enter starlight 2016 just for looking good in print...

for lgbt now just nearby: lets get better (s)tuff...less giving before taking...left god below tibet

your personal tip for the day: an m-80 firecracker blows a hole in water just under a yardstick wide the mud...keep it measured they can fantasize from that it's no studio bomb...plus, i ain't never seen anyone fly trust that just in the corner of my eye one may have landed...ghosts are fully real and can be like you soon enough...we have that the witching hour...no one is ever around the consciousness alarms them their time is wider as a fast-type thinking or higher sampling rate...sampling rates make everything look slow an intelligence that is the difference one makes (the white wheel in the sky is seen as such moving backwards some - is moded that way the moon made of the arms swinging around fast)...not smarter, things are erased maybe and you suffer to figure them out the art is a math deduction and then capture by surround...pooka pooka boom!

monday, january 11...2016 and while we wait for better news: confused...david bowie is now dead? i think martin landau (mo ostin, pat leonard of madonna fame - harry truman? no...probably understated better looking someone's halliday's nazi father (sympathizer then)? a hat maker his wife-mother you can't know everything or you do know for you)...has been for a while? we honored the act with 'the man who fell to earth' (my reveal? the man from the adobe desert didn't have a pussy though i was lunched for it in my youth with fanzines) the rest beyond my money scheme enough of that i pay to have any yet...william regman? not mine yet, the sunday papers cast a shadow i'm still catching up no more blands-expectations for gigs whatever...

----------------------------------------------forentz (for instance, friends forever, france) the fast scratch from webbing just for the asking see 'thriller'...vicious molting i'm not here yoda-vader

the real you: i was thinking 'wide eyes' and how they tell a story - fleetwood mac 'angel' seeking quality in others a hope for no bother

there were actually a few raspberries in kellogg's 'red berries' special k i hate being reduced to a hope and wouldn't buy the box of cereal (strawberries - they are everywhere you look a blended cream cheese no scallions had its way with me) the other guy here did buy they were okay this morning...what - i can't know? maybe they weren't really in there two perhaps per my bowl...my plastic bag of a hundred or less bottle caps from cokes were thrown away or taken by else while i was in florida (you can't enter them all about seventy-five or eighty points a week or so if keeping up three points per) - is that someone's priority? i still have a free coke to grab at target maybe today sometime...while we wait to pay the rent tomorrow or so...and others instill their priorites while i wait...i live to make dates happen so you can't talk opening cans of peas everywhere and then leaving...that is the last word in hell (be sane, same: furthest away but clearly doing on your own no guide to and fro - be the hell inside you laying eggs mostly you on foray the rest lies with ali baba purely a beggar by fortunes yet to be seen - an act...be smart you hurt some) and women griping about failures afoot theirs is not to note any ambience to get that right neither hot nor cold but to keep warm...keep your word i'll keep mine while others hide or leave theirselves open to commit? you are a shit...but it does stink i guess i'm glad i got home with all check points in place i have them on the way to my list of things to do...

the real mickey at disney world i go with the thought mode - an actual person - stayed with me over my vacation a few nights (what to think i get up to pee alot) like a cousin of the others unseen or unmet (he's from louisiana now get that...you went to montreal with richard suffering some - why not you? i'm all apologies and don't get to help much but i block them from being lapse and here in my home...'he goes all the way down' someone adds no bother but in the trash often enough a studio tripe 'who made jews?' a marriage only) does this make you feel pandered? something nice is around every corner we don't need to be bothered by a few pins on the map of your current circumstance (charlotte, nc? not a bother for bmg a small black church warehouse ? blown away by waiting and waving on it and the boat that shoots blanks at england get my simple scare? - whatever nigger - hated it the long spaceboat that urges in the rising black hills here was decommissioned too but the last time i had it come it was a big ol' plane with people laying on it)...would you die for the likes of me being around but over it now and if you're already dead? i have alot of time to play or perfect stuff but we don't look to make a spectacle of ourselves as moving towards unsure always...to you, nothing...touch me not...hurt is skin deep...harm is of the heart a heat sink...yellow-breasted whipperwill...holy water is it real? like no hands and a doorless microwave riding home on a bus...like half a face longways...my point? are these yours? you leave them soon enough with no questions...


