The author of this page is Doug Moon - none of the contents have been acquired from other published sources.
The information contained herein was provided by God and it should be considered factual and enlightening.
The topics are not in any particular order.
I've kept the tone of this page on a serious level to convey a sense of respect for the people who suffer from these conditions.
Why is it that I get to present this information?
You're going to have to figure that one out on your own.
After World War II, people who lost family members in concentration camps worked to poison everyone in retribution.
Many of these conditions are the fruits of their labors.
Take this page only as seriously as you take your own health and the health of those you care about.
If the medical establishment and their reference books had the all of the answers, I wouldn't need to write these things for you.
It is of the utmost importance that this information be considered, researched, and administered by professional practitioners.
Only disproof should stand in the way of you knowing and understanding the causes of these conditions and the effectiveness of the prescribed treatments.
Let no one stand in your way - it's a matter of life and death.

Bacterial Infectious Agents

Bacteria is separated into three strains: Upper Level, Mid level , and Lower Level.
All strains were intended to fester in necrosis (dead, rotting tissue) not living tissue.
Bacteria were created to consume corpses in their entirety - the three strains work to destroy all cells.
The upper strain includes pneumocystis carinii and kills with neurological disintegrators.
The mid strain kills with pneumocystis carinii II. Pneumocystis carinii II eats away at the lining of the lungs.
The lower strain kills with pneumocystis carinii III. Pneumocystis carinii III kills by eating away at the cell membrane. It liquefies cells.
None of these bacteria strains should be experienced by living people.
When people eat too much food, and excrete too little, these opportunistic infections feed upon them.
Why? Necrosis occurs because excrement is retained in large amounts.
Excrement contains dead tissue and it kills living tissue by poisoning it with immune system codings that kill it.
Infectious agents are also contracted by ingesting feces.
Too much mucous (generated by ingesting feces) creates additional problems with the bloodstream.
The bloodstream delivers too much mucous to the lungs.
Prevention is necessary to keep this from occurring.
Eat fresh food - it helps tremendously by caring for the cells in question.
Compromised systems fall victim to these conditions.

Miscellaneous Facts:
These are the only bacteria strains that ever were, and they are the only strains that ever will be. They are, and always have been, purposeful.
To wit, they do not mutate or evolve in any way, shape, or form.
Antibiotics always kill bacteria by alerting the immune system, unless the antibiotics are expired.
Drug resistant strain? No. They can fail to help if too much else is wrong with the patient.
Is there a threat of overcomsumption of antibiotics?
Yes and no - you can always take too much, but it won't stop you from benefiting from them.
Can you get antibiotics through food? No - antibiotics are not passed between organisms.
Antibiotics do not remain intact during digestion - they are living organisms and cannot be incorporated into flesh based foods.


Why do people get boils?
A boil occurs because there is a foreign body (fb) lodged in the subdermal layer of the skin.
Why the subdermal layer?
Because skin has no need to bother with anything but that particular layer.
The subdermal layer contains the blood of the skin.
Lancing is an affirmative treatment for boils, but putting vinegar on the boil will help too.
The vinegar breaks down the skin's water with acidic action and forces new skin growth that pushes the fb outward.
A common cause of boils?
Cheap razor blades - the steel isn't of high quality and small fragments break off in the skin during shaving.
Sometimes the razors aren't even made of steel.


Osteoporosis is caused by excessive ethyl alcohol (the type of alcohol found in liquor, beer, and wine) intake.
Osteoporosis is also caused by ethyl alcohol production in the body as a result of ingesting too many sugars and being too inactive.
Calcium is a mineral that should never be ingested raw.
Calcium's usefulness is questionable in people who don't get it in naturally occurring foods.
Osteoporosis seems like it improves with Calcium intake, but it is really a healthier diet that improves their condition.
Since only four percent (4%) of the Calcium ingested in naturally occurring foods is used or needed, there is no need to supplement this mineral.
Fact: Bones are made of one hundred percent (100%) water and nothing more.
You can burn bones to determine this - there's nothing left after burning.
Cremation results in liver fats, hair alkaloids, and teeth. Teeth cannot be burned.
How do you improve the condition of patients with osteoporosis? Stop drinking alcoholic beverages.
Supplements with Calcium (Ca) do no good for the human body.
All of the supplemented Calcium is excreted by the body.
Only naturally occurring Calcium found in food is utilized - it is specially formulated.
If you feel that you need Calcium, eat apples.
Apples contain more Calcium than most foods - only the yolk of chicken eggs have more.

Pancreatic Cancer

This is not cancer - this is atrophy (wearing down without renewal) of the organ.
Pancreatic cells do not replicate, they are formed.
A cancer is formed during replication of existing cells (cellular mitosis or cell division).
This condition occurs when people eat too much Copper (Cu).
Copper stops insulin from working properly.
The pancreas responds by increasing insulin production to the point of liquefying its insulin producing cells (the islets of langerhans).
Reduce Niacin (Copper) in the diet - and throw away all sugar diabetes tablets.
No one needs to take sugar diabetes tablets anymore - they are garbage.
To remove Copper - do nothing. If you stop ingesting it, the body will rid itself of it.
Can this condition be cured? Of course. Stop eating Copper.
Special Note: Water pipes contribute no Copper to the diet - only Copper Sulfate to a limited extent, which is harmless.

Hodgkin's Disease

Hodgkin's Disease originates with drinking too much ethyl alcohol (the type of alcohol found in liquor, beer, and wine).
This disease is just cirrhosis of the liver for children and youth with undeveloped livers.
The liver has too much of its fat layer reduced to "glaze" when children consume alcohol (alcohol breaks brown "hydrolyzed" fat down).
The liver is pierced or cut gently to stimulate new growth, but people are told that the spleen is removed.
No child should have their liver pierced or cut over this illness.
Make the children stop drinking and nurse them through alcohol withdrawal.
People rarely die from Hodgkin's Disease untreated.

