Ends 2005 My Way - See It For That And Plus Bad Judgment Abounds For Me In January 2006

Last Night's Feature Sighted 12/29/05 1402
Thanks to AMC American Movie Channel for pre-empting "Scream 2" in favor of Dino DeLaurentis' "King Kong" last night at 8 PM after all of the "Halloweens" shown I through VI - I enjoyed the viewing all the same and while eating broccoli and beef from Panda Express (an all-star flat, they wouldn't fix me up broccoli and shrimp on the side, mind you). Notes - they cut out the scene where they show you how Kong was delivered to the oil tanker (by nets and helicopters - the net was in the gassed-up hole already waiting to lift). When Kong appears to the crowd as kinged, notice the dead's 'vow' with legs situated upright and before leaving cage - very scary. I forgot all about the logwalk across the cavern - that was great all them dying down in it that one last black was so funny (reminds me of war that poor bitch - what do you have to fight for? and then this - another chance). A great viewing had by all, but Jessica Lange is also a man and is "Noah Wiley's father" hi (apparently had a fight too just days during filming a black mark seen on the forehead). If Neil's father plays Jeff Bridges and he is Jesus, who am I? Chuck Grodin my mean hero - I made Kong and wanted you to see him somehow (all of the blacks dying make him and he is just a ghost with man-made fingers). When he steps on me in the crowd, I sail up and we become one. "All of that whining and still no fare for the taxi home." Still shocking the World Trade Center seen in fact and all. Anyway, Jessica Lange belongs to the Faye Dunaway-Puerto Rican type-school and we have our girl. That leads to actress Diane Keaton, my great aunt on my father's side (his father's sister) and Fay's wife in real life. She is Val's or Tom Cruise's mother and needs no mention here. I was cracking up about the "Annie Hall look" with hat so often cited, but that's the character entirely, and how is she to say? More later.

Albert J. Broccoli and James duBond again on Spike tv? Makes it so no further verse. Retry for Chinese take-out and broccoli shrimp and featuring oyster sauce (something sweetens within it wheat base) I lubbed it some most all. It started me on my chain upwards with vegetable tamed broccoli I hated it from child age and then other mixes morps (mostly insist-buying frozen broccoli and switz cheese side dishes with all of the florets or budding ends buttered to crossways but missing - "I probably hate that part anyway - will if thanks Birdseye..." if butts at a cheap so never misses a meal...now take it off again). Cauliflower never makes the mark but maybe manages it a stink down the way a cabbage produces champs le verd. Who knows with it more? That has the moulded floret featured and in-tact, of course if not so much cheese is laden back inside. Broccoli? Feeds poker or salmon fish when cooked off the market. Cauliflower to feed "fish" dogs fresh, but covered with watered salt. A fish dog eats a fish - any dog but chaperone or toreadors or huskies mostly. Gross, so no take-out please. Stink says "buy it back from me once - or else [or, don't take so much]." Pubes? To make stink - "to once notice as unclean." To shave is to be shorn or less attractive. No extras - to clip and save

Also to start you up: broccoli and hollandaise (melted butter, egg yolks, salt, water, lemon).

The B-52's "Dirty Back Road" Dirty Back Road from the 1980 LP "Wild Planet"....this ain't something they just did for you - trust that. Nevermind the use - we can't get to it all of the good.

Grafting Them Trees 12/27/05 1839
Someone unliving in my tree objects to my mention of grafts earlier but I didn't really sustain heavy interest on that note provided. It wasn't likely you're gonna make bags of toilet sugar from bamboo skanes either no process so mentioned so care. In any merit, you gotta clip branches off the lower parts (make it aimed and diagonally or poking it straight out) and apply with string or tape to the shaved down trunk or bark as preportioned for it no wet. Should take softly with care in months a day see nothing good happens when and if should run and hide. My preferred method is clipping off branches and soaking them waist-high in a bucket of water to grow itself roots. Perfect for hedges and indoor ficus trees and other bother I always do that for newer-looking stuff sure soaking for roots. Also, now's the time for impossibly curious paperwhites growing from bulbs immersed in rock water - a little upset for any entry into home is long green stems and white flowers smelling so plume but is with everywhere now tulips. This stuff is always second to simply buying it I hate disppointment in self's duties made me and cheap withs buckerel finds making shit to beam me gifts. So if off.

"For hath the bell told" may then becomes "for half the bell told"...then "don't be so quick to put that carrot in the window."

1) A fatter black woman dressed in a black emerges daily from the home-grave hers said a prayer.
2) She gets it to say for less and as broken.
3) A horse once fed now rejects from the driver's seat window partially peeled.
a) Your pointed offering to the place on the ledge now not so welcome as seen for its slice pied.
b) Your single-digit diamond proposal on and up a ladder in a night-time window called for by those just below and as been seeing your ass wide.
c) A snowman's nose melted to be extended off if upon entry into heated exteriors.

