See these 'helper' applications I recommend in stealth to relieve your pressure and moreover to help yourself to what's naturally yours after seeing and then additionally hearing:

Screentool 2.0.3  Take snapshots of any screen length, the "instant shot" captures all QuickTime images stilled as on pause for you too. It's ridiculous!

Snapz Pro X 2.0  You thought you had it all inside a mall. Take more of what you wanted to see with Snapz Pro.

WireTap 1.0  You heard something and need to record it between the wires - do so with this. I start this recorder up first and then play the sound to capture for editing.

Jasmine 1.8.7  Your full-feature sound editor to take captures all the way and remove the airspace. Some say finicky, I give my gift having used both successfully.

Audion 3.0.2  Make MP3's from CD's or appropriate AIFF files. I don't know much, but I know I love you. Check the ID3 tags by dropping them on this as open module.

Graphic Converter 5.1.1  Intimately replaces the inner twinings of Adobe Photoshop and its markands or havings for the girl on-the-go. Not bad, and a bit of a stitch to it.

LimeWire 4.0.4  A very popular suite of nuisance. Lime helps you know better everything you once heard or enjoyed and on-demand of it. How long can it last?

DVD2OneX 1.3.0  Makes copies of DVD's and their audio-video files for creating backups or nuisance what have you. Still experimenting with it what said.