Parkinson's Disease

Caused by ingesting too much distilled rum.
Rum deteriorates the esophageal layer of the windpipe like no other alcohol.
Rum is made by Jews using the root of the Natsi tree in Jamaica.
The Natsi tree has tars in it that create plaque and remove cells that are mylar in nature.
The tars of the Natsi tree also affect muscle tissue and brain cells to a limited extent.
Most of the digestive tract isn't hampered by Natsi tree tar.
Is this tainting of rum intentional? Yes.
The esophageal cells detach and move to the brain via the bloodstream were they permanently block Dopamine receptors on the surface of the brain.
These Dopamine receptors are part of the central nervous system, not the brain.
These mylar cells (cells that do not respire, breath or ingest - they are formed) coated with alcohol - a sugar - get absorbed by the stomach wall.
Respiration is the intake of fluid. Breathing is the intake of Oxygen. Ingestion in the intake of alcohol and sugars.
Mylar cells are muscle (neo-mylar), brain tissue, and digestive tract tissue. These cells are self-contained, they are made complete, and they have a short life span.
Mylar cells are never renewed, they are replaced.
The feeder cells in the stomach wall absorb these mylar cells as if they were glucose because they appear to be glucose.
Dopamine ensures smooth motor function and stop tremors.
Dopamine is not consumed, it is used temporarily and released.
People with Parkinson's have tremors because their Dopamine receptors are full of plaque.
The plaque is made up of esophageal cells.
To remove these esophageal cells, stop drinking rum and eat peaches.
Peaches destroy wayward cells by scooping them up and disposing of them via the liver.

Sub topic: The Brain

The brain is divided into four parts:
The Cerebellum;
The Cerebral Cortex;
The Brain Stem;
The Medulla Oblongata.
The Cerebellum is the only part of the brain that is mylar tissue (does not respire, breath, or ingest).
The Cerebral Cortex is living tissue that respires, breathes, and ingests.
The Brain Stem is also living tissue, but it does not respire (its cells do not take in fluid).
The Medulla Oblongata does not have any close relatives in relation to cells, but it is electrolytically active.
The brain is actually four different organs and none of them do the same thing, but they work in concert with each other.
No one can live without a brain, but you can live without the Medulla Oblongata.
Why? Medulla Oblongata just controls the flow of blood into the brain stem.
The heart is too close to the brain stem, and blood must be slowed down somehow to avoid gorging the heart with blood.
The Medulla Oblongata does the trick.
That's why a pre-frontal lobotomy doesn't affect behavior.
A pre-frontal lobotomy alters little cognitively speaking - it just increases the flow of blood to the brain stem.
What does the brain stem do? It returns heated blood to the body from the Hypothalamus - it's just a return loop.
All blood flow is forth and back in a loop of blood vessels, and the brain stem just caps a loop.
The brain stem has a gentle squeezing action that is not muscular (mylar, electrolytic) in nature, it uses vasodilative pressure.
The Hypothalamus is a gland, and is not to be considered a part of the brain.
The Hypothalamus regulates body heat.
See more about the Hypothalamus below.

Additional Information : Mylar Cells

Mylar cells need nothing but Methyl Alcohol to survive.
Mylar cells produce their own Methyl Alcohol from within.
Methyl Alcohol production is stimulated by the nervous system.
Methyl Alcohol keeps these cells from drying out.
Methyl Alcohol prevents Oxygen from getting in.
Muscle cells generally do not produce Methyl Alcohol, but they do occasionally.
When nerves stop stimulating mylar cells to produce Methyl Alcohol, the die.
Mylar cells that have died don't rot immediately, they shrink, and then eventually rot when Oxygen gets in.
A mylar cell needs nothing to survive but nervous system stimulation.
The "vessels" in and around the brain deliver spinal fluid, not blood.
There is very little blood in and around the brain - it's just in the brain stem and inside the skull to a limited extent.
The brain is surrounded by the same fluid that surrounds the spinal cord - nervous system electrolyte.
Nervous system electrolyte kills compromised white blood cells with electrolytic action.
Electrolytic action is the general, diffused application of electricity that expands all weakened cells to the point of rupture.
Ruptured white blood cells die and are removed by dialysis in the kidneys.
Remaining white blood cells attach themselves to, and carry away, other toxins in the nervous system only.
That leads us to Spinal Meningitis.

Spinal Meningitis

Spinal Meningitis is not what people think.
Spinal Meningitis does not need to be diagnosed with a spinal tap - use a white blood cell count from urine under a microscope.
Spinal Meningitis is diagnosed when there are too many white blood cells in the urine.
The white blood cell count should be under four thousand (4,000) parts per milliliter.
Spinal Meningitis happens when diabetic people let their white blood cell count dip too low by eating sugar and alcohol all of the time.
Sugar and Glucose (alcohol makes Glucose) make white blood cells (leukocytes) in spinal fluid (nervous system electrolyte) too sticky.
When white blood cells (leukocytes) get too sticky, they can't replicate themselves fast enough to replace the white blood cells that are dying.
Diabetics are mostly the ones who suffer from Spinal Meningitis.
A person who has Spinal Meningitis does not need medication of any kind - it is neither a "viral" nor bacterial infection.
Spinal Meningitis is treated by removing all sugar and glucose from the diet for six (6) days.
Spinal Meningitis requires that insulin production in the body be halted.
If you have Spinal Meningitis, take only enough insulin to make yourself feel better.
Spinal Meningitis doesn't have to be a big deal.
Don't make it one - just stop eating sugar and alcohol.
No one ever needs to have a spinal tap.
Spinal Meningitis is not a disease, and it is never contagious.