My parents gifts never not to be using theirs? Each a rustic cashmere blanket from Target (his - blue, hers - red - fourteen fifty $14.50 like gauze, silvery knit), a bag of Starbucks bean grind for studio style island (samed about ten bucks $10), paperwhites kit each (five metres $5.00), branch of me tree made greet (sample-less - it was acting up again last night and with big-time wheels a-burring). Postage priority days twelve fifty $12.50 at each. No soon to be yours. Terry would neither defend nor reply with his own send. One offer past one day made mine unused. So sorry it cried see you at the Gap a jacket to be stolen away once. "They don't want your junk." Why would anyone let rest no offer of reply or note to be made by me? Because you're not to be me and or made mine yet or to be. Still chooses less, is made for to be less me. Revises backward to kindness ever told. Why wait to be you? Virtue is no blind (nobody knows you anyway). Remember the good - save it in a buck. 
For 2005 Christmas Day Address 12/25/05 1230
What do you mean I need more pictures, more of color here? Imagine there's no heaven...no fauna or flora too. Called my family gathered at my sister's house in Jackson, New Jersey yesterday to say 'hi' and 'thank you' during their usual Christmas Eve partying. Then not much here after days and days of - how shall we say - preparing for fest. I arrove back in city last evening the floor just in time for the calm and quiet you so crave to me and that however now checked it off down. Why wait? Nevermind about getting no cards - okay, well one well-wisher or few none really - I took care of myself again with petty thefts and revising your needs from me downward. I tried a little home cooking last night but my natural sponge evaporated so abort ends retry replay. And you? Nothing goes well each shit each bag taken you're simply too good to know in advance.

What street would I live on simply here in LA? Outpost in Hollywood so far...clubhouses in the hills.
Who did I see on the bus with me wearing a fedora and a make-up bag? Female impersonator Charles Pierce aka cherish oldster Maggie Smith, and most noted "Torch Song Trilogy" (Anne Bancroft - that is a man too...Richard J. Hojdes...she is great too). Hi, thanks again - all pleasings to you. I was going to Target on Wednesday when this sighting happened. See no mention not mine.

Never bring me hostile say from any queen however Isaac - you are pardoned in advance of deathmaking for being a queen. I was supposed to dig up an Enya Christmas song but others are there too many no one. I need to pass on what crimed me - not stuff I don't have yet or know about.

My mother sent me lobster tails, filet minon, and courtesy sides from Omaha Steaks again...will eat about it today. See ya.


From before now: Nothing much...stresses, bother.

What If You And Both Tits Get Tossed Back To Where You Come From...France, Sure
12/23/05 0907
Nobody's thinking of leaving California yet dear me...is it that serious? Only for you. Remember norming America, California is your playground - it ain't a promised land for society's rejects althought they think and act differently we'll see dump. Say a few things about people you hate (you're a truth you can see, smell) and they want you to be gone gone gone. We get rid of that is our own feeling (this ain't new to us), and with for so much hate for this state...must we be getting something out of it yes no. Eat with me more you'll see what's here and then make your way right through to it. You think I'm a joke - look at you so silly and dying right out. "We hate people like you." What do I care? Please see this off - I never had that in me so crazy about people still trying to make it. "Drug addict." Ooo! I can afford it all still (I'm not that bad, am I?) You have too much to lose, huh, prior crimes record and all someone just ate your balls. Merry Christmas! Get off your ass and make people happy or I'll charge you for it later.

Total down in my way: 8,453. You could be dumb next.
Plus, no one paid me for anything yet...that's true, nigger.

Gifts made to me so far (plus that three grand I'll leisure with yet the ol' corn-cob full of it pipe):
Mother $250
Father  $ 50
Sister   $100...thanks, family! God bless us everyone.

The Carpenters are classy only plus Karen is a bitch like me, but working on separate hateful projects her death noble your life done in an unending.
Showbusiness people don't owe me nuthin' but I share it to get some done...forgive it for being at less I do who knows what you went through.
We don't hate people if they tried. I'll handle to the rest of it nor.

I didn't want to tell you everything but you're dumb sometimes and someone else might say it different. Get the facts - we select just ours and hate intrusion.
No hate to you but I'm surrounded by skunks - get that too.
"Are you bored?" No. Mad alot.

I killed this bitch and other demon witches (illicit knowledges) for talking shit to me and keep her in hell although she talks to me (programmatic).
From the minute I wake up - she's there bitching and I lose it half-wittingly while ghosts also touch me (help, hurt).
This bitch thinks she's me - and if I let her talk as to be living, she is.
It starts small and keeps going.
I had to be bothered no one else need be.
Hate this bitch and people who intercede.
I put them there too like idiots but they don't have a voice connection.
If I get rid of her, I feel like I'm not real - not enough spoken in the head.
God uses her I'm not good about anything either - fuck it.
She can watch and comment all day while I stab her belly and punch her - what do I care?
Am I that and naked?
Heel, Bitch.

I don't hate niggers and gays and women. She does trying to get out each tooth at a nail. Have a nice day, you black bitch.
Help others avoid trubbles or join us here in our idiocy.


