i went through all the months
of january
locked up in this cell
i tried to make a home
but own my own
i didn't do too well
look at me
i've always been the same
but i can't even learn to spell my name
i like to read
i like to write
but where i live
i learned to fight
so don't you ever say that we're the same
electronic 'gangster' 1992
newer mine: 'if you've got love' + 'how long'
never mine: the buttocks

Myxer: Privacy Policy | Terms - More from Electronic

It's Opportunities For Advancement That Keep You Behind The Eight Ball Or From Saying How It Will All Go - Just Ask January 2012
That's not me. I tell it don't tell anything I can't tell people + you should wait to be asked. I like to keep it simple. I'm topical in nature and like faking a look to glory you, but all settles into caring or not having to be that crude as most understood. Are you that right? I dunno. The world shows you everything long before this and there are no last words there. You gotta do the time or register softly for one of my classes a hopeful for dead little girls on how not to be special to others, how not to project. A couple? Never know. One more thing: 'quote, unquote' s/b 'quote, end quote' - to the file for my little coffee table book of mean mistakes we correct softly and simply..."Knowing Means Something".

our first picture of the new year! trying to be slick

HAPPY NEW Year 2012! oxox 'cause I'm on fire | and I can't quench my desire'

pacific design center west misses the point - a rainbow inside the water shooting up

papi finally got me some underwear i like and at block party $9.99 - a ucla brand with 'new york' written on them and in their style
i dont want underwear, but i see it and need to know more about me and better

we had breakfast yesterday at norm's early on - not the 'four deuces' i had their 'bigger breakfast' what is $7.11 anytime but $5.99 usually
ham, bacon, sausages...scrambled eggs, hash browns and ketchup, pancakes

and why not? we got knit hats cheap at cvs that are the kind for the great white north ear flaps they sent me some discount on e-mail
they are called 'kapirns' in french
mine doesn't have the front fur or ear flaps, but is a gentle knit in gray and blue with blue braids hanging down on knit ears like a little girl i am

another how 'you make a ball' shot - a baseball is another one s+s, but these are not a math
you could cut circles in construction paper or else and fold their edges to make squares apparent - you to glue the folds together

a wren makes a perfect, artful nest with crooked twigs they choose and remoulve (remove with spit) - none is better than a chicken, too, i hear
this one over the fire escape next to us is our stairwell up and down to garden setting
back to, he terry said he wouldn't take my coloured glow bulbs down from the patio before new years and he did anyway - so i put white twinkle ones up
that's what they do - sit around drinking and examining to a fault - you'll have this aplenty for the crimes sought
women always think things no one thinks like i'm just gonna go away and you'll have it under belt - do the math, trip like i do

rage's 1012 display for last night new year's eve
i walked into and around hollywood last night the same trip at mann's chinese and all looking for party favors as no one would come
they are sad clowns mad at money and half-burning things down - that's what we're here for ain't it?

this outside an al-anon meeting or sex offenders or something at fountain and fairfax big buddies i hadda go upstairs and pee maybe i drink alot
remember this and why not you...

Tried one of them big fresh 'four-cheese' pizzas from Pavilions deli-bakery yesterday and it was pretty good - as good as Ellio's (school cafeteria or schoolroom pizza) the crust is marveled the same with yeast and ryes and the tomato sauce was vinegary just like Ellio's. Nice and only $5 ($6.99 or $7.99 regular then - this was a sale right in my face) - never hesitate the box too big for our freezer though barks at being cooked right away (400 degrees for about 16 minutes or so - no self-rising junk). They had blackberries on sale too for $2 a port. We used to have that growing in our backyard (they say is from iron ore-clay and is related somehow) the shoots are thick, lined reddish, very hard, and full of thorns. When clearing out this particular part of our yard at the end down slope near the farmer's creek, I would find old toys in the thickets like they were rags fed to a dog. One was Hugo 'man of a thousand faces' badly soiled half his face stained with swamp rust. No accessories should with, but I bought him again on eBay one day just the puppet itself and shirt - no wigs. I found pull-string Doctor Doolittle too in there from a previous Christmas with Anthony Newley's plaid pants on..."I talk to the animals" he the doctor once said when you pulled the string a plastic record and needle inside would for play no batteries. Hasbro.

Someone asks how to play Milton Bradley's "Battleship". You have two (2) command boards - one flat with your gray boats on it, as say the ocean, kinda - there are five (5) of them varying in length and each hold a certain number of pegs. The pegs are red and white - red is for a hit, a white is for a miss on your command or facing vertical board only. You're trying to guess where the opposition's boats are on their flat board or ocean kinda. You call out coordinates (e.g, "B-2") like you make up your mind - no peg should repeat a call out, but white says your guesses were wrong and the right ones to target become apparent in time. You have to sink all of their boats and the fun is people lie about where they are until they can't anymore as they're surrounded by pegs. You tell 'em when a ship sinks and they can be placed across and up and down - no diagonals.

Parker Bros. "Monopoly" is fun to describe too: You have a game piece that's pewter to indicate you worked your way up in society, kinda - a shoemaker, an animal trainer-groomer, a seamstress as needle - whatever - and go around a square board with starter cash either buying the properties you land on year after year go-round - and some are very exclusive like the blue band "Park Place" and "Boardwalk" - while others are dumpy or residential and rent for little less. As the others come along they buy properties simply and rent to you also no loans (or then to quit), while you may land on a utility of theirs or get a yellow 'opportunity' card to advance monetarily from the bank or go to jail seeking a living with an orange 'chance' card ('ignorance is no defense' but the room charges are maybe few) but failing to collect the $200 you get each year for passing 'go' the starting corner of the board. Or for just being around taking your turn with others no further incident (you buy a square card with its related color-coded band to own property and they are grouped to collect up to three places, the prescribed rent is printed on the card). Having kids? Best said - getting paid for running with the water in and out like at the beach. Like jail, you just land there rolling the two of dice - as in life, no one cares why. Monopoly is really about paradox (leaving life to think) or the law of diminishing returns - why ask of it if it labors you to others and if eventually is to be done their way.

Audubon Starr Ranch barn owls cam!

Words you should never use (aka people not to kill)? From NBC Los Angeles News:
baby bump [a tiny bit of meth for a new person-user - implies babies taking]; or then [;
shared sacrifice [i'm needy now when i wasn't before you, is speaking when after all];
win the future [others can't be with, mutually is an exclusive];
occupy [sits and waits as without you];
amazing [there are miracles every day, you too decide - is a derogatory also].
--list is not complete.

"You're very butch." - gays say this to mean 'masculine' but I say you're ready for the butcher...'but you're times chicken...'

