$15 from pavilions sans the deep blue bow
long plastic icicles hanging are big this year $20 a box at cvs meddy christmas death both nor to have it so bleed mothairfukair! cheats node if to be our haupteece in morday hadrah han
bless-to-bless the beep-too

Cocteau Twins "Cico Buff" a live track expensively and naively made sum. Yet you may only see...January 2010.

To keep washing "Precious"...that "Mask" Twilight Zone below is really scaramouche to me - you die being scared by others in smolded masks while catatonic somehow (pills? waxes? don't be too helpful here). The mask remains explaining you 'mardi gras' with others how dumb? "Slumdog Millionaire" - what I always thought was a shithead reference by bald Richard the mc-arch language to me making money out-front - has well-intentioned ideas, but you can't keep doing that to people while you posing all the way out front. People overt where money makes other choices more prevalent. You can take a boy bitten on the genitals while sleeping by snakes-insects what placed by foolish girls and their god-knows-saint above and around, but beautiful cleric Richard from Pakistan my flave (now with hair) will just step in with the living horror of indian maharashis and burn off their eyes with heroin keys poured in. The shittish of girls live and you live too perhaps as unwanted as before here. Later we see the young Dougs (optically sound, no mother's eyes, singing or being brightly) with what grows up and dies or dates girls or lives watching tv with the father older who shits all of this out and down your throats ever. The real bargain here just getting in from the weekend or having it sales -- waiting for that first blowjob in your mind....that was actually drugged away years earlier, that made men nearly cry when it happened...but you see nothing without being shown and so how. No false memories (brought to you within this caveat) will prevail here. "If that ever happened, it was the right one." - dM who thinks that's right I remember him crying, I think, and note a 'rupee' (um, and as firmly bothersome a 'repay') is exactly about two pennies here or one of theirs one imagines somehow you. Excerpt: "The eyes of the dead were the greatest gift given to me" what blown away. You can't just get those to see for yourself, you know...it's illegal too...makes people hope for better over none stay. Let it go - that's heaven you can see that. LA one day and again? The soundtrack in the film is reminded to me last night (01/07/10) as I sat and ate my chicken pesto sandwich at neighborhood elysee "Champagne" (what doubles as morgue easily summed - white tiles, pressuren ovens as autoclaves) - Pet Shop Boys music mixed down and in steady throbbing beats...the march of the dead no real people. Very different stuff - the soundtrack issue betrays...something great is in there.

Revise: "There ain't no picture in the eye - it's on the surface you take but reflect. Timing and taking is there too...right out front the dot center, then washing in and out sides." - dM, as does no better alone? See for yourself.

"Nutrition is costly; time is consuming." - dM

"To see still the other half lives." - dM

Watch "Precious" (the Marc Ondy story - said his lips didn't come undone and he couldn't breathe while filming, brother Chris rapes him in it as father figure) with me online now (at "ch131.com")...so good, so far! I can't pay either, can I? If can you take your ass over to Laemmle Sunset 5 - I would the sacrificial lamb of playing for you the only theater ever that showed 3-D gay porno at midnight waving your 80's dick. Hi Denise DeVitis who lovelies her role too as alternative teacher - I'm halfway through. What else? Favorite joke at alternative school: One girl goes "My favorite color is black" and another goes "What happened then?" LOL!

"Mary Mary" by James Patterson (we found this hardcover in the hall and picked it up):
Two girls - one is blind - ask another girl out on a date simultaneously (this is a gay 'zoetrope' the acht word philanderer or happening without barking from else). On the date, one asks another to punch the other in her face and she says she's not going to do this, but will try. Sure enough, the whole story revolves around this punch in the face and she gets it done to disastrous results. We don't reward the punch it says, we reward the trying and taking from it in life. A great story had (three stars it says).

Raping The NY Times Hardcover Fictions As Bestsellers
1 THE LOST SYMBOL, by Dan Brown. (Doubleday, $29.95.) Robert Langdon among the Masons.
Some girl goes to the Poconos (mountains, resort north of NYC) knowing nothing about them and dies trying. Her mother her father fight vigorously to make it matter but it won't. Why not and how bad it says to these women.
2 I, ALEX CROSS, by James Patterson. (Little, Brown, $27.99.) Tracking the murderer of a relative, Alex Cross discovers a wild Washington scene with explosive secrets.
Another man or some woman as it is written goes on a sabbatical and asks the judge of a foreign country not to speak but to be spoken to and is beheaded for it. What should we do it says for others who speak out-of-line to commercial interests abroad? Nothing I'd say - let 'em hang.
3 UNDER THE DOME, by Stephen King. (Scribner, $35.) When a Maine town is trapped by an invisible force field, a sanctimonious and hypocritical politician takes over.
One guy or another takes on commercial interests abroad and here to speak out-of-line again - the precursor to the aforementioned book. Both here die bad talking and hashing it over with no one who will ever care. A bad book, a bad reason to show people. Princeton types make this book. The queen of England sits here.
4 THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett. (Amy Einhorn/Putnam, $24.95.) A young white woman and two black maids in 1960s Mississippi.
Some guy asks another man to date his daughter in some sort of reserve against having a date - that is, making us know why it shouldn't have happen at all. A boring book and boring people and why they are best left. One notes never to leave your keys in a car. Who does that anyway - you? Leave it off as purely crap from crapheads and other junky people who seek sex without embarrassing themselves further for being overweight and nonpluss always with others looking on. Too self-absorbed as scholars I'd say favorably.
5 PIRATE LATITUDES, by Michael Crichton. (Harper/HarperCollins, $27.99.) In the 17th-century Caribbean, a British pirate attacks a Spanish galleon; this manuscript was found in Crichton's files after his death in 2008.
Another tale of losses incurred favoring losses like "Jurassic Park" - nothing to see yet something hidden biting at you yet. We ask others not to incur damage citing the brain but they do anyway and make it move under microscope all ladders and chutes to us for forming a glucogen and its links only - no fare or taking the time (to see) here. See neither as such over no pay yet. I won't pay you - that's that. One good note - the doctor never cites reasons for illnesses like we never do. We won't ask too it says. You can't and still have favor yourself that's why.

(we don't read these to be understood - i know what it says, only)

this from cybersocket...cautiously they'd change their name "d&&g" dolce & gabbana

pete burns and pet shop boys have the official 'jack and jill party' promo video -- 'wake up you' says pete
beat your face and rat your hair?
'fix your face and not your hair'
yeah, you can say whatever you want to them they're not there but in your head your way
a jack and jill party is jerking off and what jelly on meth...not a co-ed bridal no and you pay only
also, you tidy up ends...permanent stuff needing review like dots

pete burns as on epic records
with pet shop boys attending
i'm going to
a jack-and-jill party
a jack-and-jill party
is always gonna stop me
on the road to ruin
and who knows where?
fix your face
and not your hair
in the cathouse
with my bitches
in the backroom of the palace
dividing up my riches
such a clown
i had the wrong idea
should have gone to stage school
got a career

i'm going
to a party
a jack-and-jill

i'm going to america
a very big subject
we'll walk down the avenue
cameras flashing
on command
possessed of a power
to fascinate
it's almost like
i'm almost straight
i'm such a quick
substantial way
to deflect hate
in the usa

i'm going
to a party
a jack-and-jill party
i'm going
to a party
a jack-and-jill party

i'm going to a
jack-and-jill party
a jack-and-jill party
and nobody's gonna stop me
i don't care
what they say
these days everybody's
a dj
the public reject
collectors collect
it's a matter of size
and you're up for a prize
turn my back
on the human race
gimme an inch
and i'm javeling this place

i'm going
to a party
a jack-and-jill party
i'm going
to a party
a jack-and-jill party

fix your face
and not your hair!

and so? don't be both to the bother and the stairs
if you don't win here you could get heralded as theirs...to be and be but as thought of but before to live and live again

"jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
jack fell down and broke his crown and jill came tumbling after"
thought that was 'and jill came down beside him' my meaning?

