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Item #01-000 As Agent Orange Of Or: A Carrot's Nest

snuff bullets

Item #01-001  One Used California Driver's License Authentica-Replica, Sure

the real one from 1998  to 2003

Supposedly, nobody wanted this holy card at E-bay (a logue of lust?) - my only driver's license issued once then 08/28/98 - 08/16/03.
Your bet still offers me one.

Item #01-002  A Pair Of Shoes A Jesus-Type Walked In (Well Alright, I Am Jesus Your Probe): Yours For Mine

"Cool Cat" Style 4477 Size 10 Brown Only

The actual shoes Jesus walked in 'round town from about precisely 03/01/02 - present (most all then in California). PU!
The wayward facts:  Brand: Skechers  Model: "Cool Cat" | Style: 4477 | Color? Brown only | Size? 10.5
These are priced retail at fifty-eight dollars ($58.00) and City Gardens in Trenton, NJ wouldn't let me in wearing them.
Yours (new only) for mine less yours.

If sock moistenings have alert to a dry feet you may have paid extra for these.
No to colored pigskins - all leathers, thank you. A leather will not stretch for you ever see a pigskin for that.

BC 8.8 DIA 14.0 -2.50 D The expiration dates your joke at.

Your price may have just went up - and significantly at that. Better to throw in a box-pair of Acuvues.
My personal freshness date provided above - see 1-800-Contacts for more of my detail we've done business I love them.
Otherwise, see what I've been missing in being you.
By the way, my roommate wore the same prescription, but recommended to a different brand same doctor.
They had light blue dots in the middle - I didn't care for that and wear that not usually at all.
I believe some of us get life in less and his prescription changed for the better I see.
Strange - and by the way, mine is the second lightest prescription one of my demure can have.
From driving too much. Tempered glass? Get real.
What rots teeth most? Salt. Too much plus water-sugars less.
Over eighty-six percent (86%) loss due to excessive salts.
Rough sea salts and seltzer waters, mostly - that is not soda water a hydrogen mass already done opened (the opening on kills us).
Eat 'em anyway - see a dentist usually.
Get contacts too - I hardly have them in feeling and use.
See your obstetrician.

More someone asked me talk about my teeth - here goes a matter of priorities or then the best dollar spent:

I have "tons" of silver metal fillings upper and lower from my youth I now count six (6) in total.
Of course and again, there's that single white one (1) I can't find in and around just yet.
Total now seven (7) and thus beginning a new program of having it all redone, yet shortened by call.
Prior to being adult, my parents paid a town dentist and I sat in there forever in nitrous gases with black rubber stretched over my face.
I ate all I wanted for it.
When the time came to have braces (the glue-on kind - thanks), I had a combination of ten (10) baby teeth and adult matures (you say under tusks) removed.
I had braces in programming sense from the time I left elementary school until I graduated high school.
A date rape - period - as anti-sex for me.
Heard from me: "If you were my boyfriend, we would have fucked."
A little bonding here out front for a minor chip on the side there - nice, beautiful now and still.
One fake royal crown on rear molar for a filling gone through.
Chewing gum one day in a supermarket got crunchy.
One new tooth very expensive filing the old one down to crown-half, it has discolored somewhat (what I call a "bad boy").
I love a dentist, teeth get yellowy with soda and pop. Never from coffee I drink all tea.
Whitening formulas - most notably Crest Extra-Whitening Clean Mint - prevail me yet.
I love my teeth and have saved them from class structures or kindness by you - a little spray-camphor and no needle to hurt me ever in this.
They have character - I feel my beauty when I smile (a no-braces look, really).
That one tooth though - odd.
No derelict from drugs - sorry I'd run.
Usually, I'm a three (3) times a year Delta dental person but I last paid one hundred dollars ($100.00) for a checkup and then a mouth cleaning.
I nearly died of that uncoverage no x-ray neither declined to not now.
Work well, get along with others.
By the way, my dad - a punchhead - has fake dentura all along the nightcap, therefore I appreciate to all.
To quote him fondly "...and to think I hesitated."
To quote me ever to trust, "From the look of the bottoms, I'd think they were beauties."
Mother has hers mostly of - a suggestion.
A brother may laces his with coke.
Flossing? I love it for making clean and healthy (no blood) happen awful well.
Most especially in back of wisdom teeth they made room for.
I've been warned of it by the above but gentle all and get it done anyway for me.
I hate mossy teeth - so there.
I also like to use the green Plax liquid - it eats glossy film right off your teeth like acid wildfire and helps whiten fast with or without flossing.
It also eats the tartar capriols - what are like cloves on the back of a ham to me - outta your throat making it sore sometimes with little holes like hot brainmeat.
Floss, and floss gently it counts always. I try to.  

Item #01-003  To Each Of One: A Fingerbowl Of Class

[No picture available - see it anyway - imagine there's no heaven, no parks, or people too]

Yours for mine - may to inquire within.
Our own hand-made in-hand.

For This End Of Sale Closing