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New page on the 6th....maybe much later. Okay Here It Is: Your Link To The Future This Space-Dated January 9 (The Real And Only "Missing Link" If You Will) To Title January 2008

DSL Modem Upgraded Now (I just tested it again after $5.00 more a month agreed to pay AT&T Yahoo! HSI Express whatever $34.99...this did not impress me either stay with grandmaster DSL if can is the message*)
Test: 2.54 mbps, 392 ninety-nine percent (99%) rating overall..I've noticed nothing really an 'E1' connect now)
Test: 2,546 kbps, 433 kbps

*Remember, I don't decide much here without having higher dialects with certain abuse everyhow, everywhen..."You love dicks - you love them, right? Dicks...right." - I endure you only mostly is the answer. To fight this is to know that I can't keep anything in my head for long in terms of doing to you. Is drawn from nearly scratch every day with nothing written down and wait for suggest in manner and use of speaking. Use that to be happier somehow somewhen.

For further development:

Rod Stewart comp - get to know him better Rod Stewart - Greatest Hits
The Belle Stars "Sign Of The Times" (not available at iTunes elseway the roommate plays this for notice)

Jefferson Starship "Stranger" Jefferson Starship - Platinum & Gold Collection: Jefferson Starship - Stranger

Spice Girls "Stop" Spice Girls - Spice Girls: Greatest Hits (Bonus Video Version) - Stop

Kiln album noises Kiln - Dusker - Fyrepond (these are supposed to be teletypes of Elton John songs...IBM 220-210 deciphers correctly...not from people...artist only -to- plano, or machining basically to grand -to- teletype or numbers versus pay...I picked a song I liked best for little whistling noises and suckings that remind one of others not seen often enough but heard to be with).

Prince "Erotic City" make sure you have this the b/w of "Let's Go Crazy" Wendy and Lisa...THE LINK WON'T CUM! SEEK "THE HITS / THE B-SIDES" YOURSELF IT'S THERE...ONLY THERE

I liked the idea of selling all records across the board as same source 'us, usually' developing all what insert (obviously missing then you see it too - a type of person exspouses or reveals you) but the record bought paid for all offered - a person buys a record is the only act we see no pride. Then we decide who gets paid - everyone along the way as providing some of the sold system. Mercy? No you made a record, we pay to have it a copy not to see it shine. We don't decide who to shine. It works in our way.

After New Years, we note how cute everyone was here riding the bus over to Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard and all but walking back on Fountain eventually noting no bus stops but having secured my ace freely and at a max. Sure - white twinkle lights every other home with parties and lots of little groups all piped up coming and going. I heard no bells at all afterward at home so grouped it up. Stopped and talked to two bigger-size dogs nearby and fenced in on the way back (a small house party within but spilled onto map hoped not to see this argument) and promised to get them "better food" etc. One wouldn't come near but sat off at full attention....

thanks for covering halloween too - personally, we don't do well ever but you can
see the ghost in front with woman bound across eyes nodding down? they take this seriously, i can't
someone collected on the way...photographed for interesting look only...'pizticz five' say 'pizz-eet' for 'please leave [me alone]' in russian vernacular or region

these gals 'shit in people' they they do (to react is to be welcome once, and maybe not for long - eat crap to get them back i liked it better than ever i know i did)
just between you and i, i ridicule people for sucking dick - 'you did that, no one cares what you think after that you sucked a dick - i saw you' - never be embarrassed over you just the combo of people is bad
you can always know good to yourself that's how i win all 'poop is mine alone, in fact' will not work at all like 'you can fuck me...' gets challenged but i never trick others you simply are a trite of me
but back to, called 'bitsz tomlins' they captured my attention too - my miserable short-lived night the same jerk every day no other
'we could fuck...' or then these maybe
the dead are cruel 'cause they died like jesus died 'orange appled' or having extras no one will bother with (pectin is not so fresh, they say about simply piss)
when? afterward? that's when you reveal hurt not to send before (you lived this spot, you're not going to live this out)
we host you beautifully no matter what i do...thank you again people think i'm crazy i'm not just or
something so creepy about people so detached from truth but sumly ours always thanks to gay (friendly)
and forced gifting - never leave anything to people make them do it all for no reason but to do
get reasons together later..when asked if (always pursue a value as purely left out + why you would still maybe)
thinking kills us dead we have that stuff made by you already - good enough too we're actually bored 'the good son' let right go of in favor of weak fear
never hurt kids ever omen 666 - you are always wrong crazy-wrong always but people shouldn't necessarily take you up to see it graves and fools mining to be the hurt
hurt them and their kids too if need be don't get dumb hurt the kids bad or the dog ('then we know his price at least')
so nutsy,..choose some stuff here that stuff is yours alone
we delight to you heaven knows! we see that stuff and still yours is not mine 'not here, bitch' you eat that shit at home
i don't eat that shit ever you do in my heaven alone child-murderer paradise 'tanta' virile and newcomer the bally 'fracas' and 'eye' honors the mexican bird
you're in heaven (ghosts + material being as one lifebeing blended...ghosts are the difference we have that everywhere) and that is no fool - it is awful, but it is mine...real tube travel never in the world!
this is heaven, fool (we have ourselves to blame all but a talk of leaving some)
this site is a guilty pleasure - 'you're here reading up, we know it' somehow kind no hurt intended but you may have bother being with yours
like i tell the feds - not so fast there, these are brilliant really...your mother gets cautioned too as a dope you may actually be couldn't help me too
nobody causes more trouble than differences who delight each other at first - that's a index crime another shitbag from central shit
i had to prove i'm better against losing bad at it you see how i am now i like everyone until jailed or hurt bad
never let that rise...not in my heaven 'a nigger to probably sure, but only in bed' another the secret of nymph

"How do you know it's real? You didn't have to ask me to see it." - dM while taking up space at 7-Eleven today (getting money orders for the rent and as if unseen)

This CVD flique being ass-watched right now as blowb-rented from the unseemly of local and library: The knifey schools of the lower-and-upper Christian-belt "Saved !" Saved! starring Macaulay Culkins cripple-chair and else is on up some girl. Is great comicky so far...lots of siss-weirdo Jesus shit and student fashing out in the loud. Pray for your own cast of spells is in it. "Jesus, Sweet Jesus...come back and see us." (This just in, still watching as rapt: The little song about trapped in this sky orb and pulling me down to the ground sends me 'round the bank looking for losers - no one will be trapped here seeing it shine through thanks Toni out from under the bed only after you die off naked. No one asked for anything yet there - sloppy reading on.) Similarly sends "Almost Famous" if to see and say again. Rodney Bingenheimer (note: erstwhile friend and an ex Robert Cooper was Darby Crash of The Germs major drugs always with school nurse-diagnosed AYDS if mine to him is 'you can be too dirty for disease' but got our hepatitis to us just fine despite any further alarm if no one else would care, really, so we go to work anyway with no real bother then but with one health department call just earlier or then down the lane and was photographed as an early Liz Fraser tapping microphones all the stars here it says) stars young if again.

End result: A movie triumph, really - these people were hard to pick through Cleary's. Throw them all away a triumph. Back to library we went a fee $2.00.

Apparitions? A great one made out of uniform black roots forming a body with what seem like the steel rods used in cement kept wiggling hard as a tree at the bottom of steps outside a window here - really strong movements changing itself from a potted palm. The arms overhead were really aggressive as if changing a wig or then the head itself over and over with arms rolling fast as completing a whole rocking of at one shot. Good stuff...maybe as black ribbons then. Elegant. Then another night, a single layer crane or then straight out lever like a girder on a hinge comes off the building across the street as mounted center and clenches a car on the street with major metal pliers to lift or then crush front to back and place back. I seemed a threat and broke it arm at hinge to signal my disfont but error must see. The car may be crushed to drive off this not.  

CRAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 YOU OL' FATCHELL THIS 2007 - YOU DIDN'T GET ME ANY PAYPER AT ALLS FOR 2007 IT WILL SHOWL...I COLLECT AT THE BIMP YOU FOOLCHO HARP ! Fuck my friends you this cheap papercard yume. Zatch haertpel...I didn't do nuthin' but whack-a-doodle all da dayme. Finally got our moneys back from Visa headquarters...hrrrmph. Still we to seem, my machine-sewn Christmas wreath coming to be seen made out of old green bedsheets queen fitted rounded and tupped inside all of it clipped up like hormer hair and tempera paint balls and bowel both flets red...for next years hemmage. The real 'crystal cathedral' at Santa Monica and Fairfatts with no known worshippers will or be afoot.

Coke delivered quickly enough on their 20 oz. coupon today *December 31, 2007* by mail (ol' language, sinuses? we say 'paninaro' - the panorama featuring less of what's seen to be less as narrowing in view or simply people missing from in photos from once were never have been not once you were...not named) - but Visa webwerx (a call reveals it as "India") still has my money as belibbled at homelessness marked by TJ's. Real rage to my riches we don't ever bank for you citing poor or poorly atttributed (no bother to be seen by you winning) cash flow (every day demand of by seeing shines whether you need to be glistening or not - never discipline the shelf or say it again to no sale "people have their needs met soon enough, don't bother to be the do get to the end of it by sale")...thanks Coke. Give like yours do to get yours back.

Because You're Not Me, But Like Seeing Me (Much Like I Do And Still - That's Real Or In Your Way Eat God At Inc. Only Faggots Defend Women Against Personal Taste And Having None, My Maxim), Open Case #212 "David Beckham": So this male beauty-type magazine in free print distribution called "Just Us Boys" (refer to specific error link here) has another boy that I liked my mind says is David Beckham (empty my hat: is or was now at UCLA as what?, kinda married a Spice Girl...Sporty Spice? I've seen one shirtless photo to no further note of neither nor - we know nothing more, I stopped looking for others portrayed on the 'net for being rude in mixmasters like I stopped dumping others out of the group downward for ensuing sex parties if they'll just leave we go too but appreciate the offer always but is too costly in time manner for near-beggars like us only - too hard on the hat returned...see you possibly never then as bother only a bother is a bother see no value in us either or you need to pursue your own dreams not likenesses of others with or near you - people are too cute always but pursuit of happiness reached is real enough thanks). Anyway, another Doug Moon beauty is chosen by me if you could see the one photo that will not come to be just yet (and as you learn to speak of like me all claps in the face to unloving unknowing of suspinions - never a question by me to me, but answer me to be with as some or mine "I gave you a clean slate, why can't I get one?" because you are finally dying as just doing it all the time and in-front of others - still me to be resume). You are a palsy? You are spent and dented? Welcome back ! we will know you as fresh and free for being like me - and as me. Welcome yet. A nigger?!? Another doll - lo' and behold. This shit is bothersome the undead and other crap I live with try and abort these for being harsh to you see. Fuck 'em - I'm the important one still. Know about me - in a world full of fools and the fool's fool (reportedly and still another "woman" or "wounded man" or then "wants out mainly, asked nothing") it pays to you somehow. To woman or then any of ersatz or inferior substitute: "If I come, you will go." And you will go. "If I'm doing this, what are you doing?" Still?

"So cherished as a bullshit, you put a roll of words in someone's mouth as they try to speak to you however some off topic." - dM who died being even less than you are dying - grow up, Pig...we won't afford the any wait

"This dumb piece of shit I live with (the "dead" as still rotten in the tooth?) should be fed shit to die. I don't need to be this to get the likes of you...I have that here, but not in me. Rock the vote out."

That was me bitch.

"You don't need to floss all [of] your teeth - just the ones you want to keep." - Dr. Ricciani's office in Trenton, New Jersey...never mistake what's real for what's not real or not good looking. IS ADVANCED OF WHITENESS (AGAINST DRUG USE OR HEATS OUT IN EXCHANGE FOR BUTTERS-BOLGERS CLEAR COLOR-SEEKING SLIMES) IN ITSELF. "God over" (we, you cannot know much more here why say it better to be yourself) disagrees slimly saintly - we go with known goods (like the sweetness of pretty white dicks if possibly with foreskin a little shit wiped inside if particularly loving against this all or not having anything useful ever but seem still - see "breasts" or "yes, ya'ams"). Someone thinks I owe him $80 for bonding yet (a bankruptcy maybe mention, my mother paid any all or ask me again...will pay, you will work off more damage and be brilliant). Is Neil's father, and like him, I'll blow you first. The bonding on chip was excellent we need you still. Kid yourself - ask my father or his father (who is actually the famed Max Factor and also a regental jerk-off who hurts me only) about sex just once. You be professionally declined as unsavory to "temple" or what has theirs already, thank you no. Really? Thanks, no. Oops - that's me again lips turned right not left as such said. Credit Neil with the floss saying a true child prodigy a pubert I don't like hurting ever though he kills me daily for you and we both agree that I had to go as the one true cause ever. P.S. A Neil needs to give head starting at three (3) years old and there is always cum 'yes', and we had tonsils removed for such and as such said. By far, the worst operation in terms of healing made ever. And I've had a nose job and a quite-striking lower abdominal cut over the cagis. All for sex - paid over and over and over you. And over you yet. "The dollar best spent is spent on one's self." That's what mean me...clothes looks interiors. "Beauty may be only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone." I know in it's there - and quote to me.

Another movie I saw? "Shakespeare In Love" Shakespeare In Love starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes (Rob Lowe) directed by John Madden or then the comic John Candy. Yes, he's still with us. I call this movie "The Running Man" because that's all he Shakespeare does - from place to place. This made right after and during "Elizabeth" as was just shot...34,902.

like 'family guy' has my ideas...
before i know i have them
that show is about peter ueberroth [ne bennett]
a pre-fab building at ucla (use: nift educations like 'assertiveness training', human resources) is named after him a near residue from the 1984 los angeles olympics
like arthur 'age' ashes, would not pay or agree to such said...a nigger knows no such good 'fondle me'
we honor you only ! see thom goode (is mayor bradley meets our own dan moon as fake elton great job though)
supposedly i was michael jackson then and in-hiding with my boyfriend while the huge concert staged in philly...i am prince also 'some of singing'
charge cards are carrera's (and our own sunglasses) from macy's.(them bambergers or then 'charge hogs')...white pants and blue upper lacoste knit rally it all off
true: if i wasn't him, i wanted to be a big success gets deeper scoops up hate (that is, collects hateful lives with being black, plus all the success one issues upward...days at studio 54 greeted with 'why are you here?' gay) 

however, ueberroth may is the golfer who crashed his plane in arizona too (um, tom everett? died with blades 'not real enough' says he)
says he goes to texas to take a new body in a pool somewhere
father used to give him a caramel candy if he'd climb a tree naked
i watch the comic show often enough - has stuff about me here all the time
lying naked in the livingroom with thirty puppies is about me and my erstwhile boys
cripples, in my heart, are not acceptable business 'that is not a lifestyle to portray'..but pay for 'curb cuts' carts up and down slopes at streets corners and nicely for jews
but as a smelly cripple i may need your company one day
so what? no - the nearly courtless 'asset seizure' is against making drugs only - they will take everything of near-value and so what? you kill people being dumb for it as both
call it what you want - you get fucked only transferring law to your vanity's label
i'll hafta shoot you in your hair

