John Stewart "Gold"

when the lights go down
in the california town
people are in for the evening

i jump into my car
and i throw in my guitar
my heart beatin' time with the breathing

driving over kanan
singing to my soul
'cause people out there are turning music into gold

my buddy jim bash
he is working pumping gas
and he makes two fifty for an hour

he's got rhythm in his hands
as he's tapping on the cans
sings rock and roll in the shower

california girls are the prettiest in the world
each one a song in the making
singin' rhymes with me, i can hear the melody
story is there for the taking


Notes by Stevie Nicks (to my mind):

"No one pumped gas but me - I wasn't good at it.
(Jim Bash? I made that up and slurred it.)
I pumped gas on PCH [Pacific Coast Highway in California] near Toleta Falls - find me there.
'Kanan' is a rainbow bridge [on PCH] I nearly fell from.
I nearly died that day for you too."

Thanks - D. Moon