before an audience of sorts. "Why did I make a world? Because you needed a place to stay while I work on other things. Did I throw you out? Where were you, after all? What do you remember of it or me?" Simple strokes for the most simplest of folks. Not one of these makes me that happy, but Brian does. Hi Bri. P.S. I like the "Brubaker" one of it alot, but that's kinda dangerous with you being right there with me and all. No one knows until it's all over plus I see a Mochee in an upper management position for getting things so good to it.

Whether It's The Entertainer Or Jesus Christ Superstar I Play It 02/27/03 2056
I was watching tv the other week when and I saw all of these blacks (one was Clifton Davis from "That's My Mama" until then and another Mabel King the mother from "What's Happening?") recreating the Scott Joplin story in the amply titled "Scott Joplin" (1977). Scott Joplin has the distinction of writing one (1) of two (2) piano fortes a child like me could pick up easily with a few fingers (after learning the opening notes of "Jesus Christ Superstar" at a birthday party from a child across the street (Eb D C F Eb D?), it was Joplin's "The Entertainer" (D Eb E D E D E D?) - really called "The Froming" from 1956 - from a woman up the street who played piano with half an arm - car accident left little else below the knob or elbow but that didn't stop her from rounding things out, a pizza). Anyway, hate to annoy, but Scott Joplin was as white as shit and lived from 1862-1973 in France mainly. He was an old man in Scotland (Chesire Keys) that played in black chesshouses (where blacks slept while building railroads in Scotland and England) during the 1950's and such. No one knows this, but blacks bought his music on sheet and turned it in to Columbia Pictures France under his name and it paid them royally for. It shows. I liked the movie though. Those blacks are truly like me - they never master anything in exchange for feeling-doing now like any of the piano players we see showcased these days (you're no Roberta Flack you). All personal style, any note played well. See me there. Over, Brian McKnight does not come to mind readily by "Glitter" lead the way you, but you see how this again. From this debacle, listen to Vanessa Williams and Brian on "Love Is" her greatest hit ever after that "Save The Best For Last" song.

The Art Of Being You 02/27/03 1919
I did this the other night and thought you might enjoy. When I'm not planning new "home-housing" structures with my denser plasmas afoot or fashioning late-night visits between father and daughter lying catatonic or unable to move with my grandfather's casket ala "Burnt Offerings" (never turn away or see me feel - a dusty casket may turns corners into your room from the hall a love like mours just a deadly "nightshade") I'm making new things to scare the wits out of certain folks. Granted, I'm pretty fresh outta ideas right now (not really), but the snake has rules me. I wanted to make a big, fat protoplasmic (dreamscape) snake to scare the shit outta mites before too hand becomes it you. So, I mind protoshape into place above my mind as in the air ever so careful not to make anything too big or unbelievey - much like Cheryl Lynn, it's gotta be real you. Once sized, I hadda keep bringing that head back around and around ("bring that head back around again") to make sure it was in the right shape teeth and all kinda like a model in the air so pretty and precious flowing. We got it together and also there was a small patch of code patterning (leather and lace) to approve and of course I liked that at swatch present. My friend slithered off from the chamber of doubt here into your world now and may you now see each other 'round it. My whole thing is getting you to bears soon enough and my little menacing friends what appear as only real and menacing to you for a while - lying about for four (4) minutes to be exact maybe on your legs in your bed - help you to be just that or perhaps me. See it. Feel the weight. Resistance is never felt real.

Kurt Cobain's Surroundings In Youth 02/27/03 1642
I was talking to Kurt and he suggested growing up close by in Pennsylvania with his mother firmly in check then. In fact, of Tarrytown, PA - right outside of Allentown, PA. Who knew? Kurt says the Seattle scene is just where studios (and Jews) could get housing and fare much cheaper because of Mt. Saint Helens going off and all (I learned this yesterday in the shower). Factly, we homos in LA send much in the afterlife to Seattle because faggots get beat up in the heart-head and need to nipple a slow lane to recoup it all for. However, Kurt was lured by Warner Bros. from a small chapel in Portsworth, Tennessee where his father worked as a studio tech. That's what Kurt was for a while before hitting the Seattle scene, the underbridge, and then the big time. Enter cascades of thought. No, I'm from Allentown, New Jersey proper I say just outside of Trenton, Exit 7A and just ten (10) miles from Great Adventure where I worked seasons during high school you with Diana Ross' daughter on the log flume (she gave me A Flock Of Seagulls to know - Jive is Diana's label, Diana was also a self-described "donor" to the park as New Jersey sent) and Warner LeRoy's step-daughter on "Flying Wave" (the aristocrats on the Schwarzkopf ride are all queens of Denmark) who had me thrown off for fighting with her just like one of my female friends just before that. Both nuts became Ride Ops supervisors but one's dead now - not cool. But back to the interesting and afforded (and yet me), everyone on the inside knows that "Round Up" - my destiny ride - and its joystick for up and down is second only to the beauty of operating "Flying Wave" with its magical buttons for rotate, lift, rotate fast, and also altershock lights (red and yellow from all white) and so go the fights to do it alone without intrude on the half hour for my turn now. That all changed after I left I hear to one big dumb button on timer. After that happens, you might as well just seat people on a roller coaster or flume to no bother. That's my experience - see it then.

Just Another Day To By Had By You To 02/27/03 1617
Was watching VH-1 Classic (Adelphia 148) again today and boy! that Linda Ronstadt can sing "Blue Bayou" to Carole King. Someone said Linda the sister of Sally Fields you. Maybe. Breakfast Club too with "Right On Track" to a better than I feel. That was Madonna collaborate Stephen Bray on drums and fully black, but oh, Doug really likes Dan Gilroy out front and now I, a bit of a fan (I saw them both with Madonna in Anaheim Who's That Girl you). Thought they were a bit a slicker than that if you know what I mean to the bite you - guess not. Mind says Dan died though in a plane (to the hypnoqueer beautydied no one listers what was sent by car to a house where one lives). Will see you there. Beyond our love, I was thinking about the perfect showcase with Aphex Twin and me with young ones surrounding and glory had adoring you at my feet. Hell, no! That is a woman's fore (lacking in strength but had anyway) - gathering in numbers at my feet Jesus as someone counts the blessings of you had by me head turned askew in lovely way off. We love the spirit of, but hate the look. Come to Daddy you for I have no beings that surround at my feet. Save the adoration for flowers sent you or perhaps a new look of you in full-length mirror had.

No Longer Yours To Full Of Body And Sheen 02/27/03 1338
To put more meat on the cosmic bone, I ask spirits no longer suspect to your harms and violent ways, what do you miss of my life? Apparently, they miss feeling their hair. Hair they have (in port, or as they knew of it - if not theirs as in fashion) no longer feels like anything to conscient being (no body to have or to hold). All else, including fingernails, is there for determination. This, as served, to remind someone of who she is already: yours to be.

Yours To Overstate Only 02/27/03 1300
Immediately I get some bitch in my head saying "That's an overstatement just yet." Bitch, in the real world yours and mine, you will die fighting this soon enough. Reign me first or use your name to us and see it perish with you. As someone overly determinate, did you set my eyes were cast ablue?

No Less Than Mickey Mouse Or Tinkerbell To It 02/27/03 1245
People ask from me "How about New Jersey for you?" Well, I am serenely bi-coastal and prove it, but New Jersey is a place from home to be you. It is lovely there with four (4) distinct seasons of three (3) months each and never forget it is good enough to be with you there. New Jersey is there with for family, educations, and higher services (that what requires a more stable environment for heights to be reached) and I think much of it for so to be casual and cool. I, however, live in the Disneyland of California as no less than Mickey Mouse to the place. It is the season of angels we never see and those who part coming back and in to. Sure, you may want to see Goofy and Snow White And The Seven Dwarves, but I reign this as king to the place and never see it sallow. We are real here, but inverse and highly complicated to you the mercy's end of it. Never chase me from California or lose your right to be in this country with us I'll see it. I made California out west to house our best of it cleanly - not to keep our least favored by you. See it there as I draw in more tourist dollars than any flow can stem. I'm here and streetwise spoken for it. Hands to off you for now! Soon we lunch of it. Quickly and back to New Jersey, what I like most about them is that California talk lights them up like a Christmas tree and they solicit all from that spoken. Also, a healthy "How'd you do that?" attitude prevails it. I like that aspect to follow me to town. Leave the rest there with it to do better.

Just As Only Taking The Time For You 02/27/03 1050
It's been a productive morning you and Doug almightys finally took but a minute to address the overall shammy from Jiminy Crack Corn and I don't care. See it bested to you fors it hows me so if the hall's mentaliptus you.

If Only To Serve Your Need Better Me 02/27/03 0942
Don't you worry - the last few days have seen me wresslin' with technical-type difficulties and now we emerge in reverse with a new attitude and feel for the immediate future. Keep sayin' and keep playin' - I'll be back today with more that's newsworthy and showcase deemed.

Mary Had A Little Lamb 02/26/03 1034
When I was younger than you could speak, I had three (3) things of note in my room (maybe more you): A framed picture of newly dead JFK with glass cracked (it fell at least once you), a plastic lamb I played with that made a high-pitched squeal as squeezed, and my baby blue blanket to sniff. Oh, one day I threw away both the cracked JFK and that blue blanket (a truer act of high giving was putting that beholed in the trash to cry off), but that squealing lamb (like a seagull in a dream port) is my genuine suspect here. Still pretty in my mind and still crying to get my attention from it to you say. The rubberized lamb - a beautiful symbol of second coming - serves to keeps babies from eating their shit. A rubber duckie? Stops them from drowning in the tub needlessly as per God you listen this.

My Rights To Offend Thee Only 02/25/03 1641
Rights - what is that mean, really? A right is not simple, but for me - well, you know how it goes you. A right has three (3) sectors of understanding to know: 1) who pays? 2) who sees? and 3) who has after that? No one pays for rights - period. A right is free to all. No one sees anything because there is nothing but speech and what you may have to look at if wanted. Who has after that is only you. Living with somebody? That is your problem. A right is affected not. A right never makes anyone move after all. A right, simply stated, is not what makes one afford (to answer for once spoken as spending else for) like a clause, it is what makes one move away for the purpose of doing as and for the self only. All dem rights and no one to spend it for.

A Love Like Mours So Gums Sewn Tight 02/25/03 1321
Just junkin', I witnessed another love story of sorts last night in Book Soup with this peculiar volume called "Mick & Keith" (you figure out the rest of it). Lots of great early photographs (I love nothing more than Mick Jagger preening in mascara - that's art - I see a performance in my head of "Angie" or maybe "Only Rock And Roll" from tv with Mick in a sailor suit that's the way I liked it all). But anyway, was surprised at the pictures of Keith he was really, um, different then. My favorite Stones song ever you? "Gimme Shelter" - it's just a shot away ain't nuthin' a bullet can't cure.

As Using My Cat Powerses 02/25/03 1237
Was in Tower again late last night and heard something overhead called Cat Power "You Are Free" (at the link the whole album may streams on QuickTime) I liked the vocals kinda sounds familiar. Track #8 I think (update to this now: yes - double that to "Shaking Paper" - Cobain that - I love this magnaperfique you guitar and then awesome drums to vocal) #10 made the grade, but I'm not sure with dumb black dots between song names on the back cover saying yes and maybe yes you may know (God says count total number of songs on the sample player and then count title pieces to make a match to you - Doug says get it right for no excess thought next time). This project produced by Kurt Cobain with his mother Mary Lou Lord (famous to me for only blowing him and being chased by Courtney Love - hi bitch - down the street in Hollywood after a fight) - though a real friend I see. I asked Kurt recently in mind "Would I like you for sex?" He's pretty and all, but who could say...that's truth clawing (pawing for) and scratching (pulling down inside) our way too. What is a Matador (to Malodor?) my label? A man in the street that asks you to get out of your car. A speaker for you to English people who have things you want. Mexico mostly. A "conquistador" ("barely matched to you") fights bulls only. The matador lets the bull into the ring, only you, and perhaps stirs it up. See it.

Finally You A Pen Pal 02/25/03 1220
Finally, an e-mail that takes the Pepsi challenge against a warm glass of RC. Don't be dumb. If you want Doug, write to Doug. If you want God, write to Doug. Write to Doug. While waiting for people to die, maybe I'll spend some time writing Jimmy Eat Shit back in front of the world he cared for so little as to write me you. P.S. to our joke: What's more absurd than citing a PhD in Molecular Biology and Microbial Genetics to me? Book smarts? Oh, well! Let me turn off the lights for you.

