maybe you?

everything is good enough to say today - let's join 2017 in progress here and now
---------------------------------------------------goodbye 2016---------

this just in 2017: thanks mom for the $200 per month just received~

richard (um, ryan gosling or then morgue attendant richard tomlin) dropped in as ghost half-dressed from top down late one night prior to the heinz (golden globe) awards trying to bug me for $40 - thank god i don't have a schedule to keep love heinz stuff though (see how it fits - supposedly hung by my throat at princeton and as just participating mind you) and west of the mississippi my burgers do cook...his mother was restrained i hear...

didn't they shoot that in 'heat' (1995 with deniro) - roll the tape: 'oh, yeah' that's real edward norton grabbing richard gere by the collar 'primal fear' what is that screen gems perfect by pixel? used to be all you get was a suicide as second string you wait 'til people leave ('officer and a gentleman', 'top gun')...etc. no harm done...leave the (r)aging to hollywood is it real? not paying, not seeing in theatres is real...the man from 'phantasm v' helped me on the phone with my-our consumer cellular account its new year pledge not to pay others i believe is widespread or has no deadlines in-fact...a no-go while you manage hairs among the starshine of it all~
fact: it's hard to keep hate in the face, if insinuating....

the phone number failing us is 310-435-1517 do not use at home it suarez's

mr. snowball from ralphs labrea fountain replaces our tree - burn your bills inside
is heavy terra-cotta on sale about $6 from $40 easy (i see no more, however)

our dead tree farm growing spurs - our first of note

these plastic flowers on my advent wreath (purple is the fifth day christmas after four red sundays - pink is a nonesuch sunday prior to christmas on sunday is one such)
we use purple
flowers from somebody's funeral? whatever~

tip for the day 01/08/16: six dollars from everyone is just six dollars for each, otherwise you owe - why get together? to stimulate and release for exchange perhaps...why blacks don't own (owe on) everything....

philanthropy (giving open-ended) is to be a part of everything you lose - the gift thus don't send cash (what's to be kept) through the needy parts....

new page soon for the creepy new year [ ] where are the kids? [ ] at amber's house making traps for mosquitos like fly paper 'but with blonde braids'

happy new year
..............2017...............'i learned the truth when i was seventeen - a red hair grows just beside, or in-between' - jan and dean 'k-tels of pete's best shit - bass-only keyboard proves one weaving can anger then quicken a knit'

you live like a woman bleeds - merely to monitor the proceedings
to walk on glass - now that's a miracle no flinching
updated 01/05...revised that is
tip: the lighted thing in-back is candy canes with bow - brought it back from a dollar store in florida - this still frame from a video
all you get for a dollar...on 'roseanne' dj their kid told someone on the phone 'she'll be right here' when offered a quarter to deny it - 'that's all you get for a quarter' he said
guest joan collins offered 'dulcet tones' for voices around etc. another great joke~

drillhead? moldavi
flame thrower? banda
eye spy? reichpert
pinhead-arms? bota (bona)
leeches? wilhend
jester? ludivan
six-shooter? garlands
invisible man? band leader at hotel

great rainy weather and a beautiful transition to 2017 right on the dot wait 'til the clock heads in next time 12:01 is the first glance and is am...striking midnight is a dark then pause still pm or midnight...nice holidays

'why'd you hafta hurt me so bad?' - arid blacks give to a song - one ponders an eternal youth-like question: does the power of prayer - mostly a prig-like gossamer - cover massive or jurist hernia at the 'just pennies a day' it costs a stare? like ayds comes from fuckin' watermelons after the dog runs away? like yoko ono, you can't cry right either, culturally speaking is 'nightingale' the inabiity to spit i have it 'psolias' or 'fred sampson' disease night sweats and semi-sex crying 'snausages' made with real liver aka the egg-white 'mcmantle'...indians call it 'toga'...rag whisperer 'what's that a cuyahoga?' pennywise...little john is the indian that cries fyi - no old man at a grave by any call 'ragweed'...

