pringles the light, airy snack
you can't each just one
perfect for socializing
or at the house 'working'
'one for you'
or watching tv alone at night
mere crumbs in the bed
empty the hatch
we'll make more
we already did -
i'll have just one
lying out in the sun in africa
no water
dropped from a plane whole cans
there were none when i got there
okay just one...whole can
sour cream and onion, though
is that what that is corner of the lips
the white stuff?
let it snow!

bbq is my favorite flavor captain hook - pepperoni pizza flavor too
people say you shouldn't walk around and eat but i do - i'm a rude salivor (licking fingers-hyndes while eating from smallish 'brand-for-less' mylars)
try carrying a whole pepperoni pizza hut pizza through town and country (like a little girl with a piggy bank - 'no chance, no chance')
ours is far away a block past highland on sunset...but i did it nonetheless the bus and all, walked some
the memory still fold

preview april 2014's page 'who's the fool' - if never is it anyone new...
this page covers january through march 2014 apart from our self-imposed monthly structure, if you will, that's why page titles don't match ever 'what you see' isn't 'what you got' a bait and switch routine at lunch (i wanted the james brown am radio requires two 'd' batteries for the light show reportedly someone's ass on mike - no shocks or 'buttin' in' with cherry panties on) and another bag of margarine stink to wrassle formal bags but a large brown lipid tester with handles that rip, an apron full of water...a pot in the dark...

burgerland pt. pleasant: this is the carolco building on sunset undergoing changes (a classic example of bricks painted white...a brick is worth ? about $1.09 they say)
a pre-fab building (see china), i thought they were gonna take this down and move it to universal - no simple staging, a rented building truly
some say will be the 'new' tower video on bottom
very appropos since lee menendez (tvz, tmz?) shopped his video stuff (sony?) outta here

to keep in mind and however: box-n-go from $59 month or then pods

much like southern red phoenix chick-fil-a, fred phelps knows what god likes 'torturing little girls'? it's the hateful signs and fellowship or 'no thinking else' when it comes to making trouble...
some say death is not the end or is an anti-aging elvis - either way, my bread basket is fuller for having fred around 'god hates fags'...'the devil is yours'?
if greatness ensues from the flame: '[there is] no place for hell'

toni halliday says 'hi' with 'nowhere to hide' for the sochi games, i guess 'taking care of travelers' she says 'they get lost easy'
give 'em some breadcrumbs and a map to the stars homes 'here's vladmir poteshkins' journa pizza hut now with verdanta and turpat
blecch...that palace was very nice...very nice...thanks for the 'moon' greeting within your stuff (revisit at their website '' ) is wildly fun - it takes a village-type stuff they really mean it...'hi' to putin
back to toni, the song is real good - sounds of big guitars - thanks alot


i can't give a reason why
the look of love
died in your eyes
obligations take your place
a masquerade
played on your face

we live
we breathe
we'll be old
in our dreams
we laugh
we cry
no one can decide

for all we know
for how hard we try
even if we breathe
nowhere to hide

the kindest way is
we should part
and find our way
back to the start
anger tears
my brittle bones
it leaves me scarred
and all alone

we live
we breathe...

o - nothing yet, but more is possible
x - i know your name, the rest is gift
hugs and kisses my vs. them or as i say 'someone should eat'? no that's about men...someone's gotta win - that means no handing it all over i'm not you citing 'mother russia'
you don't set that to great guitar riffs - i do, and naturally enough i might add (sells me clueless 'dominion/mother russia' by sisters of mercy)
remember the press tells you what not to do: a gunner in the snowy mountain huts at valentine's day etc. an extra day after halloween not to shoot cops or drive down to a fool not stay around at night talking at me loins...

good netflix feature 'narc' (what? you've seen it?) outlander: a young man goes on a foray to enlighten others about the victims of killing - that is, the ones who really pay - no one is anyone anyway and i show them that no one gets to live the life they think of having murdered anyone (your reward is in heaven it seems 'that's no one to kill for' - dM and if nothing is for you anyway) - back to, the movie is no flique (seeming) but asks to watch as someone decays over it literally a victim of self-abuse or ignoring people as they speak their particular kind of language to making sense for them: no lies, no trials either - this one dies, frankly, looking to justify murdering blacks who don't live i watch this film, one notes no one likes him (the lead 'starts with' rarebit jason 'lost boys' patric actor-character portrayed as cancer bald and black-ish himself in some other market neuron - i always watch out for liking sinister outcomes too much like his red-haired ? daughter a nigger-lover but raw skin is always good for your sense of it preparing another type of demise to eat up) and no one cares to either is 'fat and old' and makes its case lightly enough if never means 'never' when taught...never love films this much but it paid me in a style (watch the parenthetical excerpts here as not to mix in with the dictation sought) - the film argues life and death but does not enter the foray - the blacks have and are mute and trying not to foil what's happening - their view is he shouldn't bother and my view is that he is a man (more responsibility, some?) and should follow his own routine he'll get more later i wouldn't shoot people ever these are beyond death but they symbol one another's hurts and some just aren't nice enough to consider they make a good public grave no such of tears...end that...doug further: my own experience suggests that these are after-death sequences and although you are you, you don't see who you were: not worth talking about you think and look at the mess you make all undo-able or as never having done ? in the sense you carve-crave what you remember not much but not with these players - they get rid of everyone stupid (no legitimacy seeking loans - it's that easy having burnt alms-arms everywhere) and confusing, or as i say, indefensible in certain trades with blacks and other crap - i'm left with you wondering what i actually did and to whom (forgive your murderers? not with having sex) a bigger concern maybe but at a distance weighing it all out it's like abortions crying to you at night - just good art and big scares to the adult world a church, a casket - is mine too? i made it to be that good, fool, and hardly, the children (blacks) agree...a gun to your head? sometimes you just pass...pass as gas...remember women they'll kill you and stupidly no secrets either...your pay plus bonus - be there though, be there!

'there is news, and people who arrive at the news three steps later...i am not the news' - dM that'll be the day

see netflix has disney's 'robin hood' too a first-run feature i liked at director's chair actually second run a week later we waited for 'grease' too...

what i encountered walking in the evening on st. patrick's day - it seemed startled a bit this death mask of sorts (limb missing from tree)

st patrick's day 2014 - hi and cup of cold water splashed on someone for that...making beef brisket (about $7 for four bloody pounds $1.69 > $7.61 sounds like england again as conversion value 1.69 per british pound buying - upper mouth and brain-head from calves), cabbage, and pavilions you can buy a cabbage head halved - did you know that? sells by the pound we do hafta ask the produce courtesy clerk to cut for you, though...

watch 'mildred pierce' i did...bits, some

had a vision of sherry lansing (perhaps as barbara boggs) ducking out of a state legislature meeting last night over itunes thefts - banks should and do keep everything all with tax id's they try borrow downward for ongoing ops with regular returns...also, they weigh pure cashes under universal to secure loans no visible transfers...theft is simple while hauling hefts to banks finally until cash is a crime and so is a job....'we are going to hell'? you are going to hell no one asked me anything i abstain in the moment to be on your mark...

'hong kong phooey' - one of my favorites

federal taxes at 25% and upward? see as the cost of benefits at a job purely the money dried up northwind...the state is paying passbook borrowings and they few other are right there all taking care of regional againg heartlessness...someone says osadi goes to israel what is that? money booked (salaries) just doesn't come and you have no debt to it really - freelances (moneyhouses) can't go on being so free but where do you think interest income (taxed as a job) comes from? i look at what came outta my pocket less any helps in...any personal cost reductions are helps in...not much, nigger

i personally don't believe people pay for anything (unless they're poor? they pay too much but never for my dinner with gripes about alcohol) we see to it why you:

5-year plan - a loan
auto loan - lease you own nothing but so sees pride (insurance claims you back late in the game)

katy perry promo videos 'dark horse'

03/15 giving up your us citizenship, vis a vis: last night i was entertaining myself by imagining england as a rude-ish game of musical chairs hitler hitlist mr. music etc...a family of five not necessarily two adults crouching and springing along mugging for the camera as they assume the position and take your place notably two meets and a greet in the same place gets more crouching and smiles along the way and why can't you be better about things ('cause i don't want better i have it you pay to play - asks old, bitter) they are springing and smiling open the toilet to winning-ist smiles like the old jewish woman supposedly living here i have her half-life of deals unmade and trouble in town but now saudi arabia (retired germans or playful england plus machetes in the sand)....

'christian' to a nut? gives before they get no words why you getting? or apple scaling screens back to hold them out yet, bless yourself or as the queen says 'cherish be me' that is, no one is more cherished by those who cherish anything - let it be me a posit itself then...commanded down? while i argue you don't deliver everything to be here or anything prove me not...and thank pc's for being noticeably cheap no matter what...thank u agin...

03/08 homeview note: the night before the marathon, took the metro rail redline downtown to meet a friend out...flower...figueroa...wilshire...the 'biggest' cement pour a building is there happening now near the 101 crossover marriot? you should note the ride dark and dank (we picked up at vermont and santa monica) and that cell phones don't work in the's that?

reminisce: here's shuckers the restaurant at jensen beach florida from november's page...

a new bentley in our drive this weekend 03/08 - some say mid 50's - no that's a cooper somehow i guess when badgered by gays, underwriting blacks, and the troll i live with his mother
a bentley was made in england at mulliner park ward, but is a rolls royce demured or made more palatable to feelings the symbol honors me - let's say 150k in the eighties when money was real - you knew your place and asked for it every day or fear dying you did anyway of cancer (and if diarrhea taken seriously - doubled over with cramps - is nearly diabetes but not as complexing to me) and bladderwarts all year eating at you when achieved your holes to make
if you knew anything, you know there are few places that welcome a rolls naturally - more than your only home bought from your parents unethically (or 'ethnically' then), suicidally (you'll be sorry, only you) and maybe is death realm (a flight no one comes back from brackets within brackets or you take the bus to avoid its risk finality of taking too long to get there and wanting to leave too soon) itself (each home lovely enough but ill-bred the point is the placement not with as such but still witless or counting my affairs)
if you're happy i'm happy? i'm happy every morning when i wake up - trust that - what makes me mad is being pilfered (stolen an each one along the way under covers) no pay is no value again and again no matter how many rolls you have and you have not even one this is studio borrowing and thanks i ask why florida the future that is not this ever no matter how many stars all fake or gay audience qualifier you have no kids and mostly drown them electrically 'if you want 'em, ask i'll get 'em back' for any unnatural of non-sex query
see water bated with breath as the red soils you lay on - one day towers of it love, mars or what's morely said
is it me? i fuck - rarely but satisfyingly always no problems is insists on time being appointed and how best to note any refractory period is over...i always say you were raised wrong - you have it to use it make merry the rest is worry future and you know how i like a rude twist and never misappropriate funds none of your fuckin' business ever i'll live but sometimes wonder wouldn't both struggling be nicer more synergy at home? i hate talk then
the problem in this world is some dumb nigger speaking to me an english dialect it's marbeling me
some dumb cunt winning for the moment (patience is confused with virtue or leaving without) over time you see no additional height (information cleaned) just bothers me with - go fuck yourself

pavilions has these basically perfect eggs at eight bucks each - a candle glossed outer by debi lily so cheap you shouldn't give them away i can't keep sending you what's organically mine or what's with me for a greater time before leaving to return soon anyway
what's the gift? you enjoying another favor - please see you delivering your usual bag of shit to me only
'i can't stand you, so i can't be you'? i never worked retail or waited tables either - semi-fact i bussed tables that's not the same as memorizing for hungry bitches - so amazing your memory sometimes now you're a prostitute (gay, poor...wealthy) 'bring change' - dM
you built your own home in hanover - you have an escalade?
p.s. the flowers holders above are beauty and are argued by us ? is that buds breaking through, soil turned a bag - is it frost? 'water' they said
hats off to beauty there every day...their flower shop as vons buys their debt back only

new flick 'journey to the west' from magnet
is on itunes notably (...for some?) we sell nothing ours ever, or recognize the talent-great first

even filthier than the hot houses over at paul hormel's! new gay site worthy of gov't pork...and no ova-lans

icebergs move out and away no stacking of water-cold to some point out and away up to the stars...the water pan upside down in our model and reflecting shielded heat back see

pension or pen some up? you keep 'em on payroll as actual 'current year' expense (no pre-plan, no showboat but consult and salary mescus retainer) and ask them not to report for work usually or then never (social security keeps you up in furred meats and rich slames like i gotta hanta-poopie ii 'god sez' and this one is a little personal 'joob' he says 'jukes')...keeps you from funding what's not yours, vaginally speaking 'poopie pie shell'...all this else in the way makes me wanna puke 'work is for the dumb, bothersome ones - one imagines dinner is resentment - gives to them a false chance, fellow, fellatio...medicare 'd' poor is for the 'dental' damn too much talk, after all...some hairy brown or freckled up cunt reading me law via e-mail again know your right to die it's logical no such reasons...take the plunger, talk warm, moisteded...

to fool: read, don't talk it over...this isn't purely academic another party nominee keeps you down, out of luck and eating fudgesicles i like creamsicles the first lady's polynesian ? mother said 'that's not real'...that ol' hair on your coke...coke chassis...

mel gibson 'braveheart' beheaded? i missed that last time, i quote was 'it's easy enough to like that woman' but to fail her like that? the real story is this guy had to cross a ravine about eight feet long and had a wheel device whisk his body over the ravine like a catapult after spinning he landed on straw and a spider of some sort bit him claiming no more steed...the rag in-hand still was to hold on to the wheel...the blade seen above a windmill nearby...beheading? not until 1812 barbaric and silly...the french do it they're mean...most opposition like the holy cross is cited as 'what it took'...

check websites for scams and misuse: scam void and scam adviser...give it a try

'heaviest rains, ever' - dM keeps it coming

pizza anyone? big mama's...1/2 slaves a year...'q: where'd you spend all your good times?' in africa? the black man says it was the rage the best ever with that mean white man...thanks, plus no more wannabes around me in the big top...

phantasm 5: the tall man is sewing up someone's - a woman's - face from the side of the mouth a straight line diagonal from the corner of the lips on the right side...he turns to someone and says 'you know, this doesn't have to take alot of time - sometimes no time at all' he turns to look and her real head is on a table but gutted or pulled from the inside to be as neck hanging 'but you know that already' real news to be yet...he cracks open an old bury box and says to himself or elf nearby 'damn it - so someone else must've gotten to be her' then adds she 'no, i'm here' from just behind...'not for long' he quips...when i was sleeping one morning a distant electronic voice kept saying one word over and over - they're really here!

easter is sunday, april marathon this weekend 3/9...all we do is host outsiders these days still don't pay to trickle-down types...raisinnomics...golden brown...with belt sash...'i believed you' it says 'who's gonna eat all that?'

february 27: mom got her ipod and with 'thanks' i guess is trefoil (trifled, however is engraved like an airline gift card) and we had heavy rain all night finally - cheap fucks reach the weather too is carnival-kindred or tent weather and you know what that means no funds unattached in time...more soon? cheap, i'm fine that's irony for you...too many options open for others i'd i close it to be shut...

surprise: a big brian depalma fan (reputable war zones), the new 'carrie' was pretty good looking the lead just staring at me brownish eyes (cosby denise again) but with no suggest - super strange, but damned artful in the terms, the original is slowed to a crawl somehow in cognition like willie wonka remade to be a tell again?'s simple all appeal for killing ridiculing types (you, self important) separating folks to be at-once too draconian and with you having to display your martial arts (reveal hurts as all are in the very near past waiting to see you, don't just say) we can't believe you hafta win like this someone is dead? that's the problem always and easily enough solved with these forays into fantasy lane you see nothing like it - see amy irving free from any blame but as watcher and pig's blood confusing to someone like me who may know why red hair...stops spirits from conversing with you as aspire and my lead home or inside...if you had a gun to your head, could you do it right there? simply enough? your details to bore me...the movie as wine is good, but an agreement on netflix says not to say perhaps when you skim instead of play? i skim to see if it's good at all, not to run the air conditioner all night to chill neighbors we can't all save us a bundle while spending...three times the hit, three times harder is my mercy sought...feed me...