Cystic Fibrosis

Not a hereditary condition - barely a condition since it affects only Jews.
This condition is due to the use of too many inhalants.
Jews staged Cystic Fibrosis with children to get suckers to give them research money.
The United States Government hasn't granted Cystic Fibrosis researchers money since 1942.
They couldn't justify it.
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was ruled a fraud back in 1997.
Cystic Fibrosis was "genetically engineered" out of people back in 1997 when fraud was charged.
No one has Cystic Fibrosis, no one ever had Cystic Fibrosis, no ever will have Cystic Fibrosis.
Cystic Fibrosis was just difficulty breathing in children due to the overuse of inhalants.
There was no medical basis for this condition.

Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle Cell Anemia is just a poor diet.
Sickle Cell Anemia is, most specifically, Iron deficiency plus Lead poisoning.
Getting the shingles is just not having enough Iron in the body.
The shaking (like shivering) happens because the body needs to generate heat in some way in the absence of sufficient Iron.
Lead in the body will contribute to the condition by creating abnormalities that manifest themselves with shivering.
Eat peaches to get rid of the Lead, and an apple to supplement Iron.

Heart Disease, Arteriosclerosis, Circulatory Collapse, Vasodilatation

Heart disease is caused by Arsenic in the blood.
Arsenic does not use Oxygen properly.
Arsenic does not bond with Oxygen at all - it is a heavy metal and it bonds with nothing.
Things in the blood need to bond with Oxygen in order to be removed from the body.
Oxygen uses three parts water and seven parts milk to produce plaque in blood vessels.
Oxygen uses plaque to remove deposits in blood vessels, not create them.
Arsenic makes sure the plaque hardens and produces glycerin.
Glycerin cannot be destroyed by the body, it must be expelled.
If you do not ingest milk, will Oxygen make plaque? No.
Oxygen will make something called Ribonucleic acid to get rid of deposits.
This is the same thing as what doctors use to unblock arteries.
Wouldn't it be better not to create plaque and deposits in the first place?
Do not drink milk.
Ribonucleic acid is in citrus and it will help people with heart disease and circulatory problems recover.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is not a real disease.
Multiple Sclerosis is caused by the intake of Lead (Pb) which stiffens joints, and butter.
Butter doesn't let Lead breathe - it coats it.
If Lead can't breathe, it goes to the joints which are the only things that will accept coated Lead.
What is the solution? Get Lead out of the diet and the body and reduce butter intake.
Peaches remove Lead (and Arsenic) from the body by forming a contractual mucous around particles in cells and in joints.
Peaches will help people who have Multiple Sclerosis.
Two peaches (fresh or canned) a week for nine (9) weeks, then recovery time.
No one needs to eat peaches, but if you do, they will make you happy.
Fact: Muscular Dystrophy, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), and Lou Gehrig's Disease are all the same thing as Multiple Sclerosis.
There are slight differences in these diagnoses that are not physiologically significant - treat all as Multiple Sclerosis.
If you have Lou Gehrig's Disease, you simply ate too much butter and Lead is coated with it to a great degree.
If you suffer from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) someone poisoned you with mirror scrapings.
Mirrors have Lead and Arsenic on the back of them, and people poison people with the scrapings.
A common way to poison people is by adding the Arsenic and Lead scrapings to their eggs in the morning - it looks like ground pepper.
If you suspect poisoning, it is best to avoid eggs or other foods that contain ground pepper you did not grind yourself.
Fact: ALS must be brought on by deliberate poisoning with mirror scrapings.
This condition is complicated in diabetics because of insulin intake.
Generally speaking, ALS is rarely found outside of the group of people who are known as diabetics.
ALS should be considered Multiple Sclerosis in diabetics.

More About Butter and Cream

Butter and cream, in and of themselves, do no harm to the body.
These are water soluble substances.
Water soluble substances cause little damage to anything in the body because water bonds with them and takes them out of the body.
Fat cannot retain water soluble substances because there is no water in fat tissue.
Butter has nitrosamines in it, cream does not.
Why? Because butter was churned and nitrosamines are created by churning cream.
Nitrosamines thicken naturally.
Nitrosamines need copper sulfate (known as Vitamin C) to offset their effects.
Nitrosamines are harmless, but they make the intestines ignore nutrients.
You could offset these effects by eating foods with copper sulfate such as citrus, but it wouldn't really be worth it.

Skin Cancer

No one gets skin cancer in Asia. No one.
Why? Because no one drinks beer.
Beer is something that has Arsenic and Lead in it.
Arsenic and Lead kill normal skin cells leaving compromised ones.
Compromised skin cells become cancerous.
Skin cancer has nothing to do with sunlight.
The sun's energy is not enough to cause cancer.
Where is the Arsenic and Lead? In hops.
Hops are simply eggs that have been taken from chickens before they are laid.
People feed chickens Arsenic and Lead.
Chickens absorb the heavy metals through their feed.
Manufacturers of hops know that no one eats these incomplete eggs.
Manufacturers also know no one grows hops.
Hops have never been identified to the government because everyone thinks it's just a grain.
Hops are not a grain, they never were a grain, and they can never be a grain.
They are freeze-dried eggs with Arsenic and Lead in them.
They get hops from chickens that are being slaughtered.
Premature eggs from slaughtered chickens are bathed in Chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll dissipates as chicken eggs mature.
The Chlorophyll creates the yolk.
If Lead is present in Chlorophyll - which is extracted from feed with Lead and Arsenic, it will be absorbed by the yolk.
No one need fear store-bought eggs that are full-size.
Eggs that are allowed to mature undergo a final sweep for impurities.
After the sweep, very little impurities remain.
Only about three percent (3%) of store-bought eggs evidence substantial lead content from feed.
After the final sweep of the egg's interior, the eggs are hardened and laid.
So, no problem with mature eggs.
As for hops (immature eggs) the skin absorbs eggs proteins because skin takes elastin-based proteins first.
Muscle tissue cannot absorb Arsenic or Lead, but vital organs and skin do.
No one needs hops to make beer. Use wheat grain - it tastes no different.

