Seems we had it all. Ours - all wood - had metal divides of lattice with golden rod curtain each side (no picture available - but see it exactly at first, lowest right).
I took out the speakers and some other odd eventually due to no repair of ceramic cartridges, and still we have today.
I put a console stereo on top and the speakers for it within the box behind the curtains the originals removed to this.
To this day, we use this ours in the dining room as a serving table.

Coulda been better about things we have another my grandmother's - a less luxury model, somewhat older, once immersed - in the basement and it plays still somewhat I use it still.
Most notably, I played Barbra Streisand's "If I Loved You" from "The Broadway Album" LP down there the last time I was home I had it vinyl first, left it there.
Remember, Barbra is my aunt no one knows drives a big Lincoln Town Car, grey.

Barbra Streisand "If I Loved You" If I Loved You from "The Broadway Album" LP (1985)

Barbra Streisand  "Songbird" Songbird from the album LP of the same name (1978)
I had the vinyl, but never played it on the Admiral system - that was the Kenwood rack from Bamberger's.

We bought our consoles - and remember that means 'no' to theft - from my grandfathers whom in the U.S. Army who made these happen in Florida with the French at-hand.
They made the turnstiles - we couldn't fix them right and still to this day.
Each unit new? About seven hundred dollars (~$700) no matter what to you.

The flight deck itself:

The four (4) smaller knobs as descending: "Volume", "Speaker Balance", "Treble", "Bass" -  and maybe in that order.
The one big knob on right is the tuner wheel with a capsaw or small level handle for fingers and grip.


I played the Admiral stereo system fully-at-operation at least through 1976 with David Bowie "Changesonebowie" and Kiss "Destroyer" LP's on my birthday then.
I used this for my Halloween parties downstairs too circa 1978 - countless 45's then with handle for such.
This workhorse gave it duly.
I first moved upward and outward with my Swingline portable system, in compact light green from Two Guys, 1973.
When Devo came in 1979, I had it broken and hooked up to a guitar amp from Sear's - a pairing in name it seemed a "Swingline" also?
I also played Kiss' "Dynasty" LP on that amp staged in the corner of the rec room with the black turntable as lifted out resting on top to wires made then the makeup came off.
No, the Lennox advance system that played all - my next stereo purchase, 1980 - came from Korvettes.
This died somewhere along the line after all that was Fleetwood Mac on vinyl richness and my mothers bare choices afoot The Eagles "Greatest Hits", the "A Star Is Born" soundtrack.
Countless Christmases "The Nutcracker" with Grants now replaced with an Emerson system from Silo deep within side.
See it come and then go a sterling teaset rests comfortably on and against wall this ash or maple finished.