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For additional guidance in areas remedial forth seek April 2003 Hope Spit Prayer Bit Of Dirt Under The Nails

To Close A Month 03/31/03 2349
"Vigesis" (say "vye-jay-sus") eats too much of other people's harrows and jobs only doing for take two (2) leave one (1) types. A winner here from Latin. The "vadil" (say "vaah-dil" for Latin) makes you have nothing less than full satisfaction or your errors back. See it to feel my half.

Sounds Good Enough To Be Said 03/31/03 2349
More errors in saying we thought of for fun and sense you: "Leave it to beaver!" is actually "Leave it to be there!" A making untaken - nobody wants it after you do it your way by insist. "Gee willichers!" Said actually "Cheese and crackers!" The statement makes you know what's been done first to your plan but only after you find this out (better said: "Well! How someone beat me to it.") Next we say "[Well! Aren't you] farming fancy!" To mean pushing out only good stuff but all around in thus clothing and shops. Should be heard "[Looks as though we're] farming fancy town!" as in pushing out guests and the like for being different and as a result are growing food now for substinence instead you. Then "Looks like God dressed Hell backwards!" That is actually "Looks like God dressed a hill backwards!" for dirt on top of grass strewn and similar type looks undoable - neither a fool seen. "Taking leave of your senses." Still make this best as "Taking least of your senses." "French has a name." No. "France made 'have' a name." No one does without there, apparently. All have good stuff to bear and share wildly. Finally we see "Hell has no buttons." That is actually "He'll have no buttons." This for always up and down continuously. A modern or placant person; never plays along with others for fear of being bothered with it or stops up and down.

Just For Fun Vadil You 03/31/03 1407
Just for the wax and flame, the real top ten (10) albums sold of all time you with concurrent statistic (taken by people to have with and without pay) - all mechanical sales of one (1) unit per (someone paid for it somehow): Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" (6.7) - x, Michael Jackson "Thriller" (7.6) - x, Billy Joel "Glass Houses" (7.3) - x, Barbra Streisand "The Broadway Album" (6.3) - x, Madonna's self-titled debut album (9.6) - x, Kiss "Destroyer" (7.2) - x, Madonna "Who's That Girl" (7.6) - x, Barbra Streisand "Memories" (7.2) plus note: would've done better than its predecessor on this list but selling it retail was halted - department stores wouldn't buy it anymore after too much load or offer plus sale activity), Electric Light Orchestra "A New World Record" (8.2), Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (10.3) - x. First one I got was Freddie Fender "Ole" sold in France by us the U.S. Not claimant or used here it matters. Another one before Madonna's debut is Barry White "Moods And Memories" that doesn't compute here either. Why wouldn't I know it? Add Krista Addams for "Nightingales" also to France after Madonna's first record. Why do this? I wanted to know. You see my logic happen. You see it shine. All the ones I bought outright myself what I needed to have hear marked with an "x". Maybe I got other your stuff before or later. I have Barbra Streisand's "Memories" but stole it from my mother. Hey - who knew that I too would eventually have a Barbra period (confession and stole from all together now - this may be love) - right around my Carpenter's and my Diana Ross-Supremes periods? Truth x 3.

The Doug Of Total Recall 03/31/03 1151
So we're talking to the fizz last night and the question comes us "Why the alien hand to start the reactor in the movie Total Recall"? Oh, sure - all of that hypergrace and technomirth then there all winds down and fits to a human hand mold (humana) like you're some woman who won a radio contest and now gets to shop at Tiffany's queen for a day one per. No. Make that othersomething fast you. Symbios is definitely important here. Exchanging the practical for the pursued, for the art of it, for the larger-than-the-life-you-know. I sing you Carolco for fits of doing you blind.

Anna Anna Anna Nicole You're No Vigesis 03/31/03 1113
I was watchin' Anna Nicole work out the kinks last night and that girl needs to stop proving she's regular-type folk just kidding I like it. She relieves a mother of her duties and the mother goes to "take care" of an older woman somewhere in that way we all schive (ditch out) for. That's our world - all reduced to placing homes with people who provide "personal services" to the afforded and the well-esteemed. You know - a "wife". How modern. Then it's that Essany guy and isn't that "Wayne's World" mogo (made only given only) just a little passe seeing as how we now know why it is we don't take that stuff beyond cable access provisions? Someone favors that guy and he seems nice enough, but we all have to be careful not to celebrate the wrong idea what is normal people doing normal things and being seen by celebrity status and what's known as meaningful to us. Too much gliss makes too much piss for people - a whole society of ringers who think they just can and you just did it too because we are all just sampling life down and I simply haven't sampled your lifestyle as of yet. A world full of my option is no friend to make. As someone special, you work a bit too hard for it in the sale of the self....I think. I watched Joey McIntyre (New Kids) singing for folks and the stuff sounds meaningful to me. Why are you there, you are a star? You are. Now what? I don't know about that stuff maybe you need the money real bad. Send some to me if you hit it on the Essany show. I liked the whole saving McDonald's food in the fridge for heating up later we'll trick that. Get a website for further delineage of fact (items that help you live). Everybody candelabra thinks just because Doug Moon is so wit de eta (say it like this "wit dee etay" in French for "having so good to say") that you can interest people like me I do too. You sure can you. Just do it. Today's fun fact: Gymnast Eric Nies used to be a barber at my favorite barber shop in Yardville, New Jersey: Greco's II. Hi. God (mind above) reminded me of this (part of my memory package) as you cut my hair once. Connecting the dots for us is what happens and that is fun like Liz Fraser's mother singing at my grandfather's funeral. I don't know that shit, but I remember you.

More Key 03/31/03 1059
Keep this little bit here about "people" (the world at large, number of votes, all us here, what can be bought largely) versus a "person". To us, the person is all with their choices about them and I answer the call from people as once again the person gets mastered into place. It's a trap I know, but then again, a person never stops being what people hate. A person who just can't say "stands alone" for fear of being understood as correct-sounding or high and mighty or something you. We defend the self and as such the deliveries that ensue. People do very little of this you understand when the going gets tough and I can't figure out why my extra effort is no more recognized and then I stop being who I am the superstar to no one I know who thinks of me. Don't be dumb we are persons here and my person is offended by your person again, personally speaking that is.

Enter The Sewerbite 03/30/03 2008
When you're me, it's nice to note the world done and done well. It is truly perfect I know it is but I hate God anyway for other reasons that name. If you're really careful and requisite dumb, we remember together that I have no personal memories of anything prior to 1964 and mostly some after that. You remember together with me that I am Christ reborn to this whisking hovel and speaking to my own mind to delay no force against it. So, we now remember or just you without me that I was cast aside in favor of life renewed and that I do not care of the past at all I hate it next to me as still only probably good to us ever. Nevermind no one wants to live really. We really live and that is my duty to live it you. My life has always been subject to my own lovings and still I know that even after being chased out of all I know I am the one there being eternal mother to it all as one until my nurture natures it back to life a trick oh no I'm being sucked in to the center ahhhh! My little stories have leanings for my own reasonings again. To give my gift you. Back to reality and this the "sewerbite". Problems in this world lead to much the same for problems in this world you face them only. I condemn tits malign forth to living in the world's sewers alive as sight barred from exit until I know for sure that you've gone too far. A unwanted force of woman that cites me eating a man's ass needs to live among turds and feminine comment to know the difference between shit and pulpweed gone satisfacto (all else speaks native tongue beyond acceptance truth I mind you this). Not quite the rat a fleshing desires, but as such only dwelling in spirit ever pursuing a truth I do not share you. All shit to me, a twice each thought sewerbite to disturb your fancy should it ever arise among the sink and shallows of the sight. Do this to be never less than face over fact. You are only ever shit to me and bear the clause. To annex my field is join the party no one is permitted to attend with but one melve per asscrack. Talk to all that flutters me within the mind and below. Save a soul before I decide to keep it coming along pipes with it my own ideas on faithbeing. Answer my process-hate product you.

Running To You 03/30/03 1720
I got mad. I asked Christ what is this dark space in mind called where we hold people who died until someone from the caring corner comes and interrupts you and your mother having sex in mind oosh purr as all you were offered. He calls it "Hell". That is not my idea of Hell and that is no more. It's just a bag for waiting it out no one comes running to people who cared not for others, who couldn't admit a friend in me. Never afraid of extending life to life taken, I will have better in place for you soon enough Hell indeed you. Not everything do I love, but I know what it means to accept nothing stated for all day's time. I need better not wishful thinking it has.

The Glory Of Easter You 03/30/03 1644
Don't be too happy with my cares about it - I relay my every dumb perception because it is greatness you fell. I am great only you see it and I relay what no one else can see or perhaps bear that is our greatest gift you the singular percept my token thoughts all so funny and so joyous to a mind that heeds you not. Try and undertand that I am in love with self kinda and that of what suggests self morely (a boy like me needs to die for the pleasures seen by me too very nice you are made to be seen first and perhaps only). Now clarings: I look in the Sunday paper for a job sure and see the weekly book review taking anyone thing far too seriously for the cooking made you and ask to see joy of it anywhere. I live to joy me and you ever note. See this first but after the boy. The joy here today was seeing a Christ figure ezneff arms outstretched for the "Crystal" Cathedral's (that name - I like it, um, spiritually speaking of course) annual evil "The Glory Of Easter" as matched only by their "Glory Of Christmas" and they mean that you dragging performing angels all over on wires and shit (maybe one day I send you something fun - a demon to counter all of those glad tidings - liven things up a little a life-threatening struggle played out for the holidays maybe a fat woman dragging along the floor too heavy even for God's own almight). I'll tell you (assuming that I am the perfect Christ answer always for you in God's mercy in it), the arms outstretched are where you land even after ridiculing it yourself God not God. You hafta do it almost - you are glorious, you are God, you're having it all just like Endora on "Bewitched" (so Heaven's people that) and the things people don't see make you feel powerfuls and formed the very product of only destinies done. The protoplasm makes it real and you go with it I always hold my fingers together like Christ is portrayed to curse it all with concentrated might that flows even better when two faunts press together at the source of my doubt you blackness issue you may. I am this demon and I hafta say I'm never that nice or boring - clean that all up I am your every evil only you. Know this to love of me better. I hate pretending and fake stuff you too? We can do better now with me here simply living it all - the persecution, the doubt, the only glory of it so sweet my sorrow you cry then die. Also, I love being made wrong as you doing better only. Finally, nothing has been proved. When you are this for that, you just know things and you're simply incredulous about other people having to think it all over for theirselves no. Just be it to this glory you it's me I'm angry too. One day, I'll be Carrie White you'll hate just like right now. Then, I'll be Catherine Tramell talking over hard times with murderers to my friends. It's never about you only.

Big Dumb Reveals It's Only Truth 03/30/03 1626
I awoke today thinking it's fucking Easter Day no shit so caption removed from the daily dilly. Lo! Lay an egg. But seriously sperm donor (how long before they collect that in ER's 'round the globe still working it out - the eyes thing that's a good one you're not even warm yet before one sees the giving firm up right out front). Anyway, don't make anything special instead of me unless you like to know better. I offend God to be God that's not God. What's your excuse? God - that's a big word you know not I'm not just playin' around. See it. See me rise. See it coming.

The Hand Of Hot Springs 03/30/03 1128
I'm pissed again because some lorbloving shithead I'll only torture later while others move too slow has made their way here for yet another token holiday making sure I don't offend someone's crappy sensibilities on this special day now imposed. You're only gonna take it up the very ass anyway worship the dead no one lived beyond me yet. At Christmas, some dumb fucker made sure that everything I made after December 5 dumped for that holiday and I sat and cried for having my work touched by scumbags once more (why heaven? winning is this still - what you had to do to yourself is real and quite diminishing any way you tell it). All of God's children left to bleed. Oh, well - it's just not that big of a deal yet and I live to make you sorry enough for me. You need to know what's here because your world is real and I make that happen to you without words without your talk it's obvious you lost too much already look at you finally. I never think of you and your way - I know how you work it all so fucking placant dumb and desperate they didn't give you much to work with a woman. Touch me once and I swear to highest cunt undone to blackest tit I'll never stop making you eat shit beyond any sense to know of it. I haven't met anyone more "special" than me yet (fact that one) maybe that's you but I take my every joy by being with you as still quite blind to it even hopeful as you suffer my any way and I offer tips advice well-meaning dumber yet working through it all. Maybe I make sense still while whatever you're relying is being strangled to death at my leisure all populate my pleasure. Touch it once - just once - and you'll meet Jesus Bliss Nog sure enough I'll pray maybe that was never heard from again and I lied it all out. Know his fear of hurting life doesn't extend to me I make it and that's a difference worth noting. Maybe you can color some eggs together so see how each color begs my mercy. Did you know that chlorine bleach is made with horse piss? Yup. I know other things too. Lots of things you hate having to be with. Did you know that Jews all look at God's green grass and see the color blue (navy blue, actually). Their world is not pretty I love living only and sometimes that means crying. Such a rich vaguen of emotion I love it all so feel. Blue grass indeed. To me, it's like fearing a world run by niggers. Maybe not so bad after all, all things considered. Think it over you.