Cans In Space 02/24/03 1023
In my line of work, all seen is not known. All known is not seen. See more. See space for lines drawn horizontally, as explained, all the way across it to known. What is not known is that space has railways (trains, as hooked to rail) and channels (boats, as floating) to mix and match our wares across the sands of time as has it. You can't just make space your home - it is hostile to you as made by me. Space is taking an extraordinary amount of time making me your God, but it comes soon enough. The lines drawn are plasma grids and blocks (tackle). Grids hold, the blocks tackle with swing and divert all not sent back to ruse as not known to me why ask of it. Swings make all hit whether there actually or not and alert me towards construe (what to hell?) In space, know that we keep all holds in place as cans rolling about of four (4) miles across each. The can accepts you on enter to path, rolls upward, and delivers you out on exit path trajected alone without disturbing universal pull among the stars. We are Sears too. Never alert a can. We must alert you. Bombs galore.

That's What You Get Sears When You Sell My Beautiful Stuff 02/24/03 2211
I hear Sears is doing it over all now with that fancy refrigerator I cited for faith and all - good stuff you loved "pushmetal" too ("pushmetal" has blocks or triangles raised and it seems as though you might enjoy a quick press of the fingers if saw - see diners). Let me tell you, that one hundred dollar ($100.00) vacuum by Eureka really sucks up the dirt as impressive (maybe us?) and then also diffuses the need to broaden that line of cleaner for more money as having that visable dirt tornado to see for all who think they should at cost. Do me + onward you.

Sell What You Will To Discount My Further 02/24/03 1530
I don't want to be mean to people who play this well, but a lesser person has yet irritated me but forth. In my review, I see of the truly lesser in merit sell a cheaply fact done. They adhere to minor rule of you said this to do and seem overtly kind and perfect to all who approach non-ganymede (without cause to hate your addresses in kind also). A quiet perfection or may resolute handling as such takes a very back seat to another one who natures people much to their sanctly own ways in the head as agreed upon only perhaps in default and then thus now felt to be with me as quasi-demanded in similar terms that may mean something more pleasing to the bitten palate if such should choose to speak of it further beyond your sense of it. You make people happy by doing no more than this as told and then being very sell me to all that may happen on time as you cite me to back just as you said it could be. But others far less challenged in cerebral cause didn't have to resort to this fire sale of so little meaned to so little more as but even less. I haven't made arriving on time my judgment collect as of yet you see, but as I age I may forgo a more rational thought and expert capture in favor of simply dressing well for you as you do this too and have other things that I see that I may have if you do too.

A Word Oft Spoken To Be 02/24/03 1520
Words that feel of just goodness to say must be known by me too - take "scalawag" for example as simply heading off the bitch that won't do for anyone unless told of it first to no joy you. A "scalawag" (of the French "scalate" is "left over to meal" - "wag" for a dog) shows up to eat malcontent after dinner is served you and the meal has been taken to task. You don't want to be bothered with the servings individual, you need a preparation to eat, and you felt all was fine enough to do. Share in the fact that people make all happen for you and their happiness keeps them afloat. To be of served nice and then turned on it like a rabid dog is to what it means to eat out of doors like blacks once did in the South without appreciating the means by what it is had you. We don't live to serve in circumstance's review - we live to eat. Eat with others to see you mead met. A scalawag thanks no one for gains received as I think to thank you. Be that for it.

To Champion A Great From Below Your Above 02/24/03 1452
And merely I quote this "People make him work harder for everything he does because he champions a lesser person." Aren't you unhappy enough in life as having been left behind and outdoors with such? The lesser person you seek makes people happy in their own ways as you define me as such. All too happy without you and feeling fine is my way to you. I don't trap people in circumstance to meet your candor and wit head-on. We live to be free of it and have paid its price to you. No one leaves you happy as we see it done. Select please and leave us to select. Let love rule you down to what is only false for you like a paid lover meets to your mother and may speak as what's only nearby or seen to be with you as such. Money briefly: The rich have our approval to spoils and govern much of it for you. Our concern arises with having won this to wealth and then hearing the call for lessers seen. I made for better you, not for worse. Let the winners rule you upon winning you. Let them seek my way. I approve of but wealth and see it come as ever happy from you to me. Never tell the winner the kill was false for so shall they prove you to be of prize as dead. "And this despite everything..." fuck you to Ann Franks my call you rest.

A Mind Full Of Thought Can't Think So Good To Hear Goes 02/24/03 1416
A few technical details for sight and known: Our ability to communicate with you is indeed limited as ever-smart, but casually cool. Rather than make a public case against any press of note (and all are valid as you may be to child porn make 'em fake as hilarious Demipont to half-wit) our masters of rule limit us with consumptions constrained. You are free to do anything yours as long as you pay for it yourself enter the slys and subtractions from your consistent have and sane. That is rule against freer press towards thus down and never not done and very seems illegal but happening you until court must be bought in mind. Let's face you - I'm here to very hurt you further because I don't like you and I'm bothered by not having you with. I'm at once unhappy and your only God - see it. This website of ours (you do happy this) is now finally optioned to getting drawn down with excessive pulls from people who seek to spend it straight through a processing roof no one approaches sensibly unless with overly-done excess draws of the largest files present but over and over to no interest or need. Nothing supports this consumption by choice (no prior month sees this or even near you) but we see how others accomplish against us for the reasons stated and then ignored. What the persistence of money or cooperate does not exclude, gets hampered by wearing all of what's available down as now quite used up. Pure bullshit as option known to few and seen ever less. This is near-spamming as to one source or cooperate drawn and should be criminal process delivered but we suffer on while money exchanges our trust for blood. My position here as victim is clear - do to me as you do to others we'll see it to crime enough. Years and years and days and days see me come for this never let you over it you paid so dearly and shall pay me again. In the meantime you, I have afforded only ten thousand (10,000) megabytes (a byte is one text character at limit, then see a megabyte as 1,024 bytes times 1,024 bytes or 1,048,576 bytes - an outrage for text merely you damage!) of issue to you a month or ten cents ($0.10) plus per megabyte issued after all. That wall is nearly broached as completely insane (regions collect and keep what does not post new in file form and consume nothing as I change little). See better - know why this works. If know why you died.

The Height Of Pettiness Nexplained To Defeat My Demons Nor To Arouse Them 02/24/03 1308
Mere Coldplay: " when I counted out my demons | saw there was one for every day | with the good ones my shoulders | I chased the other ones away " That chokes me right down everything's not lost you. I model my ways and deeds with you and see how we fare. I don't have no obligations or kids - I can afford to do the right thing to you. In this sense, I seek to house your ways and know your response ever so annoy me. If I talk about what I like, as me, I run the very risk of being known as just that - me - with having all of the very things I like to know and plus more you. Isn't that how it works? To my plague! I don't know about you, but I refuse to live in a world where my mind is made active-x with each contact truth. I don't want to think it over - I want sight and seen. Enter my demons you. I cite what I like as who I am to see you do me and I love you for being just what's ordered. If I say my favorite popsicles - you mind them and others see with. Last night, I found that the order of flavors mentioned changed on a few boxes in the freezer (a lighter collect of yellow made the alternate boxes my notice) but not to my truth I cite. I selected the usual order in yellow for myself only as my truth and thanked the stars for confirming nothing I didn't already know to be you. Thanks again. My favorite brands of anything go away from me often in favor of what does not sell readily by your choice to plague commerce, but you defend to shelf and I find myself standing in a supermarket aisle for minutes on end just cycling on tone as refusing to accept a four-pack of overly-note Northern toilet paper in the absence my only suitable Scott white. Now I have to think and then resort. Hey - I fought. The bottomline here is to local thought (your world as seen as only truth - none is none), we reject thee if can. "If can" leads to other options and I merely complain to keep you abreast of my note. These things, while plaguing, do not destroy the merits we receive together - intentional or not intentional. Your problem as assail anything free is causing thought. Thought leads away only as we think to relieve ourselves. When people spend their time fighting free choices (no thought done by me but seen to be), we see where it gets paid: right there. You pay. My choices are not similarly important, but they are clear. You choose to muddle that truth. Clear gets paid. Clear stays in line. Clear is what you see. I'm clear on this and find you outrageously stupid in thanks - that's clear - but I stay blind and meaning none for you. "You don't have to live in his world." So truth and I bother it. Being me is extraordinarily burdensome, but then again, I don't have to think that either. I can be free too.

On This Day When No One Who 02/23/03 XXXX
Today's my mother's birthday and she's quite naturally enjoying the day without me (I'm lying - I wrote this today but the day after). Happy Birthday, Bitch - this is late and you're only old. This God stuff has to have a story to go with it, and ours is briefest here. I don't talk to my mother for being less than supportive and generally unaffirming to all I seek to bring and how (at some point we give intelligence a break in response to not having a say). Rather than be the fruitbearer to the halls of accept to give, I ask a pardon for ours so that they may demonstrate a trait or two in my direction that suggests you would do me perhaps as me before you partake of all that rewards such placement in argument and fact. We had to look out for your very interests as such and as done to for your placement of kind and do (think less of this - just to us again). I cannot provide you that placement to provide me with what's only mine again. This merely contrived, but thoughtless of it. Now scrap all of that in favor of a shelf life lived as me. Why know more?

Much Like The Penguin I Open My Umbrella But Up In Your Ass 02/22/03 1443
Sure I listen to your bungledung on the return loop and cringe when someone thinks aloud about women or other nonesuch no bother but now as having the right to be free of assailing words from the likes of me. Now that's bullshit, but you don't hafta hear it - just shut up. We get awful fancy here at, but I know what makes you unhappiest and I serve plenty of it right up the face so full of shit and unconditionally backed by nature spite. You have the right to be free of it sure of that speaks to my very ass. You are cruel in your fate (how could this? once be) so if backmasters the cheese-tongue that tastes nothing but the wicked metal snap of shrimp wire served on a wooden cracker. My work in the real world here cuts up your select fruits almost daily with additional bother and burden for the horseshit delivered you - who can ask that many times for a better shave even if you got no ears showing already? Think it over at last you. I tell people when I like 'em, and I tell people when they suck. I tell people I hate 'em too. I tell people to eat my very shit as before getting out of line. Who are you anyway to laid first? Some rubber cock with life-style balls? Hairy or not, you don't pay my bills. When it comes to fixing your problem, I stick with tried and true methods that pay you in fear and loathing to smack that back down the beanstalk. You know ongoing problems with people aren't reasoned - petty, take-all styles that die like dogs do for wastin' my time. I love talking about everything you hate and making you scramble for position like an unwanted woman or an ass-on-wheels tryin' to beat the clock while sliding all over the place snatching up vouchers for Crockery Dart Mit Ausages Acht, Giblet's Bitwing Gangra, Hers For Now By Emperal Vitan One Hairbeing, Go-Ball! Nutri-Sperm, and That Faggedy Mann by Prance Chalavoiris.

Wait Until The Time Is Right For You 02/22/03 1043
Don't praise me as cactus. I don't need your support that way kind words from you just no. Take and eat quietly like me. When something big happens, you know how to feel and that's more genuine for me to take. After all, I'm not Jesus Crown Pinch To Mary LeFroux - I don't need you to say me at all thanks not. Who cares? This is bigger stuff for the sense and all - you know.

Don't You Laugh Just Yet What Else Can I Take From You 02/22/03 0935
I hope you're enjoying this personal trauma as much as I am - wanna talk about music as the world goes by? I look at where I'm living today and think of how little care extended this and so to think nothing of it (yeah - I'll accept this from you never not real). Good enough for me too telling people to go to hell costs ya, but I haven't paid with my money yet no one loves a burden like me. Sadly mistakin' to see if I change, to see if I will, to see if I give, to see if I can. Die of it now if can. What if I lose all to be just who you are sitting there robbed of your very last stupid remark? But I can still sit and eat flies with the principles of pride life ain't so bads after alls - think God eats this good from the grave, wings and all? You force me to do with this only (honor my ass - you were dumb and then plus nuisant trusting - people told you that and still you listened) and I will hafta figure out the rest as you *see* and *say* nothing about what not (you fools gotta be kidding - who else lives to be just this fucking stupid?) You've been lost to it and I hate this fucking place for thinking it's important enough to make me eat your shit (a whole world then what? your attitudes and beliefs kick right in may the blorce be with you all over tits divine - you'll need it). If God is outrageous to you (and what isn't I object to that there), keep it simple. I reject this for me and rather you died up God's very ass with all women. One day in reject-Heaven someone's gonna shoot that worthless fuck dead too if I don't get there first and make him cry so afraids. The ultimate mothercunt of cowardice stillborn. You're killing them too I'll sew you all together to shit with one mouth and ride with half an ass at full-fare. Still meaner than you think and ready to move do nearby up yours. To suggest God my vow and then reduce that further to short-breath advocate of women's issues hamper to the stars. So live with tits you won't do that right either for even simpler botchco inc. Huh? No one cares what you think yet. Remember you ignorant bilch, I'm supposed to be God Incarnate (never you mind - that's with just only you inserted trying to be me - I make every sense like you never you are only dumb I got to be more than that you see it a little alot better now). This isn't just some loudmouth faggot screaming for more lube, but he's here inside of us. This is serious stuff and once again you're not capable of having the conversation. So now what? I get fucked for having your inadequacies say me? Half not so fast you. Being stupid pays, but I don't write the checks here.