New page on or about the 6th - after when we pay for. Gotta put more funds on the Green Dot card (have a new Money Pak card saved in my wallet to test that theory and soon...nevermind, 7 Eleven has 'em now as stamped theirs too). What else? Ice pick, wire cheese slicer...that barbeque tank went on from ten (10) cooks to ten (10) more and is still funding gas so hold your breath back some. Pellets in the bottom? We also use hickory wood chips from Weber Grills whenever we cook (soaked in water then placed right on the rack during grilling sessions). The Magic Jack we still use to great fruit (the other guy here calls his family alot...) but we see no real reduction in cost because we never used long distance with AT&T but a phone card else. AT&T is $50 a month come rain or come shine and includes internet DSL.

Another neighborhood fright: Le Parc Hotel as within walls...we sponsored there yesterday looking for ad-air parties. Nonesuch.

Kartell now has pink plastic "Barbie" (as in toymaker to the king, Mattel) chairs for $700 virtually unbreakable. The regular ones without her emblazon are what - $300? Meanwhile our esteemed dead kiddie mover (accordion cart on wheels) is hovering at $1,200 now and for drinks. Barbie ghost chair on-sale and else. The kiddie cart on-sale and else.

Review lexicon: "beggar" is "beginner", "queer" is "quitter", then, "faggot" is "flagship" or waving maliciously as you drive or sail by.

the woman on the bed has lupus or something - you know all giving to others leaving you low like a ragdoll
exchange how "droll" for how "drove" or having been asked nothing on the way

Was watching the best of a "Twilight Zone" marathon last evening 01/01/10 and I got to see one whole episode called "The Masks" starring what looked like an early Mrs. Reagan "Ann Davis" or whatever. Before that, it looked like Mr. Reagan was stomped in an episode about a man who wouldn't stop terrorizing little people with his feet and they had two big jubes do him up with theirs, kinda (they would be on a rooftop they say with no exits for you). In "The Masks", this guy who's old and dying (the actual Dom Perignon of champagne fame definite witches of) but who looks great in a skull mask, asks his younger relatives to wear these ugly-type masks until midnight - just hours away - to inherit his fortune intact and as such. They, all embittered by complying, curiously beg to take the masks off just before the bell tolls, but when they do each making the grade as such, the masks reveal they have changed their the onlooker's appearance each. Not one could fail or but train fare back home for all, but the guy dies at the stroke of midnight and no ghost mask changed his looks at all (these all harboured in a trunk at the foot of his bed with a black man issuing and collecting them as butler). I say don't worry gang - you were nice enough in life. You'll get out of this invective soon life's not that cheap. Thanks again. We had similar masks in my grandfather's basement all Cuban kind of 'round the pool table: the red-haired Wilhelmina, the bald wart with dark circles under eyes, the bearded green stove-pot like Castro, the devilish magician with dark van dyke beard, etc.

Madonna On Spotlight This XXX
Md: What's up?
dM: We were supposed to get this done on Christmas Day the Madonna and all - get it?
Md: I hate religious significance these days and you know why.
dM: Not really - trying to keep all in-hand. No losses to be confirmed by me.
Md: Still indiscreet - I mean that.
dM: You mean I'm not clear?
Md: Still talking about people you hate...
Md: Where is Mareie Striver (sic, real name).
dM: Washington DC - washing her cat right now.
Md: What would you use two dashes ("--") for?
dM: Honestly, two beats in a joke to capture me speaking only - no one else.
Md: Correction - only to quote a Japanese or other player outside of bounds. A fool is quoted here.
dM: I quote fools with limp 'disbelief' but god over says only to capture an additional beat or we both understand so then - what naturally you got right.
Md: Without saying it, right?
dM: No, we joy and to not saying, but spell it out I'd say.
Md: What does "god over" say?
dM: God over says "We don't ever put anything not in writing. Spell it out the joy and the tax, or taking from as you notice it." You noticed understanding and smile as you say -- that's me only no above.
Md: Why do you use the moniker "dM"?
dM: It's stylish only and I believe personally that I made "IMDb" too -- and naturally enough.
Md: It's all small stuff.
dM: A glamour.
Md: Quote me for real - you are an asshole for saying that I am your mother. I am not.
dM: Jesus always said "see it coming" and for better or worse you are her, but without the unnecessaries that flatten and dilute. These are personal pursuits of yours, and I might add that I wind up picking up and playing every failure I ever loved to no end and have friends who are scathingly jealous of you. Any needs?
dM: My mother asked in the car after I told [my sister] Leslie she was Sharon Stone [as in a flattering] "Who am I?" and I said "Madonna" and she sat with that.
Md: You're all really crazy - have that.
dM: Gentlepersons stay hopeful for you. My joke is that I wouldn't want to crush your dreams, but they sound like shit and like any freak language, the burden is naturally yours.
Md: I don't like you personally - can you tell? (she winks but I see after them)
dM: These things might be hard to decipher, but I'm not a 'please your partner' type. I eat. I could make you cry, but find it highly dysfunctional or you not delivering same and at fee. Also, you don't know anything - the highest finger.
Md: We have limited time to talk, that's all.
dM: I hope you're not arting me out, but I leave everything often for no key.
Md: That's that.
Md: Who's that guy you live with - a fool or what?
dM: My ex and is believed to be a dead person by me. They ensure each other.
Md: To what?
dM: A living free of the last time - the place is bare trees as it is.
Md: Do you believe in the dead?
dM: Smart people believe in everything but quote it unlikely to use. I like its trades too - a bad faith issue. I'm smart, but get tired of being pleasantly surprised and demand better.
dM: Ghosts make alot of noise through the place during this you know...fucking ignorant bitches. I want surety placed with a stack of cash.
Md: Ask if it's me...
Md: It's Rosie - she hates you for doing what you did adjusting windows [against the temporary winds blowing here].
dM: I'm 'Motif' - all garbage cans turned aside as opposed to 'Khalif'. The party's over I'll chase you around all day long with my human-content mind.
Md: Do you think that name is important?
dM: It's the thought I love - the natural decay of things and of not being had. No lunch at the brim. No mud and dark.
Md: Do you think I could speak?
dM: Yeah - but let's get to the meat with predictions off. You ask me, I tell. No serious crime-solving what is against us only.
Md: Who murdered JFK first?
dM: His father did with a single shot on election night (sounds just like FDR). "No son of mine" he said "would follow that bigly."
Md: Do you think they're odd?
dM: These are regular folks being asked to showcase for you and with troubles like that. You are being judged only on your treatment of them.
Md: How so?
dM: No class lives here exciting itself. Nobody looks for your sperm with a purple light...they have real achievement in our lives only.
dM: Play along here...
Md: How would I fit in?
dM: To me, the worst of it rises to the top speaking. You fit in by turning around and stealing their work like they stole yours. You deliver theirs only and for pay.
Md: I didn't steal, I was inspired.
dM: If this is it, the world turned out to be a lot uglier than I cared to speak to. I paid once again to see it gone. The Kennedy's teach you not to speak but to be heard as one speaking. Perhaps then as one George Bush Jr. who said he wouldn't be caught dead at Edward Kennedy's funeral. I make room for hate somehow too...what more do they know?
Md: Let's conclude with this: You're scared of no one.
dM: Not true, really. Last night's "Twilight Zone" flattered me with testing about death. As me, the old guy wouldn't fear it at all, but I certainly object to manhandling what is rife and pushing it. We deal in symbols only, and the real stuff in your face is like a nigger in the parking lot for my dad - still key to fallow and shame. "I need to see flight" still.
Md: Why do you use that word if it's so bad to hear in public?
dM: I don't want you to forget who you're talking to - it'll never matter. On the forgiving side, we all hate its cost, but it's for whites who think it's their right to ignore me. I know why they live.
(end here she says "that's mean")
dM: Thanks, Mom.