Male Pattern Baldness

Caused by the intake of Arsenic in the form of "Thiamin" (see below).
Thiamin blocks normal cell absorption and excretion and causes the hair follicles to shut down.
Hair follicles cannot get the nutrients they need when heavy metals are present.
Reducing "Thiamin" (Arsenic + Lead) in the diet helps you regain hair growth.
Eat peaches to reduce heavy metals in the body.
Peaches are not going to make you beautiful, but they will help you to look your best.
If you follow this advice, you will get most of your hair back.
Forget the Rogaine and the pills, and give it a try.
Doing something more affirmative for your condition means Rogaine, however.
Rogaine works for me and I do use it.
Regular strength Rogaine by name brand I recommend as extra strength doesn't seem to absorb as well.
Same price for either and keep using no matter what to achieve result.
It does come - it has to.
You probably didn't lose your hair overnight, so don't be unrealistic.
Your hair will return - worn hair follicles will regenerate in time.
Marginal regrowth can be detected in about three (3) to four (4) months.
Excessive use of Minoxidil may hinder regrowth patterns - keep applications light and infrequent.
Minoxidil works by pushing substances out of the follicle cells forcibly. This action can be damaging.
I don't know about you, but I'd die ten (10) years earlier to not live bald.
Not that that matters.
Why the top of the head? The bloodstream deposits Arsenic in the cells furthest from the heart (it's in all extremities).

Crooked / Curved Penis and Enlarged Clitoris Condition

A crooked / curved penis or an enlarged clitoris is due to damaged nerve endings.
These conditions usually originate with damage incurred by the anal muscle.
This is usually a physical manifestation of having been abused sexually by an older adult.
Nerve endings are responsible for shaping all muscle and vascular tissues.
The penis and the clitoris are vascular tissue made up of nerves and sac-like structures that capture blood.
When the nerves of the penis and the clitoris are damaged, they become misshapen.
This condition is not permanent and does not need to be treated with surgery.
Use Hydrogen Peroxide on the affected area only.
Apply Hydrogen Peroxide (make sure it isn't expired product) with a cotton ball - daub liberally - once a day, for four (4) weeks.
Daub the cotton ball, do not wipe.
Wiping damages the skin tissue, so make sure the application is non-frictive.
Length of treatment varies by person - use this therapy until you get the desired result.
Hydrogen Peroxide stimulates nerve endings and they respond by correcting anomalies in shape and size.
Nerves and their endings will respond in a positive way to Hydrogen Peroxide applied to the surface of the skin.

Rasperia Nilopotsuyd

Do you have little white "skin" dots on your lips? Me too.
We get them from a fungus that inhabits raw raspberry seeds and pumpkin seeds.
Use Campho-Phenique liquid or ointment twice daily (morning and night) to kill the fungus in three days.
Repeat application until no more fungal dots remain.
Avoid eating raspberry and pumpkin seeds unless they are thoroughly cooked.
Thorough cooking kills the fungus.
Greater results will be achieved with an anti-fungal creme (Clotrimazole 1%).
The tradeoff here is that an anti-fungal creme will also kill lip cells to a limited extent.
Lip cells will regenerate though.
Campho-Phenique stops Rasperia Nilopotsuyd from progressing.
Rasperia Nilopotsuyd has not been diagnosed by physicians.
Dermatologists don't have a record of Rasperia Nilopotsuyd existing - they just burn off the postules with acid and heat.
Rasperia Nilopotsuyd also exists in the lining of the esophagus, but causes no problems.
This is a cosmetic difficulty only.
Stop licking your lips.
I will too.

Alzheimer's Disease

Caused by the intake of Lead over time.
Lead deposits itself in brain tissue and blocks the connecting strands of consciousness.
Lead reduces the active brain cells that connect to the strands of consciousness.
Heavy metals also destroy the body's ability to govern itself.
This has nothing to do with the strands of conscious being.
A drug will probably never improve the condition of Alzheimer's patients.
You need to get the Lead out of their diets and out of their bodies.
Eat peaches.
Incidentally, Lead is never found in gas form nor is it in the air as particulate.
Heavy metals do not float in the air.

Mental Illness

People who suffer from mental illness have but one problem - a person in their life that hates them.
The mother either hated them before they were born by taking drugs or poisoning themselves - or
The mother went and made herself happy at the baby's expense when the baby was born.
The first three hours after birth are critical for mother and child.
If a child is born and left alone for more than three hours it will die.
If a child is born and is left without sufficient care, it may live, but it won't be a happy child.
Jewish mothers leave their babies alone too much.
Jewish women produce more retardation more than any other group of people.
Where are they after their babies are born?
Having sex with their husbands right after the birth.
There usually aren't any midwives present and the baby is neglected.
Nature will kill babies where improvement isn't desired or evident.

Breast Cancer And All Other Cancers (excluding Colon and Bone Cancers)