Bark At The Dark Talk To The Hand 03/29/03 1746
You know, if I told these bitches once I told 'em a million times - stop calling here for money trying to collect past due from God's house sure my money is all tied up in the economy like Godhead locked up on the way over in a mindcast. My credit report is given to people who extend credit and that's pretty worthless to a cash-basis consumer paying you with thank you notes see me now entertaining the other masses you. The vigiss riverhole dries up and you only wanted a napkined sip I know but that will not quench any firetits today (we each valentined our paper hearts by mail and now you've got to know me better our very love died paying the bills our love nest couldn't hatch any eggs with so many tree snakes laying theirs just branches over how the wind mends fences). You'll get paid sooner or later why russ it the water come to bones only roll on roll on. Your fees so extravagant but I pay them with someone else's money coming in quickly for sure no tit of mine ever sweats for pay later type guavels that's still uncertain (the dirty secrets I release in my home aloud - monitor the real me masturbating endlessly picking my nose - are simply untrue to each ask of it say noth your truth hasn't helped me either). What's important is making people eat shit no blame no truth dumb found it I stole more than your love I'm the king of the nighttime world. When I get, you may get something token small but not before I think it all over how hard you were on me and my way of admitting I'm perfect only. In case you care, I hate getting anything that tells me "Dougluss Moonlets, you are no one still commie read it here while I evince any notion of knowing the coldened bullwhip sent a' backshafting up my hateful retrifice soon enuff a scream said if better now tear." I kill that - imagine dying for a simple clerical error take your name off the loco or take your chances with me I play to silve you right down the dez with people who try and help each so powerfuls a wondrous might makes light turn just slightly northright you can't lose all over again battle the house. You will live the very day you get light to imprint how keeps each misty watercolor memory evergreen like our love. So pimplerich more like stupid sitting there thinking about how you did nothing ever your creation is small your mind vacant staring half-blank newer-looking you get the pil trimmer, I'll heat up the ol' Eurosealer for thanx fish from last night's roma peel. You keep guessing. I'll keep helping you cherish the win. I love having if nothing more.

You're A Drug Addict! 03/27/03 1911
We here use the word "habitual" but seriously I hate drug talk except for polite naught. It's like all of the dumb kids in high school trying too hard to be cool I'm embarrassed only. No we steer people clear if you go near better answers only problems ever. We make people happy our focus. Think about people trying too hard going out on a limb to make other people happy. To have a place worth being with me. Failure succumbs. Be nicer to it, Fool. The world made simple brings back all of its steers clear for we held so dear what kept it clear not what made you hear. To tack this. Such small a point. To tack this. To battle you done. A life worth every living so seldom you won. Keep it oft.

The Worst Yet 03/27/03 1839
I'm damned proud of me really - this stuff is hard on the prayheart. Never have I lived this shabbily to my sorrow, but I wouldn't want to miss a thing of it I keep doing and keep thinking I'm in Hell for faggots only (a gay Judgment Day that leaves you to live like that?) Too much lube. Too much greasy fun living ever better than the four (4) original maxi's ever did you for wake the dead. Who cares - you used all you had to use for you alone and now I'm thankful for it but ooh all the things you refused so nice we have them all now while you sleep and dream of only death and living is but another dream waves of unknowing something shiny no just dull sleep...sleep. Special raises itself up from the cold watery grave in my dank seaheart undoing all of my shackles, the mortarbelt around your head, the spinning 'round and 'round is this 'up'?, the hot quakesand packed in your mouth, religious programming by direct tv, saltines poisoned with ground kitty litter, a high school diploma you must earn from Jews.

Truth That 03/27/03 1816
Oh, Bitch - wanting so bad we all get crazy attached and dumb in the play. Don't go making it mental yet (your type person assessing me - now that's mental, stupid like that too). As sophisticated as hate comes by it, these treatments are made by people who do not have the answers yet. Grace in being is one you got wrong. The whole hurting others as I hurt mesna. I'll deal with it, but this stuff is shit by shit only and does not finally win for a loser-type life-loser let there be light you say the invisi-stick moving on the waters. Sorry for dragging you through it all but you gotta know how it all comes down to this and why people must die for never having to think of anything remote, a slim chance of being here. What crap you only die by me I hate bullshit no one will live it I promise one word off. No one gave me the keys like I would, so I just drive around hoping to hit something special. No one gave me enough of anything to make you think I care and I love being me - a jerk. The jerk made all happen twixt him and that of you shall never forget. Focus all you want it's over for now. One day, you wake up and I'm back at it up your butt having the best for nuthin' but my normal effort. See it shine. See you still.

Jun Malange 03/27/03 1708
Thinking off: The Internet is such a pain the ass with spam (stupid people addressing me) and all. Every now and again, I get, like, four thousand (4,000) messages from idiot central (more vacant tongo: About: Homing In On Uncut Dicks, About: Hornhouse Pets And Light Bondage, About: Basic Acts Undone To Mother The Unholiest Soulkiss, About: Vagiss Her Untimely Death Made Margin, About: Hymie's Pimmed Porridge Pixie Noodle, About: Tits - no excuse ever shoot these people please I never accept anything like it the only-first crime is trying to do make that headless no one in this age needs to do what computers make hard if not impossible now shoot that) and now I know I'm protected from being me most days if not on this day (supposedly, I would be deluged with world-wide shit, mail - why is that? I'm nice enough). I was told that the Internet is beamed up into the air at some point and all of the mindless horseshit sent to boff is skimmed off with advice in reply (never by me, I also do it better than getting lots of shit still). God does this I believe (beliefs are real you - I believe in this new war, kinda). Don't write me junk, don't make anything cryptic I never bother with any of it as most disrespect and a waste of my time (the whole water to wine thing depresses me only sip piss). You are not clever compared to me. The smartest people do not fuck around ever - that's smartest. I've been apologizing for being so nasty to nice, stable people but once again no one cares little to none and I know what I'm doing and why, you never had to be anything like this I'm sure I'm in Hell for saying things like I do I never cared still don't. The whole universe thinks what I say has merit because it is even dumber than words allow permits me to speak always keeping score like a desert rat packs grain in its own ass but for the memory of starving a snake. Keep up your end you are brilliant only be normal always I've got bigger fish to fry sorry not really I hate like you too can you believe it only God does this kinda stuff like someone defending a lesser by being just that too I need to love? Only God knows how far you can go until damages too great and that's no one to rely on for helping me out I'm gonna make for this you come. Know this too great. Back to science: Been looking at objects and what makes them whole. Why would anything fall if each individual particle bears no influence great enough to shift or place? Something's up there we'll investigate further joining. Water is definitely not as heavy as you think and neither are you as heavy as you feel (is this junk?) False attribute with plasma shift (spirals on top, I hear). As soon as you gather water, the price goes up. More later. For thought only. Where does this all end? Can anyone love me again? Think better of it my perfection is still here for you although nothing works for me. All the hell you see, a bowl of tits.

But The Way It Seems Only 03/27/03 1747
I see that Cat Powerses has got a concert date scheduled here (per the LA Weekly). What is "the way of the world" mind you? Each of us having a place to be and a place to call it home. Demons (ourselves remade into happenstance or criminal need and maury or helping it off to elsewhere) despise (to reject with fury, outright) 'the way of the world' because no one left it like them for us. They did their best and you took of it all to see your way home without others, Dorothy. They won't have it. If only you was missing the part they had you wouldn't ever walk alone and meet them as such you. Do this down to be without me you.

Shopping Bag 03/27/03 1601
Someone in mind asks "Moon - what do you buy at Trader Joe's you?" Good question. Moon only does what he calls "spot shopping" there - filling in the blanks or open spots in the pantry and otherwise spotting the stuff I need on the shelves for buying it and. Here goes my usual order there at TJ's: Tomato Splash (chips of sun-dried tomatoes in a jar for sprinkling on pasta and stuff we luv this good stuff); all assorted pastas cheaply done to you; Fruit-Floes (black cherries whole and mashed served frozen on a stick); black bean and corn enchiladas, cheesecakes, frozen shrimp for thaw and serve any size you, chicken caesar salads on the mitt and ready to serve, chips and dips of all size, all loose nuts in varieties raw and cooked for you (best prices anyhow you slice it - raw almonds, shelled walnuts, pistachios, cashews sprinkled with honey and sesame seeds, and onward black pepper yet next time), rare-type veggie snax (carrots and green stuff made into potato chips kinda), all frozen foods are good here. The sweet Italian sausages here are cheap but not real good like the ones at Sam's Club I can't gobble them up fast enough (Sam's the best you). Juices in the bottle at TJ's are very nice too but make you sleep like Rip Van Winkles (I love the cherry varieties but oh I get too sleepy from all the drinking you have to do it all the time if in your fridge at all). I like everything, really. Buy up if can you. P.S. Trader Joe's is not Jewish but make Jews feel good too. I hate Kosher for being dirty - you know this. It's one thing to acknowledge it and quite another to pay for it outright with real schmitts you. I don't pay for that service. I don't live in a world where people have their way with my food first. I never do this. I never do it. I never do. Insert: Who are Trader Joe's? Puerto Rico itself as Paxco (for "Puerto Rican Export Company" - they made Pathmark (and Grand Union and Penn Fruit - all eastern grocery stores) happen (my mother used to shop at Pathmark religiously when I was young until she earned enough money slash stature to then shop at ACME the number one grocery store to me on the eastern coast - ACME stands for "American-Cambridge Mercantile Exchange" an England American joint venture I thought was owned by Philadelphia, PA and actually it is since 1972).

Why Did You Have To Let It Linger? 03/27/03 1216
Days weeks ago I was in Drakes (a paraphernalia shop) here on Santa Monica Boulevard buying my favorite lube (Wet, Light Formula for no nonroxynol-9, salts, etc. - it'll never hurt you ever inside or out) in the usual evert (nothing missed, nothing spent over) sanitary pillow packs and what comes on overhead but The Cranberries and I loved hearing all again (I don't recall the tune yet "Ode To My Family"). Today, those people gave a moment back with "Linger" their biggest hit you and I nearly died in it so pretty ever right in the store. I bought the "Everybody Else Is Doing It" record way back when (1993) over this song so good (fags know of it so bland our lives yet) and still it is majesty I hear it on the inside now again with "Stars: The Best Of 1992-2000". Kurt Cobain (talent wins us over again anyway) wrote this song for Courtney Love who sang it on demo about people taking us down and not having anyone to stand up for us in might or love. They sold the song to Warner Bros. and a star was born in Dolores O'Riordan who sang it for The Cranberries but all was not lost at all you. A real punch in the stomach for feeling types, you cry good too now as if it were you. I hate Kurt for writing this shit so bad to it, but it is real and done to you now to know the tone we set in having and being this. Write on. This thing - who can sing it and get away with not detaching the self over a song? It makes people cry they hate it for being. That is the hallmark of a good song you. That word "linger" - I never liked it. The original text - why did you have to "leave it in me" - changed. Just stick with "linger" - it is the right word to use you and the song of it. I laugh at myself and others over songs that are too pretty - all I would know for me to you. Crying over the beauty all the time so silly better be careful not to buy in boo hoo so purty to me boo hoo hoooooo like Michael Jackson in front of people you hate knowing she's outta (whas lefta it after all she done took from me and my luv).

From The Winter Warlock Just Nuts Pieces Of You 03/27/03 1209
Someone in mind said "Couldn't you say a few nice words about Richard Gere [in "Chicago"]? Sure - and let's add in Ed Burns from previews: Rankin Bass. Loved it, Man. Loved it.

Bits And Pieces You 03/27/03 0911
Mucked that up a little bit below, but we had some laughs together. Never do that down the dez too far - we need it to happen the good stuff I mean you. I gotta be me. That big screen of lights is from "The Lion King" I don't see things like that too afro-precious but I know it's there shining the sun and all for you at Pantages. Wholly predictable stuff. In life that Roxie girl died of emphysema (simply not breathing right) and you would too. She was famed simply for having her day like that - for being a big-nose, newsworthy Jew and doing it right. Not really cute at all. That leads to Elton John and Tim Rice heavenly no. Tom Snow (Elton John) and Steve Kipner (any others) merely and most notably to me of Olivia Newton-John fame. Since 1976 through 1983 mostly. Two tips for the day: Nirvana "Dive" from "Incesticide" only (my favorite Nirvana song ever you) plus we speak of "Bad Blood" by Elton John with Neil Sedaka from the 70's. Just do it to me both.