12/31 the world went on and on without you too talking to the tv all drunk 'say what?!?' george mahal singing 'beat it' in a fur coat by glamph 'i can't help that win': bye 2016 velcome 2017 that's a fur meat '2017' no cakes on the griddle for that one! pass-go be safe i'm here thank bi-god 20 'a year so-and-so wouldn't live to the bog there'll be no flapping of wings' so sad you better get back in a jiffy, that old car 'round town on regular frills just fringe now...inspired: 'she drove her black sheaths (shits) into me | i was dumbfounded' - front 242 a table with its back to traffic? a juke

favorite charity is a mink: 'praying for time' george mahal

carrie fisher and debbie reynolds have been plowing me - wicked witch of the west too...her castle? dartmouth...take're too much! got those flying monkeys from trinidad she says...cuts up a cow in no time tossing limbs out the window best oz routine? the lion hands down that singing! monkeys snatch your eyes and balls how's that ticker?

this mirror table at target came down that much? still attractive with beveled mirror glass, see others
maybe the one above?

for the road a little more perspective for the sewn heart
i use a chinese wool-type sheet to keep cold-sight out - brand?
royal sateen one hot mother anyway and with curses on the flat fitted

this tree missing on labrea past sunset heading to cvs on hollywood boulevard today
they gave me $3 in extra bucks but didn't have a drop of dairy-milk - they knew i would come right away
got me two lipton brisk teas oversize $1.49 each i love that tea - 7-11 had a good sale on their brand too

this is our burger king at sunset and labrea fully open on christmas day too i stopped in to my amazement was full
they still have a cheeseburger and crispy chicken sandwich plus a spicy one on their value menu $1 that's nice i got both and brought one home
99 only had their xmas sale twenty-five cent candy cane boxes etc. i got more lemonhead candy canes anyway i love that store

i use this green lightbulb i got on-sale at ralph's to light the way at christmas
the light above can't be left alone because the closet door strikes the glass - a no-go for now

our tree via daylight for my journals this year i always enjoy a look back

get that 'wine' sign - not unlike target's but is plastic bulbs 99 only store a unique buy i'd say $5

arc de triomphe at night and 'in piscataway'

scrooge wasn't scared but that's not the point - the film released him to me as raging

open menu order #1: hey apple, besides shitty group efforts, we have your photo lounge that decides when and where i hook up with my stuff within a world of needless formats are you still in the r&d phase? please don't make me a victim of nonsense (none see you) and feminine (strength lacking - is not tenacity you are tired and old only nonsense) japanese purities reserved for their own men we speak clearly enough your longings matched with furs you wear michael cites a charity twice a year you're damned right for it. signed tova borgnine his father figure la la. 'we're all guilty.' for photos use a hard wire then...bah!

the black line as across the eyes says 'you don't need to know them'
ours alone international confidential 'oui'
no womanly stuff - just another bad idea
be mine among decorations is from my mother a dimestore junk she won't remember well...ends the taking somehow

season's greetings, nigger: bank holiday 12/26 monday, got through the whole of the x-mas holiday unscathed every minute met with solves, but alas my mother's token will be sent late what is the equivalent of lying around with a bench warrant issued for non-compliance 'join us'...we'll hafta see about that later on, no lips crossing in the mail but other crimes afoot 'regiving' (is this good?), valance (being cheap as what 'you like' save it as a foundation for a burned-off house see 'fin de lis' (maryland house white chalice) or phoenix rising in black above the burned-out door...see geffen sunset for example it was perfect the hope of having as it were)...nothing but good as expected and remember a day late or made to be solvent is a greater gain down the road somehow the unseen as 'apartment dweller'...the rain was serious this time and precluded alot plus cold i never but cherish i'm a 'now voyager' type (?) but no one else would venture me so you pick your ideals a fuckin' mess but fake tree and all the lights you can stand and not one bit issued by the other here some hurtland borrowing me your mother tried coming down the chimney with rats and other vermin (stinks alot) in a one-dimensional suit only the front with shoelaces in the back (the 'trimmings') and someone got head while you were playing the piano try banana slices with pieces of a jigsaw puzzle left around...i had 'em'll see, something foolish about it all not to be unwelcome...