Caused by ingesting "Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)" which is Lead and 40% inert substances.
Lead is mixed with inert substances, powdered, and blown into foodstuffs (like wheat flour) using a fan.
Lead gets into the body via the small intestines which are damaged by Vitamin C (Copper Sulfate).
Copper Sulfate ruins the villi (the finger like tendrils) of the small intestine and they absorb too many substances at once.
Once lead enters the bloodstream via the small intestine, it lodges itself under the cell layer.
It works its way into the cell by way of reticulum underneath - it does not pass through the semi permeable membrane.
Once inside the cell, Lead breaks down the cell membrane.
Lead breaks down the cell membrane by causing cells to take on too much liquid.
The liquid is an attempt to flush the cell out.
This weakens the cell membrane over time.
Cell reproduction is hampered when cytoplasm leaks out of the cell wall.
When cytoplasm leaks out it causes peptides in the cytoplasm to be incomplete.
Incomplete peptides incorrectly uncode the genetic material handed over by the cell nucleus.
The damaged genetic material creates cancer as new breast cells.
The first breast cancer cell is a cytoplast, and there are two other cells present in the initial mass.
The cytoplast dies immediately because the immune system kills it off.
A dead cytoplast is the most dangerous cell of all because Lead in the cell makes it an unknown origin to the immune system.
If the immune system doesn't recognize a dead cell, it doesn't remove it.
The remaining two cells generated by the cytoplast cannot be detected by the immune system.
The immune system is distracted by codings left on the originating lead particle, and it continues to flood the area with cytoplasm.
Cytoplasm cannot be removed by anything and it assists cancer cells with replication.
The remaining two cells and the new cytoplasm will be the basis for all cancerous growth going forward.
The only way to destroy the wayward cells is to kill them with radiation.
Radiation destroys cells (including those of the skin) by drying them out.
Radiation is always heat energy - and heat energy drys cells out by taking the moisture out of the cytoplasm.
The cancer may be actively controlled by chemotherapy if Riboflavin is reduced in the diet.
Chemotherapy is not recommended.
A diet heavy in citrus curtails cancer cell replication by destroying incomplete peptides.
If no new cancer cells are generated by replication, the immune system can focus on destroying the the wayward mass.
Since lead assists cancer cells with the replication process, it must be removed from the cytoplast with peach therapy.
Once the lead aggregation is removed from the initial mass, the cancer will wither and die.
Since lead is the isolated cause of initial cancer growths, diffusion is misunderstood as metastasis or the spreading of cancerous cells.
Once lead is removed, multiple tumors can be addressed simultaneously by the immune system.
Fibroid tissue and all other lumps are cancer cells.
The difference is that the benign lumps have been coated with other tissue to prevent them from replicating.
This coating is 100% effective, but the fact remains that the kernel is always comprised of cancer cells.

Cancer cells never metastasize - similar conditions produce it in multiple places.
Cancer cells can be intentionally transplanted.
Radiation does not cause cancer, but it does kill leukocytes in the blood.
Cancer is never hereditary.
Smoking does not cause cancer.
Tobacco was made to be enjoyed liberally, but things have changed.
Smoking taxes the body's immunities.
Smoking reduces Oxygen in the blood because Hemoglobin would rather bond with Carbon Monoxide.
Carbon Monoxide present in cigarette smoke works with heavy metals to destroy immunities.
Cancer is caused by a diffusion of heavy metals in the body.
Peaches assist the body with the encapsulation of heavy metals.
Fat cells need to be reduced at the same time because they harbor heavy metals.
Two (2) peaches (fresh or canned) a week is recommended for adults and children.
Four (4) oranges is recommended for citrus, but other types of citrus will help.
Eat the whole orange (excepting the peel) - do not juice it. Nitrosamines in the pulp are important to ingest and digest.
Fat cells encapsulate heavy metals, but they do not dispose of them.
Fat cells retain heavy metals indefinitely.
Fat cells cannot become cancerous because they do not replicate - they are simply formed.
Fat cells release heavy metals into the bloodstream when fat is destroyed.
Heavy metals released by fat cells must be encapsulated and excreted in order to prevent reintroduction into cells.
Eat peaches when reducing fat.

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is caused by too much connecting tissue in the large and small intestines.
The large and small intestines make connecting tissue whenever a person eats too much Copper Sulfate.
Copper Sulfate is known as Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid.
Copper Sulfate produces Beta Carotene.
Beta Carotene is found in the diet in small amounts - it is the coloring in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.
Too much Beta Carotene eats away at the lining of the intestines and produces connective tissue which seeks to heal it - it is scar tissue.
When Beta Carotene produces too much scar tissue, it can block the small and large intestines and produce pockets.
Scar tissue forces fecal matter to aggregate in these pockets.
When fecal matter is deposited in body cavities, it causes necrosis (or dead, rotting tissue) to form in and around the intestines.
This is mistaken as cancer. It isn't cancer.
Stop taking Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and the body will attempt to heal itself.
Advanced cases where feces and necrosis are present require surgical intervention - the area needs to be debrided.
Doctors think it just comes back - and it does with continued ingestion of Vitamin C.
If you have the condition, it's probably prevalent in multiple places in the intestines.
Eat honey on a regular basis to counter Vitamin C additions - it has nitrosamines (natural thickeners) that absorb it.

Bone Cancer

Bone "cancer" is a non cancerous condition attributable to Arsenic poisoning (see below).


Leukemia is not cancer.
Leukemia is a disease that is brought on when white blood cells attack white blood cells because they seem foreign.
These foreign white blood cells are simply compromised white blood cells, and they constantly replicate themselves.
Leukemia is caused by three factors: Lead, Arsenic, and Methyl Hydrochloride.
Methyl Hydrochloride eats away at the skin of leukocytes or white blood cells.
Lead and Arsenic produce vascular irregularities in the skin of the leukocyte (leukocytes breathe).
No one should eat Methyl Hydrochloride because it only occurs in fruit that has been tainted with it.
How does this happen? People who clean bins that fruits are stored in use Methyl Hydrochloride to remove pollen.
Pollen is something that can be cleaned up with soap and water.
If Methyl Hydrochloride is used to clean bins, the likelihood of tainting a person is nil, but the fruit itself absorbs residues.
Why? Agricultural grade waxes absorb Methyl Hydrochloride.
Remedy? Remove Lead and Arsenic from the diet and eat peaches to remove Lead and Arsenic from the body.
Methyl Hydrochloride is something that should never be used. It is poison. All you can do is drink water to dilute it and flush it out.
These things will improve the condition of patients with Leukemia - they generally don't die, but treatment is harsh.