Visit PALMERCASH for studio tees says friend...the making of "Who's That Girl" (parts one, two) is funny at YouTube...Neil is Sean Penn you know our waybol friend Jason Erickson (visible and Michael Jackson and Brendan O'Brien and singer STP) is Chris Penn ? and Robin Wright is just Madonna I guess this movie was called "Shanghai Surprise" (after the New York apartment building on location filmed the 'old' Trump sector behind 5th and door made in Shanghai-China - no guests first, just you and high ceilings) and then "Slammer" you know 20th globen anniversary and all 1987 someone Neil sued to get another film made but remade first producer-writer-director George Harrison who errantly axed him out 'for saying things about [him, Neil "is fat and then be-phlegming" he says for quote and is now]' he is also 'Griffith' Dunne too, I such person just father who is 'raped' artist David Hockney we have his the elder Dunne's little book here anyway "The Way We Lived Then" with cloven photo kids, Paul Newman vascing or lemming in it, sum Natalie Wood going perhaps overboard yet in the backyard sense (lump-finch-fleck...halve bewitching, none yet real). When at You'llTube, press on any part of the screen with mouse to keep it playing. Force quit (escape + option + command or apple key) to get it to quit as interest fades then start Netscape again.

Beef Burgundy Stew
3 slices bacon
fry crisp remove
1 1/2 lb beef
flour, fry in bacon fat
remove to casserole
to skillet add lots of garlic
1 tsp dry mustard
1 can tomato soup
1 1/2 can beef broth
1 c. burgundy wine
crumbled bacon bring to boil
pour over beef in casserole
bake 325 degrees 1 hour
add potatoes carrots onion mushroom etc.
increase oven to 350 degrees
bake until veggies are tender
(1/2 hour maybe...
pour over biscuits)

This is the "Amadeus" soundtrack no matter what Members of the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields & Sir Neville Marriner - Amadeus - Serenade in B-flat, K. 361 "Gran partita": III. Adagio on Decca Records was Fantasy.

Thanks again to my family for Christmas and only...the rest must be some sort of joke. Nothing to be seen as. I know when I want to live like shit as someone extrapossessial, I call for you. Keep yours - make it all up to you first. "You live with us, not the other way around." I don't work for that ever fucking cheap bitches I still have holes in my mouth. That's your standard - I'll get to you soon enough.

the real one today...i liked it alot thanks we have names no one gets wrong for long
just called the family at my mother's in washington's crossing, new jersey-nova scotia all is well...
they all including father and wife were at sister leslie's last night in jackson i made her chicken wings in canola but forgot something
celery salt, salt and pepper, then bakings with barbeque sauce?
we did nothing today but eat
boston is in england proper at leeds but fence
sheffield (toni) just below that in newfoundland
trader joe's charged a florida gift card twice yesterday but made us leave without our food $64 in
we had plenty anyway...fuck you for knowing too much and too little for it
we made delgados for breakfast today (egg, cheese, mayonnaise, avocado, lettuce, all on white-ish toast)
dinner last night was beef tartare or beef wellington (as beef stew with red wine then and over hearty biscuits)
today this evening will be spiral ham with sides of potato and beans, mustards

the second two nearest the top were charged for real but edit - no one would give us anything
beware! i warned them to fuck off without mentioning names...i think idiots get involved with me every day

someone on the news today (just as I came to, I guess) said the queen is using something "high-tech" to do her annual christmas address to patrons ("people who know us") this year 2007...
what is that? youtube.
see and say.

"You should be noted in this world for being able to provide. I can provide some." - your compassion for that

Christmas Eve 2007 this just in! John Badham's "WarGames" WarGames starring Matthew Broderick (the first-rate preview at iTunes kept me locked in, Girl - I loved this movie and probably saw it four times 4x in the theater). The international bombings are that easy (oh, sure - some kid sending 'em by a computer mind that lets you keep trying), but it's like exchanging gifts with the poor at Christmas. Each bomb sent like a basket from Harry & David - the bitches just eat 'em. I can't keep paying for that while you scamper through the bits left. One now notes my father's wife Joanne is the woman in "Torch Song Trilogy" whose husband cheats with Matthew our fave star (I dig the husband character up in mind from time to time along with old neighbors, etc. - nothing you'd care to see freely). Anyway, if John Badham is Burt Reynolds and Olivia Newton-John is Joanne's sister, you see how all comes together badly enough. Are missiles exchanging like Tic-Tac-Toe? More like robbing a bank - don't expect them to have much on-hand the next time you help clean up.  

Ahh...the rain and cold giving a rest yet midday...people are getting the medium of cash gifts (mother $200 + bakings, mother's daughter $100 Visa...for me and Terry and plus some for Terry $200 Visa) in and on-time...mine of little boxes to be said as late (we return no 'i love you' with 'i love you too' theirs - we sit pleased and knowing of you yet). Not that anything would change should keep some. In the meantime, commands to all afoot to open the Santa wondra full of stars and lights to each all and then begift the family outward by a dream (new cars again? fags...this all before having been said to I'm fine anyway let's not drag about with 2008 syndrome or cast abouts afoot). We couldn't care less thanks some. No, we don't rely on witchcrafts to flame the meat while we need to eat (early to Mom another People gift subscription by psychic query we'll maybe have you pay for later yes yes as I chat with Carmen Diaz in Minnesota as first to pop up in my head about no potency or their stars, really, but must know who-why anyway all very "crab apple" or what I tell Jews is eating at the lights of, lots of pretty lights but nothing to eat as such is seen as too bare for life). I think back over all and love the treatment of less reasons not to be this. Ho, ho-ho. Meanwhile, touch-of-class whores ('why we're better' elegance meets in a home near a Lenox china outlet) everywhere may eat. The dead send cards as such - an old bag of potatoes ribbled with lesions (now all but pulled off with "[medical] tape" say the attending of blacks) gets fucked in a wheelchair and maybe now remembers your name less rings, crafts of blankets. Thanks you all, a picture of your toothbrush up in some black man's ass framed in holly for years onward. Never blame to them - it's me still and as owing some to them (my grandfather still says having Neil's ass was far more pleasurable this way - nothing more attractive than need before having your head rolled and bleached in the washer downstairs).