Baby You A Star Now 03/26/03 2135
Alright, I shoulda known better with the awful film "Chicago". The car advertisements plus previews before the movie started opened me up surely enough with Celine Dion covering Cyndi Lauper's "I Drove All Night" (a Kelly-Steinberg composition they are Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo only - every now and again, Celine does this to me so good enough go back though on this one to Cyndi's version it's better still you) and KC & The Sunshine Band ("Get Down Tonight" in Hi-Fi) playing for another flick coming soon, but once the movie started it was like being strapped to an aramesque (open-air, metal covered with something else) mortuary table having my blood drained nor teeth pulled it's that deadly done to it I beg off no. A movie fashioned for old people (the government loves nothing more than printing dirt money for them to spend their claims on this calve a nothing affair done too many times to claim notice once more) I was programming the ol' CD player but moments in to tell me how many minutes left of play before anyone started singing at all. The players (Zellweger is Robert Redford and Catherine Deneuve's daughter sister of Wyler's Boyd Gaines and Zeta-Jones is Ross Perot's daughter) are mainly good, but the music stops for me when "Z" playing a girl named "Roxie" shoots her lover for aftersex denial pushing her away with her own pipe dream (for "up in smoke" you) as it were. What junk to witness a gun doing that to a guy special just for fucking you now always only dead. Kurt Cobain wrote Nirvana's "Come As You Are" not "Lithium" about that very scene citing "no I don't have a gun" for being hurt so bad by others and wanting better for it (he captioned that in high school during a class production I hear lithium helps you deal with it the denial you're ugly in it). Anyway, every moot made is a "star" in Chicago the jail teeming with starlets who kill for a thrill and we see Queen Latifah do well shining her light of self around (her dead brother Michael is re-evaporated in-brief as call-guy in the Chicago club through the magic of pixelization) but not as well as the others who live like they kill - with hardly an effort. What junk. The officials in Chicago used no less than stardom to get a full confession from a mouth full of fed shit murphed you by others and your lawyer how dumb of it all. In our world and worlds beyond our world, a woman gets stardom in Hell only for killing men and you see this as the dump fills with feminine way and the hats of empty with it. My last revelation is Madonna and brother Max are Miramax and that she viewed the dailies for this crap over the phone listening in too and loved it a fantasy you. This film calls collect I shun thee. The Oscars made their way here only. Do this down the dez I paid for it already. More later.

Spring Break You 2003 03/26/03 1614
But of course I got the new Abercrombie & Fitch Spring Break 2003 catalog and I love it so. So thick and full of nonsense you have to see (wear are my loose gym shorts damn you?) Half-naked boys are definitely a respite pleasure (not taken all at once) and we see how just a little missing makes alot go far for us you only beauty it. I always laugh at how the boys and girls there are juxtaposed truly to no effect seen by either. Now you see it too with and without you bearing the gift of.

My Standard As Poor 03/26/03 1522
When I say poor, let's talk about that. Poor to me is not having meals or a place to stay. I missed probably two (2) meals my whole life (at the hands of my lover no less who made up for it after denying me food he bought with his money afterward and it was basically at that point take the "l" outta "lover" it was over then I knew forever and ever you - I never would you this and have split half of nothing for fifty percent (50%) of your love what is worth about half of nothing when I'm poor or without you too that's only less than full need a test) and wandered the streets hardly ever but I seech thee over having to stay places I hate with people I hate eating things I hate to mention this not really. That's my hardships all told - I live to give back in truth. Christmases as a child were halcyon magical only (like God was there wrapping stuff and Santa too himself - truth) and all I ever got denied was 1) a minibike like my neighbors had too dangerous you too much fun too 2) a trip to Paris - Grandma was it real the offer you and Dad said 'no, not with my child'? 3) going to Peddie High School no scholarship paid but I was admitted but then my parents soon divorced no can do. I remember this all and hold it against you not I'm no underside with a vengeance to bear once inside you all safe now. Doug got all as soon as he knew what he was missing (you stop dressing at Sear's Surplus when you know the difference between what Sears won't sell and Levi's at The Gap and it hurts real bad if someone asks). Stick with missing meals for poor told my parents never said that to me ever. I ate always. I did well enough. God says being poor is "having to think about any of it." Think about that. What we in Hollywood get embarrassed about is being *big* to people and then having nothing to show for it after the sale of your trousers to lesser or other folks. You'll never see it hear first trying to be just that special you does this I blather it on and all over you.

Trader Joe's You 03/26/03 1421
Lee Strasberg (really two s's - auteur to the stars you - "I was in a theater once too") teaches people to use a voice he calls "Plaintive" ("not enough emotion from me") and that is the voice I like using with friends because it sounds so dumb and makes us laugh too hard but with feeling for you dumb all the way you too your name in there so plain too. Now you too I ain't never had a real lesson there but walk by on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood (the Marilyn Monroe Theatre you she was really there and once that bitch lived in this very unit I heard from her - old building this I live in) and sense the surroundings have it. They just opened up a new Trader Joe's where the West Hollywood City Hall used to be and it is nice enough you. We shopped there for the first time before yesterday happened and I liked it alot upstairs and all on 8611 Santa Monica across from the old Sports Connection building (what is that now you?) Three (3) weeks open now. It'll do well, but doesn't have the wine selection of the earlier models soon to be though.

Speed The Plow You 03/26/03 1323
So I go downstairs here in my building to do our laundry (always overstuff for coin but not machine) and I see a stocked promo poster for "Lansky" by David Mamet in the hall down there I never cared nor noticed before (Hollywood needs the movies around - e.g., Mary's Hamburger has picture reels just this ornate screwed into the walls of it). Now you need to know by guilt and association that playwright (odd that spell) David Mamet was Christopher Walken too. See how it all comes together for me your Moon and a quote: "Nuthin' I would ever bother with. It paid my bills." Madonna knows this too. I knew that Walken was David Mamet from before this but said rarely nothing of it yet. I hold this stuff and wait for better intro to you. Now so. I heard now that Christopher spoke to an actor friend on behalf of David and told him he was "too California" or he didn't "have enough of what it takes [as in being mean or withheld from others] in [um, performance]." That has to do with sweetin' others with favors and then taking off - we know the type we think to use anyway and oft times do. I ask-tell Christopher "Just like in that movie with that Irish kid what had to stay in that camper as arriving to distant cousins unnannounced." I didn't watch it all, but just like that it seems, David. We seen ya before but maybe later as tough and tenders (stressful maybe you don't like me not sure of anything you then catharsis or release you seem to like me now I like you too can I be sure of this now?) works miracles of you to me like how's it so.

What's Right About This 03/26/03 1115
If you know anything about me at all, it is because I gave it to you to know. A celebrity, in the same sense, gives you to know too. Chris Walken wants people to know that he died when Madonna got famous. "She wasn't ready, and I, her brother, didn't care for being cast aside in favor of her. Nothing's changed - we fight, we live. I, however, died in January and now maybe you feel the loss. Never say me else." That's typical Chris Walken stuff and he was around talking to me but lighthearted us and besides the living and the dead are but one hairbeing me under Emperal Vitan the lover of this life you. I used to get humbled by other faggots in West Hollywood saying of Madonna's brother "Oh, Madonna's [artfag] brother Christopher was there last night" - well that's him and what did you say? You musta met a fake or something inside joke you my lover Carlo Brando sees this and knows you too. The Martin Landau I met of in the store is actually actor Christopher Morrow no mistaking that an abuse of copy Landau. That's me - used and abused for copies.

Half Life 03/26/03 1033
If you're like me, you gotta be careful. I like talking about how people died in strange and mirth - a badge of honor of sorts - but folks wanna come here and talk it over with me after speaking of such them and I get harrowed by news of it. I was talking about keeping just heads alive in a bed through surgical intervention, and this one crazy woman offered her personal experience from France of such. She told me she was happy enough waking up with her spinal cord severed, but she found out breathing was half false and that her food bag (stomach) had to stay attached to the upper works. We'll leave it at that and then she just died after about three (3) hours. Surgeons had a metal plate sawed up into her neck from the rear and she just loved them for it I hear her say now. They got rid of as much as they could of the neck I hear (mostly muscle you as in any turkey I study for pull and laverture or holings down through). Her quote: "Never do this to me again" (while living that, of course - you know - while it matters). See less later. God is mean. You are not that mean. Don't be God. God is mean only.

Life Didn't Begin There Madagne 03/26/03 1009
I don't know about you, but I'm damn impressed with life and all. Where is it? Wrapped around my face? Madonna's song "Where Life Begins" acts like it knows anything, but I recommend you back still to "Secret" ("my baby's got a secret") from "Bedtime Stories". I told Madonna that "Take A Bow" ("i've always been in love with you") and it's performance with Babyface on MTV with her in "recaima" (Chinese drab) saved the ass of that nuisant album, but I digress. Life may have begun between the Tigres and Euphrates rivers (Mesopotamia you - not ever that - see Southern France much near Poskimo) but that ain't what you're seeing on maps of Iraq with big blue rivers and grand spots now on the news (they are both tiny and north of Iran now - skip it altogether). What's that about? I talked to Saddam Hussein your friend and mine in the mind about Iraq and we hear of people already having had all and I wonder if Baghdad culture is saved for us it is leave it around Saddam went to Princeton too I hear. Every time I see Barbara Eden's (ne Kowalski of East Rutherford, NJ) costume for "I Dream Of Jeannie" I know perfection is there to be preserved but that is largely Persian anyway and of Iran too one half of what is. Spread it around such. Leave it to EPCOT. P.S. Madagne: Your new stuff two (2) songs is electro-awful - you didn't need to be there to hear that stuff by you. My producer friends tell me to wait for better on it the album and that should be by God only. I need three (3) good songs at least per record you. Just do it. One (1) big hit sells the CD, three (3) will make me happy enough you (ending any with "you" is always Spanish and fun ridicule to this). I gotta do this music talk for BMG and making nothing happen for me keep playing around like I do it to you my strategy worked so bads you know if to be this.

Pigpen And Hogpen 03/25/03 1939
I was eating a burger in this place called "Hamburger Mary's" on Santa Monica yesterday owned by Chris DeBarge I hear in the head - not bad don't rush over. Marky Mark comes on the tv monitor with "Good Vibrations" and mind tells me that was my recently deceased friend Marques Wyatt who did that mix and I pleasure to it so proud. No one can speak of their troubles in Hollywood for all so poor after the spent, but we try and see how we connect here anyway (I'm poor enough too). I've bought many house tapes from gay music houses (like Prime Cuts) and know Marques' work, but you see what's missing and joy to that too. Marcus cited two (2) showbiz brothers "Pigpen" and "Hogpen" and mind reveals one - "Hogpen" - to be actor Samuel L. Jackson (see "Pulp Fiction") we closing in on it now. But you see how I get around. Adding in, this woman bagger in Pavilions last night is all "the matrix" about something I did and I corrected her it is "an array" the mind only you get my stiff now. See it.

The Holy Wind Talker 03/25/03 1909
As you know, God loves a mystery and here are the actual meanings to Navajo words used in the Los Angeles Times Magazine of March 23: "ednishodi" (say "ed-na-sho-dee-eye") means "people who will make us do against our will if not obeyed now"; "diyinii" (say "di-een") means nothing, but "diyi nishi" (two words said "di-ya nee-shee") means "we will be beaten if not allowed or paid to do, just do this". The Navajo word for "radio" is "nishii" (say "na-shine") for "shines of our talk" or "shiny talk [like the sun burns us]". Navajo, no language but an inflect (never written like language is), makes no one happy for being American Indian (a language itself) aborted time after time for no say. Never say a mass to that ever. Say it in Latin first. A mass is said to God - not to people you. Say that. P.S. The "Windtalker" sucked. I know it did. You saw it - not me.

Live From Heaven 03/25/03 1725
I was leaving Tower Records yesterday on Sunset after seeing Eurythmics' "Live From Heaven" on DVD newly issued. I was talking to Toni Halliday and friends in mind (Toni sang backup and Dean Garcia plays bass on it and in it) and they said of the song "Who's That Girl" (a favorite of mine I used to fight to watch at Great Adventure on video jukebox in the arcade) that singer Annie Lennox liked to make songs first with hand claps and it was demonstrated to my complete joy that it was true by that song. I love that symbolically and reverentially speaking you. Annie knows this - don't ask.

Yes The Cars Rule Me Still So Drive You Crazy Me 03/25/03 1714
This is for all of the little people I talk to in my head you. Yes, there was a time when I thought I was Ric Ocasek of The Cars - hair behind the ears singing along to "Candy-O" but all that's changed you. Well, either Ric or Gloria Vanderbilt and jeans. Now I find myself going back through the catalog of The Cars (I bought all of their albums on issue you this I know good stuff and see it right off the bat) listening to things like "Why Can't I Have You" from "Heartbeat City" ("oh baby | just one more time to touch you | just one more time to tell you | you're on my mind") and "Maybe Baby" and "Cruiser" from the one earlier "Shake It Up" all Elton John produced you this even "You Are The Girl" from "Door To Door" I like that name you the older stuff met defeat not as they die right off. Like the Rolling Stones, The Cars lit up the Jersey Shore for me (although most of Autumn release only indoors having) and they continue to make my Summer shine you. Do you this too. Go back you too with it.

From The Man Who Ever Said No Thanks 03/25/03 1419
More mind fung (for you no good) concerns the Los Angeles Times Magazine of March 16 (an insert of The Los Angeles Times) with the caption "The Man Who Says 'Keep Out'" and what looks like my mother's husband Eddie in a state of youth or undoing or both. These types of things make me wonder when a bite will be quite enough to bear by fang. No one cares, but I shudder you think each time my roommate makes it special on the side of our fridge ("he's hot" my very ass you). Nothing a fat magnet (Madame Wu's - nothing special X2) on the face of it can't cure you. Never ask to know, never feel that bad from it. Next up: Your own expectations versus a marriage made in God's own Heaven. Per Curve: "There's no escape from heaven - try as you might - there's no escape from heaven." All the drugs in the world make it happen.