Lymphoma never occurs in children.
Lymphoma is not a cancer.
Lymphoma strikes smokers who keep killing off white blood cells (leukocytes) with Carbon Monoxide from continuous smoking.
White blood cells need time to recuperate, and smokers must stop smoking for two weeks when Lymphoma is diagnosed.
Lymphoma is something no one needs to treat other than the cessation of smoking.
Too much Carbon Monoxide kills white blood cells.
If you've been diagnosed with Lymphoma, you should stop smoking - it's the smartest thing to do.
No one needs to smoke.
Additionally, Lymphoma can be treated by drinking vodka.
Vodka takes Carbon Monoxide away from white blood cells (leukocytes).


Caused by "Vitamin C" (Copper Sulfate).
Stops healthy intestinal tissue from forming by blocking cell growth with beta carotene.
Never eat Vitamin C without eating citrus at the same time.
Citrus has nitrosamines in it that block beta carotene from forming.

Juvenile Diabetes

Occurs when solid whey is consumed with raw milk.
The whey contains nitroglycerides.
Nitroglycerides coupled with milk lactose set off a child's immunities.
The stimulated immunities destroy insulin producing cells in the Pancreas.
Only calves should consume whey (that's why it's lumpy and disgusting).
Homogenized milk distributes remaining whey and kills active cultures.

Adult Onset Diabetes

A condition exacerbated by the intake of "Niacin" (Copper).
Most people do not get the condition because they are healthy.
Niacin prevents insulin from metabolizing sugar properly.
The pancreas responds by stopping insulin production.
No one needs to ingest "Niacin".

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

Contracted by ingestion of fecal matter (amounts in excess of 1/2 to 3/4 cup) containing the HANTA III virus.
The immune system is immediately compromised when fecal waste is introduced.
The immune system has left codings in fecal waste that the body perceives as dead tissue.
This reduces immune response to the virus itself.
Virus lives in the stomach wall, and kills by starvation. The immune system is weakened by starvation.
There is no such thing as HIV.
This virus infects humans who eat feces.
Yes, people do this and no one talks about it.
Eating feces is usually associated with drug use.
The virus incubates in fecal matter and can only replicate in the stomach wall.
There are no viruses in the blood, ever.
Immune response antigens are the only virus related things present in the bloodstream.
A virus must deposit itself in live tissue, and it never leaves the cell it invades.
Reproduction of the virus is unlimited.
The intent is to kill anything that eats feces.
The human body has tolerances for small amounts of fecal matter.
Large amounts of fecal matter override the body's defenses.
When large amounts of fecal matter are consumed, the virus can incubate and infect living tissue.
Over-the-counter stomach remedies (such as Kaopectate) may be proven an effective cure.
Take five (5) tablespoons of Kaopectate a day for three (3) days.
Another cure is two (2) tablets of Midol with a glass of milk for three (3) days.
People who contract the virus and leave it untreated should die from it within one (1) year.
People who were infected with HANTA III are all deceased.
No further deaths from HANTA III should be reported.
To wit, no one should test "positive" for HIV.
AIDS is dead.

Intravenous feeding does not bypass the stomach lining.
All fluid must be delivered to the stomach by reverse osmosis.
Upon reverse osmosis, the water, glucose, and salt are absorbed by the feeding cells in the stomach lining.
The virus blocks the feeding cells of the stomach lining permanently unless treated.
Protease inhibitors are false medicines.
Protease inhibitors were designed with the intent of keeping homosexuals from becoming a ruling class.
They have no medicinal value and should be discarded.
Understand that most doctors practice cookbook medicine.
Most therapies prescribed by doctors are actually prescribed by drug manufacturers.
In addition, drug manufacturers own the companies that test people for HIV.
In essence, drug manufacturers get you coming and going.
It should be noted that people in the United States military have not been prescribed protease inhibitors.
Does that make sense to you?
You can't specialize in everything, and you've got to trust people.
Sometimes too much.
Incidentally, HANTA III was manufactured by Asian people who were mistreated in Southeast Asia - they were fed feces.
An Asian produces anti life agents faster than any other creature on Earth because they eat rice too much.
Methyl Hydrochloride is something that happens when rice ferments.
When rice ferments, Methyl Hydrochloride eats away at their skin making them yellow and their eyes lose webbings.
In addition, the liver loses function and becomes deformed.
Rice should not be eaten unless it is dried.
Fresh rice is not to blame, neglect is.
Fresh rice stinks with a chemical smell like Chlorophyll - Nature tries to tip people off ("Don't eat things that stink.")
If you stop eating rice it will not help - the damage is done to the genes of Asian people.
Asians as a race were not designated by God. They were Caucasians, some were Lentils, and rice altered them permanently.
Rice was not intended to be consumed by human beings - it is decorative - however, dried rice will not hurt anyone.
In any case, rice should be avoided or kept to a minimum in the diet.
Wheat based substances are far more nutritious and healing.
Wheat is pure light.
Two billion people can most certainly be wrong.
Why do Asian farmers like rice? Because it was easy to grow with a little effort - and it produces much food.
Wheat produces far more food, but Asian farmers didn't want to be bothered.

Is It Possible To Get Infectious Agents Into The Bloodstream Without A Needle?

No - the bloodstream works to push out anti life agents and other substances.
The bloodstream cuts off flow at the next highest intersection of branches.
Whatever substances are in the closeout branch are pushed out of the body.
Nothing in that branch may remain, and the blood vessel is shut down forever.
Ultimately, the vessel blood dissolves.
A new one will develop and grow if necessary for circulation, but this is rare.

Is It Possible To Get Infectious Agents Into The Bloodstream With A Needle?

Yes, but in a limited way.
The bloodstream is a harsh environment where few things that don't belong are allowed to remain.
There usually isn't enough infectious agent present to do any real harm.
Infection occurs within cells, and that is much harder to accomplish.
Usually, the cell itself initiates an infection by dying and becoming necrosis (dead cell or cells).

Are Infectious Agents Airborne?