"I don't know what I'm talking about? I don't what I'm seeing." - dM see it there

pretenders 'tattooed love boys' from album #1 (1980)

dM has the the words yet:

i lived twenty doors
around the house
back and to
to love boys
i tore my knees
a victim too
because i needed it
i found out what the thing was for
been needy
a man-time came to explore [a big deal, is paid at a higher rate]
i went ape-fire
'cause i thought
that i'd like it
a little tease
but i didn't mean it
but you mess with the good [and] stall
you gotta pay
yeah -

a good time
is guaranteed for one and all
the tattoos [play]
target practice in the hall
while waiting
i fall in love
to get called
now i, i, i, i
found out what the wait was about [nope: on my 13th birthday in 1977, two men one and the other were late taking us to great adventure for the evening, i got a polaroid one-step]
i was a good time
yeah - i got pretty good
changing tires?
upstairs bro [if a cowboy is still downstairs in the saloon]
i shot my mouth off
and you showed me what that hole is for
now -

when i see you
i'm all impressed
what happened then?
with her paint stick
i'm loving the scars
the lumps and bumps
of true lover boys
i got you where
you used to lay
well ha-ha
too bad
well, you know what they say
stop sniveling
you're gonna make some plastic surgeon
a rich man
all the prestige and the glory
another human interest story
you are


"God blush you." - dM now correcting what we used to say to mean "God bless you" for simply gross

"Should die choking on spit in a sperm bank." - dM

'now you know nothing' - dM

my template for cutting the carpet - a good idea from mind over (don't get too elaborate - 'no more than one room or corridor at at time' it says)
i don't get to live the incident of art life often enough - i seek it that well
walked to smart & final on santa monica yesterday for five (5) 2-liters of coke or dr. pepper for $5 ($5.98 all-told and they don't use the card anymore)
cheap-to-cheap: seek specialty sodas there - is the only place i know that has diet vanilla coke in a 12-box

'i don't deliver my perfections to this, but to myself some' - dM
'i take care of people - always looking to be the shining example (to my mother)?' - dM where life begins
'a talker isn't very busy, but i don't read the ad to know about you' - dM

Free coffeemaker minstrel Gevalia ain't there no more, huh. 'We' just bought a tiny 5-cup skinny dripper from Black & Decker what makes me miss Mr. Coffee 12-cup real bad. See ya soon, Target $20 ($17.89). This thing is junky, Boy...the other one the Mr. Coffees just pooped down no more heat inside. We hafta keep a magnetic flashlight on the fridge for the toaster oven the dials so dark but still at $30.

From the "If you think that's gross, you should watch Pete Burns clean his rag after crouching and looking both ways but as from behind" department or then "Deloitte Touche" (say 'day-la da-twosh' or 'day-dah dah-toysh' in Russian):

Today's the last day 12/30 for Macy's Sealy sale $269 at the port ('if I can't buy, maybe you can' + 'no two minds' - dM 'thank you providence' - Alanis Morissette ). Our HP printer (buy cheap, stay the sale) HP1051 (J410) is about $50 at arch-fiend Target (the '1055' no modern $47.39), but is still $29 at Walmart. Beware, there are cheaper junks at Target, but they don't scan and copy as 'all-in-one'. Why you won't make $8 an hour minumum wage there or here...you live too cheap.

a video hello to an erstwhile friend 'collier' on thursday 12/28
don't hate me 'cause i'm beautiful i just personally installed nice royal blue carpets from the sidewalk: patio, bathroom, vanity and hall...there was plenty to go around too...
this after searching around (never a 'with' for the asking) the trash bins behind koontz and citibank for any large scraps of the fake grass they were nailing down near the bus stop on san vicente
i asked a mexican ('lithuanian, oh' ) worker if i could l take the scraps he was gathering and he said 'i don't know'

We love "A-CLASSIC ROCK - Your new #1 for Classic Rock!" on iTunes radio...where's yours? "Fat-Bottomed Girls" by Queen? My list ain't that good yet...I loved that poster of naked bike riders in the "Jazz" LP...1978...Columbia House.

The Genesis "Abacab" video - look again. It's Elton John, guitarist Davey Johnstone, and James Newton-Howard on keyboards "at Wembley" rehearsing "Island Girl" and is dicked up. "Abacab" is a bit magic 'abacadabra' but is also "a black girl"...play on!

"All of that giving and no getting." - dM quoting the above regarding post-xmas phone calls to need

"If it's not here tomorrow, I'm gonna hafta send you something." - dM

"What if I'm still waiting to see what I got from you?" - dM quoting myself from days ago front page

a new muscle mart on itunes apps - seek yourself as i do

Buying [mango] chutney? Trader Joe's has it for $2.29...usually it's $6 elsewhere. Use for yellow curry and mayonnaise dishes, chicken curry etc.

I was looking at a toilet with a metal-ish push-button on-top of the tank and thought about what it would take to raise the black rubber cork (um, 'condon') inside sufficiently to release the water downward. If a scale has an axis in the center at '0' and offsets any additional weights in even and accordingly, moving the axis closer to the right changes the lift sharply with a right-handed push down or seemingly doubles up and down from what's taken horizontally. So see. The toilet probably has an up-and-down plunger in it (same clown - maybe a wheel with one side forced down one side goes up), but the method is there...

american mcgee's 'alice.' 30% filler gunk - push back to march 18, 2012
also cocteau twins stapled into 'scrooge' dawdle at the end of december the 25th 'rumenary' ('the fifth gold' we say)

kids don't like ugly - just admit it
this preview call it 'ring of fire' for now...or 'the sword of shannara' or sharing some
'morean navarro' mostly not made by us or yet - 'lande di' land of dying

our christmas decorations et al - that's it

that schafly (torn at it) billboard during the day

'a faggot decorates in hell' - dM with neon as approach on harratt street

all of these from 12/28
'hangover ii' the dvd is available at rock 'n' roll ralph's on sunset register number '2' for $19.99
neil said he'd give me twenty bucks if i got the cashier there to look me in the eye - still waiting

the same ralph's on sunset has a gift box of ten serious jigsaw puzzles each at half price or for $10 - many themes you see

lucy and her 'vegavitamin' or whatever at madame tussaud's in hollywood (near the chinese theater main room) today 12/28

shrek too - color me a fan
eddie murphy thinks he's gonna get another star ("a flat") for this
says he further 'you walk home - i don't know you' and 'bubbly hill [sic] is still there - and again'

michael from behind (here and out-front) was cute and earnest with fans

mad hatter (disney's 'alice') and willy wonka (of tim burton's 'chocolate factory') did the trick too
i excluded the marilyn faking a writing in cement - too real-looking as human mannequin with nail polish all over her skin

inside the new hard rock 'los angeles' again s/b 'hollywood' and follow us here >>>

a framed beauty of michael's mourning - the 'walk of fame' star (as decorated by fans) hanging inside the hard rock cafe

imagine these two are different - makes us think of marc ondy still in the original ads and is why

marc is on the latest electronic cover as beauty in-waiting (some say john...i say marc)

a full crotch must then be shot at with lens...thank it thou hast

the height-sanctioned peepholes at tower video (or then use the old ticketmaster window - i never thought to)

here we are rejected by credit.com (um, for a 'green dot' affiliate-ship)