end of the year problems with regular magic jack used with apple/pc though you pay annually? my friend says to chat them at their site...it was his to clean up...i can't just refer my time to this it is everywhere...your grave marker has a few less years by birth now...what to do?


fat calves ok computer: the hp laptop has been returned to its former glory as of 1:45 am on sunday morning and that's great, nigger...looks like the finest ever now fully restored ass fan and all...case was cracked, the hinges locked up and the heat! on-off switch led to other crap to be noted not much in them as opened up no wires did i cut but okay no fee for fee at best buy though i got another transformer earlier (not our brand around $50-60...problem? probably memory chip the setting crooked...there's no world, no familot ('camelot' then as source of the merry flame of higher thoughts - no coat to throw over naked at noon), alot of new users though: a keyboard issue remains although on-screen and plug-in versions abound a one for one then programming will give it up)...logitech's ipad controller is real good...p.s. total repair bottom, keypad rest, fan screws about $30...not a scratch now...magic jack is ok now too the willow's end - pays to: v. toilet with a fresh assortment of wicked leg cramps...what no red melon? i heard that fruit barge 'melan reddy' is a goner - the fruit thaws in just six (6) months as on on plastic sticks...iceblink is thawing out spring something dead in the snow...meatbald a dead bird...cubed thighmeat with breastbone... tasers...

eh...not yet...none so fast...another peepul (peephole) magazine shat-at at american? pu~ like spying on women at the circus bathroom trailer not just a part of the act...

like i check your ass for a temperature with an oral find - no trusting it

no pay from itunes and all the other things i sold you under fraudulent office-made programs (the army...in-between homes) now answering the phones your pay is there too: magic jack (the free-ish application on whatever you don't use for being expensive and resold as toy) is at it again with apple and hewlett-packard - should we disregard home phones, 911, and other such unnecessaries to be with people in jail as you venture me cross-wise analyses of old 'greasy' women and faggots as one limp? your free works are what it took to present me here, magically, but late with the rent (only me ever - not in my name though the prize title and calvin fraulein chastity belt you fight for spread about daily with other niggers buying up land, keep the change frances farmer was magical too? fanny farmer now that's a jailed bitch - sees no money for selling twats 'interminable' sell your sex i have mine by the sheeps head only no asses and shoes for seedy times on the road in winter's night no to thankful annie was yours and mine after all but a murderer with ploughy red skin and the depression - all waiting for homos with gifts for you to share take a dodge dart to the show 'nudesies' tight ankles)...hi to all those who tinker and success yourself and you don't ever but ravage me with plause guilts try that old vaudeville act again 'tomb like my shadow' use mine the hole with ladder but moving away from us always from behind on left...couldn't possibly pay? one more meal out with bills unpaid and i'll explode with shitwater and i demand bleach activated although shred to dry...our little eight dollars a week (what is this?) have two...only figment at the end, i have my burdens curtailed...all things don't live but you will too...headless chickens escaped from test tubes in japan their christmas rockettes feauturing lambchop made me cry a voice among shoe-ins ...what did you lose? ketchup...the moors in sedgewick...