yesterday i watched a movie called 'the hollow point' or something with patrick wilson (and columbian comic john leguizamo i pronounce this 'leg-guiz-ah-moh' try 'geronimo' that's good too) a rare one that guy as 'a bush' to me the very cornerstone of our argument now on pay-per-view (but i had to call up on the phone first to see - so what) this was quite satisfying nice looking boys, pick up truck culture, and alot of senseless killing surrounding long cop-killer bullets called something like 'bandala-legarnes' a good enough flique and you paid the sheriff a friend and patrick both walk away knowing what they know to be true...only $7 spectrum speculum...looking up your butt...p.s. great shot at the end that was worthwhile i feel the same largely but we live 'em i don't want nuthin' really but a surprise epilogue where does unwanted hair go while eating-dreaming 'hand on the knob'...thank u p.p.s. chrissie hynde is one of the women here too - zzzzz plays an aneurysm

this is in the road near pinks 'chob' come here our bet
if you hope for shit maybe it comes, is you hoping to be there
is this shit? it is just noticing as aberrant

12/23 hardest rain ever tonight - should not dry up as we speak like meeting some requirement to show up it nothing sent as yet

that bubblegum is really spicy at the end you gotta spit it out so hot and stinging and it's really stringy too - i hate it now
maybe me? a still-life or candid shot doesn't care about video head cleaner
poppers? yuck - next up 'calves' and 'zip me up' psst mole
the doorbell seen has a chip arrangement to signal fest i suppose - see apple for similar leaks 'never arrange sex with strangers: tip box from others'
two rings equals? you and them as points to descends of 'is smelly'

nothing you can use or lose to others firmly: did you know you buy all bonds or high school candy bars at half their face value 'world's finest' $1? someone else a neighbor perhaps will 'buy back' at that $1? sounds good but you ate them all~ you yourself will buy them all back and go to disney world on the very proceeds it works for someone like you i don't want anything but to pay my bill for the chocolate i ate - trust that and now a new six flags we have that the chocolare emporium called 'resins'...juice, oil, tar, balm, wax, resins? i dreamt hillary clinton was crowned president last night...i welcomed her...uncle buck the both...juno indignant over slights, possibly venus a bust in her grave not knowing why anyone would ask to know...

i was poised to buy this firmly at this price now at $79.99 again i checked
somebody had to strangle me outta this terry on the phone 'no' an ongoing issue 'it needs a good home'
grimace won't have a fart - so what?
i don't really need anything but you know the type i need help resisting me challenge at being
and all ostensibly while shopping for others - you don't need to be there reasoning me hot cross buns 'and why not?'

i was having my coffee (folgers in cup) this morning pm and was dumbfounded by this - some christmas and christ junk floating in my face (what about that spine? belt of dirt round the waist i call it 'spirit' that's real~)
i pulled right up for the andrew garfield (once a spiderman) look but noticed scorcese secondly
isn't that you me - missing the point again? i invented the ice cream cake at carvel and you don't think a slice of real apple wouldn't help people to reject me flatly? get it over with be me
notes from the ranch on friday 12/23:
i thought yesterday was the 23rd - quite a gift for those looking to please each other solemnly or little to none (russians rush-ins wait with);
our my bills are paid for no thought of anyone pulling the plugs here 'how's that' - we're not rich but you're not so poor either we see you buying iphone 7's one step better than me? like crazy eddie
women are not christ - i live with someone i hate but all is his on paper? a celebrity like me doesn't need to see you anywhere - i go nowhere and do nothing for anyone ever is that you? i love living and life and can read-write ponder the maths outward '0' is mine nothing you see yet