craphead: i hafta sell (see-feel) itunes from scrap in my head again as one true value with nothing in-hand no box-article but so what and i noticed your hell is not making .wav (plain ol' cd files for regular players - these say 'no') files again - i just want regular player value you can have bits better on the wire...they want 'itunes plus' what a language joke...what is that again? the stupid fuck here cites me for lacking a virtue with it also 'nobody does that anymore'...i'm not you an adult learner in some children's school with diplomas i want to know why not each time i try...

keeps it stupid, more than unworthy - is 'unkempt' with it comes black beans hate never remembers me why you? i shit in the dali llama...every day i hafta shit now...sarin is 'peanuts' now left as eye shadow? i never thought it was about me not digesting well...chips...when i was scared of the draft (ronald 'age rogaines your youth' reagan plus hemma $30 chicken with no leg meat 'thigh highs' no squatting to hold your shit) i use to say 'why fight someone [with flat, saggy tits if my beer is already up between someone's legs checking to make sure it's unopened with water stresses and near chuckles of gassy rings and fat deposits] they're just living next door again...and how ! they stick together under a ball pein or lens...b of a sends their next $22 check and after all 'no one said yes, either' - everybody gets one? i don't need no $20 check to see where i been me sometime...after the luvin' just after the money's spent and there's someone 'black' in your townhome...maybe you can't afford it still...'you need to get to the job more'...'if you only gave head - isn't that right - you?' yes, but you are never part of the planning phase: crank water, spotted soil, ratcheted sunlight, and some garbage eggshells retouched photos-charlevids from the kodak kiosk - you, to learn of it' you to just see it one says 'never again' as read from the belly monitors 'neva agin''s 'still, a girl' too 'not one more haley's m/o douche, neither'...'you hafta go, girl...'

from the 'it's worth it' file: disney now wants $100 a day for their magic kingdom admission the perfect day i usually cite need $200 a day flat to be anyone here in this world (that's $25 a hour, five days a week, a retainer?)...

does 'republic' mean you fight for something small while on vacation while your house burns down? gets the facts...all money pours into a central figure (your one allowance make this to be ever: me? nope - covers the riddim like i'm scared of being seen naked still..i'm not scared am i any good?) that decides distribution no announce just seem sweethearts - even worse than taking back the streets (get the garbage emptied while you're at it, paint cans smeared with your shit) - all needed to defend? who will defend against you? your music in low choices, eventually you hate them hearing me...smooch...every gift bought with your money unwanted but i like it all the same once engraved gpm...gyrations per minute...balls out front...smooth...

a: whomever is wearing the body a gift? reworked to not only to chat your face off as black (very american - you eat, and i see you you been eatin'), but someone leaves with the extra drink still on the table...'really?' someone adds to note not the informal of dress while you blow someone on the way home 'the end, truly' (but is this like, all still real? thank u india) at the finger licking and creams naturved of the spoons you clean 'one, two'...old white hanky anyone? we engineered a tight white tendon (um, 'sepulveda') in the rich velvet of the dancing-bear asshole too...four-digit code to make shits spin right up from within a fostex spider web not included...natch the car stalls and then get new everything...see me rubbing? back up into to you...ask, and mostly i assume i'm not good enough that's what i think...when it matters i think, 'pfft - and i'd surely' lesson to keeping a bad tooth: true superiority doesn't have these conversations afoot - no similarities to our deja vu's, no language to halve it as purely 'blameworthy'...i used to think natural hair color was best, it's just 'ok, i'm not just guessing at it'...who's the bane (backdraft announce to wooden once framed)? 'just for men' doesn't stop working right away like that natural 'breath' mint you use...'orange' you queasy yet? 'winter green'...even in snow you vanish like drum and bass from under a high-hat...

critical update 02/24: mom's birthday yesterday hence all the deliberate fanfare saturday night out and about...she to get an apple ipod (the smallest one <$50, pink and engraved with wires and all - i have one resensed for .mp3's or oversimplifications with turnaround tracks missing, a plug-in greatness even with no screen) from me (sum: the round waffle iron didn't hit it but i wanted one) and although ordered over the weekend, they promise delivery around the 27th fedex or you can pick up yourself...she needs to get going on the technology at entry and build a solvelate (making itself known) collection on her own by paying the system (a 'dat' quality and with full respect to original technical and visual arts) as permitted to surface by sellers (we don't want their arguments about files sizes and .mp3 qualities - these at studio quality are secured by hate too a travel market)...don't mention it just me for selling from it now...while madonna under helm tries to take pieces of it into the bankruptcy market...good luck, french bitch...theirs is no forgiveness of sins with waiting to lawyers means no halvings...mercury poisonings? hell to the teeth and if the olympics heralded the unshot as ideologies demonstrate cold war politics - there are no games here but gunballs...and as wildly permitting sames... for taxes, the state collected over $600 from the one federal return here and two weeks ends their reconciliation window...we paid installments monthly to them and the prior month saw no debit...welcome to the new return accepted...

note the electro freckle remover from ebay is chugging along well but required some additional treatment and healing time being cautious - is good yet and thank lye (1:1 ratio with water pushed in or force meet by wood stick a chem burn right to the spine if not relieved by dabs water) for preliminary work being revised some...

we'll do the olympics after its over - i like sum points no comments
can you believe forest people wouldn't go to russia? maybe just cheap $7,000 on average american - prius is the best-selling car? you lost everything, huh
'make them to ask' it says -- no one with a cooper mini will say
p.s. how to get to russia? fly to portsmouth, oregon and walk across the border for trains and no planes...trains only to moscow or belarsk sooner but open highway

new skin in place our red lantern for 2014 as yet unmade
thanks light bulbs unlimited on beverly boulevard near lacienega bits east ($4-$5)

this at city target, i think...more junk
there is no unisex with my penis around...he-she-it?

big snow in the nyc area is traditonally true - valentine's day (tomorrow - another half-truth) was our heaviest snows always a few of them then...i always shoveled driveways to buy mom something the biggest russell stover candy heart and we share loosely (get some then)...i think of earliest snows around christmas as plenty promise enough along to the heartache of bastard people controlling anything especially meting the weather out - these are perfect days by calendar schedule and the budgets should be there too - don't cry me a ford just can't call in a cold, but i shut heat without moisture right the fuck off...

can't get to work on a pot of vaseline neither: was talkin' to someone today about an old car that lurched off only to blast into flames from a lit cigarette and lighter fluids (j. reynolds again, paul mitchell suits) and i got the recipe for lice in the car (you gotta leave a tomato in the trunk)...apparently it helps it to ain't easy to get fresh lice some big 'opossum' on a tv show today reminds one of golfing with others looking on from their homes? it's about not being bothersome it seems to fit no one really notices but stays true to their game...

a hell to you too: itunes finally got the original 'judge dredd' soundtrack lp up on its shelves and thus cocteau twins' one missing song 'need fire' is available for download...a good one any way you disgrace it, we stay close to their music...hoping for more? 'please - i'm not you'...even if your stuff is real good, i might play you one day at home...cocteau's 'the little drummer boy' sumari is coming along quite nicely it exists god's own coat made, who to help me see a new brew hatching? p.s. every new release (sans electro-mombake kamens) was run to store on such a date at lunch (by date guide 'ice-something') and be there for instant gratification i use as a standard even today 'when the parking lot's full again'...'cold fusion' is now maybe more possible...maybe

here's cocteau twins 'need-fire' if not opting for its high-fidelity counterpart on itunes just you remain among its unpaid? still got a good inclusionary service if that doesn't hurt me at all yet
you don't need to know anything ranks among who's-who, but you'll know for sure when you're no one buying your own shit to make money - maybe not? i wanted something for me...could help

02/12 everything's going well enough it's nearly half past february now...for now i said to sit

fervid (to be seen doing by others else as for video) black girl evangelist handing out pamphlets and trillion dollar bills (answer: two or three made ever nonesuch real - to pay debts merely for those who are buying in-front of others): '1. does god exist?' a: 'yes! but how can you know?' is god's name 'bartholomew' (nosferatu - not for us, too, tomb, tool)...i told her 'i am god' to be fair (fairly selfish? for better or worse only you know what's worse knowing or not-knowing there'll be no keeping of it but as five reasons the fireplace made you sick) they turn right away...good answer...non-plussed...'you do it to please me' - curve, see same

'if there was no god, you'd be one.' - dM spies on you, is afraid you know he's there

'as cautioned or simply burned up, we don't take stands against - you merely surmise (summarize from beneath knowing)' - dM

'you're either making a movie, or watching one.' - dM cautions the initial of selves

finally a bit of 'smaug' from hobbit et al - not bad movement - the languages mix them
remember, bilbo (richard - who the melted loot is being made for in times taken no gift ever as all have rights to it somehow) is supposed to be invisible with a ring hence his thefts (what made gollum - who accidentally 'lost' the ring to him - gross and as unwelcome with hiding out in caves)
further, see thorin birch it on your own - a melanade - is like harlem globetrotters losing to you a home team
p.s. to whip in the mouth with tail, lift the right foot up slightly and shove the left foot down - per real alligators a true sauropod as us lying face forward - get it? sauropod!

thanks crailtap (um, 'second time around' types some unsuccess)...keep up the good work, jerkies who we look to see about

frontiers our influence - usually they're dead some, remade
nice eyes

$6 later at lightbulbs unlimited on beverly boulevard is this skin i tried velving my own but it got hassle free...
this was light blue spirits hate me for trying but is ripping with little seeds and crap on-top - i spin light for it exclusively (it's solar, but needs help collecting) and some others take from it

who's helping who ? at 7-eleven at holloway and could be out hurting folks with a solid tow to fame
every accident i witness these days is logically nuts but i assume no show - one when it rained was backing up a curb near me on sunset, others are pursuant to truth
funny enough but no skills to cite? much to my chagrin, the building up the road indeed came down (petersen or 'playboy') and is nearly gone ! too much pee eats the girders
anger 'mgmt' they might be giants, might they be giants: it takes so little to make terry right sometimes no money -$$$ what're you gonna do - hire fenway?
they're either in-charge or alone crying...pull all your teeth at the police station outside all drugs and care, 'snake fences'

someone vulva is dumping this excellent plantation shutter armoire or tv combo...see the design shelf
this even had electrical wiring inside a real troubadour...cable

blue dodge pickup revisited: excuse the blatherskite - there was a full-on ghost in the pickup passenger side parked the night of taylor swift and she was with it unseen...the jawbone was wide and hung outta the mouth like he was kicked in the face by a horse (the explanation) and didn't heal right...latin of some sort lots of wounds from glass not so fresh - lots of dark lines like a drawing but in no way should anyone see this - too real-looking, and right in my face against the glass....people don't necessarily know what they project my studies reveal a lack of vision when designing (no etches on glass per se) or they just want to effect a certain look or then finis means to an end - good enough...there's rhyme and a reason not to have...'enabling' or helping to be seen doing is one - not good...culture aside, people need to be helped to have any a thought localed or to be made without a thinking hand and accept every last bit they are not yours...and are a part of larger veco-system one such could be making fake grass...another would be beachgoers?

irony, later that night: five bitches - ghosts each like riding a ghost the dog in 'nightmare before chrstmas' or trails off - were over our building in a circle floating and toasting with champagne glasses a true 'freedom fighter' or, as interpret them, one who fights for things only to lay with someone flatly and not use apologies only if hell is brim then you fill it to be masturbating with clowns-clouds around et se, better to wait...i wonder if you live at all, wonder no more...'what i do not have i do not want?' no - i don't want to be unwelcome a matter of trades, only...'silence is bisk, but is no friend' then...and england (eggland) again

...see these other girls who fly about in satins, wigs and perhaps mink stoles lifting spirits so-to-speak and trying to keep the party alive english types again - sheerly moored by people who are unfriendly on approach or moody ('brusque', sure if at work or on the job 'brusque') as it were...go fish...

someone mentioned moon loud at hoffman's funeral in nyc - thanks alot - he's innocuous enough i think it's over...'no quote' from the man today

a woman told me about getting a limit of nine-hundred (900) pounds on a vessel train up to russia (belarsk, north of here) - will eventually be a 'radio tent'...her margin was small $200k ? for some more $50k ? i said for that kind of investment you need to double it down and be fat...will get the facts some...more: 'was a total cost of $300k, i get $320k back a saving program, kinda, if you think it over...' and note we're talking about the one that is wavering on-top half of that work 'plus needs' they enter russia from on-top at ports of shipment i'd say first above washington state directly...adds 'we're really threatened all the time - so watch out' as 'they'll shoot us all'...isn't that perfect? let them sort it out...federal lands never to be seen 'a plane crashes'? that's you... got a firm deposit date of monday, february 10 from a january 31 submission as queued previously...the one serious eye on the crock-pot, all them smiles....

do you hear what i hear? magic jack faq (the french parlez 'fagwhat?') and final fix - search here using the words 'install error', and to see windows and mac programs uodated and to select for download... you may need to do more below...the windows file responded well...very well

01/07 just getting serious with 'epic' the movie now - is quite good (!) but loose in the comment section - am i king? did i kill her? she's black and died right in-front of me 'asking' i nearly hated that...oh, whiten up...more later...

weekly some food baskit at pavilions:
perrier regular bottle, flavors 4 for $6
del monte fruit naturals (grapefruit etc.) $1 each
refreshe soda cans unchilled 2 for $1
fresh bagels 2 for $1
trop 50 juice $3 (2 for $6)
florida natural $3 (2 for $6)
california pizza kitchen frozen individual pizza $3
stouffers french bread pizzas $2.50 (4 for $10)
most stouffers, lean cuisine entrees $2.50 (4 for $10)
twinkies box $2
safeway raisin bread $2
lucerne shredded cheeses 2 cups $2.50
irish spring soap 8-count or ivory 10-count $3.99
wet ones $1.99
lays potato chips $3
cheez-its $2.50 flavors
pepperidge farm cookies $2.50
arizona tea gallon $2.50
refresh 2-liters soda $0.69 buy 3
7-up a&w 2-liters $0.88 buy 4
cap'n crunch $2.50 a regular 13 oz box varieties
safeway peanut butter $2.50
welch's grape juice bottle $1.99
ocean spray cranberry juices $2
c&h sugar 10-pounds $6.49
ortega taco shells $1
ortega taco sauce $1.50 (2 for $3)
campbell's soup $0.75 each tomato, chicken noodle
farmer john bacon $5 a pound, varieties


that high price still thanking a look-see
merry christmas, doug moon...look elsewhere if serious...i've been perfecting and who knew how dirty you were? yuck~
more: the price is back down around $88 free ship and thanks - our report still pending the shock is quite livening (notes and to be surely noted) at half-wit or the end of the green spectrum in the middle you see the sparks with yellow and red bands to follow upward

apple jack: go from 'erase' to 'partition' in the apple disk utility under 'utilities' and add one partition to the hard disk - don't just delete and that doesn't fix the laptop...use carefully again on the apple it's them...ours works for names the partition as 'untitled 1' these cheap faggots like richard won't stop...