More for LG900 users: If you have the LG900 like I do, you set up voicemail feature using the phone number less the area code - so instead of (XXX) 123-4567, you use just 123-4567 or "1234567" as the passcode. For future reference...you can't just use '4' once you've dialed holding down the '1' to dial in, and she just hangs right up on you saying she's 'sorry for you'...like she just sideswiped your car.

More on 12/30: The LG900 acted up yesterday shopping at Bristol Farms just when I balked at $6 for a jar of chutney at the shelf (I was gonna call home to cunt and ask about having to have it at all - then see Trader Joe's $2.29 to the rescue, but now a list growing). An entire 'kelly' green screen only. I took the SD card out and it works again but is seems sluggish at first screen. I called it in immediately and they'll replace it and I said 'no, it works now' (somehow me while on the phone) but thought better to renew our pact against having it hate and asked online for a replace anyway same number then. We'll see. I don't wanna funk (think it all over but with me) too much. Bitches mess around alot too...the SD has some pictures but should be in remote (an SD card just writes it all tighter to whatever that saves in binary or light and dark). I can't tell you the hell of not having it normal with magic jack and its answering machines no call-waiting around, the opposing loud music on computer, and then the requisite frenches of sad clown music for playing the part of someone you hate having around (oh, sure - a real junk box of creepy humanity - let me die first to take at the teeth but later), but some jerks don't even let you live...fighting out at street-level, not taking their keys with, not washing their hands after peeing. Hints? I get busy on it only with hair-per-hair, with sunscreens...and maybe donate your clothes. You all to work together enough but there's no paying that here. A mere gravelicker? Good luck and what to fuck.

another sci-fi of a billboard

tower's apple store on sunset is allowing views into their old video and classical shops

"Like trains turn left.." - dM as from the above now I need money

"Family Guy" is talking to me again I think it's about my father's immediate family he had balls like that hanging from his chin too. The wife and daughter have reddish hair, the boy is easily my brother Chris, I guess. "I was Peter Ueberroth for seventeen weeks until I died golfing one day in the hot sun." Governor of Missouri too? And Texas Marc Waban? Huh? One guy is Peter Jackson a Federal person, and the other the handicapped is his father after jail for six weeks (he had his legs broken by blacks seeking refuge with him one night 1972-73).

From 12/27: Even though nothing ever paid ('cept $18 from iTunes), I just asked Green Dot ? to affiliate. Someone suggests...look it up via Google. BTW, we use Google Chrome too - it's fast and generous to the mite.

chart of moon phases for 2012 at book soup
bodhi tree is tragically liquidating their stock as they are closing at the end of the year...

the jewish star of david and a new take on basket weaving?
does the cross mean you don't hafta work so hard?

the new kiddie theatre at the second floor of the west hollywood library
maybe you yourself wondered from outside?

not only did they take an extra day off beyond simple scheduling with no real holiday, the mail truck is still up the street at 6pm on 12/27
delivered: one porno envelope and a $50 macy's card i can't flash on me own (terry's grandmother 'teed' to him)

mercantile so far:
g moon and husband eddie $100 (plus me $150 monthly stipend usually sent to be on the 15th, this four days later)
that's all, folks

Green Dot online - besides their free card offer - now lets you add a bank card (as such with the Visa or Mastercard logo) to your account for money transfers to or to add funds then. One step to add and it's that simple (and their fee? the usual and customary $4.95) Alot of clerks want cash now for the $5 Money Pak (you scratch off a corresponding number on the back once validated by cashier for a just minutes-later phone or computer match up of funds in and on your Green Dot account) so it all makes sense. They also do bank account direct or ACH (um, "all collections handled" [as by us alone, nets debits versus credits the unholy deck of cards, kinda] transfers too - expect 1-3 days wait though. Green Dot is officially Nabisco Foods so good luck trying to foil us...try and try again. More 12/30: My mother just gave me $100 over the phone with their Money Pak from local store like CVS in a wicked flash coast-to-coast yesterday. She just learned how (and I keep my account fresh as up-to-date just under $6 a month and that means no owing any). You to wait for the mail a circus face smiling at me asking me not to hurt.

To note my father's cell phone number is (609) 658-1877 - I can't keep anything. Apparently, he's Fezziwig in the CBS 'Scrooge' filmed for "Tom (of Dutchess"?), 1963. He's dancing with sister Jeannie he says. She was so good hands raised outward all bounty and, no, I never choose to know me and my testes. She is like the woman in "The King And I" to me.

mcdonald's was great today - one of the nicest big macs ever! terry had two cheeseburgers...
i got accused of stealing yesterday from a liquor store or something on sunset
sure, a security guard ran down around the block and got me on a lower street probably on harratt
i never steal - it simply isn't worth it

light dimmer switch plate at pavilions with pencil holder - c'est brilliant!

cement work on santa monica boulevard today 12/27
your pour accu-crete over lain rebars no mesh
then comb back, down with 2 x 4
then have drying and people on-top with smoothing and dusting

a message to others from a santa monica boulevard playhouse
usually, someone holds up the cast at gunpoint and makes them blow each other
that's my fantasy 'getting to know you' i call it
no, 'doe a dear' is different, edelweiss
by the way 'dearest' is whom we demure (rock it all down) for

acrylic paint sets available before christmas are still $10 with 50% off and at aaron brothers
make kids do for you while on winter vacation - they are brilliant their eye and all
if an inch is twenty-four (24) by twenty-four (24) reality and squares, you can divide the inch into eight (8) and then half each one for sixteen (16)
if a third is left off, make it the difference between circles fully exerting inside the squares and the squares theirselves the area around (about that)
the line making the circle is probably missing a third or so of the line making the squares
that's not dumb, but requires precision

sixteen parts per inch, firm
we here also use graphic converter at lemkesoft.com in lieu of adobe what is demanding of these days