Infectious agents are never airborne with the exception of the common cold which is just cold energy - a chill.
A chill will produce an illness in people because it chases away the heat energy that keeps people healthy.
Cold energy as an infectious agent is just as valid as a germ.
Both cold energy and germs take away too much heat and the cell is left without heat resistance.
A cell without heat resistance is just a cell without heat.
Heat prevents anything from entering the cell.
Cold leaves the cell membrane less active.
A less active cell membrane lets things pass that wouldn't normally have a chance.
What are those things?
Anti life agents.
Anti life agents tell people "Take care of yourself better."
But back to the original question: Are infectious agents passed through the air?
No - liquid transfer is the only mode of transfer. Period.
There is no such thing as an airborne contagion. Period.

Why Does The Body Produce Fat Cells?

Ethyl alcohol produces "yellow" or anhydrous fat cells in humans.
Ethyl alcohol is the kind of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages.
Ethyl alcohol breaks down "brown" or hydrolyzed fat layers to produce yellow or anhydrous fat.
Brown (hydrolyzed) fat is necessary as a subdermic layer to provide elasticity of the skin.
The body produces brown fat to replace that which has been broken down by ethyl alcohol.
Yellow fat is stabilized by milk lactose which is ingested by consuming milk products.
Human beings should not ingest milk lactose.
Eat celery to reduce yellow fat that has been stabilized by milk lactose.
Celery produces amino acids that prevent fat cells from stabilizing.
Eat a stick of celery three times a week for up to four weeks to reduce fat in the body.
There are forty-nine (49) layers of fat cells per inch of fat.
A single stick of celery will destroy three (3) layers of fat cells.
This is a time release action initiated by the liver.
Three (3) eight inch (8") stalks of fresh celery a week are recommended for fat reduction.
Due to saturation levels of the active enzyme, over consumption of celery will provide no additional fat reducing benefit.
Celery contains an amino acid that, when introduced to the liver, makes a fat reducing enzyme.
Eating fat does not put fat on the body, you're just putting fat in it.
Fortunately, fat cannot be absorbed by the body.
You must make your own fat cells.
If you're starving (not just hungry) the body will break fat down into food energy.
If the body doesn't break fat down into food energy, it excretes it.
Human beings that ingest too much glucose and do too little work produce ethyl alcohol.
The body makes ethyl alcohol from glucose ingested but not metabolized.
Glucose either needs to be burned off with activity or reduced in the diet.

Why Do People Get Fevers?

A fever is the direct result of having ingested the fecal matter of a human being or an animal.
The first thing that happens is insulin production is halted.
The second thing that happens is mucous is produced by the stomach lining (where mucous is produced).
The mucous bonds with the fecal material to produce a hard substance known as glycerine.
Glycerine does not absorb anything, and is removed from the intestines at an accelerated rate.
While this is happening, glucose and water are not permitted to pass through the stomach lining.
Water and glucose are passed into the intestines and help flush everything out.
The body gets hot when it doesn't have the water it needs to cool it down.
Use cold compresses to reduce fever.
Do not eat while the fever persists - there is no insulin for the glucose.
Drink plenty of water only.
No one has a fever in the absence of fecal matter in the stomach.

How Does The Body Generate Heat?

The body heats blood at the hypothalamus and at individual cells.
The hypothalamus is located under the brain over the brain stalk.
The hypothalamus uses Iron (Fe) to generate heat.
The hypothalamus regulates body heat.
Heat is just release of heat energy from specific matter.
The specific matter used by the Hypothalamus is Iron.
Iron breaks down into smaller particles that cannot be seen by the eye or by microscope.
Iron creates additional heat at cells because Iron particles in the blood are releasing heat all the while.
The Hypothalamus just initiates the heat release process.
Think about the Hypothalamus heating and reheating tiny coals and sending them throughout the body.
If your body does not have a hypothalamus, you must generate additional ribonucleic acid to break it down.
The body can generate sufficient ribonucleic acid for people who don't have a hypothalamus.
Hebrews were made without a hypothalamus.
Hebrews that mate with non Hebrews do not gain a hypothalamus.
No Hebrew derived peoples have a hypothalamus.
How much Iron (Fe) does a person need in a year? Ten (10) milligrams.
People should never add Iron to food.
Iron must naturally occurring within foods in order for the body to use it.
Iron ingested from other sources taxes the renal system (kidneys and bladder), but will not harm it.
Iron ensconced by fat cells may do harm to the body.
Iron ensconced by fat cells can rust (oxidize) and that may cause additional problems for people.
Reduce fat cells in the body and reduce Iron intake.

What Are Lymph Nodes?

Lymph nodes have no real purpose other than to collect anti life agents from the bloodstream.
Lymph nodes destroy anti life compounds (disease causing agents) and then release the inert matter back into the bloodstream for disposal via the liver.
Anti life agents were created to destroy anti life compounds - not people.
Anti life agents act like anti life compounds but they are not anti life compounds.
Anti life agents drag anti life compounds out of hiding.
Hebrews were not given lymph nodes in an error - or was it?
You figure it out.

How Does Mucous Get Around The Body If It's Produced By The Lining Of The Stomach?

Mucous travels by leukocytes in the bloodstream.
Mucous is deposited wherever encapsulation of materials is warranted.

Let's Talk About Proteins

Proteins do not exist in and of themselves - they are a chain of carbohydrates, fats, and glycerine.
The body puts this chain together itself when it comes time to produce new muscle tissue - only muscle tissue is produced this way.
What you benefit from is glucose and carbohydrates - glucose builds tissue with carbohydrates, and fats that is has produced itself.
Carbohydrates provide energy because they break down into glucose.
The fat the body produces is used to make cell membranes.
No ingested fats are included in the equation - they are excreted (unless food energy is depleted and the energy fat contains is required for sustenance).
When all is said and done, ingested muscle tissue provides one benefit only - glucose.
The only foods that contain carbohydrates are plant based foods - these carbohydrates break down into glucose.
Strange as it may seem, you can live on sugar (glucose) for over four (4) years at a time.
What is sugar? Pure light.
People live on light.