magic jack the frill: back on the bench again, now nothing them struggling with at&t and apple -- if you delete the tiger jet file rename at the same time i'd back soon...this is why i hate this shit always a beggar for times: paid $245 extra to be option free but had to call his father for a cash injection - puts me on the phone to ask why i don't get a job at mcdonald's but plans to leave me here standing with a bill from you no income - i gave them a new and improved aids for the talk (like raid - don't get too specific england makes it not) and had them fired too...what a future you see it ain't good...a lifetime of bullshit women and clogs...niggers

phil hoffman heavily apple related maybe i get my movie 'the secret history' now i'd relay notes but can't stand his opinions on things a well-wisher i don't believe in heroin deaths like that...aspirin, sure

magic jack the resolution apple's way paid me note that lorimar: although i should note magic jack continued delivering via laptop usb, apple is back online now not by paying (we're not due yet for the annual phone number fee) but by erasing the hard drive partition and letting it reinstall, use 'disk utility' and erase the 'tiger jet' partition once clicking on its disk image (watch your hard drive - it may take too much from you if you get it wrong) ...never liked that stuff a disk image maybe i don't care enough...a picture of something should happen when you insert a disk or plug in a usb device only - you change what it displays as you've asked me to know something that's not real it're not real...

so suffer? i don't want to know that shit as is used to cover problems of a self-made nature (cya stuff your languages pu! - i hear it being desperate, hopeful and i to look bad seeking enorma or a devotee's simple solution forward)...a fool for it...why it pays to apply to banks or jobs see me...people say (like they see me here - no real eyes about but agreeing some) 'if you had your own' - 'if you had a job' - 'if you had the pieces they was missing you could walk alone' both admit you don't want me it my looks? at breakfast it matters - still how so pointed? i disgreed with magic jack wholly as being the relax of land lines if only a fool is principally extended from some wireless (have it second i'd say only) but there it is $30 a year like triple a auto club maybe you care so will be bothered some...the jewish-nigger ad (if 'dear heart' problems make unisys or progeny late in the day) with that little girl is hell calling from a flea market selling no income taxes - face it...we use it though, we do...

reticence: you have everything your way (ready since), but can't bring yourself to leave without one cares? why i don't care - you never asked me before (no, nothing's for me another guess)...i have two lots of parked cars garaged and want another - why i won't move yet...i don't want to say anything it makes me a beggar and i don't want to encourage behaviors i don't cry - don't bother me again.

invisibility? between two lamps one in the window sees no one home at night - we know you're there...

new and used: me and mom (she hates her bit of it - eek a mouse) during my florida trip...'go on, shoot me - it's just a shot away' why waste the butt stamp?
suck on the vacuum rod for pipe takes butt a minute
i quote singers or lyrics then (mine) to ridicule the thought of having my mind at light's dispose (i heard your looks? is not ever 'joyful' i'd say upon launching what is basically no gift, ever)
a picture says more when i need the phelps: tell me how you misinterpreted a thought or reused as an implement of it only - being honest counts twice here 'i thought this stuff came outta her' lanced a boil, whatever
the truth is, if i can't buy one maybe you can but i've never seen the shelf affected much i took one still a great vying of its afford (><)
a rolls parked at the local mall is no wealth but grandeur have mine to me bentley or wait 'til the winds blow yours down no foundation to camp on (mom - 'has a cadillac but no house' mine: 'you gotta be able to pay for the maintenance' + 'the paying has to be easy i don't work for it, ever' 'jews just love show-business more than anything in the world' with 'stars' (each one trust that - 'your last project didn't get there' - neither did you this very golden moment at the prime of just taking a few regulars to dinner at gubblished rates) 'stars and all don't make me money' + 'keeps the dead alive for checks - any amount will do' + 'is this a ridicule?' to speak is a sin or covered glove plate from a cheap person or jailed mexicans at mcdonald's no formez i don't cook when they get there i reheat only no the bun was stale like french toast)

is blue halogen light shine a new hue (humectress - dear, to fool?) - sounds like crap but maybe you if white is no send but juked glasnost (glad it's not me tortiso, tulask...bulgare!)

more shit from the red-haired freckly pink and 'they was more than regular zits' ass you think of eating out of 'never':

pink (une vache) spinning in the air was like streaking - i couldn't see her balls at-least half the time and kept bothering me with it while trying out...zowse...yowzah? is 'yeow' that made ugly sung to me 'me go now'...immature, but at purest scent, 'is not that nice' short hair on a woman is never sought out by passing complimentary or what's useful to be comment...yuck.

taylor swift came out of my building this evening 'round midnight' like nelson riddle (to rescue me from a car driven harshly to point the driveway and with rear door opened at on right side - is this mr. man? we've been waiting but have any umial exhume offence majorly locked in under their makeshift grantz or jeurn behome)...her man flash parked for me i was all impressed and she has nice shit from the ozarks or wherever that comes from makes me think of divorcees in texas hand holdin' ceiling fans that mist...texas - thanks - i'm hafta know people like i do...sees it come, shaves the moulon 'huge' hadda go back to listen to that soundless 'wildheart' at the piano who is that after all? so special in so many years still planning an escape to reality's fat slap in face 'this hurts me too'...hurt is money leaving to be with swindlers and cheats lying around on my dime while i accuse others of being a 'bitchfuck' in a no-sky dome - you fuckin' made that brown beer here at home? like time in a bottle at sea but up your butt i don't read the 'pure dutch home in a belch' stuff this is the very 'lasting body of stink' label on rascally cd's 'another bogus piece of pure musical shit - wipes me right out of all known turds passes the dutchie' i don't buy warned-out catch's-them-all fear coated pans lead to indelible liver fats of the eye 'somali tntp' and light frying you tried the rest now you can't just run out to the moors...this shit ain't bad at all i like the blowjob in the morning song 'museless/musilix'- why you hate black dicks 'special k' with your ass hanging out downtown at sear's oldsmobile tire center and peer pressure films it 'smells bad' no dioxin' (salted-down fish guts eating a plant food 'mervyn pope, fish-whaling apache' greener jeans and no, we use pure pigged fat and 'act' modored slashes 'you'll still hafta see it sewing up buckles and blankets all heartworms blinded alley by their stalkings of horsemeat and catshit, or spanish-type wormy nuts these don't move and are factually 'greasy' pu! 'behooves' us a feedbag for feelings cheap advice, skinned lacings 'i don't know you from the vet we used here...maybe portsmith or gaveny downs - i kill fish for it 'leaves no mask' insured by 'denatured' price quotes 'fuck that') these days it's not free for the washwater, just neither...glassnine chetts, only or i'll fuckin puke send me codes to crack that; a girl you don't know yet but he fucked her still (one credit for taking the male by lead, by a newcomer or flannel seen 'titty' in some forentz or guild looms a bolger with a bigger 'big' cup 'biggerest' flag-warn moy-vay it shipped or simple mug, cungel, braggert, eggheart, be mum) - likes her tits he says handsome wig-wearing motherfuckers (a suede is a woman all known features as if painted on and ungiving each piece hard to get from alaskan catfish seen bullfrogged at denny's sometimes - those 'lairds' ozzie and harriet hair candles no rare and oop swallowed my keys, 'hot larva' bikini pencil and brown eye booger corner poker) yet are femming to a steady rock beat' back down to 'boville' (if 'very butch' is ready for the ham-house hymns-hoggler), a 'lezzie' (compare the crazed-hair strons of the onced-black montenegro 'craig' taunts hate with cottonball ribbons 'wash it where?' not it my toilet, bitch' i got cheese blintzes in the frankel fur-fur-duhr - a fat blank check from edward 'heart' (that own name - should be bled of already) the maker of electrix pee-crave and odor wand 'fished of all's smelly scavandish' perplexing its simplex or caveat of care 'octogon' eggland by the people who brought you 'scales' why wave it? vows no odor to clock 'in no time frisky'd fallen behinds' 'never mine: the buttocks') is not a 'chessy' cat or gabraith (snatches a foul quickly from a position of rest, but never to eat - notes the claws are chimpy or wet at first then relax to drop or has evaluated that the left stricken is full of things you hate to notice with a lashfold eye - thanks a mind not to be here with a mind left here to be by another mind both the being twice here and left then to be as what's spat upon 'for smote to be the earth and their being is just to be without him' 'moving in the right direction isn't enough - these bitches weren't waiting for anything either' and can't be considered a loss to keep the richness flowing a thought to the right and up each and just one if you think about it why not now and with each one half-holding a fable - the cup i used for freshing the cat box - like limes but livered with hogwarts, why coconut semtz? wicked spell should have and be scared right off to scare...'all but an arklark' is no rhyme solving me leave nothing to beat with a breath...these are not rhyming to me...cast to the wind as sewn to a seam...

chosen naturally enough (i've heard this once now 'all too well' and cannot have sound still with the superbowl on) makes one wonder who this song about - so stilling you had to write home? i sought it ought because she kept throwing her head back while singing - is soaring then
we'll collect our thoughts later - hope it's not about lezzies again in the car and all
meadowlands for the bowl? crowds test a venue with 'the wave' (all stand and sit in unison as goes around and around - we did it seeing madonna 'who's that girl' 1987 anaheim stadium - it could've been anyone so far away) and all so cold
...tests a stadium like jiffy lube - tests, but makes no repairs

what is this? a car parked a blue dodge pick-up bore in: your ghosts in the blue action spam were joinus! simply rock-bottom gross thanks send a man to do ladies job if the lady protests the sale 'lay lady lay...put it all on layaway? it don't fit...a vancouver option we are proud of ourselves but bet we don't hafta care for it either...thanks...jon ain't gonna keep trash outta your trousers forever...spray shells to rotten egg shine...

katy perry survived my scrutinies with 'dark horse' a great move in she's always richly lain and unspoken a player (yuck - no introductions with just a record unwanted)
something small and ruined forever had something like this 'fame' had this gillibrecht or stencil of shadows on the wall 'lunch box jam' i can't even think and hafta play with my tits now

the carrot was a turnip with four legs: on a recently aired episode of gilligan's island (that made me sick incidentally with foolery while fishing with the skipper - aimless) gilligan fished a wooden crate with a vast array of radioactive seeds out of the lagoon and as revealed by the underseat of his chair at dinner - sure - god does that so that remote islands propagate food the radioactivity is just heat what they grow on actually not sun...'makes food no how i wouldn't eat anything too much the heat is in there they pass it about but should be okay with a glass of water'...birds propagate most things with seeds...skipper says we grew in caves was fine 'you can't live on vegetables, though' meat comes with fish they say 'excellent' from their casts my fish does not shit ever just green pee...and now to clean out her bottle...

01/27 just starting zapping freckles - the directions are fucked up (you plug the gray wand into the outlet and screw on a shiny zapping needle only - is electrical and smoking only no heat just sparks still testing at half wit...zapped my asshole all night long - fresh pink) more about you: this could be the magic maker (now at vargings well over $1000 - see it come) ...a lifetime made of luke-warm threats for any a change may be in fact be a pipe dream after all up in smoke but this virtual-speak crash cart and match-less pager is damned promising who never knew how dirty you were ! sworn of wristless pigments and how it hampers you with the oddball boasts of known kooks (your part of town, you're still addressed 'bend affleck' like 'tiger k' soothes my asshole with butterfly milk 'mister m.o. demand-man chuixup sally guard no dairy after a powder-lime fig pie' no shittin' at the erliwig barge no fuckin' at the rump - under the annual medievel 'affair' rented scots 'the dungeness' or garbage dump at the ol' death star lounge 'raisin' le grange that's french for fat and a dump of pure natural gas and one bald shitbag no barrettes mentioned the moss only 'lice killing' spider comb by mennen subdivision su casa the mexifat feta cheese-eating carnivore and ass-licking crablouse the vicious 'le tit' circleworm and hot-maple bitch or piss-suckin' countrytime plape and hole shaker) and be thus grandiose any the gesture ungiving...don't try that here we fuck while that dies by lying while drinking squirt water from a tub of gin and fresh fish - can't stop gagging on her granseed and branibalves...

i got this at 7-eleven cheap one rainy-cold night great colors probably $6.99 and reverse to black with pink band

loose conversation about nothing special...says he's bob marley the queen hated him told him 'to go to hell' and get his teeth fixed and he wouldn't...mistakingly i added
dM: 'i took care of my teeth my whole life...'
nm: (nile rodgers) : 'like caps take care of (a) denture[s]'
says he was nursing ziggy marley to life
to his mother 'go to hell'

just a spot of rain today 01/26, midday, when i walked to greystone...

at cvs through saturday 02/01:

revise: 6 cases of pepsi $20 (less $5 extra bucks or $2.50 each - why coke then?)
1.75 liter bottle gran legacy vodka $8.99~ try it
coke 2-liter $0.99

grammy's tonight at 8 pm? the real grammy's are around my mother's birthday february 23...dick clark's show in late march

daft punk 'get lucky' - nile rodgers is the long hair and friendly
our friends make this stuff toni, madonna's group wentzlers - some scott or eno then
the covered ones are supposed to be me and scott - no richard i'm the short one usher (stevie b) sings
i'm surprised grammy's let them rule with masks? just entered as was whatshername wasserman madonna (taylor swift...katy perry hi see breakdance or fame 'hot lunch jam'?) was fading at piano missed that but she has a cover out too i don't live well with you prepping yourselves: die....beyonce was alone at a bus stop last night a male as denise-whitney sharise that's good enough i walked to target west hollywood for a spell

sunday 01/26 at pavilions through tuesday evening:

ragu spaghetti sauce $1.50 (2 for $3)
sweetheart valentine candies $0.25 (4 for $1)
wet ones $1.99
hershey big bars $1.50 (2 for $3)
kraft mac and cheese powders $1
jennie o turkey store 2-pound flat $6.99
c&h sugar 10-pound bag $6.49
dial liquid handsoaps $1
philly cream cheese $2.99 (buy one get one free)
minute maid orange juices 59 oz. $2.88
chef boyardee spaghettis or hormel chili can $1.25
marie callender's pot pies $2.50 (4 for $10)
klondike bars $3
kraft shredded cheeses 2 cups $3.99 (buy one get one free)
green seedless grapes $1.99 pound
doritos or sunchips $2.50 (2 for $5)
cheez-its $2.50 or $3 (2 for $5, 2 for $3)
crest toothpaste 4.6 ounces or aim $0.99 (with no dental association seal, we use aim alot)
hamburger, bacon cheeseburger, or chicken filet $1 freezer section
ortega yellow corn taco shells $1
look around back near egg freezer for 50% off dole canned juices and other
7up a&w sunkist sodas 2-liter are $0.88 if you buy four (4) crv is $0.05 per can or bottle thus 12-pack is $0.60 i don't bother with it all, nigger
pop tarts $2.29
campbells soup $0.75 tomato, chicken noodle

through 01/28

friends of greystone manor tea and talk today 01/26 another chat scheduled in march $60 lets you look at the whole first floor and upstairs 'wish it was broader - we like this place' - jews touring....fed the fish

target dropped their balls on this vacuum $39
we have hand-held model with a bag in the back and beater brush too

went to norm's on lacienega to get my annual pocket calendar...

got my mole zapper today 01/25 haven't tried it yet....the 31st was supposed to be wednesday now friday....i'm watching 'epic' now...not bad

holiday candy (star and stripes seen) is 75% off now at aah's...

mcdonald's revenue down? revenue is what comes into the register from outside sources...are expenses down too thus preserving relative earnings? yup - no pay, no play

01/23 just finished liberace's movie - notes later - see scott thorson is left with liberace's wealth at the beginning of the movie...

lucy, shortened: back in the day, vivian vance showed me a meeting after filming the series with fans or newscasts and she, browner than thought, was asked about it and she said 'the truth is, we're dead' and as asking other cast members across a seated quote 'we can say that, right?' there is more we follow lines, but that's all for now...the series is definably old from the 50's, at least - even when i was young it was ancient - but is meticulously filmed - no bother like 'tom of finland' (illegal then) art reduced in size and then blown back up or razor-lined by adding strengths in slowly...

i just decided yesterday that rapture ran the files quickly on people who banked on us and lived well right after a demise - a great thing this just before the bombings in nyc - not taking anything away from as i ruled but ran so fast and in-front none denies they were there a comb in the ashes always...looks like black-comb spines in the sky

'nevermind - a woman gets scared when you do' - dM

'the bills-statement from obama healthcare are turning up as posted by the resident manager today blue cross anthem i liked them too' - dM knows where money is coming from anyway and as the state (women but elsewhere) robs me right here in my home i am loyal when i invent something, only

muhlenkamp fund continued: says they only ever buy general electric stock you don't speculate with my money, fool as shit flows down...with unknown stock buyers come splits or twice the stock at half the pay you keep same but and it builds again if the price doesn't come a' knockin'...all flurry around and not with cash for paper or long-term investors as such...general electric is $48 a share with seven billion a common or original share the most any corporation has issued or split four billion shares tied back to one hundred shares or one percent each two percent preferred or asset worthy...a 'blue chip' (ibm, at&t, etc.) is around $60 dollars and goes nowhere it is strictly cash for paper a holding or a worthy set of mentioning...they make money this way by splitting...and earning the price halved again...or stock dives...