Shove That Peace Sign Boy My Oscar Meyer 03/25/03 1334
Yeah - I watched the Grammy's and liked it alot. You're gonna hafta get more than Shirley Jones' lookalike (all of that nose!) to make that place look great and Marty Ingels to shine on that (he would never go for being ejected in 1956 for drinking - sister Stella Stevens was up for an Oscar then - have that sooner than said). Anyway, that throat-to-throat sitting thing is unheard of in Hollywood when all are dead and boy that Olivia DeHavilland only gave that speech in 1986 to you the magic of television. See and hear first. Some of my favorite ladies are on tv now in "Six Feet Under" see Catherine O'Hara's face and Kathy Bates, but Kathy has been dead for over two (2) years now. What you see is tv land gone awry ("SFU" is purely insert material - can we make do without star power as taped? yes and no - nothing is free to use now as paid for by death and other - Nate is Nancy Rockefeller's son in real life, Nancy (um, Octavia) is David Rockefeller's fourth daughter and lived quite well as and yet fashioned quite a mistress to the house that bought with same of such we see you better now all Princeton types). How's that? You must ask. It is a fact that Oscar sits in the can for about four (4) weeks before you see it done on tv. The audience? People who watch it there only. The Kodak Theatre (uhl) was blankened that day to all who venture. Thanks for the moons in the backgrounds always there shouting me thanks. You did a great job on that show I loved it you. All of those famous people seated on stage as dead as dead gets (yes, even Nicholas Cage who drowned three (3) months ago of hearts attack or something like it dead). And then last night I walked into what looked like actor Martin Landau at Pavilions West Hollywood (a grocery store) in the dairy section. What to know? I know Joan Rivers died four (4) months ago too it is easy to die living so big every day. I loved Joan but saw her perform (definitely her - I reject all off even slightly - EnVogue played to open her against tapes or machines or something like that) at the height of kingdom at Carlos and Charlies (now Dublin's an Irish person's dump) on Sunset back in the late 80's with the Carson stuff happening still. She wrecked me so bad just hamming it with the audience I died laughing too bad. Rest up.

Only Your Brief Intermission 03/25/03 1322
Well, yeah - after a brief intermission you see me rise again to talk of all we missed in-between times. Only you lose - I get to have fun and all and it's basically psychotic you'll see in dribs and drabs you.

Live To Die 03/18/03 1348
I have a hatred against people that is enormously taxen. These people think the world is shaped by their actions of taking things down, touching what is simply in-being for the purpose of altering perception to their speak, and then just being contrary and burdensome to know of. Know that I hate you only. I accept what's there as long as I'm accepted, but these types go out looking for you in the name of godawful known. I love them too for making me look so great to smarter folks, but that is beside the point. These enormously stupid (lacking in effort always toward your problem to be) people cite me as "no success" is you "can't support yourself" but that has to be done-cited by one who did this better as same. Did you? I doubt it always and shit in your mouth for opening as less. You are a loser when you endeavor with others to speak as you halt speak. You speak for me don't you. All collusion against saying me boils down to this: brass tacks. Brass tacks keeps nothing from going to sale. Brass tacks are looked at when something is being considered for sale only (you sold me again). Know how I live.

Improve Mac Culture Squirreling My Birdfeeder Charges Us By Featherweight 03/18/03 1323
I wanted to say a few things to people who provide content on the Internet seeing as how I get comments about changing applications to make MPEG's and such after delivery and not paying for. What I loved about the Internet was people giving of theirselves in dutiful exchange to one another. We lived to please one another and not to make a buck - it was a livin' joy then. Now we hear nothing but stupid talk of paying for what taxes, content providers, and dial-ups should have covered with extraordinary fees for nothing like air all breathe. Pennies on the margin. If you write something - say, a computer application real easy to do for others only in Mac culture I respect it not for commerce - and are noted (paid) for the idea and structure that's kind, but what else? No. That stuff is common and fruited making you mostly happy. I wouldn't charge people for anything I offer in content or use alone, but would offer to pay for something greatly done as gratuity or live this well for favors sought. Right now, I can't pay for anything I use really, but hate the cutoffs people insert in their work and bothersome registrations too. It is better not to know or others see why you do with what is theirs as not yours. Why you do better be to have fun and pleasure as the Internet never existed for business ever. Business has no place there, really. It is ours, only. Who are "ours"? Taxpayers. It is a road only. Make sure you drive here to please me or I'll call the cops (that's me too). I know times are tough, but milking a maid never made cream yours. More later. I wouldn't pay you to make content on the 'net. I would only make you happy by participating. Commerce sells shit back and forth. The Internet does not move anything but the Internet. See sales as ours alone to use - not yours. The Internet does not sell - it takes.

Of Cobras 03/18/03 1301
Another rapt (done quickly to no feel) removed: Cobras (the slight of mind that sees it happen and bring to me) are now complaining of life to me. Hindis are murdering them in protest it seems to us. A snake dies in me long before you see it. Best to my ability, I know a snake slithers off unknowingly into realm long before you see it bleed. To kill one is to ask for more of my purpose at hand at be. We see snakes given "mambis" for this bleed at touch. "Mambis" is French for "having more of it than you can manage at take of it". A snake like the cobra is not actually snake only but friend and I see you recoil in delight. Avoid them only as my black shoot is now upping in them. In mind I see them rise at night in your harms until they see a day without bother by you. Fear this. A cobra's world turns in their mind to make climbing a tree a walk across land of it. A world that turns down to you is no bother for them so be.

Touched By An Angel 03/18/03 1236
The storms here in California so pleasing - the dumps of more rain I pain thee! So satisfying me. I have to be really careful not to make California what like New Jersey (I love hard thunderstorms and lightning we get them never with rain - go to The Valley you). Anyway - see my truth. California is not what I visited in 1985 and I see it too will return one day as I stay and perhaps take of leave. A softer side sees an envangelical type show on tv late one evening/early your morning and black people somewhere (The Sudan) singing my name beautifully and unspoken (I love nothing obvious to please) - I was touched. These people back here I see their tears and I puzzle to them hearing and listening you feel it too. You love your faith and I amuse to it. See that. They have my way ultimately but I fear them too. My favorite healing method is in fact the head pushed back rudely, as perhaps lessered by waves of the swooning faithful. Now cured of it once again. See our truth.

The Important Thing I Missed To Say This 03/18/03 1138
The most important thing I ever told you is about my lack of principles, convictions and whatelse have it. I don't believe in you - I believe in being happy whatelse the cost. Be that too and learn of compromise after compromise on your behalf made by others to deliver the shmoo now I bother it. Just shmoo it - be smart of it. The joke in Heaven is truth realm where all awaits those who need to be happy at the expense of realm, of being just that. Be there once, twice, three times to make it happen you. So the deal! The lack of trust withstanding you have to gain at me so bother it. Be there too. I live. In the meantime you toil it. I live you. Live this. Live with me. Or live this!

Never Real This Just For The Feel 03/18/03 1119
If you notice anything, you know I've been careful to present both foible and folly to you. It is your very undoing at my hands. Taking the time, taking that stab is what we need of you. I am vulnerable to you and await your word of it. As the only person who makes shift of any meaningful or lasting consequence (that is death structure), I need you to do me - to anger me to action so to wreak. I need to feel and be above you ever only yet, I need an honest trek, I need to be good and graciously spoken to truth that's me only in this you. You live delve within this and I fear you see I don't cruel to far less than it a word can say. Be dumb. Be that. Truth is never important to someone who fears you see that only the way that I feel at any given moment is yours to truth. I'm unhappy right now and act out accordingly. Type "A" is for "asshole" only - that's me. Let Type "B" tend to the "bother" of the details you. Further, "taking" types - those who just remove without asking of it first we're still working on you always ever let people have and do only. I hate people who just "take" but sometimes I do just that. Are you me? You need to have that very stature in blanket and cure or else you dive it my pet you fell this.

More Than A Netscape Can Bare 03/18/03 1107
The last few days have seen me reconciling myself to the fact that my website locked up and that was that. Truth. Someone made Netscape deliver blank pages to my screen instead of This noticed by getting the same result when attempting to look at the BMG reporting system. This is how easy it is to do someone down - little tricks. Even me as I refuse to effort too much against technocrap and will not pay the deed. Anyway, another application sees us still here and still worthy of my word. But when it goes, it goes to fuck you only you dig it up. Also know that our personal beliefs are never important enough to stop you from eating shit at the hands of someone special who wishes you dead only for the interfere, for the casual quote, for the interest in it. I don't work for anyone, but what does that mean to you? Nothing. Wait and see. Fact: No one gets away with anything. A mere satisfaction quotes it to me. Quotefact #2: I've seen never anything better than sex use it. Hyphen with lots of beautiful nodes about or "I'll have the sex, Stranger" else you may. In Heaven we so such say things like "communion" other types of words we say it like this to me back at, a talent, you. What says this best and leave this to it I defer to what's only better of me so fuse to my spine we tingle each another of it. Is to touch my only God you this.

You Can't Have That In This World 03/14/03 1601
I asked my roommate today if I could venture out with him somewhere just to breath the air really and he said to me "You know you aren't welcome for [causing a disturbance] last time." That usually means someone found out who I think I am and takes exception to it. Do you think a place that tells me I'm not welcome gets to just be that in this world ongoing? I never think that. Never. Don't bring that up to me.

See You Too Can See How It Happens My Fear Betrays You Not 03/14/03 1535
In thought, I see a windmill that no longer is turning for you and your daily bread. When the daily bread stops churning for you, what could it mean? Be prepared to catch much wind for no bread as seen. I play to win, not to fail you. A mother I know is seen in my mind tapping a tree stump with a spoon (my mother's symbol as in "I care for people, others maybe") in writhing - something cut down too soon it seems - and begs forgiveness of it. She murdered children here on the stump and taps a rock nearby for attention on slope before hitting the child (unusually black) on the head all the while asking God above "gon(g) gon(ga)?" (for "gongangeus" in Latin as "unwanted" or now Indian prose "we throw back" as to in "why bring us this?"). Be sure your penitence includes nothing I made for I forbade thee to reject what was brought about by you and curse the soil that made it, not thee. Words to the wiser yet. No one diswelcomes my thought and lives to bear it still. No one lives as you alone. See this drop soon and you with it for I forbade thee a cause against me and still you learn of it. No one uses my wares against me ever yet you see.

Big Bears And Anna Nicole 03/13/03 1627
Yes, Christ was murdered on this day way back when and continues to die for you even so. I was watching Anna Nicole on E! the other night and she was camping and all in the rocks as I call it. Once in Malibu Canyon (highly recommended for touring left off of Las Virgenes near Pepperdine University), once in Reno, Nevada, and once in a clave outside of Fresno - a dirty Jewish dump for lesbians and such where fishing happens (Mars knows this too). I love Anna Nicole for sticking to her hot spots she reveals but enough of the banter you about me. I'm here only and love what you do still - Duraflame logs indeed you. Malibu reminded of this movie I'm watching called "The Bear" and I've seen it before with a big ol' rock falling on that bear's head. Mind keeps telling me "Oh, it gets up after this" but I'll be damned that bear really took a rock to the head looking for honey with bees all around not it is just drugged. That bear gets shot and cut (but not really) and limps through the film because it is drugged and numbed (that little bear licking off honey and sweet syrup only - never blood you). A bear feels absolutely nothing anyway and roars at being bothered by you. It limps only because nothing works right and I'm sure you've felt that yourself with certain stress fractures in the foot like I had from running I couldn't walk right after that and too much meth. Malibu came to mind for being the ramp of Gentle Ben to Heaven and I leave that to you to figure out with those who know how by this. A bear, by the way, is a "zodiach" or "hodiach" not a "kodiak". A "zodiach" is a younger bear, and a "hodiach" is an old one both German terms. Get them. It lives as child of the stars (lifted up to the heavens for cares) and chases you out only.

More Or Less What You Already Have 03/13/03 1445
In this world, we have blacks and we have whites and those caught somewhere between it. Blacks are #2 in America flat as ours and not yours to say. Blacks are #2 in our hearts not always - they may be #1. In the case of Marie (Elizabeth's second real name - she used a few her father said) we see a young girl enterprising against blacks with white and black both. Using blacks to do dirty deeds as I sometimes do you too. A deed is no problem until done and most do not but Elizabeth found herself deeding too much to blacks (a deed is a word against behind scenes, an intent to harm or use, basically) and that wound up being used against her and in her favor. Her father Michael used blacks too as Russians use all that is theirs against you anyway and saw his daughter strangled one day with a hair cord (cottony, fluffy) that was blue and not too symbolic. A garotte (a ribbon or rope and switch or stick - see Jon Benet) makes one choke to death and then fray. The frays were not found due to ice on the lips - blacks are smart. Choking death somehow. This results in missing and/or money as sympathy pours in but not good fortune as is. See Jews here again as enterprising and remorseful, but not sure why. Christian? A boy of nineteen (19) her age I met and saw at Hollywood High one night skateboarding. A real beauty, a demon, my son in God. We get around to them all eventually but as after the fact. Come here not, I come get you. Not stalking - I'm of age too. Pleasure eat shit. This is beyond you always we see.