Like my father who had his $50 check cashed twice now no harm (no account to deposit, a third party then...see a check-cashing place but I had Terry with as regular customer $5 off the note as the 10% fee), give to all as if it were you lacking on. No wife scrutiny listed on the check, we'll pay him back for AT&T one day.

this video proved me once more...dave gahan 'kingdom'
never worry about center source 'you tube'...meets less uploading as one of many me saying some, less copieds to sending saying
a proof! when drops, regards my site verbally you'd say - the initial crime being the mention chosen to be at all
you won the lottery here - keep studio argument out, never give studio to a hostile truth maybe
you don't use anything from here to hurt me and others, do you?
thus those who discriminate from paying may still get paid
they own everything already? they may own everything you want, apparently
at mcdonald's the owner is out front at the counter i'd say less any bother here
otherwise keeps cash from being sold as your and an old bank, kinda
p.s. says he 'if there's a kingdom up for sale, please buy it - we'd like to have it' me something you truly owned well, be well with it
...don't work against people as they pay to you

the video is about?
we see the patron of the arts dave as me ? sitting in a parking garage as waiting to be accepted by secular ('not here' or worldly) society by his looks and after a recent death and replace?
no - the parking is the first thing that let me know that life in california is way better a good move - we have electric gates with remote and parking underneath a major celebrity here
his teeth may be cleaned by advanced processes and colored light? no -  whatever his looks, he was found to speak with much could accept that little or look harshly at what no one needs to talk about
in america we as the army focused first on making teeth nicer if oral health could stop us from hating each other long enough to maybe have sex and pay first then instead of at arms length
otherwise wait in the garage (perhaps as i wait as a threat of being too nice to know at first sight or any introduction at all)
we see madonna's house a recording studio perhaps in trenton nj where friends meet to record at a home we'd say among friends 'there are no stars in new jersey' but did i leave something too nice for this - being left out?
the windows think like a mind at night by being blinking and shorting making us move along as perhaps the dead to you still...
the trees in the yard are ambi-colored now leading us to and away and perhaps just to enjoy as a new view to the same old place...reversing that harsh bite at you or making it harder to take
as you wait in the garage each day perhaps tiring of being a cheerleader for the place you know they'd love if it was or wasn't yours to displace

what's madonna's 'drowned world' video about?
it's time to leave again from a french hostelry or toni's house with big lanterns above - see no more light but fancy and how!
if from leaving girls, she has to pay others to be there for her taking pictures always - they send shots in and she honors them the french are crazy about people but are not 'thank you' welcome
they don't care either
you sit in the car after the greet of flashbulbs and you are on drugs, period
you love the feeling of almost dying of this stuff 'no one cares me' a wet heat in your lungs - 'rheumy' we say - but beg no change as you'll be fine as you experience the full spectrum of lifebeing
'bald' she says...
coming to a new unexpected high thank you and lighting right up, you wander through the underbelly of another hotel
all is exciting again unimpeded and you meet your daughter or else small and she has her gift to you
along the way people who chased life too much and show the decay you permit and forgive them for being with - they are gross!
they don't care about you at all, but who else for me?
change nothing - this is mine too
madonna says 'drowned in alcohol they are suing each other'
doug says 'drowned in their own tears meaningless they ask of another day with'


This just in from Coke Rewards - my mother writes my Christmas package will be here tomorrow (just cashed my father's check for $50 for birthday + Christmas yesterday...needy again):


Congratulations on choosing your reward. This email is a receipt which confirms that you redeemed 24 points for an One 20-ounce Coca-Cola Product .

Delivery by December 25, 2007 not guaranteed.

You will receive your reward within the next 2-4 weeks, but between now and then you can check the status of your rewards anytime. Just log in, click on "My Account" and choose the "Rewards/Prizes Status" tab.

If you have any other questions about redemption and fulfillment, visit the My Coke Rewards Terms and Conditions.

Or, you can send us your question online by visiting

Keep drinking Coca-Cola Company brand products, collect and enter your points to redeem great rewards.

Thanks for drinking."

Attention American Express Cardmemberses! Take one of the following albums for free online just for subscribing to their "Entertainment Access" e-mails at "" (and thank LA Weekly):

Alicia Keys "As I Am"
Santana "Ultimate Santana"
Kenny Chesney "Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates"
Celine Dion "Taking Chances"
Barry Manilow "The Greatest Songs Of The Seventies"
Aretha Franklin "Jewels In the Crown All-Star Duets With The Queen"

(yes, all avalaible at iTunes...take any link in to credit me wisely six 6 minutes then)

Eugene Ormandy's "Nutcracker Suite" Eugene Ormandy & Philadelphia Orchestra - Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf - The Nutcracker Suite: V. Arab Dance (starts here with my favorite "Danse Arabe" if you will)...or else.

this 1993 pressing of cocteau twins 'snow' was worth $100
get both songs at itunes and just now!
Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine, Vol. 2 - Winter Wonderland

We repeat our X-mas fancies:

Doug's Favorite X-mas Stuff To Hear A List Of More Than Ray Conniff Than Carpenters Than Grant's A Very Merry Christmas Albums

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Cyndi Lauper (still big news - get the LP I will too pay her for it)
A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi Trio  ("My Little Drum" ! + "Linus And Lucy" famous already, "Skating" ! , "Christmas Is Coming" famous already, etc.)
Merry Christmas Darling - Carpenters  (their Christmas albums shine me "Christmas Portrait" + "Ave Maria" my favorite version to date + "Sleigh Ride" singing about pumpkin pie like Lady Di socializing, I just heard it in the laundromat today asking-beckoning and "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" with "(There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays" + "Little Altar Boy" we hate this kinda drab it's not but for me Karen now back with us didn't sing much on the second record (she did some additional recording while dead turning up as 'tapes' - I love the death pallor of it and her missing somewhat a homily to, a jewel of saint spent) but it is worthwhile - see both albums massed on their "Christmas Collection" LP yes I bought both LP's originally said)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Ray Conniff And The Ray Conniff Singers (LP, "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"...."and bring little billy a drum this year | 'cause that's what he likes best" + "The Little Drummer Boy")
Snow - Cocteau Twins (EP, the aghast "Winter Wonderland" + "Frosty The Snowman")
The Nutcracker Suite by Eugene Ormandy sure - available at iTunes and at the very least
Step Into Christmas - Elton John (the tape just dropped off from Heaven at MCA - Elton hated it it said for not paying him)
Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
Wonderful Christmas - Paul McCartney (add Linda "simply having a wonderful christmastime" sold to WPST a local radio station and for me)
The Secret Of Christmas - Bing Crosby ("it's not the things you do-oo at christmas time | but the christmas things you doo | all | year | throo")
Winter Wonderland - Aretha Franklin ("while we groo-oove by the fire")
Star Carol - Simon & Garfunkel
O Holy Night - Johnny Mathis (I hadda fight for this and with God...a black man singing to the cradle - it's just that good "only 'cause he did it so well can he continue")
Jingle Bells - Jimmy Dean (is really Elvis with niece "Harmonie" Wells...Grants bought this you may have "We Three Kings Of Orient Are" by Jimmy Rodgers also him)
2000 Miles - Pretenders ( + "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas")
So This Is Christmas - John Lennon (and Yoko Ono figuring in prominently)
Another Year Has Gone By - Celine Dion (they say written by Bryan Adams...maybe)
Sweetest Dreams Be Thine - Theodore Bikel And The Pennywhistlers (Theodore is the Unabomber now deceased; we love his song - a "pennywhistler" seeks small change for this here done and with you)
Toyland - Perry Como (my father recorded this)
Silent Night - Julie Andrews (better yet.... get her shit from "Victor-Victoria" the movie a blast to the head)
Santo Natale - Patti Page (my paternal grandmother is singing this - we love it yet...yes, she is Patti Page or the original "Pat Metheny" her maiden name is "Metheny" as Catherine (Tomson - original married name) Moon our new army-bestowed name....2nd cousin Craig Moon now is actor "Cary Elwes" brother of Dan used "Pat Metheny" the name to play clubs and such record - all hers sang for radio yet of Moon Electric in Pittsburgh, PA that is Harry or Johnny Cash then)
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day - Johnny Cash (trust it)
Christmas Medley - Peter Nero (a mindfuck, really - I love it from Grant's)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Bruce Springsteen (and now at iTunes another east coast favorite of mine and standard like the Paul McCartney song - Randy Alexander's WPST oh! when John Lennon died, or when "Double Fantasy" came out! when Tom Petty damned the torpedoes! then made this happen or then Philly's WMMR a KROQ sister station ok just KROQ but all played it well I know what stains me)

and remember LimeWire for picking through the best of.