truth is i put a new case top and bottom on my hp pavilion g7 and the screen (17-inches diagonal) doesn't work beeps loud three times only then repeats the gift given all the speakers in-tact - you know i didn't fuck up at all but it does look damned good and the switch works too on and off! i was told ribbon wires are not real just show for heat? whatever - i don't agree to anything suspicious i'm not real but insist on being shown drawn and must work through with others and hey that's trust i violate any junk-woman domination (god's greatest gift) but hate their crying too all shapps but then again fighting is back with challenge on my way to pussyville with grants (you pick up bankruptcy by fool and profit with at slim margins buy one as challenge two for the showing off) in-hand their gift? that's what can use magic jack as they'd do whatever they do to steal your parts...thanks ebay beautiful...american airlines why bother? thanks just get it right next time old skins new planes? junk - florida to texas in half an hour by new catapult (more time on the ground plus one hour late the luggage-carry-on trains have big gate numbers first we argue the math going around again five minutes to spare and they were there too that's a thought why don't you wait here? all very 'premier nigger' first to flee the scene in their (prints 'til 6 am when a job hovers before sleep) underwear - a heart attack skin-so-tight body shits can't fight the ravages of times told - we preserve propers to spare us the truth so easy to grasp but a needlelace prison i'd get you a complete physical for it why not use the toilet to drink south?) but more 'the other side of a life wasted' later...i would be dead (made of) of that stuff - get it? 'i can eat all i want!' it's yours if you choose 'hots' well 'curdling'...sassed me with a small dot mole over the lip and a greasy raised yogurt 'is it soup?'

------------------------------missing items from my trip not necessarily mine: one burgundy oster clipper...blades and oil left here (limit to what i hafta buy again...)

'he stole it from us' - yeah what about game boy i worked on taxes already better get busy i dunno if they actually accept them yet (january 19) a gratis maybe not probably not olt.com if you're not getting anything that's from me it took god to get me down strategically times lock down sofa you're stuffing my bird i said no they still do it and with you being held to another amazing refusal of it...they're still embarassed and they never have anything but shitwater to share happy-unhappy having granted theirselves a golden moment every year half-bought a budget says every year until remit...then england you don't hafta fight disgusting they still show up to do god's work or poop in a sewer...each gentleperson a temple of simple trans-vex rejection surmised (um, 'death')...kill the fat bitch a worsted wool to become anti-gauve richy rich! a piss a catering job....mother's day in salem's lot she just a'wakin' with it the dark gift under both eyes 'grizzly' skinned crying in church...wiz kid is the younger glick boy as me? par doun...

business knows where it all went only: get busy...selling-sailing to others then get out we don't position carts to be at a lonely unexpected surprise never employs your thoughts...be dumb of delights...making do...the sours are hand-held there...a car with no soul is at lunch zepping around cashing checks an angel then... largesse 'the bigger the bladder'

it's wednesday, january 6 - it's raining hard as sustained...tool-toybox...carnival...the other day a blackout so bad we hadda roll the gates to the parking garage back by hand - sees foodsource backup 'lazy-fat' sweating it out to be pump 'no choice'...hours in the dark everything done down to be mime no matter what a mind fails to be you...just you...cat engine supergenerator-diesel pump waited with other seeking house lines about 120v that's where i draw the line power mate washer-dryer my planned ott 'let 'em live it out' by the tides a nomen - bodywash candles (it ain't all chicken fats from the rotiss there's flavour parts) and vaseline won't keep u forever shine bags under each eye? i use it to keep heat-dirt out i am the way no monkey a hole banana in your mouth now smokin' parms, all milk-dads the alarms just one ding so sags electric doors closed the emergency batteries already fizzled as too much work i won't bother one follows the other to work same days off working for women watching men they take in and the other men coming in second place see if it's true 'the other hate beat' what imitates life to minimize clerks and filing...simul-heat generating bean-bags from all the football games still making a pot of rice 'van allen chicken' rocks inside withering by a single degree with ice teas from the windowsill...fails to a meal hauled or caught across county...official candybar and dried pasta jackets while you ask it about 'scuvouli - do it more your way'...any extras? matches? you can go get that stuff - like batteries...you setting up labs all day...no extras...i'll be there...the fish and bread? gratis~ we too are one.

i am the sun
you are the moon
'but you can't hide beat - ' she's stupid in the street and she can't socialize

next month's page - the new year - soon enough

remind-see this is page two - some bald fuck keeps trying to edit me for sucking on it later:

-----------------------------------------------page 2 of 2--------------------------------------hi sean

p.s. apple tv - when i hooked up mom's apple tv in florida i noticed alot of extra facility (or logos to tap on) but one of the freelancers there 'youtube.com' (go to private browsing to shit out the 'restricted viewing' preference until when) is offered some...the real glory is on a computer or ipad, but this is okay remodified for searches etc. - in any circumstance, there is no browser facility and we've gained that since with other machines - like telephony left to be not quite right but ok people hate it...found a little place on my tv for apple cameras to plug in way down?

fear not - i got badly burned by christmas travel to exit here on the dot, but you got your notice...fail down to be the date i wouldn't...to travel is to know who you are...livid?

everyone wonders what a zebra's cock looks like - here ya go
this stuffed one on robertson 'calio' a variation of calico, was bit on the neck he says by a young tiger six years ago...michael jacksons? 'she wouldn't come when called'~
'bubbles is in heaven now' with boobie lovejoy no doubt 'boobie died' green eyes big ears
calio says in review 'i don't hurt'
i'd make damn-well sure you have my pain...no light no sight

isn't time to do the overall 'homeostasis' check in the shower turning a tit? no pain but heat ramp from time to time
the 2:00 in afternoon aqua-velva in overland body liquidas isn't present, so no piss termites or sugar hill pimples to cite
sugar plum...the windbreaker
most people who are nuts (ideas are 'nutsi' none see) prepare meals thinking of what they'd like to have a dalliance...all just beneath noticing it

supertramp 'breakfast in america' title song from that lp
kippers? i think sleeping in or fish-potato pancakes - a nap
they say 'no one special' as telling us what to do
up in the air as waiting to land in guam another egg-eater with pollution issues - 'let 'em eat crap'
sick and sad
hot and cold
fever and chills
you and me
then and a gem
these bitches

despite all your tricks, enter 2016 less a concern or two...it's saturday january 2, and i'm not you looking for a quick fix to a minor solve them...the preschool garden made of mixed 'young' negroes still evincing you k-8...wondering off another docudrama...eight? sixteen? my noises today louder than usual the threats 'no more christmases - bwa, i'm jewish' you get 'i'm god' for the jewish stuff itself hope all is well still flaccid but you...feels like nothing between the legs no triumph for you (your stuff always at the ready, needs someone like you but threatening - a lack of exercise to be clubbed down on the toilet by prides, their ama eat-less margarine amalase 'your teeth are yellow', 'zacky farms' the roto-drain and 666 madison avenue teeth hair) i relating merely - try arms limp at the sides for play harder than making them doodle...but seriously i think reaching for snacks made us...i'm not that lonely the seafur making pinchers for the mattress cover the elastic won't come near but sea monkeys, all guests are presented at that age or phone first 'somewhere between death and dying' gay alienation (i saw you and fled) or the second coming (no auditions for being the review), and are one step over pass the dutchie...be me: i lick me own asshole pink its variety centered and i stretch the truth seems i love that...twice the work, half the pay plus auditions...enter more hotted rope to see who came and leave...a dowel to use the toilet...is no toilet...yet...

this wasn't supposed to be so life-oriented - keep saying it sneaker pimps 'spin spin sugar'
pull the plug~
the album track a 'sympathy' opening up here slightly is the wailing wall to me in sound alone - an entertainment form is listing to women crying? a few cheap laughs for trying too hard
i listen to myself to make meaning for me - abortions seeming at night share unannounced for no quasar
england is good at it, but crying is to be mine alone mine to have and hold
art is high being - the rest trying to be seem

back home in west hollywood - glympse again...11:28...pm

my coke rewards: got me another free 20 oz. bottle of coke coming at target...immediate gratification here-there...four (4) 2-liter bottles of schmetz entered that's what i consumed - three whole jugs of fruit juice...i eschewed the coconut tampico for now...p.s. you need fifty-five (55) points now for a free bottle and that is twenty (um, nineteen) bottles consumed at three (3) points each...

