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You Live But I Live Too - It Matters In Ways Graves Alone Can't Help
January 2009 Sees No Change...Few Sacrifices Too
True No Taxes Were Filed In 1987 - None - Niggers Stole It All With Universal At The Helm Tommy Bradley Helped ITT


Not yet will you...but just $20 later or sooner you. A pure plasma star heats up your heart...

Corrects September 2007 "Bring the skin flute to me...FOB." Like SOB ("short our burgls"), perhaps you could reconsider "freight on board" or then "free on board"...any shipping costs packaged as it were for charging the recipient on invoice. We pay the costs to deliver here but not the taxes on shipping perhaps (a taxable service for most). Bill to us receiving? FOB destination. "FVB" leaves me cold for you but is somehow artful, elegant. The computer his and not very magical to no meaning for me. Best way, method. Fastest delivery all sent versus (nexus, one next to the other - maths that don't matter are permit) the "possible" best price. "Possible" means you ask someone for more info mostly. You shouldn't be doing anything out of the way or with yours (what isn't asked of and is unusually)...see the shelf only. Alot of people get 'extras' only to be confused about their givings of self (um, vexus). See the shelf bare when paying only to be your quest. Next month you won't hafta pay rent...hand to mouth only. Eats everything gained on the spot? That's a gibbon - has everything it wants always with you watching on.

"Doing yours without you? Study parameters - the heights and depths you never reach less the places you rarely go inside." - dM who only ever sees lights flicking with voltage anyway you measure it not well sound out

"I don't wanna be you - I want to have better but with you an afterthought only. Better can be another day without you but having the same." - dM who says we'll work on it anyway you slice it 

I don't hate people. They hate me and are sometimes stupid. I feel bad for them only or are legimitized against them...still working on that one have it now. Food for the thought...fool for the thought. Last to know, last to arrive's the last to be known, if truth be told. "Love is a for-better word." One world wonders, another one stays. "For what forth should one wander the world?" I'd rather light a candle to your darkness rather than know your thoughts...a penny toward your thoughts? "If a match made in heaven..." A stitch in time saves twine...where no laughing mattered. You've muss'd up mistaken. It's hard to pay for 'just bread' if you've already eaten.

It's all good - the law's still hassling with the rep of it.

here's the homemade of video in our perfect language age - says the muse now 'only you know'

my feel is how much can you stand to know and violate the protections sought?
the motherings here too great to seem
check out these lyrics at sing365 if interest persists - simply evil cataloguing or making fit do

'for phoebe a still a baby' cocteau twins, 'blue bell knoll' lp 1988
what you get for asking, being that helpful ever onward
the album cover is fingers of abraham carolyn's cowering fingers too young to die in lunchmeat and adds bel canto a couple sunglasses man and female witch long hair upside down

little phoebe [baby in german freak language, alts 'flakey' never reliable as then fleshen comes undone]

how am i seen? [you are the head of a dead baby black with rot covered in swaddles - should no one ask]
looking at [alts 'looking glass']
sabrina [if you grew up, maybe you'd be more exciting than me and look it - see bewitched 'sarena', correct pronunciate 'serena' the most embarrassing word here]

little mickey [microphone, as saying for me first by sight]
have a good time
little fun [alts 'feel offend' if you touch it the baby as held or to look for yourself]
and tuck you in

no sense [alts 'holding hands'] to me child but [don't ask why, i can't ever say it right enough to be understood or guide you - a sicko left out]
you'll do [no matter what and still for the call]
no lonely heart [you don't have to be alone in that waiting of no one who cares]
enchanted heart [you don't have to be in love a fool for the eventual fall of this a sickness one and another off]
this final chapter [alts 'child'? no backs 'so lonely child']
don't send [alts: tend...]

little makey [make things move for me, happen as people give this of us]
have a good time
give offend [do your part for me as left to know my own joy to be only]
and tuck you in [then you sleep by me some]

flowing fields to me child [ever fruit ever more]
a fevered head [one who thinks too much and of having yet day versus no flight]
no lonely heart
enchanted heart
this final chapter [no more potential of hurt to resolve]
not yet send [let's leave it off like we don't wait for their ashes either you are free yet offend for me i'm still here]
[so descend - not yet joy us, cherish]

so no one shared the love we had [seems alt 'hurt' but mp3's, codes feelings change says 'holding hands' missing in action]
no one shared it