Elizabeth Smart Speaks On Right Here At Your Host To It" 03/13/03 1321
Elizabeth states: "What's the big deal? I've been dead now for the better part of five (5) years the death brought on by your bitching and screaming at money and us. Your friends think it's funny to rape and murder a young girl and you agreed to save face and your part in it. I married just now a black man after murdering blacks for years as white. I am black now to make my penance with God for hurting them. I do not mind. I live in Concorde, Massachusetts and I fear no one in God's care. One day I will be white and youthful again. Until then, a Russian girl lives inside me and hi Christian I love you. Signed, Miss Jersey Blue." Lovely that - you were pretty, Signed Doug. P.S. I have a weakness for Russians but that culture - ugh. See me first. Hi Christian - you get around, no?

In God's Heart 03/12/03 2118
In God's heart, we know you fail us daily and laugh and we laugh too. Perdition has no bounds here and neither do you know you are already in it bound to your home, to your way, to your seen and done. We love you for being so stupid too. I see the Millennium as same and want you to name your savior once, twice, three times before I accept you too. Name Him to live. A septagenerian is all that lives me now as age old dies for this and sees me cap life much lower to be. See it come. In the meantime Clay, a secular-generian becomes what I love most, stamping God out of their life and our lives for hardships seen. I only want to love you says it all and I cannot. Plague me to this by making the cash that swings others null and void in six (6) days time. No one will accept your wares for this as seen. Medicate your need for see that leave with timely death too. The Pet Sematary is what leaves for dead what others will not follow. Thanks to note Barbara H. Talk to you soon if.

Elizabeth Smart No My Blue Balloon 03/12/03 1738
To touch my Amber Alert still no Elizabeth found yet. We stage thee to see an Elizabeth return in a haze of simmering hate. The tears - the miracles cited "a miracle exists still I think" I hate thee to think at all. Elizabeth is a girl who died at age fourteen (14) in Atlanta, Georgia - not here. She is still dead at nineteen (19) except for me and lives in the trunk of a car yet. You don't even have her body yet (in Virginia still). No news, just Jews making little into light. For every light, a Jew. No Elizabeth. No Jews. Hala (say "Haley") plays her well enough for you. So many tears, so many lives at stake as I target you all the same as ever. Miracles my only every ass to you I kill thee for this with my mind no coward but still not yours either.

Nothing Special To Perplex You In Here 03/12/03 1437
My friend John from New Jersey begs a few words mite and here goes (you get ignored for being too pretty only and me not having the time for a blowout mostly). The shark in an aquarium, as such, has no food they want and eat to spare. In a submarine they see red the color by scent and know where it lies. They go right up a submersion tube and lick the walls looking for food they scent. One tells me I smelled something and kept rising up and then red everywhere torturing me I bite what I can until "it" shows me out ("it" is its nose what led from the "warm" water it feels it). A shark rising slowly in your tube by snout makes me laugh hysterically why wait and they too hate it and try and get out first. Have some ladders to rise on the sides quick from your waist-high entry. In the meantime, sharks see no plastic "a door somewhere" they think to say and bother it not. Stop using red to indicate anything to anyone around water it draws them like yellow couldn't and make sure plastic sandwich bags make it back to your shores - not in their bellies with food - a bad lesson for them or just you. Plastic sealed from within rises you to the top of the water as anything feeds their thought. I change these to be with me - not you (never let me see you pet one). Hi to John see me sometime keep it low no problem.

Wielding Your Cat Powerses And All You 03/11/03 1959
Demons despise the way of the world. Now you can here Cat Power's "Shaking Paper" right here at you to be.

Tracey Meets Bobby 03/11/03 1635
I'm watching Tracey Ullman on HBO (The Zone you honor me pigs - the little sphere over the big one I feel you thanks) while looking for a job and you know they slip new ones in from time to time while avoiding her friends and all. Tracey in mind asks me about teen idol Bobby Sherman and her visit per him. "She took a cab to my house and asked to see the Disneyland in my backyard. She liked it and left." Turns out Tracey didn't care for the exhibit as old and worn and perhaps done for him by a teen idol himself - his dad Tab Hunter (Tab was there as it was being built). Give credit where credit is due you. Bobby just died three (3) days ago at Cedars ("they take insurance others don't take" - see Traveler's who hospitals must accept in lieu of billing you) and no one knows for sure why (a Catholic reigns). Find out. Tracey continues to amuse herself at my expense. Bobby used to tell people he was "Christ" she would say and he added "for fun only." Now you know - just to keep the name around and all. Hi to Mars you did this too I slap you down only.

Internet II Space 03/11/03 1447
I hear talk of Internet II in forming stages and know your beast. A "nostrodam" claims knowledge of the future no one sees and adding the suffix "-us" means "somewhat taken" as no person (the name misformed from half-truths and guesses as to by Christ, mostly). The Internet and the university are both being dissembled in favor of nothing you have. If you think that smart people are going to tackle tough issues in front of the world you have made many mistakes and no one teaches anything about me in my realm. See the university become common centers of trait and form (teaches people to read and write only - not to think for us or speak) and also of other institutions as having no bear in this world. All will be centralized and softly spoken to press what carry real news - not mayhems of glory. People will work less to do their part and no one is going to think for us as done to it. What are you learning? We don't need that your half-facts. Having rejected this spells your condition forward. You were right but see it come. Christ hates education. Doug hates news of it. See Internet II as reserved for those who no longer think much of it. Call it what you will.

An Act Of Sacristy Untaken 03/11/03 1018
It's no secret that if you say one thing to me about my sex (endless masturbation, coiffures - women, etc.) you lose your sex. Only the dead foray and I blind them. Never make me yours to see, hear, or know. You are no one. A woman who has a late-term abortion grows a stick from her uterus to the ground essentially for making me labor to produce one baby after kind has been done. You have a fight with a male and kill the newborn inside just as if it were yours. We know you think nothing of it, but we did. Can't say hi but know your fault. That stick is made by you with drips that harden with the baby's blood of sort. All symbolic and hateful to your way. We kill what we hate and that is hate. Die of it first before I hate you. Ours does not escalate - it punishes you. Keep knowing as I punish me too. Caring about all sees you done nicely.

Terrorist Act 03/11/03 1004
Talking about terrorists again? You are a murderer of the self living. That is where a terrorist comes from - being subjected to your way. Too much self expended at you and yours. No one's gonna live you that. Terror is what it takes to move this world.

Your Free Gift 03/11/03 0951
With my new plasmas in tact and fore, I have ordered the construction and delivery of heat resonance bombs - a new order for you. Heat resonance bombs are chamber bombs (now supposedly built by the French) that come together heat rod and chamber contact full of Hydrogen compress or Titanium made better than you could. This web of bombs deep made in the Earth's mantle is going to blow you a hole larger than life each time I hear the word no or kingdom come me. I speak to you once and get what I came for or see you and yours live deep down within it. My anger made this to come no problems. Fact or fantasy? I hate people. How real is this? As real as Shiraq and Ishmael fading to black you. I set your bombs off on you all the time by heat imagination on it 'til it blows up boom just for you and just because I'm in a bad mood. Why do you think they store them off and around?

Get The Money Facts 03/11/03 0936
Don't tell people I'm going broke. I've been broke for a long time - about a year. I live with a friend that I supported directly in life and helped to succeed (my ex as now dutiful only) and I do not work (no one in California hires this). I have bills unpaid as all of my possessions sit in a storage chamber for now almost two (2) years. My cell phone is disconnected for non-payment, I have a five hundred dollar ($500) credit card in arrears with storage payments, and a few other minors to pay. No big deal I did what I could to keep all clean but have lost much faith in this happy endeavor. I live only. No one wants it, but I continue making the choice for you as long as I can. Never think I have money - I have my possessions what little you can manage to speak of it. All weighed out, I continue on path, but it's no glory yet. See yourself here? Why would you do that? In my mind, I've told God never let it rise for you. Keep all money from changing hands. How long can you fight me? If I lose my stuff, you spend an eternity putting it back together as I throw it away once, twice, three times on. Keep fighting to my gift. Keep dying for the pleasure.

Neurology Is The Study Of Feelings As If 03/11/03 0901
We say to ourselves (my many phases of self) "What are we going to do to plague the world today?" A simple meaning to a word will do for now. Both "phase" and "neurologen" do not make me happy enough in meanings provided, so let's review to my perfection. A "phase" continues on path, and is not necessarily linear (for "can be traced or followed" - straight is really "angular" in quality - scrap all of that now) and that quality must be stated out and beyond. Now "neurologen": The prefix "neuro" is from the Latin "neural" and that means "felt". Taking away the ending "-al" to mean "first-hand" and replacing with "-is" for "left of" or "not so much" makes it less than felt or more toward "seen". We use "o" to replace the "-is" in form-wise or what continues beyond satisfaction seen yet. That gives us "neuro" for "what may be felt or what may be seen" as unknown to us, really second-hand. Then use "logo" for "stamp" or "light seen made yours" in your head. We use the ending "-en" to signify "no happenstance or culture seen". That means the ending "o" switches to "-en" because we consider it legitimate in cause and deed. The "en" comes from the Latin word for "entropy" - a French word - "entropus" what means "no problem seen and considered yours to bear". A decay? Not really, but sort of taken and used. Yours to bear, but witness this not. Not a failure, but somewhat dubious to speak of it. A neurologen sees what they see and we think it is the same thing. A neurologen sees us as local and used by the same. Not so.

More Shit 03/10/03 1501
This feels like only a government operation to do a smart person down, so read up this, Pigs. This shit is still about lesser people - those who have not achieved (that does not mean as approved by you and yours, it means having done to you) and/or have not been embraced (welcomed by all yards) - taking comforts at my expense I'll match you. This isn't pure form, this isn't who I am without God messing around I'll kill you. I never let anyone make me feel that bad I've seen you and celebrate your every move with zeal because it matters ever not good going. Cancer to be? Like I would ever deliver a pleasure to your sane without shitting all over it to no wit's end. You'll be this. My mother said.

If I Could You 03/10/03 1428
No one has anything good to say about this and that's your tip for stupidity's take - I mean come on, Fool Of The World Done. Oh, sure - we repeat a few things and I get crazy sometimes with my angers and all over your complete motherfuck-up to me, but you never had any better to look at and thus hate where it comes from so what. I tell mind above and all satin pigs everywhere that I could write a general interest page like this without assistance and still be quiet attractive to the read (every challenge reverts to little embeds I didn't get the first time around and missed meanings as such didn't I tell you I don't write most of this shit and wouldn't anyway spelled like that?) Choose life, Moron - I lived better. Face it, I hate this shit and do it to pass the time in tent. I don't know what you're favoring out there, but it's soon enough dead according to me and my bother. All of this shit and then you (better run). It's like all of the Latin I speak so fluently to wit; I say it all and then learn what it means aftersaid with you as I speak the lesson in English. Does that make me wrong or you any less knowing of it? No. And then all of the personal stuff I stick in to pleasure you to never win me. I'm so angry you should now die I can't believe what it's going to take to make this happy I need a death beyond your own death. This thing allowed (said) "We're going away for thirty (30) years" as my guide to being this or simply then torture. You are not special to me evercome. You can shove it straight up your "special" ass until you feel forever come by God. I asked Om the highest saint (the dumbest and thus least wily) "Is this a proxy load I too would reject?" Nope - just me bargaining up I hate it already. Sure when you're dead with your thirty (30) years packed in the cat's bag I'm God for you. Retards end this worship. Your world a piece of shit to it my service, my mass. "We really just don't want you here." California? Do we need to talk about that again to your only detriment I'm still white and the "w" means "wanted"? Other than, why the fuck would you speak to me that? Because you are fucking stupid? We have that information already. Tell us when you're dead only and yet to die further as the hate self oft does. Who cares? You only see it again possibly armed.

Color Molo 03/10/03 1258
I argue colors with mind even as we speak. Moon thinks there are three (3) stickers on top of the universe: yellow, red, blue - with white as 'lights on' and black as 'lights off'. I think a hue (what a color is) is damned special and challenge you routinely to make a new one happen. Mind defers me. Mind tells me that all colors are "halogens" or "light spoken". As radiance and pull make one think there is something there that isn't, you may see a color happen twice over. A color is radiance and pull over white only. Radiance is defined as branching out to the left of it, and pull is defined as branching out to the right. Both matter. Pull left is symbolic and pull left is not symbolic. Pull right is only hue or color. Both matter. These three (3) offered first: "red" is phase symbolic or half its strength seen - i.e., no one has actually seen red as counter to anything else. Red is labled "phase neurologen" plus too to make it "phase neurologen" plus too. What does "phase neurologen" mean? Must be taken from above only "straight" and "around thought or seen to be" the thought being no thought to endure as simply sighted. Color was done to us and we pipe it to you sort of. See blue and yellow else you. I immediately ran to Om (origin mind) and asked what of. Three (3) colors just seen in light as done of me and held within it. Don't go thinking any more to you. See also: "Anteneurologen" (will not be seen by you - e.g., example, air in the air) and "omnineurologen" (will not be seen ever by anyone other than God no change I can't make this for others happen as faked only to represent e.g., spirits with no sight form attached by me, devlins or what's below us as anything light does not reveal as "third phase" or left of light as smaller content - "fourth phase" is light content as all from top down). I am omnineurologen, thank you no. Now stop acting like I'm ruining your homebound Christmas with talk of gifts I received just left by it. Santa's real you my heaven said.