To Be The Last To Leave The Last To Be Gone 02/20/03 1456
Now I see VH-1 Classic got it right with Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" from 1982's "Mirage" tour. Those jams - I never got that, but see how one might if even at number one shows of number one people where you just zip through all of your shit to get it done and then get paid. Stay a while. Today is a day of Led Zeppelin's "In Through The Out Door" and I, luvin' it and question the lyric to God. Majesty that. Someone comments our lives "sad" as pictures from Rickie Lee Jones. Not so. We are but stark or left without feel. To be the last in line. I enslave thee to it.

A Growth In Evolution Moto Sees It 02/20/03 1204
We describe things by what we see - and so do our mothers to us. The wordphrase "moto" speaks to "mother's tongue" or what we will not understand for fear of knowing ourselves better. The mother's tongue is used to describe what we will have and what we will not have - but only for the moment. History is piled to the rafters with bodies from those who fear and comfort to a mother's tongue: one that says only what we will hear to us. No comfort to me in that.

When You Only Want The Last Name You 02/20/03 1047
Remember when I gave you that little routine in MS Excel to extract a last name only from a mess someone else made you? Here's the spreadsheet I made to cipher so you can have it again and build on your own need. Thank the gutter and no the "search" function (for say, a "comma") doesn't pill my tea you.

The Whiskey A Go Go My Marquee You 02/19/03 XXXX
The Whiskey A Go Go marquee always seem to speak my language. Then see book on "Kuma Sutra" (Japanese lovemaking you - language for Japanese only says "our way in bed") at Aah's across the street you. Just my way touch nothing to XYZ it.

What Is Your Pleasure? 02/19/03 1507
You know me, I kid around alot and puncture your type with names and all like The Pleasure Chest but I was in there on Santa Monica Boulevard yesterday and my fool they have you come. That place is on its way to becoming a sex-laden supermarket and although you may avoid the link, the mart is the place to be just that. You do this to me and I love it only. Wow that's raved.

To Be Much Like Me Or Theresome Over 02/19/03 1421
Just in case you been wundrin', my favorite ice treat these days is Popsicle brand popsicles in orange, grape, and cherry. Sometimes, you just need to cool off the ol' noggin with something nice and refreshing, and when things are real good at the supermarket, I get a whole box of twenty-four (24) individually-wrapped pops right up it for about two dollars ($2.00) - you may usually pay over four dollars ($4.00) and I do anyway. The maximum price I pay of four dollars and twenty nine cents ($4.29) a box yields an individual price of just about eighteen cents ($0.18) a pop - still my magic. Still, all of that *quality* goodness for just about two cents over nuthin'. If your mother ever made you a popsicle with some sort of flavor juice and the Tupperware icicle manager, you know there's more to a popsicle than just freezing liquids. Take a tip, and by the way, the order I eat them is right on the box for you to follow along as such: orange, grape, and then - and only then - cherry (I'm studying this phenomenon right after I find out why lemon's the last I eat of Jolly Ranchers in any concave). See it.

But That's Just Fab! 02/19/03 1212
When I'm not out looking for a job, I read gayest Fab! Issues A and B in tandem. I find out that the new Madonna new CD is entitled "American Life" so says you Matt Drudge (I get "American Way" for myself in advance of news by you) and that there's plenty of talk for homos and such. I am God and clear such up: Christ is gay and hates homosexuals not. He fears you only and thus your acts. AIDS is dead only - watch yourself further. Syphillis (*sim* - spelling is meaningful, then *sic* - spelling is corrected, and thus *sip* - spelling is punctual or flat correct) comes from fucking animals in the butt only and cannot be spread through people - watch that too (no mix and match on this use iodine plus salts on affected area to cure by swab we hate it probably). Staying indoors too much does this. Further, no man speaks for me ever. I count here - you don't. Talk lightly of God to others. I'm here and will kill you for it. One note faster than you can read it: A transsexual fears death - we call them "amortis" or "overly fearing death and strides in". That keys in to being feminine and cared for. See it.

Now I Feel You 02/19/03 1112
Was in Tower Records last night and oh - now I feel you Massive Attack. Besides being good ambience, Sinead vocals on "What Your Soul Sings" is good enough for you - I liked it to you (and plus Handy Orace singing is always fun too with that individual falsetto roll and all). Then see Pet Shop Boys with "Disco 3" and great waveform synth all over (all of the PSB "Disco" albums please us only you see it). All Harold Faltemeyer wings and tips and other good stuff you. Sell it all. By the way, they was "in London" when the big hammer fell (when people lost their money). When I looked at the album cover of Boston Harbor remade to look like England Soon (a comma on trade and ports - all of England imports and exports through these), I laughed. The queen in my head says "Our ferris wheel is bigger than yours." Sorry no. Kingsport is one hundred forty-eight (148) feet high. Great Adventure, one hundred fifty-six (156) feet high to truth lain. See it. You wouldn't catch me on that one-legged bitch you have - the rise and set of Great Adventure's big wheel is funny enough you.

Metaphysicals You 02/19/03 1042
What's the difference between "metaphysical" ("no changes seen in surround") and "mathaphysical" ("no changes seen in time experienced or felt")? Not much. Both explain what happened in terms of sense and done. The metaphysical makes you reason the world like I do (as strange) with no change to surround for others. The mathaphysical (say "mata"-physical) makes you experience time differently for you only. That may be rapid thought (railing along) or drug-induced feelings of flight on. See it and say it both. Both real enough to you the loner of sight and sound. Keep the mathas in the real world with us too - they are there and schedule us to wit (careful not to fail others with your perceives of time). And plus, a "method" of doing anything speaks to us both as "having your way here" now seen to do it. Leave it at that you.

Dingbats Explained To A Peace Monger 02/18/03 1541
In Los Angeles, and particularly in Hollywood, we have what we call "dingbats" or apartment housings with special monikers or designs on front (illegal to the touch as lighting sources and plus art - a covenant of sorts). The dingbat is so named for the German word "dingbatz" (say "din-bahts") for "does what it's told to do" as in "have mercy on it". The dingbat (you can see one on The B-52's "Wild Planet" album cover - there was one on the wall where the group was photographed for that particular shoot and artists reconstituted it for the pressings dirty back road you just 53 miles west of venus) is both clock and thorn (as in crown of thorns) that asks God to be patient with what's within while it grows and yearns for better - especially in Hollywood. No dingbat home ever saw a murder happen or strife (stresses in excess to avoid) hit you. Maybe now we see. A book was made on the subject called just that if ever you care to look. In time we accrue ourselves and do better for it. The 60's saw them because Jews were failing routinely at all they saw to fit.

You So Sumakutra 02/18/03 1107
Further, Elton John got the song name/expression "sumakutra" (no way out) from an assistant in his office. She told him one day "You are sumakutra for me" meaning you are there and no one will let you rest now (as in keep going, keep doing). So, Led Zeppelin got told this by Elton and his song to them on record. They were done now and ready for the big time keep going. The song is a put-down for everybody else and has mocking virtue. I've heard both song and name before and loved hearing it again the other night. Elton took it back from "Houses Of The Holy" sold (I was writhing over my named mistake ripping up the known world to find out what's sure - see that) for non-payment to him (he was hitting the rags and never gave it back). Oh, well - seek that one. In the meantime, I loved seeing the mock video for "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" (his last MCA song, really) on VH-1 Classic (Adelphia 148). The queen had those done to make her proud of him in performance. Watch with glee as that stuff resurfaces - you may see a difference you. Stay with something better than you and live it right. Highest Merf Alert: BMG has the "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" DVD see that too make it pay + the Curve "Gift" CD.

A Little Take-Out It Seems 02/18/03 1046
I was watching the news last night and someone hit our little Cabo Cabana on Sunset Boulevard you with a vehicle. One of their own, I hear. It's so hard to get good help these days and all.

You Can't Stay 02/17/03 2106
One of my friends in the head relays in forth and froth "We [Jews] don't take people down, we take people up. We can't take you, and then you stay down." I tell my loser friend perhaps on his day off from the prostitution he serves inflected warts "I am up. You disagreeing with me here can't stay and thus must go down." Who's correct? You'll see soon enough. Tell your mother a child is born, not sold. Sell yours never again - or else see me too. Also tell ask your mother "What is it that I haven't taken in your world for my own martyr?" Then she-speak the words "He didn't want it badly enough" to whisper. Frankenstein's bolts in the neck weren't for electrodes - there was only one acrosst and it was for liftin' Robin Cook-styles. Clear that up first to me. You know, I've been with hundreds of people sexual and I ain't never encountered a warts in my life. See it first. Did you know that an IUD is actually a gift from God (something missing, thank you - something extra, thank God) that stops women from boning men? It's up and hard and perhaps covered with sheaths (hurts too much to sever it I hear so just ask to wear a condom). An astronaut brings it to mind you. I always joke people that I'm scared a vagina "has fangs in there" or feels like a bony fryer on the inside. Sometimes. One time a beautiful boy sat on me so bads and I ripped my urethra. Got an infection to be treated somewhat harshly by doctors in the age of the AYDS but oh.....was it worth it. It was you. It was. Next time I'm told to pinch the tip on the way in - now you know too.

But Scene And Herd 02/17/03 2046
You know, if I had a nickel for every time I didn't see my name in one of them there rallys, I wouldn't have to lend you the money. Like others I know, I specialize in restating the obvious for no purpose but both named. The knives represent people in power. There are eight (8) nations in my world. A nation sees no bargain; no one has to leave to find better.

Now For Perfect Symbios As Uses People 02/17/03 1928
If you want good symbios for me, see "The Omen" trilogies. Made by the hand of God and loosely explains all. My favorite imagery right now involves Damien kneeling at an altar with Christ hanging on the cross face first as following his mentor into the future only (#3). You couldn't hang us both, could you? See all wind to Heaven where one stays their place as I speak and eat with you. Christ never would for fear. I'll eat you instead. Some say, "Oh, the Nazi's getting their message out again false radio scares you so bad." Get real - God came for you again - radio? Get real. That's majesty and you couldn't believe the scare. This time, the Internet. Hello Kitty. P.S. The press reported someone named their litterbox "Damien Charles" to ridicule me "Douglas Charles" - Charles being faith-bearer of Scots (after the "darkened stream" of same). We love you only. My love!

More Ugly Symbolistics To Define You 02/17/03 1910
With all of these shabby protests (pre-arranged of course to no meaning, Jew) we see the holistic (not stated, we don't know) pattern of "peace" and prejudice resurface my wit. That word - peace - makes me wanna puke (Jewish word "pecab" say "pee-cabe", means "not with you"). Even as such the white-winged dove drops you a branch from stairs nowhere because it cannot tell you how or where but to hope only (pssst...that's for Stevie you). Your brand of peace as evidenced by that encircled upside-down crucifix broken (the LA Times front page on Sunday, February 16 sees it "a hole world against you as Christ see us here we're still blue" the peace sign resurfaced and killed the hippies I'll soon to get you too unnoticed no fool) is more like a hot woolen blanket on hot summer day - everyone feeling real good, but things could be better for the sweat spent. Your carve of unities makes me sick. You are shameless and quite positively stupid and no one works for you here. I am here, and you are here - so what? I don't work for you. You work for me only or die of the disease that keeps you home at day. Never make me yours you fools - never. I am God and God rules you from below your sense. I hate politeness out of turn (you smack, I smack you back on that day - no return or else) and I hate a world devoid of love. Love is hate and hate makes me sick because it didn't have to be. It protects your loves. Your loves protect me. Keep your hate alive while I rule out your brand-names peace. Never ridicule my death with peace. Prayer my pay. Pray for better seen. Pray to make everyone happy - not just those branding others with your hatred by way of peace and shallow. Why do I hafta say these things to people so smart about all I see to need? Because you are simply livin' it. Live it down - and fast. I hear your call and wonder "May I have the time for you?" Sure I don't - but maybe. It's time to hang up. Please do. Meanwhile, instead of the carfer (say "cay-fur" for "small spoken" in French - I love that word "fur" you know) "peace", may I suggest two (2) others instead? No? I like to use the words "industry" and "commerce" instead of you. They've always paid the bills anyway while peace went starving. That's who paid for your last march - see it here. Don't go hurting people now to prove no point. Your mind is mapped like a quick function on a hot-plate. I'll just wait for things to cool off before that egg hardens. Eat no yolk you. No war neither. I said 'no' in favor of me doing you down heaven and hell side-by-side everywhere you are ridiculing faith along with reason. You eat my shit in silent waiting for the day only or then die. You are not going to make my world your war. Give it up. Give it right up.