Jerry Brown's Twelve Point Pension Reform Plan from LA Times 12/27
1) Equal sharing of pension costs.
Equal means you all had your share - some take more. Weigh and calculate - or no fee, no pay.
Note: Exclude grandmothers always - they do their share everywhere. Half-tax too.
2) "Hybrid" Risk-Sharing Pension Plan
Is private - keep it so or others win while you lose some.
3) Increase Retirement Ages
Be careful. Retirement begins when others say - not you. They wanted bitter out and you have minimum stays, not elders deciding.
4) Require Three-Year Final Compensation To Stop Spiking
The only thing that's spiking is taxes - they get out of it. Tax at the door, not along the way. Spend freely then.
5) Calculate Benefits Based On Regular Recurring Pay To Stop Spiking
There are no benefits in retirement - face the facts. No.
6) Limit Post-Retirement Employment
No - let them thrive with others. No

1) What is retirement? When you lose your job and as such.
2) Never pay out to employees - always require pay or working. This is retirement - a balloon fund for having a replacement come early, only.
3) Never pay out to old widows - you're off the hook when they die like creditors leave…

From God Over.
Doug says: Always pay people everything - is a study of people or having. You can always drag others in to handle smaller pots. Hurting people does not pay they are their own worst enemy always and seldom ask. Me and Terry got McDonald's vouchers today (numbers 49 and 50 of 50) all of ours sent…the only thing I hate is false affluence barking at waiters at tables? "Obey."

cvs sent this for coloring and for wordplay below...

kim kardashian strikes again - as j-lo

you can get that green 'midori' (um, 'bandage') dress at herve leger


'all in all, you're just another brick in the wall'
the police nab someone on hancock in the rear of here

another nonesuch from a santa monica window 12/25

tennis courts being redone at one of olivia newton-john's places 12/26
she bought it from buster keaton and says it was full of demands - she hates it still
january 12 is still the day for greystone park opening back up - this on doheny north

another go-cart at pavilions - these are for latency and standards (what you pay for, why we don't get paid)
note: they have those lifesavers bibles for $1.74 right now

magnetic mailbox covers at koontz $15.99 now $12.17 she at the clerk says

same as cats, dogs

Outrage! Both banks and the post office took a break today - two (2) days in a row. See Macy's has Sealy Posturepedic Canal Tight Top Cushion Firm queen set on sale until 12/31 $269.00...$219 twin...that phone LG900 is still $25 on sale this week at Pavilions too. The internet works better now...search for index or home pages only and tab through.

Rocky Horror was made to open Farrell's ice cream parlors, sure...1976.

George Bush Jr. said he was flying Air Force One over the scant NYC mess on 09/11 (the stock market getting it paid) when the air traffic controllers threatened that machine and had it downed ("we wanted to see it all happen"). They couldn't be bothered with him (believe he was there, but higher) and wouldn't it be funny if they were done with it and had it, the superplane, electrically soused (sonar-radar both at it)? They threw him up to Canada as they take the controls too...for standards one day.

russian christmas: everything christmas is 50% off today at cvs and onward including this candy stick - i got two (2) at $0.17 each
when we were younger, we were told russians celebrate christmas late and use your tree outta the garbage...i myself love garbage picking
afoul: a bit of our tree is real from the sidewalk out-front - someone threw theirs out early
i hear they have trains that walk garbage sorted out into the ocean for harmony and cleansing and then they draw them back in for style...
loved that julie andrews movie, plus little drummer boy a rare night

terry ran into angelyne herself yesterday 12/25 and she gave him this card (front and back)...

our halloween friend demands sight

our xmas night ceremony - mom's back in florida already safe and sound
mom said she stopped in nyc and saw the tree and st. patrick's cathedral too...good
that julie andrews movie wasn't bad - real good stuff i watched it all
p.s. the 'xxl' peanut m&m's bag at 56 ounces stands for 'doug moon' i know 'x' or 'doug' ex libris or 'moon'
...either that or 'superbowl XXX'

electronic 'late at night'...

the sign of the cross says 'i'm right here' for someone-something else a spirit, the thumb touching forehead and lips says not here, not now...'not to me'

a great xmas movie 'one special night' with james garner and julie andrews i saw last year or so...
they get stuck in a cold snowy cabin together - i find reconciliation unusually offensive, but this is kind adult stuff

'smart' round marble table $299 at cb2 on sunset today 12/25

exciting yellow-wheeled coffee table $450

on spaulding between santa monica and sunset somewhere

target facing north santa monica and labrea
don't kid yourself - like the six flags in new jersey this target is the biggest left right and but behind

what it looks like from across the street at corner

at mcdonald's on labrea looking from behind the deposed carl's jr
their bbq chicken sandwiches rule, the burgers usually have a filler, meat extender, or then breadcrumbs

cj's looking across from target
no one knows, but this will be a new mcdonald's and the mcdonald's will be a new burger king
all that's missing from cj's yet is the speaker box at the order or car hound

the cj's from across at target with la brea street sign

brown sewing bear (phanlon) and santa in window on santa monica boulevard south side at about lajolla
it's lonely here - 'visit and say hi'

x-mas balloons in shop on santa monica

three-wheel motorcycle right side

left side can-am company site

CBS' commercial break intro for Albert Finney's 'Scrooge' was pretty scary and was toned down = the hollow ring of a Pavlov's (padlock's) death bell. On his wall were barometer rings - three or so small bells attached to a barometer's coil or thermometer as turned upside down on coil. When precipitation approached on coming, the bells ring eerily and most can't stand the message a ghost inside and to be quiet then.

'the year without a santa claus'

a list of christmas specials then ranking of later:
t'was the night before christmas (#4)
frosty the snowman (#3)
a charlie brown christmas (#1 tie)
rudolph the red-nosed reindeer (#2 tie)
santa claus is coming to town (#1 tie)
the year without a santa claus (#5)
the little drummer boy (#2 tie)
nestor the long-eared christmas donkey (#2 tie)
jack frost
how the grinch stole christmas (#1 tie)
mr. magoo's christmas carol (honorable mention)

the leprechauns' christmas gold (with peggy cass? ok!) note on 12/27: this is excellent fare - thank you!*
arabian nights may be under 'family classics'
mia: amahl and the night visitors (we know you're there?)

*the pepper-tree 'rechert' chopped down stops the world from turning it is the abyssian shooting upward; the leprechaun is 'evnacherian' (say 'evna-chor-ian') is a blacken smoke from the deity's grave stops you from having it good...

extras around town:
rudolph's shiny new year
frosty's winter wonderland
rudolph and frosty's christmas in july
pinnochio's christmas?