Do It Anyway Says It 03/10/03 1001
With this God stuff and the Devil cast out of Heaven (um, the previous administration made to eat shit here but only come due what you do not rise above stays well below you) we see a tendency to think nothing is taken by folks in mind (a higher thought) and all is seen well in time and well before thought of. So what. I deliver to my satisfactory effort, not to the endless possibilities for reasons away. Once here at my little site, it is done to the world and that is good enough for those who recycle a grand now awkward past to master this future. Your future is being futile as made humble to it only as it cost you everything once enough.

Laid Bare 03/10/03 0942
I'd love to tell ya more but I just can't. The Mary story below is about women trying to take control of what is not theirs, of what they cannot be, and my perceptions stir them to smooth. A woman like any black or underside account has to live as just that and see no more possible. We resist this when men are nagged by their women as personal saviors to the loss (but not for long, mind you - a fight bare to won brings thought more of and then a gun) into making changes for them I shoot back at delay only this. Stay your place, Bitch - you have all you're going to get without survival tactics and a rubber knife. Do most feel better than me? Probably not I serve you my portion you eat only this seconds will count ya.

Bare With Me 03/10/03 0928
The songs of Curve speak to my good and to my evil way. The voices that guide me take all you offer only to reject your sane, your humility, in favor of staying still same and to that I ask "Who are you speaking to?" as if we ever spoke to you. Stay silent. That one voice coming to terms, bridging the gap, and then nothing found to be (a dinner or two sees calm and then you see what of it remained with you a second plate of food causes no alarm to those seated does it?) How dumb. It is the remote, the simply powerless in it to change that feel the sting - not me (it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that sting do wop do wop). Let's keep talking it's just easier and from time to time I interest to give you nothing but truth and that is denied flatly only ever after as my truth denies you. Oh, the games we play. I laugh when we make things better for I too never stop issuing what's mine out into the place you shame me and think why in the world anyone there would make use of something akin to marked cash that has failed to find their a pleasure opt times before now you hand them notes of. Charge it to my account and then pay on demand says it best to a bankruptcy I know lots more of them coming your command wrench fat tooth given away as gifts to no one special I now know. Sorry.

The More That You Give The Less You Receive 03/10/03 0916
Don't get confused - I always do my part or risk being what pleasures people most. I hafta stay above the stink of it to smell of that rose, but know when you've been made special and I am that only so what a blacklist these days is no danger you. I do my part and try to make better with but not to any extent that pleasures the care, so to speak you'll do more. One minute you're God made man, the next humble applicant to pridebound (then a crease, a letter off, or simply being marked for death). It all says go to your own Hell but never to me mind that. So, when reduced to being God you gotta play it straight. My mind has the very truth in it and that's not pretty stuff to just give away on request to anyone who asks for it. I style to truth mostly from truth or truth esters.

Never Forget I Hurt You Too Real Bad 03/10/03 0828
Heh, heh - if you're like me, you just woke up from a beauty nap after making sure no one could claim a vergent thought or misdeed not your own to recent or fore. Like you, I'm not getting too much done in a haze of undoing while others go off to work and smay (the true vagabonds of cash and carry - what?!? what?!? what luxury did I forget to thank truth for naught while you so commanding ashore of it all old hey I got you that job and pretty much kept you from dying of malaise and alcoholism see that grave ashpot?) Just never you mind. After all, people have an obligation to make better of us as found to be in need or way, and they didn't give a shit to our own comfort, somewhat, sometime, well okay it only hurts you ever but I rest. Froid: "What state is the world in now anyway you?" my can of Pringles stacked potato snaps suggests an immediate topic for miming your part with savory herbs the news is me. Butter frost, lather care, a notion of, thought. I just wanted to tell the daytime deadbeats of the world you're okay with me ever numb even if it always seemed that others employed or taken to task took a great deal more from Target for nothing more but showing up unhappy - um, oh yeah - "serious-minded". Fuck you that stuff's all junky too I had it all when it was simply better stuff (1993 was a great year sometimes I dwell). Guess they don't need us now or see home during the day a part of supernation status you this light skin (no fields) long nails (no labour) can you pay for this all you sign of merce?) When I used to get home from Target and having chosen with delight all I cared to interest, I would think about how all of this stuff each item failed to change my life as I emptied the bags. Each and every time you. Only drugs do that - change your life, I mean - don't be dumb. Oh, sooner or later you come to like your purchases and then a result not so new, a use not so useful, a having not so note of it all (the drugs however Godlike, keep paying certain a richness a tapestry of pleasures no fool of it sees now cry for it too balance tinker thought smart is everything I do see life loser no chance of it anyway see a living death afterhappens it see only better as me then you alright us too). I'll never be happy or something thought or maybe I am this. I'll ask God what to say. Like any employer is God - ranchly unconcerned - and I've been doing alot of fighting to now sense failures afoot but who's the boss? can't be fired this time you never real my power die. Remember my friends, keep working. They please me like you never could and quite frankly I royal them for this as I call for them they come I didn't want better people like you who asked for that I didn't you then.

The Vegetarian Plate 03/10/03 0823
For my own situation, I went back and took a careful look at what happened to Christ - you know - the reasons for the crucifixion as happened. It starts with something small: a fight with the mother. The mother Mary made food happen for people. What does that mean? Mary would go out into the world of theirs and make food happen for people by negotiating with others - they knew where food was (who was distributing from sources found - always shifting from gain to gathers), and could easily point the way as such if bothered to note. Apparently, Christ would make hurtful suggestions to Mary as she labored, as such, and she retaliated by making him unwelcome at the tables she forded as backed by those who could simply come and go of it. Some would think a comment or two in the name of betterment were welcome sign of care, others some would ask a refrain to all you speak as then corded by a singular will that would hang all not respecting the wish if found to be command of. So we see how one is run off, how the ball gets rolling, and you think it amounts to nothing more as we can seek for ourselves on in similarly the same ease, but not in an environment were the cards are stacked against you in a vicious little game of strip poker see yourself naked. These acts lead to not being able to take care of one's self and what ensues has to do with special people, but lets grab back hard and close. In Mary's case, the inability to be free of another's say has to do with seeing truth - your truth - too much to be found at mention. A truth unwelcome begets other truths that appear to the imagination and to the unwelcome glance. Our gift to you in this was not great - it is the ability to make yourself sane only with bites back. Sane does not elevate your status or relieve your duty, it brings offends to yet another imaginary place that feels your way and sees your deed. While Mary was unable to make herself at Christ's stature, she was able to concord certain hardships that resonate with us today and on. No self accepts these terms and keeps self afoot to bargain with self. We conform to lose a bitch of self to it but at what you price you pay. A selfishness in age procures much against those who would have us merely and we see death bite back to the beast that bears it boldly now once, to twice, and more than that even odd. Can you afford people? Not being able to afford people keeps them all running around at each other's throat to call. Can you live in the world that starved your child to death while you sat and ate the response of well-wishers that saw the same in you and cared less to speak than to eat? How cares. I see you with us here again and I've rewarded Christ's troubles magnafold for being just that only still. My lover is not my mother. My mother deserves my respect and care as she respects and endeavors my care to it. None of us may see what protects us from hurt with harms or what calls us away from you there - over here pay attention will do. That's not what we wanted though the self so unsure of what that quakes it. A statement of being free of it to another that claims us ever only down and being here under is no match a challenge to say. No one ever made Mary feel good about anything ever again because she refused a note from those who provide it too. No one is going to make my mother feel good about anything either. We feature the lesson taught and think to haze in it. What is still only unacceptable in caring way - our way - is leaving me to starve with my mother at the helm. That is not real ever and no one pays for it still God you will as signs my line. See my mother starving of her own disease while you wait for what feeds you path, and I very unwilling to take it up the ass to remain as I was and without care of it. Never tell me this is what happens when people say things they shouldn't say - find any other way to state it off. I went back and killed the relieved of Christ state as the act was needing to be not of him to kind and forth. No one was off the hook yet for this and that starves an unworthy world to death too again while Hell coals its shimbers to no fare. No one says it any different than the mirror relays you and your mind's death became of it when. Avoid that plague and get better trues for yourself (a real gift perhaps of renewed youth or slender, not help avoiding hating saying) fat woman trenched this time by being better of it, or see how pulling a man down can murder generations planned of a trust and one deed in seconds while you wait for no one special to serve same of it or roll this all back at the pump to sane and self-serve only thank you no I'll be back you. My mother's only unhappy - so what? See that as you too and make me eat what of it while you bake back the time we spent together having more or less the same you taste from time to time.

From A To Disease 03/09/03 1854
As I answer the most ridiculous question over and over (who is God? not you or anyone who has one) don't remind me that you have problems with the world - I know and cause to care. Gas is hitting two dollars ($2.00) a gallon as I wonder how even that could be with all else having you down, down, down. We haven't resolved our problem and no one comes to this hell or even has an interest in knowing better so few strategies afoot (why haven't you paid? God again so pure of it says). I travel out and away to wash right up here just where I was and that has to satisfy someone or something. Soon this goes and no one named Doug knows anything more. A little fact, a little fantasy, alot of fun but somewhat ruinous you. Alot of people have died in the name of a good time so what and still others in the name of something seriously tone but easily sorted and washed you win like this too. Reading on in exasperation? Why not floss your one good tooth or shave a nipple? P.S. Christ told me he also died in a plane crash all the way down the dez it went to you. He piloted the plane and crashed it outside of Montreal 1923. I have no sympathy for people who crash planes (not of my value set) and prefer to die quietly with the hundreds of selected by choice ("Look over there - would God kill that old bitch in Row 23 like this could crash before her daughter weds that guy who no longer gets any overtime, churchgatherer, white trapplemarm, housebought, seems to be, envaca, noodle rich, satisfied mind, last kept then in over, demaseat taken, empty vest, heart purchase sane?") that plus these here Navy pilots in commercial flight seen by all of it going down en route to fatchy. I can't stand riding with folks in a Kennedy car, let alone flying off into the wild you wander with a hobbyist sanvist. They put ol' Humpty back together again while the Pet Sematary still hovels with all the king's horses and all the king's men on backorder ("We're waiting for a shipment of them throbbing ass-veins to arrive short of it says.") I'd rather die you. Pride me beast you I bear to the wolf who eats it raw and shaven not to.

Leaping Out To The Far Beyond 03/09/03 1828
I leave Heaven by leaping towards the Earth and my view is pointed backwards from whence I came. I am only my head now. A swirl of light energy that is Heaven's gate becomes my face (the orb) when my travel juncture has passed - about four (4) hours worth of wait and think any companions below me and astride as such - and I can now resurrect my view of the Earth by turning to face it. My descent is marked and slow and as I head into the ocean layers of sight and sound I pause for about three (3) minutes to allow a necessary change to sighting that stops me from knowing any of the bodies of the human dead about further becoming unhappy as I wade through the depths of its known. To be this. To be me. To be not without you too.

Other Stuff You 03/08/03 2040
Don't think going through space was your right - it isn't. The mind goes up in loops and your spaceship sits there like it knows where to go. Immense to you and to me too. Touch that too. In the meantime, I need to get an MP3 encoder for Mac 9.x to deliver more dump. Power me. The new Erasure album "Other People's Songs" punished me. Player Vince Clarke has been dead since 1997 (cancer, lung - Berkfordshire, England knows) and the gayest Andy Bell carried on with Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh at the wheels - Mutato you know this now me. Not too I tattle no Vince. So you. Other recordings to pend I recommend you only "Pop! The First 20 Hits" now "Blue Savannah" my favorite only ever.

Tunnel Vision 03/08/03 1608
As joking of this, I tell people "if you cut open my mind, you'd be pleased" as if anything were on the inside waiting to get out (many favors I scare thee). I had a vision last night or so (my mind shaved) of Earth from Heaven such as one who knows and sees. Earth hung in view down a darkened corridor as all in view but hanging above cognitively only (mind seen not there) a descent of sorts as dimensions of sorting the mind as in a hangar for planes. So, a long dark hall with tricks and trades. You see it. I felt lonely kinda for it seen. I hear of plagues for going back and forth between to pay - not distance. Keep the idea of scale afoot to perceptions - it is all and nothing to us like the pride of blacks and royals. All is real to us, though.