Well, now that that's quite over here at January 3, 2009 (seems like we ridicule the dead somehow...I hafta listen to your make-meanings to me while you count the cost backwards, add some quietly I refuse you after entry and anneal as you must do same you don't count my hungries by eating with me all's-the-same ever thought to be same...make of yours here, have a point to yourself, have that point made by unless else too we add up greats not changes of one mind for one hairbeing) you see nothing more will come. If you say it, you will be known to have said of it once, twice and by the self once, twice. My greatest thoughts known to me now: nothing sent, nothing said to be more you alter your books not to be mine. Say nothing of it. Six months more and those spend money only (schools of it, where it is finally have said) will act accordingly having spent nothing yet. You never matter to private appeal (not this brand ever yet so cheap) and we get back to what's real your overall body and face in that order what? why? The sounds say why care first and last? Care is sure of it a value.

You can't care any more, huh. I care about other things withholding me from saving you some bitter expense. The gift given by you is bitterest to be and with me a bitter lifestyle. I am the stuff of your dreams bitter to else, not surefire in tell-me-why-you-and-begin-again tactics (the 'first-time winner' ever onward that lucky butt). "I dream of being with me only [lying around in but the slavic universal languages of smelly graves french-naked eating your cat and poking out each others' eyes for off swims a shark]" you surely come in to be later. Huh? Say we're middle class only - the rich (kings of men paying them eachly) know God (all secrets minds tied together and made to see itself for no problems, the gloucester new jersey fisherman lowering camera-clouded eyes of lure on long black dials) for sure. They expect each other only as I will myself to be a churl or girlish frighten of a ball that comes to see right away if scared of new knowns about me not knowing the better brand of lube. Middle class opens the door with no hesitation ever (is termed 'ebullient' expecting 'it' yet as no say hence for blacks, say is 'bald' baulb the clinical fashioned vulbaba 'boulba' sliced in all the way and clerical - we'll have more if they actually get some hair to be there by combing a trout 'dna' does not agree, allow, argue, ask, affirm, anecdote, attend, afford, ameliorate, accede, accept, amend, avedon, apres or then moiussen aves atape, yves saclame mont) neighbor signals it's okay to knock with a red paper ball taped on the front door but won't say (I place pennies outside door to confirm our channeling, if changes your sex gender - never think for the montages quite frankly dead in advance of taking they get surprised ben-atompte losses greater than having been, too). I say it's okay, but never should such kingdom slage and be come. You never question each other crown (if le must, I'll hafta see something else for me) it's the poor (ly articulated or having no names of me yet) we hate seeing to have it go (my word: 'aloof', you also firmed sucked my cock and with mine and I'll have that middle name etched in green biscomb sugarglass pricks by then - a hot pot of water and you've got sunshine all over the streamings you now boat). Do poor (s'pores) write books? Yeah! About having 'sex' - you can't keep that for longer than you can pay for it sometime slobber (you are no secret person I said not to your dumb, fat ass seen plopped and sleeping soundly as if yet eating by an open-range oven door is not dinner and a movie yet). That's is God's life of reinterpreting the self for no interest pre-paid even if one sleeping-waking erroneously notes a still hanging by neckties as if truly 'shot by self' your white temperature button remains unpopped to be up in my ass now. I hate things coming done too soon nevertheless where is mine to pop up into you? Still sleeping soundly with and without one 'glass onion' it stinks like vapor in me ass yet poof! If you ever watch me jerk-off (the right thing, the right time else be t-rex - imagine there's no 'you too' ever just me no saint sent nor fool: so people hate their bodies only see me come cheap again fisting my ass with candy rings on), you'll know why most won't mention it past making their meaning clear. In "Weird Science" shaving cream demands assistance from the next lesser fool, privately. It's right there I tell girls ask no one again they hafta tell you.

This place is made to be stupid - thrown out on it's ass when seen by better be dumb. You don't seek and certify me bald you slag. Taupe (black and white meets sweat, piss - a rent, your then plastic seat) about town you pay people to whip it up and someone notes one day they'll know why so much fast pass tv. You don't need interiors if you can't get past bald just ahead as 'with you' noting feminine (odor, o'dear...oh, honey) nature of surest safeway seen to be said lasp. What if we both die spending yours reversing to account? We didn't die in my story book - the page turns at dime usually and there it is a taupe about town. That is real. Wealth is bother to me you know it first on-demand you know 'navajo white' (the off-white choice of paint to renters) only. If I sense you picking through suicides with exclusions, off you go down drain to see where they actually come from.

