see yourself to page two now...a big, grassy month

watch while u can - 'ravager phantasm v' preview! howling-good art:

blessed to be~

last night president bush jr. was telling me about money left in his tribute account (his federal-level discretionary pork barrel) and i said make nothing personal - keep it business-wise like i made it to be - anyway he almost gets tears in his eyes talking about one such success he remembers 'harmony' some woman who sold real estate projects or whatever - paid the flame...she just went away one day as paid in-full ('they didn't cheat me one bit - but i paid somehow' says her)...think of anyone else?

back to trump: i took a roll of parchment paper (for baking - the fruit juices more than excellent $1.89 a gallon, $8 in pepto-bismol just $4 great prices - turns out i was on pink 'gas-x' pills i looked - like a snort of heroin - something's wrong) from the store yesterday with an open end on the box - no problem...something i hate usually and yes another one or two placed well up: does cherry di-gel improve the spine? apparently it does - once a day three weeks...

alicia keys 'love is blind' good stuff ! found me fixing mom's stereo and apple
ruse: she's all something about not hearing anything but background singers or whatever like a speaker failed but both too - give it up~
p.s. keep ms. barbados rhianna in mind here - it solves you

bobike (say 'boh-bye-kee') - little loaves of egg bread in sauerkraut - we were just thinking about a little egg brush she thinks they'll white loaves here...ervake (sp? - look to get away like eating c*m) 'er-plaht-kee' the rectangle heavenly host of michelangelo's last supper blessed, served with honey...'i'm in the way' eve

for what it's worth, i always said 'er-plaht-kee' before hitting someone over the head with a chopped-out by hand plate of snow, slightly icy...others picked it up easy enough - heaven forbids touching or to startle...nor to bow down...a well-armed militia then - but seconds to spare? better to travel...

i wanna remember my natural mother and father both here 1953 with me and richard in glasses tagging along - not harmed by the world yet a glass of milk in the morning - nutella?
abc 'love is strong' featuring my mother babette, madonna et al
for the record, depeche mode is eating half a peach as in-hand all at once - from french class 'salut!' - on the's easier on the back side
p.s. mom never lets anyone cut her hair or do her nails for that much

to note: they started ripping up koo-koo-roo (koo-koo-ka-roo!) the chicken place on santa monica boulevard last week a structural 'v' in the front was revealed as awning but i haven't been there since (madonna still molting over the property next door on east a secluded two-story restaurant) - would make a great panda express or shoe shop off broadway shoes an emporium on sunset - highly recommended! last gasp was no turkey dinner on any one day - someone has to be there for a daily thanksgiving of the breast and leg sort -'re always wrong, you know - be more involved, know it first...produce distributors won't keep playing with people who don't hire folks...the price goes up...

may we recommend norm's?

nutsi-nutley department: this new laptop has touch screen 'windows touch' - nuts (cheap hp model all black notebook no real numbers evident even on the bottom - has all i have on the 15-inch hp pavilion though no trim)...same model at best buy...

this the baseline hp model we use here less two gigs of memory ours is six gigs - so what - has a disk drive
i hadda go back to the store to get an hdmi cable for apple tv though it uses no other~
the 'dynex' 4' cable $9.99 is where it is - now if mother will just fuck off after her soap shows at 3:00 p.m. i can wash my whites with her bleach
it's not that you're stupid, you're mutant as bitched to a death and questions answered wrongly before you even rise in the morning...each one so precious me
p.s. the cable missing is like spicy food made of mackerels - always, although, thinking of others...why women go bald

'sku' or each unit serial number as per sold: although asked to sell as a great idea, makes us poor somehow arguing crime or 'cost of goods sold' then - we say still 'greater than or equal to' used as a value (each 'k' symbols greater than or equal to '<=' here or '0<=' nothing yet, but soon maybe more no closeout)...knowledge or as soon as something goes wrong you'll know gets stifling ('the first plate served you [as company or restaurant] paid for' we say) near 'truth' truthmongers up in the desert on a plateau farming for watercress sandwiches with guard: no lettuce trains in winter to nyc an acronym - you need care sometimes someone to carry it all away from you...the sun - a bad idea working for you yet - one who sees as materialistic needs a positive effect or a realistic one - if nothing more's coming...

we're never sure the cone or megaphone: a sight is best left at the bottom of a megaphone no more detail up at the widening of lens we say - better to be heard speaking...

ms. green dot 2015: daisy fuentes 'we'd love her' i'm honored - 'narcos' back on the scene and delivering new episodes saint, no links