Three questions she adds in:
Who stole the most money from Universal last year? Victor Tolin from Security Assets - he robbed us all speaking to no one about what he does.
What's my father's real name? Thomas Abrigale Mason - born 1933, May.
Who made the most money in 1933 'about face' I'd say? Your mother in Spain. She looked and looked at securities (or 'fencings' or prices for things) and robbed us all with changes to spokes or prices about town. She is a thief and should be watched carefully. We blinded that bitch early on to no sale without cause [to asking for a price when not buying].

HaPpY NeW yEaR tO fOoL! 2010! I'm gonna rape that kid in the second Michael Jackson movie (see Part 6) if all goes well...Friday, January 1, 2010 a date most won't live to see: We stayed in last night went to bed around nine my dreams unheard (nobody wants to know poor people). Meanwhile, me - clairjanes, I dreamed of jail cells and flattened parties for otherhad. We hate you being with us - you know that already. Other people want to know why so many worlds in the darkness of space. We show 'em a film of the world being made and they think they did it. Meanwhile there's a rectangular aquarium full of them with lights out. Now you know by any accounting method you're not getting paid in 2009...

this is michael's friend, he's on his side in testimony

Thank you St. Victor's on Hollyway - your decorations were nice this year (thanks to our building too). They have a wild cherub (a 'vicente' say 'vinn-cent') on a wire over the altar itself and a cross-less Christ (a 'mardoye' say 'morday') hanging above near the choir in rear. Nice.

Took a walk to Beverly Connection today - the new "Nordstrom Rack" is nothing but a cute outlet for Marshall's and as we await the return of the Ralph's there. Marshall's has Black & Decker rechargeable reciprocating saws for just $20 - I want one now (the real one). What else? Visit LaCienega's Trashy Lingerie - they need the business too they might add.

Disney Parks have a "give a day, get a day" program now at their site. You volunteer for one (1) day at a local volunteer service and they let you in to a Disney park with voucher provided - check out their site and to sign up for starting details on January 1. The 'free ticket on your birthday' plan verily ends today 12/31/09 and they could've been nicer about that with e-mail they never said. If you went on yours, what an asshole. The site may have retracted the notice (what was on the bottom in a flag) since this morning. More 01/01/10: The system is being run by homosexuals discriminating with timing errors, etc. - may you work with all little Latin girls at TLC 'tree caring' LA Works. Soon ya soon, no Starbucks. More 01/02/10: So we moved on to Franklin Canyon's opportunity today with one spot open and still when you get to the end it doesn't reflect one spot open and drops you out. What do you need - a punch in the face when you turn a corner? You should just quit now.

i used shoe goo from cvs way back when to repair my bass garden shoes
it gets inside the shoe somewhat while drying if as used packing tape inside, but i put dr scholls odor pads to cover the flat of massing well enough
shoe repair people listen in the head and won't give service to me...they want my leather uppers for themselves
the clear glue dries to a gray foamy rubber in many a time and is hard to just peel off - trust that

i think i've cured the mini sharpie of its problems now
i used 3m-brand shrink tubing to mold itself with heat applied to the pull-chain at-hand
that's the dane-elec 128 meg 'usb drive' that won't work with our $600 mini mac now...
no driver is problem it flashes blue inside endlessly waiting for it
i use rechargeable batteries in the mini maglite flashlight and only

enjoy 'heathers' the movie with us now from 1988

we tried cuties clementines or small tangerines over the holidays at pavilions
and lord knows they're now cleared for consumption - nice tasting, no seeds
i hate seeds, and every now and again i get stuck with with a bag of grapes i hate for not reading signs well...like dirt they are
so there...no seeds
p.s. i tried empanadas (chicken fried pastries in mole sauce) at pavilions their 'select' brand - way too hot to the tongue
kfc alerts me to new hot wings now - i'm not in the mood

Merry Christmas Happy New Year to Aunt Jeannie of Hamilton, New Jersey. She relays a little sadness in the head the kids are down south she says and she's bits alone. Hope all is well...

In lieu of Martha Stewart "Living", you might want to try Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine. We get the publication (a small tome) here monthly and this month (January-February 2010...can ya believe it?) we tried two recipes: "Poached Chicken" in broth on Page 54, and "Stir Fried [Ground] Turkey [Meat] In Lettuce Wraps" on Page 92. Both were great. The poached chicken answered my eternal question of bad taste for sandwiches most usually homemade chicken salad not being good with the best of breasts at-hand - this it, and also the turkey wraps introduced us to "fish sauce" a big beer bottle from the Philippines full of god-knows-what at $3.50 from Pavilions, but there it is. Meanwhile, CVS announced that their Fall 2009 extra bucks will be due at the register on January 1 (this printed on my receipt today). I personally spent $400-500 bucks there with that liquid tv and all (I got thirteen "extra bucks" last time and as a coupon on the bottom of my receipt my soaps and razor blades are expensive there). More on 01/01/2010: Got my 'extra bucks' today - $6.00 from $313.45 in quarterly spending, seems a little low here - with the purchase of $0.50 in honey-coated peanuts by Frito Lay. We bought eggs, some soda (2 Liter of Coke), Spaghetti-O's, and a candy bar or so (Planters peanut brittle bar). I want you to note the Dr. Bronner's soap I have now is 'Tea Tree' they didn't have my usual love the green-labeled 'almond oil' but it has a decidedly petroleum scent to it. Like bug spray so be caution I won't buy it again. Not like tea at all. Meanwhile, Trader Joe's has a basic bottle of this soap 'castile' that is cheaper by half but I pay. Saw the Trader Joe's float at the Rose Bowl today (is home of Harlem Globetrotters too)...the first Trader Joe's is here on Santa Monica and is closing down supposedly because of it moniker, the Pasadena one opened later three full months later and is no prize they say. Modeled after "Gilligan's Island" the tv show only, the name is actually for "Sherwood Schwartz" - say it that fast and to be.

Love this chart of salaries earned by and maintained you:

50,626 (1)
13,900 (2)(3)

(1) A great beauty to me - you pay many or one underneath you, should no one challenge your rates...none else can command that reasonably and why;
(2) Why would you make greater money ? you keep working on it you pay no one...we learn how to crack wallets, and safely, only.
(3) Okay, you pay me $1,500 in taxes for sitting at home with you.

Doubleplusgood! Two (2) free Cokes plus some when you register with Vons (what is Pavilions too) or Safeway online. They give you fifty (50) bonus points when you sign up - I got mine credited in a few days and even if you already have a Vons or Safeway account, fresh it up for them. Thank you both...you trade points right online for coupons they Coke mail you in a few weeks' time then pay only redemption and tax for a 24-ounce sandwich bottle...you can also get something else by them if no Coke is present like a Minute Maid bottle or vice-versa.