See Patricia Neal is Dottie West and high school French teacher Naomi Gale before whatleft of June Allyson-Shirley Jones got a NYC restaurant at night and needed to get out of spending her life "teaching pricks" (give everything they gave they need it right back as one faggot notes his schoolteacher wristwatch inside wrist as curled against such taking thrift, your 'consternation'). Is Pochohontas (I worried about having black incestry only - what is 'Indian' anyway? Good immunities? Guess AYDS). Thank too. Get that. Group name 'Til Tuesday is me dressed up and young, dumb (we are women to us until men save you keep both nothing or have them both at once you will be nothing forever trust that - winning against good-looking touch-false 'Schwarzeneggers' schwarzkopf whatever only to unmask their hate at you leaving see "Predator" and argue with us - I take no prisoners to harken with unseen aliens as hairbeing radio 'you hear even when you sleep' killing machines...good looks versus injury and about is quieted there he rejects the military's broken center jaw with muscle left to be clothed under still seeks me - so threatens this life as murderer must be spot).

'Til Tuesday is Tuesday's child never knows - until you know better re the unseen at a ten (10) year shaving more of it down throat (see New Jersey wash my hate down your very drain). Dumb bitch, but is God hopeful again with you at helm. Next band practice but not after Monday? A good feeling but unlasting from going to church both truer in it but be better known as nothing new just you. I have majors a guilt complex only - the real me unpressed down to face black cock no man no matter - versus the real me you don't matter like that or as in a thought. No one cares about you this way (if they do, you got some wrong 75%, 5% is me seeing you yet me). We redo to our care later and you were there only like salt and pepper arguing with tabasco brand sauce on a mustard-yellow lazy susan* while going around the table - who got taken more "and but with scrambled eggs [still cooking outside of the pan I'd add again]?" Who asked? I make you know when ? I can't stand to know yours any it more and pay my rent. Patrick Cassidy is our sometime dealer living with stars and other nonesuch with us. One dress gray ago, I get to wear New Orleans and live like we do here but with rich graveyard niggers in attendence to us. I've had cocks in my ass, sure - but one day expect to be better at it and with me creating hernias. You don't eat nothing here to say it well - you'll die trying on me hole the actual 'holy see' (hold, we'll then hafta 'see', mary see). Right now I'm working on my gravestone for you to give me: two gumby-like star children holding papercut hands and taking flight abance waving around you dance flame. More less art later. Hate? You are female body naked of grass and rolling over each other fatly as cows at wood fence to get nothing but same view. Mine to be yours. You don't undress that to me. I didn't hafta be this to see you being that for me.

We spent everything I had it all beggars too...nihilisms (means you get everything back one day? very carmex, [though everyone knows and rids these, car mexican] very symbol rich [no opposition versus weight] never knows much sex s(c)epts granting of to others as eats little of it).

When you work for people (they find you solemnly agree to pay, but after you - no pay is said no money after all no king no further say, no, and you?) you can't dial up my fact among fictions (intelligence dials esp) with this shit outward, but on a boring evening close by I suggest you clue in. No one hints at me, they re-address theirselves briefly. You can't pursue me bargains here with ips crisco in languages. Sort you upwards as I envision being hauled into court I never answer willingly jail to make true a statement of many ironies ('you are no one' but kind and worrisome buys death simply but at home later with many gas surgeons mask of ghost me you needed to be less). They were lovelier hates than you think...prove nothing 'sit if i'll be the shit' for the moment.

Pet Shop Boys Unclue: "Opportunities" on the first album but "Please" as meekly seeking own on radio hit masters won: ' i studied at the sorbonne | i doctored in mathematics | i could have been and done ' not 'been a don' beneton beneficiary no benedon male donatella don't tell a soul is female or godfather really equals never give people heaven - we have theirs in ours seeking same but as unknown...hopeful. You spend your body getting rich and known against time. Be there for the opportunity our special to no one you know not the recognition you are now firmly locked out it says as a grave of once having being. Priest proaching at night, fading you down. Wicked witch of the west in the video you came to take from me, and I take from you as only all still and when.