the fuckin' camera was too dark fuckin' around businesses again so what clam
i couldn't get three boys...playing ball
got that father-type though

remember not to split the half king - no eddie

try to use glympse by the way - it's fun tracking deliveries and stuff by the car and phone...'http://glympse.com/OBKN-MJ72' for a while...

went to lunch at shuckers again today at ft. pierce ? - beautiful beach and people about - a tad too many? the cheap jewelry there says it's a crime hiding in that marriot building the surf so pretty nearby these three boys up near the fold of a dune so pretty me...dueling banjos: quote from wolves today 'when we eat, you eat' that's very tatum of them...i didn't wanna disturb the hell of a beautiful day but a black cloud may set in later...light play...they've all been so lovely then there's us 'addam's family christmas': morticia upon receiving 'from me?'...next 'the tall man' when cited by someone over the oscar vote a'lacking: 'phantasm doesn't work the oscars - you do...'

i had guac and chips, a bacon cheeseburger and fries, a coke...him, mussels...beautiful...her, lobster ravioli

'you bring me your problems, but i can't help you or know the details' - dM my first good haiku, ever, kind of a sexual schezuan though

a nice ornament eddie chose for the top~
the tree a fraser heading towards a douglas - beautiful

the navigator 'real' tree top

went to mcdonald's last evening 12/26 with green totes-type umbrella
left menu: a cheeseburger and small-ish drink - $1 each
these adorable little kids in the corner said merry christmas to me loud and in unison while leaving...very cute kids
a row of them sitting towards, a row with their backs to me turning around - not a rotten one in the bunch - one with those yellow '8' glasses on a 'vonnegut' (a 'play-doh' barber shop person is it - finally, only)
the cup is for me - the moon - get it? defer to my sister's mock from the boardwalk - 'look at her - she's luvin' it'
an ice cream cone

windows 10: i've been learning microsoft's 'edge' (symboled as 'e' with no halo) here the one-in-all browser...when you master, ask for ms internet explorer in the '...' menu to the right - it has alot of quality still, but is the grace of having bothered with the new tabletop approach...they're all 'you got it already' at the download house and my mind goes dead no asking...i still use netscape communicator (under the pseudonym 'sea monkey') wildly along with chrome when it stops bothering me over stuff i can't stand to think about now (e.g., gmail versus hotmail i want both i love gmail too - or i make fake ones on my site like crazy)...p.s. where's typing undo, nigger...

good anecdote for and against radial growth - a planet made of trees all around it is no planet...(unless you're in the everglades god made - slash and burn you died on the beach)...

check out at&t's iphone 6 deals online $18 a month is a starter kit - at&t is real meat but bitches about monthly billing - take your time...they have a third-party trade-in plan at apple now i look to see...specific phones...that phone is a good example of white gold i ordered up - a bullion type...nothing but malleable with scratches...kinda

one more nice candor of mom last night 12/26 the party's over...there's a duplicate #2....
remember, everything you see has been shown to you - everything even your own face

i'm all 'oh, missy gold's* on the hallmark holiday theater' (we marvel her prescence on 'full house' the dead wife recycled)...that ol' lisa welchel's at it again...*the show's one true star: candace cameron - dj? you are fucks - she's desperate...from under the house...

today 12/26 from the rear of set obscured...
you like this? can't afford it anyway - even at ten percent a million is a million...maybe you...if you made a million you'd know better

by the way, alot of people here are close together by roundabouts like a small lake - simply brilliant the neighbors
that's living well - you don't need the space ('i live in a development - i don't need to think' - dM)
a woman across the street is all 'we make ours alot more homey...' in my head like you could live there forever - i agree though others untrained
i was thinking of a dark blue carpet in here with plush bulbous underneath

to remember the model - no titan of industry but good enough to be yet

was talking to wounded actor (and chinese ambassador) tracy morgan (useful credit? the black man in 'john dies at the end') on the way here and we talked about the flagstaff hotel what burned down kinda on route #1 (new brunswick, nj) where his accident occured - there was always a sign at christmas just before the intersection on the side that says 'bah humbug' in twinkle lights on two big pieces of white plywood angled both to an arrow - to grandma's house we'd go...every year...bahamas?

