Um, I understand my score (130) was perfect as all answered correct. A standard IQ test does not equal this but can relegate a low score up to one twenty five (125) usually, then this a margined effect to you. No geniuses here for just that over else needs a proctor but you may fail me here. Yes, the one (1) point is for under ten (10) minutes done. Match me no cheats. C'mon - I really did it myself but think less of it all unsure how why sometimes to answer an educated guess. Ask to know it.

From the "P.S. You Stink" Department: One question cites 50th "best" and 50th "worst" same in a class of how many no you can't be both at once. The answer least likely to be wrong (that counts too, Fool) is one hundred "100" per me yes, but that yields a "50" and a "51" from poles of such done to you. Trick me that. "Oh, we get so many emails..." I simply understand to let this be. Save to use for quill of the smartest ever like mind over tried did to me.