*Usually a plastic turntable that you keep condiments (e.g., ketchup, A-1 steak sauce, etc.) on to take and place back for spinning around and avoiding reaching and having to ask for items while eating. Used in cabinets too where ours (indeed mustard-yellow) rests to this day. The humour is called "aperture" to me - you depict all seem as flat lens focus and have unavoidable demonstration within unintended of scope. One of my favorite intelli-tests for dialing a harm.  

pet shop boys 'opportunities' from album #1
here's another great vision from the same version of greatness you speak of it

he is a 'malaca' or then the chinese-american term 'malacong' for aching-me jewish bell or pounce
'malaca' is from 'weird science' only and calls him the blonde that to mean 'a bullshit'
you could say a 'godot' device (literary) too...'i can get it for you cheaper' it says and if opportunities are key word
being permitted to do is every theft...every one of them
get-rich-quick bothers me with it trying...looks bad like a u-haul nublet in back of your car walking wounded
march of dimes...a singing gum
each like the black man in movie 'showgirls' - 'really i mean it' a non-person eating each of at words
p.s. that's a hearse in back he's a priest in a submerge phone box listening in...'which is yours?' my roommate asks often of a mortuary near by
pinching at winkling eyelids for their dopamine then is givra ebshroub to you laying on my ham now


Thanks to Rage West Hollywood for the Willy Wonka "w" made of purple-ish lights in the trees out front that can only be seen from the bus stop across the street. For the record, "Nerds" (hence cherry and grape, watermelon? coated citrus bits - spitty) are my favorite candies there.

Today (12/27/08) in the mail came another gift from the mother and husband only - a Radio Shack battery charger color green that charges both "AA" and "AAA" in pairs up to four (4) at a time I guess.
Comes with two (2) "AA" to start. They sent baked goods too later on but no money or card this year they paid enough ? I guess but no card we didn't even go out to eat once while there. I got a raincheck from CVS to expand my Polaroid video maker with SD card to one (1) gigabyte for $9.99 - one day.

Just visited Dizzy (aka Ben Gazzari of Gazzari's Sunset Strip aaka Paul Diaz) at Bristol Farms and got some hot pork sausages. Terry's parents sent $200 worth of Target cards so we'll get to that along with mounting expenses we sent nothing this year not one thing. We got nothing too.


We cancelled our iTunes agreement for no care...that's enough argument against doing the right thing. You are niggers only - see ya later. We put the website on hold at Network Solutions to make sure that's at my will too. I don't work for you, ever, but corporations will labor in bankruptcy court far and wide and under name as oath until all bills are said of it. A name is worth nothing, but that's yours to work out.

I kill fraud outright, but you don't hafta know that. Six (6) people dead tonight Arizona area. Women and children too. You earn me only and reading this won't help matter much. Merry Christmas 2008.

Don't speak of me or I'll come right over...are you ready for that?

here's another doug-type culled from good sense...

Don't forget - if you're gonna light a yule log (you'll learn) by the bottom of somebody's door to use fireplace starter candles - you can break one up to be per wick. Why would anyone write in Wikipedia or give money? I'd sign in and erase it all like they erased me.

don't forget trader joe's for those last minute gifts from the heart (with shannon 'til ten)
kettle corn is reputedly $2.29 a bag and with tons of candies and other holiday fodder
kettle corn has sugar in the salt of oil - tasty

And why wouldn't you take a "payday advance" like that of Money Mart (Sunset Boulevard just east past Highland at north) for $90 in exchange for $510 a month revolving or borrowing each again? That's two (2) such loans at two (2) such places (a check or cash issued for $255 with $300 check written to). Call for each around for details (bring phone bill, bank statement, and blank check etc.) but all work basically the same. We take them because I don't work at all and you beggars never do anything right ever unless you and no one wants anything that bad and for the asking. Why not help be part of playoff? That's my way untermed...and forget business talk unless you handle big amounts with no seams (answering upward-out, nothing for you to take) - just add up all you pay for what over how long and never worry about how much and why to who how.

I worry about mountains of debt to with niggers in jail calling my phone line, but if you bounce they clean cheap and easy at $15 If I had what's normally naturally mine I wouldn't need yours, would I? But see how credit buys more from and pays the little guy on the street (if crime IS PAID, but deserves it more). The street is where fate is fought and lost at readily may I one day only be you with no real teeth to sink into it.