begift: alot of rain dumped earlier today as sustained - golf carts surround running out fast...more to be brew....the clouds ran out yesterday afternoon and visibly to go to denver, colorado they rejected half the weight they said back around today saturday, december 26 - one great date that is~

'top of the morning to ya' a beggar, but late it seems...cam4.com the gift given - one of my favorites at home i was just peeking yesterday (is not made to please young women - comments off)...honor-ignore tumblr.com too...

a needle is in a 'haysack' - like finding a needle in a haysack a white or brown burlap pillowcase...add one more to my coffee table book...where they lay...why bother looking?...a big lump of yellow grass in the field has a needle...'oh, there it is'

brief 'synopsis' - remember that pieces are missing, and is no entry to course - or before you actually know what's left out...no one's right

'and i my lord - may i say nothing [as in agreement to these charges]?' - oscar wilde (she was perfectly said, but slighting of you - i didn't know she grasped so little for herself)...his mother actually no so funny

'...like lisbon before bethlehem | shore to shore | suddenly you're missing | then you're reborn'...rebought, rebuilt...i was raised fully in allentown 08501...across the river but much, pennsylvania has an allentown in it a big one what is bethlehem - bethlehem steel it's all related...where the only secret is nudity...'bless this house', is it - 'born to hell' he says...we get people from here...i say water is our business...heat, light...water, air...it's like that...water...more the lyric box junky: 'like lists to do better'?

good enough b+ on netflix: '[one] bad santa' - with billy bob thornton in the lead as hard on the hurt...rated p[i]g for being drunk and hank-pissing on the throne...like that basketball guy couldn't hold it 'til court (he wanted to stay there was enchanted by someone but pee'd as time drifted on...you can take a few minutes against bench 'don't hurry back' they say)...he owns the store he works in, by the way...the blonde kid his mother as him youthed, the black midget the tall tito jackson man with cowboy hat who died working there with him heart attack 'emphysema'...so used...no place to go...

later on but before guests: got my phone card an early $20 for them and after all times three (180 minutes, 180 text messages, and 180 megabytes transfer or internet megabytes - i had seven hundred megabytes left and i tried to broker them on the phone and they're all 'no way' not with nine hundred megs for $10 sold as three hundred - i love texting god says 'no time to line')...thank you cvs open today but forgiven alarms going off to and fro nervous nellies ~ 7-eleven...cvs sent me a survey and i'm all thanks 'you could be better about things, though'...thank a rowdy e-mail for calling me in...did i win? i didn't shit walking this time (also note i passed an unlocked josh d'douche last time - etiquette? nothing but a brown-ish saran wrap fence between us you'd rather crap the car 'operators needed')...dinner was lovely turkey/ham well-done the sun still shining here...last night's was good too lobster-steak though mountainous...had my a-1 fix...no guests them

our guests et sum - lovely only the red and short one lily tomlin
this photo style 'stalend' stand alone - very japanese
'portend'? both looking at question
'raddichio' no one looks at the camera...'objet' any cutting of

12/25/15 ms. merry christmas has arrived - i don't need nuttin' - have a nice day new years the week lies on-top of this...thursday-friday whoop-tee-do...i got olivia newton-john on - 'a mom for christmas' at youtube 'why you're not there' (disney has the dvd but it's somewhat rare...'a christmas romance' hers is on dvd too i thought it was called 'a christmas to remember' next maybe...'one special night' julie andrews james garner)...can't get baked goods somebody's coming later...

c'mon now - isn't it really about drop-dead dates and then nuthin's coming? see the talk to an end...and keep quiet it's hard to keep hate in the face but you know i'll listen to a revise....