Isaac Mizrahi Bells At Target Very Radio
12/21/05 1923
I had to get ornaments for my "Roman" ornamotors, so I got these Isaac Mizrahi ("what would God do?") glass bells from Target just nine ninety-nine ($9.99) for four (4) gay curses one just hangs. They are olive (a green), murusk (a blue), dalye (a chemier pink), and crenshew (simply red). Ever the silent, you see the bottoms whirling around on the motors and it's like RADIO - you know, like inside atoms. You know something's up. Very wobbly, pretty I'd say (and no, they don't ring such). Got all my two (2) gift boxes sent out today to the each parents nothing special but noted of a sprig of my howling tree included each for delivery by Saturday priority.

Another great gift idea the American Airlines gift card seen yesterday in Pavilions - make it flow.
Only second to a day-of-beauty spa card? Sure, ties up the wick, makes them go.
"As long as they don't use them here - takes time to get our money [from]."

Presenting iDog
12/20/05 1926
Went into Aah's on Sunset yesterday to look at decorations and this thing called the iDog was on sale for thirty bucks (~30.00) or so just yesterday. It plugs into your iPod or CD player's headphone jack and moves occasionally to the music and flashes light after it stores up energy for a while. The song (track #2 on CD) there was really good but no name as usual and but its movements were key. The ears what are clear turn on dials while music is playing from its speaker and the head moves left and right. For a desk - cute. You pose the rest on a short white cord from and the lights (you seen green) on the face change some too. 

See HP's holiday cards again this year....Monkeyhouse Toys...Ondy's again in suits, beware - be original, be neat my guide. Recommends "Mr. TTT" under dolls, plush etc. More 12/27/05: No, "TTT" is for "Thomas Tuckerville StreeTlang" remade dumb for us and misuse. I say it's his laugh "tee-tee-tee" with those two butt teeth like an old black buck missing it if a joke you make.

i saw this album from directly across the street, last night, painted on the side of tower records - very me
the kid is wearing makeup see his ears
the dark horse a 'narses' is christ crucified and abraham together at one a passion made of father and son killing each other
you wouldn't see that up close or then here
i like the kid's face painted for theatrical effect by him and self - he gives you a dead world as but a rock and but seen from afar
note in the song below and in abraham's voice he doesn't yet know what the big deal is a star is born...
'shalom' - my voice rings out in farthest as in waves to you...
until someone worthy, big enough bats it back to me, in my direction...something for me too a learning to be
humbly, somewhat wary, may he see me as his and thus he is also mine...
...hardly a guest though our family concerned yet
...we somewhat ridicule your understandings to glory be or having none said to me first
...humble, scared
...may he see me as already yours somehow
...someone like me? half-knowings we don't have the future left to us

Featuring OSX-Tiger's "Dashboard" As Captured Fifteen Seconds Later By Screentool 2.0.3
12/19/05 0925
This is dashboard in Apple's Tiger system- you get a weather board for your zip code entered (as you can see all sunny day), a analog clock with real spring action in the second hand, a hand calculator that's useful, and the day-time pull board with chronogram or dates falling downward but all together. You activate the screen what gels on top of the active windows with an icon on the lower-made toolbar. That's all for now you see my mail is in too. The ampersand "&" in message subject "true love is g&ood."?  Works against 'rules' (um, "if this is seen, then do this") and their scans and rejections of e-mail messages such as for the word "good" - if it has this word "good" a judge of yours, in effect - throw it the fuck out. The ampersand allows the read as quick, but fails if rules with off spellings. With the new system, my rules have been turned off in favor of just looking in the inbox and then throwing all away with "select all, delete". My read as quick scans usually start in the trash as ready to go home, but for now just this. 

Korn "Twisted Transistor" Twisted Transistor from their new "See You On The Other Side" (of the bed being secret hammer on the floor with your dildo) this cut is pretty good (LP 2005). I like the album, art too I seen ya before. What does their name mean to me? Just a bit of the ol' yella cob unleft that'll rip you up. Notes to: We make music too thanks - all your 'pretty shapes inside' but revealed to us with this. Credit Marilyn Manson for asshole people like Liz Fraser.

Ghosts Everywhere Living In It 12/18/05 0629
Finally got my tree last night...carried the fucker home meself (the other is anti-christmas statement - uses as for fame, fortune I made him do else or exit tree)...thank fuck a shopping cart from Petco half the way down the road Doheny. Yes, full-size (generally, all at Delancey Foundation were priced at $48, $58, and $133 - mine then was $48.00 plus $6.00 bowl-stand, $4.46 sales tax, total is-was $58.46 ticket #873724 for lottery types, a newer younger Rodney Bingenheimer rang me up at the cashier that old man did well unhappy bitch)...Ellen DeGeneres your Amex poster (a brief questionnaire with little write-in answers) seen at the bus stop (Santa Monica and San Vicente eastbound) was pretty funny - thanks, noteworthy (if you must see-participate, an expanded version is in Time Magazine "December 26, 2005 / January 2, 2006" pages ten and eleven as it once appears at the bus stop). Butter is since this a theme? Still playing with myself to be sure of it - just like that, yup I'm all Elton John with another bag of coke stuffed in my ass (war is over if you made it imagine they know all about you too in heaven with candid films, with posterior or anti-statements made on your behalf but for others the finest pussy not so sweet to ever the yet be you'll hafta grow all up again at measure). "They don't like you talking to celebrities." Like your show - it's not real. Sure I'll come again - why bother it though? I'm no one to people - and that's fine with me.