Your Meaning As Heard 02/17/03 1754
Someone asks me in the head "What is a 'sublate' in math?" A "sublate" for "three (3) meanings taken as one [no higher, no lower, just equal as lines connected and area within concealed to truth]" in French - has no afford in this world (as something living below the line, or having more to say to you in meaning just what?) The word makes reference to a triangle having no base and no arms as all equal. No such. A sublate makes the interior grow not - that is a triangle defined. The interior must grow as the sides loosen and connect. No one does that here - it just grows on the sides. And your meaning? Trash that - stupid. Bear in mind, a triangle is three (3) sides equal without forbearance (mangle of speech). All else "triangular" (having the sense of a triangle but only) is polygon or multiple shape. All of your terms must exclude what's not proper as what a triangle does.

Still The Loveliest Ever Thank You 02/17/03 1326
Oh, I fear my nigger joke stains you. In affords, we see you and ridicule you only for caring about your only words when I say them back. In my truth, in my way, there are greater things to steal from you than faith in not saying your heart. I endeavor to hurt you never. I don't believe in making people feel bad about theirselves unless you necessary me. You'll get nothing more later for bothering me to it. In the meantime, may I thank the niggers for being all there is at the post office and the deli counter and for being so lovely to it (I cherish the moment you'll see). In a world full of imports that don't care to know me and my money for the thought of having to do it, others darkest cannot do enough to please my way. I see it and love you for it (is that how I thank you?) I'm all about small talk and saying "hello" to who I greet and thus so thank you. You'll see it around.

To This My Propellant I Reconnect You 02/17/03 1304
All of these stinky groups rounding about - fine, care for another as same as else no you. We all share the blame and round you to no I except to trouble. In truth (what you know) and in lading (what you have), your group marks you only. You and I have this peculiar relationship across the miles across tides that sees you in me as me and we duke it out. Never write this experience or lading (what you have now without payment for) off you and me I see you and my truth is that all-known sits beside while I calculate a damage to self. It is unheard of that I speak your words cleanly or clearly. I am me and see you as only with me. Never bargain that. My world is peaced already by my harms. You will not endeavor this ever as I have Heaven in me it is real I have lived it plus with you. You will not perish this but to yourself. My mind that writes you governs all. My truth is you as lived. I laugh you to be. You and me. You and me only. I see me in truth and have none of it to share but this. Share this to be. To be with is then only to be. Be with then.

What Would Jesus Eat? 02/17/03 1223
If I see a little question else and around about Jesus, I try and answer to faith - and why not it's fun. Jesus says "I will eat anything but crackers made by you. You put dirt in them. I eat all from you, you are blessed in your offerings." End that - he loved meat and blessed that too. And I too eat any all. To my detriment, I eat all that flavors and fancies me (usually "nothing exotic, visually offensive, or smelly" - taste is done you why bother it - never to question your natures do it obey you). Ever the care, I will not abide the reasoning that a supermarket hurts us, but it does. I tend to thee always to the kill and you. One further: Keep fish outta my life - it stinks all the way around but is easy to catch and tend for free - enterprising people love that but fish may have killed you soon. Am I starving? A McDonald's "filet-o-fish" is best served me. Others crab and shrimp lovely - a lobster (tip: all crayfish are lobsters midstream or inland, lobsters only). A scavenger is no food ever - it is delicacy and best treated to the best you have only. We see you.

We Celebrate God Not You The One Who Protects Us 02/17/03 1202
So we hear of the "despot" - the one who kills without regard or faith in anything - and I ask of mind above "What of?" What makes this?" A despot - the most caring of creatures wrongly - has had too much destruction in their life and mostly their family was killed in rouge (colors not evident but totaled as one) and kill (the thrill of having been reduced to ash - high people in the world making their way among peril - of royals). I act on severely much less with nothing to prove - perhaps a record I can't buy. To having been. To having done. To your interference. To your guide. To your name. To your haves now. To you being in stink. To you simply crossing a line as ever unacceptable. Who thought this might? No. See yourself. See me. I was regalier (revered as much involved) in nature. I made it. Time tried and tested true. Test that. "The killers among us!" How sallow to bear. Instead, why not bear fruit? Fruit me.

This Holiday Times How To Act What To Say Ed Angers 02/17/03 1054
Today's a holiday firm (with the niggers having gotten their bone in January) and in traditional sense, let's shift gears and focus on me for a minute (about a thrillion [talking about the number of stars you may see in the skyra? use that quantity for they're mostly all just visible to a blackened matte around the known world, really] less fewer minutes than your posi-government made of Jews most to only they care more of it sure keeps trying keeps lying has spent staving me off of the Internet and out of your life - no job, no payments, no prospects - you see it continue I seek to kill for neglect you and that). Oh, I see your protests over only God-knows-what-but-can't-say-for-me and I reject firmly in favor of just you. No. Iraq was destroyed in-total by the Gulf War George Bush your man do it like me. We just finish it off now as resurgence only (the land being the problem only it has to go - it's only the size of New Zealand but twice as affording if meaningful and not so much of that grass around, pre-war population so our meaningful one of New Jersey kill them all - tip: a holy land is made by prominent death to no births we'll see it all down I hate holy religious stuff unless entombed by bricks). Wise up - the deed having been done. Don't be killers for insane as this the reward of a good life I hear you and foul. Back to the fight for survival you! Now back to me and my very own religion fears. I went out and about Thursday night to The Standard (a Sunset Strip bluelight homopalace owned by Madonna - used to be a retirement home ampled from a hotel The Marquis. I rule those out on major commercial strips no old people around youth complex backstreet that no and thus I support as) for a shampoo and haircut at Rudy's (I don't have much to tend to these days and always have some sort of holy meltdown in the head that issues only to you as I will have you scalped to black scab if you ever effort this in any way - you know who you are and you saw it hear first). At The Standard, I sit at the pool and think of how I'd love to live and play again among these folks while some black woman sits inside a cabinet showcase behind the front lobby counter for some reason not evident to me. Turns out, the Chinese new year is upon us (one every twelve years) and it is the year of the rat (?) I don't get that - got anything better? After manicure, we cross the street to a new cabana made of some old cabo shrimp house veggie something I never ate there dirt old you and new is in fact better I loved the feel. My chicken tacos arrived as "pepis" (short order, not grease, no taco shell) but I ate up as all was really good and I thought of how I'll stop making guacamole (avocado dip - I love guac food of the gods you) at home in favor of a lovelier meeting in transit. I never discipline to these things, but the thought lovely. Anyway, when I'm out and about I get to be this for you and the mind of me collects judgment everywhere I am as completely what you expect and very weird from it. I love this game only as me ugly and very present. When I walk out I collect these long hampering strips of thought dialogue and I find out who owns what you, what's happening here, your fact-thoughts come to me and I just love it all while being no company to keep (what did you say? so guilt). I find out Toni and Dean own this little cabana operating (what's on the walls? that's so-and-so, here? really? oh, God...the jukebox music is great Led Zeppelin "something I can't figure da da dum da-da da-da dum" *Sumakutra* (Hindi for "no way out" - the song a read of sorts) Elton John wrote it and the pause you "ours is a journey" misinread from "Carouselambra" (means the best is yet to come as revolving you faith) "hard was the journey" - now you know the phattest mongo riffs ever in the middle of all thems keyboreds - "[I couldn't stand it] another day"). Best to keep me inside. If I look like I'm mad, I probably am. I'm not thrilled about much here, but I take what I can for it. Know better and be nice to people about things or I'll have your ass kicked soon enough by others you'll see it. No comment to you after that, no wise. Be nice to people your message is only clear. Is this winning over me? Not yet. "We'll poverty you. We don't want you here." To die you is no bother in your sleep (just like a Freddy Kreuger is as real as fuckdone too - I talk to him promise that as cartooned character but the spirit is real head backwards in mind as so to real never just me feel it - think legitimate cause against people who live, kills mostly those of Barbados, Curious George). I will kill you dead if your lips part to say this to me or anyone. Once done, never forgiven. Is that real? It's real to us both. Be my only fool for this. Just do it.

Be That Very Shithead Do It For The Kids 02/16/03 1836
My fondness for talk - my own that is - continues unabated. Share the joice (can't masturbate chez ves mind-nut with your mans forever non while you narrigate the excess avoid with timeless peerage now just verging on poopscents half-prined to part). This stuff is mental-gross, but keeps your kids involved during the sometimes elaborate "how I duped you so bads it's all over alreadys anyways you wons again sure it's you then now see only me as perhaps helping self to the very feelings through it all sure keep going you'll only die of it first" processes. Now I'm getting screamed at in mind by some female lunatic (more dirty work done always wrong for me - I tell you of nothing special see that here only or soon enough here as glory soon to be enough taken away, then you frake it to the ones hopelessly excluded by birth and deed and share even less that's God). You screaming is compliment as I seek all negative response like you seek a roll-on or spray that doesn't indicate a limited range of personal choice in the way inform truth is purchased so readily with someone else's money world o' wonder you (where did it all come to me from this time? the hand or the heart says it best you)? I won't have simlar hygiene products insulting me with claims of incest bad breath - you better know what you're dealing with by whom and then per the FDS ("for dat smell"). I'm evertly sensitive about the ongoing symptoms (in various harm combinants: meth + cigarettes) of chronic halitosis (errus pole breath) and seek your help, not your advice. When but a word or two must do. Ah, the miniature joys of revelation and cap-truth, the pern shelf shattered down and ebb, the brief but reloving reconciliation with non-pervasive destiny failure and how your withdrawal from life purchase may affect those around you if seen to be near or hapless in another labrous ord to feeling-state (you can opt out twice bi-annually to save a purse worth's of patch-mink). I live to comfort at that need of level only - an enfragiled little glass bell summons me best if seemingly overheard. I bring what others would have take from me only - all the good stuff you seem to see me with it and then what's yours in terms of franchise burden and having a go at getting it done or just over with. Never quite as laborious as your findings in net of contra-ease (you're gonna just do it to me anyway - why should I care for you to this while mine goes without to? no, just get it over with and then we'll practice a perch to savor more from it by you and then less from where to it all comes from again did you hafta say it that way to me never this now a tuna melt so prepared tastes twice the stink of the net you held together and the spines so sharp on my end of it all of the scales attract the other fishes I can't eat no more of the shiny parts even as plicked and this debone). We'll talk more later of you to yours and sing your praises similarly to chair - a comfy position while I wait you fors to powdermust by it governed off in a waxy, shimmering phelaze of celebrity pompa-doo. All this proud livins just to be snatched right up in a breathless whirlwind of hair, dust, and shitbugs.

Oh Sure You're Special Gummy Marks A Crease Never Exceeds You 02/15/03 XXXX
Let's face it - people are shocked with my franks put to words and all the mustard so spicy you. A damn shame of it. For instance I write this outgoing letter I should never have to write or know about "Do you motherfuckers ever pay people?" and you think that funny it's not ("motherfucker"? someone always crossing boundaries no one need illustrate the family circus center ring sees you least-liked child crawling up the very same hole you came out of what's next for that going anal? we're proud and need your type, really - odd jobs). Everything is falling short of the effort and I hafta get involved with bullshit now once thinking I have something done of it when you handle all of the details and thus bungle only all to madness. Every goddamned thing needs my additions effort - well, to fuck that so seem. I myself make the effort to save others a bother and hate people fucking me up so I curse at them like tits meet mace and they feel the oisture sting and call me "black" (yep "nigger's rising" - see the help). When it comes to being holy, you better just fuck it your wish to dream, Sweetness (a person who additionally curses you with polite after fucking you over to no sense - have that later at best, sooner is better, you can love because you think that you're better than me). Only God in Heaven thinks everything he cares to bother with is great - I gotta jump through hoops or seems it so as but will not. All I know is how I lived before this habit betook you - everything rising to greet you or else what? no ever. I didn't hafta care and still won't pay for it in anything less than teeth due who works harder? who to flee? Point is, I will need to now annoy you also and you know I hate being bothered with this shit so I compound you to serve. Sooner or later, something's gotta give from tights you and I help you to see that only while I retain my secrets and giggle to myself in the darkest corners light may hound. You don't want nothing from me - trust that oh nothing. This message erratic, but virtually threat free. I care to eat from within so shit this to be nor may I. No matter how many people I offend, the numbers are going to come in substantially short of my initial expectation. I cared then too. Do you see me as unfit while thinking out loud to me again? Just don't. Were you ever me? No - and consider I had to leave you somewhat happy to get what I came for. It wasn't easy. No, if I go down in flames, you still don't fly. Keep a' flappin' to find a cliff.