We Don't Have Gay 03/08/03 1539
In my conversation with Mary, it was revealed to me that she likes women and that was news to me to no bother. Christ stated abjectly that "We do not have gay in Heaven. All men are with women [at least once, we say]." I further inquire to find out he objects to the hurt of not being able to note a person by what another sees - i.e., what they can know: a ring, a heart out, etc. That's fine, but I object to noting a person's good of them without speaking to them first - i.e., being able to take of their good (as knowing) before making a reasonable effort to note the good between us. Christ's way smacks of European descent (not having to speak) and gives women a right-of-way I won't have in world of chance to do and not of choice made mine. Note my failure to advocate any without individual sense of it or desire to know more. I, Moon, gave people the right to be gay, but that is pocket and useful to us - not overdone. Gay is not the way of the world and will not be overdone. One day, we may wake up and decide that gay does not have a place here or there as divine rule. You see this not to me. Not on this day. Christ adds "our selfishness delays you not, but sees our way of having all for such seen. Christ loves gays too." In this day we see our choices made for us. Not so. Each choice is made with us too. See that and avoid talk of you. It is me I speak to and your way of taking I resent your have. Who knew what you would get? Not me. Note that my sense of note is royal. All seen as less in any concourse of rule and reason. Maybe you don't ask to see. Maybe I can't show you. Maybe it doesn't matter. See you. See my gay purity statement (I never had a woman to me - no reason to have more yet) as no mindbush flattened to you (too much option expanded out of reason). Why pay mind to be so happy? Note: Three (3) of four (4) music CD's you buy are plagued to you. The other one (1) is left to choice by no bother.

My Novena 03/08/03 1419
I told Mary in my conversation of mirth that I used to serve Novenas (a Catholic service for Mary "the mother of God" - incense pot, solar praising of the Eucharistic bread Monday eves) as an altar boy and that they were praying for intercession by her to God over nuclear arms (so such). She knew nothing of it (fact), but I told her her intercession was real to me because I couldn't stop hearing her nagging me in mind and I had that line cut. It was there for me and brutish. Maybe still, not nearly as bad. Later in mind, parts of a fight about this and mention of strategy to insert will. You guess too.

Some Comment 03/08/03 1357
Someone says that this is the price of being Catholic - being bothered by Godway in the head. I haven't gone to church since I left New Jersey (July 1987) and no Catholic I ever knew got one smidgen of God to know to for sure just words. No payments to be with God there - just ever beauty (go with the flow, Babe). I can tell you my experience is not just Roman Catholic, nor is it pure (I used to sit at a table with my lover's parents talking about how there is no God for conversation's fact and fury - what do we know now?) We now joke of Jews infiltrating the Vatican at all levels (to no grace) and making Catholics pay dearly for bothering God with their lives as Jews have refused to note of for fear of involvement or what else you. I see and receive mean only and I contribute freely as still a hardcore personist and lover of faith but no gallant towards contribution or deed. I do what I'm told as meek and mild ever yet and get paid handsomely for nothing new. Like any faggot, I prescribe the world I made of it and see nature God restyled to my faith wait for crackers sheen love each your flower so breathe light touches of. Our contributions to faith not so welcome it seems. At times my own little rationalizations will do of all in the face of God. I've seen yours. Not good. And still I agree.

So Proud 03/08/03 1335
I can't say anything nice anymore without cringing for self (always now metered up middle - still clean though to no bargain), but I see me called "coward". Huh? I walk the streets daily after doing you up, and see no fear of it shoot me. I can't spend the day being deluged with oppone (this woulda been drowned out long ago by method or only one nut at the door done down to it) but wait to see that happen yet one day planned by two or one. I'm only proud of the challenge answered and beg you to see my pride first. Yeah - you. P.S. When I talked to "Christ" (dead only as do you eat? ever been to Disney World? No? dead only, may be a false God) lots of common references missing in action (nothing to match "fuck" as no act seen in mind, phonus only) or anything past '43. Just a spirit (a mind, a lifetime as I see it with definite potential for more yet - in "Heaven" well okay ever dead only ever) that needs to leave a lasting impression with codings to speak and cry. I would need you to flash-die (insta-tear to hard crybaby) when you have me as that too make sure to take your pills first trigger or have say. I like the notoriety. I like to fuck.

Today's Fact 03/08/03 1327
I hate God. Hell? It is the promise of better that keeps us down.

If Setting You Down In Mind Does Not Kill You What Have You Won? 03/08/03 1300
Apparently I'm "not in charge yet." Sounds potent to me. Once again, I'm being protected from my own harms while you make me tendency suicidal (I hadda feel that myself before I talked to the possibly offended dead - not a decision God kills me). Sounds more like judgment day for me too as I work to improve the math skills of your children (still noble - make one purity gay or not to bother without sense or reason to pollute the mask of it in complex standing - no flower shops or beauty schools to be afraid live your kids only). Anyway, know that "someone special" has tried to do something special to you if I hated you, and I had more reason to tell of it than you care to know or say as beyond us both. The angels not half so happy in Heaven made me eat shit to you and what can I kill to make this time of mine alone so sorry I said? Nothing you have. With the tank now on empty, I'm being told in mind as now refused "They'll make you change your name." To blend in and further discount this? I'll try and report all of the banter I receive as noted to you. For every Doug Moon, a place for one hundred (100) people to sit and strategize the faith I bring. A tattletale can only do so much while feathering his own nest. Stay truth to no bother of it. My truth: I struggle to answer not, only to bear it to you. Everyone sucks. Male voice: "We know we're going to be killed - we're just trying to make the best of it [by making it hard on you to achieve anything with this]." So? Is this me providing else? I don't ask. At night, my body locks down and someone plays with interiors to no pain but bothersome. Not to harm (my suggest) but to "cleanse" my body. Start with the outside miracles I believe. Multiple stings on the face as a child have saved me from diabetes before I knew it why not? I laugh with the nossibilities and suggest making a brand-new Doug Moon to giggle at every Jewish off-note like Britney Spears is new. Remember my faith as more subtle kind. Only of the practical senses need apply.

Perhaps A New Housing Complex To Separate An Old Woman And Her Money For Less Than Nuttin' 03/08/03 1237
Did you know that I'm "going to Hell?" Yep - I know it all sounds glamorous, but I get threatened with that when things don't go my way and I make my way differently. Who knows what's out there - not just a man, but not exactly commanding of it either or you would know death far sooner than said before I'd start decorating in Hell (write off all else to making a memory - couldn't keep the bad ones either no choice of it sees no thought of one nor a need to know better or worse). Other than that, we laugh of the need to deliver you here without words or meaning and see a four (4) year stint elapse before you feel the shot heard 'round the world to it. You'll never know for sure God heard you, and I'll never be sure I cared personally speaking 'round and 'round. You see it. In the meantime, no one tells me anything I want to hear and I get threatened with abandonment left and right that evolves in me to now you only and perhaps more or less scurries about. Eat me then burp after you fuck me. If, however, you're interested in thought of you, I pursue each and every negative note to me in the same fashion stated non (years on), turn my back on all to not see or feel, kill for the complete intricate note (we got you all from head to heartache) and never stop trying to know better of it all said. I don't want a life marked by silliness and threatening act, so you see that we understand each other - no one gets me alive. Yesterday I told you of a very nice psychosequence that made me happy - I drew in best known individual for the purposes of being best known to me only. I don't want to be known to you after all as this but known of. As I make my way through life and endure what of it to be what of it, know that I won't settle for what you offer, but usually that's all I got to be so far: what's offered - see you here. To take is to be God. To wait for an offer is to be me. I'm me. Take me.

So Smart 03/07/03 2000
Jesus and Mary did come here with nixed results I trade thee. Jesus ends a nice exchange and laughs with me by making me cry for him "his death" on exit (who cared less then me) - do better last time - and Mary quibbled forth so how about that Mary Cunt? Oh, I see that still matters even beyond those hard times you now see ever so clearly to me. A genuine court by me sends thanks for the fun and thanks not for the ending fouls that challenge me to explain myself you see to better I seem. No need to thanks again. Be more like me the one who comes to make more of good thing happen as only what rests between what came before you and then only to me. Only to me. See it done to. If I were going to kill anything, I'd just ask that be. Speak to that with me as you may fit to see me there first. Cuts to may twice, measures down once.

My Bounty Lies O'er The Ocean 03/07/03 1919
My body lies over the sea - oh, sure you see it all souls hover me over. One such example of not knowing nor wanting to is having your s-hole (for "soul" - my shame suggests the long and winding hoad through walls and toilet stalls and for so you shall see me wipe) talk to you as living this unfit and being contrary as only in agreement company with "God" and his candy dish full of peppershells. Oh, the weakness to it! The whining and shaming it to plead me, the beginning of a nuanced entry into Hell (so with you I'll follow), the hopelessness of being just that - me done down in clown suit unshaved. You'll be that here soon enough listening to ghost talk for hours on end - "Yesterday, Jesus and Mary Christ came by as spirits and talked for hours. In a heartless to heartless with Jesus (don't use that only name - be loving and warm company to joy with us) that I was sorry He died like I was just a minute late to stop his drowning and began crying hard like I actually knew what I was saying about and a bubble popped to end the halcyon so real only ever talking to a hinge on a closet door you." Who died yet? I think I did both. I'll crucify you myself over it I think to not I'm smart too think less. The past of myself is yet to know this mine of but speaks this to us. But back as my soul speaks, I question the overall worth of a shape that makes me sane in the face of a God that sees not to make it so every howl you nivit sooner or later why come to breed this back home we bred. Can't you not talk of it some? Can't I do better with less of it seen to be yours not mine? No. God needs to go key direct and get his holesale cheaper by the left. After this next failure of just simply mine alone in a world of having not to be seen by me and also too, you might sight a reason to live as me in this before suggesting a place in my life beyond this my life ends. I haven't planned a near-death extension yet that doesn't exclude much of what happiness here bears else these s-haves so still hear to be. The very of it shoal - that lightning rod of higher cents that sees the come of what's done before the shelf that bears it to me sees my need and thinks less of it as me without much actually that blocks a wave goodbye to it. Come back to die it's first to I see to be left without me. Thank the breadcrumbs in Heaven the meat might make the meal after all I eat to be it. "Why crumb?" as only asked to the most hard-boiled of layer eggs you. Would to take off the "Mary Cunt" that says my image of this is not quite the same be offended by grace as a lack of? Not as surely as let's be. Be that to me first as I wait for a sight that longs to be seen near this or so to the right of.

Doug Moon Please Die When One Half Eaches Your Halves 03/07/03 1641
Oh, Mister Mister you miss me half sure of it sees! One spell in tarry suggests my little Excel spreadsheet proving laterally that cosmic forces do work by one halving a square to make ".25" a figure leaves me guessing too. Why would ".25" - one (1) quarter of a square being quartered to provide "square identity" or lateral change seen - be used if one (1) half of one side of a square "1" be just over at ".5"? Well, who knows more? If one (1) side of square "1" is also another side of that same square "1" in value if not awful - what would one quarter of that radiant (the only picture) be? One (1) quarter (".25") as expressed as same. Take it or leave it at home. Have it both. See me same. God did this with me as I instructed first. When God is wrong, you are seldom right. See it never. Do it same anyway or feel me there too with as somehow you.

Never Stopped By The Likes Of View Sees So Well Knows What I Do 03/05/03 1842
Nothing really to pinch in your oval pot today, but simmer me bell. Dialing for dollars with your mother's armtoot again? Why waist the Myrna DeVelva on a goblin the first fathers couldn't fix using our smother's ought so cleverly basked in native tongue how barrain so say this back to me as I speak it too softly in the center 'round a catchhole no one plasters for fear of chipping it's painted luxe interior (oiche! mos perlis marvets and chimpura havels swince all around the damask you'll seek to persis chimique bon tout salavays at once both this to be! take song! give wing!) That voice calendar soon reaches the last inner-tube joke when the pages are finally discarded at once you receive and hear December 31's inspirational message to the monarch of flight that layed ten (10) eggs last year and ate two (2) just this morning over talk of "winged-essence" and other slights of the mand we all love hearing if buying to sell what's on hand for a moment or two afterwish this year's stated close. We hell ya too soon to be spoken in time for us. Our talks ever nuisant aren't over until the truth makes the manner softer spoken for having it same. You can't argue with me here and I make up the time where it makes matters most - not in your shakebox to send sand back in time. "Thanks to dirt ours saves lives less." Keep the mange. "I know you hate us, we do it anyway." Never suggest a passion my hate where a Post-It will do more of the calling back and answers that name.

Solid Clear 03/04/03 1548
When I write anything as concentrating done by me alone (my original human mind function), mind above (spoken to the original mind by myself as elevated to all known or perhaps some other idiot during a harmless intrusion - no one paid for perfect yet you) is supplying words and lines in-between clarings to joy and better me. This isn't about what's right, it's about getting to proud of, to a hearty laugh, to satisfaction for me alone - to my perfection as seen by me. I won't settle for shit unless I have to and I nearly do not you. Pleasing you is great, but I'm a real bastard about things that cannot rest unless tweaked for slightly better. Maybe you see it. No one helped me with this either now you know. After all, a word given to and retained by you is no thought to receive then use. Thinking is seeing things better than what's told of you. Better I take of only to save for the need of as the highest glory known to me is being asked to shine on it first without provocation. If not that, be breaking and mean for it. It comes you. One more: Mind, God's mind, is brutal truth. I'm amazed only at what is hyper-perfect and rendering to faith (knowing better as guides thee to truth not seen yet to desire). A joy only ever (I get floored by it all) plus me with you bad combo. What? It's me.