God's Top Five Rankin-Bass etc.
"Frosty" he says - "Won't hurt the eye of Lord…is gentle to us."
"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" - "Loves kids and so do I. Never hurt kids - they don't."
"How The Grinch Stole Christmas" - "Opens the eye to not having...I love that message too."
"The Little Drummer Boy" - "No one came, no one leaves. Its very message is clear...don't hurt us again -- or else you."
"T'was The Night Before Christmas" - "That rat says it best. Leave it to the rat."
Honorable Mention Is "Magoo" - "Doesn't hurt us…makes me laugh too. Funny any way you slice it."
P.S. "Don't mention heartache ['the worst pain' per dM as makes you wanna die] - it hurts us only."


there's a carl's jr at ackerman union at ucla

the mini gifts were:
for mom and husband - a ray-o-vac universal battery charger (1) and a small can of rustoleum glow-in-the-dark paint (2) with ikea brush;
for dad - a day-glo netting vest for crossing guard duty and a small can of rustoleum glow-in-the-dark paint with ikea brush;
for the sister's kids, a munny doll each she got 'trikky' he got 'foomi' - you write and paint on them + they hold a pen;
the sister got a pack of baby-size appetizer forks forty-eight count pack (one of a kind, really).

(1) they had a battery case at koontz for $15 that tested but did not charge batteries - this will charge anything $25 plus...i got into recharging and both buying and selling is good;
(2) rust-o-leum make kits for black chalkboards, magnetic, and white eraseable boards too - these are exciting - you can make a whole wall a black, magnetic, or white board thus.

our church today 12/25 10:30 mass - i popped in

snobar gave these away last week - a good-luck charm
everything is open today: pavilions, cvs, starbucks, aahs sunset...thanks

from hancock behind us - a virtue
i sent a box of mini-gifts to my sister's on thursday via usps $10.95 medium box
they are loud there and they got them on-time

another shopping cart from pavilions - they have playmobil kiddie carts too all colored plastic and cabs out-front

Note on X-mas Eve delivery: Not one card, not one note other than my mother. Nothing again...

ross has great pillows for about $8 each - tommy hilfiger, izod lacoste
also puzzle-piece kiddie play mats in huge colored flat sponge kits - about $30

from beverly center 12/24, a favorite face

we don't know what 'haywire' is about, but we like the ad and the new hotel symbol
previews at apple

cvs has the traditional lifesavers candy book at $3.49
my favorite inside is the 'tropical fruits' roll - i just ate one the other day

today's good from carl's jr. near target on santa monica
oops! we walked down for the coffee - they have the whole dump within a demolition fence - go elsewhere

Honor a toy from your past today - mine is Kenner's Hugo "man of a thousand faces"...then take a look at the Perthy P. Pelican show at Six Flags Great Adventure - I'd show you a tape if could. He picked on people in the audience looking through a painted screen...he would never pick me.

"Sword Of Shannara" has a false movie preview around. Remember, the lead character 'Shea' goes on a journey to find the sword for others and there's a push button on the blade...to release the sword from the stone. You can't just try and remove the blade - they kill you for it. Meanwhile, preview "The Hobbit" always an overdone...great story...watch the Rankin Bass cartoon for sure. "War Horse" the Chris Reeve story.

the baby shopping carts at ralph's at beverly and doheny - i forgot to photograph them today
meanwhile, kmart had great party glasses for kiddies - sure from the 'cars' movie and they are like camera lenses
very play-doh

the tree mart at santa monica and melrose - the doheny one is already closed to business

the walking shadow of eight octopus man on 12/23 san vicente heading north

pacific design center south side here at night

no pheasant dinner is complete without robes - from a shop on third

the grove at night 12/23 - i was fighting on my phone sitting upstairs at crate and barrel
the red leather chair - bitch won't give you internet at shops

the grove south entrance from third

photos with santa are very private here - you to wait outside of doors while others play on for the cameras
remember, this is all very warner leroy style, very tavern on the green nyc

why we celebrate - frankenstein on third

a few friends on san vicente - from snowbird to shark and mirror of jaws

at ralphs i wanted to show you small carts for kids little flags and all

carls jr. bites for x-mas eve only...
we're making a ham...$8.90 for a farmer john half (full size with bone) ham from ralph's just $0.88 a pound (now $0.98?)
homemade white (um, 'great northern' like bolero trains and winds) beans...with bacon

ma's baked beans by terry's mother*
two (2) cups great northern beans they are white
slab bacon if you can get it, otherwise any kind of bacon
ma said a little over a quarter (1/4) pound of bacon
one (1) small onion, dice onion and put in bottom of baking dish
cut bacon in small pieces and put one-half (1/2) in bottom of baking dish
soak beans overnight before doing any of the above directions
put about one-half (1/2) of beans on-top of onion and bacon
add rest of bacon then rest of beans
mix up salt, pepper, one-half (1/2) to one (1) cup white sugar and one (1) teaspoon dry mustard
add to beans
you will have to season to taste
cover with boiling water and cover with lid
remove cover to brown beans the last half (1/2) hour or so
bake 350 or 375 degrees to brown
recommend one (1) hour or plus then
cut recipe in half if desired - is big
makes six (6) cups
maybe more
thank you

note: ralph's has great northern beans for $1.39 a bag and split peas for $0.99 a bag - i got both

bolero de reval - 'the bad one, the one you know'
boston pops, circus of stars, arizona coliseum 1993
the army and simply...

a great place on the walk from kmart on third - 'plastica' is the name you use
stangely enough, you blow these up with a space (air) needle in their butt
...just like i used to do to small sand frogs (that and lit ladyfingers in the mouth the wick hanging out)
'you can know too much' - dM

Just got back from Kmart - they didn't have the eggs for $0.99 - but you know, the walk to 3rd Street at Beverly Center just beyond and then down to Fairfax at Farmer's Market was revelation - not bad at all. So, The Grove will be seen in a better light (we usually catch a maudlin of bus southbound at Fairfax and Santa Monica). Third Street - not bad. Short.

this the gingerbread house in capital grille beverly center (our original hard rock cafe yet)
i stopped in today 12/22 for wrapped candy bits from their bowl...

"The nicest thing about people is if they'll give you five minutes to get to know them." - dM if a clever lie is always around the corner, so am I

another learning center, this cakeandart.com shop is getting it right with the 'village people' cake
or then 'tom of finland' (one better link see with: no gay reference is intended to women who are nuts; is inviolate)
i like the 'mechanical' or 'layor' color and strivings of silver and gold icings, but the white of line strikes me
you're talking to a person whose grandmother used to feed him dragees (little metal-ish balls of chocolate - still sold here as online) on cookies every year (also see amazon)
another gift idea: lincoln logs

this is neil's ('my mother's') studio on sunset - a ghost-like mannquin appears to be looking at art

on the way to chin-chin last night 12/21
the orange-ish place is 'clafoutis' always full like they buy you dinner - the women who seat people are noted for being lovely to passers-by always
larry fortensky is a big guy around here i guess - the church on holloway is what runs this strip
i ask people questions in the head when i walk by...who? why?

