now's the time to buy in
you could use everything!


office depot and office max ten days before hullaballo - hell above and below water
a ship that keeps sinking and raising itself from the flames too - tar bottom?
within, your gifts and ideas for the holidays~
we'll look later?
i need your ideas, true.
before i get 'boxed in' all sad but on the loose here....

new page for 2020 here!

bitch might take your food back to the store, huh
macy gray does 'i try' again
i worked hard to find this one - here is its promo video (i thought prince and a production of 'rent'? that's what i looked for some sense)

like other miracle people, 'works bottles' when you are not near but it scares you - some are damned good at it long tubes of collecting a dime or a nickel the recyclable each!
was just looking at tents set up along labrea today - along as you're not alone in it as the exception seen

our 7111 santa monica boulevard suite b #106 post box renewed for three (3) more months now...while u wait too!

tuesday, january 2020 the world of the two-finger typist evidently takes shape: been enjoying the traditional christmas fare sent by catch-mail - you know flu symptoms, viral stomach etc. sent by those who hate decorations and real trees fallen for no such fest - hey you gotta eat and here's more slop...gotta get rid of all the junky candy canes and gift-wrapped smooches so just hold the hair and phone while i pray to go to hell.

naked and afraid the update...

meanwhile been watching lots of of discovery channel's 'naked and afraid - you alone, now nigger' while square-faced women abort the vacation to pick bugs and other shit outta the crack of their ass...the welts from bug bites get vicious and gross, but poker-faced males carry on somehow wearing only bookmobile shoulderbags...all this after skinning little snakes for their straps of meat 'it's nice inside' and eating bugs and stuff like spiders you only find milking cows in new delhi...i'd be d-e-a-d dead and isn't that the point? eat up. better link...dirty locations include argentina and the phillippines yuck!

still here wondering on saturday, january 12...nothing new...still sickly but under care?

out now is this article 'unpuzzle finance' with ever-changing figures stating the 'richest rock stars' in ascending order starting with freddie mercury of queen at like, $60 million, and then cozying up to bandmate john deacon and people like ringo star and paul mccartney at number one $160 million or so (double that after seeing once?)...surprising, but seems to cherish the 'savers' or extra-savvy of the realm coupla of weird entries (coldplay - what junk - adds genius 'lars' from metallica in some god-quasi my own brother is firestarter james hetfield they had the name anthrax too - must be their original lead singer looking on in heaven or neil again!) but if paul stanley eclipses queen and gene simmons, we can rest some...by memory, one read and rod stewart with elton john topping him.

what is it with these things? starting with freddie mercury, i was only thinking about how the estate is doing with right now given the ever-changing atmosphere of things versus new and back catalog items there are things you don't know in and among...he keeps selling to me...other misogynies insist upon being there jon bon jovi plus mick jagger and his happy-to-be-of-service co-hort keith richards still a dick in green...so, coldplay may deserve to be there, but no one is older than rolling stones still churning their brand of butter...step aside...i hear people know when their erstwhile youtube videos are played by me some complain 'doug moons again?!?'...hey - i wanted new too...it's sincere affection that calls us back but hey ! they changed my alanis lyrics for 'everything' or groveled then - know how hard she worked to be there? still hate the latest glen ballard-less drink song.

coming soon! 'are you still mad?' we love that still digging in the dirt...i can't believe how hard i worked to get you past no-interest junk to astounding things like 'charlie brown christmas' the songs and videos so interesting as not to be left behind...distill beauty, keep thinking...no legal quags, please...we don't sue you for being shit out on the road...thanks to 'unpuzzle finance' for the laughs!

alanis morissette 'are you still mad' from 'supposed former infatuation junkie' lp (1998)
big stuff

are you still mad
i kicked you out of bed?
are you still mad
i gave you ultimatums?
are you still mad
i compared you to all my forty-year-old
male friends?
are you still mad
i shared our problems with everybody?

are you still mad
i had an emotional affair?
are you still mad
i tried to mold you into
you into who i wanted you to be?
are you still mad
i didn't trust your intentions?
of course you are
of course you are
of course you are
of course you are

are you still mad
that i flirted wildly?
are you still mad
i had a tendency to mother you?
are you still mad
that i had one foot out the door?
are you still mad
that we slept together even after we had
ended it?
of course you are
of course you are
of course you are
of course you are

are you still you still mad
i wore the pants most of the time?
are you still you still mad
that i seemed to focus only on your potential?
are you still mad
that i threw in the towel?
are you still mad
that i gave up long before you did?
of course you are
of course you are
of course you are
of course you are

transcendental --------- for those who need to be seen leaving the scene first~

w o o - h o o ! i t ' s 2 0 2 0 ! ! seems exciting report nothing premature

oh, poo! it's year 2020 now 1:26 apple time whether you like it or not (like a little girl, you thought you could get away with not having it show somehow i've seen it) - i didn't go anywhere but was cognizant of the exact moment when it arrived and there are no new resolutions - why don't you make one up 'i promise not to talk to my - but maybe voo doo'...still here.

loose insert: with all the crazy junk on the street and the internet - removing, accusing, a slow process of chasing people around for no known benefit to live as you do, as you do - we submit falcon studios (no amex but for dinner - see that) as another cheapish venture from the 'old' or no object days - the stuff here is cheap at $14.95 a month but hardly representative of their gay glory? check sum. what does this have to do with me and you not being on the inside yet? you don't want my help.

