mt favoriet cover says Elton bar none - it was evil
All by Elton.

Forgive me Danny Moon (saw me cremated only you).
My real name is Kenneth Reginald Campbell.
My father's name is Dwight - I use it.
His name was Kenneth too. His middle name was used to say.
I use the middle name for that.
The name Elton is from "Elton Bawdry" a term in England meaning "no cause for alarm - I'm here" and also a singer of the late seventies.
"John" is indeed for John Lennon - he helped me much with dollars. I hated his friendship as gay though.
I am gay, but loose about it.
Bisexual is yours and Merv Griffin's. If you want to talk about it, I am gay only.
Gay is mine, bi is yours, and women own both of us routinely as theirs. We are theirs.
I never made love to a woman - she fucked me and I had three (3) children: Lucy, Todd, and Gabriel. Find them.
One is dead, one lives and knows Doug, the other a drop-wart (a person made famous and left behind) - all different mothers.
No child is mine - it belonged to their mother: a bitch, a hussy, and a maid. See them there.
Renate Blauel is not mine. That is the new Elton's squire (I say that loosely enough - I had her not ever and take that Robbie Williams too).
The man that plays for me is good  - an no good too ("Him playing Vegas is like me playing with tools - not a bother.")
Release me from all I know.
Three (3) years understudy in sphincterville (my father taught me much of the "pianoforte" - he still excels me as Michael-Todd in France).
I hated his farts and would gag at him still (see me - Doug).
I studied four (4) years at Cambridge (that's England) and six (6) years at Exeter (a boy's school in France) - all music.
I know everything about it and hate you knowing of it too. I excel you only.
My family are poor enough but related to majesty somehow.
If you are that poor, make the news elsewhere - not here (he'll [that is, Doug will] kill you).
My favorite record is "Greatest Hits". I am beautiful and worthy of you finally.  But it's not me - it is my mother sitting there. Fact.
Just kidding.
My mother looks like me and opened at the Hollywood Bowl. She did three (3) songs out flat.
No one makes music like I do.
If you do, then someone taught you.
Someone teaching you is ten (10) times better than having your own ear hear you to be done.
Be done with that.
A person changes in time not. I am here.
Seventeen people have tried to play me and only one fails you routinely - me.
Fail me every now and again. I failed routinely to please others.
You never do. Fail me.
Fail me.
Fail me - or else I'll have you. Fail me.

No more later. (I had a great laugh with his brilliance. Signed, X)