My name...Ellen DeGeneres...Doug Moon
childhood ambition...to work with animals...to be a priest
fondest memory...i can't recall, but i'm sure i'm fond of it...tweaking for the first time january 1993, rain, bliss
soundtrack...music...sgt. pepper's
retreat...nature...my bedroom
wildest dream...to sleep more and dream...playing backup guitar for curve
proudest moment...my first appearance on johnny carson...right! mine too
biggest challenge...patience...not appearing crazy
alarm clock...is next to my bed...blue led
perfect day...working in the garden...disneyland
first job...at a car wash...great adventure, games
indulgence...doing nothing...doing the very same over and over
last purchase...butter...milk
favorite movie...world according to garp + out of africa...star wars + sgt. pepper's
inspiration...kindness...those having kids
My life...is perfect even when it's not...the greatest story ever told
My card...is american express...is someone else's + amex gift cards thanks

The ghosts? They look like topiary or chia pets - all over and reshaping theirselves like it waiting for me near the exit it was Dionys. Some guy from Canada inhabits the tree after death doing his part for the holiday. Today we'll decorate some, Freak, nothing done yet. Other ghosts here complain about the tree they didn't want one for living a misery. It disrupts their 'talmud' or doing of things backwards. They hafta forgive this year - or else you. Everyone is here is lame - now see the light. No class...no chance of becoming the standard, I'd say. Do better. In the meantime, unwanted queers and my roommate are trying to engineer another brazen exit for me at the end of the month. Why would anyone do that knowing full well you die upon leaving me - period. Live longer than that - to trust me less. In the meantime, watch your limbs - to plan if about yours. No mercies to me yet be smart get the fuck out while you still can these things are personally ruinous three (3) find out better today.

More 12/19/05: My tree is beautiful by the way a gourmet noble fir (a douglas fir not as full yet - need be nourished further a demon's tree) any way you slice it and turned out to be just perfect in size when I got home - any bigger simply wouldn't fit. Credit providence or just knowing somehow. All trees presented for sale in that lot south Sunset are electric beings - beware. I gave that lot to ghost beings for the purposes of outer display long ago about a year walking by. I wanted to see them playing around on the way home from work. I got lots of inexpensive non-heirloom-type decorations from Sav On what are unusually giving to me this year. Boxes of twelve (12) quality glass balls (shiny and velvet sateen packaged together as one and nicely done - sateen distracts one with platen dulls to 'left-field' or outer view - nice stuff against bright and dark together) and strings of one hundred (100) twinkle lights for two bucks ($2.00) each said (people like tv's Ellen and in particular donate to beauty's sake 'abroad and near' they say - pays us this way...beauty everywhere in and out, so festive). Some out-of-the-box garlands I got cheap too real long (green, five ninety-nine $5.99). Check in sometime else.

A quote just in from Ellen: "My tree better light up that way too - or else sex with me again. Thanks, Doug." No problem. P.S. Delassandros do Glen Campbell too - many 'leg straps'. Tennis, warm glow.
Cyndi Lauper "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree from the "Merry Christmas...Have A Nice Life!" LP (1998). I wanted to honor this tune so crazy I mention every yuletide no reason. "That record by Brenda Lee is so curious it's my mother and I hadda ask her to make it again and again - she is rich and cheap with me both. We went broke buying tampons for teenage boys to use on us. Have a day." How much could they be you use the good stuff don't you? Hope it will help at that.

More on 12/19/05: Cyndi Lauper says her mother died in 1956 when she was nineteen (19). Her mother "died on drugs" in a car accident in "Ribal" France - they delivered her body to her in three (3) days time by flight they lived in New Jersey "and France" they take "good care" of women who are large fames and she, identifying the body at the morgue, noticed a severe head injury from the crash and an eye missing too - really gross they are Jewish. Her mother returned in eight (8) days to get "fat and lonely" she now says, but at the time Cyndi said she was back for a day and asked her daughter "is that okay?" and then left for a while at the height of her career. She also told her daughter "please don't be Jewish here - get going with it we're here now." No, Famous - we don't protect you like that, you live in the world as is until you come see us and fall in our darkened little bread basket, so to speak. Our way with it. "Take care of this too" she says.

Cyndi died "loosely speaking" in 2002 and returned shortly after to ruse more. No offense seen yet. "Rich people come back fast." My father dated her mother (she called herself "Eleanor" had a daughter Becky hi plus some boy I can't remember much Robert) after my parents divorced and she had younger kids then. She worked "Starr" bus tours (um, Brenda K. Starr, Brenda killed a star - and see they'll haul you and your car to Florida from up north for like eight hundred seventy bucks $870 one-way) to Atlantic City and got me Springsteen tickets in Philly. My uncle Eddie (Eddie Vedder's father) is Glen Campbell and also introduced them. We went to Hershey Park (where are my t-shirts?) together once. Now see that.