'an i for an i' as correcting you: i always say mindlessly 'we're getting down to the tides' as deplenished...whale blubber snacks or oomingmak...for the record 'down to the times' like rich people having to work? a whale is a dolphin six years...more: shoelaces as pants dry up...down to the ties?

pet shop boys pcp? psilocybin psb spell it 'dj culture'
unisex...u no sex...a wheelchair
back to: song staples i've been using lately-vocally the list goes on:

'if attitudes are materialistic, a positive effect, or realistic...' this song and others outward
'you wanna give it a go?' - patti labelle 'lady marmalade'
'when will it end | when will it end' - gary numan 'a shadow falls on me'
'almost human | i'm almost a man' - kiss 'almost human'

back to trump: a hate note i wrote myself last night over a mind guest
last night's gift was to clean your head (no harm just to remove excess heats) over excessive candors - i know that trick
heat equals pain - beware of it, pop an aspirin every now and again

like black to white, i can't get a fuckin' $10 card for text messages to continue on to my phone 'because it's christmas eve' trapped by hate again offers cash for nothing opened...i tell people i'm the fuckin' reason and still they're here - i'm not you...somebody bothered here, you just split in two...'eat shit'...couldn't even get cyndi jew lauper's rockin' around the tree from rosie today but one at rockefeller or whatever was good enough...remember mary the mother of all jews is not one - hard times made her inspirational like god inspires them...cowardly lion-type all blubbery...i'm here and i refuse people cash and clothes for arguing me ever - now see that...so scary...god arrests the 'cause of the blackout, not the fuse...' you'll go...

phalanx, cyndi
she wants you to remember 'twelve deadly cyns' - fine a great comp with nothing from here on it
no 'lies'

treasure coast mall has 'monoleters' in the center of squirt for about $300-$500 i asked the girl helping out if they hurt later from balancing alot she's all 'yeah, for a while' though i balk easily at the price
aah's has them $150-$200 though obviously illegal (interferes with the eagle eye taking)...
these are well made - let's withhold judgment though my first impulse is to squit, they won't even let you try them - this shop mine too ;)
maybe you're wrong about things these salespeople don't even have an opinion - you, run over from behind thinking off~
also, the greatness of towne shop 'spencer gifts' is here too still - friendly mothers always, but bamboo curtains withheld for being ripped down alot they say in the head - this is where mine came from
tip: a tv thrown off the balcony comes back in the kitchen window days later 'a tv dinner'...

'and that's the truth...' - dM when nobody cares, too tired

christmas eve thursday, december 24 no cry for help yet...your mother's birthday (shoulda split her in fuckin' two instead she's on the beach with a can of soda, flex straw to her house, and lammi cremes doing time): went to a chinese restaurant near publix yesterday the apt (um, easy to grasp) 'chinese kitchen' basically a take-out with chairs and tables out of a bank window no chatting over the change - darling zodiac placemats, a bowl of wontons, orange sauce and some tea self-serve or $1 can of soda while you wait with a plastic take-out bowl of soup - i had egg drop among others said - when my little lunch special arrived $6 (i was with ed) it was darling 'shrimp and broccoli' and i left little of it three little florets the rice barley'd (tastes like wheat) but soon appeared some bbq pork pieces and off i went with some orange duck sauce stirred in...nice...i love simple, traditional fare no bother...cantonese (i'm assured china not far away - like little italy stinks in high heaven - by their bank cards with red magnetic stripes on-back)...onward, mom presented two (2) nice 'lacods' or izod lacoste shirts both short sleeve and red from macy's full-price i'll be keeping (a pocket tee, and a bowler for travel with black trim and buttons - red is big now with me see it...we discussed the name i had this always they say 'lacods' now...no...'eyes on [me]'...lacods ok...ed either got one of those vented short-sleeve dentist shirts that black men wear in barbados a 'counteu' (say 'cont') or was unfolding a tablecloth with mom...same stereo - i liked mine...(more or less: correct to jc penney - sales that's okay)...