"You are talking to God - remember that." - dM who thinks nothing's funny yet

"What are you willing to sell?" - dM as if to change an AYDS death, nothing? thinks it over

Shop Eastbay when the mad rush is over...my shopping's done this early $60 crispy bucks in the magic hat still 'abacab' (adds me 'follow you, follow me' is never real...)

"Our church St. John's always published (in the church bulletin, and you hadda stay after mass for a few teardrops to hear highlights from 'no host in the hand' our highly personal test for no touching) Xxx-mas givings 'the facts' via from envelope the passing of basket a shrill yet (like our garnish of state franchise, formally asks 2% of take home with publish handshaking 'peace be with you' my grandfather's hat to be passed). I like it still especially since nothing holds up when i get there." - dM no talk just feelings inside or 'kim' mexikim next-of-kin a death is personal unless you see 'no two deaths, tops' says mind over meaning that's enough from you, yours 'pleadings not to kill' my is guide 'nothing premature should bear' - dM who also liked the glass cavulet that holds the eucharist, a star held high with as cloth you else ring a bell at reach a 'novena' no venial or 'personal-type' sins only that means thinking of yourself as separate and object 'selfish' + if the only 'blood rite' is death very satisfan

the new house in florida from mom...i haven't been there yet
from a distance, could be the river knoll address under structural review - our very home in nj still

eating gourmet food even though you starve?
do well for all of us - show us how
stink and bother are now one - do not describe you to me, i'll wait to see
merry xmas and know this hurts me too showing people you are no one to me and proving it too
we live each day around this but know a jewish-type dark-out asks people about you - be light
'for every light, a jew' - dM who thanks you again
we just ate take-out from chin-chin (talking and eating): mongolian beef plus some brown rice $14.68 (310) 652-1818 $1 tip
p.s. we starve you in africa not hear - australia is korea somehow? moorea?
i would run a string down every now and again or from time to time

our actuals per say and per per...the truth hurts, this 'the facts'
$1.18 tax on $13.50 is 8% plus ten cents ($0.10) added; that's the truth
$1.18 divided by $14.68 reveals a tax rate of 8.03814%
a nonsense! just add your margins to round up then or city tax for food?
the city taxes bottled soda only as excess and unattributable waste
let's assume nothing
p.s. sure, you can say 8.7% (um, on calculator use '0.087') on the $13.50 what yields $1.1745 rounded up, but the overall facts (this, here - a cross in the dirt to note as heading out) do not support the math
all that rounding pays you too? yes, kinda - but it is the math of methods we wanted to showcase only
in any math, there is nothing less than one cent $0.01 and is rounded up to the nearest cent at each line item for any expense (as if to recoup your any expenses)
'tis truth the tax rate is 8.75% of tax-worthy sales in west hollywood - an extra cent then at $1.18125 or $1.19 some? i make a table in excel for flipping a coin a hundred times to make sure i'm not paying 9% here in some fancy of speak and it's never true, is it?
it's true...go with 'the facts' then and what's prescribed formally

these deaths are scary at 4 am - just the way i like it
do you hear what i hear? a song a song 'your dick is way too long' sung to 'over the rainbow' watched that again too they ran it on tmc (to make cash) back to back
do you think meeting the tin man in a dream is over-compensating again? butt buff and shine?
a difference, a day makes

atm: all that matters...a tense moment...any thanks masked...ask the man...more later

'mr. magoo's christmas carol' is good to me too - singing, dancing (start here at my favorite song 'the remembering' after 'razzleberry dressing' um, 'lucks heart' and its 'oh could we father, could we')
scrooge's (cbs) fezziwig 'december the 25th' correct! and other songs dancing and all charmed us again!
shabbily related? mr. chow and kim jung 'key-on' the imminent death ii
nothing too great for the small of harp...the carnation moon ball with red trinity heart was again, a mite charming
another announced death...is this yours?

mr. chow passes out from a bump 'hangover ii'

mom and others at the happy apple inn imlaystown, nj last xmas 2010

Close of business 2011: Thanks again MTA for not carrying Terry this and next week. And to all the niggers at Apple, upstart BMG, and Columbia House etc. who leave us penniless each year for trying to make it on our backs. You are niggers. You too Neil I have your shitbag life now - great. Thanks, you nigger.

No fares on MTA from 9pm to 2am Saturday and Sunday the 24th and 25th, and the same on New Year's Eve 31st and 1st, 9pm to 2am. So?

Kmart's gonna pay for breakfast 12/18-12/24 coupon front page 'Sports' section Sunday LA Times 12/18:

$0.99 dozen eggs
$1.99 pound of bacon
$5.00 two clear Tropicana juice containers 59 oz. each
$1.99 pound of butter
$9.97 et al

not much to say at the old tower records shop on sunset

The title reference is of course from ABC's "Eight Is Enough" - Tommy (um, Willie Aames) got a gift-wrapped book at Xmas from his dead mother Diana Vreeland c/o Betty Buckley! Diana is reportedly one of the girls anyway and that is the blonde one Nancy? Meddy Kreissmas! The Bradford's have one Xmas episode in two (2) parts for fans and xmas viewing at the iTunes: "Yes, Nicholas There Is A Santa" shop early, $1.99 each of for rent.

merry christmas, uncle paul!
paul maccartney 'meathead' and wings 'getting closer' from 1979 and 'back to the egg' lp
paul say he's been that high for the front cover trap view, or, as he says, 'on the moon in the center'

a finery: trader joe's has pretzel bread or sticks then $0.99 what are superb
twenty (20) seconds in the microwave with mustard has it
makes up for no small nut and fruit loaf in paper bag this year (usually $5 a crabbe)

this dog at a hair salon on santa monica i say hello to always on walks - a spanish terrier very exotic
her name is 'frances' farmer - reject from soul they say?
frances farmer is not real just a great story for jessica lange to film - i couldn't wait!
a blacklisted, communist actress goes back to montana and encounters her mothers wit
her mother never went so crazy ever and had her ass locked up good - a story of personal human triumph - sure - one lazy eye and a job and all but after-the-fact
again, frances (1982) is at itunes an encore present for rent-buy the soundtrack so wounding

an extra big stocking at cvs $9.99 and for chex mix?