'cut your own wood to warm twice'? to harm you twice - henry 'gerald' ford more a marvel at implement he'd melt your shit down to make something his conveyor belt obtained over time by spying...

a corporation freed you from being attacked for your personal assets if your business concern failed with loans and bills outstanding and in exchange for the ongoing concern what is jobs and outlet for the product and/or service you generate a national pride yet...the days of sole proprietorships and partnerships - one and the same if - meant no checks would flow the day either one of you died (fled? you died only they have your eyes too) as nothing comes sent from a dead man and as we forgive the dead for knowing too much about too little...the corporation goes through the many faces of emotion - the ridiculing 'pantages' if will - but none of them are going to be the face of a lender or seller (a subcontractor with a novation of original work chartered) left without their principal argument against you - you will right every wrong and live to see it done to anyone with a hand in the emotion - get it right or get it right anyway the only investor in any concern are those working you state that clearly, girl, get it right again as others unnamed complain they can't get mcdonald's to take their money and i offer to sweep floors at three o'clock in the are niggers still...

dreams not: the other night the moon hung low to the west coast view, but bright as shit and it made me wonder but not ask ever my mind showed a brick wall of black plasma it shines through and we started playing with a cross shaped like a hole in it i instructed it while i was opening the aperture by force not to give away gains made while seeking other expansion in the rim it opened and stayed open a bit the wall reconfiguring itself like bricks and snakes continuously i thought nothing of it as play yet asked anything serious ? and yet another day no rain and no affair just this junk weather sun....another vision has some vicious arabian cat type nursing her young there were three in some polar region of ours very natural...i told 'em go somewhere else don't be so persecuted there...don't bother it either...

justin bieber, i'll get you out...huh? i don't take names putting people around town

this is apple's 'illiad' or whatever at target - don't talk the internet is clear no conscient of it being samed to you
never to be, never to say - fuck, why?
p.s. you've seen this in stores-dreams a smallish speaker that has no voice as playstation or whatever

'law doesn't protect a bad deal - no one useful sees you' - dM no gladham pleases me, my mother for one plainly tiff'd about it a disease 'so many guns they couldn't keep their own farts'

'go ahead - i've been waiting to see ya' - dM even nicer than what i once thought but see no link to just having again again

'you can make everything here - still you work on it' - dM i didn't need this but thanks i guess

'i rue the day - i don't rule it'....what the fuck? eat my do

'on a great day and with a great lay and money on-hand, you can suck my dick but only suck, a don't know that being what you are but i know a sincere value - the offer has certain exclusions as i'm not sure i can enjoy the pure abuse of being unwanted and countered by others...nothing you or i say helps a 'nice man' in but i can see and enjoy myself just a ruse?...they - the ones who talk for others unseem - hate us i don't get that bothered... abraham lincoln was shot to death a movie showed me something new: where they're gonna be, where they should never have been in the plan aggrieving, the father always sound but bothered...i'm the concerned one they want to be me all care, all day match old maid is to be that 'unique'...'old nigger west' wistful is matter how pretty (petit) to me i put a tree up in his asshole too for showing me some stuff i didn't care for, the stance - you driving my new car first - hung your niggers flatly by their throats for being simply nice past my view so hard to remember and they won't agree you think with me and 'you thought of it too - just admit that' my lesson to aggression displaced with me...spraying the mount with plasmas only win win three wins win...mine is mercy unmade to me i make you and trouble...the upside-down cross? don't talk why bother me in church...don't do it no class is here and rumours beg are afoul of my truest being but it isn't so nasty i promised to come and kill with no many times do i hafta tell you people aren't that great and then they just hang there like's like masturbating all concerns for fats, femmes, freaks, no j/o, j/o only...i like the talk from them the words they use how it dictates with it you? i rule out more than that voice is best unshown where discrimination exists....

'who was there when the world was made?' no one, but they might come and be who they are better than me, ridiculing and at the same time suffering with...if something is good don't tell, be afraid of others they are not necessary ever not even in discernment you read this and surmise like i do about who you are what is tally but from below only...a junk i told you to go to hell...

green dot issues resolved we move on $20 richer less a wicked nigger's charge at a local video store for one day over a $5 pee-pee rental (know when you've gone too far - i know always plus i don't care...'drives 'cross town to save ten cents' - my mother and so?) - why wait until a next rental? milk + bowl + seeing you enjoy 'just watching you' is another chance at making you bleed silks a new 'fallon' or half-cut ? like on 'dynasty' no color lines no real money neither just denver's oppulent lack of personal challenges after arctic cold plus no air where is antarctica anyway? you got it, nigger all the whale blubber 'oomingmak' (say 'oo-ming-mak' for the favorite snack of eskimos what are malamutes) made you know me loins again too much sun plankton flubber then you appear to me in a vision getting your balls cut off and stabbing at whales their brown eyes really a nascent tribe west of detroit 'marmons' their asshole poking at someone's financial portfolio if you don't know much keep tossing around the dividends (shaves pubed at night) basically paper cuts me and you can eat and we mean that 'go-go's ? no 'malamute' how many ways can i say i hate jews? i'd only hate them but love saying when tired...because you are going down in flames providing shit sense for else same as being there with their opinions and favours what such and to be flame both at-hand who cares about you bitch die off to the side but do it just as soon plus i gave you aids i'm just now sure of it...bring it to me, ask again, or tell no one) as banks don't work on sunday they do what i do what is comb the ashes for things unburnt - no january page yet, not noise why bother? for what? i don't make this up 'death death death 'til the sun cries morning' i don't want to be that so nothing to gotta fight 'i'll be in the barn - you'll fight me' milk is corn for one...a fuckin' mad cow...personification only no animal is it just you to be kind but dinner at half mast, that's 'displaced aggression' never wrong it...don't talk about me - you aren't greatness (envelope) yet - our exercise is showing you how little it matters plus family man now unkept ('unkempt' is black beans or bald and black beans fat - used outside)...some...'nobody does that here' as friendly enough...then sense an (one) odd smell 'from behind' - dM known to be but as seem, only to see? cu later~ god blessed them all i just try and kill 'em, ignore them to be whatever you are...whatever that is...'graceless lady' you should know who you are i have that much tree or bush pig depending on how you keep time...your meaning of 'work'...

01/18 a patsy from 'green dot' (ya cat can't live forever...fifteen years they said to me and on the dot) called yesterday after e-mail to ask a twenty-minute interview on the phone while i was doing my nails and for $20 to be immediately pested on my account with waiver form sent and signed...still is negative $5.70 all day today when i coulda used it to take teeth outta my ass (cunt went shopping at target to buy nothing i would note to the tune of $80 like some dumb faggot his mother raised to be alone with her dead like her husband gets pecked 'get something for you this time' i'm not cheap to see around each morning, bitch and he talks to me add some wife beatings around town - i'll get this faggot another pair of sneakers and shorts ready for the garbage while he works for it all...i got just a touch of semen in me lips last time i went out you better send out for cash bitch sucked my smelly old tongue too)...i did my part and is it jewish life making people squirm over a few pennies like a fat circus fuck in a hot sewer? i note disfavor only the rest is to joy an alchy's old sloppy red asshole enjoys another alchy...signed 'saucy lady' with a pig for a throat and to be slapped

~ just joking about my threat to kill faggots who marry, kinda...his mother declines me politely like we was a real marriage while no one pays me to be anything let alone yours only at home in a hellhole always seeking to be flame...zzzzz...the last time i sucked her husband's dick youthed some was just before michael jackson upped and died - fact - he can't go on thinking it matters he makes people too happy that jew now were family somehow...damn - i loved fargo, too...back to you, blind

note: have someone to call on, but don't go crazy - it isn't just anyone around with my money and keys you gotta love it my home, it's like being a black nigger and turning around and seeing another one - or at a party - i can't stand that...i told the real michael jackson in bed 'someone should know they're less' it really helps me...

finally got me that new mole zapper on ebay for $85 only no more to tit - part of the problem i guess for tiny times and trying out some we'll report later...they rejected all my offers for less now they limit offers to three until i can pay...

how the west was won? i hated this picture - 'niggers'
now gimme that indian tent up here

great adventure, just ten (10) miles away down a new two-direction highway with overpasses, circa 1974
for my tenth birthday? a ruse

too lazy to submit here, the transformation at book soup is ludicrous!
even more expansive than thought is the next few days coming, the building in back is much like the golden gate arch in st. louis - all flats of stainless steel exterior - no white monument look and no river crossed is on the side only
my mind showed that martin luther king is being added to mount rushmore as someone who died for us? teddy rooselvelt (hung?)
i made a face fall shave down one day (when i'm not picking on the eiffel tower what should be brown like them french aluminum chairs seen at target and england) who? george, jefferson, roosevelt, and lincoln now add his lover dr. martin luther king
'niggerlovers are there' says god over - not mine countrywide greats only (the new jersey governor is getting around alot these days christie) - ones who deny you inn, but know how candlestick park in san francisco works teddy 'the big stick' of panama canal fame (a gun? 'no, a stick - we beat them' he says) would opt for a shoot, probably natural habitat and all

plywood cement says an english paperboy is gonna be built along the curb to await hits

here, a humble start at remaking record sales? i tell 'em 'it'll sell no matter what' but to 'keep a few others around it' like english 'falco' label 4ad did
despite hate's own objective, every time you buy a record, you buy one from us
that's not mine - keep it selling itself
after all, i got elton john's 'rock of the westies' lp at columbus in 1986-87 and i didn't need it at all

i'm sure this is the firm solution to the ikea mantle-top shelf problem - see it here being disposed of by else
ours is a vinyl-coated metal comb along the backside it the shelf hangs on it once affixed to the wall, but gets bent easily with mistakes being made (there were no screws or wall anchors with it at $20 a pop and i need immediate sight-seeing or installing toybox satisfactions - i hate advice asking me to wait)

things i've seen for myself in agriculture type work as day trip classes to sites no labors further (maybe more later):

1) i've been in an indoor chicken coop free-range no apparent cages just one big one and with light bulbs overhead it smelled like heavy ammonia really thick - is from their shit ostensibly (um, although offends my sensibilities)...god over says keeps warmth, is it really ammonia poured about in a mechanical ('lift to be lever') sense or them only?
2) i watched a hog get castrated live - iodine on hand-held balls, a simple straight-razor incision down the sac, pulled out the glands one scream-snort no further bother - ultimately, the balls are fed to a cat? makes better 'cat' meat they say? dear who gives a shit,
3) i watched the extraction of copious semens from a horse? hardly - the tool was shown to be us - a foot-long fiberglass strength tube-cylinder for fit brown with a clipped-on-both-ends rubber dropped within to be as pulled and stretched around the outer lips on both ends and washrubbed on the aforementioned animal's wiener when making jove or kick in the head 'knock you in the head | kick you in the bed'...nyuck! why here, why now? why are there women choosing purple glycerine dildoes at the pleasure chest? because they don't know where you go and don't want to be seen? blacks follow them around i talk to 'em on the bus home...purple? socially, and a la 'weird science' aided by hustler magazine, i only made another boy (one to bothered at a time in the soap operas that sell my soaps 'why are you here? didn't we talk about this...inevitable return to great joy') a clay mount pussy holed mound, red ballon stretched over mount with single razor slice down the middle for tensiles and pleasure, closing with another clay layer, a topping of cream paint (same color used on mr. veined penis with fish tube center and dish detergent oxygon 'no thanks'?), and some tangled thread from a brown bobbin pasted over, a penis has no pubes, the female has no threat...'i'm not useful' you are excluded to be the very policing of feelings expressed in fifth grade? and, however, is no ford fiero...

women and their texts strike again for my review: caution ebay what is somewhat more like amazon (and the hand that feeds me? a brand only i may skip for cheaper next to - the world was commanded to change constantly and god to keep moving - this is sleep to him as he spins on axis only my requit i see and passed to you or i'll heat your tits with freshest intervals of time to be under a tub (not to sell what you don't have in-hand cash for a cash - i wait a month with fedex or not to get something why because you hafta go and get it and at margins (gains projected and met by model with my upstart money in hand - you pay to enter market not to be paid by me in no interest in hearts afoul of being me yet) we are again jews (hoping to live by rules read making people fit for them not yet on land fitting) you using my time and value to make claim of no bothers for people i don't care about (who have no interests in this life and be tested to prove it by asking to be a test) ...if i hafta deliver everything on-top of me to my door i'll ask you again to do your part somewhere else by having you at all...stop playing with my interests i don't give a shit if ever see things i don't want ever and so be shit not include others in principal arrangements and me if i care to more or be stalled with insert answers and drop-down logics or i'll come to see you laying eggs for a living not dropping rabbit turds as such...people do not have life within them i see they talk to me only ever i see it...back to back...don't smile unless you're done with me it says...i reinforce your laws to see me shined of it only...i don't feel good being performed by you ever...i gave you nothing for not pay futures, prospect them a carrot rotted but in so many carrots so what - they said today only i'd pay to be fool...

try this videodrome for 'epic' or pay - i don't pay yet despite your obvious wealths between the legs no hair yet smooth and yellow as purpled lower lip beet tomato (signed 'old nigger west'):

epic full movie here at putlocker!

to pardon, this porno clip shows you another husband of mine on right (that doesn't mean i don't kill queers for being married)...lookee here

to be source: 'indian' - what is it? i call it an 'imogen' or image generator - a person who imagines their life, lives the dream, fuels with fumes...however...inspire: disney's imagineers or whatever...maybe riding naked inside the main street electrical parade and knowing that kraftwerk were truly the first edition mannheim steamroller - coming soon to disney's own world nearby the way, disney (disobey? dizzying heights of switzerland) still gets the best park and at origin for a day by me and you too...$$$ because they no longer mean it...'imagine' staying at the contemporary 'a-frame' monorail hotel in florida the authentic luau and all...starting up again next week

midway: liberace's story is very casanova (um, a 'cast of no-ones') - let's say it here - two toilets in an 's' shape you don't know who's shittin' who (object source: 'mad' magazine in the 70's)...paranoid - 'neither here nor there' they don't want to be anywhere seen but has seen...'follows me around like a dead person but and ultimately has no say from being seen absent' - dM

two pictures in the la times that bothered me today:

the first is this bmw - looks like a coffin at first glance;

the second is this sharon tribute - like wrapped dead pilot whales
sharon represents the death of democracy in israel - the many guide as one each life so precious then now steamrolled dead no matter what hit by boats...
everything boils down to a left or right in proceed a 'one person' thing - or then no cares

'equalization (making sure you live like i do, stateside) is about distribution of goods - you help people to have, you don't help them to have choices' - dM always teetering on the edge of destruction this is where new and random (green as in cars) is introduced - we all wanna rent from hertz and take right off on credit

q: who are people? a: people are like peepholes - the ones allowed to witness (not to guide, but go along with) or see (know we're there and understand) us...not necessarily a given to a view...