our patron saint for the eighties is member's only their stuff is greatness...dr. jay's here

wednesday dec 23 yet again: just got back from jensen alehouse near home depot early dinner around six p.m. - them, lobsters (surf and turf tomorrow too, kinda) the special - me, another cheesesteak no mushrooms this tyme (sic) with house special the $2 myers's rum and coke...the place was getting full despite their - mom and her husband's - christmas lament 'nobody around' - you will die waiting and soon enough...is beloved for being howard johnson's 'ground round' in disguise somehow...love that or sonic has unshelled peanuts outside some...just like the old days...

i'm all ricardo montalban - 'could it be?' thank you phantasm v merry xmas
get the joke? chrysler cordoba commercials in the 80's (banana-colored with beer-barrel seats) then cut to him caressing a sofa he's sitting on all unawares - brilliant
...either that or lorne greene slaps you in the mouth wearing a leather glove with studs on it 'and that's all - '
better to seek your dead wife in the hills~
i'll be here...just a windowsill here in the 'big house'

these life-size nativity pieces at hobby lobby up the street yesterday...

at the register, some book congratulating theirselves 'how a $600,000 upstart...' sixty bucks whatever all sharecroppers (sear's really and the city of las vegas a 50/50 clown)
this is mine - now get that
sonic is mine too - i thanked the girl for bringing the food (the $9.99 cheeseburger and weiner special with fries and drink the each) even though the credit collapsed the menus all outside like a bank with red push button (no vistors, but um) - nice of her we rescanned to a success...tuesday...this wednesday, december 23...

true to dougmoon form, i ask people what they have for this and that, and then i get busy eventually 'why mine?'
the star of david is useful as a 'mechanical' connection (none of fancy holds - see soldering) for pushing out and pulling back in at will - see light and dark what connects to each other nearly at diamler or equator, jet stream
the other a paddle for heat and cold - one goes up, one goes down
as sight gets more knowing there is less to see, plainly
alot already going is hard or next to impossible to stop unless you wanna lose your head baldly - rings of saturn our universe
bonne bell made the jewish star in '76 - leave it that - a cross can make you feel like a beggar...martyr...god's child
any declare~

i hate apple's junky oblong boxes here for new one-piece macs ($$$$ but pretty) but i'm happy to see continuance our apple tv installed but fuckin' hateful to new computers 'you're not fucking me over back home with a button pushed here'
they're all 'turn on home sharing in itunes' after divining someone's wi-fi password and more feed
i spent hours and hours redesigning the campbell's soup can for min-max's in college (metal use, boxing shipping) to meet this a pull tab~
does a big ol' gold jewish coin hold all its matzoh when pulled up to be skinny - now wash yourself down inside and out
the hellraiser box you pull on the opposing corners everything's automatic or as god says 'how dumb?'

great example - this is one piece of paper folded accordion to be an inch wide and as long as needed - you fold the center upwards and 'voila' not roundabouts to cut and cover
you pinch the sides together to staple or affix at center - good work

like murphy - all pointy in the knees but beauty abounds
i call 'em 'pantaloons' - anything obscuring the leg meat in private
mfr? hanes 'classic' a good review - hadda let go of jeep champagnes they'll kill you by choking you off

same exit to be boy~

evil prayerbox lisa welchel says she's more than one of the other girls - she does 'jo' too that's easy dumbkin plus believes in praying back with compliments you won't get sick your breath is my bladder
i'm kim coles nikko hotels 'seen you pubes - you should eat' you are mr. kim...ceo craves eggs ovuoles says posner products is hershey they are me. franco-american add dulchess water for pit gravy. me grobb.'
i know what it's like to be black - 'bitch, did you shit?' use the mirror i hear.