On the way to Money Mart the other night, the "real" Harry Potter, his red-hair friend, and the one who's supposed to be the girl but is asian or taliban looking and is androgeny itself was on the bus with me. They looked like drag queens basically there are alot of them out and about these days. Harry held a box of dominoes (with Mexican add yellow) and asked me in the head to bless them and I did.

john carpenter's 'the thing' repairs me 198x
this smart being is like me - replicating (duplicating) a homeostasis (well-being) first, but fears you entry while making-doing
this is always met with haste make haste
we're just trying to honor a good-enough answer with our own questionable being
you don't experiment with making hair from scratch - you have that already made, inert
'the thing' is a cicada or locust sound - it's familiar, friendly enough we had 'em every summer in nj you can even hold one like a giant green housefly no sting
they get theirs from newport news, connecticut where they harvest them lively enough for sounding off against 'wishes made'

merry christmas, motherfucker
this from the front (anterior vs. posterior or standing from back)
a more natural view of would be from top as blacken wings folded past head or 'gibloch' (high hand folded or mouth open always)
they eat mastis or corn freshly picked only and yet lying around - keeps birds away some yet
there is no green grasshopper or cricket here - these open folded from no egg but bird laid
the bird eats grasshoppers (we make them here) unless you have too many then these come back to roost and draw in even more birds
so see - the brown crickets indoors and at night are left behind and live years alone dying of thirst unmade by them just to keep it simple yet alive

kim wilde refreshed herself with boys around too - garden grown so what
the banberr'd song is 'say you really want me' 1987
the guy dancing from rear with belt is particularly good - thanks
you're a 'flesh in the pan'

Dipping in for a brick bacchaloid - here's Curve "Black Delilah" MP4 (4.6 Megs) nipped at the burke for our review and further pleasure..."  what does it say? 'fuck you and go away' come what may...this is your own limitation (the dead say it this way to non-performance of rites taken...this is your own limitation made meal). You'll pay for that 'round the yard. This from the 1996 or so EP "Pink Girl With The Blues"...yeah you get something saved or done or we'll steal your entire gig - basically a hamper hounded with 'real' dairy seals and you'll work for us as shogun-for-hire while I perfect your meanings to me (no, you are clever use of interrogative, you don't want the actual answer as draco false and awaiting of you spurts). It not about you yet, and I'm internationally and curiously known (but after the fact, after the gold dust rush, ex tempor radvius you heard yourself once too well on one day, woolen clothes have shit in them the cleaner renames) for coming in at the top part each leaving as their own testament to tape and on and on she went I couldn't yet believe anyone would eat that shit or even hear of it as made to have of dur-fipps, but then again, nothing else rises so studiously as caution of it. I run to the disposable part-player to shut that crap off act before act burned into the same frame but not seen to be so well. You cap that or I'll play you one of mine - you don't DJ or sing-as-the-faggot here in my home while I perfect the bleeding eyeballs of a yaphet kotto for the regathers of arch-fend ebola. No shame in it there...a whole zodiac of sweaty striving pan-am niggers just looks cheap - I have to relouse for that and shave down the inside of someone's asshole with hot rocks in an old leotard that 'folds at flame' need me to be with and seen to be without - that cost you again but your credit is good with our heat foams and mint shields about the line down. They don't eat boogers to show you a basic brown cow - they want to have a little something between them like zits but no so easy termed out to flank shirthouse English blood booger like a Curad is displayed is now not just yours to bungle then treat. Abhorrence is everything to a fucking freak.

i wish i had a letter
to prove i'm clever
like a living will
that i fulfill
i know i hold secrets
but where does that leave us?

reaching out to the far beyond
leaping out to the great unknown
(it's my best friend)

i wish i knew better
what lines i severed
think you're so on it
when all you do is hum it
reaching out to the far beyond
leaping out to the great unknown

how do you feel?
i feel fine
how does it feel?
it feels good
what does it say?
fuck you and go away
come what may...

a sucker for sadness
confessions of madness
they wash the debris away
i'll side with the liars
and sleep with the buyers
when all else fails...