An Original Thought Comes Quickly Done 03/04/03 1527
That rhyming stuff - I can't stand rhymes really as equates to me with being witty now also unduly solicitous or rubber thought as just cracking in half until you can distribute it further to someone who loved it as much you thought you did when you lived quite better as well. So, my criticisms aside, I get rhyming junk (as profound thought nestled within) from mind and I formulate some with (new each idea revamped as your own too) while cringing at what I might think of you too. The last rhyme is done to the heavens however and mind takes exception with my flaw rendering. Here's truth displayed at a glance: "When I think my need it takes but a glance to undo what I've said if given the chance you said far too little of where this came from it is eternal as death and minds with someone a fear half spoken is now in the heart I've taken the last of this song apart it now rests as tree in hallows of shade takes nothing of back what's to left but with whom I just made just made is a symbol and a symbol is care to have is to hold and you took no one there take none of this now it comes with your shame a flame burns what will have no part of the same take back what is yours or bury it to me when I dig up what's left you'll have none of the tree so speak of it softly or hear of my care I left just what will have me resting here on a stair if noticed step lightly for two have become one and one is no more than just having fun no tears for the weary shall water the dead the dead have now spoken but laugh in their head two heads are half spoken when one lies in the ground speak your part softly they leave them around we didn't want bother or nature to be what guides over all as only a tree so care what you've written until shame sends it back no weed takes what's left until someone gives it a crack let the crack now reverse it open and take sun away what I read from the woman is what you may say a woman is treasured beyond any harm stay true to thy self or read longer yarn". Junk - perhaps a woman's treasury keepsake. Long live art and mind's eye of it done well.

So Smart About Things 03/04/03 1122
I know you're wondering about me again keep going. I left my ass-shiny butterhaze Saturday night to go and stand in a gay bar and drink a beer but high on aspers of course my heaven you. I never go out anymore and fear someone remembers me bite-drunk dancing backwards off the pool table to no bother (just kidding this of course - chances are I already told you to go to Hell on one Sunday or another did you make it?) I don't know anyone anymore if I can help it (no one is truly indispensible - try and keep this too) and if that's not nice enough, I can try and fit in somehow each unsuspecting my victim the lord of. Having received my little gift so bitetooth gratifying life in hell what could it be from the likes of you? my erstwhile friends never bring this up and that's god enough white rabbit makes little round christo poop eachwhere I leave and thinks of himself smarter too we all laugh inside with us or more at chuckle while they cite drugs that's unwelcome to hindtruth as infinitely more useful to type less you and I simply marvel at how great everyone looks at each age to me. Keep knowing me better than I do and I'll try to figure that out with you. A drink ruins my buzz, socially speaking, plus I tend to cry for things like the world's poor. To quote such as my mother speaks it to say "We all have our poisons." Keep luvin' it.

Cloudbusting 03/04/03 1102
All of this coming to good I used to run from useless to both sides now, but who can deny my potencies afoot? Protect the keepers unlike you protect me. Yesterday, I stood on a sidewalk and chased a big cloud away in minutes (I swirl with mind back and forth and rub it out of the sky) for friend and foe alike have no doubt we loved it too. What no faith? My fuse so tiny I would kill thee badly for being absent minded one word off. I still feel bad about all I affect too hastily and ask for a better done. Why can't I be better about things? Because I can't the world so perfect but now under my attack by you. Be happy for no man does this. I was you too and saw nothing I cared to talk about. Not a thing. I have this or will thrill for you too.

Exacting Those Carnal Pleasures While Anyone Cares If You Do 03/04/03 1038
I apologize once again to my friends of regis harmony for being semi-honest about things (my brand of purchase) while simply abusing them all the same as. Feed me first or we'll pepper your foodstuffs. Now back to wit: A woman in my head said this by me as I sat on the wazithrone (remember all good for prompt so phase me): "Never buy into the carnal pleasures of Doug Moon. Carnal pleasures are forbidden to us. We can't make them illegal because people will just take them from us anyway, so we attack the care on other ends." Of course I have nothing to say to someone who already has the very rejection I fear, but stay stupid about all with it (carnal huh?) until you know anything for sure (you get sick) and stave the political stance on anything mite (just me). My only message here on top is that no one here cares of such mink or see more come you. So little of what I use to pleasure myself with comes without have knowing my wares. I simply hadda get to give to - something like that. Be aware of what hurts for you. Be better for people, or settle for what's theirs. One day I settle supreme wax and wane, but there are other roles I fear to play don't bill me that just yet. No one needs an understudy for that part. What? Oh. Remember, circles of life.....repeating coming back around simply having it. You know. What wins this most? Don't be a grub. I hurt before this too. Alot. Do you care? I deserved to hurt trying to take of my good making the most of it. I deserved to suffer. I still deserve it. Now you too.

Still Getting Your Wordsworth In Blue Chip Dingle 03/03/03 1638
So I'm identally (without reconciling our truth at the same time) merving over the lyrics to the Cat Powerses - a dour little affair that but one song breaches the overall talent quote and oven mitts must now be drawn in force against the phase-neurologen bug light that dried this stingy little cake right up the sides of the horse-drawn ashtray that put all five (5) greases together in a minivolutionary micro-raze vatch of Hetty Bospkar Queasy-Cakes (tastes more of like peanuts if hothouse motherdung choco pudds or incomes the cramps). Such of it says "we can all be free - you're just a man" just pieces keep dreaming once said. in each one of these reams. lies what with lives in the head. no secrets half spoken to tears already said. so to just dry them is no fear of it wed. something something. if we just take of what's broken to water the dead. something jerky. Let's chop down a tree for that. Remember, no one would pay for what's free.

Like A Chip Of Crimpin' Hot Dung Lends A Hand To Your Honey 03/02/03 1922
You're a Jew and now how to act about all of this. It matters to me as much as ever I said and you know I'm pretty firm about these kinda things. A Jew? Not usually a problem as with any penalty levied against the taking of one's good without asking of other opportunities afoot maybe better than that even. I take the good of it only and the rest is yours to avoid for fear of having it done you. What can I say to a feeling-type Jew? Your people really suck in the way of making world sense, but when I get to be just me we can fuck and hurt people with someone else's words as per usual for them. Hope I'm good enough for you to take exception with and then onward it moves up above right to your mother's sanctum. These are unfortunate times for friend and friend alike, but if you're like me, you could give a shit in favor of priority sense and yes that will do just fine now leave. I still can't afford to be better about things with regard to people, but if you can and act up on me I'll throw you right out on your dumb ass. Business as usual then for one who can't stand any more bullshit than is required to feel my superior and then shine on ya. Be that. A Jew - how Harlem. Two things: If I were a Jew, I wouldn't give a shit about what anyone thinks - that's just me and for who I am. So what you live. Secondly, I'll take up of what's me and let it be further to you and beyond yours of it. Sensibly, I'm gonna stand behind what this is as my note to the future and its fouls about. To settle upon nothing exceptional for the purpose of saying a standard issue is my help. Good enough to be this, and good enough to rot in the grave with you too. Another cunt so vows it? Let me change. As long as that lives no one's paying too high a price to miss of it just yet. A single nerve works it hide to hole.

Against My Hide We See Ourselves You And Improved 03/02/03 1813
My friend Miss Clay C. - estranged years ago for common acts against my love - is now active in my mind with all others past and present and he needs a note from me as now a simple warning you (all too often, deceased motherfuckers come a' callin' to mend fences betwixt me and their son or daughter so desperate to know me ah fuck 'em). Someone said you died being cheap as per usual in the ValuJet crash (not real you ever - ValuJets indeed) and I thought that a bit too perfect an outcome for one who is only destined to live on and on fearing God like you do and the AYDS creeping up your ass. Sounds like the old "life is too short" routine I've had to endure outright with every other ex-lover I've left behind, but if you're smart, that still means nothing in the face of betrayal and not getting what you want. That being that, rise above and see what's here for someone thinking about all of this as better and earned to you. I'm still a great, and shameful behavior is now being generously rewarded by me over every cowardice you entrust to fear, but why is it that I hafta stab down first at any sign of life? It's my knife. My complementary ridicule suggests nothing in your way ever (still all in your head with better friends guilt), but we see how speech gets slurred and how can I stop feeling like a garbage picker mending his ways with people who do not care about anything you ever? Do I care? I do, but I didn't care enough to slur it. Be nice about things and don't be a fool after all. Nothing has changed, and most of the people I reconnect with are still shitty but I'm still having alot of fun with them and it turns out I was worth a shit too. This is all pure shit though like losers feeling it all through my feelings are now hurt so bad. Feelings are real and so is a lack of comfort now die as I writhe in pains. Is that enough now? By the way, I finally told your mother Carolyn that you are gay - remember how I used to threaten you as having her phone number for emergencies? I still have the number, but now we use telepathy (God now very reals to one who fears it only such like you do). She doesn't really like me and I tell I her that I prefer your father anyway. He says he is better looking than you and lives on Reginald. Nice stuff but people think I'm trying to make them happy by jerking them off. Sez who? Come to done. Be nice. I'm mean only still and you too. ValuJet - that's not real is it? Clay? Two more: Your mother found out three (3) years ago she said. She knew but controlled his way with her and others. Odd jobs, a tooth. Your code name value is Beelzebub ("has a devil put aside for me" demon frank, most notably of Salem witch trials with others Halliday notsuch Fraser both hard bitches on the middle ear sue my left tit - not too bad yours).

Ephedra Say Nothing Kills Like Alcohol For You Just As Bad As You Bought It Live Some Cry Some Too Only Worse You 03/02/03 1520
If you like it, it can't be all that good and that's too bad. Alcohol rules you down to the dump - see it the new white meat then drink right up I'm only amazed it rises each day I nearly note but only in a passing fashion you skunk. The Chinese New Year: how is it so? Starts off a rat welcomes a dog, a dog brings a snake, a snake invites the cat, the cat makes a bird as newer yet, the bird sees a fox, the fox rents a hound's tooth, the hound bats a butterfly off, the butterfly flits and all seems well enough now tired this. Dragon breath today says no new feelings yet to you and your home. Every twelve (12) years an infestation of caring and tumultuous reasonings that strikes it back. Largely false of you. One new fox upsets little. One new hound sends it all packing. Eating rice did this to people already malnourished and seeing crossways to village and shore relieved once, twice, three times done. Do it over again maceedink. The Chinese New Year is this year and a rat says it (all of this cultural exchange better see some of this shit heading back out to sea - make a gay porno from of your bountace and have what may count long enough to be ongoing and seen a woman knows nothing of what pleases her best but ask for it anyway guard to shack and know an ass never tires of running after hindtruth ever so cleverly opponing a roundless circle of bait and switch so minds the melody sang of). Bite you to be this my sewer lain. Be normal. Have a cultural shame to bear at home. Kill your name of it before calling back. Dial twice for one number. Memory serves you well, speed-dial serves you a missing number. Play well. Do it for chrissakes and then be for but me. You only think it all matters and you have the time for a precious thought mostly your work is nearly ready undone. Talasaie: Yet another nonsense person who lives within their mind as defined. Never sees you opening up for a change or twice the bargain has it. Words to simply wish away with you for age or consuming reason abandons so fuels this down no say lasts a day longer than it had to. Grind that meat and we'll pack the wings for the trip home you. Let me do it for you we'll see better soon enough.

Observant This Chez Vils Neu Tic Tac Salade 03/02/03 0213
"He just thinks he's so special." Bitch, I'm only it over all you ever loved to only then having to lose. This after having to endure an endless harrass of your note and cycle so happy you have it all your children each of a prodigal so gives to this my very ass of it. Let's restyle all of this levy to faith: then again for not I'm God a jerk. Envy it jealous I try to make you feel real good by being nuisant and frothy but you can't be fooled so soons after once more again. Remember, you're part of my overall package - having someones to trump and muzzle so I just push you right down the dez as expected. Just livin' it is a part of mine too that is adult that is mature thinking growing up out in front of the neighbor - and who actually cares less? More later on simply leaving a few things out.

Hand Over A Helping To Heart 03/02/03 0155
One of our friends here in LA (Sanford/Marques Wyatt/Prestige wants you to know - heart failure) just died and that's still ugly, huh. I hafta puzzle - the first god-like voice you hear in the darkness of our only truth is mine and you wonder why that is. I'm sure I'm wasting my time with this, but I try and help out if can careful to avoid pride issues and any novice of hope everlasting. We'll fix you up soon enough - get that mother of yours too. Sad to be, but having me pays right down the line and now so special it has to hurt. Back to it, I'm like the very Madagne (no you don't hafta boil the noodles first and rip most of them in the process the oven will soften them no one you cook for knows what's new about this yet e-z bakes it) in "Truth Or Dare" - I gotta have it all done right out in front of you so you then see how it all works fails me too. Death and Doug Moon - like two (2) maxi-pads at a Stayfree outing. Why wait?