Of course these are meant to insult you - so little to for so much...

 other other other

All the books you read, Doug Moon - an ongoing list of, excepting help books (just novels, novellas - and to insult you a bitch about things really, and here a veritable book-burning in the making).
I don't eat to please you either....we suggest Barnes & Noble here to obtain if and as if necessary to you (a thanks to you for helping me out...I hate covers issues being revised - note that).

No, Fool - a "canan" or "capture by me [of mine]" is of your works made...there is no such thing as a "canon" of works.
Tell a friend - "you don't make a list of important works to other people" - God.
What should be read is yours, only - we don't inspire each other to thought much.
We just wanna talk about ourselves and-or of our learnings to each other mostly as impressed with each other too.
Now see that.

For here to it - and we mean it (brief synopses to follow my wit and later - a mindclap is too junky not to cite in verse and in tact):

Andy Warhol Diaries - Pat Hackett
(i am this...in the background wondering why me and you so great...piss paintings, thank you's from Jackie O, all boyz)
Annually - Pet Shop Boys
(i argue this a coffee-table book and was going to exclude as such, but i never got to "literally" an actual volume i've held in-hand a few times but didn't have the cash then...i owe them an interested read)
(oh, sure i scoured "literally" for referencing whose party was attended sorting invites coldly in the car as on the way to it all, but this book gentles chris' interest in architecture to a student of sense)
(more guest to you i talk to the animals: great polaroids - and very real - as in front of the st. james their favourite english hotel and all in Los Angeles West Hollywood proper as may no longer seem fit)
Ash Wednesday - Ethan Hawke
 (some yet)
Babycakes - Armistead Maupin
(mostly refused at the door and basically a todd fraser tome - opens with an elder woman with some kids in a gay environment...trader vic's sf ? playing rich ? a snooz to me i hate gay audio)
Bridges Of Madison County, The - Robert James Waller
(some old italian bitch with salt-and-pepper hair fucks it to a ye olde lackluster on both sides while her husband and kids are away - no class, no good)

Carrie - Stephen King
(i remember her bathing her white skin and tender pussy, i remember the hate at the end of it all in a sign on her grave)
Christine - Stephen King
(and i quote "you can't polish a turd...")
Cujo - Stephen King
(dumped off - look who's talking a dog? no...yeah, yeah she's in the car, he's slobbering and growling she got saved now what? a dog thinking about another try at this? no bring me no other cold scotch)
(rabid dogs ate the dead it isn't them talking...like tb-leprosy in people, you ate something very bad your tummy hurts, perhaps then just sloppy has bugs but eats bad times - nothing is magical)
Death Scenes - Jack Huddleston, Sean Tejaratchi [editor with foreword by Katherine Dunn or then also and aka Forest "The Crying Game" Whitaker, son of fellow actor James Earl Jones]
(gruesome savior picturebook featuring corpses in the early 1940's to 1950's - all over the place and macabre as shit with liner notes like "negriss" by some fake homicide detective)
(to quote my Grandmother Moon at me for looking at this with her a gift copy to with aunts Shirley and Jeannie ne Barbra Streisand all having coffee over kitchen table "Douglas, you're a bad person...")
(this also featured prominently at the now-defunct but noteworthy "museum of death" in Hollywood local - they had, among other things, the "heaven's gate" bunkbeds...Toni Halliday has their little house)
(before me here: "people really suffered this stuff -  the least you could do is take a look..." - me, plus see Grandmother Moon about gays like Danny Moon and me as unknown to her - "never can tell...")
Demon-Haunted World, The - Carl Sagan
(works well with what he had to work with like people...i saw the amazing randy once not so involved with discredit as you must say and an entertainer...the unseen of virgin approves of you)
(deserves adds: scientific theory or disprove it is must to a le must knocks cans off the wall only - no proves except me)
Geek Love - Katherine Dunn (again, is helpmate-actor Forest Whitaker, but here with Anne Rice helping out some)
(a dwarven albino bitch kills the day after accepting only so much in token - gasses herself and another well-wisher to death rather than know of your cares...more later)
(okay, there's also this limbless guy arnie her worm-like brother who starts a religious cult with the help of a savage nurse-anesthesiologist - she cuts off limbs to help followers achieve status divine)
(the mother douches with drano to make these freaks intentionally so they may star in her carnival - times is real bad, but the rest of the family knows they'll hafta live in a jar as failed to her)
(this should be a movie too - understand more with me - a Geffen-type film)

History Of God, A - Karen Armstrong
(i love a de-evolution in saint or having a better view taken from - you had all the answers we know this - see great art in narrate i read some most all then just some i read it)
(loved that part about god and his cherubs appearing to the sound-popping wordstyle "other other other" if just to tip you off...some 'other' perhaps? anything nicer? we make you know someone of it too)
(god makes you cry real bad every time he speaks to you - know that once if can't consoled - "he made jews cry" yeah - i hate someone thanking me politely so they cry instead of it)