'you see with liberace all knowledge of the world for better or worse boils down to nothing - make something happen as in manufacturing only' - dM these are yours to know a language but a successful one as i want for nothing

risk: 'drugs, like cigarettes, are really 'great gift' if that's what you know about and want, and are for the finest people to reach down to you in unknowing and unhaving...' why can't i give to you? - dM not to be the letter or one who notes you for it, having not also means not having to know...many know and choose widely among while others problem the condition with it 'shitting in the box' on exit as i say but cannot condone 'blames someone else, has someone to blame' - dM i hate people who don't know anything, ever

rules were made for the not having (if laws are 'lay of the land' - where it ends up inevitably sadly and dead) - dM, to rule that out, to pray it off with money

'oh, you don't want guerrillas but you want to wait until people die' - dM, have one

the real world today less rent control:

we pay $1,475 (almost $50 a day) here in west hollywood for a one bedroom one bath unit and with half-a-month or so down payment ($500) when...the original terms were $1,150 when we moved in, $500 down, $50 key deposit, and $30 credit check for a total of $1,730 in january of 2006...some of the jumps here were brutal annual lease signed or not one was $300 in one year! to assauge, we got $3,300 to move from a house we were supposed to have first dibs (distributions) on once remade 916 hilldale...more bullshit, we coulda left then...i haunt everything still...bad, too...shit pipes and all...

we can:

month-to-month no lease: $1,720 a month a 16.6% increase with a delta (the triangle symbol of water by how length) of $245 a month;
sign a twelve-month lease: at $1,620 has a delta of $145 a month;
or, sign a six-to-nine month lease: $1,670 has a delta of $195 a month...

...and all by the twentieth and have our water bill ( no gas bill, but then see water) paid-in-full beforehand sixty some household meter, i pay what i want when i want to avoid being knocked up and have to argue it back down (better to owe - people are hungry these days)...the time value of money is in keeping it handy if...we get paid this way...your decision? i don't like women sitting around on their fat asses, period...the only thing i hate more is a feminine man sitting around sniping with 'em...neil

doesn't the address 'west knoll' sound better? unit 8? closets and storage? young starving males? scamper on over~ $1,595 a month no down, garage parking...and...remember, there's too much love in the world and we only ever go with who will have us at all (less out-and-out scares - who will have you, focus)...and besides these fuckers know the state is being paid off this month at $150 a your own hair nets and laptop finally mine who cares...

'please, this is like winding brook (on arena drive in trenton, nj) but better'
i keep a bamboo curtain with lights right at the vanity area where entering the living room a few steps down...the patio is at south the bedroom north and westerly the window

if you're gonna move and care about square footage, argue it out sum - i say measure the unit like a box only the two of walls if all apartments fall within a rectangle of use, anyway - ours current footage is: 33x14 square feet or 462 square feet not including patio extension therefore is a box
more: interestingly enough, the square footage is somehow related to the unit number - 462 square feet corresponds with a slight variance to #146 an anagram (word jumble, puzzle made of re-used letters, characters and as alpha-numeric if will...add ends 'never let people erase intersects to make puzzles - intelligence wasn't made to seek reductions or parts matched to a small beginning with providing constructions outward at the same time especially with vernaculars or regional ways of saying formed [say it back to me fast and even 'nyuck!']...seeks the past made statement only leave the odd note to be in itself odd or flailing at end...simple: it's 'too hard')

'stupit, retart!' don't give them anything: stupid stooge stool-pigeon gets chased away from seat when sought by qualified or quote...says it when they say it, as 'they' think...leave it off, adds-removes a single 's' is fatuous or full of it so good already needs me more, signed with pocket mirror 'unit 8'...' yeaaahh - i was a good time | i got pretty good '

mlk holiday next monday january 20 a day off

i sense disappointment - add more yellow in the head

have some: 'eating tells you everything 'this isn't good...' - dM if need, eat specks

'if you want to know, ask yourself' - christ

'knowing means as soon as something goes wrong' - dM it's more than touchin'

'knowing means something' - dM my coffee table book of misused words 'on average'

'smart people have been hurt' - dM this 'smarts'

'mean people have been there before' - dM

story: i once had a yellow plastic jackpot machine or one-armed bandit that had a head shoot up and spit in the player's face when pulled essence, a reverse water pistol i got from the newsstand 'downtown' in allentown the very heavyset 'mr. burgess' newsstand on church street what sold me 'mad' and 'national lampoon' always...after many uses, someone's father broke the red arm right off at first try, the like that at amazon

my favorite lamp fell the first day home in my bedroom too am i special? cracked half the colored sconces i didn't get it for christmas but as working then paid $150 medusa lamp...moral? still get one too and if 'the firmest insult is replacing' - dM dusting-vacuuming with kosher salt an ozium today i might have hardwood floors soon, a gender

the fullest moon ever at turns today 01/13 a sam hain (um, 'same hate' my younger brother the only person i ever seen with 'triangle' nostrils...square boogers, chocolate milk, go tell it on the mountain most important deep in a hole as weeping)
quickly - the moon gathers water vapor before space pulls apart the only molecule and in exchange for heat then issues clouds towards us twice a year or so keeping in schedules more is more exchange
the moon is too big to see sights or of change you see dark parts but that is places in the heart or sanctions only
mine is made of what's in pepto bismol - bismuth or the pure water fiber in plants made too dry and with heat

more from h. lorenzo these are not khomeni's but 'war atrocities local and abroad'
i think of good 'death art' only - a decent scare or smoke inhalation is not yours to portray
sure - a rag blanket dipped in flour and water mixed (usually is newspaper - paper mache) becomes a makeshift grave soon enough to dry

these stools from an upscale-type club on sunset ('vaucluse' or 'near the end' in spanish hyphen 'vacleu' - is near crescent heights) were made for your ass - be that lucky

more announce yet from cb2 - about $150?
really for sacred cuts in line, 'a proper burial doesn't hafta be cheap' - dM

lotus style bedframe about $1,200 in queen
the style is very pupa, very metamorphosis only...encephalopod...many say 'morphine' morphing is not mine but 'lotus' or encepha'lopod'
there are candy shops at six flags great adventure shaped like this (paris, las vegas) alot

log flume's painted now 'needs water' - we still talk about the pumps getting ruined by forcing spirals of water to rise up the pipes rather than have full first
the pool at my mother's hurt me with not knowing much about water flows

taper candle at cb2 about $1.50 each - see slow-burning tea lights too and many holders about

yuck (say as reverend horton heat really fast any sex-nots or 'peturb' he says) - mud dauber at crescent heights and sunset with makeshift plaque but see mcdonald's drive-through directly in-back with $0.99 any-size sodas
i think about the mcdonald's on boston commons (north on beacon-chapel hill) alot - built right into the cityscape i liked it...cold, cold

tuff-enuff tabletop mirror franz about $50 at aaron brothers on santa monica boulevard with much other tiki
cake top, sure

liberace when questioned about plastic surgery in 1976 q: 'did the audience thicken up?' a: 'no, they ran away - they thought i wasn't real...' apparently to return in 2010 only due to have an aids death on record? 'the aids isn't real - i am'...moon notes plastic surgery is very invisible man when the rags come off - nothing to talk about, evermore

word for the day, french: 'gnofures' as no further, 'no feelings for you'

yeast: mix it up with warm water and some sugar and let bun - makes a whole cake seems better to stir right in

ralph's club online was giving away greek yogurt last week but fridays only (under digital coupons) - i got mine a free $0.99 greek yogurt black cherry by yoplait you could get whatever brand activia whatever...see ads...yogurt is sanguine ('say it again' as questioning me when) i like it alot the greek is thicker only...

affair of the heart: submersible led lights as coin at more that useful...check out vase source too - ours is 24" high by the way and has an oslo or 'egg-half' feel along with square base nobody wants this but signals branches and carpet to me 'willow'...

' like the willow | i can bend ' - stevie nicks

i noticed on my nabisco 'wheat thins' the manufacturer is 'mondelez' (east-spanish for 'my only home, in truth') in east hanover, new jersey (the address of kings, is usual)...

everything i got x-mas the day you prove you don't care at all, save thanksgiving?

my mother paid for a plane ticket at thanksgiving $350 plus, two hundred $200 to travel, and one hundred fifty dollars on either side of that month 1st and last $300 so about $850 all month plus christmas another $100 so $950 all month add in the clothes a bottle of 'old santy' dinners father gave $50 western union and that was that....from all sources...he got the $200 card target, three skimpy pullover gap shirts, some vanilla extract (madagascar-bourbon is his no mexico), and some wine and some amazon cards totaling $75 and one starbucks card $10 thank all-none...add baked goods and some shirts and stuff for him nothing returned...the rest we buy on our own his money...sometimes the best gift you give is not bothering others...'what does god give - poverty?' i live without restraint god gives me things i hate: a day of wait, knowing better, not being allowed to when but if - all comes into focus on-time but it stinks loud...not human stuff...a day saved of all the ghost stuff and hateful lies - asking to know better but hating the answers...i can know anyone living or dead and quote to them working me, however...i hate people being involved in anything a real drag...people always gear things to be about women and mothers i don't buy a penny of it...we have that are sad (out of speak) alot and are unmercifully used for no context (a bright face still - we don't charge off to the same declares i know why i hurt)...people own everything here (as singularly a banishment) and won't use it trying to be something odd in the sky to have big bills to pay, girl...

i was told to apply at the local ramada (check, with resume) and subway (fail, rejects too much information online - checks school names to see if valid city and town too much velva) today 01/ brother's scott's birthday two and one half years younger than me good luck

i channeled (talk to the back facing of anyone's mind and out-loud -plus emulations or fixing widths, making it fit - up and down the place) that gay movie about liberace endlessly i can't win (he's not that bad - 'he's you' he tips exchanged) that old wicked mess didn't take that much - this is me:

the proof's in the puddin'...
liberace's lover is casey affleck in makeup playing the formidible scott thorson (casey, son of sherry lansing said it was 'real grabs' in there) michael 'mike myers' jackson plays rob lowe not real ever rob lowe has a ruddy complexion like scott thorson...'fish'
p.s. now there's a watermark for cheap remits - is never real i'm perfect

you might want to keep in sync with these sheets (unseem - very yellow) from target we got with the $200 card from terry's mother (he gives no gifts ever - ? sometimes hates christmas japanese types they come in on north get that)
it was revealed to me at thanksgiving when i sat with her that terry's mother is my aunt - time goes on
anyway, the card went to toiletries and other expensive nonesuch pepto bismol, razors, toilet paper, mouth rinse, etc., and we truced $30 away to gift-how
'you can go broke saving money' - dM

'liked 'the girls' hosting last night - the bearded guy who won for music...' and hair? - dM they poehler had to tell the joke about the chaffeur who else would do it? and but um

beverly center: restoration hardware became luggage dumped that for kitson - novelty and fun from robertson melrose has one too
biggest common element is a $98 colored garden gnome giving the finger as seen under novelties...i didn't really agree a bit forceful at the holiday given
gnomes are serious...normandies

these little noisemakers caught my eye...rat-a-tat-tat from a boutique window in beverly center
'like an alarm clock' they say - see page buy from 'store' menu under 'automata' and adds focus page is like $333 all-told (is witchy from england)

two for $100 at target these days - french-eiffel style aluminum should be brown
other chairs at crate and barrel

perhaps a new home for fish-fish?

'fish-fish' still livin' today

like quicksand at trashy lingerie you can't keep out
we had a bitter fight later ('you don't love me, leach?' fight) over standing here and laughing together
very wiener

the discount line - for fact
remember a 'size 2' in jeans - that's unmerciful

men versus erasers - who wrote this then?
'like a proverb - always asking' - credit the above

the self-titled 'wax wall' on melrose with chair..i signed it left in blue sharpie 'doug 13'

is that a cock ring? french titler? the former club 'mcguinns' (um, really 'sloans' that's trenton on 206) at huntley and melrose

2013 growth for 'our' one mutual fund 'muhlenkamp': $19,951/14,852=1.34% or 34% growth (not mine, as for comparison - shares 284.431 to 293.270 means nothing, 'nothing' god says 'not even who moved' i would say how much of the overall packet do you own as for gain and you need to know all

people got scared at something say the pre-empted somewhat 'golden globes' - ah hah here's the much mentioned 'behind the candelabra' movie with michael douglas the same folks who brought us 'all is bright'...

electrical hassle: a four hundred foot (400') stretch of purified sea-salt three hundred feet (300') deep and saturated with water just above it in a closed box of two-foot corrugated metal like tin makes electricity like crazy - enough for seven hundred (700) skyscrapers then eight hundred (800) more later on, no decrease ever...a pole in the salt, a pole for the hundred thousand (700,000) volts each kitchen regular nucleic think about how salted water carries a charge? makes electricity? kinda - you didn't make a motor right without a change in polarity (electromagnetic push) built on a revolving axis...

out front of book soup today 01/12 - this is across the street from tower records

the damage ensues

what happens when you forget the vegetable oil - recipe seen december 2003 - get stacey q on fairlight while you're there ('hard machine' is made on fairlight)

indoor tree-wise, a bowl at melrose and lacienega east

the fallen in-style off fountain - like the rio grande to this day

sunday 01/12 baking a nutroll today in-between apartment shopping...zzz...nice chicken saffron salad with bacon for lunch (like a cold curry - chicken breast, bacon, mayo, green onion, celery, etc., on a cold plate)

you know i love scott tissue now $7 for twelve (12) rolls at cvs - best deal five (5) free rolls $7
compare twenty-four (24) rolls for $16 at target ($2 more at excite)
p.s. coke 2-liter is $0.99 this week

golden globules (is heinz, itt or hostess bake shop too at ten percent 10%) as they unfurl: was listening to a fight at an official present-dinner kris kristofferson howling over a $110 chicken per plate after some fight with another man (one's woman snapped a single button off an official vest)...chicken ain't worth fighting for...both hadda leave one missing a tooth

poly sci for the golden globes: tom arnold = john goodman ('i don't need to talk about her all the time...' end quote as we welcome success, any)

book soup on sunset is urging a comedy night on 01/13

they're getting serious about odd gifts and records now too

see, feel...candle jars...why am i here?

lots of oval clocks...other clocks now
...yoko ono's new tome (told to me) still aged at seventy-three (73) in the bronx hello
p.s. that's 'chinese checkers' as jewish star - you hafta move your color one side to another each at per move, three (3) people no hopping or take out of game...if you complete a color it doesn't hafta end the game...ending is nothing to move, too

curb and rock work piling up at the old carolco building on sunset
book soup expansion?

before it matters - great buys at pavilions (i keep sugar and its filthy lucres-placas in the house always with so many mad dogs around):

cascade 75 oz, 4.68 lbs. - one big box $3.99
sun chips many flavors $2.50
oreo cookies - varieties $3.00
pepperidge farm bag cookies $2.50
pecan sandies $2.00
aquafina 'flavor splash' water finally turned up $0.79
pop tarts $2.29 (maybe four cents less?)
heinz ketchup big upside-down bottle $1.99 (thank the grammy's this weekend!)
hershey real-big bars $1.50
charleston chew mini bites a whole box $1.00
junior mints demure bedtime box $1.00
anthony pasta - varieties $1.00
capri sun box - varieties $2.00
philly cream cheese lavender box $2.49
campbell's soups chicken noodle and tomato $0.69
chocolate toast crunch and other national brands box cereal $2.50 - many varieties

i got four (4) packs of turkey store burgers at $2.50 each - you missed that sale
two thumbs down on the garlic bread chips - no slaw - onion dip still excellent
neil's mother rip always said potato chips were like razor blades and her known enemy - don't buy it
our prize-winning siamese cat 'pfeiffer' only ever ate 'meow mix', really - to know that


current e-mail addresses:,, very least...

