First, get yourself a web address name like "" is my name forever point-and-shoot from Network Solutions.
This name - about thirty-five dollars ($35.00) a year - is yours to direct about no matter who serves your pages to the Internet.
Network Solutions helps you govern this beautifully - redirecting hits even during downtimes as still yours for a fee.

Then, a web-hosting service provider for damned cheap now to serve your pages - have the web address name in-hand first it is better for you.

How it might be:

Let face the facts you don't know what you're doing.
Click the link seen to sign up with "Yahoo! Small Business" I got them from myself now you too I get paid somehow.
How does it all work? For the price of eleven ninety-five ($11.95) monthly you don't need to know that no one tops this deal (now is unlimited in each and every way - pay well).
You get five (5) gigabytes of storage (file space) on their web servers for that.
You get two hundred (200) gigabytes of bandwidth or papers of stacked out there (see my Math Tingle for help on that conceptually speaking).
Oh, sure you get the e-mail mailboxes and other feature, but we digress this a bargain let them say how it all works.
Hit my link to suit right up have a credit-debit card handy.
The prestige of having your own little site is but miles away from me.
We share to live now live with.

Then tips for web hosting:

Use an FTP program (like "Fetch" for Mac - see for software suggestions) to upload files to the server:
The FTP "host" server is named "" then enter user ID and password to access your "root" (base) directory.
The first file uploaded must be "index.html" to turn up a website on the Internet as such, then link to other files, pages.

Create HTML (hyper text markup languages - nothing too special yet) files using Netscape 8.0 (Netscape is now called SeaMonkey)
Composer is batched within Communicator - use it well.
I also use "Taco" (also at the above link) to teach me the wit and say cleanly, if neatly.
Speed-dial is nothing to know when memories fade calls you back, but I like to font.

Other than that, perhaps use a percentage sign "%" in the place of an addeco "@" in e-mail "user name" fields.
Example: ""

Hey - this stuff ain't common knowledge, you know.