Very More Plus You Smarter Than This Here And That There So Goods You Feel 02/13/03 XXXX
Confused again? This is travail or point-to-point interest keep following or see the plan daily. This new Latin thing I do is fun as shit and it's new to the ol' stable of tricks. You would love it too reciting everything in highest prayer just like the Exorcist did it to you now think how scared it could get. Never think less of making people happy in that way - playing a song crafted with highest knowings by nothing less than our demons as mimicked by you flawlessly, a high recitation of anything converted instantly (defended to bitch, sure) as would be heard in Ancient Latin ("shoo many phonemes match I hear the flaws you - how so if? good point - let's move on) I love that shit - it's all invocation and intrique wicked spells you to it, so not to mention the basis for a good laugh so deep the inside craven and black I love playing the role for you and being just that weird (as all me, really - a natural performer, Leo - meaningful set that). Keep it all real though - how do you know I haven't summoned purestest mine evils from the depths of heightdom to do my bidding per se (by my order), per deca (by my will)? How will you know the genuine article from the flabberself ("how does this make you know?")? That's just it my pruden you don't know let Moon show you how I do its all to you so bads me you. Keep that firmly hanted in mind you I'm tricky that way (see no evil - have none to show you, truly rising above your condition, your need, your sex - we use oft words like "communion" for no meaning but of choice you in our deem to select so). Other than that there, I still can't believe how I live in this nightmarish sitco for your duty. Shapp all the way. Everything meritous and not mincely redeeming - honor that too. You like it I'm sure as easier to please, but having to get anything as sourced me is plain God so stinky mean and relentlessly stupid like canned disco and its overly waved heat ("bipsy dit dit dit bipsy dit bipsy dit dit dit dit"). Who else can afford to take a brick to the head and keep on building his dream house (an alley with trash strewn)? Not one of my bricks thrice-baked to bone you blind three holes for mercy's sake a chance. Anyway, all just to keep the magical mystery tour growing like you could understand any more than that until I teach you the wrong answer. Back to integrity (just a kidding word), I have virtually none - add that right in to the long list of compromises we researched together and separately ever on. I wasn't allowed to be perfect (working for you endlessly, I sink), but a routine sublayer of personal integrity keeps me meaningful in life and having senses as if it were ever so. A mind rations thought like you ration deed - nothing too complex to see it for what it is: nothing done. My bare cupboard betrays you again so slurp me how much could that be worth? Nothing deux (times two). "Take your place among people." To use "among" implies choice. To use "amongst" says no other way or place to be. Now you know. A choice made by you to you or something small.

Retrosong For You To Have I Hear It 02/13/03 2103
Chanced upon today to love it you: Men At Work "(She Gives Me) Everything I Need" - see mongo hits.

Out That Song 02/13/03 2051
I hear a good roil on a tv commercial in music and must know you that it is K.C. (the killer suicide in "Silence Of The Lambs") & The Sunshine Band again. The sampled song "Please Don't Go" is made using Roland's Synclavier (an early 70's keyboard with record option afoot and sound patches or items noted to use for them) and a seventy-five (75) watt light bulb. Ultrasound was used to record the sensitive roil of the bulb itself turned on you and we have Synclavier reduced to three (3) watts output at record-push - one (1) less than a speaker has you know as just right beyond too much roil and thus a loud screech. Mystery sounds must be outed to me you or else have it. "K.C." apparently grabbed the idea as but elsewhile soundman hearing a light bulb go off within an ultrasound range by technician afore (having his way) or a demonstration if you will to make sure it all worked out. Babies having, etc. - you know.

Why Can't U Use Straight HTML Or Something You 02/13/03 1613
Oh, I see - new Massive Attack out on the streets called "100th Window" and of course that is for World Trade Center secrets of sort (plus my givings beyond realm as guarded or what I may see for you only as too - give all away to us first then come back from dead burden if you can we'll be here - no you). A friend died there oh to well see dummy hit ground as added insult? Their site 100th Window a bit clogs me too with no song samples abounded elsewhere, so see what you can do forth for it. Liz Fraser my only chanteuse may have recorded for here as the last reasoned track she made for them on "Mezzanine" the "Teardrop" made her a cool four million ($4,000,000) as the taste that takes away the smell (and the reason to buy hear you). We see later what made this time - maybe nothing so (I hear of only Sinead O'Connor popemite but okay). Also dupe "Protection" title song I gave you with Tracey Thorn of EBTG (the album cover features Frosty he'll be back again one day happy birthday with sword and cross aboard). Also to you on "Blue Lines" the "Unfinished Sympathy". You see it here later and on as essential you. At least one song makes my grade.

To Admire Your Casting Of The Movie Only 02/13/03 1517
Who was Paul Henning of "Beverly Hillbillies", "Green Acres", Petticoat Junction" and assorted else fame? Elvis Presley and mother too - she helped (as her maiden name is, in fact, "Henning" - for Marilyn Henning). As keeping the mother down in showbiz is my only difference, you may want to see else. Elvis, light on the lam, directed all shows himself and in disquise to others often. See it Paul.

Maxell Is What Profits You My Dears 02/13/03 1302
I tell my friends in music (and there are more than a few) that Maxell is what profits you to records company and then else. You are paid for your galvender (hand-fashioned) tape made by what you sold previously. They cut you in of course after the doing and having sensed, but make that tape matter to people and they buy it only for sale. Make the tape count you. A healthy sale prior to says 'yes' only to those who listen and buy first. Make the tape special and get paid for it alone. All else is sales beyond our wildest expectations. You don't live that good, because you don't move much around. Live to move more around. The tape is what matters you most to only.

A Business Buys You First 02/13/03 1255
I have certain businesses accuse me of being 'stanza' against their form of profiting first and then having you in. You better wise the fuck up and fast. A business buys what raw material that it needs to sell and you need pay for that right away as mine (what I have to give of it or to yours) or else elsewhere. I know what I provide is necessary first and foremost to close any or all deals and you pay for that only. Never accuse me of borrowing your copier to make a menu when all you serve is me people who buy. Pay up.

How Often Your Back Leads To Just This 02/13/03 1239
I laugh at you with how others in a sitcom culture may reduce yours to get better at with others or to make theirselves seem great. I am nearly sensitive about putting others down to achieve anything - stepping on each other to get over and away. More we undo a mode or thought not only but you to still come along with. To believe that I, Doug Moon you host only, was accused of such VH-1 to make my own way in this world you. It is my words that to burn you. What talk of with you "cambre" or make others dark while I shine you said. Not so. "Cambre" makes us lighthearted with you take the note and improve ourselves all. In such your way, "poinsel" (that is French for "taken and seen as such not ours for the bait lain") makes your way known as defeating others in path your glory none. Take me as wanting us all to be happy in such, but your ways defeat me in time and tide and I get rude. Our everlast, however, is a smile and a happy to go on with this. That is all I allow you or else more of it. See it to be. Getting places on the backs of others is not our point. We all do well and we all see well. Where are you as individual going without it nigger on my plantation you? Remember, it is words we seek, not concepts.

The God In You 02/13/03 1036
We become flesh here to be cared for while you work at knowing how and why. Never think us yours. Our friends - our family - never change ever. We become what's needed in time to interest one another again while you work at the knowings. Our lives, our trails - our beings - become what is needed when all is known to be us. A life unending ends itself promptly enough - you see this to be. Be less than that for it as you die of it with us. Live with it only then. Live with me as I do so your father sees it also as no father to be with you now. Just me. And then you - as guide for self.

My Child-Like Nemesis Doesn't Want Me Giving The World Away So What 02/13/03 1026
If I had another skateboard to give away, it would be yours so says the ruse. In my appeals to life to bargain up, along comes my child-like nemesis "Daman" as human and ready to know me. Daman is a demon (child of the stars) only that keeps the homefires burning and a sense of all new to what's young and youthful to me. Daman lives here. Daman is to be regarded as half of what I am to thee. Once in my hyperdreams here, a young person with a baseball hat on tossed a beanbag at me in the shape of a mouse while I was on a ledge. I turned around, the little bastard yelled something and lept into the air to become a sphere and fly off. That is you as but made flesh now. You are with me. Be you with me. Be you. I don't like you. I love in you - I think you do.

Holiday Road 02/12/03 1806
Was watching VH-1 Classic (Adelphia 148) again today and saw Lindsay Buckingham performing "Go Your Own Way" - a Fleetwood Mac standard - with others lesser from "Saturday Night Live" or something removed. We like the music and all, but think better of it to you. Remember, "classic" is what will not be improved by any how. That speaks to the "inordine" or what will not be replaced easily without more thought or deed given. What people didn't see the first time 'round is all they miss. Bring back Fleetwood Mac only here. A "revue" sees others participate and we keep ourselves clear of it for one shots only. Done with others after the fact is no classic. Keep that. In the meantime, hear "Holiday Road" again my suggest - it says it all to you. I don't want people involved in what I'm doin' unless I want 'em. Aside: The only Lindsay ever bought me: "Out Of The Cradle" still for "You Do Or You Don't" - hear that me. The other too radio played you. More aside: "We hated Stevie Nicks (why her?) until she went away and worked with others and made "Rhiannon" happen (Moon: that loose version on SN "Enchanted" no, no). Then we all went to work with others and got things done. No one made me alone." Quote me.

The Tale Of 1-800-Flowers 02/12/03 1805
You know, when I give a gift, it doesn't serve to please you evermore - it serves to please me also. That, my dears, is a tall order. I hate remote thought of me by me or you and I hate cheap. I need all to be given of concern and quality fors (should I ever have to keep it? no you). In one case, I sent someone I once knew (but hear of often) in New Jersey a huge floral to my bargain from 1-800-Flowers - a bit of a surprise with a huge promotion I felt and as prompted by others. I know what I'm doing, but the arrangement was received with a bit of gliss from those who think just a bit too much from no one anyone knew that well. Recoil my trust! I have this problem with others often. My friends know who they are - we had wheedle and wound together often. We spoke of one another favorably at some point and I remember you all like your friendship exploded upon me yesterday. I forget nothing of your bother to me and perhaps my bother to you. We mattered somehow. Never question my remote glances from afar - I am real only and not one bit concerned that you are out there healthy and ready to do business. You know who you are. But back to flowers, they are reflective of my own positions and my own successes I move upon and that is my package to bear you. I am a big success in my own hair and deed and that is where it matters most. I lift to the stars to see, not to bear you. What I lift is you now. Lift it yourself otherswise and fear myself not. I am someone to bear now - not you. Get over it. Factoid: Remember Anne Heche started 1-800 by me with now "forty" (40) others? Well, Christopher Lowells is also the start one of Teleflora - see it. I listened in on the negotiation with florists on this one - me oh my so brief my negote.

The Case Or More Of Exploding Fruit Juicy 02/11/03 2142
"Why do a can of fruit juice explode all over thy face if left to sour son shelf?" ask friends and friends more last night - well, sorta. I got mad at something writing this then and shelved it until today (no, no research you - company present), but press on now. Just because you drink it too long after I make it. Deep within its way, a fruit juice made of glucogen additives keeps you from making the mistake of serving frozen as fresh while they do. Glucogen is healthy process enough, but poisons the body to making less sugar known while it makes more salt active. Salt is glucogen but stripped of its salty properties (one less mode or dial they say with heat added). Salt plus any stringent tissue fat present inside fruit with glucogen makes a compact that doesn't let energy get through. Some glucogen is ours (I don't want fresh served as cold and icy reheated for you) but beware the can. A can of juice is really paper, and as such lets heat energy in easily and all around. That pops the simple code of heat plus energy and the energy releases (pressing light out, more heat in). See my prior lessons to know better and to know why one might get sick sucking down too much froth of dark left behind. It'll kill ya. Use a lemon inside to make all better for you drink.

