these spray-painted on area sidewalks...some most have been erased but others will tell
remember - you should see and know mean to no further bother
others seen: the three-headed gary coleman in black as trinity just speaking and not knowing or understanding much said - and - 
the one of a microphone running with wife and kids in tow, plug pulled - older has-beens getting re-involved alot with music-type sales because of you talking about thanks for blocking youth and entry
fuck you better to win - be better at it, stay off of star searches - get real in a garage somewhere leave the studio to the people who really know how to get there seeing how it's done but not with you in there
someone real...even toni and dean worked with eurythmics as back up..."bitches" she said "but very informing"...neilsy did stage too of course as pat benatar...stage is important, not
"stage is important or i will not hire you" - neilsy..."i hate people who haven't demonstrated flame and are being lured in - bag that back....never give studio to that or any other...keep it core" - dM
i tell people i moved to california in 1987 when neil and i made pet shop boys happen more - a clever lie as staged by friends of...believe that? he lives in nj still most and i go too often
lies..."dire straits broke me" it said to neil and as backwards

islamic-type unfriendly 2 get no bash back    yeah, me too - maybe you should get the fuck off when the ride ends     we got that part of it already - the dishes still shine
means: stop and shop lightly, we see you and hate looking - a black has this done
means: we look too and see less for us...get back early, make us shine too - islamic some, mostly me
means: take the crown from me or shut the fuck up to jews and merely men - seen on the way to work every day i walked - and you? still there walking and working? no - not me

wishes for it beforeskin...born at home zips it up  one of them cammle asses eats pourlebut at the  abreast of afoul order scliss tarts to eat, someone blows flaentz in the coal
means: mochee makes music with neal and also curses me too with 'another song?'...the music is radio-wise with timbres but unsigned, one plays for unkind...see back to dandy warhols us ours yet
means: fell to earth, splat out some most - i see cingular smacked down too as at&t other or for no calls made by me
means: i am everywhere and have been seen unhappy anywhere you may look...many times seen by a blade...fear not, be who i am - nice enough, open no boxes unturned...don't be death asking to know itself once more

more or less: i may need to go the bathhouse, etc. and can't afford your nonsense as i find my dreams too - no sight celebrity is welcome anywhere ever is not sexy is not wanted is not needed

played rome while others fiddled - killed like others live: with good food in mind only
means: a falling star neal is my friend...neal is a god to you, not a was him...we cherish your note of finally 

home of the 'fistwitch' and rusco bizlax 'la times 2'...'4' special saucepeses thinks lettuce is ca-cheese boyla homlamaker...eggstits, mitres
means mine: a 'fistwitch' is a tight-fisted woman or man clamboring for it...russian stuff is here made that way and so is mexico or bizlax sounds like 'exlax' comes out that way too as corn mashed up
chef boyardee own this and puts lettuce not cabbage what stinks in their meat sometimes too...powdered eggs freshen powders and lengthen meals we teach you how...the wood made is built some i like it

quite possibly, that tree at right is the most beautiful arrangement of greens ever received me and as by dionys...say "DouG" in beautiful caption over sunbursts of pink-green

no hand-wash is extras to me...buff and shine then mint lips with your own dimes pay it in the back box to see your job order solding bupps apt no bunglers need read up or to reply but at once i just breve
means: uses no other to talk, has no other to say - go see him first
means: four (4) pillars honors god - see him here we eat cheap

i'm told a world is nine thousand years old then sold in for beads back down for its bread...nine thousand is just around the corner, your banging gets you a cup of lemon-rose sorlead
means: five 5 times now we've seen you die with us, be the fifth again dei lightly
edit: five thousand 5000 years taken, four 4000 to remain here to see grow each at one thousand 1000 years...the bands are at five 5 years each
edit 2: i'm here to year are long gone.

the building studio at cynthia and doheny where mister rogers filmed every episode of his long-standing kids show
yes, I was entranced - now see that
he is there not, do not ask to see him...lives in florida with his wife now after being a priest for years in colonial texas his heart home