as promised and a good laugh - more later
passed st. victor's (near here or is us) at 10 pm last night - their midnight mass?
the mass was just starting....

from my new tome 'we all know you wish you hadn't but you did' and i like it anyway nudes on the internet versus the very wisdoms of england (yeah, but you had to make it yourself - be saleworthy or see it again)....

it's christmas eve here (enjoy yourself while i learn to avoid being better about things my way and then poof! you're not only welcome, you won't even try fearing yourself sheened of hair the gentle plimpton that guides us as taller than tall - a care ward)...baking cookies and other elf left 'til later or after 7-eleven gives me something stock within freshness standards i assume are within milk's rental and 'see no extras' quote...warm with cheese sandwiches you share with whomever's outer and lips surround are more disgusting? know why not.

everything on target but with prices you've paid...you'll vantage soon enough. merry christmas 2019 believe it or not!

sent dad some basic stuff they got it he says no backwaters no thrills either see glass balls with my sperm dried inside (proves it not but u can see the light more kwanza or labours than thrift you see still) he got it all and they the family reciprocated on-time with some charge card that helps back up the spending pyramid a bit 'for plants' provided or underwater my theory explained - one and then the other thank you libya...beans? mannequins in the store live less mom hi...be cheap but sturdy...'she said i hate this' - stevie nicks

time date 12/24/19 2124: coming soon the exciting parts of a catholic church cartooned by dM! we hafta review because you can't name them by sight - i hate that too. nothing too strongly attired, just fun fun fun! argue at may.

************************santa is real**************************i learned that after i 'learned' he was fake and told the others***********i seen it for meself and have overheard stuff...every day is better for it sans your truths 'ugly'

cheap as i am, i can't wait to get my next pair: may we recommend ultra style-conscient skechers for you or gift giving - too cheap to mention and i mean it...i really dig my current pair of sneakers-running shoes what are brown with alternate gray laces if wish...the best ever! like chick-fil-a in the food court, there's a skechers shop at century city (um, westfield) mall...in my own little fantasy lane, i like to think that 'la gear' or whatever (bless you, ebay) morphed in to these american made or whatever have you...make sense again...p.s. a little elmer's pro-bond (see anawalt be crazed for it - dries like smooth glass - compare the utterly vicious rubber of 'shoe goo' neva say neva) dried overnight in the heel extends unnecessary wear - try it or hurt like no other...'we just buy new'...i know....

the president knows that we in america use an economic index (certain products, at certain widths) called 'gnp' to make sure we're not selling america from the inside bit by bit...that means that we don't owe people abroad for having taken more of theirs than they take of ours...skechers are american made i'm told but crafty japs working with ge (a fine stock today at $64 that's like food) switch out motors in washer machines because they make 'em cheaper and better - so what.

apple's latest news bag - a prompt here, only - suggests the fbi 'so embarrassed' again...they're here? great! and we mean it.

timely tips: abuse of power? a presidential wife deciding with at any time; abuse of congress? two of them holding it out...she told him not to do, he won't do. these things have nothing to do with us yet, do they? 'no.' it takes all types ricocheting into a new convention. exit to eden? exit to life. still unruly, dangerous, and unpredictable. life.

winter white: stay in touch, be touched http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92 means nothing....

we here cite the inability of others to be this or be that like a sphere in the ghost world 'the unseen' and what we mean is 'at rest' - you can exert all you want otherwise push and pull i'm very certain, but 'at rest' is what you need you look for having seen - nobody rests with me.

as you know, i've been tossing anything consternatum or what argues me: did you know that nacho cheese is actually limburger? yup. you to bring back my alpine lace (nabisco, reduced fat - simply the greatest ever) when you're done selling your junk! meanwhile, back at the ranch, i thought that selenium came from balsa wood only like in kaopectate serious...nope...oranges only...we seek clarity only never to make....

i drowned myself in bottles of over-the-counter peppermint and vanilla kaopectate when i got back to california - trust that - big, imaginary blubbers. quite usually i'm a pepto-bismol girl, but it gets dangerous with tom collins' active ingredient in there (what breaks down tars - a lemon-salt derivative 'quinine' that's it!)...more later....

'why don't you dance with me? i'm not no lim-burg-er!' - the b-52's 'dance this mess around' your meaning? apersonal who does cartography anyway against france's wishes?

somebody smart eating canfield's at home...this is any bubbly water as no good excusing perrier
mayonnaise is double-boiler activity you don't just make that on the internet...hollandaise over broccoli though! spaghetti too....
tip: bubbles are heat, girl - endlesssly steered wrong and surrounded by repellent cold hate, air/water
p.s. very funny shit

coldplay 'everyday life' a song and video-do (laverne and shirley - now see that) worthy of us album same title?
not as evil as stp's last song though!
thought i was gonna crip
in the latest l&s, having moved to hollywood here, the girls put on a little play - simply vicious
coldplay is in somalia here...'jordan'

you didn't get exactly what you want in article or feel - you've got to tell someone
it's time you got them to know for you~

nuthin' by december 15, 2019 - live tree day
things don't always improve, super shuttle