a free 20. oz bottle of sparkling coke is now fifty (50) points at happy new year, bitch

kohl's for nike and running shoes

the old 'le dome' on sunset redone notice the shades

out looking for a new place bad news everywhere...$1,500 or so

the few next cautious steps at lemon tree boutique and a film test at night after cleaning

'tpj' the pizza joint is more than sit-down elegant - it looks it
fresh brothers steps away is always giving away their good sense on the sidewalk - the olive or italian salad sample was real good with goat cheese or gouda (like baja fresh their excellent nachos blue and yellow corn)
a recent offer to sample from tpj looked like someone's dirty plate and however

we been getting the new consumer reports - they used to be fierce (fearless), now a beggar of sorts....used to be nabisco, inc. and general foods (quaker oats) too and now is at&t as upstart hence their phone reports...

weepee - shadows remix until we get the one from itunes with the girl dying
a bit john carpenter 'halloween' there

diane von furstenberg exhibit at lacma

no rx? got my today 01/10 no bother as ordered on january 4...$10 a pair ($29.99 six lenses one box acuvue) though plus $6.99 shipping...ok...i can wear terry's rx a bit ogilvie-cup but is bausch or other with blue dots in the center of each lens...

fairlight cmu (computerized module and music - a sequencer only) was ensonic by the way - a failed venture with japan (read up on it) -
toni says 'you can make a tape of other people's work, but nothing plays directly' - brilliant - 'no notes on fairlight too junky now' continues 'in our eurythmics [background player] days, too expensive we used ensonic tape-wires' she says or sequencers

cartoon version of beyonce's banjoleta...'more mandolin-teak' she says

this variety pack at pavilions caught my eye - eighteen bars for the price of thirteen
why not? an aisle or two over from valentine's candy on-end

refreshe soda 2-liter through the 28th is just $0.79 maybe a dime less on the 'just for u' system
again, why not? the paper straws are four plus dollars - get that

last night 01/09 we were out for a what i call a 'job walk' - more talk i hate from someone i hate and it turns out woman guitarist lita ford (um, bonnie raitt?) was playing at the whiskey and for the first time apparently
long line and all, but we were out to see the one and only transformer off-film ever made along with a terminator stand-in at some local exotic car dealership
we met this extra fat cat along the line at corner and for a $1 tip he showed me his dick? that's what i thought at-first blecch! but realized later what that was all sunbrown underneath maybe an intestine cord from babies?

the transformer - we argue these always they bounce like ghosts do opening up but move too fast to see - the bounce is accredited to servos or motors that move a bit and stop or reach heights of spinning to connect in times taken
these are at nighttime forgive the focus - it makes me sick too

terminator in the rear...the first one ever, then six new ones later

the black santas rue the day again

and again they do (on sunset plaza)

'mousekin's golden house' my favorite childhood book is in color...
see no one else mentioned it, by edna miller

the laptop is still smart when apple is refusing magic jack....i bought another unit on ebay <$10 for the hotwire voip (voice only internet protocol) to no avail yet...the laptop still works, however...our home phone number via magic jack is still (323) 375-6627, my primary cell ($20 a month) is still (818) 203-1411, and my other prior cell ($20 every three months) is (310) 272-6392...and remember, magic jack is wrong, wrong, wrong every day... i don't want free, i want my pays no one...magic jack is still $30 a year for the phone number used...remember there is no free like there's always time in forward used...p.s. i can't use your stacked minutes anyway - for what? i pay for service a timeframe, not minutes outward...and btw magic jack i hate that little girl with cat on your website generated for sign-in failures i hate her voice...lies, too...

01/10/14: got a free 'flan' and caramel frappucino with e-mail offer and registered card yesterday at starbuck's 'tall' they billed $3.75 to someone but it was the smallest cup $3.85 usually gets me the 'grande' or mid-size version...see? you gotta pay - 'flan' is the official mexican custard like creme brulee much...eggs

next up is severely promo - gets rid of you, stops you from trying --

beyonce does the fabulous 'rise up' here and now
supposedly from last year's 'epic' soundtrack danny elfman
heard it today 01/09 at h&m on sunset

oprah's island? is that carowinds (the north carolina amusement park 'georgia' she says) coming back into view? yup.

by request 'oligopoly' or 'all apologies' for a piece of the heart missing always - whatever you get, you hate it - is regional a wedding reception held in only one choice of parlor - keeps prices high is laws made; compare 'monopoly' as governs raw materials to and fro, '-poly' is you hafta pay to know or play to know then...'only then' as suffix...

this is like my favorite guy anyway...without movement and mind's discount or tribute that is
too many cooks? too many favors to count all at once

a requested close-up reveals no more money than what's spent...

is that one direction singing boy-band song 'fly'? 'he' can't do it they what please people not their friends-layovers...rule unless rule: you can do it, but is not necessarily priority one or play the song once...we like seeing justin timberlake around more jimmy fallon's airing special was good...that's a clown...

'tight pants' is the skit i choose to know at least

you missed me last christmas? you can kill these tulips after a wait at pavilions just $5.99

moca at pacific design center has an exhibit on 'tom of finland' gay arts - is not human
this book featured

'no pictures allowed' says they can arrest you for that 'don't be a fool'
you are still the fool, talking to me

a supposed drainage camp-parking garage where the aids garden used to be on san vicente...the original 'grow your own'

apple's space-age tv unfurls like a flag? with shielded colored diodes
note three prongs positive, one return


...and then (see a cloud drawn blank in the middle or what's missing, talking)

mark's on laceinega dumps the dust 'rose' to try again - get mark's back
someone got shot 'so what'

stevie nicks doing the shawl on 'american horror story'...
stevie nicks says 'rhiannon [as named in song - fleetwood mac] is about a girl who never gets to live - people keep buying her with their time and their talk'
stevie - i love sexually ambiguous names they'll save your ass from unseem and bias
'rhiannon' to me is about a woman who endures hard times and great personal change only to acknowledge in some reunion sense that people still don't think anything of you - 'reduce the talk' to them 'be free' it says

storyline: one girl (a bit natural in the taking) gets the witchy shawl from stevie - an original although accused of lying in stacks for the giveaway - and another bangs her over the head with a brick for it and sees her shoved in an above-ground grave for the favor of not having (someone said downtown los angeles, i think new orleans only...tuskegee one reports) ends with black gravekeepers holing her up in a casket with cement but just nearby...stevie sings an offhand version of 'rhiannon' the fleetwood hit at the piano first then a weird exchange with young fans - of showbiz only - ensues...the only note is the young girl receiving the shawl what is heavily french (organa - balls outward) and lotus-looking (flowers like beetle shells, encephalopods) and with the fleetwood penquin hat on extra-weird is supposed to be her stevie as young with wanderlust...i kill all young versions of me as not asked for yet...p.s. stevie, by all accounts greta garbo, is very much like my mother...another version i'd say

wow! 2.5% interest - tops - and for wasting my time with your sex (that is a whole two dollars a year for each hundred lain) wow-wow even jail is cheaper work...j'accuse i'd steal everything if you'd just try me for it...i make up charges that are more sensible like sex crimes for dullards that take the shine...a rape in your neck of the woods...sing it with me 'over the hill and through the woods to grandmother's house we go' the very valley of death...your fantasies don't rise here easily...

mandela (morgan freeman? dots around the eye 'sparklets' - they see the beauty) again: warning! that is 'could be' a dangerous black nigger (we like him anyway? in a halter top...)

making wood animals a la lion king live (now and again at pantages - the many emotions of face surrounding a face in photography)? run a cardboard frame or rectangle as box from the side measuring widths away from a razored center line as you push over the figure...laterals cut into cardboard will do and then drill to depths measured and sand about...soon a 3-d printer box that makes stuff from onscreen with drills-augers...a teledyne...if a 'varidyne' is a turntable...

the real cost of health care (besides the wound as cut):

healthnet - my usual provider from work from at no cost to me - says the hernia operation was billed at $7,791 with a $954 disallowance and a $100 co-pay or then deductible (mind says the whole operation is $45 - how? for teaching strength (is this, like the umbilical hernia, somehow still a gift?) i get mad if my belly button changes at all - it used to hold as much as a thimble when laying laterally...unusually an 'innie', i hate being forced to look at someone's to demure (deny you more)? use alcohol and swab 'to clean' it says

'olt' coming into view as tax time gets us more of the same

worth noting and when : 'what do you wanna discuss now - my favorite color?' - colonel jessup in 'a few good men' adds as fathering spit or no conclusion 'ever served in an infantry unit, son?' where infantry is no women only 'ever get beaten for no good reason' is another way of saying it...'code red' says somebody is here as threat 'i ordered it but i didn't want to - i didn't know what was happening' that's jessup...the white soldier says i heard it happening but [did] not see it... something needs to be seen, it changes with the clock...

bought by accident, not mine to have: this year's winners of the 'all alone on the phone' prize 'waits not wants not' be happy everywhere
put in water like any branch to grow roots and keep it coming...something lives but not for long cut fresh after gum dry and leave the water alone

crowned king - both all on our street here 'palm avenue' the east side where we are
was looking at 5th avenue yesterday on a map of nyc in relation to the sights in 'all is bright' curving around to see southerly views from the north the bowery?
my mother has an accursed angel on top of her tree another political zygote (they don't hafta like you, and neither, but have no hands - one present waits for you to struggle out-loud and fail, and another helps you to pin suredly but all changes when you're gone - don't have a place for it as 'there is no beauty in struggle' - dM and also 'beauty is beneath me like i made it all'...then clean the pool with hose another fandangle getting water in the hose and also moving it around is hard...i hafta understand everything and that is time to no fail or watching....)

finally gone is the doughnut shop strip mall on santa monica boulevard just before crescent heights next light east

this at the entrance to city target at beverly connection by all accounts a loser i want ralph's back only - is not friendly and exciting like the regular target at santa monica and la brea (these are bank run and dark-ish inside - good luck never a line)
like an electronic parking lot, people gotta work
we just returned a dozen eggs (we spent $170 of a $200 gift card recently my one gift outward was a $30 waffle iron to my mother from bed bath & beyond cuisinart worth more i want one the sandwich melter was too cheap)
the eggs had two sticking in the carton and with no receipt they handed us literally two eggs from a dozen presented for exchange - only a bank would do that
i let the dog here argue it out 'really?' (i hate that quote someone picking a cell phone out of a urinal to a black's comment or lacking of astute - why is he wrong? you're no trendsetter 'don't be so quick to let me think, please' - mine? wipe it right off 'a piss in the ocean' makes you happen)
we left with a dozen they are $2 only, note
'we don't make money buying your stuff' you don't make money turning me down, either
you make money cracking wallets, you don't make anything i care about and your wish-made velveeta is grainy ('buy singles' it says - it is the number one #1 grilled cheese maker for oatnut bread as soiled in pure butter)
'all that talk is your very problem - it's all in the eye' - dM

plenty of nighttime, there's a clown i see laying backwards on this tree - white sewn face, carrot nose, and beret ('bersis', they blend)

this a whole welcome up the sidewalk here on the side - not enough light, but scares the kids, i guess
plenty to see, but not share - a grapevine with tin-foil cones as treats hangs plainly
all to move when i do

from the phantasm page something a bit captivating in the ear and throat a whitman's sampler of sorts
'witless' (is 'with us' too much - nothing new, foundry) one narrator describes - we think for-about 'acting class'-types young or poisoned learning motor again

all banners now cancelled for non-payment since 04/2012 - thanks for your patronage we'll let someone else pay their bills...

probably a fuckin' machine

read on:

all's well, enter the way, and take my word for it, no one makes mistakes like that misplaced comma in my original note - another foolish assumption
i tell people it's important to have your own individual hand aspoken - the rest is nearly shit
'i didn't take typing because i didn't want to be a secretary, and i don't say i'm french because i don't want to seem too classy' - dM 'heinz 57' one notes before egg, flour, salt and pepper...signed, a 'colon'
are people victims? 'you can be wrong [wrung of details] every step of the way' - dM see the problem ain't (exchange: am not, amn't...ambient) just you sitting on your ass avowed of problems

'all is bright' (and better on itunes? yes,, and yes): chrissie hynde is playing her mother with the mascara and all - she is estee lauder and a russian native 'all bright russian' she says 'no remarks, just finding'...

niggers: recent updates to price increases 2014 plus no gift go fuck yourselves fat - no pay, no play -

our apartment posits a $200 a month increase to our unit sign or no sign (we have a month left under current there) refuses orders under no prescription while 1-800 contacts does the same verify for $10 more - both slow to remit
don't tell me people are 'poor' - they owe and you don't get off the hook that easy you'd be better off dead than trying me

the voice is keenan wynn - pt. 1 to suggest 'the hobbit'
'lakeman' suggests bilbo is from the lakeshore (off the water) village beneath the mountain (yes, the matterhorn in austria) - quote 'he uses the men he dredges up once in a while, a corpsefucker'

pt 2. edited some but you get the idea - was only rough and well-spoken every detail
he sauren (the dark, smog) kept calling bilbo 'burglar' really loud as thief with his invisible-making ring on and the dragon had rough-hewn black pubes

sony's internet player for home-based wi-fi (wi-fi internet modem to tv) is now $129 at best cash alternate to logitech revue and i'm sure it's flawless...

cnn's list of 'new' (newly added) movies at netflix...i've been skinning 'em for compromised regular-type sound need enter...sounded like a cry for hell? don't be so helpful the skeleton in aesop's fable 'the old man and death' [as just sprang from behind a tree] 'i'm here'...

lying in a grave, others surround and on-top sound like old dogs talking...collingsworth (dogs dying), chandra (women under veil you can't see them - virgin types), the name escapes me right now...

remind cvs has extra bucks on file now for fall quarter end - mine was $7.00 very generous...

from another angle, phone - re-sense no failure

watched madea go out on a date and sing for a club with a male a young talented person but something dies soon enough...

capping off...and remind nothing pays, too

these are commission junction or what entity we sold bmg music service for - the other linkshare is itunes expanded open
[ ] i'm still skeptical (once around [the joint] wasn't enough), doubtful (wishes i weren't that smart right now, beginners luck is all have...) - have someone kick my ass (print page, and check box)

slappin' pappy! melvin nude year 2014...

everything but the girl 'rollercoaster' the first track from the 'amplified heart' lp and some...'missing'...

i still haven't got over it even now
i want to spend huge amounts of time on my own
i don't want to cause any serious damage
i want to make sure that i can manage
because i'm not really in your head
i'm not really in your head

and i see love and disaffection
and the clouds build up and won't pass over
this is my road to my redemption
and my life is just an image of a rollercoaster anyway

i still haven't got over it even now
i want to spend huge amounts of time in my room (hey)
and i'm not comin' out 'til i feel i'm ready
i'm not running out while my heart's unsteady
and i'm not really in your head
i'm not really in your head

and when you sky falls to minus zero
well some things must disappear
and this is my road to my redemption

and my life is just an image of a rollercoaster anyway
and the names may have been changed but the faces are the same
and the names may have been changed but as people we're not the same

and i'm not
no i'm not
no i'm not really in your head

and my life is just an image of a rollercoaster anyway
yeah my life is just an image of a rollercoaster anyway


linkin park 'the catalyst (tweaker ray remix)'

i call this photograph 'grecian formula 12/13' to mean 'sturdy and steadfast' i'm told
it just needs to be different and dated
the tree from rite-aid we like to show folks we keep all given in haste ($20-$25 thereabouts - i didn't want to pick up needles all day and actually all the pricks and coagulating aren't missed)
some things of yours i still have
p.s. the red cup? from ikea way back when 'unbreakable' candle wax tumbler we have green too - the yellow ones are mia (missing in action) suggest as eventide
amazon also has them for online sale if you happen to double your order

if for some other reason 'bliss' is not found here (at banner link), they have a small independent shop at the mta subway entrance to the 'w' hotel (yes, the 'w' is for 'westwood' the village at ucla...the roosevelt is nice at night too, nestle security is high-low) at hollywood and vine...i doubt you they have it all in-stock...was walking around nights ago...i love hollywood and the nightlife there...racy...and often enough it's me

that guy on tv that takes on restaurants never has anything good to say - that's who needs to get paid, you have yours and who let that in? he owns them by bank...'liberty bank' they all fold anyway basically school stagings crap...more hurt than london?