Dan Fogelberg? That is supposed to be Al Bundy (George Schlatter, Jr.). RIP AL Bundy. His father (um the "Sr." Charles Pierce, Linda Evans) had to go hold his hand through embalming...Chicago, Illinois. "We're getting through it - it's mean." The other one wouldn't be mourned, they say. Below, the only song I know "Longer" on "The Essential Dan Fogelberg" collection (2003).

Dan Fogelberg - The Essential Dan Fogelberg - Longer

Nine Inch Nails "Something I Can Never Have" Nine Inch Nails - Still - Something I Can Never Have from his new piano-type release...."Still" (2007).

i still recall the taste of your tears
echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ears
my favorite dreams of you still wash ashore
scraping through my head 'til I don't want to sleep no more

you make this all go away
you make this all go away
i'm down to just one thing
and i'm starting to scare myself
you make this all go away
you make this all go away
i just want something
i just want something
i can never have

you always were the one to show me how
back then I couldn't do the things that I can do now
this thing is slowly taking me apart
gray would be the color if I had a heart

come on and tell me

(you better make this all go away - just come over...and don't sit there and cry and embarrass us together...oh, nevermind)

This website was supposed be shut down for non-payment $19.95 but I called it right in. Supposed to be shut down for the plano or parts "Mary" herself can't master  - another gift from me to be given by you I suppose...the online system not collecting as due and paid Dec 6. "It's not a gift to from you, we take it." Yeah, with another blade to your face.

madonna 'drowned world/substitute for love' is about having your own kid and doing without friendship 'til they grow up

devo 'r u experienced' who knew just how good? from 1984's 'shout' lp
message: 'any special handling requires experience, thank you'
'i wouldn't say beautiful' or mine '...but that ain't a fuck'

Devo - Shout - Are You Experienced

i didn't say it was good - i was subjected to this on one of your weekends
you don't need this except as a gag gift the first pot melded

Catching Up Putting It Down
12/17/07 0938
Had a regular weekend no party favors - hope you got your sal suds (salty, but not actively yours - a poison'll get that) on order. Watched "Monster-In-Law" on tv with Jane Fonda looking great that movie not bad at all and "Poseidon Adventure" was not key (this a tv version to save someone's ass) but I liked the security agent guy (actor Jason Gedrick hiding) alot. We made a big ol' pot of soup out of "The Marshall Field's COOKBOOK" ("Boundary Waters Wild Rice Soup"...for anal-urinal retentions? yuck...grade 'B') and we went and had a "Italian grinder" at North End Pizzeria last night not worth the bother really. I just want something from Trenton, it seemed. No tree, no gifts, no merriment yet. Just eating.

Thanks too to for being so shitty online. On the back of a grocery receipt I get code #PHMFTJOMKOB6 or 24 points for a free 20 oz. Coke (the best bite some say - retails here at about $1.39 or so) but GOD! help you if you try and inhibit enough to get this online a print-out coupon or in-fact by mail (doubtful, another shit). Thanks for wasting our fucking time everywhere I go...hope to die. Call 1-866-674-2653 to resound it says. Next time, just let us fucking pay to say and play. Other noteworthies:

BMG: We are a stalwart company - that is, no money here until you pay us. Paying us means our children and our children's children, apparently. We pay our bills with what's fluffed up by you. See you then. Our families in Germany never made money with you - trust that. Sue us, you see nothing again. Signed "Bergurmeisters" or women there.

iTunes: We never promised anyone anything - the government did. As such, beseesch them. They rob us daily of our needs too. Will not resurrect once down. Coming soon. Doug Moon you cheat us too by flicking around. Fuck you niggers - I never stopped fucking you I collect your phones daily for heaps permanently broken at your home. Add some...34,659.

Columbia House: We are a mid-market (only after a year of release do you sell us) routine for blacks. You see this, we give you some later. Later never comes here. They take shares and die of little or no pay by court order they own half now. Sneaky niggers cut my number of "impressions" (their homespun language for "names given [as to complete any sale by]") from 4,640 to 2,301 - see the chart here January 2006.

ValueWeb: Completely destroyed by me - they own nothing and Network Solutions should be cautioned backwards to them. I want my money, Bitch.

Keep playing I collect yours backwards with you lying there. You won't get much by attorney, either. X

this is the southern entrance to comic eddie murphy's estate "c-bubble hill" (note the added 'c' for psychic times taken)
he said he had to bury cement and plastic pylons in the dirt of the actual hill left to keep people from vengeance and acts of
or digging the hills up a la oj simpson (at once noting hulk hogan rents his estate still...see that no bother as worth $10M)
i always like to see what blacks do alone and friendly without others about...
the cement pylons - without blocks or shoring even - keep bulldozers away and unfriendly to costs then...value to date $9M...califon, new jersey (he says 'orange') my uncle paul lived there
remember, ensuing crime (value-based openings of can) and losers (wouldn't know if they won or how to say) are cheap as per their accomplishments in life you lose anyway
why pay? murphy is reportedly white and as actually in our lives and was colonel klink on 'hogan's heroes' monacle and all gus sanderson is his name phone: 222-2222
don't ask him to say he won't but adds privately 'if that's what you want you get it here - not there'
either way, i don't like hate it bothers me senseless...says murphy 'i want a lasting tribute to my accomplishments seen again and again'

the new "blab!" is here "blab! 18" and at amazon for the own coffee table along with 'the many moods of the penis: you are not that' and 'sayings we all got wrong 'til now'
this cover is beautiful with naked women or nymphs - maybe so made of the same quick - diving in to relieve theirselves of no such consideration
while i blind to the exposure of the same few things the same few times
a much bigger idea, you get it right for you message is sealed in wax for you only against your seeings of me perhaps in the sky but you dove in
it's a cold world outside, but few reject my warmths

Finally ! I defaulted on all credit cards issued (< $1,000) - fuck 'em. Extra charges in the mix always and nonsense fees. Fuck 'em. You call here over anything and you are dying. Promise. You give God credit, Nigger like I'm only you a fucking curse to be born. Always being that stupid. Try it - and keep calling over what I owe you. Keep calling me. Merry Christmas, Cunts. Help out here - do your part to be just like me. Or let me kill you dead. Some seen again...yet me will seem.

Don't I Always Make You Happy Ultimately? No? Here's Another Vision Explained To You 12/13/07 1333
Did you know that when Jesus was crucified it was repetitious and looked like a graveyard of cement hanging wayward ghosts really - a bunch of them for the asking. Like someone ran a program on them. Has the stink of people being special using their gifts too harshly (I'm also showed ghosts at wound or intersect with any meat pulling back from - that reduces suffering for what damage was asked for - "so hold them to it" it says). What else? Lots of them there on cement crucifixes hanging out to dry. I always undo everything next day, but never care to know extras - for what? Back to, in my head I saw blacks in Africa (probably in Nairobi?) waiting and pushing at a train platform as it came and went by without note. As usual and it seemed, they all ran after it by its side like they were going to work (nothing special in dress noted wrappings pants mostly in color beige), but someone said some kids got run over by the mob and I thought 'so what?' they hate weak people insisting on being in the way (you turn around and see that again - no help just a bother). It looked like they were just having a good time good-natured is all I'd say. Problem with? Blacks - or what I "corporate black" with elegant of offices under and underneath the ground - are not real we terrorize you with stuff blacks rising up. You see these people and question your world. They get paid to be this to you a primitive peoples with their tits out eating bugs that is not real - even with someone's guts and as doctoring you they are mocking you bad. They know who they are but scare you into being here working on our truths. Don't make it too hard on them or again and no further say like me.