Let's explain the dougmoon.com saying "nine-tenths" or "no intents" much like a rubber stamp "9/10": I tell people when I used to pursue others sexually, it was really just 'nine-tenths' or getting to the door and remembering you had to take your clothes off and thus sum declining. I'd ridicule others who sleep in their clothes seemingly to avoid me but never stopped to consider my own self much. So "9/10" done to. Done to you. Possession is nine-tenths of the law because that is where things are left to lie. People don't want anything after you've hand your hands on it or have touched it, it says. And if having given is the firmest soil...

People say why a tenth? Ten percent (10%) is considered good enough profit for anyone for any year ever. You put ten percent of dues or expense in advance in to get ten percent of profit they'd hafta say...

Briefly, keep FAO Schwarz in your memories and thoughts they're still around. FAO is rumoured to be Fifth Avenue "only" but is actually Fifth Avenue "originals" they'd say. By Elton John.

we got this wine too from a doctor at terry's work
a powerful spirit, makes you 'friends' with people you don't like - for sex, pleasures afoot...buy some here and there
make sure it's dark yeast or it won't work - all are this if chardonnay
we got this stuff too
the miner bottle came from wallywine.com and strangely shop-rite wines, in hamilton, nj has some 2005 miner

Like a cat she is: Picture a ghost like Catherine of "Wuthering Heights" on the warmth inside of a home looking out the window. Oh, she moves around inside the pane alot trying to see, but her vision is of the inside beyond where she stands looking. Moving around alot, it's hard to get a view of the mirrors inside.

by-and-by request, fleetwood mac 'angel' from the 'tusk' lp (1979)
'tusk' is about all the paperboard used to print the vinyl album up - a deep eco-shame like led zeppelin's 'physical graffiti' lp (see 'kashmir')
reasonably priced then as stamped right on it the back ($10.99?) a double-lp, an album to pay the band, it took alot of ivory from a big dumb forest
okay to leatherheads - the 'toughskin' on a big drum used

the most beautiful thing
the most innocent thing
and many of those dreams
pass us by
keep passing me by

(he said)
'you feel good'
i said
'it's funny that you understood...'
i knew you would
when you were good (baby)
you were very
very good

so i close my eyes softly
'til i become that part of the wind
that we all long for sometimes
and to those that i love
like a ghost through a fog
like a
charmed hour
and a haunted song
and the angel
of my dreams
of my dreams

i still look up
when you walk
in the room
i was saying [to myself] 'wide eyes' [an almost-lie made up to protect myself not untrue but secondary]
and how they tell a story
i try not to reach out
when you come 'round
you say 'hello'
and we both pretend
(no great pretender)

i still look up...ooh yeah
i try hard not to look up
'that girl was mean' [in press meetings, interviews...alts 'me' as someone much younger i see me in them]
to track a ghost through the fog
[to be the] charmed hour and haunted [by a] song [i'm making yet]
to track a ghost through the fog, baby
oh, they [yesterdays] try hard
but you'll never get through
('that girl was mean')

you're a big deal now, girl - act your size
don't keep acting like none of us mattered
you can be that anytime (and also see your sadnesses suicide to kill here)
ask your mother - she'll help you to be back out

Back from that crack test - what a jailbird-mailroom cunt: raw score was '18'. Unbelievably hard test as being pulled from office to office handling technical sorting and qualifying questions from real assholes. About 23-28 questions with two (2) I passed on (one was a large whole number times 37.5 I rounded up to forty and subtracted out to no match and too much time taking...the longhand of decimal moving wasn't working well for me today with others in my head following me around as 'helpers') some at the end left blank. Half an hour to shit. Really bad news from freaks already on the job. No calculators. Practice test (don't take the test twice - only for non-interest but see). I took the test at an old age home next to the Westside Courthouse at Sawtelle and Santa Monica (11338 Santa Monica Boulevard). Took the bus #4 on Santa Monica to the turn-off at Sepulveda and walked under the 405 overpass to the joint.

they want you to sort alphabetically these few folders as answer forth:

(1) Field Operations
(2) (something else) Operations
(3) Gannett
(4) Accountability
(5) Friedmont

select from these answers it says:

(a) (1) - (5) - (4) - (2) - (3)
(b) (2) - (3) - (1) - (5) - (4)

da-da-da...cruel shit to made mind you may not write in book you must use scrap paper alongside the beat-the-clock mentality it truly stunk in me
i drew down here...'operations' is to be mentioned first and sorted by comma dot...
the proctor was folk singer orson 'the hobbit' bean and signed my paper as such
i talked about 'the hobbit' in the shower prior to...cocteau twins 'watchlar' led to the tolkien thread and how it tells you everything in the cartoon

Monday December 28 my census test today at 2:30: "You didn't say Merry Christmas thanks again." Whatever. No Christmas cards or other sent or received this year excepting my mother's $100 cash in card (plus $150 in cash and card sent monthly) immediately turned around into smallish gifts and then and then. Dear Spanish-type Niggers, money savers et al: This plain-ish type Christmas started for me on Thursday with the final last-minute receipt from UPS of Terry's parents gift of a $100 check plus a $150 Target gift card in a box of stale cookies I will not eat the pistachios were fine. The check was cashed for about $14 at a local check cashing place that will no longer issue paycheck advances to the public at-large it said (you need checking with direct deposit and we will not have to pay outrageous checking fees if they will not have us to smooth around - a greater savings anyhad - the checking place is to be honored only and no friend the fees thus greatly nice to you no matter thus $86 out-of-state). My friend here decided with me and against all taste and after a smallish fight on the walk home over going to Target for a look-spend to 'ask' the card to a neighbor in exchange for a teenager and that's landed here nicely enough. Nicely enough, but scrupled for bits more yesterday and the fool never laked here but with junky phone calls from beggars else waiting - just two nuther nits bothering it like usual one I kick in the ass pointedly each time for being useless to me. I wanted to buy a Target card later to make this bitter exchange (like a fucking Christmas card to the beggar-dealer who graces us ever and with no cirrhosis - nice enough - cash doesn't call you home and I can't keep reasoning no real talk over cashlessness) up to me and parents giving...the landlord is giving us a break over late fees (could be $100 more the day after) on rent of $1,435 etc. to be paid January 4th and this week all off will see no further change hopefully more or less than the $86 we drip on to. The drugs were great however and timed again without flaw I tried (not near me, not sounding too good as in a truth) to stop mail and break gifts everywhere and how but with not hurting friends too much with bother and noise as police lock up people they hate knowing only with shitty bodies (no respect for you or yours no mirror will facet) and with troop talk (I never go near a tru-danger for fools only). My family father mother sons daughters were all posed on the phone at sister Leslie's less any untruths when I was high (ill placed with job talk today I'll add, but I know you wait and by the way - where are you?) and you should know the darkish dimension makes me shudder too but off I go happily enough. I'd pop that any safe too you save me not. My brother Chris called me strangely enough to thank me for the phone he said yesterday and hung right up coldly. I didn't bother calling him back. Fuck him - I know the mother is mad over not getting treated well somehow your smallish gift is here still to be mailed, Bitch, and you asked me in the head for a new Mercedes and that we'll do what we can fuck you (by wishing for it kinda, yes - you won't get in my way). We'll continually try to do better in advance...