Extra! Teachers at my high school - pay up (more later I liked everyone may mention lots of stellars...look out...this is and was an army school to say no more tough types and educated badly over the years):
Jane Palsa (French, Art) - Shirley Jones
Theresa Couture (Biology) - Olivia Newton-John

Theodore Bikel And The Pennywhistlers "Sweetest Dreams Be Thine" MP3 (3.5 Megs) is a pretty Jewish-sounding song we attribute to Abraham. I think it's really nice and we had trouble getting it last year. So you do better making new stuff - how is this different? Yours is this quite new? More: This song is actually Mike Douglas hosting a show on tv that failed "Gimme Gimme" in Texas where Germans reign...finally aired 1972, dated 1961. Included on Grant's "A Very Merry Christmas - Volume 3" the red one. The song is also talmud (tall wind or then mud, kinda) or asking people not to take so heavily, but we'll be there. A Jewish-type thing. I don't get it - I take lightly and enjoy it all anyway.

Carpenters "Little Altar Boy" Little Altar Boy from their "Christmas Collection" (1998) set actually two (2) albums "Christmas Portrait" (1978) and the eerie "Old-Fashioned Christmas" (1985) I had 'em both on vinyl new a big fan "Merry Christmas Darling" and all - again you probably have no class. Karen Carpenter says she did this song after dying (about 1982 or so) about (and for) me and I think 'oh, brother' how mean is that a clever lie. The second album has very little Karen on it a depressing Christmas ghoul here and after now and then to offer this to me. Seems at-first like failed bid to write something new on-theme - what did I know? I took it in anyway so desperate for anything like it really. "Little Altar Boy" how dare you be God the album poignant to me yet.

No, the brown album or singles collection "1969-1973" The Carpenters: The Singles 1969-1981 was really beautiful and succinct - I had it and stared at its beauty often flipping it over. It folds into this record now Carpenters "The Singles 1969-1981" and expanded. The queen - who made them - said the brown was mocha or deeply satisfying like coffee times. Sure. Record? "It's Going To Take Some Time This Time" and the muzak version of Beatles' "Ticket To Ride".

Yeah, we know it's from last year...veddy meddy clispness. Someone asked the anti-thought.

Back From Far-See, A Christmas Question Answered 12/15/04 1322
And so they asked tip-wise, "did Pet Shop Boys ever do a Christmas song?" Pet Shop Boys "It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas" MP3 (3.1 Megs) MMMMM. So, I'm in this grocery store backlot and there are these oversize Christmas cookies all frosted and mind over goes - "blacks...they have [some sort of] special flour in the [cookie] mix made with the ground-up teeth of dead people...they pull them from corpses...." Apparently, the government tests for them (actually most boiled out of a jawbone questioned then sent) and asserts the flours. And to me then? To happy holidays. More? The song is ace to me. Pet Shop Boys recorded it in 1993 for fans only and released to their fan club in 1995 with the "Very" LP outed. Elton John's organisation wouldn't pay for the reorganization of his song to them (he wrote it in 1976 for a Wembley soccer match...they played it there and by him - find that, "Pooter"). They, Pet Shop Boys, paid instead with royals and royals of it. Pray see. Pay to me.

A Butter Sense About Things What Is Oleo?
12/13/05 2125
What is "oleo" and most famously used for cooking? Butter melted with the cream or cloudy white contained within strained off with cloth or brushed aside usually no water. "Press it [in a box]" for a little bit too perhaps with hammer, nails against wood is recommended to soften sweet taste only. Cream burns and simply is not welcome on frying pans I use it butter anyway careful not to move eggs around too much once placed and gentled on non-stick surfaces a grillade or flat mostly only I like scrambled only usually this way beating is necessary always with wisk or fork thoroughly so no nice or parts seen (and I always remove that white squiggly junk what is an older egg making itself a bird yet and yes, even though I "eat sperm" a woman in every mail). In review, butter is reduced to this "oleo" and then pressed with heat and water at the same time for a margarine what is never oil really but has that sense of it in taste and melt. Oil from 'copa' trees (a black salt growing in from Honduras) makes it in, but is not recommended for sense in any way. Margarine is oldened butter only and screened for such riches first. I stand by butter 'til die. This discussion rages in me yet. Yet, adding water to eggs a teaspoon (1) per egg makes them unusally fluffy again. I have to try this myself...from the above yet me. Tuna takes your hair and is handed off entirely within back to it scales doesn't emerge because of plaques. Tuna takes your hair - period - keep eating it off. Did you eat it alot? I did in college and stopped regularly.

More: A white onion is to be used for making inner bread only - a red one is salad or smarsh (light fare). A brown onion is cooking, the white one will not stain bread much. Moreover, the previously covered DAK ham is used for cooking soups mostly...we erred here some.

ABBA "Knowing Me Knowing You" Knowing Me, Knowing You from the "Arrival" LP (1975) now this "Thank You For The Music" (1995) their four-CD collection I paid rock-solid cash for that on issue. I had their double record of prominent hits on vinyl circa 1985 on label Arista and this very one song stays with me yet today telling you how it is in that broken accent "tears in my eye". I used to love "The Winner Takes It All", but it goes 'round and 'round (like Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out" - never really lands anywhere, but keep going that thought-feeling) after it seems many lessons I loved it though - everything a testament to strength in winter's adversity of heart. So seem. Should be snowing outside for this stuff winter roads. Others ensuing me? Onward played "The Name Of The Game" and "Super Trouper" try those. "The Day Before You Came" maybe add this too no.