richard was on the bus from sepulveda to la brea yesterday and i was thinking 'too young?' as for me watching
'am i gross?'
nice profile this look is most reminiscent of 'devil wears prada' etc. a bit young now
sometimes 'we' here ask 'are you a girl?' because there's too much, too little in the world and they cover the odd parts innocuously enough no insult
'i like dicks, bitch' and we pay for the confusion but i never 'got her pants off' not yet
a bit of a whore or cold wind blowing in the door, we laid there while you slept it all off - still waiting to see what 'she' likes

----------------------------------------------------------------season's grievings------------------there's 'no one like you'--------

did you know russian is akin to having a split tongue or one that doesn't work right (diy, dyk more or less)? keep talking i'd say 'nyet' nothing yet...bush ne bush or prior name bush...until we have better, six candles is not only half a dozen (enough for anyone sexual and clinging to their egg dropped into view but also the legal limit or my family rated outward - a mother a father and four kids that's enough for me i decided a few days ago...that's too telling of it i found my joys elsewhere as hoping to be there and welcome hardly a wanted

six (6) days (inclusive or including today) 'til (alarm goes off to deliver or expire the thought - unhand then) christmas ('the 25th, yes' - albert finney's scrooge still working on the mere palters of the unpaid george c. scott version more towards the art? the prior nearly a salem's lot in pure scares) i like christmas eve or seasonal weather then buckle it is for no nonsense monday the 19th...a great day for any reasons to be as unheard...

jews honor me '8' if you can count nine candles for hydra or my only company as kiss 'lovegun' all are one to me as all four? something something think about getting it right but way too many ignorants to pretend you understand no threat but silent smiles 'casino' spin that wheel...after all you came and you went after all? be happy you are here a time no one has understand yet over a hump? within twenty approvals or days forward for changes as yet unmet a story then...know nothing with then...having is no place to go 'we come from having' i'd say no embraces so still...a bit heaven? is it real? a 'sanguine' (as in blood purely metalline in flavor or relation a salt) 'say it again' as in your mouth...a yogurt, broccoli? i'd order again and again hoping have a bit of tape replayed to my own interest or mere lies that threaten you still....

bmg 2003-2005
itunes 2005-2008
plus junk

who cares what you want: the 99 only store is full of good exactly ten days before christmas is today...of particular interest was $6 bluetooth headphones - compare to the $300 ones i sold that i was never paid for (my money as accrued is all forward past one breach or most all of it while you try and cash in similarly - all you may owe plus some) will i know with the likes of neil at the helm? never say never especially from jail his mother's all 'i am in jail' a fairyland of a jail the water fountains say 'niggers only one gulp from the toilet each'...this is savings at-hand you sock away twice what it took to get you out and about 'a penny saved is penny to be earned' money is a wallet cracked only...tell a trump at home...early starring role: 'little girl who lives down the lane' - his dead mother says she the little girl has her house - from england she is - by some attachment richard the father...jelly jars...

close-up a great value: the dater's toothpaste so white with red like lavoris it is...

highest ever: we wrote trader joe's a check yesterday total $130 imagine that wine and cheese - no regular but pumpkin cheesecake, other exchanges met...i got a can of comstock (duncan hines) cherries waiting however pumpkin...thank sara lee regular cheesecake is $5.99 every day it waits at target....

orchard hardware on labrea great for christmas lightbulbs a whole set of c9's just $1.04 on sale 30% of regular price! join their club with e-mail and get a $5 off $25 coupon (note member number is your phone number)...