No, and without to be pissing people off, we don't fuck. Me and this guy we are to be ex's only no talk no touching of it (you don't marry me a mother, Bitch). He on the computer endlessly up and down in the mind and me in the only bedroom locked out with ghosts and many lovers some just from pictures in and out no further to talk but sometimes past him here into kitchen in my underwear no cock exposed no lube but this past work with excellent depilatories on my chest to see looks and how. We don't get along with me not doing my part only bother see what a treat for me an unfortunate bodyshame calling me a whore (to me a 'cold wind' only) but being dumb enough for it I cheat him endlessly but revise to my kindnesses if and extended my way. I don't hate the bitch for this but thank you again for nothing new and also you make me sweat. We are trapped between kicking his ass, breaking some of my things, having him cry and die with breakdown and him simply shutting it up. If I whine to him and he eats it, be sure I'm in your home soon enough doing you up for the bother making lines open and push from here to there. I can't tell you everything and I have shame over it the hurts I make, but the next time you have AYDS be sure to ask everyone you know to visualize theirselves as god himself destroying the shit in everyone - it couldn't hurt after all I had the same or better lays but be sure - what do you know? Faggots roasted that to death with alchohols and acids in the vein like a one-man band with all their blood being boiled by hoses in coffee cans placed around them. I tell 'em professionally you're a big deal until I need something (political done) - what do you know?

My mother said to me while walking down the street "If you're you, what did my father say about 'cuckholds'? Never two in the hand as "never hand me one." Mind over says always apologize in the home.

cocteau twins 'orange appled' live is to be so confused
see 'carousel' the first robin guthrie record to 'veldo' or 'make me sing to it' liz says
we like 'sparkle' the best...

i love the tea jackets at h&m on sunset sunset plaza...$70...the mannequin one is dark blue with black ribbon trim - look hard

the laugh factory is having a free x-mas dinner for comics and their hollywood neighbors

'the griddle' coffee shop on sunset is always spilling over onto the sidewalk...west of fairfax

another abandoned honey on sunset we'd like to have for ourselves...

i touch this horse on santa monica near la jolla (say 'la-hoya' to be across from circus of books) like i touch rolls royces - whenever i stroll

we ate at sammy's thai food twice now - try it if sometimes eggshell
i always get thai iced tea (a carrot juice-type tea), mee krob (rice cancer noodles plus shrimp, chicken), and chicken curry (yellow hindi spices in coconut milk w/chicken, potatoes, carrots)

We've been eating hand-made tamales from Terry's work...delicious. The pictures taken today 12/24/09 on a walk to Rite-Aid for Coke at $0.87 a 2-liter bottle just today only. CB2 has plenty of cute, inexpensive gifts too (recommended: little felt trees of light green stuffed in a point on a stand). So there. Mom's doing well too going to sister Leslie's tonight...

Someone says 'people' is for 'peephole', but I think of orange black pekoe as in black tea - you give a little, I give little. At tea, whites (the orange) and blacks...our CVS on LaCienega always has a gallon of premium vodka for $9.99 (sure, "Gran Legacy" is the brand).

must be talking about my mother watching her son die...daily news link bought me la times today
god is here - i died and became the only son, the others came
neil, my son, cries and dies and that gets you hurt too

Meanwhile and partially, got my mother the Breast Cancer (never to forget why) edition of the 'Snuggie' Blanket (she asked for one, beige...nothing heats-speeds up cancer better?)...see Kohl's.

remember norm's on lacienega
your holiday home away from home

Michael Jackson Speaks In!
MTJ: Who's knocking?
dM: Doug Moon.
MTJ: (close)
dM: You can do better than that - you been buggin' me for days now.
MTJ: Okay, to tell the sin.
dM: That's it - be interesting.
MTJ: Did you like the movie?
dM: Loved it - it delivered, but getting me to sit ain't easy.
MTJ: It was okay, but they made mistakes dressing me.
dM: I really liked all - the dragon pants stay in my mind the butt and all.
(surely to be continued a dead man speaks to me)
MTJ2: Now we're back. I had to see who you are these days...flat in the chest I see.
dM: What does that mean? Even if I knew I'd hafta ask.
MTJ2: Not working, not trying to work.
dM: The work is placing the paper and waiting for no call. With having my name read by no one.
MTJ2: That ain't the work - we differ here. I need to see you sweat.
dM: A girl I know - a fancy black in the pant - says she needs to 'see flight'. Stacy [at Pavilions]...she hates me too.
MTJ2: It ain't hate - it's hurt.
dM: 'I really love you - I do.' Any love for me?
MTJ2: You love yourself enough - I see it.
dM: Fine...the tv movie on your life however pathetic [no pay if seen by us as] got me in the Havenhurst [Encino, CA] home...all I wanted for Christmas [like 'Jumanji' this home, 'Hindi' he says]!
MTJ2: That was not real - that's Scottsdale, Arizona. A friend of ours lets us stay - we went through this.
dM: You know, it's like trying to find God - the pay is few. You don't win a game against the Harlem Globetrotters unless you wanna lose big with us - get that?
MTJ2: You don't win anyway.
dM: That's what I say - I saw 'em at Princeton U fighting for the gold.
MTJ2: At Princeton U - for real?
dM: Yeah - when we were young. A gym teacher of ours named Bruce Coburn hadda play on the opposing team. Coolies lost originally and how.
MTJ2: Back to - why do you always wear hats?
dM: Keeps you sharp. Something unusual but unforgiveable keeps you shedding down. We're on the mend, but it takes science plus money and God over adds 'nothing people can do' will you. All my miseries are cured but remedies remain. We'll pay somehow to prevent you a cure. How's that Pepsi burn doin'?
MTJ2: Good answer, but forgive me - it ain't that bad [he has to wear a wig in the rear always because of it he said - the area is the size of a quarter on left under crown].
dM: My saddest sorriest moment was learning how you feel.
MTJ3: No one knows how I suffer - now you know.
dM: It took a long time to know you suffer with me at all. Like Tina Turner says in a song "I look down and see no tragedy..."
MTJ3: What song is that, pray tell?
dM: "I Might Have Been Queen"...Timothy [Kyles] her namesake is the mother in your home movie...so real to the touch she is.
MTJ3: She isn't real enough - that woman beat me to death (interrupts Terry here...more later and definitely onward 'merry christmas!' he says)
MTJ4: Women have hurt me bad - especially when I died. The things they said like 'you are no one to me - have no one yet.' Like that.
dM: I never hear people ever as written off largely for one off statement, one single lucidity in my face, but get surprised sometimes by gift only. 'You sweet thing - THANK YOU.' Then there's pity from me only.
MTJ4: You won't take me seriously - they have me by the balls.
dM: We are each other. I know what nuts are my whole life, and I know I cherish getting away from it. I take you seriously, after you, and thank fuck for all away.
MTJ4: You sing in my face to be famous. What about that?
dM: My greatest fear here is being made token by you - someone who wasn't supposed to be here listening at all. We try you out only. Around the corner is deep shame only, never friends waiting to harmonize. Let shame be your guide to practice, to good form. I'm not Latin when that day shines it in on me. Stick this out.
dM: I have a hard time believing fans are magical at all, but they are smart for their market and meanly good to you - a starring good.
MTJ4: Never have I heard such talk. You can't know stage - it isn't good to you at all.
dM: I see stage as an opportunity for rich people to shine on only. For people who have perfected a role or archetype against time and date to show off. It isn't your right to make people watch you practice and then there's just lying back, doing what you're told to do, and maybe ensemble work - the finest day.
MTJ4: Next -
dM: I'm sorry. I have to be guided around this by you - the real deal. That's the fortune in it now how so paid?
MTJ4: No way - you suffer it out, like said 'no studio' and that's that.
dM: Is that the last word?
MTJ4: That's that.
dM: Thank you, my friend.
MTJ4: Don't tell 'peephole' we rape kids.
dM: You just wanna talk about it - that's all...that dirty list of thirteen things none to be speak.
MTJ4: Merry Christmas to you all again - love, Michael.

Maxis film.