i used the ring of swords red white and blue and some green envy unintentional but now so named
red or 'au stat' live better below? sundowns? seven days

the ornamotors still worked well - i have two only, but mizrahi cones to ride them around
the steady rhythm keeps things on edge and perhaps injure to bloom

historically accurate war-era croutons for the hair-end salad or bake
a pretty pee-pee won't save your life, but it could belong to a fragile eco system in the woodland sky - probably a solarplex with two-inches of water around the inner thigh
p.s. i really like this present and home page at youtube, but doubt its authenticity as the bodies are too nice for then with malnutrition and rome (the evolution of from) on the mind - boxy looking

12/26 went back and paid $3.99 for 'all is bright' at itunes despite the new $0.99 price for sd/hd and to keep my account downloads and all so i'm watching bit by bit over twenty-four hours...a wider, cleaner experience is all i'd say...more: i didn't get to watch the whole flick in the annointed time frame of twenty-four hours from stim, but have it on the side seen...busy them

meanwhile, onj's movie below was very charming and just the right length - she was here all night visiting and comparing notes...a hard hat

one good turn deserves another - olivia newton-john's 'a christmas romance' full of hard choices and credit terms
alot of livin' brings these to life, but too many eucemins (sharing a cleanliness with few a personal choice as offense) makes me sick and sad with you
i geniunely enjoy these or only what i can understand with you - movies don't speak to me much as hate or personal-type circumstances
otherwise, you get to talkin' (the opening song is good)
and remember to pay a fair price as you go - this stuff will be used against you i pay always (subway footlongs for $2? that is egregious and to be avoided)
rule: the time value of money means you pay a little now, some later (now and then later) - don't always look to be smart with interest as alot of people want to have all clean on account only to wonder off 'what do you want now?' small bases of actual commitment mean cross-county hunts for monies held for fixed levels of smart, be shared with...expense-wise, that is...'i had a bad experience, but i went back' to have what none wanted up-front a spirit guide or a $60 parking space? you to park...
every day 'gunsmoke' (filmed at screen-gems in toms river, nj -- like 'xanadu' good mention these bitches never go on location not ever - brilliant, really 'we get backdrops and we pay' brilliant 'that's new york's money not yours' you can't try the queen) makes me puke it up - but still i watch...

opening tip word-to-the-wise: 'accounts payable' means bills you have to pay as a business, 'accounts receivable' are monies owed you by folks for having delivered already...a business being bought and sold is both added together and only one side of an affair...another good, useful term is 'net present value' - if something has a due date later on the calendar like a savings bond, what's it worth today discounting any unearned interest and for redeeming early? nothing? installment loans are paid off early in this way...

'as it turns out, i'm not a very good concern is always the same not being heard' - dM who thanks his perfect mind anyway, how to art it all in larger than life fewer details...

come into my world - now voyager
wreath $2.50 at walmart in florida (sans the bow - an additional $0.99) - no wonder i hadda check my bag it was on the bottom all wires

i live for nighttime's spirit, but it's nice enough here

merry christmas...good enough finding fault ain't easy but it beats all apologies

are you sure it wasn't santa claus? a helicopter was spooky last night playing the am radio staple 'sleigh ride' loud on p.a. overhead - is that real? like we was gonna get bombed it used to signal 'disaster awaits' during the war...only then though a reminder not to say...flash floods from snow being aborted up north maybe...

q: is madea (means 'mad dog', literally like 'madonna' - and didn't that name take balls? not for her always yearning to be a little girl again with her records and all on the glam up, had it always) our black santa? no, two separate things - you as audience can't mention madea looks like a man if all else wants to be taken seriously (i said to myself 'ok' like your one dress is painted on) no bother but the gift ataken is squatting in the ladies room and sharing makeup tips at the counter a homosexual's quarry...the other is about being santa's helper and i quote 'no problem, just no stealing - none of us are that real'...santa is not dead as such a memory harmed, but overworked as keening in too much or having his say...time works differently for them it shoots them basics to interpretation is time opens up into a bow of sorts for them to work slowly, carefully - 'we know each one and hate them for buying in more quickly than we could say along color lines - thankless types they need to help each other' along color lines (a place in the life i would certainly gather to know for sure we're abusive and of criminals worthy, no white-collar crime just light thievery for sleeping-gathering across a county, cro-family types)...albeit hurt is mine to give don't buy in too much...a shortage of nice words for you to say, not text from me...i love portraying 'godless' (thanks no one but witches) and 'there is no god' (rapes priests and nuns) to rueful types all news no caring like you're the world's main concern - maybe it is about you...when i was little, people made it clear the gift giving santas and all they had for some and not others - not classy, but commercialism crept in with its stance of not having for not wanting to have...some of the things you buy...can't help you to what's worlds away and if you have that stuff in an ongoing sense you might ask yourself why - is it a jail? be god-fearing (and, no)'s better for you there's always time to know a celibate of harder life...chairless...

free-will is right here - to be scared or not, to discipline yourself away
to tell your version, can you say?
from the 'joy' video a bit of design for hopping or french 'tartuffe' (means jumping for joy, 'hopping around' lightly - taking the time with others, the desire to be with it)
p.s. 'parafouille' (say 'parafourell') is being colorful and unwieldy with it

'black santa is like bride of frankenstein - of course he's real' - dM nineteen 'fleshy' stab wounds and a twisted pile of nautical rope later

'the thing' couldn't stop replicating after that christmas...

hence the elves...both all at a sunset plaza boutique south side

dear retard: ever get tired of being just that? i speak, you take your bra off

after eight p.m. on christmas eve, tuesday 24...just had dinner beef stroganoff

i kinda liked this centerpiece had it lived...some put cupcakes on the white base 'so all can see'
'hmmm, thought i threw that out'
p.s. that curved tray and light in the back my roommate bought at a home-ish sale in westwood a flower store, kinda
i thought something from the old ciro's (now comedy store) on sunset or napkin holder
from a plane crash in '33 they say - tyrone power - that explains the orange bulb i bought to enjoy it overcasts
a shop on sunset has jayne mansfield's suitcase (is it me? did i do something to deserve this - she was reportedly beheaded in crash convertible but returned somehow to bigger, badder...when i watch the crash of titanic focusing on otherworldy being, there is something big and dumb that picks up an adjacent ice block and placed it plop right before the boat - i loved that a right up a building it was)

someone said this big ol' 's' curve of lights at varying heights was on a casket - how would i know? seems like pottery barn's stuff but it simply (no more talk) takes up too much room
i bent it up to honor the hydra like st. lucia's nine candles in the hair
to honor 'aqua' argon the clouds? no, keeps a grave like a red suit keeps the amaze, cufflinks too

the saturday night before christmas eve on tuesday...a little shopping, a little stopping to smell the roses as such...why live? to decorate our lives...thank fuck...$50 from my dad today...thanks...western union...he learned after soaking his checks paying my bill at at&t (no check number required) and cashing lightly later...both, and the both if starts off innocently enough...did i tell you he choked his mother's dog to death with a towel? bitch woke up later trying to be all cute like 'i'm not really here' - true? i dunno - alot of stuff i don't know what to say...that dog used to get so mad if you pinched a tit with the clippers...factoid: oster brand hair clippers - the professional ones - cannot be compared to the plastic-y ones sold in drugstores...i think mine oster are alot better think twice...

made turkey (a two-pound package split for price $3.50 a pound then) taco's with two-packs of lawry's seasoning this weekend ad serve from the fridge - excellent that, a can of refried beans end-graced with shredded cheese...the finest meal...all ortega products yellow corn but lawry's mix you see...they toss their seasoning in kits too much for the cost they say...

this is a picture of a ghost out on our patio but between the slats on right
he is blackface as such: a hat of purest white, but melted like a candle knightsbridge or like an ashtray kinda with a dip for a cigarette in-front
the face is brown but white lips like a clown the rest drape
'captain harry' we call it

take two...for comparison's sake

at city target, beverly connection: b&d electric griddle $20 someone cheap on your list
just eight days 'til christmas, fool

still cheap: a vw volkswagen beetle for someone little $100 flat - better rush in for this one
faggots would like this 'c-u at the beach, girl'...yeah, with the $8,000 wrangler you hadda turn with a wrench

you know it ain't right...beelzebub (say 'bee-el-zah-bub' a fake diamond of sorts something that bothers you in the head always questioning)

a real deal: easily half off for this dirt devil wind tunnel upright - $50
this is like what we have a eureka lite - does a great job if you change the hepa (health and environmental practice act-agency) filters often enough

these shine-through wooden-faced clocks by sharp are no deal at $46 but they have 'em still
wood and mirror

from bloomingdale's a magic skull votive $35 seen in blood red and purple also
more on 12/21: i was at bloomie's today in beverly center the (both the seamstess and her gown) and although miscellany regarding candles and gifts three floors they couldn't locate this for me but said 'century city' (a less glamoured store location further west a horse and gable or 20th century fox) and as i joined a conversation with two sales girls speaking of said and such...good luck we just wanted to see its dimensions true and maybe then...bed bath and beyond was our hero today...good stuff style beverly center entered the sweepstakes with a $40 aluminum ball-style bluetooth speaker single...a bit advance for new users...for a phone, ipod...see here at target?

for loud sneezers everywhere - a ghost taking exception bless to them always

seemingly a blowjob for the holidays - king and chair the both currently $99.99 at cvs
just kidding

a rack of car-powered christmas lights demands note on santa monica heading west - cute
note: the pink moustache of gay marriage fame (seen on a car's grille occasionally) says 'we have everything, thanks' a stiff upper lip over what's simply post-modern or then someone's reason for being here
i am gay...was just discussing the prospect with an old boyfriend - 'no bothers, no worries'

baby carnations with green sprinkles-glitter raging at pavilions

ortega brand taco meat seasoning for to-taste seasoning and saving bits of money too (lawry's is better? my experience says ortega is somewhat milky an onion for-with turkey - not enough to pride away, however i use both freely if lawry's is perfect two regular packs plain taco seasoning per advance pound 1+ of turkey meat it takes alot to stain properly - do not use poultry is for fajitas, really...'remember, powders are perfect' - dM)

12/16: itunes writes back they want me to pay first and again...confirms with no downloads available under the 'store' main menu the bottom choice 'the dead take every cent' they know too much 'like a wicked $40 cab from the airport arriving just before tip and your bag left on the other side of the block ripped on one end' to be with me every day

the muscular contractions of a snake, the name once asked: peristalsis, external? it couldn't help but show...

billion dollar jackpot or one thousand winners times a million dollars (a row of how many plates, the number of rows or shelves down)? a machine runs it as locked up - they'll get in one day over taxes bearing - it pays on-time, it shouldn't for the author's as soon as can...

truly one-dimensional is no scale, the mona lisa?
3x4' is our 'guess' for mona

forefinger and pinky extended as greeting? 'we're not together yet - we're just here together' all working on being known for it...downward? 'see you in hell' a friend, someone close by - at, or to you a greeting

ascii the only such searchlight: using the 'find' function to locate a specific word on an '.html' (um, internet) page? i use ', 2013' a proper truncated writing for say 'december 16, 2013' when i don't really know what month or day - how many times would this occur in a page anyway? to help adjust the date as being updated or touched among many such musings...

true to all parking lot beggars, nobody smart tells you anything you hafta look for yourself - the law is no guide 'the lay of the land' let 'em fuck on the way to town
i've been wrong before but a bad lay?
p.s. i keep myself sheen for a reason - i need to be entry, solid entry no worries and always my mind fans french against me with reasons that make you apologetic 'all apologies' is me as knowing the lines worthless and not to cross - their series of recompenses for taking stands and against are made by nuts and that makes you nuts
there is a personal opportunity cost for not doing what's when offered to you and then double the pay for having done nothing unwarranted or unseen to be mine as such
'i can't help you win or wonder if you know so much' - dM

mandela somewhat buried 12/15: 'we are cold and angry in our covered grave lots of remote villagers ('gassed as old' he says 'nothing pure - poked out our eyes too') nothing special the fifth time see you later six days or so then back at the barbie with guests...have a nice day' thank you~dM d.d.s. doesn't dampen, smarts: art of late seems to honor the japanese flock of sarin fame is a rice (the national flower and 'worm' around mount fuji most just guessing at insinuate 'lactate' - boy-you!) powder made itchy? eggshells...burns to the eye area just one big red dot as if they all insist...

webcam: the logitech eye (hd c615) was made to be with windows, really, is feature rich on the laptop - nice, nice - mac (and 'now strade with less cheese') doesn't like cameras 'robs me and uses me too' it says by way of australia ? it's home camera port...'cotch ya hamby'...'pits your peach'...'ocken eunuch' + 'halved bend daire' me ass strobed nicely enough on the ol' laptop (before it's too late, 'that's where we'll meet | without words' - pretenders 'the adultress' (mp3, 4.5 megs)...'i didn't want to be...')

painting bulbs red and green...a coat or two of tempera paint does the trick
is 'black santa' real? your home gettin' burgled is - bet he has gifts for all like it's real
ali baba 'already bought one' the alibi of night visitors 'opened me right up' buy it again to return it back *here* be remembered by bringing something smallish just this one time 'no need'...'no worries'
p.s. you can screw a light bulb receptacle or 'spinguard' into the celing fan light fixture for plugging and use a potentiometer or light dimmer at the switchplate for adjusting brightness, but that doesn't help it spin - or does it - ask your local hardware store or go online...ask to see chow

extra credit or push-past, it'll-fail, pu-pu platter, poo-poopie-doop:
fabulous: a fated to be with the both of us (le fabula? our search is 'over')
fraked: for reasons unbeknownst to us, it's difficulty to be and what's to avoid
perfect - delivered as sent, no loss in translation
latch - takes its time taking your time and attention aside
own - owes a bank as singularly enforceable
rent - to be of renegotiated terms, primary or self-enforced occupancy assumes property time-framed and extended by superintendent to be lease
lease - leaves the keys (is security property once paid off too - a considered letting of keys)
mantra - says it 'til it almost seems true 'all that glitters isn't gold, you know'
babcock - talks too much, a watering hose pointed up
c'est soir - stop being sour, we're not as old to us what having again
cold as hell? culled as hell - if we see you liking it, we simply take it away
a witch's tit in a brass bra - the rca phonograph-victorphone needle as sharpest tin alloy below brass horn casting their wicked harshly scraping up a gray-ish breast cancer to fill a green-ish tablecloth of a void with their crumbs

Celebrate Christmas with a Smile! Save up to 50% on Holiday Flowers & Gifts only at! (Valid 12/14 12/17)

'all is bright' the movie, redux: both 'sd' and 'hd' are $0.99 at itunes right now - still resolving my end, however from fraud to fembots...doing as told, moving forward but as not in charge...itunes link

molten aluminum poured in ant hill as art? a gift here (the world in chasms?)