Hite Report On Male Sexuality, The - Shere Hite

(see my report of August 2004 - still a boner to thee had...eight million copies since to you all had again)
Hobbit, The - J.R.R. Tolkien
(i hated smog being bothered in his respite but one scale missing - light out of the eyes to see smoke...to this day, a "bilbo" is a bother to be bothered with, an unwary check deposited to your own account)
Interview With The Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 1) - Anne Rice
(don't rush out just yet on Louis' account...he knows much and won't say another murderer gifted at type-such)
It - Stephen King
(dumped off...long on people, short on the good stuff...a rotting dead clown hissing at you from the sewer is good form, but i need more and fast at that the book is too thick for this plot made)
Jaws - Peter Benchley
(that first of woman bitten couldn't believe that first bite while at night, while swim off to being someone i hate behearing...now just a bit of it on the beach found)
Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton
(the director of such made pecked to death at the end by the least of it to...amber alert suggests you could die and be frozen in time like a fly missing in it but seeing all somehow)
(careful to be: if you improve an idea-concept it comes to be a fruition with you - eat less of and with me - i thought this title was like russian stuff hearing of gorky park and all - so seem)
Lord Of The Rings, The - J.R.R. Tolkien
(nothing more to you yet - end this to me)
Measure Twice, Cut Once - Norm Abram
(my dad thinks a "slide-rule" or basic ruler mentioned over and over to is it, a book you read along actually...his own love of snap-lines with chalk on them is most of it - as unknown my father wrote it)
Memnoch The Devil (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 5) - Anne Rice
(to touch the world of pleasures seen and ond of spicious just shining on platform in my garden is to so seek it a fireball then be born of it blackened in recognition perhaps - a great joke of my heaven...)
Miss America - Howard Stern
i read this shit on the plane a captive audience - i really like the celebrity stuff who and what when like michael jackson freaking out at sandy gallin's - that is dolly parton's manager
kenny rogers is my paternal grandfather on tape, played by sandy gallin no more
i didn't read that first book but saw the movie - the guy hates his wife it's obvious to me he hates her and erases his past with her in it a gussie friendly gesture from punkbeing
Misery - Stephen King
(to every bitch taken - a hot, fiery log upside the head one day another 'whoopsie daisy'...to wear your own of hammerblocks on the way out)
Moonwalk - Michael Jackson
(interesting enough to be bothered with...oh, larger typesets and jackie o at doubleday don't bother me either a plus - i love white people needing to know a black and how this way...and honestly said)
(mine "no matter how much money and success, is still a black"...see it here said once and is best at that...the biggest star ever to me...kindly, well-bred - missing: funniest person ever, very fucking mean)

Nature's Numbers - Ian Stewart
(the 'evolution' of the eyeball and all, the nautilus shell bisected mathematically and of course all lines moving outward by need over...flowers how they naturally do it to how many)
(fine until you know better but observes...the form of perception now required to perceive any or all or then eyeballs all over your shining back a spudfelt potato using but another remote control)

Nicholas And Alexandra - Robert K. Massie
(oh, what to do - writing more gay letters to fate - I'll take care of the young one as a Rasputin then..."his own Rasputin" means "conditions himself not to when being observed by" - match with the above)
Night Shift - Stephen King
(i remember death looking over my shoulder and in mirrors now I see it everywhere too)
Of Mice And Men - John Steinbeck
(still scared of big dumb lenny and his weaker friend wondering it all off to date - then else someone dies of it)

Ordinary Girl - Donna Summer
(some yet)
Outsiders, The - S.E. Hinton
(a book about brotherly love ponyboy and tatsi - the family splitting at the seems homo)
Palimpsest - Gore Vidal
(earning the interest in by in-fact and being interesting...tactful of wealth to a posiflorive of jackie o again, Kennedys if, and keeping oneself streened or made careful in the days it mattered of)
(love the photocaption misstate "he's thinking of baseball, i'm thinking of him" - you weren't ugly at all in present - thanks to again)

Pet Sematary - Stephen King
(all about diy and what's important enough to you to see it again - coming back in they smell, they're just a bit off, you may wish they were dead admit that if we matter too while you die of life taken)
Picture Of Dorian Gray, The - Oscar Wilde
(a short story about knowing and being too much with others having too if at once gone beyond them again - burned a black, see once bitten is then to be bitten)
Pritikin Program, The - Robert Pritikin
(yeah, read one of these pritikin books because of the oldest actor child on "Growing Pains" used it he looked alright to me or the author died of a suicide..."what did this to me?" asked of a Jim Fixx-type)
(i think a decent-enough book on nutrition and if having problems - gets rid of and helps reason all the problem basics: caffeine, alcohol, etc. - for diabetics, people who don't want life if no one really died)
Queen Of The Damned (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 3) - Anne Rice
(a royal made is just that and can handle all of me beautifully - but do i need this all here and with me? made to treat a populus to itself...rock stars lying around thinking about me? a: someone to kill it)
Road Less Traveled, The - M. Scott Peck
(no - I threw this down after chapters read for being written by the same people who make me leave jobs saying "that is your problem [and alone]" as confirm to not asking for a help at all - for retards)
(this book is no joke, Babe - but thanks for being there as one, and under the guise of some sort of enlightenment - you should die over this stuff...you did, I think)
(people's one value in life is answering my question to me i have problems you seem too - at most pure crap, niggers...you can thank me one day as people rush in to buy every what i hate)
Rumblefish - S.E. Hinton
('the outsiders' #2; a book about brotherly love the family splitting at the seems homo)