you just don't know
that you've been being bad
you only care
'cause you've been feeling sad
this is your own
this is your own
this is your own
(it's my best friend)

this creepy sustainer (alts: creep who sustained her)
is how they contained us (alts: 'her' both left as third person speaking of self)
whenever she gets in a rage
she bites at the business
while crossing her fingers
says she's going away

she just don't know
that's she's been feeling bad
she only cares
'cause she's been feeling sad
this is her own
this is her own
this is her own

[if your 'best friend' is sometimes the best of a dirty, useless needy in it)

Ray Conniff "The Little Drummer Boy" MP3 (3.2 Megs) these stories are sad but folks will die of the truth no one was there at all. Not one came, so she went there...she mostly stole stuff too. You'd need an extra angel just to keep your shit lit up at night she took his lamb and lied about how dinner needed to be eaten 'fast, at-once'. Someone else might belch over it but never aloud you gasp to me. Blecch I'd eat the straws off shit too.

come they told me
a newborn king to see
our finest gifts we bring
to lay before the king
so to honor him
when we come

baby jesus
i am a poor boy too
i have no gifts to bring
let's lift to give our king
shall i play for you
on my drum?

mary nodded
he ups and lands in time

i played my drum for him
i played my best for him

then he smiled at me
me and my drum

[from heaven...philistines or angels specked from earthly bound sing...the animals rise to honor him, 'ups and lands in time' is to be playing the drum well, to be heard speaking of well for it)

Watch "War Of The Worlds" (starring Jon Benet no less - she's magical, no? and everywhere, kinda) online for free (use the Firefox-only one, and reduce the picture size for bumpy viewing) one will abide. I think this movie is le grand...people hated its realism. Hilariously good if in the vein of "Independence Day" (all hi-fi - if beats the blab out ya) and all - see it. Is it real? People get mad over this stuff...I do it anyway but you see near misses everywhere (aka see then the bother making me). Can you imagine being omnipotent like Jesus was and having to answer to no one special every how? I'd save you myself...actually you'd be beaten, stripped naked, and carrying my shit across town. I get scared of dysfunction taking over...when you don't hop for a dollar, you're gonna hop for it anyway. I'm so scared of being a living joy for losers made daily, but you gotta tell 'em who they are and I do. Then, I soften 'round the edges and do it again. "Life will punish you bad." All the wings I pulled off and still you quote me a sting. "I'd hack that up..." with respects of course. I'm so scared of bother and I'm with you the silent-type killer-keepsake. Psst...I got attacked in my dreams by dead things and I was left to be semi-ugly too...the things I did make me sick! That was that then - you. 

"National Lampoon's Vacation" National Lampoon's Vacation starring Chevy Chase and John Candy too (1983).

Title of a new Curve song? One is "Walking Away"...that title nearly made me cry. How about your own Moon Bounce for the holidays?
Omaha Steaks delivered a party package today 12/15/08 from the barren folks (this better not be it - I want a green "AA" Energizer battery charger I said and to top it off we had steak and potatoes last night with delicious Trader Joe's corn from the freezer section there like it was off the cob it was so good). What came inside was: beef top sirloin steaks, beef tenderloin steaks (filet mignons), ground beef burgers, stuffed filet of sole, stuffed baked potatoes, and a "chocolate lovers" cake. The site says $60 right up front. American Airlines gave us 5,000 frequent flyer miles for the delay had - you hafta join the program to get that class of service returned I guess. I made Sean stay on the flight wait while Toni wandered - I was going home no matter and wouldn't be abandoned by him yet he sat in the bar with others. Meanwhile, UPS made me sign a piece of paper for October 5 saying I didn't get my jacket - how suspicious. I wrote "did not rec" next to my signature thus.

It's raining here like crazy THANK BLESS! The western sky looked like Venus' clamshell with us inside holding a real beauty yet. The weather washed out a Santa Claus scene on Larrabee with fake snow and all...yesterday. Chi Chi LaRue's pink and orange is open now on Santa Monica Boulevard, but don't rush over. Is way too stately yet with no videos less than $40 I have my 2-for-1 coupon through 01/18/09...poppers in a locked fridge.