Psychic alley another idea because you woudn't say: In this vignette - each song has one, basically, it's me talking and you listen to each one a voice. Here, we find her walking through a house night or day with memories barking "good days...bad days". There's no white sheets on the furniture it's clear and missing each room stopped by, and she perhaps just signed a deal on a new place feeling confident she explains to you how if never to be undone. Just like me she takes a long time to get there (especially with their high production values in mind), but never looks back with care. See how it ends this way with the austere "I'm sorry - there is nothing we can do."

No, Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" is about you not knowing who you were with. Oh, you've let a few things slip and come rest in places people don't talk about. The friends there never wanted to know any more than this, and still you bother it some. They're mean, and they asked you not to bother, not to notice so much. We'll always take him back it said - we had no choice about it either. See your part else. "You will care about the things you didn't know, but not as such for us."

Are We Getting A Tree?
12/13/05 1100
Yeah - I am definitely getting one but a live one is costly and I had to think about Home Depot again having theirs cheap after being burned bad by the sight of beautiful trees at the now haunted Doheny lot south of Sunset (Delancey Street) so expensive we walked through most at one hundred thirty-three bucks ($133.00) plus and add stand then and from jail benefit but beautiful Douglas Firs only like hand-raised so pretty fuck you. I had to think it all over...and yet some. We hafta move too I'm not happy, but okay. I paid rent out fuck it to me. Tip: Keep it simply lean these days, and enjoy your damned self without prominent words to others no one cares your madness ensues. Keep a lid on the can no one really cares a stanza to be a drought seen. Keep it light you've had your says two mirrors trying to show each other now two heaters facing and warming it out. Keep it off topic, simply nice to be no repeats. I hear of your plans having to be there and die - maybe anyway I try serendipity something our theme this year is group gifts not having say I'm sorry no I don't love you now all of the cans having steamed open I remain child-like (no cares yet seen), effluent (ask others not to say reality is here with us)....somebody dropped something 'big and black' on my high school 'by plane' to prove me wrong? Tarmac from Steinert (Hamilton, New Jersey army class - very nice "Spartans" - other serious compete? 'Brick' of near-past Jackson, New Jersey - hard asses too) only a gift from these - three feet (3') wide on the roof and side from four hundred feet (400') up a bi-plane of the army. We don't make statements to people like they're important and see if known but this a simple scare very effective reminds not to. You eat yours in group feelings a setting for you to shine - not for me. Make people if they'll come to see. One day to me - come if will seen.

Oh, Sure - Taking Time Out Again While Looking For A Tree 12/13/05 1042
I can't believe it - this stuff is surfacing again I thought we rejected it together in favor of anything else anything other than k.d. Lang having her flabby tits erased by a computer (dig that bridge scene with no shirt on - simply an abuse of my gay mind). End this country crap to me - seems like baiting from the halls of hate. I told my roommate who's dumb and slighting to be right in line with this stuff no way am I sitting through that shit great fear. Then there's a gratuitous remake of "King Kong" starring Michael Vartan as Fay Wray - you need see that a maligning of career simply and not to my interest maybe DVD. After the religion-perfection of Dino DeLaurentis' why bother it? Haunting yet I hate remakes do a preservation instead. Whatever I don't work against people hittin' it like you do, but this stuff makes me feel bad inside I had to say something. I saw Michael out on the boulevard on Halloween night no costume just him and immediately thought to myself 'how funny...' - thought that bitch was living with me in and out. I can't keep track of it all if it seems both all of my lovers. Almost makes me mad so confuse. "Too many people hate your guts. I don't - you mercy me only." That's nice - come and go I have alot of bitches here...nobody gets away with nuthin' you see this.

The Dino "King Kong" as I remember it a paraphrase: An oil-seeking expedition - geography types, scouters all dressed in Banana Republic-type clothes - comes across a huge wall made of fat, pointy logs on some tropical island they were taking a look at. Why would they make this - "for who?" they ask, but unable to communicate as such with the natives who beat drums in fury and run behind it. Once captured and nervous as by such, they get to see why and who when their female companion played by Jessica Lange is chained up but out front to appease their natural enemy soon seen by the top of the stairs trees falling out of the way. Not impossible, a natural-looking beast for the size and then seemingly possible as undisturbed and fruited on this isle but very as alone. She strikes his the beast's fancy as human-kind even though she is horrified initially. That soon subsides with what seems like a pleasure on her part, but the oil company prospecting the island or whatever - a big moon seen like Tahiti and two mounts natural framed carefully in the background - gains control with her being abducted then and they poison the bitch with smokes and steaming gases into a hole then on to an empty oil tanker for the ride back the states for no oil but a publicity king seen. Not a total wash. He beats the tanker from the inside in anger when he wakes up, and once placed before people in a rolling cage crowned fool king as against naturist Jeff Bridges' whining warnings as fellow of a naked, loose-hair life all fucking and pleading not to disturb you just yet, he breaks free because someone in the crowd was seen mishandling his girl a big mistake pushing her around. In a holy rage of love forsaken against self, he terrorizes the crowd assembled for fireworks parade and kills thoughtlessly all the way to New York's World Trade Center what looks like home two mounts and the moon at night. He has her in-hand again for her love returned and against mixmaster oil emcee Charles Grodin the brainchild of all seen here, but once endangered he sets her down nearby to be shot up by helicopters with rolling machine guns to the waste of it bit pelts of bloody black costume and hair everywhere but thoughts kept behind the eyes somehow knowing. Eventually, he tires of wounds and falls all the way down to be dead for them but blinking it out softly, sweetly. All the while, a haunting soundtrack and lots of feeling. You won't improve this - try as you will. Ends like "Grease" ended - no more seen of being here.