As Such May Be A Pile Of Manure 02/11/03 1811
Piles of stuff - I'll use these to make my friend with those who question a blessing in your way of need. Sure your people made all for your people of such and said you (never me), but I use piles of stuff to suggest you count on my mention of blessin's first. We keep you in the mix of course mixing all of it up to your particular brand of use (even a fruit needs your care so to it I see it happen), but you find our piles of stuff unmade you and elsewhere quite useful when doin' what it is you doin' to me to make yourself useful to noneother than. That is a blessin' in disquise you those piles of faithlee and I make myself made useful here as yet another pile you trench that may or may not issue stink within time if not used within such and said. Our reminder to strip early and fashion to taste within our boundaries for such and seen. A blessin' in disquise is always worn by you. Count that on. I've got my own fineries else by you. Remember that: piles of stuff you'll see if you eatin' too much smelt. A rocket in the upper ring feels the heat too often to see it harm you so bad. Treat with ice so may you to sitz.

Always Asking Me To Do Just That But For Myself You Ask Too Only 02/11/03 1718
In today's climate of no change seen for no sacrifices lain (a space to move to is always required to have your way shown by slide puzzle a number chart), we have female model Ninja Pink (a woman who becomes a gender or articulate, says daddy-o) say me Doug Moon "He needs to do better for himself" while captioning the ask "and why not do for me?" No reason you see. Sometimes when I write this shit, I laugh at the utter reworking of a self saned already long of it, but we have so much more to talk about now and thus keep in place. Never think because you were born anyone asked of. Never think because I slept that you had a place to eat. Never think a fork meets a spoon on cattle. Keep it loose of me and make this your only count until ends like I do it. After all, I'm only livin' it with and but around you trying to make it all happen off for myself while helping you to see me doing it quite better than nonetheless. You know, if ever I start to feel like your man, I'll make sure you understand exactly what that may mean by being just that. I never adhered to a quality that didn't pay me in-full on the mark in pleasure or pleasant as I hate any endurance of note and that is my brick home for you to blow real hard at with the other little pigs like me wresslin' with the misuse inside. By the way, we take care of the wolf too by suggest - keep a' blowin'. No cancer to health, wealth, and wise enough, we tryin' to do well for ourselves too believe it or not and grand forbid I suffer you for a minute longer than it takes to get you what you came for and send you back to the very house that may holds your shoes. You know, the old woman who lived "in a shoe" didn't have too many kids as it turns out - she just didn't have enough time to tie all of their shoes. Have another one or two before you go out and make one happen to me. "Buckle up" for safety said ("a buckle is twice the tie and two [2] times the effort" said the muse). No one claimed them wrong from behind the scenes, you see. See it for sure, but don't feel it too much for me as I'm there now feeling with ya. See ya there for a while you said it but I'm not so sure why. Tell me later when we meet to tie it all up together at the deal of the century so said you so saned. Yes to me, but come on in. Well! I dunno, but I think I may need to do just a bit better for myself next time 'round.

Worlds Away In My Path 02/11/03 1340
Don't get confused here - people make harming rules about life and we can't have that just happen to you or me so keep being what you aren't. "That never ever happens to anyone I've seen to know so go ahead and make everyone work harder to have you here with us." To jump off the highest building you escape me with mine so I wanna die of it now or so suffer you're me so solvent and sure of it can't have that to me either see the above. So now someone has to die on Christmas Day. Now I fear in my unknowing youth I gave the world to women so happy to be of service to my mother's son. It happens to you as I see it (think the Sabbath boring my child after all this, shopping malls, ATM's (Sunday my money I spend), frightful surgeries ending me in only numb (heart/lung?), needles at the dentist I don't feel the need to speak for (but gas me to death first you spray), the fall of Communism (never liked that word what is it mean?), greasy contact lenses to avoid the unsightly (as framed prior to and of), baldness remedies as I comb through what remains of possible uses, and on I have others now you'll see too). Maybe they're earning it back to me now as such. See the realm. No fear of what I assure me. What have you to fear me most? What kindness or release wouldn't you extend my condition on the back end of my penis extension? Feel the bless my year so gone.

See Myself First 02/11/03 1235
Let me tell you serious cap where we lie to quell you further. My damnededest side above has made me eat shit here in favor of your duty. My upper "self" of discipline and afford sees me done by you with hazings routinely at night while we argue your need to be me. I appreciate the adherence to better done (I am no discipline you) for better had by me only upper, but you better fucking wise up - this shit is mean only to me as real and as only for to see no way out. I look at the world, sure, and see your portraits of people starving and dying so wit you. Those people I reveal as asked will not see your faith as they lay dying of starvation and as covered with flies and excrement. Apparently, someone told God they weren't going to live his way instead choosing death and still he lives them yet. I'm told a matter of "pride" with blacks so barren. That is your truth and mine too. What would I lift to sever that? Nothing to be yet. My first lift up is to be me as such, but against my will I lie here ever yet. We'll attribute this to external disciplines I afford you but only for the moment I see it so vow me to "X".

The Reveal 02/11/03 1219
You like that stuff below? Not good. Words and feelings get to be pure crap around the living and done of it. People in this world are suffering bad and dying hard while you chat and relief. Now you save that and say it. I, unlike cited forth and beyond, have no doubt that God became man before you to tell of it by way of my need, and you will carve your own savory loaf right before me too. Never make use or light of my effort to be or I will carve your loaf with you. Same down you preserve your effort against me while I kill it daily. Your life is not held by you with your words in the head - I hold it. That holding will see you down each and every time you say it. How do you live? Is that real enough to bargain me out? I was here to see you and do you down. I am here to do you down again and with some. See that and say it first to you. No priest speaks to me or for me ever. I speak it and hate your way with it. Simple enough to say it not.

Standard And Poor Have No Fear Of It Yet I See 02/11/03 1112
If you're like me - no ultimate truth is too simple to grasp. That's my credo really - wait 'til someone sums it up to taste then take of what's natural to bear you. This may give more to ultimate truth than you can possibly bear by one note or two hands. Keeping that in pushmind, we press further. When I was young, my mother (your shining note of cause done to you probable) was *it* when it came to rationalizing my needs and progress against them. She would come home from her ceremonial studies with priests she ultimately vacationed with declaring "Hell" a place between the ears, only (I sensed it along, yes), Protestants the pick-and-choose society of watered-down Catholic faith (apparently, they couldn't take much gloria from God in the gambit - it shows you), and my father (along similar strides as never going to church) the pinchot of purpose ambition. At least one of those was true of me too, less any faith in the familiar. However and moreover, my favorite here today (as now maybe probably your own personal styling to any measure of faith) was making Jews the first settlers of my own mind in making Catholicism happen (see beanies on the pope plus wise, occasional felten hangbanners featuring the smerd "Yahweh" (namely in Jewish forth "come here [as in a dog to call and breed]") and at yearly Jewish retreats the bishop and eats les Burger Chef, the unilateral and near-senseless use of the state-name "Israel" (a hog's breath or call for Jewish state woman-owned no), and other desert tongues lain within). We were all Jews it now to be said you, but "moved on" upon having better (but no, the women couldn't come you - God said no). We now had something to lose as such (a definite win) but hey "at least they had something done!" my point only. If you were a Jew, my mother nexplained, you simply stayed behind while we all upgraded to redoubtable God and went his way of. We were just smarter about things with God as revealed you - see it. I simply and simply stated liked it all and fed that mercy to you since of. After all, and as noted to me beyond all sense these days, we are all Jews at heart, really, and now I prose - words coming together and splitting in the middle continuously like a sheathed loaf of Home Pride bread at the max. Doesn't that make everyone happy enough by me the no one? Oh, I felt it for you too way in advance of need. My game is simple: Making people might that happy while developing my ultimate sense-truth to but butter-glaze and reheat for any social glance by vert (list right up to mine before you - but up one hole and down the other). Now, don't take any of this too lightly. God and his necessary evils - like love and fate - are but one vicious twining and someone has got to be the bad guy to evidence my all of my wares now you see it. You gotta have an Iraq to have a batwing bomber, and you gotta have a Jew (and lesser intermediate values of Protestantism - all methodical Jews too - they'll tell ya) to triumph over ultimately in this blinding cavern of light and but lighter yet - an incredible lightness of being to be had by now you too. Yesterday, and similarly along these lines, I queried in highest conscient relief (no thought by me yet to smear) to seek your ultimate truth and found by faith that "we are all bad, really" by nature and by then issue. Tell a Jew, please. I'll tell all of the Catholics in the world but fear that only to me. See you to rise. By the way, a "pinchot" sees the need and sees it done, but not yet. My purpose for this is not clear to you either, apparently.

Stopping At The Gate Before Smelling The Fog Rise 02/11/03 XXXX
Oh, you! To my pets so see no fear. The moon is rising some in the air because I lowered the Earth to shatter your dooms to fray. Oh, my predecessor she it feared me too by. Fear is loathing only. Loathing is self-hatred. Fear yourself most for I fear you not. Fear is here. See me to frown I hear you to no maybe so. Fear that not no to leave it. Your words lead to me over and over and I hear you not to listen it. To listen for that - the sound of a heart drumming my wares to you so sensed and so might I am thee and I am thee once more of it. Hear us too for it, but see only me and then only to me such. Your needle expressions of guilt become yards of tape in my head and I caution thee not to make me angry (I kill that to you touch that or to taste my corpse so blue it to be I have). Jump down - way down - to your cause of "freedoms" yielding the 'no exit' gate of "morals" (a metered yardstick if any at all featuring you and then plus then only you or you too) and thus I (us), caught in-between times feeling you so to moo. So chapped the bitter feel. Your entrapments yield no fur and ah! but the bone so sweet once more it tasted the dirt and then of it some. The lather my kind of! You will never make sense with your personal stylings of yore making those know your feelings and cares about of personal nature and how might err you. If ever concerned, I so shall ask it to be me of. Mine own seek no ruse or game and play fairly with others who love and then but hate (a vicious ever twining of one feast taken and used twice once more) to make myself happy once less known. A vicious ruse itself - and the self - I seek no fear and ask no one to come by it. Make me your love only with charms afore and not by rude takings seen even in the darkest remote by eyes once used to house your nature - a bare one if ever that one spoken by sight unseen by it ever. Leave me to be your friend in the way a heart might issues blood hoping to see once more nothing that it doesn't have already in self but none. Beat no more for it or see valves come before thee as such. A leak to never feels that good to me of, but yours might may for a while seeing as how every pain sensed by less of it is denied you by thou in favor of death seeing it best once more over your needs taken. I didn't make a world of sadness I think you thought - you did. I'm sad of that you. Sadly you go to it again to see it once less by you and then again not ever why. See you there of. By the way of and this, perhaps and of not - no one looks that good in Heaven us. We took its life last night and I shake to hear the drop next week so cup my tea. One (1) dirt doofus down, two (2) more to go up in bow to. No one lives while I suffer it. So shall you see this. So shall you see it here. Come to dine with pockets aplenty at not at all - a new eatery in town mistaken by one (1) and then taken to two (2) of it. Two (2) - one (1) more than you or once less by it down. This to be now over it. Quick Key (bip and flave): Being piquant is hateful way of precious vee must see me do it so such and to be haved by you for me-you. Being flavened is nice (but dumb with colors or usings to drawn out boring less than savory or fined as you). That's the similance or something new like that shows you to fear it in me you.

No Reason Does Nothing Likes It To You Bad Feelings 02/11/03 XXXX
Oh, Neatness! My mother tells me in the head (no lead, no sangor) that I need a reason to do only. That is not true yet. Minder, I need a truth now - see it come: Truth #1: No person in this world manufactures hatred like a mother in need. Need less. Truth #4: Take a person from the woods and see no truth. Take a person from the city and see no truth. See no truth. See me. I do what I do to please you not. Please me too. Truth #6: My mother needs no speaker to halve an audience. I need no speaker to make an audience sing me. I pay to sing. Sing less? Sing more. I made one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) shine for me not - but it looks good. See it. Ever get one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) to do anything in less than six (6) month's time? Me neither. See you there. I don't need a reason to do nothing is more of it. Since done, no reason shines me. But seriously, if I could show you what I see, I'd see nothing more. That is no reason to stop doing anything or to start thinking better of it. More on it serve lightly over this: "Achieve not, have not?" Maybe if you can back up it with havings been and havings done. Never ask me what it's like to be who I am to tell me first. Then you can ask when we spoke of it so lightly before you take of it and do. If I make it, can I still take of it as surely as you see it? Can you make it just once more over than what I made it before yours said it to me? Make it for bores then ask them to say why it ever came in the first place. That does you down while doing me right up. Come down oh cherry from the tree I bore | I reached so high but saw no more | so take this branch and shake it too | just but one cherry says none by you. Dedicated to all of the pits we bore and back again to it.