So cold here...and inside. "Nairobi" the name means "not yours to know about". "Chad" for "chadefur" cuts your head off. "Kenya" is the woods or blatant eating by animals (oversensed killing). "Niger" - originally thought the official-sounding "Nigriss" helps offset the 'n' words "nigger" (always one more than seen by you...I teach blacks the word in Africa like I teach fat piano in a gift - they don't get it "nigger", but I say if you only knew how biting why make 'em know my own hurt?) Yes, we've edited here thanks off. More by request of: "Somalia" say "som-ah-lah" means "someone says you're here [I doubt it]" and then mine "Angola" to mean "all you grow [or go along with] we have and here dying". Another..."Uganda" to mean "all you gave we ate - send more to eat" the problem you stole was bigger.     

Holiday movies! "The Addams Family" (way better ! than the series if you haven't indulged yet)..."Ghost World" (Madonna in the lead as dark-haired girl with Jewish blues and leanings everyone waiting for theirs and social mandate to get better stuff giving out first the likes of Lani O'Grady, Gabrielle Carteris etc. Jews...still waiting for Sirens ' we're gonna have fun fun fun | in the sun sun sun | 'cause you're the one one one | we're gonna have fun! | we are gonna have fun fun fun ')..."Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" okay that does it and famous NYC attorney Sam Cohn was Mindy too? Air mattress at Target. "No links no pay." How will I know? You tell me when nothing is to be mine once again and I will still pursue my own selfish interests with it:

"People know you don't know anything when they hear what you say so perfect in it. They don't startle by you rarely - nothing is new but somehow told to you." - dM who lessons learning

"You aren't worth anything. We project worth at you - I don't pay for that stuff. Wouldn't it just be easier to dump that shit outright? It wouldn't." - dM

"See what I see and just try keeping it all in. Someone else should also say something - if you're really there, that is. I hadda talk about to be real." - dM

"Proper oral care is at least as important as proper anal care." - dM says this means nothing unless you're an asshole 'better watch (wash) your ass'

"Tape everything shut." - dM then simply end that to me...take it all and throw it the fuck away...get around to them too and make it to last like beams over the break of day

"If you're just me, then I must be cruelty in and of itself. Pardon the act of while maintain our innocences abroad and afact." -  dM you laugh, I'll cry for us like land mines swept out to sea

"Just do one planned on having you being this little to me but I charge by the cent." - dM every dog I ever fucked bit me on my face, and each time I cried like cats eating feces in a cage

Just do just how sure.

Elvis "Blue Christmas" Elvis Presley - Elvis Christmas - Blue Christmas with Rosemary Clooney (one if guesses) making those sounds "like chimney smoke" in the background...hanging stockings was apparently "putt putt...putt". Our new air freshener has "snow" in can almost get the fragrance that or by just sniffing for chimney smoke. No melon scents should in the bathroom after kiwi conquers with that hassle that's some liveur a drug lord.

Kansas "Point Of Know Return" Kansas - Point of Know Return - Point of Know Return

Dave Gahan "Kingdom" Dave Gahan - Kingdom - Single - Kingdom

I found out that new releases get turned up after a while because he God over doesn't want poor (like an enemy, will annnounces the self...seen to be without...a friend, sure...expensive, i.e., porch-type people if "poverty" is somehow "pottery" then very "plural" always decrying others having ask your synthesist - poor prospects, poorly received..."that's a damned shame - poor bitch") people having records for free (recording and mastering remain as yet unpaid). You hafta pay it up the lane first he says he knows how they are and how they get stuff for pay me first. The dead think all piano playing is beautiful? All? People are like that too - no matter how crappy they like it enough. You don't hafta play well for that kind of audience and I think 'how funny!' when you can play well why bother me with all of it. Give me the good stuff no one improves me pleasing the likes of me sucking the inside of my cheek.

We here wanted to note that we just switched to Time-Warner cable's Road Runner high-speed cable internet from Yahoo! DSL keeping up with the Joneses part if (that plus then 'snob appeal') at but what's supposed to be five dollars ($5.00) more a month he'd say if could and he did to me (I decide nothing and am asked to leave daily with a phone call to my mother it says - you are that). The roommate Terry tests the line with another service on the Internet and says it's not delivering yet though the three-times 3x speed required at five dollars but is no hamper either. I say they need time to fold in? No...he's got a full hard drive? No? Cable used to be sheer electric force and at will this isn't just that yet. (Note: Think we're gonna dump it cable access anyway...stuff ain't working right like YouTube...locks up...DSL is still fine we say.)

Cable Modem
Test: 3.21 mbps, 442 a thirty-three percent (33%) rating overall...that is translated to mean every three (3) minutes a dime spent on you or no more than three (3) minutes a day of download speed

Test: 3,024 kbps, 460 kbps

...both mine just now, and as respectively the first number download (to your computer) speed the second upload (from your computer). I didn't test DSL but imagine it points to that label as such and so said so. Ours says "cable modem" yes that's it we have an Apple PowerPC G4 with OSX too you may see that.

DSL Modem (I just tested it and never is not satisfying to me a 'T1' or universal standard about maybe no)
Test: 1.26 mbps, 305 ninety-eight percent (98%) rating overall...seems like it too
Test: 1,273 kbps, 322 kbps

is uniformly better:faster across times taken...cable used to be blazing ! but is expensive $100 for all told (cable tv + internet) a month
all phone with dsl is about $50 a month and cable basic is fifty $50 there it is
p.s. yeah, i know - i corrected 'mbsp'...i know someone cheap is thriving in it - i tell important (to me and others) people 'nevermind, you are important to how well a handwriting perhaps...sorry then' 

Two (2) movies as first cut or no revise downward: "Trading Places" Trading Places  with both Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd (um, hilarious) and the downright exciting "Rambo: First Blood" Rambo: First Blood
I've seen both and don't hafta think about whether or not I like 'em - we here are lusty for both. The first film mentioned (a holiday-Christmas film as shot lovingly in Philly when it was just that cold out) was made before Vic Damone was shot at ("by his mother") as forced to run into blades erringly - get back to art and sense then. The whole cast is dirty and fun about giving the world's best to a lowlife black while throwing a credit-worthy white down the stairs at the same time. You can cut a white in half and pretty much see nothing new it says, but god help you if you're those two old men experimenting with others and at your own social cost. Aside, also see Madonna's "Who's That Girl" for even better rich people jokes with street-smart types about...a real hoot! Then, the very first "Rambo" provides much entertainment that is simply error-free a cruel triumph for hatemongers (um, people who hurt people and physically only) and the type (who preach it - like me #1 valor is unless bored with really the price too little at). Brian Dennehy a beloved actor takes it up the ass for bothering a stray-type man as he enters small-time town. This brand of justice is served and this well. Stallone doesn't share much, but is Christ-like all the way in. He mercies no one here finally shooting the bitch up in his balls-ass through a floor in a department store. Believe in that just. Like that snake on the hot road said to me in post-haste "I didn't know where to go." Eat at that.