For the record, Dino DeLaurentis' "King Kong" is film number seventeen (#17) in top box office gross or attendance then too ($12M - see later more, quizzical). I saw it in the theater it left me wounded. Memorable. Watch a videoclip right here - pretty good.
Coldplay "Everything's Not Lost" Everything's Not Lost from Year 2000's "Parachutes"...a favorite of mine to sing aloud. See their videos too please. Others recommended heartily: "Don't Panic", "Yellow", and "Trouble".

More is better captioning later...no some.

our street hilldale the north view at cynthia street - our house white van at right is in our driveway
mainly, i love the carriage house and cabana architectures afoot and encourage you some

our street hilldale facing south toward santa monica boulevard after cynthia street
this we walk to every pupil, to every street - very pleasing to the eye and usually friendly too
our couch was right here on right, but down a bit

rage nightclub at santa monica boulevard and san vicente is facing south - hilldale is left on street
we're proud of our metro link system in orange too - soon, to sherman oaks galleria us via the subway...$1.25 per studio ride, whole-day pass is only $3.00

koontz hardware on santa monica boulevard the longview is facing north at hilldale
a beverly hills direct outlet, still some of the nicer decorations afor

Ray Conniff "Here We Come A-Caroling" Here We Come A-Caroling the title track from the same album (1965) - also his "Christmas With Conniff" Christmas with Conniff LP (1959). Most cherished to me is the "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" LP from 1962 with "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" and "The Little Drummer Boy" their most popular version.

Simon And Garfunkel "Star Carol" Star Carol from the "Old Friends" CD comp (1997). Recorded on April 19, 1967.

Vince Guaraldi "My Little Drum" My Little Drum from this "A Charlie Brown Christmas" LP (issued 1988) - see also "Linus And Lucy", "Christmas Is Coming" and "Skating".

the boy and the girl were really elegant this time - thank you
moody could get close too with no bother he's that straight of a pin
they returned the fat one robbie coltrane to no further bother
with this we narrowly escaped outtakes simply pushed together

Kathy Griffin Was So Funny On TV Last Night 12/09/05 0846
Went to go see Harry Potter "Goblet Of Fire" last night - the 7:10 PM showing at Century City - and the movie was great! but long as shit exiting all at 9:50 PM. This, the fourth installment, is very sexual and beautiful too with all most of the old cast being placed well, but no dialogue I would ever bother to understand all of that crappy english afoot. Just very entertaining and to watch I'd say. Definitely a winner. My mind is goobed with other holiday crap right now, but I enjoyed it and let you know some. One thing though, you'll notice this particular installment is chock-full of magical-type blacks and 'round the world snipes, but they are convincing and carry their weight home. You gotta let 'em in sometimes, I guess now that Morgan Freeman is the headmaster and peanut-head Michelle Phillips stars as Bebe Neuwirth. Maggie Smith? The eternal Charles Pierce of the Shirley Jones camp.

Talked to Sean Ono Lennon - John and Yoko's son - for a bit while waiting in line for tickets - both of us complaining lightly about the slowness at hand. He is really nice, also recommends "Aeon Flux" soon enough (note all of MTV's liquid cartoon is on one digital issue now). He was going to see "The World's Fastest Indian". Mochee telepathed in and said he had an orientation interview at Macy's there at 9 PM for Christmas stock...hi Moch! We didn't see you and Brian drive by past to McDonald's, no (it was closed, huh). All our love. Sean and Toni were in the theater too? Hi y'all.

Shawn Colvin "Get Out Of This House" Get Out of This House from the "A Few Small Repairs" LP (1996).

Barbra herself wants me to add "Tell Him" with Celine Dion so here goes "Tell Him" Tell Him from this "The Essential Barbra Streisand" LP (1996).

i had a cardboard fireplace in my bedroom when i was younger
we didn't have a real fireplace in our house or even wood to burn
saw this a beauty at my uncle eddie's house
got my own at k-mart all folded up but with a black mantletop

Barbra Streisand "What Kind Of Fool" What Kind of Fool (Duet With Barry Gibb) her duet with Barry Gibb and from the original "Guilty" LP (1980) also with "Woman In Love", "Promises". I like them both too I have the vinyl issue myself along with "Yentl" a yet spiritual journey we sing along with it all. The new one called "Guilty Pleasures"? I don't know about that yet - check it out at iTunes and for yourself.