07/14 got my new set-top box today 11/14 - the system back up at the start of business today...hope logitech revue/google tv isn't the problem~

target has five (5) cherry coke 2-liters for $5 got mine today...actual cost with bags $6.20...oroweat bread oatnut is $3.19 plus plus...ralph's has $0.77 for five (5) 2-liters non-coke but flavors galore...a&w, etc.

wells fargo has my checking account $300 plus in arrears over a fast stop payment from terry's dad getting checks through the mail - how so? i never spend what's not approved by them no checks written ever...see it down, no direct deposits ever seen...12/19 still ferreting me: the difference seen is quickly the check deposit put on hold $1,100 (that is i was granted $400 of $1,500 at the time with corresponding debit for the hold amount $1,100) but removed harshly the next day by quote-complaint with a $400 delta i maybe had $60 bucks or so left over from a prior check (i take $200 cash from else to begin siphoning my own account and only what's necessary at late or return check about $1605 all included add if keep the difference as being worthwhile) the checks are harshly accurate for rent only and are late playing games or being nervous or unconcerned we are obliging given my structure not to deliver mine to get yours - yours first...all must keep their appointments without guile and i quote bank of america as glamour seem 'you aren't worth a shit when you don't pay [your bills] on-time' a tort [aggravated assualt as symboled or gay marriage cake] then ensues...i have to know yours too never say 'prove it' ask the attending officer if should be...people are mean only versus snakes?...and straightline sure we never get bad checks here but someone telling me 'no' to not deposit a check in my name only after the last squat as third party named and deposited has no say as left on my door misdelivered to the exact address it says 'mail handler' versus mail reader i'd say no friends in banking...i am next door to cheap a fight i answer to not say...your are helped to a firmity i'd say or wrestles with issues until you're dead and quite early of it i'd add 'use your body to defend you - i do' + no matter what a transvestite hates women and they always pick as bird of prey a lesser figure to only recant at-will later on...i try for you...destitute? made to live my choices i motion to defend as no interfere but using all but to be with you...we are sad you are sad, mad as hell you got hurt pay...finally 'you win here to lose elsewhere' - dM know that, and i will see not just say pretty things about you you see it's not me but glamoured a bit you see it like old notes delivered to school they coulda kicked your ass never a detention but in-house the next day and with a grace not a are not grace so what~

target has great robes this year for 'big red' etc. about $40 (price checked) merona
in the afterlife and above that, a red door that symbolizes a bald black man as god 'you see...' or then uncle remus explaining a hurt
target's all outta red knit diapers with center button, i think...found one yesterday 12/14 among the racks

james bond fights donald trump (and ivanka?) in a blimp over golden gate bridge after the pointy transamerica (bank of america?) building passes underneath and of course
see grace jones 'debutante' already blown up delivering the goods~
love the title song too as haunting in the background 'view to a kill' in the viewfinder of a gun no obstruction, no care
how the west was won a big current question be dumb $80,000 blimp blowing at the ground
greeting card: 'jaws' seen hanging on your line - is real in some afterlife sense

someone doesn't want us here...bitch should be dead instead crying each morning 'up and adam'

starbucks in target at beverly connection explained today that the food displayed isn't necessarily theirs to my card balance of $18 or the tipping though

mom sent omaha steaks for starters this year: hamburgers, steaks, chicken, etc...potatoes, apple tarts

i didn't leave empty-handed though sometimes it seems like people talk before i arrive

12/13 was at time warner cable/spectrum today their system is down what means no exchanging for new equipment my bedroom's set-top box doesn't work and i thought i'd stop by get a new power cord attendant referred me to their santa monica office but i declined they'd be the same 'outta luck'...learned about their app (see 'app store') to watch live tv and with your iphone - helpful sounding? 'twc tv' is it have your sign-in and password ready other than that is bada bucks....

santa's sleigh
note: this is near sprouts a newfangled-type grocery store on labrea - don't be a little girl piquing my interest with homemade secrets
its vacuous nature is what attracted me lens

find the needle in the haysack in november 2016

you may not know this, but before 'we' can fully endorse any a candidate i need to get a picture of their asshole
'who the hell is this?' - you guessed it 'hillary'
there's only one hillary after all~
you gotta fly in with eagles...