Madonna "The Look Of Love" Madonna - Who&#39;s That Girl - The Look of Love ...' all the books i've read | and things i know | never taught me to laugh | never taught me | to let go ' - check out Duncan Fuare's "24 Hours" too...may have that. Promo video.

to sung with no balls on ' dear baby jesus | how tiny thou art | i'll make a place | for thee in my heart '
we get people to commit to god's crimes (or knowing mine first) this way...being born but first and to apparent nothingness then play
but only after no less than two (2) others complicit commit to the crime of making me be with apparent nothingness then play
blacks say it's your obligation to hurt another unspoken and in this fashion may be crime
(notes to myself you better save the file on that note...the computer unexpectedly dies like a woman dies playing games)
anyway, we give you this 'gift' from time to time - and quite it's real - he has god's every power, but is you and malevolent or harming at times
the clock tells the tale - he gets pretty scared too caring not for the answers and working it all off, it and as you may see them - that pays my bill with folks too...being scared
you just hafta care for the bitch and with better thoughts - like with anyone gentled to you, really - and although he agrees and secretly tries kills you anyway
he, sick and sad, leaves us one day and hopefully with good thoughts in mind god in heaven hates people around as all being less than we expect to know of
we all get to kill you and in time - so what we have that
someone lesser says 'he should kill himself' and see here with appropriate markings afoot someone who lives and dies with no further note but with kids who live and die as perhaps even less than be note
i say 'no one special' to mean 'no one you hafta regard out of the fear of being hurt or used to some unhappy end' - you may enter as far i'm concerned
none one here needs to think about anything but being more god-like or then perhaps another crime: having an end result that is supremely or then infinitely satisfying to note...all is well then
if yours to be said would in-fact be revised downward, i think about stopping by briefly to note no further of error or that what must corrected
i'm entitled to my mistakes, even a wholesome bad day of you paying my bill
i'm infallible or not capable of being you or left with an unsavory result (do, undo, redo, do, and then do again - never an error seem or them)
merry christmas, you bitch
merry christmas! (my revision to seem)
p.s. no matter what you got, it's more god than you - a bigger and better world gets closer the god-mind that made it come and go (if only on a cheap little film for you making you think these things)
p.p.s. i didn't make you think things - did i? 

Finally ! Lush "I Have The Moon" Lush - Topolino - I Have the Moon from the 1996 4AD release "Topolino" (from the bottom up, ours used up - you've heard it all "tell the police now") - never too real. This taken from the "Nowhere" soundtrack Gregg Araki and all (1997)...Curve do the title track ' while the angel sleeps | the devil's nowhere nowhere nowhere ' - love that 'the angel' metaphor (my name for it) for God or one among us but special.

We love Catholicism for its scary bloodrites and death knells (our coffins are not yours - you don't bring that in here, but at night in your bedroom on that fucking accordion stand you die all over it turns corners easily used to able to get one of them stands on LaBrea at a lighting shop near 3rd specializing in old glass doorknobs and having been scouring houses - you'll be back with it after perhaps a coffee table made of it fag humour gone amaze) but confession is scary to kids. Why? We, as usual, don't have much to confess and hafta make up sins to be worthy of communion or receiving Christ's body (a round bit of unleavened or flat 'bread' most like a thin foam) on Sunday at Mass. The priest at our church known to us all - and no one to ask of for always being serious and older-wise beyond our interest - is best loved by me for believing it all (at a vatican-type gunpoint, I'm assured) and surely enough has the reason you shouldn't have bothered yourself too much and without saying. So in the booth there on Saturday cleansing yourself every month or so, you die inside making this stuff up ("I cursed, I hit my brother" - all stupid shit to me even then) when the slide inside each booth left and right opens to reveal a sunlit panel and you do what you do - nervously all you talking at first. After you're done, he takes over and then it's a few prayers at the altar (the "Hail Mary", "Our Father") we didn't wanna hear from you at all it says just say these in repetition we'll tell you how many no more than four (4) to me (maybe that's too much of each?) the code for us with no further speakings by you. That's all - I hated and refused to after a while (in my point of few, the furthest reaching grace is being let off the hook after serious is conveyed - mine yet: "get mad, then get serious" with each...the human mind crumbles easily enough at rigid sentences and the resultant hate is unmarkable). No one gets communion at first without it. Communion, I later figured, was decided by my hunger in church. My mother stopped going at divorce - both now taking the reins it seems. Church glories me only as having gilded wealth all about me and not much examination -- it looks like God's best to me and without a human person's little tricks in mind they know you. People can be cheap. "Christ knows me. I agree only."

Someone here interjects "left off the hook" - no. How Jewish of you. When you're let off the hook - they'll decide when it's all over for you. You're there - like it or not.     

This Just Removed To View! Gets Attention Only When Needed And Not By Me (You Are Going To Hell...We Have Your Contribution On File, No You + Me...I Use That Myself To Suffer You) 12/05/07 1258
Propers save all that bother you if: you remember Jews made gay culture for me, not for you and them plus me maybe sometime. When I woke up this morning the fool I live with (looking great last evening from all manner of abuse at work-home, but not mine still...1993-1998 RIP noneother than).

I awoke this morning to a national-level news program about Catholic coloring books being gay as I 'murder' myself to it? They showed grayprint spires reaching the top of cathedral so on and something puff paints...what does it do I thought ? to no else do I see. My mind or someone near and bothersome says through voice me outward  "Do not ask me to forgive sins that are not mine" like it comes from some teaching of yours (noting I was both class clown and honor student to other boys - all progressive polish-german-italian if not the italian 'burgs of homosexual lore, no blacks ever God is ashame - who seem to fake sorrow while praying in our after-school catechisms year after year those nuns from Ethiopia don't speak well but nativity we see rice for the no theirs first then sees me is the rule to be this home)...

I nearly hate that ! cry ! a forgiveness for me with priests and the father together ? or the kids ? after last night no other males ever but at-touch if will borrow money from other go out and stand cruising the boulevard? Okay but not for me bitch my first choice is having your 'bad breath' at home but you don't get to that either (noting aside I never really have that from you). Confession ruined my life making me so scared I could die of it. But do say if you murdered some bitch (no favor to me, yet) and need the help - don't let dumb Doug Moon get in the way of that absolution we see no God there ever, but know he's depicted well and I say is 'patriarchal' or worried about what you think of in our world of men and merely women assisting stuff if both you are not a man mother and homosexual child, never a neo but seek). I never had to fight for mine but now have nothing and seek forgiveness you shouldn't f*ck that ass is that the questions here. This may all be real but I didn't see at all just spires. Christ or then me ('a role' they say carefully to remember...I do the job to be evil? when he comes? who asked for that? gets it) isn't dying of homosexuality, he's dying ? ok - a beautiful drug death on pillow face down earning me more points and what overly points to being here alone and rejected by a scathing-even higher up named Jewish Richard ? try your hand at black bitch this fifteenth knob out in the gutter "look at the fool...made up to go out...she's desperate and lonely...and she's been putting it about" an adultress among other nonesuch women received so well) trying to get away from your no say ever he or then you or me. What I do hate is that what makes me stay here threatened to leave and join mom for a while against my wishes always you won't say but a bitch only and probably queers too working for little made of it money and the pipe-dreams up in smoke of someone I hate only Asia blacks prosper me here and I do make it suck no matter what mine named. I hate fags for running away I am sure I was 95% better than you when the time came or nothing you just sat on it (no matter how I was made to feel last night against a dream-like framing of bigger me men and nonesuch porpers, I don't look for you, let me see me in it still with you thriving anywhere else while I love it to be out with you dying of my breath spoken "and I get good teeth" the adultress would say after years of perhaps no yellow or more cared for properly you a shark of rot under past plastic veneers that still get crapped in if noting a kiss from my 'lover if no say' Chris in high school was a finger in a molar missing right rear - bei yum). Now I look like you sometimes again (Chris has been warned after enjoy not to excel in such of troubled times...or then else a homemade poster of who improved so greatly me again ? tee hee all my friends are 'angels' only - real to any heaven of yours seen by mine hand-held cash...most ask me not to note people at all this juncture many early departures no fare - fine, we'll be back gifts bastards, people who ask ahead of the game).