Salem's Lot - Stephen King
(Jerusalem's lot? the first lesson mistaken again...i'll be in the chair upstairs rocking waiting for you alone.."look what you've done to me" Bitch, again and again)

Secret History, The - Donna Tartt
(just saw her the actual author at taco bell - a black actually...never tell me that this book stems from an ignorant black justice on whites doing as made only - a fool's realm done and made sense to it)
(the hardest read ever but satisfying in its efforts made to me...keep a dictionary afoot with you like i did pre-this a god and understand all made sense - i gave as gifts this and must be a movie one day)

Sword Of Shannara, The - Terry Brooks
(the old 'sword in the stone' crime to injustice made movie - is better reading than Tolkien I'd say...the watchlar knows what no one knows no one knows what the watchlar knows no one knows no one knows)
Take It Like A Man - Boy George
(me and my friends will do too - you obey to a candor from another big star who would tell you all but just could not after this - loved it....Tina Turner hates your drugs because she died on them)
Tale Of The Body Thief (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 4) - Anne Rice
(no matter what look-sex you settle on in all-gift chosen by a self, it will ultimately just be you...evidently farting in hate at others less, having no personality in mid-air - you make me sick and die too)
That Was Then, This Is Now - S.E. Hinton
('the outsiders' #3; a book about brotherly love the family splitting at the seems homo)

Thinner - Richard Bachman
(people matter, bitch - all of them do somehow - and i'm just waiting to feel for them too...maybe you see now how a light brush to the cheek says less of this to me for not having been curious of it also)
Vampire Armand, The
(The Vampire Chronicles, Book 6) - Anne Rice
(some yet - left you among paints and rains in Venice, Italy...a softer notion to return one day smelling it all along the master awaits us)

Vampire Lestat, The (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 2) - Anne Rice
(you drew me in with beauty afore but your darkened mother my pleasure at still took the gift upward and away from this a cat lying to me of no wolf killed...I kill wolves as thee until you impress me too)
(no one kills wolves well enough to live nearby at it or speak then...their very screams draw shutters closed unless you are made for an indian-type scalping folks for reasons made to me)

...maybe more some as I remember and have brought to me and in gift my mind for it remembers and some then more.

Oh, sure - I can read still it's not like I'm disabled or anything - but pretty damned close.
Imagine reading with somebody smiling on and over your shoulder, but all the time.
We both laugh as quite interested over the mental images conjured and drawn by such out of memory made and hardly constructed as on-the-spot, but it's shabby always and the laughing subsides.
The one watching above as hates your stuff, is burgeoning with your lies overtold and wants our truth entered.
I like knowing all, but I'm supposed to be reading your book, not authoring too and for clarity's sake - solving all of your crimes at once to understanding all.
This is what happens as what I do and when I do it - a madness, but great fun big laughs.
Let's face it - I'm interesting too and should be talking about us-me and in-short, stimulating but in regular bites.
Let's face it again - I'm God - you then, less somehow.
Example: In Donna Summer's book (now at page 63) as along the way, she's starring in the German production of "Hair" in Belstad with Harry Nilsson - she knows not who he is but lived with him briefly.
Does it matter to you? It could to her.
Harry Nilsson is Liz "Cocteau Twins" Fraser's earthly father and bothers the shit out of me all the time with her verily shit and tries to clear their names together and their story is sad at times.
And also tales of the queen them being partners in crime fucking with each other and fucking others over - no shame seen.
So there - know of me too while reading.
The queen says "at once loving and leaving."

To be fair, I like manuals on how-to-do or be anything better I study much of this myself and hate fictions a waste of my time, basically.
Reference books - bit knowledges you bite in some to.
I don't believe in specializing in and then having you too.
I follow your every cue in deepest respect a recipe made is good to me only then your voice and the dead speak.

Reading teaches you writing any way you know it - have some more respects and then this for it.

Key: An instructor learns with you as on the way. They get paid not, but help you understand as they understand.
They learn as you learn too, and are thus useful to us as you merit with them their curriculums - or course styles - guarded.
A teacher has breadth of knowledge to betray and they make more of who they are to you.
A whole person of esteem or having ensues here - no guessings at who I'll be privately, no high school to college talk.

Every topic seems launch them into hearsay and regarded wells of personal knowledge experiences.
They have something to say and offer, they are retired persons usually.
Know the difference and get paid not to seem well, but to be that to us a money or thank-you's received as to be board.
A teacher should be paid well in their efforts and we note you to it.
P.S. I teach and instruct with you.
Mostly I teach too.

A teacher sees you and knows you well.
An instructor has to ask.