'narcos' old and new - only at netflix

'i don't watch 'narcos' - i don't want to watch people who are glory.' - hillary clinton just now to me alone

december 21 1702 raining hard...a plus-plus, to come back

he sent this to proffer his wares - see new black and decker 12-cup model at ralph's westwood i guess now just $20
rip 02/12 gevalia...'their coffee is great, we're just cheap' - dM we didn't hafta buy anything

here's the new one, save the braun gold cup inside no papers yet

menu, left: got my dad and wife in new jersey a year of 'people magazine' now on the upswing (used to be forefront in the 70's and 80's) for 2,200 frequent flier miles from american airlines - still making expired miles up to me okay two (2) free flights in total...i never fly now it's like buying a $500 a month car - 'cause you have it simply...paycheck lying around i've seen it...$5,000 down, five (5)year plan...suffering means no hosting...dead people know everything, but you don't get through here...champagne taste, beer pocketbook...

a local 'fine' jeweler refused to flic my $5 cvs watch another black rubber-type band 'they watch people'...fixed mom's diamond dame fast enough...reminiscent of my fake gold rolex from columbus (a new jersey flea market, see 'englishtown' too - famous) back in you soon cvs the current stuff junk...all squares...a fine jeweler in westood (at ucla the village) balked at touching up the gold flakes off the band...they'll hum a wedding band clean though...

nearly or quite nearly shit myself coming back from taco bell the border today 'bitch, you shit'...mandarin oranges 'halo' ('cuties', really) five (5) pounds $5 there you go...sam's club...usually three pounds five dollars...more: someone says 'the order?' three tacos supreme combo mordant pepsi with register survey now complete not necessarily blameworthy each incident meets five possible natures: piss in my apple cider, crystal light, pepperidge farm cake raw egg, staying up at night with hirsutes, and acts of burning the fireplace no why know?

a mind, mistaken: i'm all 'do you always peel your hershey's kisses into a bowl before you eat at-large' dropping one, having one while rests mother's response: for her cookies.

monday, december 21: just got back from tool mecca 'restoration hardware' i mean 'harbor freight tools' me denying the edifice any the great but is near that - report later...main issue: does the garden hose caddy (blue, with rubber wheels that inflate) heat water too as for yard use? are we stupid to ask? a: dangerous but to rig blue-ish flame on the side of metal tubing somewhere no touch but radiant heat (for no so cold and plants - jacuzzi or cosmo) they don't feature much and are absent in action...yards and yards of usefulness: cotter pins and wall anchors of all types in assortment packs - new single-stroke engines about $100 on sale...electric screwdriver drill sets and hyrdraulics galore with repair flatbeds, hose clamp assortments - you name it...they proved me wrong...'we' bought a $59-69 helicopter radio and all building our unmanned bomb maven...nice...soulwerx...four ends, 'five hearts'...

also note walmart for travel and optical 'produce a lens and we'll help you' - very accessible to needs abroad - i've been there three times so far this visit...sear's? chevron...ours at home? probably stevenson ranch past sylmar it's not far at all valencia i drove it every day traffic flows opposite - take the 101 north to the 170 to the 5 dumps out or merges at sylmar keep going near six flags some...on left...near the first claim jumper 'potatoes so big'...

x-mas giving: a church is its people - they pay for everything and have been taxed already...interest expense? always someone else's income...stealing? cost of goods sold - what's on the shelf comes out at inventory being valued...revenue less expense - inventory is no expense to us yet.

movie? cicely tyson's scrooge is on my scrooge

coldplay 'adventure of a lifetime' versus daft punk~
key lucky (parlophone are pet shop boys, exclusively)

trump's money-making tips, three to four:

1) never ask people for anything, make it yourself a job;
2) never take friends for rides anywhere - make them pay;
3) make the most of a day - ask everyone everything (no notes to yourself, no hate);
4) open your heart take something [to you as first] you hate.

- the news taunted me with omission. - dM

was telling folks at my popular ? facebook page 'doug moon' i hadda think the presidency over - that one year-looking lapse screwed me up in review e.g., president reagan elected 1980 takes office in 1981...see-feel...bought a new gap hat felt blue-gray and asked where to now? in months to come will rename and buy at will...the carter versus ford riding high 1976 argument...'we too are one'....the whole 'three hours later versus three hours earlier' thing...why bother? in other words, the west coast as worthless to us now...worth? what's worse: having versus not having...and you?