Whatever the error, I'm here and no one said that I accept or write to anyone else but me. You fuck yourself then who cares keep that out too. Being special and perhaps romy Jewish meant shutting your fucking mouth while lighting candles privately (a la the queen over a holocaust I saw that festival in Beverly Hills from the bus that ignored me for one more stop beyond what did I curse you with no family? left of mother no friend? Barbra Streisand?) I guess my Christmases never came fast enough either until that first Polaroid camera in 1977 (8th grade then - sex came that summer prior and someone must knew) that ended toys (the last meaningful toy? the Tonka crane all metal with working pit shovel lowering in on strings wound - a few of us had that) and having me there now take your time to obligate me too (one picture saves me from that nose until high school see Neil). No you can enter my adult life by just decorating sometime soon (don't tell people you hate me I love your dick clipped off if I have your balls here already I married every man I see I take only some though or see none - all real while someone suggests I'm possibly you) and thinking it all over in a store with others again. Infallible means: I don't ever have to...what was that? Do, undo, redo endlessly that never happened yet. Trust all that.

"Jesus walks with the father" while blacks make pornos of your school-age daughter puffing air like lamaz (the boy? you'll die..huh! huh! huh! huh! like the chills) and the Catholic church is formally not me yet but you and not me? A bucket of shit has been sent by Harry & David (we enjoyed them last year me and my mother someone's gift to them...I had a foil-wrapped chocolate pear as hollow and chocolate-covered almonds to boot nestled within a plastic baggie of 'em) to each altar for this same their last gifts I hear plus yours we said. I like to them though and want to note my genuflect at the church's altar here has been advised as touching the head and the body only, no arms. Leave it to be Jesus a throne I am the Holy Spirit to you. You forget again and come see (FACS - or - "first angry, cries, silence"...oh, it's not really important TITO, PYOO. HART) you to die with other portraits of you nearby professing better performances of me and you too. No one was anyone until I came - remember to that, you ghost of a shit-eating bitch. Kill you first with pills out of someone's old wrinkled-up balls. To be mine?

Welcome Christmas we thank each other for being still...and yet I. "No one likes a family reunion back at the home." one came
Woe...I was so sorry for myself yet you asked me nothing
Berude...I was still here after that and died.

Use? "Alas, woe, and berude - no one came to see him." Your mother only, then...very womanly, if no thanks. Hungry perhaps, overt (seen to be without having asked, thus unnecessarily and unavoidable...also may seen by people who are not with you why).

There is no such word such as 'betrude' (see 'betroth' or 'marry off' then...or as 'be true' not real see we 'betrust' or value you greatly a scheme of us trying you first with words that suggest more third person). I always have that in my head on the tongue but won't say for fear of getting it wrong and being stupid (still doing that). I hate that way of us and reject it thus said. There it is some of them inner-city priests should be paid for 'themselves' but we see ugly decline needy boys a la "Saturday Night Fever" with semen mentioned a punch in the early gut to me pregnant girlfriends ascending me and thus we have fags only and no God at all yet just Jews hating us and people who are never sure if they're good enough with no such training at the altar but see them with candle wax dripped all over the their surplices (sheen or white top of altar boys, the candle they hold to see more of it made me ? whatever - alts with a priest's black 'cassock' or robe, tab taken no women have this bump on throat...cover up with card for money 'when not important' it says). We do okay with each other. Thinking about doing is one thing, getting is another and all I see is people who aren't good enough for the attention performed asking to be freed of anyway or have a drink down to it another 'saucy lady' like here at home my name is 'since', thank you. So free them we say - or else you. "No institutions of sex" we fuck you privately and at-large if when that good. See ya later, if you need me I needed many others I'd say and thank women always for not having to ask or else I have you make a dinner together serve something.        

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'if you only knew how little it come'
we love her interviews on tv - very 'mocha' or white milk with little chocolate
i say new orleans she says alabama
i say new orleans...haven't been there yet
her first song on live is so good and funny...yet this for the christmas ball
and saturday night fever strung along these lines

Bargain last night! Growing in....too dumb to be last night:

Just now so will peek at our balance, won't act on, can't say....welcome. Still the Jew that lights privately for reasons speaks softly and honors us often this day...I like showing to you over nothing thought often of even if you think about nothing just Auschwitz (gift: Burlingame, France...most homos say blacks) blubbering back tears in a tulip (no can say) for asking just to know how. We taught nothing they author often we add Ann Hanks "They still laughed at for making the problems they talk of so often." Hurt no one just ours gawking but shot at still then get them sleeping a rooster and near that the only rot of a cow. You too? "Sit, if I'll be the shit" for the movement uck! yours.     

Lord Logo Julius Caesar was fact-fiction a fag. Who was his friendships, fact action, or frivbing the hive (no "lover" then say? - you'd offer no other if to be both)? Actually, corn on the cob. You can eat that without teeth while bothering none other than produce, back-axing, or throating the loan. I'd no sooner pay - what's taxing to you?

You "feed one hole or the other." Food is the reason, no other would offer to bother it both and offer no pay. I don't fuck smart - it lives anyway. Never make me that in your head and I won't tell you the pro and con. You can both go to hell over the reasons I'd say nothing I love you and smile so beautifully you offer so slimly or butcher then bitter that way. I didn't say you'd be going over my numbers with me - if you know what I seem is to roughy to say. Sell that what they sold you to only for that and no-so often poofin the oven popover pop-offle, packroodle, cack auchon, no loodle no pishion, no yapper, no flay. You should pay fat. 

That ol' bitched at cell phone you crapped at just crypped off its very last molvment past this few number of days plus our 'gals at greek action' reversed no local, no call of, novaction, bill to not laid. In just a few lotions, new logos new numbers to comb, your action refrained again again. You should call some they'd say again in Hashish over lotions muffled us again and again. Yikes!

There ain't no food in nature - even if it expected you we'd say too local, no table you'd sooner see than self at be served. Oh, sure - the bripple fruits harvest and hearts of it hearty, but your shifts at the road bulches but near you, no one warned you, both said it to be best 'not yet do this no one who knows this yet thrives, is still thriming, or then humming, with one then enters this, then be trying, or then be bumming, then bending it, the hive.' Bee ware, each at bee then. Bee both at. I'd be. Be them.

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the haves...

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the have nots...
just pushing buttons is every error in the field 'what does this one do?'
not using both hands or doing too much would be that too
no one makes a button for the will nots
we'd push it
otherwise known as the 'wills' or simply the 'will too's'
the 'are nots' just don't
they can't
they won't

[make me a fag]
don't push it, use indicator light for 'no change'
you have that...two dimes and a nickle in a newer coke machine give you a quarter back!
no dollars! returns susan b anthony or that indian sasquatch gold coin pupuloosa

Do that shit yourself and then sit hot your ideas more like a barbeque hotner red zozzle you thought so then lobby or proffer one's hate. November 2007 reflects...