This looks good too:

"the man in the mirror: the michael jackson story"

"God tells the truth. You know the truth." - recently, and from the above

"Being made to remember is half of it." - from Neil's camp

my latest video walking down the street in west hollywood

Fleetwood Mac's "Sara" from x-mas 1979 is about "Gone With The Wind"...and the house-plantation "Tara" as in "tiara"..." when your build your house | please call me home " it says...when you have the good..." and it was just like | the great north wind | within the wings of a storm " the civil war and all.

fleetwood mac 'sara' from 1979's 'tusk' lp
wait a minute baby
stay with me awhile
said you'd give me life
but you never
told me 'bout the fire

in the sea of love
where everyone
would love to drown
but now it's gone
it doesn't matter what for
when you build your house
then call me


and it was just like
the great north wind
within the wings of a storm
i think i have met my match
he was singin'
and i knew it
and i knew it
oooh laces
i knew him in laces

he said 'sara'
'you're the power in my heart
never change, never stop'
but now it's gone
it doesn't matter what for [alts 'once more']
but when you build your house
then [alts 'please'] call me home [alts 'i'll come by']

hold on, the night is comin'
and it's starting to formate [as from sides of a smoke bearing, like rubber stamps make the dark from puzzle in 'salem's lot']
i'd say 'all the night'
'all the time'
i'd go anyway
ask me and i may, yeah,
ask me and I may
i care

(forever haunted)
people want their own homes in grand and for romance

this is all we got done of the red building at pacific design center - lots of pouring this year
the moca building nearby has a great exhibit 'til three o'clock on the 24th then onward through february on brick hideouts and clubhouses, so-to-speak
'a view to nowhere' it's called...see this site too
a makeshift wooden tower in the middle (white) defies and lightens the optical load...a great gift shop, too

here's the front of our building at dusk this 12/22/09...

i like the pizza at new pizza rustica (where the mannequins and dress shop were...square joints with homemades on-top) but see no decorations yet!
no decorations for citibank or millions of milkshakes, either
the dougmoon shake is still raspberry with kiwi in vanilla ice cream - less is more here we just got 2:1 smalls they gave me a medium

Dropped in to Chin-Chin on Sunset last night for chicken fried rice ($7.95)...Neil popped in (with hooded black sweatshirt on, diamond studs on-back forming guitar) but didn't see us? Fat ass. This wine stops people from hating each other...makes 'em forget they hate.

2010 Census workers are being called now - go to www.2010censusjobs.gov -- I'll be testing next week too...you could test as early as tonight.

mom and beau ed celebrate christmas with tree before leaving their florida compound
some gifts bound, expect nothing on-time
pavilions has motorola trac-fones really cheap (less than the wreath - trust that) - i sent three of them (model)
the phone comes with ten (10) minutes use, you add phone cards in increments of sixty (60) minutes for $20 - no phone company visits at all
the us post office sends bulk at one flat price too priority 2-3 days - remember that - big boxes at $14 or so

with the government holding out and all i made my own tree this year and again
i found a scroll of new wire mesh (stamped up from one piece and used to coat an exterior wall with stucco) to form a cone
i covered the cone with a long piece of green garland i bought as extra from a local drugstore way back when and then the 100 lights from cvs...so see
the comparable vacuum to ours eureka at sears...today there were 29,300,900 references to dougmoon.com at yahoo

I was passing a statuary on foot yesterday and I asked how best to make molds for plaster etc. if not using banana skins fully (they fall apart they say add salt and a little milk I'd add). They say boil newspapers up in a pot with some water only and pour in and around statues in a bucket. Cut the statue out of the bucket when dry and add water to preserve the 'fountain' or mold. So there. Two (2) cups shredded newpaper (as in paper shredders) to two (2) cups boiling water for five (5) hours or so keep adding water as necessary maybe not then. Set on low on a burner, pour in there. If nuisant, add lemon or flour to water to keep the statue from flaking or vice-versa. We used just under two-thousand (2,000) frequent flier 'sky miles' on Delta Airlines (Terry to MN and back...I'm on American, only) to renew our Thursday-Sunday subscription to the "Los Angeles Times" what just expired no paper today. The new deal was 1,734 miles for a 7-day, 52 week subscription. The "Wall Street Journal" is 2,188 miles for a 6-day, 39 week subscription. Just...and seek your own papers there at the Delta site. More: We gave gifts of Martha Stewart Living and The Economist...so far.

this little guy won't leave - loves the food
i love their humility

our brief film of the 'give mac' storefront

The photo above from the historical atrium at Disney's El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. A photograph taken by me way back when is witching with a ball and nearly eye in the middle. Leave it to see...is God on Mount Sinai they say and oxygen the gas is like the coils. Oxygen to me seats like two phone receivers and is nearly three (3) hydrogen in 'valence' or negative (as in missing one electron or 'orbital' then) or polar attraction somehow is figure-eight formation two sides or nuclei.

Got me free hand-cream too the cocoa butter one $1.49 by e-mail invite: CVS has 100 'Merry Brite' (a Target brand) white twinkle lights for $1.99 after reduce and using your savings card. Get that...pictures later of homemades, handmaids, etc. Note two (2) things I hate today: My Motorola phone won't let me take pictures by USB of the boys (see ads around phones for "do you flip?") I photograph while walking down the street (real to me shorts, boned-up hairy legs...I got one real good although edited by pigs...watchtower). Junk to send by e-mail no grass - watch these fat cruddy bitches if there's no laws they're gonna be there just like the president's black wife. Then those USB drives for keychains sold at Target stop working one day as remote and for no good reason. Cheap bitches...plague me.

skechers beverly center also said i couldn't photograph their free gumball machine but i did anyway
i have two new pairs of skechers now (brown and black) but love their strap-ring boots

wanna know how to make a generator for electricity?
crack open an old schwinn generator to see how it works...
i would - you don't need nothing, but why lose shit to not knowing me well?
new ones on ebay ever...
they have problems these days i loved mine on my 1977 sky-blue 26" schwinn varsity...rectangle with rear red

"The very next day? What are you ridiculing me?" - dM who also notes "they buy it for primes" (huh? "for making crimes go away with sucking again" - Neil, plus "Jews are smart, but they don't live well...")

Soon the eversmart of Doug Moon's Jewish lexicon growing up:
"gentile" nice enough, but very dangerous to me with loose behavior, not knowing stuff (lacks sophistication) - some say 'ill-bred' more towards car accidents;
"education" 'round the clock important, stops us from working for you;
"kosher" - we don't eat that ever, and you know who you are...more towards milk plus wood bowls.