blue and gray felt - heavy - and next to nuthin'

who me? bff ('best friends forever' - thanks 'reba' for 'pbs' peanut butter sandwich...mine: 'pleases both senses'...seeing, hearing)

sunday, december 20: last year's quaker cinnamon oatmeal squares mix in the oven now twenty more minutes...perfect...14.5 ounces is fine, btw...great stuff

i coulda paid more...they pay some too

had about half a bottle (bits less) of ol' santy last night (rum, bourbon, brandy despite our 'no drinking-sliding back at home' rule) it made me sleepy numb in the limbs...we'll get more...gonna make cinnamon square chex mix sometime today (see feature sang 'almost paradise' one of my very favorites yesterday some aimee mann 'til tuesday laughing at her man hating her in 'voices carry' top of the knots 1985 now corrected~)...ate in last night saturday 12/19 stuffed pork chops, scalloped potatoes, pork and beans, apple sauce...nice...but late with accords, talking it all out...went to lowe's a bit empty but full of grace, minutiae, sprays, switches, big stocks...resolve powder in the jar (kills piss over the days~) - and hagged a nice big tree skirt for $20 (already marked down with yellow tag 30% though i made her go check - a gold beauty worth $60, easy with a big bow and netting and all - this is sear's, know it) for my mother terry's fine in la the coffee maker back on the block looked at ebay for used and a $24 12-cup mr. coffee model at target ensuing...back to an old woman's percolator?

at best buy now target too

sale sunday dec 20! best buy - that hp printer i bought envy 4520 all-in-one cartridge 63 is cheap at about $20) on black friday is now $60 with two-sided printing - it'll end in tears windows 10? it loves an tv $59 at target today (slightly more at best buy who claims to be a price beater as documentation allows) i ran and got one (base model never less than $100 not ever) for the household here now wi-fi elegant new laptop hp...the printer at target too availability will be the issue this week...

mom acquiesced across the board the star lovely
the patio, fyi, is called a 'lanai' screened overhead - still perfecting we think a lot of drillpress, screws...i need roman x-bar palatials, overhangs - windows high

henry viii from buckingham palace - she schlepped over his grave she said - hi hi

tropical fruit lifesavers cantaloupe, coconut, etc. - i bought 'em always at gelson's in west hollywood along with luigi's lemon italian ices and labrea bakery products...more: see hawaiian fruits and 'fruiteria' at lifesavers inc supposedly a division of vicks...nighttime champ...'i don't want soft stuff' - dM

new moon thread: saltiest snack ever (as i eat bugles even today)? cheese doodles the crunchy ones (i think - maybe not) threatened me most 'boy you better quit - '

not everything is worthwhile, but if you see this tree-bush - get it
it spins, grows tall, lights up, and plays a serious version of a country-led jingle bells - then shrinks again to repeat
in-short, is most like the flying wave at great adventure or elsewhere then - the finest ride to operate full-wheel
source? a hardware store in new jersey somewhere - 4c batteries, ac plug

plays like the world - like shit
richard says is a demagogue, a demon - is participative and 'tells people they're stupid'

reprise: gorillaz 'doncamatic'
redone? is a mexican on-stage in new jeans - bow-legged and with a lasso going on
the actor is daly 'dah-lee'...liz fraser helped write this, chrissie hynde

the nativity i grew up with...less the joseph and the angel and corvia or shed
the joseph was buried to sell a home she says - the angel? i don't remember that at all not this one - maybe in church angel hair only in the manger
the blacks here - the magi, if you will - are elegant and truly black
the oxen have springs for horns

dinner tonight friday was at pineapple jack's a hotel at jensen beach - 'downtown' they say - i had a grilled chicken caesar salad about $11 as put together though costly a place...quiet, nice

see one bad habit

logitech revue one week 'til christmas? amazon - still beloved here at the powerpack cures all...if need be...ebay...last minute needs...

(friday, dec 18) see walmart the natural victor for decorations - both angels and tree-top stars as we debate (angels deliver starlight to obscure and ocean edges waveform, you can go direct - mine) win so far a star on the seashell tree...still hagging...port st. lucie police there grandeuring for pictures out-front lights flashing...hi hi

this tree from home depot < $50 they get too high - frasers or growing still only, this 8'

i like this star alot the other chosen is colored like netscape a boat (captain's) wheel
many choices and many angels black-white a santa claus (san nicklaus) too

big balls and lighted some with flood

got our natural tree at home depot and some ol' santy about $9
no sea shells

bb-8 is high-tech (uses magnets under head) and everywhere like apple store and hammacher schlemmer or whatever...brookstone (this at apple beverly center)
the round of carriage recharges only - the rest works like the film
about $80 we think > $150 depending on toy target has a cheaper model

so, the house here at 987 nw mossy oak way is being booted up from a mothball rental kinda - true to form the half-king (as two twins joined) parted - some decoratiions, but the whole of white seashell look rejected by me and the weather is hot - is that what i left you?...need colorful sea and sails an anchor...richard reformed younger for the half the flight but lost en route with mother who can't go it alone or bear to see it fleshen - near useless or with ups-and downs barring my home in los angeles helps but someone new and lovely at airport parking with a smoke and elders - his dad? yum...his richard's younger look nice but under survey who's paying?...epcot held out some maybe (in the head they said $xx season passes with blackouts are cheapest half the year) - i don't travel here unless promises kept alight some...shopped all day sear's at the mall treasure coast, best buy, target we'll city...for some red and green lights in design candy canes and a bow...publix for fruit juice (the finest fruit juice gallons $1.89 orange and punch) and gold bond powder for nighttime...