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that ol' wreath: midway or almost done...and yours?

fine, fine - i took this american flight coming back and was six (6) full hours a bullshit along with having to check my bag at the gate plus left on an alternate carousel at bag claim everyone else gone him driving a shuttle in no less than forty-five minutes (the boy seated directly in-front of me wanted a date it's happened his 'mother' followed me to bag claim lost a bit and i pee'd right after him in the terminal restroom outside of security too - all symbol wealths, lockjaw)
anyway, if we left at 9 am sharp and arrived back at 12 noon and rolled back the prices three (3) hours for time change there would be no travel time - how? i ran my phone's stopwatch the whole time six (6) hours yup*
four and one-half hours to-from new york city non-stop from la and three hours to houston, texas from nyc-newark says it's a no-go here
the mail takes two (2) days from florida and three (3) days from new jersey (new york city) it all boils down to someone special being here
someone else~
the flight to dallas was sweet as short in length

*remember, the timed event and time keepers are like two wheels that roll on each other for better or worse hence the slip or ladles of time, i'd say - real time is kept by the universal codes, the sun with four days wow and flutter among travels...i play the internal clocks always...

although demure (denying you of more), subway is featuring $2 foot-longs all month marinara or meatball sandwich and italian cold cut sub
12/22: oops! these are actually six-inch demos - the marinara was pretty good, the other a turkey-meat cold cut feature...nothing special...the meatball was good

go to banner link and see these strange but beautiful permacups - the word mine (remember demi cups and saucers too)
the perma-straws have retaining lips on the very bottom for against the lids, but wound up on the floor anyway - how?
i like the all-metal present as perhaps honors (ignores the unfriendly mention) christ's glass and copper mode - the red and white milk daddy is very office, very milk-blood (reference neil young's heroin shortage*, only if you think you need it that bad as to encounter host or a firm liquid exchange)

'a time to sell yourself, a time for asking' - talk talk (um, 'tough talk' a time to pay simply having sold your time to an employer, and a time then to ask for a loan or having no money down, a favor then -- 'it's hard on you to be working for favors' - dM like painting a room after hours - when have you given of yourself too much? when to note an effort made? 'never pass on your price as paid' - dM)

usually, you can get these excellent sandwiches at pavilions for $1.50 each on sale now $2 - all are good in the microhow

paul's latest movie - from pavilions too our lovely cashier is a big fan
...of demise ('i need to see flight')
see itunes link

eye-catchers 'til tuesday december 17 (add any 'just for ju' discounts if any):

oroweat oatnut loaf $2.99 (though i'm real big on rye right now you pay full price and only)
deli meats excepting poultry-foul are $5 a pound now at the fresh deli (ham, etc. - caution rarebit alpine lace swiss cheese is best served in deli packs at $5.50 or so 8 ounces half a pound and confirm my choices only)
lay's regular yellow bag potato chips $2.99 (and introducing the new 'garlic bread' flavor - sounds good)
10lb bag of c&h granulated sugar $5 (i refill my pink containers)
pavilions-vons own brand of soda 'refreshe' is $0.75 per 2-liter (i got root beer to go with that rye if some aren't so sweet)

ken jeong (tommy tang) the asian guy from the 'hangover' movies prost-ponent (not laughing anymore as unpaid) on 'ellen' today...12/13 friday the 13th (the day christ was crucified or held bowl)
p.s. one direction? a star has emerged - i myself touched his lifesize cardboard face on hollywood boulevard (corner of highland and hollywood) the singer however and all are one and however better kept is still seen by me...

music from the alor commercial -- 'foxworthy' is their name detroit farfisa or munsters organ
very don henley the music but the voice rings out - credit music: super estela, "goddess" - my guess was norah 'oprah' jones (ne efron) or diana ross by virtue a singing style 'chicago' or then 'chinois'

madonna's latest and greatest interview with letterman dated 04/05 then massaged later 12/06 when aired
no performance rites? a big star
pizza call at end: no jiffy pizza crust at home? remember the un-freezable mirror of california pizza kitchen ( wolfgang puck then nestle - 'unfreezable' pizzas only no place in the home he says) their 'blt' or 'california club' ostensibly with chicken get one now i would (both lettuce and avocado unfriendly to a freezing) p.s. 'madge' is, and again, 'amalgamous' a mouth among us or analagous to us as along lines - see hardworker kathy griffin's act right on the line 'friends and enemies are all the same' (curve, 'chinese burn') it's hard to be public as truthmonger 'many thoughts'

entre nous 'we understand i had to come - no one wins here just talking it all over'

angelina jolie 'the changeling' needs attention this day - a woman gets a boy to care for that's apparently not hers, and apparently 'the mother indentifies the child, the child identifies the mother' - dM i'm the mother now

see jon voight in award-winner 'the champ' (also seem 'the changeling')

update: the healed belly today december 13 from november 26 - only two weeks plus fact
healing is associated with never lying - he does now by example, omission of facts? get help with your truth-truce be a friend to yourself

the 'equivocator' (as 'speaking out of both sides of one's mouth') has a firm choice in mind but won't say and is as such 'lying';
the 'prevaricator' knows there is a difference among choices and won't say and as such is 'lying' - maybe a salesperson, but is honest enough as no one really knows anything anyway 'wouldn't be right for you making a choice known...' ask better questions?

'lying enslaves you to the truth' and as such is a bad buy? who's worth that - worth lying to?...lies are to be the purse lain perhaps tabletop at entrance a counterfeit to be stolen? no one told you look or ask - a type of feed i'd say if that's all you'll accept for a grub...

the holy spirit in black velvet (or hound leather, a wrap) you to think headless horseman not a direct she...the look? 'labrador' as has dogs (platypus and hand unleashes electricity to your homes outward)
the swastiska (switlik? airport '77 subterfuge) or hydra nine-headed snake as turning-evolving four pieces in the bed lying no true capital, no two minds
the hellraiser box - how to change square of cube into a hollow daggerette (um, 'oromond', thank you-)? pull opposing corners outward is protoplasmic i do this always enough of your word tricks my electric oven vents through stove upper left - get that to your mother

olivia newton-john's aussie-type holiday magic made maze 'a mom for christmas' still playing at you tube i loved it (lots of afterlife material ignore dates times) hope to see your house back with you soon - dM

additionally, itunes has a 2011 christmas movie effort called 'a christmas romance' that natures (seats itself to welcome you) nicely problem-solving in real time, thanks talking, just class a story...

terry's losing the bet overall the planned building is turned the same although plaza - the petersen building at sunset and lacienega
it is pride not hate that renovates the girders upward - great pride
all the world above water is stark and man-made as to be my mention 'chapstick'

from house of blues (hob) sunset another worthy guitar - this style called 'muslin' (beige-colored cotton-poly backing of upholstery fame) ? great unkeepable word that
very shroud, is for linkin park ostensibly (although offends my sensibilities)
have a holiday reception like stevie nicks 'i'll come by'...

fabulous mirror box (is beveled? believe~) at cb2 $399

a cash-wide version of any the previous mention at cb2 ornaments - how much? see their site $19.95

keep flannel-backed vinyl tablecloths in mind - the surest welcome at the holidays (these at rite-aid all holiday accesses half-priced but as holding out some still $2 for them balls i bought 'em anyway)
rite-aid is best at holiday kitsch nice prices too

among personal checks to and pollsters (lunches out), you to get something of lasting value or keepsake with your gift as money - i always do, not just bills, but memories to be made...

hi nelson mandela is like muhammad ali - the same to me, a happy face (botha west africa: a criminal, steals from underneath me - - insight: a black with an english accent is a race-class insult to whites)

billy joel 'all for leyna' from the 'glass houses' lp (1980, the year of pink floyd's 'the wall')

'some marvel that andy kaufmann's still alive - beats me' - dM i'm a jeff conaway (um, 'peter scolari') person

'judge hirsh too...death ain't what it used to be' he just played another nut on 'emergency' or 'columbo' rather peter falk (the dean in 'animal house' too) strange days i hate old junk coupled with no pay but okay what's different here...jim backus 'mr. magoo' is getting paid again somewhere else i seen him...natalie shaeffer is britney spear auntie mame was just sighted within...we see and we know, we one asks about the twelve kids of michael landon now john on 'full house' a star is born...i love 'gunsmoke' smack you in the face with that goblet glove i love mexicans their longhaired woman up in the hills searching like a ghost waiting deeply racial contexts plenty of homos spoken to the side too where i am 'there's no beauty in struggle' - dM you don't need to touch so much it's better in my head i'm sure of it...hi to fran don't talk if you don't want me to hear jealous voices...$$$

absinthe (for patrons who usually attend - subtract yourself as usual then moulin rouge or then the rue morgue): you can't nip ginger grant in the bud 'i want to be loved by you'...gilligan's island got rescued one day and hated moving after all...

jealous: jails us - it's everywhere don't bother...see guilt 'gilt'

'paul walker makes good stuff understated homo adventures no selfish or talk i like it alot' - dM test with the sound off i hate junky scripts see 'fast and furious' series or then words can describe to me...they are not gay, you are too a gay

while you're hassling with logitech (are sear's and sometimes target) webcam files etc., 'vlc' the video player works well too
plug and play never works well on usb ('you stupid bitch!' a 'catch 22' doesn't matter if you do or you don't - see twice the '11' or just think about it to yourself and ask yourself why?) but maybe you don't want much anyway - the web camera flatters me mostly but i have a hard time believing some of that stuff made the raw of edit for your own self looks like a simple defaming by brisbanes in your 'second' makeshift or amalgam family...lives freaks to spare them the inevitable work of being sad...unwelcome...a pitchshifter you can't put a good spin on everything, you know...i hate to hear this much...

yep, that ikea free-standing shelf with bracket in back had to be supported if harshly - let's call it the shabby install plus nuisance in the background

made candy apples last night 12/11 screwing around in the camper's 4x4 kitchen - four (4) apples per box of mix i'd say apples work best and are nicest looking...the mix is downright bewitching with black snake-like boubules boiling out some say bees their venom is a root fir trees whatever? not why i make 'em...'am i viable in the marketplace?' nathan's and the like showed me up over foster farms chicken franks who will know?...q: can i get anything useful, you to say? a: there are burdens to having - none of them should involve me or you...define 'marginal utility': i can't use 'em or have too many already so is no motivator if offered...i always ask myself 'is this a fuckin' joke or what?' and extend any pardon from future credit needs or desire to live free of silence and its mace of having let people fuckin' nazis 'not speaking to me' you are not talkin' but then again you're not around to scope me good either epithets...'there's a fine line between a cheap laugh and making someone cry' - dM, so cry, i'll it still safe from prying eyes?

only $40,000 for all them chickens but no tax to pay: i girl i know i call her 'watkins' sells chickens she raised each of every six years or so having land afforded her in calabasas all fed with 'corn on the side'...she gets $1 for each of twenty (20) heads some are soup types...she said you hafta feed them from wood lanes overhead and you dare not enter the field (not for that price...who would care?) don't worry about them - they know what to do and when no stragglers 'we don't eat here so let's get out before the hammer strikes - a god makes them, we work for free in their care' - better than having to hear all that noise...dying ain't that bad getting pressed to death i figure...laughing too...i'd toss a few right in the trash for that...who's counting? i'd gorge you first...purple hum

achtung! german craftmeisters 'kraftwerk' is gonna be at disney concert hall doing a 3-d audio-visual present - they're fun, artful - good booking there march 19-22 doing album-long sets (thank the b-52's for mentioning them back in the 'creem' magazine days firmly a warner bros. act....and captain beefheart? is elton john?)

mennen speed stick (deodorant, but no anti-perspirant) comes to mind - if you never wonder whether or not you smell, have this argue the facts some...or eat monk lobster tried to serve my mother a plate of breaded fried glock all flats 'surf and berth' - she sent that back for legs and tails they wanted me 'to eat first'...i always do' drunks will kill you at the county lodge if there's one more goose feather to pluck a rich ladle in time if you build it they will come - you don't serve me that shit...legs? i couldn't find that if i knew what to use as bait a shark's tooth...a hairnet? i should eat the hole on a whale, huh - tilapia is said to be butter cuts from the head of a sho' is hungry - like the flower on a cake i eat 'em still bad luck and all...a the parking lot after dinner (a fly-by-night with no nautical ropes embedded in polyurethane? no captain's table? i hate cheap posing as real seafarers i need culture shock the 'landlubber' plate) we laughed heartily about scumbags coming to pick up aunt mary's mattress after it was bagged in a sheet out front the maggots were being found days later (a live-action pocket noodle at dinner - gross but with tact always)! eddie's a morgue type gotta eat...

looked at obama care's website 'free if you cum' (you can't miss its message 'might be cheaper' to eat the annual fine of $95 - that don't hurt much 'they might try and cut your balls or asshole open with an annual t&a' and to think i wanted to feel balls for a livin' in the boys locker room see women cranking their rubber camshafts open first)...this may in-fact pay me, a glamour? p.s. it's the stitches in your asshole that keeps you a hotplate in the back seat like an old indian 'how'...wampum...i'd check you out from top to bottom...admit i'm no one an hmo...'come sit' anus my teeth are squeaking as cited by someone i hate hearing who makes me think of a black friend i hate '[you look like] a corpse flossing your teeth' or my father a woman, really...unless we're together and i'm a little girl hoping not to know much...can you help me? health card is glamour and the law...can't use 'travelers'?

the length of rope light seen last month's feature
very high-tech the plugs and generously priced at lowe's
p.s. the chinois nightshade 'don't peek' but out-front was around alot of women dying of cancer - i'm at peace now two of 'em barged together for the look
someone said not to i did it anyway, and however, no - usually particle board from the very end is mine to anew a body held over for sense
you'd hafta drink alot of frankenpiss to get the smell around 2pm in that morgue we lived in - they simply got it 'right' enough i loved it ! the kitchen [scratch and sniff here]

linkshare banners to be dropped for no payment 12/31 - does anybody care? never pays, ever

this month so far

less itunes, the culprits seen

i'm having that paul walker tribute scooped up for the pooper 'i'll take some of it though' - he doesn't wanna work anymore for no feed plus he's fat too i like him still on the screen and all (lying in road on the median? ok)...let's ignore that crash scene on the internet...corpses should make you jump

construction suggests a kennel or intimate tea leaf
no one knows

tell people you're poor the right way with $10.99 worth of seasonal hot tamales from trader joe's
pork and red sauce or chicken and green chiles - i like 'em both other brands not so great
for giving sense these - vegetarian style too

Never (And I Mean Not Even Once) Did I Think To Myself 'You Know, You've Made A Good Point' Against Me Thoughts. Not Once. I Run And Check My Maths In November 2013 Only

to faggot - bonus look-see! off the top on christmas day december 25, 2013 - our refrigerator and freezer here with no-pre-plan:

in the round, red pot (always a family heirloom at price): beef stroganoff (no pun intended), sour creams in volume for dip and chips (use lipton onion soup mix - i always do couple with lay's chips and noneother) - some guy (richard disguised) gave me the beer at the bus stop up the street i had some the other urges me to throw away maybe because i mouthed it? whatever label 'jealous'
that's half-and-half blurry - i learned about half-and-half from the amityville house it stained me being fancy having a pound of land o' lakes butter and milk delivered doorstep each or every other day from johanna farms (hightstown, nj) even though i like coffee mate alot and use that too along with instant coffee (folgers coffee crystals)
hot cocoa, marshmallows and whipped egg cream, nestea mix orange cap
unseen: lunchmeat and rolls yum-yum, gulden's brown mustard and a whole bowl of ambrosia i whipped up yet to eat (five cups: sour cream, mandarin oranges, mini marshmallows, shredded coconut, walnut pieces - alt with pineapple if must half a maraschino cherry on-top) and alouette spread a garlic cream cheese usually rondole

faves: lemonade, steak-umms, ice cream sandwiches, oj
turkey? maybe new years