How Does The Body Digest Nutrients?

The mouth ingests food by chewing
Amalase in the saliva breaks down food.
Amalase is secreted by two glands: the Pituitary Gland, and the Salivary Gland.
The Pituitary Gland secretes Amalase I. Amalase I breaks down sugars (monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides) into Glucose.
The Salivary Glands (there are three (3) because of volume requirements) secrete Amalase II. Amalase II breaks down Carbohydrates into Glucose.
Both of these gland sets are misunderstood because they are not close together - one is in the neck (the Salivary Glands) and one is in the head (the Pituitary Glands).
Neither gland secretions can break down fat.
The Salivary Glands put Amalase into food by secreting the enzyme under the tongue in a stream.
The Pituitary Glands put their enzyme in the bloodstream and it travels around the body removing leftover sugars.
Once leftover sugars have been collected, Pituitary secretions come back into the digestive tract via the palate, behind the Epiglottis in the throat.
The Esophagus transports food to the stomach and excretes nothing.
The Stomach uses Sulfuric Acid (not Hydrochloric Acid - there is no such thing) to break down foods other than sugars, starting with fats.
What people think is Hydrochloric Acid is just Sulfuric Acid with a bond missing.
The bond is expended when water hits Sulfuric Acid, and what's left isn't an acid - it's a gel that is known as mucous.
The stomach emulsifies fats only once and then it deposits everything in the Small Intestine.
The Small Intestine does nothing but extract remaining sugars and, to a limited extent, minerals.
No other part of the digestive system extracts minerals.

Other Conditions Produced by Arsenic Poisoning
These things do not happen in the absence of Arsenic:

Arthritis (breaks down cartilage in the joints);
Macular degeneration;
Late term miscarriage (includes intentional abortions);
Dysentery (Diarrhea);
Acne, all variations
Marginal bleeding of the eyes;
Perirectal bleeding;
Conditions leading to bone cancer;
Circumcision bleeding.

Other Conditions Produced by Lead Poisoning
These things do not happen in the absence of Lead:

Marginal bleeding of the ears;
Anal bleeding;
Bone cancer;
Also produces impaired cognitive ability.
Lead also causes Arsenic to be more virile.

Where Do Everyday People Get Arsenic And Lead To Poison People?

On the back side of mirrors.
Arsenic and Lead are used to make the shiny substance that reflects light on the back of mirror glass.
People who poison scrape off the Arsenic and Lead from the back of mirrors and put it in the food of others.
Jews do this to people all the time.
Eat peaches to remove Arsenic and Lead from the body.

If You Begin Peach Therapy, How Will Arsenic and Lead be Excreted?

Arsenic will be removed from the body by urine, semen, and sweat.
Arsenic is orange in color.
Lead will be removed by fecal matter.
Even though the metals are once again free floating, they will not be absorbed by cells.
Once encapsulated, Arsenic and Lead must be excreted.
We recommend a program of nine (9) weeks.
Two peaches (fresh or canned) a week for nine (9) weeks.
The prescribed program will remove all heavy metals from the body in nine (9) weeks.
Allow additional time for recovery - this will vary by person.

What Are "Vitamins" Really? Heavy Metal Pollutants.

There is no such thing as a "vitamin". What's that? If it isn't in food, why would anyone need it?
You can't "supplement" something you never needed in the first place.
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) = Arsenic with 40% inert ingredients.
The inert ingredients are paper pulp and clay - so the "active" ingredient is undetectable.
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) = Lead with 40% inert ingredients.
Once again, the inert ingredients are paper pulp and clay - so the "active" ingredient is undetectable.
How do these people get the lead and arsenic particles small enough so they are not detectable in food?
They drag wire brushes rapidly over the surface of chemical blocks creating a virtually undetectable powder made of metal.
People who x-ray food write off the white specks as anomalies related to filming and exposure, but the white specks are actually the manifestation of heavy metals.
Jews dominate radiological sciences.
Riboflavin is manufactured by Israel in Lincoln, Nebraska.
No one can enter the building.
Lead crystal should never be used for liquids that are consumed - ever - the lead comes off in the liquid.
Use cut glass only to store and serve food and beverages.
Niacin = Copper
Niacin (Copper) stops Insulin from working by bonding with it and nullifying it.
Try the Penny Test: Put a drop of Insulin on a penny - it bonds with the copper and eats away at the penny.
Insulin that bonds with Copper is useless.
Vitamin C = Copper Sulfate
Copper Sulfate (Vitamin C) needs to be coupled with nitrosamines in citrus or other produce or it will make you sick.
Iron cannot be absorbed by the body unless it occurs naturally in food.
Iron is a "trace" (once a year) mineral that no one needs to eat.
Mercury (Hg) is something no one needs to be concerned about - the cells of the body don't absorb it.
Mercury is pulled out of the bloodstream by the kidneys and is excreted in the urine.
If you think you're missing something nutritionally speaking, eat an apple.
An apple has everything you need mineral wise. Remember, a doctor a day keeps the apple away.
Fact: If a plant doesn't have what it needs to make food, it makes nothing.
Another fact: If an animal doesn't have what it takes to make muscle, it makes no more muscle.
Yet another fact: Muscle tissue will never absorb a heavy metal. Ever.
That's why muscle tissue never initiates a cancer.
Yet another fact: Muscle tissue (meat) does not need to be eaten.
Three (3) one half cup servings of meat a week - maximum - are recommended.
That's the equivalent of three (3) hamburgers.
Animals were made to be your friend, not your foe. Don't make them hate you.
Yet another fact: Food is never nutritionally deficient when it's fresh, but it can lose nutrients over time.
Eat fresh food.

Keep the faith.