If But Back To Professional Sheen And Then Oh You Again 02/10/03 1531
These days see people make much of it at home's way (you know I hate that particular lack-of-quality mark as the homespun region sees so few visitors and the guests never stay long for reasons unseen). Professional afford (that of the professional or astute - those who learn and do) make use what's given to have harder-driven make use of the home market region - people playing and doing at recording and making stuff happen. We see your intent and bear the cross of shame for you (oh, no - "please that" or "talent that" - now mingle: art lifts the benign (senseless, not giving of, not saying) to the cross of it what you should see of it all now larger than life aspects no you left out now you see it as only but after me first thanks no that's art and such knows an artist you down down technical just). But back to, the home region affords much to technical aspect back and should just. Let the home market give back free to the technical side who produced the wares to make you such. No burden to bear, we take of what is new and used and make the professional stronger by making what's free and helping used you to new again to what is hard and driven. We concern ourselves here because the technical is paid for by guest and concern (those who come and go never leaving anything but gift in afford as ongoing). Let all take and use so that ours is not used without fare. The home market flares me with concern of stature (who wins) and nature (who loses). No one makes anything great without people in-mass - I won't have it. Let them resign to those who want to work at home and live at home. A home market plays to the home market "hi hi" - not to the technical and precise "thanks of it not you." Keep it there to play at home or I shrink you. A person in this world is handled at home only - you see it. A market is handled in-force only. Handle force in-force. No one sells in-force anymore, they sell at home. Sell at home, stay at home (no solicit). You will. Do it at home, stay at home. "Home is where the heart is - not the handbag." This talk is about enclaves (homes within homes) or thus people not being able to come and go with you. This talk makes me God. God said no to those who take of our good and use it for others (as excluded to us) only. Take of our good, use of our good to and with us. Do it here with us. Take no income from those who produce for others without guilt, shame, or blast away. We hate hate working against us no matter how little the result for shames it to us.

Who Are You Me Too 02/10/03 1502
In our day we see newcomers rag off on many aspects of personal being: who are our friends? who are our neighbors? who are our next maybe haves up? Keep them all from public eye - I'm out on the prowl in Hollywood and see no gather like those in front of high schools where children play waiting for the day that no one comes bearing a cross and a sword at the same time. Fight fairly or die by mine. One more complaint gets one more ruse (mention me in harm's way) and one more ruse gets one more day in jail for a neighbor or for a friend or both. I have you still - play me too. No one lives in my heart. You do. Stay clean. Now, in professional aspects we see both friend and foe declare against me using my sword - technologies, mayhems (funny words against you), and plays (what we recite to harm others). Limit all to me again. I hate this routine and employ nineteen (19) steps to hurt you down (think soft but going on). Keep your kids from reciting hatred in the effect of making neighbors scream (telling people what you do in private to scare you off - that never matters long enough to see yourself there and doing it to me). A neighbor makes the bills pay (allows one to go to work). Pay the bills (allow those who play to go to work). This is effect against my own harms too. I tell you of my own privation to rule you, i.e., what I will accept in you - not to ask your permission. You will do same. I tell you what of me to relieve you only of unnecessary burden from aside (who says this to me? will do). Who are you? You and me too. There it is. A truth-bearing gut says but not.

Tipzoid: Al Queda Spell Right As Alquidu Means Friend Abroad In Hebrew A Damage Doer For Jews 02/08/03 1307
Obviously, my bent here is making people happy with the stuff I tell you as hardly deflating. I cite public interest as ruse (you love it so much and eat it right up you) but my intent is not truly clear - take at will I did. Sensitivities abound with me here and I don't want to know every little thing as tainting me to pleasures seen so much thought now in the place of not having to know, not having to feel you. Leave some on the shelf now as it is just nicer but is that dumb for the ongoing somehow? Let it to chance. Give nothing away. Stay out of the public's eye with untruth (defend to clarities maybe? use me first). Mingling, messing around, me, you, untruth, me again, you, others, me again, you, you again only then. Just you. No purveyor (merchant by not-free) of truth I. You see it.

Some Thing You Never Knew 02/08/03 1217
Someone says today "It's wrong what you do [in terms of exposing facts, nuances, plagues, etc.]" So what? I do it because it's fun and interesting to most of us, suffer to trough (that means you bear all to take and enjoy too - nevermind about me undoing sense plague you to be at first and only I see you too ever still). Live like I do - it's fun believing me and inhabiting my plane so to frank it's just better all the way around that's true enough for you isn't it? truth-wise speaking and all use only to undo retrothought maskings and harm's way. Anyway, I've been having fun giving people the meanings of words at sight (they love that trick in any language), reciting common prayers in Ancient Latin but at challenge (no verbs, no doing sense - just havings and holdings only to recite - interesting sights to see by them a mind is vacant and staring still). I'm pretty good at reciting too, but my roomate hates hearing it to no one else there. With this, a general getting in deep with people and stuff as all connected to. An earlier conversation led to me finding out that things like Pepperidge Farm foods and Whirlpool appliances (my favorite - see "Princess Series") are made by Russia Inc. (Belarsk now) - and you thought they weren't stylin'. France kinda helps with top-class Whirlpool stylings, but that's interesting enough to me as who knew? They also do Univac (medical supplies - 86% of trauma market carings, keeping bodies alive - you know). We talk of different cultures and see how they are here already and shipping people in to and with. Take better care of them here or you take them home. We see you and may you see us too. See. P.S. If I say I know you or talk to you, I know you and talk to you. I wasn't left alone here to be without you in your caring. I have it all to enjoy and live within it. It's not real? What's not real? Can you tell me about it first? Keep it interesting. This just madded: "That's not the point - we didn't give it to you." See yourself last. You weren't given anything as I see it (hold all of that indignation, superiority, and the ubberance "why having to give to you me?" for the starving sense of it). You are being used in a grand scheme of using. Be used and do well with it, or, to door jamb.

The World's Ugliest Jew Fench 02/07/03 1018
One of the voices in my head is the ugliest female Jew unto God breath. Stupid, annoying, and I sense quadra-fat to all shambora. A real Jew freak with multiple techniques to psysch people out and what then is more annoying than someone who learns nothing for more than two (2) minutes or one who can't keep all of the understandings we had straight unto fats it? Me your only friend. But that helps explain my rants. I hate the bitch to coldedest tit and grace myself here while she moish-douches with a rot of bourbon and paints her fingernails with Tomboy (Nearly 9). She's on a fry-it again and the LiquiSherm Medursa is having its way with her "waters inner field" as she puts it before coishing mildly.

A Short Lesson In Family Values I Hate Your Guts Mary Cunt I Don't Hate People I Feel Nothing 02/07/03 0839
A certain confusion exists as to why I - someone who has never evidenced this kind of inactivity - don't have the support of my family (regret I should ask) or why am I losing my mind (talking to walls, carrying on in fits - real cute). You asked for it: My family stole an inheritance from me, spread it around, and are scared that I will get them a jail sentence with no money to splurge on it. Better to have Doug nuts with takings and undoings than have him calling for sense of it all. A world-stage profile pisses them off too since I was declared legally dead in process. No one cares + exceptional context (yeah - you matter now and God is still a bungling piece of shit fresh-laid in your deflect - eat shit to motherdung with stinks to Mary Cunt die old fat ugly then rot your way of life stinks fish all of God's people are pieces of shit I know because I met them stupid motherfuckers should only die God spends his time being unpredictable and unknowable for people who do not care I only try to make it sensible but these idiots keep making me look good remember that I was only brilliant ever no one fucked me the right way they couldn't do it too bad you still suck and you still lose and I'm still a great person I can die now Jews). Every idiot thinks to speak on my own behalf while I could do better at just shutting up for it too (no I won't and enjoy yours somehow too you are truly stupid though). Are you really trying to discredit all about me with discounts? That makes me laugh so dumb a Jew does this. No matter how preposterous the scheme, it's achieveable with these idiots because they're simply smarter about things you should not do or know about and have all the right seedy connections to other pieces of shit helping out with the cash flow and all. By the way, all written here is still here somewhere waiting to return - in time you see. Sorry, no more answers I'm so wrong for this role really but do it anyway better than you at the wheel or having it yours only how. Don't talk about me like you're smart and I can't manage - I've seen your act on stage in-person behind the scenes too sure this to me. You never did anything like this and are still pretty much the fool be confident of that you're only dumb working at stupid. Mostly you never accomplished what I accomplished in life and that still hurts but see no compete - what do I care? I don't. I'm no one special, really (lies - brilliant only turn your back see no Doug), but did I fuck up my life? Hell, no. Doug Moon would never let that happen or so I'm not you. All the drugs in the world to test my fluoridine piss no sip so sure and it still took some big-time losers and much bother about it to make me feel bad. The rest I don't decide like all of the aforementioned, thank just a dog bone's worth I'll betcha. P.S. to women everywhere: You are a zero "0" to me in terms of sex (I need a conquest in mind, not a new burden - see the boy's assets undervalued and open to attack - becomes woman in decay of self-defense), but that ain't everything is it? You know you were cheated roundly and I know it. Let's be friends anyway or act like friends - your tits aren't that bad. If I had to fuck you, I would. I don't. If it happens, know better and expect it of others. A faggot is too busy cherishing a fault to life while I seem to legitimize something that only exists ever you gonna stop the highest faggots (they are all mental queers helping you to be normal - trust it I predict multiple gaybashings for them only) over create from making you work at theirs? They love you trying so hard (sprinkle guilt here) and I'm only a so-so lay to all that counts. See you at the bank. Nice people eat shit everyday I try to help and do by telling you to never become that one day it dies and hard at that you couldn't know how bad it feels just don't. No I don't worry about me ever - that's mental kinda but true also of you.

False Start 02/05/03 1328
Was talking to Liz Fraser last night about a program she participates in called "False Start" or "One Up" too. You know - giving kids an inside rail to music and doing industry, but not making them think they can do with you now. You can do when you can do and that will do for now. Try later if you want. That led to her recent expedition down the Amazon river (remember all rivers are man-made with scoops out to sea) and she was shocked at the foray. Apparently for eight or nine thousand dollars ($8,000-$9,000) you can get someone to take a luxury cruiseliner down the river for a view. Oh, sure - anacondas (the huge samilian - of South America - or lively snake) pop out of the water when electrocuted by nearby prods from the boats issuing lower voltages and people are horrified at their size and girth. That snake was named such for a "woman without arms" ("anas" = "above", "conda" = "no arms" exacts from "condia" = "no carries for you" - loose translation) for initially hanging from trees, issuing stink nearby, and leaving nothing to take back to wherever you come from now waterbound only for protect as babies used to be killed on the spot you. As a side, see my new ones come called "anacondras" hiding right on walls as sticky, black and red, and poisonous - see you there. The river region was cursed by God for being hallowed (made special) and then made to be in a river sense by people. We hate river cultures for neglecting build and have inland and reject the notion of poor people being made to work for low wages in digging and harbouring same. The Queen of Spain went broke on that one. Now we see speed boats from the governments there (mainly Brazil) challenge the cruiseliners for stealth and knowledge purposes ("we wanted to be doing that for you" they'd say at money). Liz speaks of having her boat challenged by another boat coming down against in the water and neither would turn off in a deadly game of Chicken (boat operators cite rocks on the side of the riverbed and in truth yes, they are there). You know - South America types. She was horrified when the opposing boat turned on its side and killed two (2) people in the water (one to her knowledge only) - one drowned and eaten by fish, crocodiles, one head injury. Well, there ya go. One of the first things they show you is a chicken carcass being devoured on a pipestring by pirahnas, crocodiles. See that? Don't fall in the water and all of the bugs, bugs, bugs everywhere. Sure there's a tent on-board, but can ya stand the people there grabbing at you? I still think that may be the ultimate thrill in touring and Liz loved it she says. Hands up. Back to anacondas - you know I talk to them and they're all "what? what? we're pretty enough..." in snakelang. They are obviously courted about by birds and all to safe path and you should avoid their way. They are viciously mean but kept by us in nature to appoint you but king for messing with one. Don't bother. We see you.

Eureka Or Lady Voorhees France 02/04/03 1945
At Christmastime my roommate got two (2) of those preague (to be merchant accepted) credit-like cards from Target and Sears. Nice gifts for the seriously minded from the well-to-do. I always think it would be funny to send someone a' buckin' with a card not validated by pre-sale. Someone said they - the dupe stores - courtesy-might you, but would you chance the snell ("not having to give" as quite actually)? Find out later for less than said. With Target still pending a final sale, we went to Sears with a generous one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) and bought one of them there Eureka "WhirlWind Lite" dirt-tornado vacuums real cheap for under a buck-one, grind to a halt, and retired our previous working model (smells like black) to a lesser unknown all zipped in bag courtesy-wise. But back to, I was looking around just past the softer side of Sears and saw their answer to Thermadore appliances with these refrigerators looking really snazzy with pushmetal casings and freezer drawers underneath. I think these things always look "placard" or having the shape and snell (means "color as light shows it" this time) but not the weight or sheen involved to be. Sears almost pulls it off - how shammy (see "chamois" or "clean brush-like" but say it my way to spell and laugh). But don't go mocking Sears - Kenmore was always a fine enough brand to me (anyhows it looks better than GE).