our clouds on sunset today on 12/19 christmas week xmas eve is on saturday
mom's flying up to my sister's in jackson, new jersey but is staying in a hotel in freehold...$1,000 'before flying' she says (that's about right for vacationland motel 6!)
for those who care more. allentown's 'messenger press' is printed in freehold and that is 'beverly press' too - toni imports it
we are big fans of their typesetting routines - hi all - she says curve's 'pink girl' ep is at perry's market in back
i'll kill her for it - it's supposed to be in kensington, england

this mausoleum is on our street somewhat vacant and ripe for it too - all powder of urns and visitors at night on my walks

sweet treats or bakers boxes at pavilions a great present to no one special
gift-wrapped is husband-wife, brother-sister only - where funds are samed

some say the quickie brush $3.99 a great gift
the toilet plunger is just as nice too, neil - we have that already in beige and white cup

little metal appetizer forks and spoons about $5 samed pavilions

special brown carts at pavilions freshen the shopping experience...

trader joe's now has fresh pineapples for $3
the original store at santa monica and formosa or so taught us how to make tortilla soup with chicken - check within
chicken, green sauce, broth etc...cheese, tortillas...i lost their paper recipe
usually i check to see if they have a premium virtue store (articles, faith) there and they do not as of yet...

what an arco am/pm minimart looks like after-the-fact - a favorite all-nighter for me on sunset

"Chow so cold." - Mr. Chow fresh outta the powerless ice maker "Hangover II"

That weird Sony logo crest and trough and i/o switch - what is it? Actor Scott Vaio? I say it stands for "Weston" with its sunset near the hills and i/o device. Mind over says "Westwood" as in "Westwood One" it receives its radios well. And Sony? "Nothing you need" it says. "For the government." Oh. I think James Dean became Morton Downey Jr. the book store suggests. Hold the phone. Jimmy Dean pork - Elvis? He says "Elvis"...

both target (samsung) and kmart (sylvania) feature 32" tv's this week for roughly $269
both are good brands to me

may we suggest 1-800-flowers from parade magazine this sunday past 12/19
this christmas week and all

Did I tell you two women were burying one of the guys here (Marc..nineteen years old then) and he was 'a simple soul' who couldn't read or not real well. She said the lack of reading or 'readership' as she put it made him say her name wrong as "Bet" not "Margaret". You can be too smart, you know...more later. Epilepsy comes to mind and that is from pulling all of your hair out, I hear.

The LG900 I myself use is on sale at Pavilions through Tuesday, one surmises...$25. I just got one (1) month service and seven hundred fifty (750) minutes for $25 too. Net 10. More: Target should have for $35.99 - they were $47.89 or so a few days ago...

cvs gave me a zhu-zhu pet for $0.99 via store-print coupons (regularly $10) but i unplugged its batteries for noisemaking
we don't have any kids around like that

Cashed in my McDonald's X-mas coupons (um, gift certificates) for one Big Mac meal days ago and super-sized it for one clear Coke glass - know it. This the new one - clear. As for the coupons, they ring up your bill and subtract out the $1 coupons one by one as tearing out of the book...no hearsay. The book itself features the Fannie Mae logo what uses T-bills or then savings bonds to buy out farms who are danger of foreclosure, or in essence, pays them not to grow. Says one farmer "We grow, but in cycles. Help us help you by not taking so much at a time. Pay us here." God over says "Bravo - but watch your step. Too many fat asses make a sheep nervous. Never kill sheep for pay. Never."

the restaurant 'tri-bec-a' + 'four seasons' + 'mortons' + 'cecconis' at melrose and robertson

...and so plays 'hangman' the game 'do_gm_on'

albert finney 'scrooge' 1970 (not currently at itunes but see 'shoot the moon' with diane keaton)
beyond the ghost of neil diamond: i wanna see the cicely tyson version 'uh, uh - god bless us and every one'

Like our lobby just prior to this week, Book Soup have a grocery donations box inside for foodstuffs and the like for lesser fortunate persons...bring a box or can. "One day" the say...drinks mostly. Most expensive live tree ever seen? $499.99 at the gas station lot between Melrose and Santa Monica Boulevard...

'the old man and the sea' spencer tracy (itunes has this movie for rent-buy - we watched this in school p.s. a 'neville' is to be burned the little wood house at cb2)

john fogerty 'the old man down the road'


i made a nutroll today 12/18 + my mom is sending one
you can't really have enough...the helpful pastry tool? one found is at crate and barrel

mini munnys just $9.99 at aaron brothers

paint-by-numbers boxes now 40% off $24.99 or $14.99

trader joe's has 'joe-joes' again - the crushed candy cane oreos we like $2.99 a box

radio shack has electronic kits but they ain't cheap yet $29.99-$49.99

terry-cloth peace sign wreaths by cb2 - about $12.95 for holding towels?

sea vases at cb2 starting at about $4.95 up to $19.95

'tacktile' message board is about $29.95

from my walk on sunset near toi thai food
got me free fries at burger king last night 12/16 sunset and labrea where that naked guy was throwing paint cans
also cashed in me $5 'up reward' at rite-aid the night before
two bottles of soda and a 4" poinsettia plant some change plus

the tree at laemmle theatres on sunset - the rain during the day 12/15 shut all down
note: the laemmle has closed for the season reopening as sundance soon?
i'm gonna get to the nuart on santa monica to see 'rocky horror' one weekend soon enough

wrought iron on my walk 12/16

crystal the monkey at the 'hangover ii' premiere...very funny

Burger King is having "Free Fries Friday" today - go get yours. Seinfeld (what the foremost comic of observational humour or then squeaking interogatory humour) is going to be doing live shows at the Pantages on March 17. That movie "Hangover II" gets the 'elated' rating and wasn't bad at all. I highly recommend, but my Chinese lover the son is around now...nice looking kid "Teddy" hmmm...

'you've got to hidey hidey hide | you got to run and jump again'
you have thirty (30) days to watch after renting and twenty-four (24) hours to finish a film once started - and be to the minute

Finally found neo-national brand LaBrea Bakery's flautas or soft shell flour tortillas at Gelson's at $2.99 a pack and although they seemed a money-maker's re-wrap of an erst-brand faux, they were actually quite good (that means no eggy consistency or flavor - they separated nicely). Using their 'Medio' or lunch size tortillas (as opposed to their 'Grande' or breakfast units), I made regular taco meat (Jennie O regular or 'lean' turkey meat, two Lawry's spice packs; one to stain meat, one to taste) and enjoyed soft shell tacos (iceberg) lettuce, (roma) tomato, (sharp cheddar) cheese. Thanks again...of course there was cold taco sauce too on the meat. P.S. Hi to Mrs. Reagan I saw her one day alone at the church on Holloway I visit during off hours...her yard should be full-tilt again this year. P.S. For the east coast, Shop-Rite and ACME have LaBrea Bakery products - enter your zip code at their site.

