Our Los Angeles Is Like Sugarplum Fairies To You Half Asleep Elsewhere
And You Mean It

Unlike most of its predecessors, God blessed Spago with long life and millions of misdeeds.
They made frankless millions untold to you.
More than that even.
Below, pre-featured pictures of its demise.
I ate there many times by asking if please never once commanding it.
Lobster ravioli died that day.
You did too.
The eighties - I live there too at Sunset and Horn.

I took these pictures myself with one of them plastic cameras by Kodak - not bad, but give it back.
Hearsay? You miss the food? Any Wolfgang Puck restaurant will claim you.
Trust that.
I love the tortilla soup - it makes me think of albondegais (you say "albondigas") meatball soup.
Add in the meatloaf, pizzas, and the creme brulee.

Consult your local menu or perhaps the freezer section at home?

Whose eyes are that on the lower wall in the first snapshot?
Restaurant owner Barbara Lazarus - Wolfgang Puck's sister-in-law - not wife.
I find myself puzzled most often by her arts at and of - puzzled (those mosaics, no).
Don't give it away just yet - I'm still learning.
I think the eyes are kinda affecting if rude mural. Give them a better look, then turn away.