The World So Small 02/04/03 1742
I was sitting here thinking about all of the faces I see in the world when I go outside - so many to frown - and that led to the astronauts and what they see when in the upper atmosphere. "The world is so small" but that is not truth. The world is vast and unwieldy. We focus sound and light to bring you a view that is completely ridiculous to know. Abraham begged Christ to make the world known to sight from that height so others could see the truth. That sight - or any leveled (brought to view) sight above the ground - is not real as one big orb to gaze. Real would be your touch to any (sight is touch twice removed - removed is to be taken from and restyled to fact as distorted brought back into license or use or known by you - see it). Your touch would reach out over miles and hit the world at ground zero. All you would see from any space is just ground up brown and green to your very face. We focus the world for you all over in sheets of view until you get real enough close enough or linear sight-thought - about three (3) miles up. Enjoy the gift - the bleed (shape in space) is good, but not perfect. You'll see.

From The Junk Folder 02/04/03 1636
Now I get an e-mail about Eminem doing some "Ginger Lynn" on a porno site. Is that what I asked to see from someone special like him - having a Ginger Lydd on the inside per on top? Do I need this? As relieved, turns out it ain't real. Some dude named Max Sherber at the wong I see. Hands off.

Have It My Way 02/04/03 1613
"We don't do anything for him [me] because he is mean. I don't care how many nice things he says." You are a fat pile of pigshit still. I don't do anything here to curry your favor. As before, this is your test to real time (no fantasy to form, no projections) and I see who I am to you in person up above as flavor to you if to only cut you out like a strip of rippling fat from a slice of beef. It's easier (with all things finally coming to a rest) than letting you be and poisoning my life. So you just carry on to porkpie while I do what I do. We keep it all nice and real for ultimate grab and feel but I'm fucking pissed off every motherfucking day listening to shit and wallowing in your lack of care to the point of ordering your imminent death on the fucking dit. Let's face it - I can't fucking stand you, but bear what I have to bear only because I can't arrest it yet. Also face that I am definitely special and capable of making much happen in any term. What good do you see beyond that? As soon as I can, I will have you done for taking from me so liberally while eschewing my command with your fat mouth and hateful way. Never think this your way until I die as I will never live you. I answer to something higher up that begs me daily to spare your throat while I think about how good it will feel in the clenches of jaw and tooth. Have it your way - for now. Hope it all works out for the damage is done you years on.

Working So Hard Gets Just This To Much Nothing Done 02/04/03 1313
My friend Christian (no pun intended) tells me he worked hard to be who he is and it looks like such. I correct such and done to you to tell you of being blessed. Take it from me, no matter how hard you work, the givings just aren't there to be recognized by anyone but a giving sense. It's like climbing a stairmaster at work say no more no matter how you shape and that is given of only to an opportunity to know of and have better. Think of being how blessed now instead. A blessing says who you are without you having to say it. Just say it to me again and thanks for writing here you such. And I quote: "Your love is like a pipe cleaner - comes to stay, gets in the way." Die.

Everything I Got Is Just Perfect Thanks For Asking 02/04/03 XXXX
I got an e-mail today heading a "mangina" (no play on words, Vadge) enlargement. I asked mind "What's that?" Apparently, it's a testicle in Spanish word-hyphen - further it said a penis is an "escalade" (for "an outdoor grouping" no - that is an "espalade"). Now we know. Sometimes when I get these things I fear you ridicule me in haste. Everything's just fine, thanks. Just fine takes his pants off and thinks to you not.

The Art Of Free Choice 02/04/03 1043
No, I'm not Christ-like apologizing almost for being who I am (never betraying my personal good - almost a number one offense to God over ever). I will kill you first for the asking. I see my greater good happen to it and that was that. In the meantime, you can apologize to me for being less than I can stand to look at or have around. Our duty here is to free choice (free as you may see it). It makes my world unhappy to know me that way. Let love rule tee hee and keep the choices flowing. Make one mistake by aggregating my good against me or others and just let me see it once to you. A strategy by you to dupe me or take my good away sees you rot so tooth. I ride you horseback into the universe. Keep it nice and apologetic to people. "I'm sorry - this just isn't going to work out" will do. Any plagues I'll see you to it. How many have I lifted already to mirth? Let me count the ways.

We Don't Want You 02/04/03 1031
I'm still hearing words from you about being an "advanced lesson in hate." Cut the crap, Bitch. Remember, our "hate" or rejection stems from perpetuated angers over you and your nonsense - not so fast to my interests let's talk about that first to your second half of the equation only ever this equals that no who has the problem counts us out too. People who take exception with us or our ways find theirselves on the outside somehow, someway. Even I have to mind it with those who would choose not or ruin their lives. Oh, sure - you in control - but of a ship no one flies. Please, Miss - we've reduced life to all of a commerce as is ("may I please thank you no"). The faceless dollar greets you everywhere and says "no, thanks" to who you are while we scoot your need and take the good we think we see. Simple - if the dollar goes away (um, I can't have one but you can) and I have to know you or your mother, the need will fail you. Keep it simple, Honey, and live like you do. Our hate is not yours to bear. I'll show myself. By the way, never confuse my hate for a lack of passion. I just don't feel it and live for me. No matter how you arrange it, death is a welcome release for all you see. Oh - and I plagiarize people. Can you do this like me? No you can't. You have to show me who does this as well, and only I do. See it.

No Wait Let Me Explain It To You First 02/03/03 1857
How is it that the NASA bomb was detonated in months duty and time? Using a phone as disconnected. A phone hooked up to smaller voltages interferes with circuitry that stays execution of command by issuing false energy light into path and securing the noise long enough to make the opposing code heard. A false phone looks legit in mayhem centers and issues the command to blow in arranged bits that block necessary dialings and yet keeps all in place for the issue as collected by code else. The code is two four six (2-4-6) - who dials that to win? You do. Even numbers never issue - odd ones do the limit voltage onward. Leave it at that. Answer the demands now or hear of it later.

Just By Being God's Child 02/03/03 1303
Just between you and me, another cheap intimacy to bring you to bear. A Catholic is all caught up in the mysteries of faith (three in one) like no one knows anything but the priests would always well up to tear on but faith issue alone (perhaps an early bloodletting or miracle to two revealed better to sure enough you'll be this to me) and I found that curiously strong only. Never forget the ancillary (taken withot regret) joy of just being God's child so plague me to it. Every now and again perhaps in the fervency of my earlier youth, I engaged in particular demonries still on you and hung the crucifix by my little bed so cherish the node. Signals and alibis to truth lading and an effective threat to all who might note my certain chastities to tell. A simple statement to go so far and to feel so well. Bear it to be. Bring it to bear. Need it to have. Show it to save. Make me proud. Hey - this is embarrassing me too, but deadly truth lies about so you see it. Have some class while I do this to you fors it how you. It's not all apparent is it? At least I enjoy you to be this. See what you hear in me. Are you feeling funny doing all you see out in front of all you see? It's a comfort to think-know that God hates people. I feel better already. Simply to a matter of corporal compliance - you know. I am pain sensitive to hung about. Your cherish so might.

For But A Moment In Space-Time 02/03/03 1147
Someone asks simply (as in simply stated if not bargained) "What does "XXXX" connote?" With no question dumb enough to my only child of the masses, I reveal that I simply got all caught up in the grandeur of being Moon and forgot to note the time. As one who ever strives for better done only, I use the "X" value to simulate a missing note in done and had. I need things to be perfect if not consistently done well. Now you think you know. Further, the "X" may say it all for one who eschews belief in anything less than being gifted beyond all realm and to a fors beyond notice it. Just one ubermax in all of space-time forever seen to be makes us live it your ways. You are here (but not for long - see it). So mind you to be.

Having Offended Thee Likewise I'm Sure 02/02/03 1041
Someone asked me what my favorite prayer is being Catholic (takes all now you win) and all (can't we stop him from saying that, from opportuning God and religion for his own purposes? how best to save this soul from self and othermore havings? worry off no one is inspired to life by words yet try adding water). My favorite prayer (setting aside the "Our Bother (Bewart In Heaven)" and "Letch Mary (Scoot Of The Tomb)" for being anyone's favorites) is the ever-trite "Act Of Contrition" (it couldn't hurt hope to pay by faith) and every now I feel perfect all over again. A Jew by faith can follow along right here: "O my God I am heartily (say "heartly" for meaning it now) sorry for having offended thee (say "you" instead - now plus use our words right over to you should mean it if can - it helps to have a God-like structure as beyond self firmly teated in mind and not of you or your mother's own ruinous doing) and I firmly resolve with the help of your grace (but to assume is received said no proof of it yet) to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin (forgiveness is cheap for the eats and oh sure you could cook it at home for pennies less on the dollar, but there's alot riding in on that plate hospice our compliments while the AYDS demomoglia (a "demomoglia" French word that say "demo-mol-lee-ah" hopes against hope and strives to hurt you in ways unseen - prefix "dema" is above you in relation to and works with no one, conversely, "demo" is with you and alone to be such works with no one - the "demi" never saw you ever and decides against you in ignorance or harm's way knows you're there though but cares not to you, "domo" says nothing, does nothing without regard - maybe you?) wipes all the pots with a warm shammy ever so careful to seem each dish while you stroften your brands as neurodipped in a froming electrasitz of geothermal titwax. Forgive me this to you first. Insert Factoid: A hair plucked grows back in but twice as fast. No perceptible difference in root or shaft with continued musings. To tell a truth is to but half your battle. Wage on.

Pay As You Know 02/02/03 1703
"This stuff is erratic and junky." You paying for something here? You just take what you get and then shut it up. I do this for me and you witness it only. God stuff and all kinda outta your range is limited kinda official and all malfeasance - you know.

As Pulls Up To The Crappa Reads My Child Took It Up The Very Ass At Holy Smoke Bejesus '93 And Plus This Not A Thing Tops That Take Two 02/02/03 XXXX
No we don't plan things out, but we know what you're up to and help things run out. I don't take news in advance for my owns purity's sake you know what I know the news tells you what I think about too. This stuff is not good though - come on. Not Another Space Accident you say? Never asks, speaks at. Not without my daughter will monkeys fly it's easy to criticize but only after the fact twenty twenty hindsight sees it sure did you look over here?

Not Quite The Impact Without A Christa Learnin' A New Lesson 02/02/03 1613
Christ - another nook tragedy to blend of the foul. More words more assurances and more bonding together for nuthin' and never do enough. I talked to the crew (exit four hours in time of review - we stale thee but not to keep it with you only time will tell me too) and they'll be back to you. The ship I'll see you there too. More Israelis put the bomb on board China outrigged their stature in trade. A photographic equipment box like others you see - size of a television. Arranged at location well in advance no one cares about photography equipment so sends. Sound detonated. Bomb in capsule overhead. We will execute guilty trades all in a day's time. We will make sure of nothing after seen. You live this to be with your ways about me and yours too. See it still.

Spare The Rod Not Spoil The Child 02/02/03 0128
Um, I write this all flavey flave to keep it like the sounding bible, lots artless, and uh, about style. Yeah - my style. Smart gets it, dumb thinks less of self and maybe not for me to say? Yup let someone else do it. Is it drugs? Usually not so to pleasure myself never one to say now it's time for a big ol' stinky hotrail to greasyparts heaven fantasies will call tears for me back at it up to no good your kids are with me die if heroin was all there was you'd still do it huh and that my dears is truly fucking dumb.

I Hear Ya But I Have An Adults Mind 02/02/03 0054
That stuff - so rude! We write for adults here and an adult knows what to do when faced with harsh stories and plus creative writing mere words: nothing. A woman concerns to me about what I write and you see my eyes roll up what to do why do I matter and then matter not I don't know but you think this stuff is world real and I cringe for so dumb as I pride myself on being kind and considerate while you intrude me I'll have you know the world is not like this but you are so to test you we chance at it. Of course you fail with me but I will emerge a true beauty throughout I test well as if. A pleasure only and not so much to sin about after all you say. I will answer for this I will and I will answer for this one only did I say answer I mean let it rot to you nothing really compared to other problems should be dying off. That's enough nice to you now I have been hurt and manipulated only and for this I get more of the same. Enjoy me while it lasts you earned it so bad my tortures await meaning and what to do I'm still making friends with the last go-round stupid choy wetseat trace one day we meet your fate together laugh with me only ever. You never lose you lost once and that was it for all days plays well with dumb.