'you gotta eat'

lucky numbers? 'you're all andy warhol' his diaries succinct

(thursday, dec 17 - stay outta my lunchbox 930 palm) got here yesterday and had a burger king whopper special #1 no cheese as no one was there to intrude yet west palm beach airport...met the folks she had ham sandwiches to insinuate me and on we went to the same place like i just left it last year but no alberto vo5 kiwi shampoo - we'll partially re-establish today so-so cheesesteaks last night a rash between my legs and torso from the all the piss - see ya soon...the mother is due tomorrow always two days or so who is this?

finally a 3-d resin printer! just $800 at best buy
make replacement plastics galore! different color resins by string and loop
most impressive: screw-on shower head in white - or watering can head whatever the software has to study first a few minutes

(wednesday, dec 16) in charlotte, nc (prior to florida and lunch - hated it all though basically in on time here burger king's receipt was 1156 landing was to be at 1111)

the new look at loss

that was one cold day and no room at the inn: thanks for yesterday and one more cross-country trip with empty pockets not to mention you can't pay rent and bmg thanks again you blessed black niggers...

don't tell about your money problems, you fat ass...

to you and yours?
go to mother fuckin' hell where you live

sunday december 13: finally, the rain i work for here in los angeles - and that's that~ keep it coming

that coffee maker came right clean - trust that - it loves us again~

bits of 'nightmare before christmas' - it won me over again

tuesday night, preflight the plan just after midnight stopping in south carolina - remember florence? there was that bit skirmish at the uss north carolina all gift:

worried falsely? 'people have a right to hurt you.' - dM they do it anyway

'i'm the adultress | i didn't want to be ' - by way of chrissie hynde

our door this year - the hallway? revision after revision each step beauty at rest as i peep from within
hardwood floors? good lord! very shopping cart
people hate those red rope lights about $10-$11 at lowe's but they screw together at lengths and are a fame in itself - get a tree to trim

a: copy and paste, fool - quote me

bb8 is here in essence a little robot with wheels inside a ball that comes apart at the median - alot of asking for this, plus sphere - too much smart for the diagon basically a rod end to end
like one of those flat vacuum cleaners that are seemingly at rest while you're away - always suspicious or trying to get out of work to go home and bother others
it gets there

feeling burnt out? gevalia has their stainless 12-cup coffee maker for $60 right now - that's a 40% savings over their $100 price - mine is being dusted for excess water right now (use a fan up it)...just in time to great gift yourself if a bit bistro looking...oak, pastel mints, why the room? pyrethrens is rhodedendron (crysanthemum - the roof of your mouth whatever) for fruit...camilla or makeup too

part of my gift is letting you see gifts given us - it was placed well enough here~ sell it if could

no i don't need to address every foul your deadline is december 31, btw, and no we don't alternate universes where people hide from hell at the door a bubble sucking on one a clavicle (from a sewing machine, say a jawbone) within makes you know little coming down gently as my note not to....

when knowing not to is just enough before and after: my quotation key doesn't work still although i switch keyboards (with a new logitech model) the other insists on the flawed but doomed apple keyboard $50 at local the junkyard - no screws but i pour into...will dry but maybe not in time for you to use...nigger

here's disney's 'whiz' kid from the early seventies (watch 'til you like it - is no better than remember) - he rigs his clubhouse door with a punching-boxing glove on extension arm from the side to greet intruders....he rigged it in the first episode atop the door...

did you know that hp printer prints on both sides and how? it stops the output half way it sucks it back in to marvel you...good enough also tries to nab you tube frames flunkin' out - say 'print backgrounds', etc. in the print queue...

been making my lava lamp pay me in royals - i lift the bits that seem to live to the surface then they are free to fall - it's the lift that distorts seafaring types besides no one is ever here to see for theirself - no reason not to speak out...

evil prayerbox lisa welchel says she's more than one of the other girls - she does 'jo' too that's easy dumbkin plus believes in praying back with compliments you won't get sick your breath is my bladder
i'm kim coles nikko hotels 'seen you pubes - you should eat' you are mr. craves eggs ovuoles says posner products is hershey they are me. franco-american add dulchess water for pit gravy. me grobb.'
i know what it's like to be black - 'bitch, did you shit?' use the mirror i hear.

the lanai - details

a rainwater: the jacuzzi needed seven (7) pounds of calcium per the water test at leslie's a local place with cheat sheets marked up $25 in granule a heavy cookie container with handle
like leaves their stems, calcium breaks a hair or two, but this stuff is globule and asserting - nothing from the inside minds you
take a tip: some honey in your hair after assault (even hot the tap) helps