Punch that tit even my peter threw up: Did I tell you I was 'watching' this woman breast-feed wolves and they punked her when the teat ran dry? Is that real to you? She tried to get slick wiping 'milk' (yo-del-lay-he-ho ! you white nigger) all over the boulb but they kept slapping at her paws-down-rude much like using hand sanitizer in the bathroom at McDonald's. Like apes. Make sure you got that. Then I was digging a grave in this dream nights before, me in a backyard facing east with a long, slender gray box with little note but slimmer wood mouldings on-top. My 'mother' it said to me kinda. I was digging the dirt with the box just north of the hole and it was hell just getting one big enough to seat the box under the dirt at four (4) feet, let alone seven (7) feet down as quoted - twice as much. I thought about other means during 'perhaps a backhoe rental?' I left the dream then disgusted only...rain, gravel. Last night an apparition in my comforter: a mouth agape and full of bloody teeth like a garbage bag with nose out upward no eyes. It held that mouth open big and I thought nothing but to welcome. Not too long ago, I reached in my underpants with the tail end of a flat bedsheet twirled to disgust an onlooker (as is usual), the usual hate for natural and unseen gift (no, not you just yet...keep fuckin', Pig) and what appeared was really cool. The sheet turned into a long arm of assemble bones much like a human bushpig with mustard-yellow moss in it everywhere glistening and the fingerling ends were like flat, black hooks really thick or as cloven hooves almost (a reindeer...these are treitons or murdererous earth mothers actually coming in soon or now...loved that sleigh in "Fred Claus" - real - that movie is awful purty). I thought 'take your time' in essence maybe just that burned-up needs a little contact, but at the end of the day the paw and its black 'shetawhs' (whavever) got too heavy and threatening to make sense and we detached but thanks for the great art. I don't make the stuff but that clear anaconda I put in the jacuzzi for a ghost blob with eyes to see was really quick to dispense of a clown-ish waving of white hand at me through the floor of it know or not know let it be. Let it learn with you it scares me too but I got out. New beggars underneath and all running things from below now while ye old kipper waits. A wall downstairs made of cinderblocks opens up swirling around and still I urge caution I'm lazy I can't even think of getting up for it snakes everywhere here and to begift. An anaconda chokes little bitches to death like magic. Not just for goats...I have the hairiest mothers here with me seeking something solace but I can't stop thinking about Gregor on that boat with sharks (not you, not even you when jumping inside of huge boats into the plankton where they sleep it off answer my code bodies hanging on ropes from aircraft I see). He could handle them all...I watch you cut them up, cut out their gums while they scream Merry Christmas in New Hampshire 'all of the children in God's kingdom bleed' and you will too. They don't think at all...do you?

Tax is for attach....then and now. Efficacies or cares to be seen in handling leads to ethnics, ethics, etc.

cocteau twins played 'frosty the snowman' now else - 'great spangled fritillary' frozz 'echoes in a shallow bay' or comp
poke your eyes out ? the nighttime sky of stars as it waves its wings in a holocaust of the seeing it sorts

jim carrey in 'the majestic'...truly funny...playing piano in-front of people
'we three kings' b flat-a-g 'joy to the world' c-b-a-g-f-e-d-come 'the first noel' e flat-d-c-d-e-f-g 'danse arabe' b flat-a...g

Artist Jim Carrey Speaks Now!
JC: Why now?
dM: Seems to be a resurgence of sorts - go mental?
JC: No - too much work, too little bargain...
JC: I don't get paid ever as being in jail.
dM: Sleeping in your dad's backyard again? It's illegal in Canada, period.
JC: Draft dodgers?
dM: No - like the current administration, I make it up as I go along...people practice the law.
JC: Object! Object! Trouble is here.
dM: You veer to the left as seen necessary - I'll wade in.
JC: People bug me alot, so let's be careful with you too.
dM: I understand. We're here to be friendly anyway - as in 'nice' not seeing before you do, we'd say.
dM: Further I'd add people are aways more 'curtailed' than I am...
JC: Define those then...
dM: No problem...'people' vote and are at-large, a Roman thing - if a 'democracy' is how far thrown a damascus or disc...
dM: Curtailed is drawing from view like curtains...if big mistakes are made simply and to lessons.
JC: I'm leaving - and beg you stay if talking so much.
dM: Think about both wanting the same outcome - something fun to hear.
-- five minute break then (he's gonna get in costume)
JC: Let's talk about 'The Majestic' the film (with pre-talk)...briefly then one other and out.
dM: (laughs loud) Fine - we just watched that one and I asked for help [from the above] to understand this film.
JC: There's nothing to understand - he is mean about things.
JC: There's no one in the film but ghosts for one...
dM: I got that and it said it was 'in France' too...too much gentility and understanding for people at-large or in the cafe.
dM: ...said he was lying about not remembering too...for someone so genuine to me and with beauty at-hand.
dM: ...you dug that out, huh.
JC: None need admit beauty.
dM: ...'cept your trainers at home? Just kidding...can we? Only you know for sure, one voice.
JC: One more film then...
dM: Let's go back unmercifully (if added work) to Seuss and "The Grinch" - unmercifully good for no wait for.
JC: Go to hell - there's no me in it...leave it at that.

*In "The Majestic", the Carrey character and his 'father' ask someone to lunch - the acceptance was a real cliffhanger for me. Why? Such a big deal to have friends...Carrey is trapped in the basement as a ghost making pennies into stand-alone war memorials. Trapped...

all i want is christmas

Made that Crock-Pot cheese fondue last night (12/14/09) to dip LaBrea Bakery sourdough bread into as cubes...from the June 2005 page at dougmoon.com. P.S. We use Dorot garlic cubes from the freezer each cube equals one clove. They started gutting the original Los Angeles Hard Rock Cafe yesterday, but might actually be putting it back in they say from above (stuff looks wrong lately Ralph's at Beverly Connection, the monorail at Pavilions to Valencia WalMart, the aerial bridge from Sofitel to Beverly Center, but see no real reasons not to on outstanding projects we deem). Meanwhile, the one at Universal City Walk (shopping district just outside of the wall) will do nicely and always.

this hard rock had elton john's dodger's stadium sequined suit with 'elton' glasses...
prince's purple coat from 'purple rain'...cocteau twins' 'victorialand' guitar...
elvis' motorbikes...

november 1976, we believe...'island girl' was first

Frozen pizza alert (and if Momma won't let you buy Ellio's at box rates even if you pay): Setting aside the obvious quality of California Pizza Kitchen frozen pies (we just ate a large Garlic Chicken for dinner), try Red Baron's eight (8) box of pinwheels with pepperoni on them. They cook up good in the toaster oven or grave and the taste is definitely deep dish. You heard it from me...then graduate to a bigger box if need be. Now at Pavilions are you real?

no one will admit it's christmas...above, our film of

Give Mac (a beautiful window display of fresh trees at night thanks you for looking) the erstwhile greentree: I looked at the site here earlier today at Beverly Center's Apple Store and all looks well. Then I went to Taco Bell for a #3 combo (three hard Taco Supremes or tacos with tomato and sour cream, large drink)...before that, played Culture Club's "DYRWTHM" on Band-Guitar Hero at the Sony Style store...used the black mike on stand I sing it fabulously and it cut out with bandsparks and booing when I got silly on guitar about twenty-one percent (21%) in 'it' said. It wants serious work, only...but it's cute.

heart show us the scale with 'barracuda' christmas 1977 - they rock out here
see the devotion of guitar hero the toy (now 'band hero' the full rack) and heart on nbc's 'ellen' fnx debbie bender also a mindbook no-one from allentown, nj
p.s. 'fergie' does 'barracuda' too - we talked a bit that is childhood friend ty pecoraro and jennifer aniston the actress-sister sustained singing
he had to work hard sampling the original up and down but it's there...for you

heart 'barracuda' lyris:
so this ain't the end
i saw you again
i had to turn my heart away
smiles like the sun
kisses for real
and tales that never fade

you're lying so low into the wheat
i bet you're gonna end those spears
you'd have me down, down, down, down
on my knees
now won't you


back over time
when we were all soiled
you'd bleed
you never thought of me
no right, no wrong
you're selling a song
i'm damned!
and whispering again

and if the real thing don't do the trick
you better make up something quick
you gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burn it to the wick
ooooh, barracuda!