The Wine Not So Sweet Not So Yet 12/06/05 1223
Remember I told you last month about our sweet deal? Thirty-three hundred ($3,300.00 - see cents made out for actual fees received) to move out within sixty (60) days notice for pulling this place down should've been one hundred twenty (120) days? Yeah - mind over told me in the head when the deal was being struck in the viewing room "forty-four hundred [$4,400]" in-total made to me this offer but apparently I live too well. Now she - a cumbersome black - pulls up to the doorbell yesterday to receive gift of this month's rent beyond that so pay attention on that official quit notice come. This is yours too now. So cap down my happiness a bit - we have it some, but not well with check digit always cheap bastards around no gift. You'd think someone would offer you a fucking job so dumb to me again. I thought we just get out after pay but sometime, but the roommate is woefully compliant not my business. We can also ask to be the first notified and received if the pull-down fails somehow and no new construction ensues, but it's not my place to say. In my opinion, this place is a ruin of doom anyway you slice it make no gift or yet to be gift. I lived here against my wishes - and what does that mean for you? Lots of careful documentation you see it all. My Christmas ensues this way - I put up lights, you put up boards. I had a black construction here every day we lived it. You sucked on my electricity at the meter with that, you had friends stay in the other half on my time with the only thermostat here being disconnected somehow in there. We'll hafta revise studio charges too.

Do what you will - I've never been allowed to be too happy in this. Got alot of shopping for me done though and I'm off...see more bags not yours. Got my 'Elite' kitchen fryer from K-mart (with and strange HEPA air filter inserts - a great beauty to yet!) and my christmas tree motors from Sear's shipped from the manufacturer Roman I guess - three (3) of them received today. Bunch of little shit, but it pays somehow to stay it away. New Levi's jeans - sure. Everybody's trying to cheat me I'll go shopping today while I hold money orders for a day or two.

Fuck you I'm still warming it up the famke leverer.

The Prodigy "Breathe" Breathe from this "The Fat Of The Land" LP (1997) - I like the lorrings of camb (things you say to people when you don't hafta worry about it - ever it seemed) made slack in this - telling yorrafats and sure without saying much at all. Eats fish up for dinner too. Take the test I'll tape ya. See this video it's deeply scummy and works it all off for me I hate being bored viscally this is must evil at-hand. "We hate you making money off our records." No one cares about you - this is me talking it out of fors. I deliver much you see to much you don't and won't. Now see that my part slim yours slenderer yet. You should eat cans asking my place. P.S. I kill the ant-if-maker ecology daily with petrid acid-burning sulfurs and mad max's of part skim milk, part euro-flame botanies. We sink your coin of wells duly dry and turn up the heat back at ya to a fine solder. You words tax my divide. Faberge wheat-germ oils in musk killed all of that junk back in '72. Head & Shoulders fed your dog rapple to nuts too. Zinc meat bites at pin nipples hard and furious, Mate.

Cocteau Twins "Mizake The Mizan" Mizake the Mizan (1990 - "Iceblink Luck" EP once bracing us for a healthful departure from 1988's "Blue Bell Knoll") as now from the new collective comp 'something awful purty' just issued November 21 and has more songs once left in the lurch more to come. She wanted the new stuff out, this makes it money they'd hate to be say. Anyway, these are important to me and should hear yourself "Primitive Heart", "Flock Of Soul", "Round", "Smile", "Circling Girl" many others rare and mastered above MPEG as now. Their fans are overheard by me saying numblingly "Yeah - I love your stuff. What? No, I didn't buy anything though - a friend made me a tape." I cherish these comps with their lascivious handle-made gay arts, but window-winches aren't going to be leaving it up at a cheap.

Carpenters "Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft" Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day) I got this more recently from their "Yesterday Once More - Greatest Hits 1969-1983" comp (1985) I had the vinyl and thought it a proud moment if just a bit queasy the whole world got together and approved the message "ABBA" (comes and goes, last in first out with final check digit) - even Lower Mordor Zambique picked it out of our bone. Yeah - come in peace or we'll hafta beseech you - whatever that is - under the carpets, gourvenor drink-companion and all. Beseech (to ask one's opinion of first, then reveal [to] if not scared) is not right - we'll bomb your craft six points down the river we see all but mostly just taking off pulling the wires from the wall. Looks more like a landing to some...they say sharks come. Put vaseline on your hands and wave around - they hate pubes. For dates center use "For All We Know" and "Superstar" too...many others, and why not?

We'll be in gear soon...pleasuring my folds...there's a plywood wall in front of my decor home now...very me yet to be covert...but shame to see? You know, that Kodak photo disc came back again with the same shit in it the envelope asking for "the photos missing" too even with negatives seen in - no way, craphead - then you have all I missed. I'll get the remainder useful scanned in here with the funds returned me cash from the epiwake you cite in me. You pay me to shoot foam now. This is what sits in judgment of me - see that some. See that here. "They're being playful with you." Some see not.

Oh, It Was Just The Font Size 13 - Sorry - Still Ain't Right 12/03/05 2150
Something's fucked up with Apple's 'Tiger' operating system newly installed on
my computer this shit doesn't wrap text correctly
and I don't write
with your shitty inputs

to demure

Download iTunes
maya angelou wrote that one too
"a black may succeed you - where others can not - so i can see you - to"

Ignore All That - Take Me Back To Activist-Racial November 2005