Ray Conniff "Jolly Old St. Nicholas / The Little Drummer Boy" Ray Conniff & The Ray Conniff Singers - We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Medley: Jolly Old St. Nicholas/ the Little Drummer Boy from the "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" personal favorite. I have the CD here in a white-rimmed case the song nearly made me cry twice.

this was another thing i liked at jcpenney who's getting in on the whole arcade-at-home style entertaining movement (credit san diego-mexico then)
we had similar a device at six flags great adventure (but ten miles away from home) with the advent of season passes and no touring money for food thus - you sprinkle with cinnamon sugar to perfect only in a paper cone
chris ondy remembers but says the cost at $129.99 'is not my range'
don't tell me about you again...their $99.99 hot dog maker as 'ferris wheel' boasts twenty (20) hot dogs at a time, but we smell sales at a football park maybe we'll roll out a skelton popcorn cart?

Cranberry Bread we just made - the recipe written out by Terry's mom we made three (3) junior or gift loaves with this perfect (and remember 'nut roll' too):

2 c. flour
1 c. sugar
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
dash salt
2 tbsp. hot water +
2 tbsp. butter...micro both together
1/2 c. orange juice
zest* of 1 orange
1/2 cup nuts (we used walnuts)
1 egg
1 1/2 c. cranberries
350 degrees one hour
small pans 35-40 minutes (toothpick comes out clean)

*the rind grated to bits

How to make nut roll (this feature copied from December 2003)? Loosely, make bread dough. Three (3) cups of white flour (e.g., Gold Medal), one (1) teaspoon of salt, one (1) cup of sugar (all of the dry) then adding one (1) prepared package of active dry yeast per (yeast plus warm water, maybe a pinch of sugar helps you breed). With regard to warm weathers and the sensitive yeast (a high respect) join with two (2) eggs (I keep mine warm first - a cold egg is harsh to me start early), one (1) tablespoon of cooking oil, and one (1) cup of milk in a bowl (breast of warm thanks). Mix together all and knead vigorously, keeping the dough light adding flour until no longer sticky. Keep adding flour to knead. After all this, let the dough rise once in a bowl covered with loose cloth - some say six (6) hours I abuse and no drafts. About after an hour of mine, I mash all down to knead a bit and then flatten out like a pie crust with a firm rolling pin dusted of course with the ol' Gold Medal. Inside and all over, I spread a paste made in a saucepan of about two (2) cups crushed walnuts, one-quarter (1/4) cup of sugar, one (1) teaspoon of vanilla, and one-half (1/2) cup of milk. Heat all of that up once on the stove while stirring and then let to cool slightly. Spread around on the flattened dough and then roll the dough up crescent-style folding the ends under slightly when finished. Place the entire dough of wrap on a cookie sheet and baste the outer bread with beaten whole egg for brown and shine. Bake at three hundred fifty (350) degrees for one (1) hour watching. I make this of memory and it may crack open during baking, but maybe you know better and get it perfect for you.

May the merry-making continue-begin:

Hadda go to Target to buy a new DVD player today (12/30/08) the old one burned me up too many times being seem and is now disposed of LCD screen and all begone. Target had these for $29.99 until Saturday and we got in there to get it and just for $30 (you gotta see them hanging above though and with remote no speak of). Now you too. The screen just tells you it's loading up anyway. P.S This gentle supposedly plays all CD's and MP3's too - JPEG's - take a look at the specifications at site for extra deal. The customers who wrote in are false and try to get you to steer off for Target. Meanwhile, Circuit City will hook you up with a long, flat black box by Sony for about $40 progressive scan (won't shut off when idle) and all (DVPSR200PB). More about Philips: I tested the unit - it plays regular CD's on the tv screen, easy, and from menu picks (I played Led Zeppelin's 1979 record "In Through The Out Door" on mine here). As for MP3's, maybe folders collide within. Still testing some.

Led Zeppelin - In Through the Out Door (Remastered) - Carouselambra

Stopped by iTunes over that faux (falsely attributed) iPod shuffle (Terry insists he'd get one of those "nano-chromatics" to watch "porno" on the way home while riding the bus - more shit for dreams) and picked up Pretenders "Birds Of Paradise" remastered on the "Pretenders II" LP (1981) desperate for an already title to buy just one. Now you know to add some. Did this while home in New Jersey...vampire culture head "Nosferatu" is now pronounced "Bartholomew" after all said and is spelled backwards. Alts in Latin phrase "don't bother me" and "not pronounced by you". Christmas greeting "Noel" is for God's name on the mount "Elohim" or "honor [or then sing] him to us".