I 'absolve' you the sign of the cross we add now. It means I want you to be who you are, so don't change because we met...

retro nut: kinks 'come dancing' from overhear last member...culture me the skate rink p.a.
mere mention is 'father christmas'

But back to bacon ('someone's living, someone's dying' - dM generally about relationships and no, 'someone should eat' for friend-of-a-friend types): Use three (3) minutes in the microwave covered with a single paper towel add in iterations if comes back rare or watery yet. Any other bacon may need more time. Three (3) minutes, or three (3) more I've found. I hate kitchen queers 'quitters' bothering me with stance and talk. Thanks, "New Year".

cocteau twins 'hinter wonderland' a quiet remembering of us being sad...left behind, as for the dead a little black box of slow spinning to be a dying (a 'pandora') all very lush
'what came?' the refrain of bells outward - they're gonna make me pay this time
quote: as having no integrity (no credibility really as no one sees it ? the other means you can duck out as many hats you wear...in total, you never cry as in front of others), 'i like the full spectrum of emotion' - dM how pain helps you to keep some
'there's no depth to happy' - dM as artbeing left uninspired by a self

"Wait 'til it happens." + "Is speaking to others 'below stature' (excluded by languages or lack of effort made as generally, doesn't have the capacity to carry the conversation - has to be walked through while others understand readily and-or permit), knows why." Not to be confused with those who have a "higher station in life" as promotes the idea and what haves corresponding with any the risks of jail - it insinuates (signs or orders for them and in their name) them + "Is inappropriate" to our reason(s) for being here, should be assumed, or as my mother says "Is impertinent" to mean is not to receive even one word for the demand as having been met...as ongoing, is self-important and maxis striving..."it would certainly help if you were a nigger" + "Does it actually pay - may be a wasted effort in actuality [a simple or sample-worthy count after-the-fact, where people can also know - real important with statistics or demonstratives that won't yet say so well]." People who talk aren't the doing half - a little of this, a little less of that. Be a friend - it hurts you only.

And all may reminds "You win here to lose elsewhere." - dM whose losses aren't that great and to wit

add in sheepshead (a forced count of, less absent to be proven off not) 'frosty' for the album art intended - both showcase a fight of order and seen
simply charming to me, i've seen a copy sell on ebay for $100 two songs...
i'd pay just to monkeyshine (gaze thrillingly) with it, others
adds a rare collectible q: but the public never show you the shelf eating - a protection i guess but i know you're there
sucrets: a record like this is issued as 'unsolicited' (no one knows sales for sure - be rich? ask me this way as by faunt) at about 400,000 copies
they go to 'major markets' what have the breadth of store and the knowledge to handle correctly (no shining of by others)
i've been burned: the sundays 'summertime' ok! and st etienne 'sylvie' they pay me back later...madonna 'die another day'
these are land purchases of sights unseen...and bought for shining new item
no money to issue? there ya go - getting madonna to issue 'beautiful stranger' by import then wasn't cheap, girl, the movie remixed
back to 'winter wonderland', a "parsons brown" separated people in snow parks against no marriages - they 'are gross' anyway one more offers 'thank them'
note extras as 'circus clown' no such lyric but someone smiling in your face over not being unattractive is seriously unstated here (journey 'send her my love' is this)
think of preacher kane in 'poltergeist' - it's like that, the hat the brown vest

i bought a $25 tree at rite-aid and it has a $5 gift kinda with $5 of next qualifying (no atf items) purchase - thank you, is an evolving lifeform of cares to be met
'spray with water'

got that $19 printer-scanner-copier from walmart too - about $30 all-told is nice again
delivered weirdly to a fedex office nearby it says 'don't plan on it again' in a little cage among scant of office supplies coupled with no announce for arrive and checking for the delivery is precary
the message was 'and all at this price? as fast as fast can' and with no sense abiilty to get to the nearest store miles away and upstream
note: leave off the extras when installing software from disk - the scanner driver is all you really need of the packet do a reduced context of install 'custom' the rest just works well
the unnecessary of package parts doesn't work well with apple who restrict the size of system partitions on the resident storage and disk

rankin bass is the song said 'frosty' - it isn't good to you, but why have it at all...let it come
are you wrong taking the hat back - no - think of each person in two ways:
1) each want to take care of others with fame and fortune - a ghost's misfortune;
2) i never want to see you that happy and know about it all too - i hate joy around me but look anyway.
'frosty' delights children only you are that 'i was never an adult' - dM they know everything and why not - see sharp reproof i get tired of it
then see you in a parking lot alone with niggers - we simply don't care
now wrap it all up

No protest, just good living 12-01 thru 12-14 (if health expresses itself mostly to unhappy no cash and money changes everything...um, 'perfecting one thing brings out the flaws in everything else' - dM) , but did you know that tabble reversing board game 'Backgammon' is just Milton Bradley's 'Battleship' kinda - figure it out yourself. You track their side of the board simultaneously and never see their side somehow while guessing moves outward to same median. Mind over says you actually just sit and talk with another such and guess of what has changed on the opposing side when not as such paying attention - a tit-for-tat kinda executing of unnecessary meetings and times taken. Like spinsters on "The Waltons" is how I think of it as such. Play on and take some Waltons in this holiday season. I'm going off to rent "Hangover II" now from iTunes...more on 12/15/11: I'm 16:23 in and the movie is good and giving if a bit self-conscient...views inside the real China isn't free, you know. "It's Hawaii I don't care what anyone says - an annoyance." Yup, kinda. More on 12/15/11: I've got forty minutes or so left on a re-watch from the beginning with roommate - the asian guy who dies is the father-in-law too...and the son is the buddhist monk delivered back to the monastery tired on old pills. The one not in any promo shot on the cover of the film is responsible he is mad again...more later. Good film.

No Cash Value For '76 After Blue Book Gives You Back Your Walnuts - Merry Christmas, Darjeeling

from beverly hills atop cynthia - a house of judea

a chart of basic expense - for courting

a prior period or extraordinary item that mistates your daily of cash operations but for one more day no exceptions:
be so to rare the hot diggity dog with dry mustardy 'ask-about' oint with pee-pee already skinning me cash olives and moledy teats for it 'just one' brown dazzle eyepatch wagons-out the devil's work like greed and vande-allan boogers:
-----------------------------------------------------oh, god! shoestring crabs and an old flatched asshole with bag-wipe 'finnish anchor' sclems aka 'herbert skii-dine' or 'hunger-curtiss'
'i'll crotch your back while you pin that wheel'

know thy way