sell me
sell you
papa said
dive down deep down
think of somebody new
i think you better lose too

all that nighthead
can't say without a looking glass
we better whisper too fools
silly, silly fools!
it's a dark dane-versus-blacks period
more of a led zeppelin piano cover

more by request no secret:
heart 'straight on'
quite some time
i been sittin' it out
didn't take no chances
i was a prisoner of doubt

i knocked down the wailin' wall
ain't no sin
got the feel of fortune
deal me in

coming straight on for you
you made [up] my mind
now i'm stronger
now i'm comin' through
straight on
straight on for you
straight on for you

now I know
i've got to play my hand
what the winner don't know
a gambler understands [if a 'winner' wonders who's there]
my heart keeps playin' it through
with you, my friend
i'll take my chances on you
again and again

teaches you why you're not gonna be here, why you're not gonna be around
terry's grandmother 'teed' (muriel hull) is marjorie post and also the lead singer of heart...she sent us $50 this x-mas

guitar hero seen elsewhere with what appeared to be a big bottle of bazooka-brand the personal lube...
another 'black market' (i can't know the sellers)?
sometimes, i get that confused but know it's all in the eyes only no speaking. no symbols of exchange futured.
'i know nothing for you' still trying at me...you need to ask off a pair of binoculars lowered in on black jumper cables
you don't photograph for me leisuring at you

Question from frame: "Why do you talk?" I love me, I hate cheap run-of-the-mill bitches thrifting to me a no gift, their stupid way with it handling mine making me know their makin (nothing delivered whole, just parts) junk, and I labor furiously to stamp them out, prevent any authorship bi or infrequent, and make damned sure they most will die of being stupid, sad plus with faggots who interlace with them after running away from most serious challenges only and contributing uniquely to fall of empire (Princeton U quote: "women are not attractive"...if empire shows up seen and heard by all and rapes you for 'ursural' or not usual gain, protects 'you' from 'us'). It ain't all old vampires at your bedside stroking their veinless cocks one last time and again no gift. Ladies' jobs with men doing them provides the time and scope for personal, checkbook-style snipes, illicit (embarrassing if known to be, spoken of) behavior.

alanis morissette 'not as we'...not as long as we laugh
her favorite song is 'yo-ho-ho' like a pirate she says 'you stole me again'

Alanis Morissette Lives Upstairs And Is Real! Let's Take A Picture Together In The Laundry Room Bring Your Man? (if everything is already owned, you get the best stuff...new, only always a better)
MA (sic): What's crackin'?
dM: Pardon me? Just kidding...silly me.
MA: 'What's cracking' is like saying 'what's up in your ass?'
dM: But you don't wanna know - right?
MA: What do you say?
dM: I usually turn away and mock vomit with tongue...
MA: Why?
dM: I'm becoming a fool for it...game playing, being immature.
MA: What is a 'fool'?
dM: Almost a pronoun...like 'her'...but even more biting. 'Her'...that still hurts 'me'.
MA: What is the interview for?
dM: I pick a few celebrities I like and we talk a bit. Nothing to avoid...
MA: Do you think people care about this?
dM: We do - right? I wanted to thank a few hardworking folks for making me happy, only always.
MA: People are freaks...
dM: Known for being different is to be my chief complaint. I wanted to be nice to people again - um, note that freaks are not mine. I don't live that...my comedy is costly.
MA: Are people bored already?
dM: This is thoughtful review - you take your time and talk about...music.
MA: I hate music for making me poor.
dM: What's 'poor'?
MA: No food.
dM: There's more to know, I'm sure - the bargains made, the base elements you require, the bits of broken dream. You'd risk review?
MA: Never have I met such a fool below who sings my songs.
dM: I call it 'third-wire' but it's hardly a poison to you. Not credible, helps me feel talented and competent somehow.
MA: You'd suck if it were me because I hate people fooling around like that.
dM: Only a fool worships a layman, on no-one just yet and they won't even try to perform. I'd say we all have things to hide, but you shouldn't talk to strangers especially those below station. Public deference too what? Uh, uh huh!
dM: People are scary, but they had it tough I'd say.
MA: Is that you to kiss and tell?
dM: We have to mind an audience and they are the last people to piss off with jumbo talk. Older women hate me but that's my target demographic. Old, mean - used their kids bad. Fucks their kids' boyfriends too...a big deal.
MA: Do you think they'll understand you? After all this?
dM: All with caveat, and what about me? What do I think? I don't know, finally - and will shut up if need be. On the spot....you shut up too.
MA: Do you think you're God?
dM: If I thought about it at all, it makes sense that people have a reporting relationship to the almighty. They know too much in life...a curse. God won't know...and I hate God talk over food and sex hard-earned still I pray to and not discipline it. God will make you mental, only. It took God.
MA: What is 'mental'?
dM: All interior processes and fairy talk. Nothing you can see just highlights.
MA: Do you believe God is real?
dM: Yeah - but a nice ass is real and must be eternal too. Just kidding?
MA: Do you think evil is real?
dM: Honestly, there are chemicals involved (Formula 409) and that portends. These holdouts are not the basis for thought here, however and this stuff is scary. I know no man for who it is. Scary shit.
MA: I don't want to continue if God is real...
dM: People want it no matter, but I think a group of people is best said. A group of sweet bitches versus nothing done. Sweet and sometimes sad too. Thank women again...they don't fly so cheap.
MA: She hates God - what do you think?
dM: We never had it so good that I would issue talk. Sad, and working on it. Sad. We'll keep it around. People say if you knew God, you'd be sad. You'd be dead...of happy enough.
MA: Do you think that you're God - again?
dM: I am God...but you don't need to know that. We want to be with you - and still there are no problems, just symbols.
MA: Do you think that you can kill anyone?
dM: Yeah...with consideration.
MA: Like what?
dM: I never did before...that stinks. All of the talk is in the air, so see no bother. No to be undone.
MA: Killing people stinks...
dM: Fighting for your life most only...hardly a game.
MA: Do you think death is real?
dM: Death is real enough but also laughable - hurting people and blood is pure evil is it to be so? I hate it for me...but see why and laugh at you too. Getting hurt? Yuck...but then murderers? Junk.
MA: Is my music bad for young people?
dM: Your stuff is bad news for parents with their hands full, but that's why they use 'excuse me' labels at the store 'like a whore she said this' 'this is a dyke' - for incomplete thoughts and other junk even the cheery stuff must fuck off 'who will shave your hole?' You talk about sperm and blowjobs and that's crap from women as pure bother. 'I never sucked anyone's dick without you I'm nothing unless' You don't get to heaven talking to hell. Showbiz creeps are among the most stupid but good lays abound...shit for dreams.
MA: Do you think 'gay' is bad for people?
dM: Queers are forever trying my patience but it's just a mean joke for women. We are crazy-mean and being gay we hate gaming bodily functions, with plus odor.
MA: My music is sacred, but I don't do it.
dM: You make people unhappy only - try and then lengthen the hair. You look great, sound great - we are thus one. What do you call it when you start as tart and it looks like it pains you?
MA: Heartening.
dM: Jail? See no more than what's said by whom. I really can't wait to sing! Not credible...remember that.
dM: Remember hate - loving it simply stinks to me.

we'll clean up later------of course i'm god you---------thank u alanis!----be real for it, pay

One of Alanis' extravagances is a $300 per month Bell Taxicab account. They'll pick you up and drop you off endlessly for it as paid in-advance they say. To "Norwalk" as far as.

Start the month right - Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus" remastered...we didn't need a savior it seems...we have a personal savior in people each dying alone as they come like matches court drywall. 'She cried alone and died alone...ashes to ask us musk to muck' You gotta log up at the door if wickers a candle just beneat. That ol' bare-legged cat begged and begged under the couch on the top floor.

Welcome home, we pursue. The devil doubles as you as in giving great haircuts for no pay (the devil's haircut with clippers looks great instantly no helping hands to au pair and hot-shammy bikini wax-silt nightgown eye-puller and crab-lace? mine) and also thus doubles your efforts with slime. So there....devil equals double.

Run From The Devil To November 2009