Pretenders - Pretenders II (Remastered) - Birds of Paradise

Cocteau Twins "Cherry-Coloured Funk" Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas (Remastered) - Cherry-Coloured Funk one of my favorites to hear still noted today in a movie called "27 Dresses" (the girls on "Friends" steal yours before the sale opened early ends too soon and for them - sure, top brands already shoomed out) - the roommate rushes in to say. And I quote me " it shouldn't be hard to talk down through this tiger's mouth | it shouldn't be sung too hard [alts to "said and done" in public, as a "punk" to people burying someone an] unbroken nightshade [we can't say this person wasn't poisoned a death, further wasn't left to die alone a death further further] " and further " should i not sing? (alts both to "say?") " and withhold my gift as yet to be untaken [i think to know i'm supreme in my gift left to assume itself]? A cherry-coloured funk smiles in the face of not being seen as happy enough and for you. From 1990's "Heaven Or Las Vegas" LP.

Someone says explain the prior 'this one i'll leave - it puzzles the truth' medium. You think about having to wing it for lunch one day no cash. At the deli counter while shopping unusually, you pass up their free slice of test-it-out meat to seem not too taking and yet delay for when needed. You'll be back one day maybe I'd guide to take a free slice then with basket full of other belonging too but later left on the side somehow - it muzzles the truth then. We don't need to reveal our inner selves to be as if you've always known us if a truer reveal happens to be this and another candor outward.

The official Coca-Cola store needs you to come browse some...and spy on men's Undergear at levels why not.

Robert Plant "Fat Lip" Robert Plant - Pictures at Eleven - Fat Lip at once from the "Pictures At Eleven" LP (1982) I guess...stills me.

more from mtv's 'made'
early schoolmate caren schmidt joins spanish king rudy 'raoul' girandola and time is taken aback
rudy was married to valerie bertinelli who was the mother in and out and wound up on 'six feet under' i guess...i think...playing a 'diann' strong woman whatever

Frank Capra's "It's A Wonderful Life" It's a Wonderful Life if only to remember how bad it gets around Christmas with you here too. Thank God.

"The Dark Knight" The Dark Knight says The Joker isn't Heath Ledger, it's Neil. Wasn't this on tv?

MTV Shows

Amazon still hasn't sent me my red windbreaker and insists they did. And you? I'd buy the sleeveless one too in mustard for a white long-sleeved cotton-knit shirt. MTV has been showing some great early Toni Collette (fat, blonde pink hair - a star is born) stuff from 1986. She got famous in 1992 or so with mean and rich, Boy. The other woman is Lava Lady or Mike Myer's sister Julie Newmar. The show is called "MADE" her episode is "Homecoming Queen"...zombies and all. Hi to Carson just saw him yesterday ? and said hello on the street.

yuck - well, there it is i'm the one with the bra on somehow
from front clockwise: eddie husband and nigel ollson, rick jr and albert einstein, rick wittenborn co-founder microsoft, zachary scott's son, leslie and sharon stone, my mother and madonna, me and you, scott and the cable man, chris moon and frank sinatra, skylar(k) and jill clayburgh

Couple of links: Chef's for exciting kitchen stuff plus, and then Sky Mall from the American Airlines flight from bell. To sell is to be the biggest beggar, but you don't hafta be so mean about it...Brookstone.

Apple iTunes

Thanks to whatever makes the huge "Doug" for approaching planes near Dodger's many rounds about out to the bay and back maybe Las Vegas? The answer? Dodger's Stadium roads around ? from up blackest oceans to shelf. Hillary Clinton and husband rode in the Super Shuttle I booked earlier (up to seven persons thank fuck it was just them by call - only $26 plus tip) to Wilshire and Westwood. get out. Someone said aflight I was gonna be delivered to San Francisco and hafta hike it back to LA - these all real quote to me by no farst.  A job made me fly there at once in the morning with no quote and but sky...see you shopping yourself to Barbados the finest black man dentist ever home of Freddy Kreuger to wash his butt with toothbrush using your camera to screen our cavities. Didn't Sean get bit there on the arm by a snake reaching for a tennis ball under an ocean bush? Bahamas? I gave silchinous birth at the airport however invoked.

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you might have it better than me

Apple iTunes 
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maybe you

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The big black wash of fabric is for huge space fans to peer at you large with "six degrees" of focus? At will to be seem me.